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"ROLLED GOLD"--The Dream that started the New Revolution!--MO       February 9, 1975       NO.333A--DFO

Copyrighted February, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

       1. I REMEMBER STAYING IN A HOTEL and eating in this big dining room. It seemed like we were having a convention, everybody was there, lots and lots of us, family and leaders mostly. I told Mom I'd meet her in a bar downstairs, but she got lost and couldn't find it.

       2. SOMEBODY GAVE ME A LOT OF MONEY and I put it in one of my attaché cases. It was in gold coins.

       3. WE DROVE TO A COUNTRY VILLAGE to this big old-fashioned house, an old rambling wooden farmhouse with a big long veranda all the way across the front and a little brook flowing right past the front of it between the road and the house and you had to go across a little bridge to get to it, and there was a bigger stream that flowed behind the house. It seemed like we were going to visit some kind of relatives there.

       4. AS WE STOPPED IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE TO GET OUT AND GO IN, SUDDENLY THIS GUY CLIMBED IN WITH US, one of these tough Americans like a GI with a short haircut, and he was threatening me--he didn't have a gun in evidence, but it seemed like he was concealing one.

       5. HE SAID, "NOW I KNOW YOU'VE GOT THE MONEY!--WHERE IS IT?--Just tell me where it is!--Which one of your bags is it in?" But I wouldn't tell him, so he kept bullying me to tell him. Then he got distracted somehow--somebody called him or something--and he left for a few minutes.

       6. WHILE HE WAS GONE I TOOK ALL THE LUGGAGE AND THREW IT ACROSS THE LITTLE STREAM onto the porch.--The house reminded me of one of those old Pennsylvania houses or of pictures I've seen of old ranch houses in Australia. I told the lady of the house, a cute little blonde in her fifties, as I pointed to the case that had the money, to quick hide that one. So she took it into the house.

       7. ABOUT THAT TIME THIS GUY CAME BACK AND BEGAN TO PESTER ME AGAIN FOR THE MONEY, but I said I was sorry but I didn't know where it was and that maybe I'd lost it. So we went into the house like we were coming to stay for a little bit and the hostess cooked a big dinner for us all and entertained us royally. But this guy kept pestering and pestering us for the money.

       8. ONE OF OUR BOYS WAS FISHING IN THE STREAM out the back door. Suddenly this guy runs out like he thinks maybe we've hidden it in the stream out back, so he yanks up the guy's line as though he thinks it's attached to the line out in the water. When he didn't find it there, he got so mad he broke up the pole and threw it out the back door. He finally got disgusted and left because he couldn't find the gold, and we were all relieved!

       9. SO THEN WE ASKED THE LITTLE LADY WHERE SHE'D HIDDEN IT and how had she been so smart to hide it so well where he couldn't find it. She said she'd put it in this little wooden sewing machine box or case from which the sewing machine had already been removed, and it was about the same weight with the money in it as when it had had the sewing machine in it. She was so happy because she'd been so clever and I told her that sure was smart!

       10. I SAID, "NOW WHERE IS IT?" And she said, "I'll go get it." And she was gone quite a little while and she came back looking kind of embarrassed, saying, "I can't find it!" And I said, "What do you mean you can't find it?" She was one of those little nervous flustered scatter-brained blondes, you know.

       11. SHE SAID, "WELL, I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I PUT IT." "You can't remember where you put it!"--And we all chorused--"Oh, no!" So then we all went on a big search looking all through the house trying to find the sewing machine box. She'd say, "Now let me see--was it in this chest?"--And she'd open the chest but it wasn't there. Then she'd say, "Or was it in this closet?"--And she'd open the closet but couldn't find it there. It was really rather funny!

       12. SO WE ALL KEPT LOOKING until finally we got almost tired of looking and I sat down on this little chest of drawers and it collapsed and out spilled all the gold! She'd hidden it somehow in this chest shaped like a cedar chest or treasure chest. I don't know why we hadn't looked in there, possibly because there were clothes piled on it.

       13. BUT TWO OF US SAT DOWN ON THE CHEST AND THE WEIGHT OF BOTH OF US AND THE MONEY CAUSED IT TO COLLAPSE AND THE COINS SPILLED OUT ALL OVER AND WERE ROLLING ACROSS THE FLOOR! Everybody laughed and laughed and thought it was so funny because we'd all almost given up, and then some of us had sat down to rest and out rolled the gold! We were all so glad to find it!

       14. THEN I WAS IN A FILLING STATION TANKING UP THIS GREAT BIG OLD-FASHIONED DIESEL TRUCK, a huge big van. All of our stuff and people and everything were inside of it. We were going someplace, I don't remember where--and I looked at that big old diesel engine sticking out front--there wasn't even a cab over it, like one of those they made about 30 years ago with the big radiator sticking out in front--and I was wondering how it was ever going to make it!

       15. BUT THE FILLING STATION ATTENDANT WAS SAYING, "DON'T WORRY, IT'S A GOOD TOUGH OLD TRUCK. IT'LL MAKE IT! IT'S VERY STRONG!"--And he revved up the engine with a big roar just to prove how strong it was. I tried it too a few times, revving it up with a big roar, and I thought, "Wow!--This is a big powerful truck!"--And the last I remember we were roaring off up a big hill and it was really going and I was really enjoying it because it was so powerful! It was real old but it was real strong and everybody was happy!

       16. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Well, it was like the hotel part was where we were having a leadership convention and the Lord had committed to me this very precious gold I was supposed to deliver somewhere. It's pretty obvious what that could mean, like the words and the message.

       17. THE MEAN MAN WAS LIKE THE DEVIL ALWAYS TRYING TO STEAL IT from you and get it away from you. The old farmhouse was like one of our Colonies, and the little lady at the house seemed to be one of our sweet queens who takes care of our kids and us.

       18. I DON'T KNOW IF THERE IS ANY SIGNIFICANCE TO THE LITTLE STREAM IN FRONT AND THE BIG ONE BEHIND, ALTHOUGH WATER SOMETIMES SYMBOLISES PEOPLE. The boy was fishing out the back door, so that's like witnessing. We managed to get the gold to the Colony where they hid it, but we couldn't find it until we quit trying and we just sat down to rest and it just sort of exploded and was scattering everywhere rolling all over the floor and out the doors into both streams!

       19. MAYBE THAT SYMBOLISED GIVING THE WORDS TO THE WATERS, TO THE PEOPLE. When the bad guy broke up the boy's fishing pole, it was like he was trying to stop him from witnessing. The Devil's always trying to do that. Maybe he wasn't fishing by the right method, because when that chest broke the gold poured out all over the floor and into the streams and everywhere and everybody was busy picking it up! It was almost as if you just sort of let it go and the gold will do the work itself instead of working so hard with different fishing methods!

       20. I GUESS MOVING ON IN THE BIG TRUCK WAS LIKE WE'RE ALWAYS DOING, HAVING TO MOVE ON TO NEW HORIZONS AND NEW FIELDS and climbing higher mountains! Maybe the old truck was sort of like me, your ol' Papa Lion! It may be pretty old, but it can still do the job, it's still pretty strong and powerful, can still pull the load, and everybody seemed to be happy as it was rolling along, even if it was kind of old!

       21. MAYBE WE NEED TO QUIT WORKING SO HARD IN THE ENERGY OF THE FLESH AND ALL THESE FANCY FISHING METHODS--NOT QUIT, BUT JUST RELY MORE ON THE LORD'S TREASURY! Maybe we're sort of like the chest of gold: When He just leaned on us, His treasure chest broke open and poured forth! (Malachi 3:10.) When we quit trying so hard in the flesh and just sat down to rest in the Lord, the Lord did it!

       22. THE GOLD IS LIKE GETTING OUT THE WORDS: The gold coins were pouring out all over the place, rolling out the doors and into the streams and down the road and everywhere, just rolling and rolling along!

       23. BUT WHY A SEWING MACHINE? OH!--A SEWING MACHINE! But you see, a sewing machine doesn't do you any good unless you use it. It may be a perfectly good machine like the churches and well organised and well constructed, but it's no good unless it's used. Also, a sewing machine could represent the system's machine that in our hearts has been replaced by His golden Words, but they still don't do others any good if we keep them in the box just in our hearts and Colonies alone.

       24. SO LIKE MARY'S ALABASTER BOX OF SWEET-SMELLING OINTMENT COULDN'T DO ANY GOOD UNTIL BROKEN OPEN to release the fragrance, so the words do no good unless our hearts and Colonies are broken open with His love to let the healing balm overflow on the wounded hearts of the world! We must give what we've got!

       25. THEN WE ROARED AWAY IN THE OLD TRUCK TO SOMEPLACE ELSE! I guess that means we've gotta keep moving, gotta keep hitting the road to all the world with the Words! Everybody seemed happy, PTL! Even if it was an Old Truck, it was big and powerful and could carry everything right along! Praise the Lord! The Lord must be giving children's stories: They must be for the children!

       26. FOR A MOMENT I EVEN WONDERED IF MAYBE THE WOMAN HAD SNUCK THE GOLD OFF and given it to the bad guy!--That was one thought that struck me, like we sometimes wonder about the loyalty of some of our kings and queens! The thought flashed across my mind: "I hope she didn't betray us and let him have it!" But the bad man really finally did give up and leave, thank God!

       27. IT JUST SHOWS THE OLD DEVIL DOES GIVE UP SOMETIMES WHEN YOU WON'T YIELD! When he finds out you won't give up, he gives up, just like a lot of our enemies! All their attacks didn't stop us, they just publicised us even more!

       28. THAT CONVENTION was like we were all getting together to find out what we were supposed to do, and apparently we decided to take the gold someplace else, like pioneering new fields (just like we're doing now in our New Revolution!) We evidently didn't stay very long. That could have been Australia. There are lots of places they could still go in Australia. I think the Lord must be giving such funny little stories to illustrate things for the little children.

       29. QUITE OBVIOUSLY THE LORD DIDN'T WANT TO KEEP THE GOLD BOXED UP, and it wasn't until we smashed the box (of our old system with the New Revolution!) that it got scattered everywhere!

       30. I TOLD MOM TO MEET ME IN THAT BAR, but she wandered off some place else. You know, a bar is a place where they make drinks. She's supposed to be making drinks, her Letters, but she went and wandered off and got lost someplace else. So it was almost like we first went off without her because we had the gold and had to take it somewhere else.

       31. BUT THAT QUEEN FORGETTING WHERE SHE PUT THE GOLD, WHAT DOES THAT SYMBOLISE...? Well, that could have a lot of meaning because a lot of these kings and queens don't appreciate the gold and realise how important it is! They're very interested in the kids and what they're doing, but some don't necessarily think the gold is all that important, that the words are that important.

       32. THEY DON'T REALISE THAT THE WORDS ARE WHAT MAKE IT ALL GO 'ROUND AND KEEP IT GOING! So it wasn't until I insisted that we find the gold that everybody started looking, and she was trying to remember where she put it.--And the chest was buried under a pile of dirty clothes, hidden by our own dirty laundry of problems and cares!

       33. WELL, AT LEAST SHE'D TAKEN CARE OF IT. She did hide it from the enemy and didn't let him get it. She, our queen, protected our publications from the enemy, but had sort of buried them, hidden them. That's like they've had to do on a lot of fields where they were afraid to distribute for fear of the enemy. They sometimes have to hide them away to keep the enemy from getting them.

       34. BUT YOU CAN'T KEEP THE TRUTH HIDDEN FOREVER!--When the enemy is gone, you've got to get it out again, because gold's no good unless you keep using it. The Lord in James 5 says to the rich: "Woe unto you that are rich, your riches are corrupted, your gold and silver is cankered and the rust of them shall be a witness against you! Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields which is of you kept back by fraud!"

       35. IN OTHER WORDS, IN THIS CASE SOME ARE WITHHOLDING THE RICHES OF THE WORDS FROM THE PEOPLE, some of you even withholding it from the labourers, outside disciples, just because they're not members of your Colony, even though they're out distributing faithfully, and so the rust or lack of their use will be a witness against you! It's not that you don't have the gold or that there is anything wrong with having it, but the sin is that you're not using it.

       36. THE GOLD IS GOOD AND YOU NEED IT, BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO USE IT. No gold or any kind of money or currency is any good unless it is put in circulation. God hates hoarding! That's what He doesn't like about the rich--that they hoard it and keep it from the people instead of putting it out in circulation and giving it to the poor and investing it in fields and works that will produce more gold for greater distribution, more circulation.

       37. GOD HATES HOARDING, AND HE SAYS, "HE THAT WITHHOLDETH IT TENDETH TO POVERTY!" So our poorest fields are those that aren't getting out the gold, haven't been producing or distributing the lit and they're having the worst financial problems! The Lord warned us in the "Birthday Warning " that if we withheld them He was going to judge us for it, but if we scattered it, it would increase and He'd bless us for it.

       38. FOR HE SAYS, "BUT HE THAT SCATTERETH ABROAD IT INCREASETH!" So somebody finally had to lean all their weight on the box to crush it and break it open so the gold would be scattered. If we'd lean more on the Lord and His ways instead of our own fleshly methods, the Lord Himself would help to break open the box and scatter the gold.

       39. IT JUST WENT ROLLING ALL OVER! I bring the gold to the Colonies, but they've got to scatter it. All they had to do was release it, break the box.

       40. BREAK THE BOX AND LET IT GO! The time when Mary broke the box of ointment on Jesus' head, Judas, representing the Devil, said, "Oh we can't afford this! We should have kept this or sold it and made money on it to give to the poor!" He was like one of our leaders holding the purse strings. But God's Word says Judas didn't say that because he himself was really interested in the poor, but he said it selfishly because he wanted it for himself because he held the bag and he wanted it in some way to benefit himself.

       41. SO MANY OF OUR KINGS ARE NOT NECESSARILY INTERESTED IN GETTING OUT THE DISREPUTABLE PROPHET'S WORDS AS THEY ARE IN USING THE KIDS FOR THEIR OWN GLORY! They'd just as soon dispense with the Prophet and his words and wish that the kids would forget all about the gold and just enjoy the fellowship. But I was the one who kept insisting that they find the gold.

       42. BANQUETS OR BIG DINNERS ALWAYS SYMBOLISE FELLOWSHIP, enjoyment, and so many of our kids as well as our kings and queens get to enjoying fellowship so much they almost forget the gold and what they joined the army for! She even forgot where she'd put the words, and it wasn't until somebody smashed the box accidentally that the gold really began to roll!

       43. IT WAS ALMOST ACCIDENTAL OR INCIDENTAL THAT WE EVER FOUND OUT THE WORDS COULD SUPPORT US FINANCIALLY! But I just insisted that we get them out even if we had to try to sell them on the streets, much like I was insisting in the dream that we find the gold. But what would the box be?--The box is what held the gold, right?

       44. THE BOX REMINDS ME OF SOME OF OUR BLOBS--SOME OF OUR BIG COLONIES that aren't really getting the job done of rolling the gold into all the world to every creature! But we had to smash them and break them up in order to scatter the gold with the pieces!--And it was almost by accident we discovered that we had to break up these big Colonies and scatter the pieces so the gold could roll out into the streams.

       45. THE STREAMS ARE LIKE THE STREETS OF THE CITIES WHERE THE FISH ARE. The house was right between the streams in the middle of it all, a good colony location, and they were fishing, but it didn't seem like they were catching very much, not many new disciples. When the Devil thought maybe that was where the gold was, that was where their power lay, then he busted up that pole and threw it in the river.

       46. SOME OF OUR METHODS MAY NOT ALWAYS BE OF THE LORD, SO THE LORD ALLOWS THE DEVIL TO BREAK THEM UP AND GET RID OF THEM or makes us get rid of them! Whereas if we just break the box and let it roll, it will really go everywhere! It even seemed to roll under its own power (God's power!) once it got started! It was so much easier that way, if you just let it loose.

       47. THE WORDS THEMSELVES WILL DO THE JOB IF WE KEEP ON GOING EVERYWHERE AND FEED THE FISH! So the gold doesn't do any good unless it rolls and goes somewhere and is scattered. It doesn't do any good cooped up in the box of the Colony enjoyed just by the Colony itself.

       48. YOU GOTTA SMASH THOSE BLOBBY BOXES AND LET IT OUT, LET IT ROLL! Because stored gold is never going to do the job.--Hoarded gold, withheld gold will make you poor!

       49. IT TAKES "ROLLED GOLD" TO DO THE JOB! Hallelujah?--So keep it rolling!--Keep 'em rollin'!--Amen? Rolling coins can seek out the funniest places.

       50. DID YOU EVER DROP A COIN AND NOTICE HOW IT ROLLS AND ROLLS? Sometimes it goes down the street and into the gutter or into a hole or under a car; or if it's in the house, 'way under a piece of furniture; or if in a bus, 'way down the aisle and under a seat and you never realised it could roll so far! It finds the funniest places to land! Whenever that happens to me I usually just let it go and figure that God's got somebody poorer than me that He wants to pick it up.

       51. SO YOU COLONIES THAT ARE RICH IN GOLD--THE GOLD OF HIS WORDS--SHOULD LET THEM GO, let them roll to the people who don't have any! Because gold's no good unless it is put in circulation and invested in fruitful fields and paid to the labourers in the fields and distributed to the poor. You gotta keep it rolling to make it do any good.

       52. SO SMASH THE BOX AND ROLL THE GOLD! It is only "Rolled Gold" that'll get anywhere!--Let 'em roll! Then with what's left climb on your Old Truck and go trucking' up the next mountain with me to a new field to scatter some more! Let 'er roar and let 'em roll!--Roll it!

       53. LET'S ROLL THAT GOLD TILL WE'VE "ROLLED GOLD" TO ALL THE WORLD!--Praise Lord? Thank You Jesus! Roll the gold! Sow it in the streets and the streams and the fields and scatter it over the mountains and reap an eternal golden harvest from the gold that rolled! Praise God! Let it roll!

       54. EVEN THE "OLD GOLDIES" ARE STILL GOOD TO ROLL AND CAN FEED YOUR SOUL OR A HOLEY HOLE! So keep 'em rollin. The only good gold is "Rolled Gold"!--Amen? Keep it rollin'!

       Break the box and let 'em roll!
       Give enough to fill their soul!
       Make of them a holey hole!
       Spill the gold and let it roll!
--Hallelujah? Amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family