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"ERITREA!"--A Dead Horse?--MO       February 24, 1975       NO.333B--DFO

Copyrighted February, 1975 by The Children of God
P. O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

       1. IN MY DREAM WE FOUND THIS OLD HORSE ALMOST DEAD standing like he was stored in this old shed. He was already beginning to rot, and I said, "Why did they put him here, of all places?" And you said,

       2. "SO THEY'D NEVER FORGET ERITREA, 'cause once they'd been there they'd always want to come back." And I thought, "Is that a nice place? Well, maybe that's a nicer place than I thought. I thought it was a desert, but maybe it's in the mountains and has trees." So I said,

       3. "WELL, WE'VE GOT TO BURY HIM." And you said, "It's the custom here to bury them in the lake." So we propped him up on both sides and walked him into the lake.

       4. BUT WHEN WE GOT HIM INTO THE LAKE HE CAME BACK TO LIFE again all strong and whole just like a death, burial and resurrection, all strong and whole and beautiful, a beautiful strong shiny black horse! When we got him into the water it brought him back to life!

       5. SO WE WENT BACK TO THE ARMY CAMP (which was what it all seemed to be--an old vacant army camp), and we went into the old army cafeteria where they used to feed the soldiers. I looked at the steam tables that were all empty and I was crying, "Oh Lord, how am I going to feed them all?"

       6. I WAS TRYING TO REVIVE THIS OLD DEAD ARMY CAMP AND I WAS BRINGING ALL THESE ORPHANS HERE and I was going to try to feed them. I was really crying 'cause I didn't know how I was going to feed them all. One boy said, "Well, nobody's ever been able to make it work.--Nobody's ever been able to do it." And you said, "But they weren't counting on God like you are!"

       7. I WAS SORT OF RELIEVED, 'CAUSE WHEN YOU SAID THAT, I KNEW GOD COULD DO IT. I was in such agony of soul that when you said that, I was so relieved I woke up! I was just lying here thinking about it and then you woke up. I had thought, "Well Lord, if she doesn't wake up I won't tell her, but if she does, maybe I'll tell her."

       8. WHEN THE HORSE CAME BACK TO LIFE IN THE LAKE IT BEGAN TO CARRY ME AGAIN. When I went into the lake with it, all of a sudden it began to come back to life again and bounded along under the water and picked me up and carried me along up out of the water onto the shore! It was like going into the lake brought it back to life again. The lake is like the big reservoir of God's Word that can bring anything back to life!

       9. ALL OF THE LITTLE ORPHANS I WANTED TO FEED ARE THE YOUNG PEOPLE. I wept so hard because I didn't know how I was going to feed them all. But you said, "The Lord's able!" But the boy said, "Everybody that has tried to revive this camp before has failed. "But you said, "The Lord is able!" I was so thankful for that I woke up!

       10. THAT OF COURSE IS LIKE OUR KIDS AND OUR MINISTRY, WHICH IS SURE TRUE: NOBODY ELSE WAS EVER ABLE TO REACH THE YOUTH TILL WE CAME! But I can't figure out that part about the old shed where the horse was stored, and I asked, "Why here?" You said,

       11. "SO THEY'D NEVER FORGET ERITREA!" Maybe it's like a mission field. I don't know anything about Eritrea. I can't understand why the Lord gave me this dream. It's pretty obvious, except I don't know what Eritrea has to do with it! I guess the Lord has already fed them by His Spirit, as we counted on Him to help us feed the orphans.

       12. HORSES IN THE BIBLE USUALLY REPRESENTED THE STRENGTH OR POWER OF A COUNTRY, often symbolic of their armed forces, the engines of war. Maybe it means some of our kids are going to help revive Eritrea. It was a miracle! The horse was dead on its feet! But when it was underwater it came back to life!

       13. THE WATER MUST BE SYMBOLIC OF THE WORD. We propped him up to the edge of the water and then helped him plunge in. I was riding on top of him while he was swimming under the water, jumping and leaping!

       14. IT WAS LIKE THEY WERE TRYING TO SAVE THE HORSE, BUT THE DEAD WAY THEY WERE DOING IT BY STORAGE WAS KILLING HIM! Maybe it symbolises their attempt to preserve the old. But the best way to preserve the old is not to store it but to revive it or bring it back to life! We were burying the old, and out of that sprang a new horse! It was like a rebirth!

       15. YOU'VE GOT TO BURY THE OLD IN ORDER TO RESURRECT THE NEW! In a way, the folks who stored him were trying to save the horse because they liked the country, which isn't a very good reason--just because you like the scenery! They weren't particularly concerned about saving the life in the horse, just the old dead body because it was such a nice country!

       16. REALLY THE BEST WAY TO SAVE THE OLD IS TO BURY IT AND RESURRECT THE NEW! You said it was because anybody that had ever been there would always want to come back, it was such a nice country! If the horse symbolises the country, they're trying to save a country which is dead and dying. But if you don't save the life and the life of the country is the people, they'll be dead, dying and decaying!

       17. HOW COULD PEOPLE HAVE BEEN STARVING IF IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY? All the horse needed was water. Only the power of God's Word, something supernatural, could have worked such a miracle! The horse was black.--Are the Eritreans black?--They're Africans!

       18. NOW THE PEOPLE OF ERITREA WERE DYING OF STARVATION a while ago, and the old Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie did try to hide it from the world! But the youthful army exposed it and overthrew him and rescued the country from slow death by a new young government! They literally buried the old and resurrected a new regime, led by an Eritrean!

       19. BUT THIS STARTED A WAR BETWEEN OLD ETHIOPIA AND YOUNG ERITREA, as the old country still tries to preserve its hold on the young rebel Eritreans, who are fighting for their lives and freedom while old Ethiopia still tries to starve them to death and stifle their struggle for a new independent life and government.

       20. MAYBE WE NEED TO HELP DYING ERITREA OUT OF OLD ETHIOPIA'S BARN and bring Eritrea back to young new life again with the refreshing reviving waters of God's wonderful words to make it green and growing again! Maybe we're supposed to go feed its starving young fatherless orphans with the Bread of Life, Jesus!

       21. MAYBE THE LORD WANTS SOME OF US TO GO THERE TO HELP THEM into the waters of His Word to give them new life and feed their souls with Salvation! Some said it was impossible, but you encouraged us that God could do it, He would help us do it: "The Lord is able!" Is anything too hard for the Lord?

       22. GOD DID A MIRACLE FOR THAT OLD ALMOST DEAD HORSE!--The moment we buried it in the waters of the Word it leaped into a beautiful new life!--And though I was weeping for the starving orphans of Eritrea and others said nobody could ever revive the place or feed them, you said, "But they weren't counting on God like you are!"

       23. HALLELUJAH! DO YOU BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT? "WHO WILL GO FOR US?--Whom shall I send?" asks the Lord!--Could it be you? It was a hard task to get that horse out of the barn and into the lake, but God helped us and then did the miracle of bringing him back to life!--And you knew we could feed those orphans!

       24. WANNA GO? WE'VE JUST HEARD IT IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY of mountains, trees and lakes, and has a pleasant climate in the uplands! A friend of ours came from there recently and said it's one of the most beautiful countries he's ever been in!

       25. WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL WITH THE WATER OF THE WORD, life of the spirit and Bread of Life? Let's bring it back to life and feed its starving orphans before it's too late!--Amen? God bless you as you go! "With God nothing is impossible, and all things are possible to him that believeth!"--Hallelujah!

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