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"THE POLITICAL SYSTEM"--MO       9/74       GP No.333

--(Compiled by Samson Warner & MO Ed Dept.)

Copyright © April 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

       1. WE ARE POLITICALLY AND SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS AND WANT TO HAVE AN INFLUENCE in the world for good, and we believe in a social gospel as well as a personal gospel. We are also interested in social justice, economic justice, political justice, racial justice, etc. [EDITED: "1"]

       2. HOWEVER, WE BELIEVE IN ORDER TO TRULY CHANGE THE INSTITUTIONS AND AILMENTS OF MAN FOR THE BETTER YOU MUST CHANGE MAN HIMSELF and his evil heart, something only God can do! Otherwise you will only have revolution after revolution, war upon war, rich and poor, pollution and disease, the vain babblings of science falsely so-called, political religion, and regime after regime, and empire following empire--all in vain--and waxing worse and worse! For man is not evoluting but devoluting without God, and the end is Hell on Earth! [EDITED: "2"]

       3. THEREFORE WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN POLITICS AND THE PARTIES OF MAN, EXCEPT AS THEY MAY AFFECT US, HELP OR HINDER US. We're more interested in the Kingdom of God, Heaven on Earth, now in the hearts of men through Jesus, and soon throughout the world by the return of Christ. [EDITED: "3"]

       4. HOWEVER, IN THE MEANTIME WE DON'T TURN DOWN ANYTHING IN THE WAY OF HELP that the governments have to offer, as long as there are not too many strings or controls attached. [EDITED: "4"]

       5. GOD HAS GIVEN US DEFINITE HINTS THAT WE MAY ACTUALLY HAVE TO COOPERATE WITH THE COMING WORLD GOVERNMENT--even world Communism, until they break the Holy Covenant and refuse to continue to give us our religious liberty.

       6. WE ARE EVENTUALLY GOING TO BE JUST AS MUCH OF A CHALLENGE AND THREAT AND EXPOSER OF THE COMMUNISTS' PHONINESS as we are now of the Western Capitalistic World and its systems. But in the interim we may have to work with them. We may have to come to some terms, if necessary, even with the Enemy in order to survive and promote the Work of God.

       7. THIS IS WHAT THE CHILDREN OF GOD HAVE DONE THROUGHOUT ALL AGES from the days of Joseph with Egypt's Pharaoh, to Daniel with Babylon's Nebuchadnezzar. They only fell out with them at the very end when they had to differ over questions of social justice or religion, and then Moses made his Exodus and Daniel was thrown in the lions' den. [EDITED: "5"]


       8.A GOVERNMENT IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNING, CONTROLLING AND RULING ITS PEOPLE [EDITED: "6"], and in Romans 13 and many other places in the Bible we're taught to obey it and that God has ordained it for our protection and provision. [EDITED: "7"] Therefore, "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers (civil authorities). For there is no power but of God. The powers that be are ordained of God." [EDITED: "8"]

       9. BUT WHEN A GOVERNMENT BECOMES CORRUPT AND ANTI-GOD AND CRUEL and begins abusing the power it has and robbing the poor and persecuting God's Children, it loses the righteousness of its cause (or God's support) and the authority to dominate.

       10. IT LOSES ITS RIGHT TO RULE the world. [EDITED: "9"] Just like when the white people of the world began to forget God and use their superior power to their own selfish advantage, exploiting the poor, the Lord took it away. [EDITED: "10"]

       11. THEN GOD OFTEN USES HIS PROPHETS THEMSELVES TO PREACH THE DOOM OF THAT NATION and, as in Jeremiah's case the usual reaction is that the Prophet's own government then claimed that his preaching was helping to destroy it, which it was.

       12. HE WAS THE VOICE OF GOD AND GOD WAS DESTROYING ISRAEL FOR HER SINS, and he used her enemies to do it with the help of His Prophet. [EDITED: "11"] When the enemy took over they thought that since his own people had put him in jail, he and his friends must be on their side, the side of the Babylonian conquerors, and they actually released them and gave them help!

       13. GOD'S PEOPLE ARE REALLY ONLY ON THE LORD'S SIDE, and merely Scripturally and obediently "subject to the higher powers." [EDITED: "12"]

       14. IN JEREMIAH'S DAY THE HIGHER POWER WAS BABYLON, whose God-given power pre-empted all the power of all the other nations, including his own. For God had "given all (their) lands into the hand of ... the king of Babylon, so that all nations shall serve him ... and it shall come to pass that the nation and kingdom which will not serve ... and that will not put their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, that nation will I punish, saith the Lord, with the sword ... famine and ... pestilence, until I have consumed them by his hand. ... Why will ye die? ... Serve the king of Babylon, and live." [EDITED: "13"]

       15. SO TODAY AS IN JEREMIAH'S DAY, IF WE WANT TO LIVE WE MUST OBEY GOD AND BRING OUR NECKS UNDER THE YOKE OF THE "HIGHER POWER." And what is now the "higher" and getting to be the highest, power in the world today? What government is becoming the greatest world power of today, the power to which God has commanded us to be subject in Romans? [EDITED: "14"] Think it over and I'm sure God will show you!


       16. ALL ATTEMPTS AT CHANGES FOR THE BETTER WHETHER VIOLENT OR NON-VIOLENT, by unregenerate and sinful man will only bring more unregenerate and sinful governments, economics, pollutions, educations, religions and wars resulting from Man's sinful heart. [EDITED: "15"]

       17. MAN'S PLANS HAVE NEVER SUCCEEDED AND NEVER WILL. In all these thousand of years, he's never been able to save himself and he's already failed in generation after generation who are lost. [EDITED: "16"] "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." [EDITED: "17"]

       18. DEMOCRACY: IN THE WORLD'S POLITICS, MAJORITY RULE MEANS RULE BY THE WICKED MAJORITY, because the majority are always wrong according to God's Word. They can usually easily be swayed by a very wicked minority, as the religious leaders did when they persuaded the crowds that Jesus, Who had fed and healed them, should be crucified. [EDITED: "18"] "Wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat." [EDITED: "19"]

       19. PEACEFUL SOCIALISM: PEACEFUL SOCIALISM IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY BECAUSE THE RICH WILL NEVER VOLUNTARILY SHARE THEIR WEALTH. [EDITED: "20"] They are never going to allow the socialists to merely pass laws and vote their riches out of existence. [EDITED: "21"] They will fight to the death, and prefer death to poverty. [EDITED: "22"] So anyone trying to bring about a peaceful, nonviolent communist or socialist revolution is just wishful thinking. [EDITED: "23"]

       20. COMMUNISM: THE WHOLE PRINCIPLE OF COMMUNISM IS THAT IF MAN COULD GET IT TOGETHER HE COULD SOLVE HIS OWN PROBLEMS. Communism preaches: "You are the answer to your own problems! You just need to get it together and start fighting for it against your evil rulers!" But as it so often proves, as long as the heart of man is still evil, as soon as they get control they're just another set of evil rulers. [EDITED: "24"] As Daniel said, "the most High ruleth in the kingdoms of men ... and setteth up over it the basest of men." [EDITED: "25"]

       21. THE PURPORTEDLY UNSELFISH GOALS OF SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM CAN NEVER BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT THE LOVE OF GOD in the hearts of man as in the pure Christian communism of the Early Church, effected only by the power of the Spirit of God. [EDITED: "26"] As Paul said about his own attempt to do good, "for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not." [EDITED: "27"]

       22. COMMUNISM DOESN'T REALLY OFFER THE ANSWER. IT ONLY HAS A THEORETICAL GOAL: an early Utopian Communist heaven on earth. [EDITED: "28"] All a communist has is sick promises of his sky-pie tomorrow that may never come! I've got God's Love and His happiness here in my heart right now. If I died now, I'd die happy! Let Communism top that one! [EDITED: "29"]

       23. WE AGREE WITH 95% OF THE RADICAL REVOLUTIONARIES' GOALS, BUT THEIR GOAL OF UTOPIA THEY CANNOT REACH WHILE WE HAVE REACHED IT ALREADY. [EDITED: "30"] Even if they could attain to their theoretical utopia, they'd only have things to offer--and things will never satisfy your soul your heart, your spirit, your longing for love, for God, and eternal life and purpose. [EDITED: "31"]

       24. LOOK AT THE RICH! They're the most miserable of all men, and yet they have everything that Communism says will satisfy and make you happy. But they're not happy! Why? [EDITED: "32"] Because "a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth," [EDITED: "33"] for "the eyes of man are never satisfied." [EDITED: "34"]

       25. VIOLENT REVOLUTION: YOU CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD BY DESTROYING EVIL MEN (such as the bourgeois ruling class), because all men are evil, including you! We can only save the world by letting God destroy the evil in our own hearts, for only He can save us.

       26. OTHERWISE, EVERY REVOLUTION BECOMES MERELY ANOTHER VICIOUS SYSTEM of the cruel tyranny of more evil men, so that revolution after revolution merely becomes a vicious cycle, or a deflationary spiral of the aspirations of men, which can only end in Hell on Earth and Hell Hereafter. [EDITED: "35"]

       27. CONTRARY TO MARX'S TEACHINGS, MAN'S GOVERNMENT IS NOT EVOLVING, but as Paul predicted, "evil men and seducers shall wax (or grow) worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." [EDITED: "36"]



       29. (1) THE FASCISTS OF WHOM AMERICA IS THE CHIEF and helps finance, arm, and train all the other Fascist, anti-Communist governments. [EDITED: "37"] America's expertise in engineering and supporting these Fascist dictatorships--about sixty of them throughout the world--we are sure is serving as good practice for what they plan to do at home! [EDITED: "38"]

       30. THE FASCIST, BUT SO-CALLED DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS ARE ACTUALLY THE SOCIALISM OF THE RICH, in which the rich get together and cooperate to protect and keep their wealth and enforce their form of government on the poor at the point of a gun. In other words, the rich fascists force the poor to share their wealth with the rich, virtually all of it! [EDITED: "39"]

       31. (2) ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE IS THE TOTALLY COMMUNIST WORLD--MARXIST, LENINIST, MAOIST--all of which believe according to their own doctrines that there is no such thing as a peaceful revolution. It has to be by force!

       32. THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT (or the people) has to bring about enforced Communism until the people see it as a good way of life and then accept it voluntarily. [EDITED: "40"]

       33. COMMUNISM IS THE SOCIALISM OF THE POOR where the poor get the rich to share their wealth with them, and force them to do it at the point of a gun. [EDITED: "41"]

       34. (3) BUT ON THE FENCE IN BETWEEN, ALL THESE YEARS THERE HAS BEEN DEVELOPING THE AS-YET UNDECIDED OR UNCOMMITTED THIRD WORLD. In fellowship and doctrine and common cause of the poor and independent, they range from the liberals and socialists to the so-called peaceful and legal communists found in such countries as France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Scandinavia, Britain, Africa, Asia, etc. All these more moderate Third World people have been hoping to bring Socialism or some form of independent Communism by the ballot rather than the bullet. [EDITED: "42"]

       35. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW is that both the fascists and the communists are trying to bring about the downfall of this-on-the-fence Third World Socialism.

       36. THE U.S. FASCISTS WOULD LIKE TO PROVE THAT SOCIALISM (FOR THE POOR) DOESN'T WORK IN ANY FORM and the Marxist communists want to prove that neither can you have a nonaligned, noncommunist, peaceful socialist government. [EDITED: "43"]

       37. THE FASCISTS HAVE RESORTED TO THE GUN (as they did in Chile and S. Vietnam) just as quickly to put down any form of peaceful sharing the wealth or peaceful Socialism as the communists have taken up guns to force it on a country! [EDITED: "44"]

       38. BOTH AMERICA AND RUSSIA HAVE BEEN IN A RACE EVER SINCE WORLD WAR II to see which one could be first to capture the world, which together they had so recently supposedly set free. [EDITED: "45"] But since the Third World is largely poor, [EDITED: "46"] and since they believe in Socialism, they have a lot more in common with Communism. [EDITED: "47"]

       39. THEREFORE ANYWHERE PEACEFUL SOCIALISM FAILS or the militant fascists prevail, it will help convince the whole Third World that their only hope is in militant, violent Communism--the Communism of Big Brother Marx or Little Brother Mao! [EDITED: "48"]


       40. AMERICA MUST SUFFER ONE WAY OR THE OTHER FOR HER SINS, and the choice for her is between dictatorship of her own kind, the rich, or dictatorship of the proletariat, or working class (Communism).

       41. IF THE (CAPITALIST) SYSTEM HAS TO CHOOSE EITHER THE LEFT OR THE RIGHT TO RUN IT, it will choose the far right: in other words dictatorship of the rich (like the Nazis). [EDITED: "49"]

       42. THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WON'T RISE UP until their sleep, their comfort, their security is actually threatened, until the revolution is about to happen, [EDITED: "50"] or some national or international emergency has been created by their own government as an excuse for seizing total power in a military coup. [EDITED: "51"]

       43. THEN WHEN THEY DO RISE IT IS TO PUT THEIR STAMP OF APPROVAL ON RIGHTISM or Fascism to protect the Whore (their System). Finally they will do anything to protect her [EDITED: "52"], and this is how every dictator gets in power: He then persuades the people to sell him their bodies and souls and their freedoms to save their lives, purses and possessions. [EDITED: "53"]

       44. IN THE FACE OF THE IMPENDING THREAT OF A COMMUNIST WORLD TAKEOVER, AMERICA WILL PROBABLY OVERREACT just as Germany did under Hitler. America will soon have a military junta fascist government itself because it cannot survive much longer any other way.

       45. HOWEVER THIS WILL ONLY BE BUT A FINAL, FUTILE ATTEMPT TO SAVE HERSELF from Communism, the rich from the poor and the judgments of God through her enemies! [EDITED: "54"]

       46. FOR GOD HIMSELF IS AGAINST AMERICA AND HAS ALREADY TOLD US HE IS GOING TO DESTROY HER FOR HER SINS, as He did ancient Israel for hers, and He may use the rest of the world or some natural catastrophe to do it for Him! But destroyed she will be and that we know, because God has told us so--not only to save the poor and the Earth, but to make room for the final World Government which will help to bring about the end of it all. [EDITED: "55"]



       48. I STILL BELIEVE THAT COMMUNISM IS GOING TO BE THE BASIS OF THE FINAL WORLD GOVERNMENT, because Communism has all the characteristics ascribed to it in the Bible from the Red Beast (Rev.12:3) to its Godlessness (Dan.11:36,37), and the Antichrist or superman (Rev.13:4-8) who will be the head of it. [EDITED: "57"]

       49. NOW COMMUNISM PREACHES AGAINST LEADERS AND LEADERSHIP. [EDITED: "58"] They say this is what's been wrong with all other systems: They've all been led by a man. "Our system is not led by a man. Our system is led by a great Principle, a great Plan, a great system of political thought and economics--Marxism." [EDITED: "59"] However they confess you have to have some leaders right now to get the Plan across, some teachers to teach Marxism to the people.

       50. SO THEY HAVE THE "DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT" which means the dictatorship of the people. Eventually, they claim when all the people know the teaching and have all graduated and school is over who'll need the teachers? [EDITED: "60"] But of course, as they get closer and closer to that goal, they are going to find in the end that they need one last leader to really and truly unite them all into the Plan, and to be like the spirit of the Plan.

       51. IT IS MAN'S WEAKNESS TO NEED TO EMBODY THE PLAN IN A PERSONALITY who symbolizes and who is like the Spirit of the Plan (Lenin, Mao, Che, etc.) so the people can follow. In worshipping him they'll be persuaded they're not really worshipping the man, but the Plan! And of course it will be whom?--The Antichrist! [EDITED: "61"]

       52. AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE BIBLE PREDICTS: that in the last days of manmade regimes on earth a totally Godless, anti-Christ World Government will arise, led by a Devil-possessed dictator, Satan incarnate, who will bring a false peace on earth and a counterfeit utopia, and its price will be enforced worship of himself as the imitation messiah!

       53. ALL OF HIS WORSHIPPERS WILL BE BRANDED WITH A NUMBER in order to buy or sell or obtain food or employment and all others who refuse to cooperate will be hunted, persecuted and slaughtered by his commandment: a time of Great Tribulation! [EDITED: "62"]

       54. ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE THE SEAL OF GOD IN THEIR FOREHEADS HIS OWN CHILDREN, the true believers who have the genuine Jesus in their hearts, will be hidden and spared by the miracles of God until the Coming of Christ when they will join Him in the air!

       55. THE ONLY WAY OUT WILL BE UP! And the only ones saved will be us--all those who have had the supernatural regenerative rebirth of the Spirit by God's Love in Jesus, being born again by accepting Him in our hearts! Have you? [EDITED: "63"]

       56. ONLY THE DIRECT AND FORCEFUL INTERVENTION OF GOD HIMSELF WITH THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST to mete out His violent wrath upon the wrongdoers, to save His own children from His enemies, and to set up His own Kingdom of totally righteous and authoritarian rule here on earth will ever bring a reign of perfection, with peace and justice for all! [EDITED: "64"]

       57. "AND IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS SHALL THE GOD OF HEAVEN SET UP A KINGDOM, which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever." [EDITED: "65"]--Hallelujah!

       --Are you a citizen of His New nation, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? Are you a member of the only true Church of God, a Child of God of the True Kingdom of God on Earth?--If you're not sure, write us today and we'll tell you how to join the Church and Kingdom who are going to rule the New Earth wherein will dwell righteousness, happiness, peace and plenty for all!--Write TODAY!--Or visit one of our hundreds of Colonies in scores of countries and see for yourself!

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