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"THE FRENCH CONNECTION"--MO       DO--NO.335C       June, 1975


To: Dad, Maria, Rachel & Emanuele
Date: 2 May 1975
From: Ministers Archbishop, Bishops, Regional, District & Colony Shepherds--in Northern France
Subject: Reasons for a United France.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Dear Dad, Maria, Rachel & Emanuele, (I have still to learn the name of the author of this letter or the positions of the signature!--Dad 23/6)

Greetings in Jesus' Name! As you suggested in paragraph number 30 & 31 of the "New Leader ship Revolution", "No major structural changes, policies, nor financial decisions shall be made by the council of Prime Ministers without 2/3 majority agreement of every council of every link at every level of the Chain-of-Cooperation, from the King himself to the lowliest Colony, Council! All present councils should meet either immediately or within this month to vote their approval of these newly proposed organisational changes presented in this Letter and should notify your next superior officers and our Office of your decision as quickly as possible...." After much discussion from all levels of the new Leadership Revolution, we wanted to present to you the reasons for which we the French disciples and leadership feel a united France is best for the work as a whole. (These turned out to be the sentiments of the Paris & PM of N. Europe leadership only--Dad 23/6)

       A. FRENCH DISCIPLES' SENTIMENTS--(Not "all" & "every" & "French"--Just Paris!)

       1. The French deeply love their country. France was divided politically in 1946 which created many social and political problems. France reunited shortly after.

       2. Clearance on a Prime Ministry level would be necessary to transfer disciples from one city to another from the north to the south or vice versa, requiring unnecessary waiting and holdups, et cetera. As family ties are very strong in France, our fifty new disciples are concerned about visiting their relatives, many of which are in the southern part of France. Also, many of the disciples have a burden to travel to the southern colonies because of its potential and climate.

       3. One language, culture and government in France draws us altogether as one. Though France, Spain and Italy share the same romance languages, their cultures, customs, mentality and languages are all different. Many disciples here have spent years in preparation for this time of a great reaping, know and understand the problems that have gone before us and understand the mentality of the French. The French disciples and leaders here do not feel it is in the best interests of the entire French work to have the Southern French top leadership based out of Spain and Italy, not knowing the problems, or understanding the work in France as whole.

       B. LEGAL (No problem!--We're still all one--or should be!--Dad 23/6)

       1. Les Enfants de Dieu is established as a registered charity in France whose charity headquarters is in Paris. This recognition by the government has helped us to procure distribution permits allowing our disciples to litness freely and legally all over France.

       2. It has also helped us in allowing many underage disciples to join a social group recognised by their government, where in the past many parents refused to let their children join the commune of the Children of God.

       3. Being an Association has also allowed us to easily rent housing, post office boxes, register vehicles, and in provisioning. All the colonies throughout France have benefited up to this time. If France is to remain divided, the Association will have difficulty as its headquarters and leadership will be different from that of the Northern Association. This could prove to be a quite a difficult situation and not allow us to have unified policy on our Public Relations or legal matters in France.

       C. SHOW GROUP AND FAN CLUB MAILING LIST FOLLOW-UP (Makes absolutely no change in this!--Dad 23/6)

       1. The Showgroup has shows scheduled in Southern France during the summer months. Many contacts are made by the Show Group and many people added to our Family Club list, which the Southern Prime Ministry would not be able to follow-up in coordination with the Show Group, being that they are in Paris. This makes it difficult to have a united France witness and sample when the leadership is totally separated into two Prime Ministries.

       2. Due to our popularity in France we receive an incredibly large volume of mail directed to the Paris Show Group which needs to be handled in a special way, different to the normal procedures on answering mail on a colony or Regional level. It would be difficult for Fan Club Mailing to be handled by other leadership not working or familiar with the Show Group.


       1. Beginning in early Spring through the Fall, 50% or more of the French population migrates to the Southern coast, thereby making the southern coast of France a very explosive witnessing field and leaving Northern France virtually closed down for the summer months. Any contacts which would be made in the south during the summer in potential kings or housing would not be able to be followed up efficiently, as these potential kings move back to the north at the end of the summer months.

       2. The Southern French colonies are unequipped with sufficient French manpower to witness to this great influx of people being that they only have about fifty-five people total. We had started on a plan whereby we would have a continual rotation of personnel between the north and south, so that the twenty or so French disciples that we had won and trained would soon be able to lead the new influx of disciples throughout the whole of France.

E. FRENCH COLONIES, LEADERSHIP & FINANCES (You'd think they weren't even in the same R!--Dad 23/6)
       1. Since the division, we lost seven of our ten field colonies with its trained leadership leaving at that time only three. Not only was our pioneering efforts towards the south of France but we have now lost almost all of the leadership prepared in the last seven or eight months for the Disciple Revolution now happening.
       2. This also has created a terrible loss of income to French Publication, (with the lit sent to them already, but not paid for). At present we have received no communications from them on their trying to help us with their past debt of approximately 45,000 French Francs (or approximately $11,000).
       3. Much of the free housing found from the distribution of flyers in Paris is in Southern France. We now have no way to overcome the financial investment of distribution of flyers because housing is in another Prime Ministry.

       1. We suggest that a vote be taken by all disciples in all of France as to whether or not they feel it is in the best interests of the work to divide the country or to leave it united. (Knowing N. France has 2/3 of vote!--Let's set S. France free!--Dad)

       2. We feel that the division of any country is not a unifying influence on the work as a whole. We have seen the problems encountered in Switzerland over one year ago when it was divided and feel the same problems arising with France's division, and would therefore like to suggest that Switzerland remain united as part of the Southern Prime Ministry and France remain united as part of the Northern Prime Ministry.
       (Wasn't that generous of them!--Willing to divorce the French Swiss!--God help us!--Dad)

We all love you very much, Sir, and have offered this counsel as we feel it would benefit the work in expressing the feelings of the majority of disciples in France. Although the land bridge and the geographical proximity are good reasons for the division, we must consider the twelve other reasons mentioned in this letter to make for a united France: But if you have received a special revelation from the Lord about this situation, we will of course stand behind you 100%. We felt that we could write you with our feelings as we wanted to let every purpose be established in counsel! (This had been agreed on by all the PMs as the wisdom of God for the good of the whole R!--Who doubted it?--Dad)
       Love in Jesus,
       --Ministers, Archbishops, Bishops, Regional, District & Colony Shepherds.
All the undersigned comprise the officers named above. (Of where?--N. France & N. Europe PM only! What a railroad job!--Dad)
       Imrah & Martha (Love you)
       Mary Magdalene
       Timothy and Abeille
       Andronicus Florida
       John Renewal
       Levi Shining
       Tychicus Net
       Joseph Suisse
       Asaph Canadian
       Peter B.
       Anna Marie
       Miguel (Amen! Amen!)
       Ezekiel Man
       Fr. Can. Gideon (Love you)
       Ginnethon Kid
       Chronicles Singer
       Abishai Notes
       Joseph France--David
("O foolish Galatians!--Who hath bewitched you?--The greedy & dictatorial?--God help you!--Dad 23/6)


The Children of God International

CC: Rachel and Emanuel
DATE: 13 May 1975
FROM: Joram and Shaul
COLONY: Archbishopric Southern France
SUBJECT: Keeping Southern France Divided
DEPT: Bishop and Archbishop

(The underlinings are mostly mine--D. 23/6)


Dearest MO,
       We love you and thank God for you. We have wanted to write ever since you first made the suggestion to add Southern France to the Southern European, Asian and African Prime Ministry to let you know how thankful we are for this answer which we feel has come directly from the Lord. Since Rachel and Emanuele shared with us the 12 point letter written by the local Paris leadership entitled "Reasons for a United France", we felt in an urgency to write you now our views and opinions of the division in order to fairly represent the disciples of Southern France. Perhaps the best way to explain this is to present the initial reaction of the southern France disciples. It was as if a great wave of liberation swept through and refreshed all of our disciples in this area.

       We fully realise the expense and the difficulties of a work such as Paris and all the disciples in Southern France were more than willing to spend 35 to 40 hours a week on the field not only to get out the Wonder Working Words but to also support the work in Paris. However, we felt like the muzzled ox that treaded out the corn as, although we had requested a "share the know" graph for well over a year, we were never shown one or told where the 40% sent from all the field colonies to Paris went. This was a great discouragement to all the disciples whose main jobs were their long hours of litnessing. Megiddo, the regional shepherd of France at the time, was the only field representative in Paris and was only one of the eight voices on the Paris Executive Council which has always been the governing body in France. He was the only one in the Executive Council who was even qualified to represent the best interests of the field colonies or "of the non show business work in France".
       MO, we want to sincerely say that we are not bringing up these past problems as grievances or murmurs as we hold no bitterness in any way to the work in Paris as we realize that the great accomplishments that they have made through the show business has helped open up France, but we want to state clearly and from our hearts how much we believe your suggestion for the division is a true solution to the dissatisfaction which was developing in many of the disciples of the South. We felt after reading the letter of 12 points that the authors of this letter are for some reason unable, it seems, to see the many advantages to this decision. The financial strain has been so much lessened since the division that we have been able to lower our quotas of litnessing to 3 1/2 to 4 hours a day which has enabled us to truly obey the discipleship revolution and therefore caused, as you predicted, in that same letter, and explosion of new disciples. In fact the Cannes Colony where I (Joram) have been based out of, won 7 new disciples just in the past month, and three new colonies have been pioneered as a result to this influx of disciples through the entire area of Southern France. So many new disciples have been reaped within this time period that we now have an average of one brand new babe to every two disciples. Personally it was an answer to prayer for me, Shaul, since I have been elected as the Arch-Bishop of Portugal, Spain and Southern France area to move into Southern France where my wife and I can much more efficiently oversee our entire Arch-Bishopric as moving the main office including Spanish publications into Southern France just over the border where we can keep our selah files and be much freer in our publications work since they are so strict on these in Spain. In additions, my wife, Abiah, has been elected the Minister Mother for all of this area including Italy, and this is a perfect area for her to be based out of so that she can have easy access to any part of the Ministry. However, much more important than any of the previous reasons, we feel that since Southern France not only speaks the language of a great deal of North Africa and Africa but it is also a vital training ground and border base for these areas due to the large Arab and African population here. A large percentage of the population of Marseille for instance; is Arab. Many of the disciples in Southern France have the burden to reach the French speaking African countries and consider their time and training in Southern France as a stepping stone to reaching this goal. Since this section of France has become part of Southern European, Asian and African Prime Ministry, they feel very akin and united to this vision.
       At this point we feel there is a desperate need that we work together hand in hand in cooperation with the disciples in Northern France as the summer is coming quickly, and this would be a great time of reaping, but it seems to us after reading the letter written by the Paris brethren that they are overlooking the fact we are a family and not bound by political divisions of the system but rather by one common goal, one common fellowship, one common family" for He is our peace who hath made us both one and broken down the middle wall of partition between us." Eph.2:14. We pray with all of our hearts that these mere administrative differences will be worked out quickly, and we are willing to go as far as we can in order to restore the unity of the Spirit in working together so that we can get on with the job that God has given us to do preaching the gospel in all the world. We feel it is a crime that some of our own young disciples have mentioned that they feel that "Berlin wall" spirit is creeping in simply because of the physical division of France into two different Prime Ministries. These differences not only hurt our own disciples but the most tragic of all that it hinders us in reaping the souls of not only Southern France but the entire French speaking world. We feel that there are absolutely no problems in the division of France that cannot be resolved through cooperation of the different leaders involved; and we believe with all our hearts that if we can get this cooperation and if everyone involved can be mature enough in the spirit that the division will greatly benefit both Prime Ministries. In closing, we would like to mention that immediately following the "Bloodless Coup" we had a vote in the Southern colonies to see what they felt about your suggestion. These, the people who are really the most involved were all unanimous and 100% in favour and have since put their whole hearts into making it work.
       Dad, we love you very much and wanted to bring our petitions up before the King to represent your people in Southern France. We pray for your strength and anointing in the making of these final decisions, and we are ready to stand behind you in whatever your decision may be. May God's perfect will be done. All of our love and loyalty in His service,

       Joram and Shaul
Bishop and Arch-Bishop of Southern France
J:S/a (AMEN!--Dad 23/6)

Dearest Dad,
       We asked them to write you a letter giving you their fair views on what the disciples' opinions are in S. France. This is it. I hope it helps to give you both sides of the picture--
       We love you--Love, Rachel & Emmanuele



TO: Leaders of Northern France
Date: 1 June 1975
FROM: Rachel and Emanuele
DEPT: Prime Ministers (of So. Europe, Africa & Asia)
SUBJECT: Response to Your Twelve Point Letter


Dearest Brethren of Northern France, (An excellent presentation of the So. France case!--The underlinings are mine & I heartily agree!--Dad 23/6)

God bless you, and greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! We received your letter about reasons for reuniting France, and we want you to know how earnestly we are praying about the situation. Above all we are seeking for God's perfect will and hope that we will be able to work together in love and harmony no matter what the outcome is.

The Mo quote that came to us when we were discussing the reuniting was "They don't even know the civil war is over fighting among themselves. They don't even know we've got a world war to fight and win, in fact several of them." (242:36) The enemy would like nothing better than to cause strife within the family to try to hinder us from reaching our final goals. We're sure that you are all aware of what a delicate situation this is and how vitally important the outcome is as it will not only affect the disciples and the people of France but a large part of the presently unpioneered part of the world. Our sample and reputation as a family working together is now being tested. So let's all pray that we'll pass the test with flying colours.

After receiving your letter we called Joram and Shaul, the leaders directly involved in the Southern France work, for a meeting. In this meeting we were able to gather from them the feelings and sentiments of the Southern French disciples. These opinions were also confirmed by Timothy, the Minister of Southern Europe, and also Sarah Ireland, our Prime Ministry Mother, who were at that time travelling in Southern France. Our main concern in this letter is not to fight to retain Southern France for this Prime Ministry but to fairly represent the disciples involved and to try to come to a solution which is in the best interest of the entire work.

The votes of the Southern French disciples were unanimously in favour of Southern France being added to the Southern Prime Ministry. Therefore, both sides must recognise and be willing to forsake their own views if the final outcome is contrary to their wishes and opinions in order to keep family unity. We can assure you that the feelings of the Southern French disciples to remain divided are just as strong and their reasons just as valid as yours for reuniting. The sentiments of the Southern French disciples did not seem to be considered in your letter. Beyond a shadow of a doubt our foremost question is this: Are the problems which are outlined in your letter and which you are expecting to encounter in a divided France more severe than those which you will encounter in trying to reunite the Southern French disciples who are opposed to these views? You must understand that because of the already existing problems which were occurring in communications and cooperation between Paris and the Southern French field colonies, the disciples rejoiced and took it as a direct answer from the Lord when MO first suggested the division in "The Bloodless Coup". If your idea for reuniting France materializes, you may find yourselves dealing with "men convinced against their wills and being of the same opinions still."

We recognize that there are a few immediate inconveniences involved which will have to be remedied by much cooperation. But you must realise the tremendous responsibility you are taking upon yourselves in failing to follow one of MO's suggestions which in the long run have nearly always proven to be right. MO's suggestions usually contain so much more than just surface solutions. And to be perfectly honest, we ourselves are just now beginning to realize some of the many underlying benefits in this division other than a simple land bridge between Spain and Italy. These are the most valid reasons we can see for not reuniting Northern and Southern France, and now we would like to answer point by point what we see to be the workable solutions to some of your viewpoints outlined in your letter.

A. French Disciples' Sentiments
       1. In your letter you do not clearly define that the French disciples who want to see France remain united do not include those disciples of Southern France. As far as point number one where you explain that the French deeply love their country, that is fine with us! We certainly hope the French disciples will have a deep burden and love for their country to reap the souls there, but we don't see how in any way, shape or form this is relevant to the situation since to our knowledge no one has ever suggested that France as a country become politically divided again as it was in 1946. In fact, we don't even see how in witnessing to the people of France there would ever be any necessity in telling them that the Les Enfants de Dieu in France are divided into two sections since we are one Family.

       2. As far as clearance on a Prime Ministry level, from this statement you seem to have completely missed what Mo is raving for in the New Revolution Letters in being indigenous and handling things on the local level since there would be no reason why any personnel moving from the North of France to the South of France or visa versa would need Prime Ministry clearance and could be handled between local leadership in the two areas. As far as family ties being strong in France, we understand this completely; and we see absolutely no reason why the Northern French disciples visiting their parents in Southern France could not be completely free to do so. We don't see why it should be looked upon any differently than the structural borders which previously divided Bishoprics, Regions, etc., within France.

       3. As far as your statement at the end of point number three that the French disciples did not feel that the Southern France top leadership should be based out of Spain and Italy not knowing the problems or not understanding the work as a whole. This raises a great question in our own minds as to how well informed your disciples have been as Joram who is the Bishop of French Switzerland and Southern France lives right in Marseille and has for the past 13 months. (He completely knows the situation and personnel of the field colonies probably better than just about anybody in France. Also, immediately following the New Revolution Letters, Shaul, the Archbishop of this entire area including Spain and Portugal moved there also. This is the highest leadership involved in overseeing Southern France other than ourselves, Emanuele and Rachel, and our assistant and Minister of all Southern Europe, Timothy Concerned.

B. Legal
       1. As far as we can see, the legal aspects hold no problems at all; and we would suggest that in front of the law the leadership who are already registered in Paris as the heads of the Association should remain to be so for all of France including Southern France. The brethren in Southern France will be happy to abide by any unified policies on public relations or legal matters which you already have. We can assure you that the Paris work will have their full cooperation in this. Of course, we understand that in the special work that the Paris show team has done that this good P.R. is very important; and the brethren of Southern France are thankful for how the fruits of our popularity and publicity have opened so many doors. So they will consider it their duty to stand by these legal and P.R. policies at all times.

       Show Group and Fan Club
       1. As far as the show group and show schedule in Southern France during the summer, the brethren of Southern France are excited about the prospects of the new galas and are completely willing (with our total agreement and backing) to come to the galas and assist you just like they have previously and following the methods you had used in the past in all other French cities where galas have been held.

       2. We completely understand your interest in continuing to handle the fan mail coming to the show group. From what we understand up until now it has all been handled directly through Paris, and we believe it should continue to be done so. Any letter addressed to the fan club or show team that arrives in any of the Southern France colonies will be forwarded on to Paris for you to answer there.

B. Southern France Witnessing

       1. As far as the influential people coming from the North of France to the Riviera for the summer and being witnessed to, this can be handled in the same way that we have always handled contacts within Europe. As far as we can see, this has always been a simple revolutionary policy and presents no major problems.

       2. French Manpower and Witnessing--As far as the Southern French colonies not being well equipped or having sufficient French manpower, we realise that there are many weaker and untrained brethren in this area, but they have already made fantastic strides in winning new disciples. By the summer time, they should have plenty of French manpower. However, we would like to say that we would welcome any personnel that would like to come to Southern France and witness for the summer and afterwards return to the North.

E. Finances and Free Housing
       1. Concerning the debt which Southern France supposedly owes Paris said to be approximately 11,000 dollars, Timothy, our Minister, was instructed by us to write Megiddo for full details on this. However, we received no reply and just discovered that Imrah and Martha now have this position. We still do not have an understanding of the exact details of the debt. According to our records, the Southern France colonies have paid over and above the value of the lit and cost of production. We realise that we may still owe additional funds, and we are more than willing to discuss it and come to a full agreement. However, from what we understand, the Southern French colonies have been requesting a "share the know" graph for well over a year and have never received one. We believe that just for the sake of unity and following MO's instruction on "Share the Know", they should be given a full account of where this money is going, before they are expected to pay anything.

       We realise that the majority of your free housing offers have been located in the South of France. We feel that this is probably why we have been unable to find housing there to prepare for the summer harvest as the Lord has already provided it through these offers. It seems obvious that it is in the best interest of the work to allow the local people to use the free housing that has been offered in their areas. (AMEN!) We urge you to refer these offers to the brethren in Southern France as soon as possible in case there is any repair work involved in preparation for the summer. These same brethren have for the past year worked long hours in gathering financial support for the Paris work, and it seems only logical for them to now reap and share some of the benefits. Please let's strike while the iron is hot and get our feet in the doors while they are still open. This would benefit the French work in either case.

       (And No. France, you'd better help your Southern brethren with this housing quick!--It was given God & all, not just you!--Or God may take away some of your Northern housing!)

F. Voting
       1. A vote would be a bit unfair since Northern France has more than two thirds of the population. We do want to make it clear, that the disciples of the South of France have already voted this, and it has been unanimously agreed that they would like for France to remain divided.

       2. As far as the great problems encountered in Switzerland over one year ago when the country was divided, there are a great many differences of opinion as to whether this is true or not. We feel that the same principles apply to Switzerland as do France; and we do not want to see it reunited.

We love you very much, and we pray with all our hearts that these differences will be worked out for the sake of all those involved. We want you to know that if MO does decide to reunite France, we will stand behind him 100% in his decision and encourage the leaders under us to do likewise and if it remains as it is, we will also strive for the greatest of unity and cooperation between the two areas. In closing, we wanted to leave you with two MO quotes which we feel are appropriate for our situation, and we pray that God will speak to all of our hearts and show us what is best for His work.

"Our ultimate goal is the sharing of ourselves, the personnel and leadership in a loving fellowship of man created by God 'wherein dwelleth righteousness' and happiness forever. So we feel that the greatest of our sharing is not the mere sharing of our things and personal possessions, but the sharing of our love and personal service for each other, which is our faith and which results in our works and the sharing of our material possessions. Jesus Himself had nothing material to share with His disciples, only His love and His life which He gave for them and for us that we too might have life and love forever! So we consider that the sharing of ourselves, our love and our life with others, is our ultimate goal as well as our present means to that end." (Economy Revolution 10, 11, 12) (--Amen!)

All of our love and sincere prayers,

Rachel and Emanuele
       (--And I fully agree with these sentiments and could heartily add my signature to these as well!--Dad 23/6)

"THE FRENCH CONNECTION!"--MO       June 1975 NO.335C--DO
Copyrighted June, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7XL, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

June 8, 1975, Dear Rachel and Emanuele: Greetings in Jesus Precious Name!

       1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXCELLENT PRESENTATION of the Southern France case, from both you and your under officers, Shaul and Joram!

       2. THOSE ARE CERTAINLY MY SENTIMENTS as well, and I couldn't have more aptly put them myself! God bless you.

       3. I SUGGEST THAT WE MAKE COPIES OF ALL THESE AND JETH'S PETITION AND DISTRIBUTE THEM to all the leaders of France to encourage the Southern brethren in the righteousness of their views and their position and decision and to try to convince the Northern French leaders, apparently all in Paris, of the error of their ways!

       4. THIS SHOULD ALL BE OF INTEREST TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED, if not the whole world who have probably all heard about the controversy by this time, so we may have to get these letters all printed up in our MO Letter form for distribution to our leadership around the world to settle the issue in everybody's mind.

       5. IN WHICH CASE, IT MIGHT BE WELL TO ALSO INCLUDE NOTIFICATION OF THE APPOINTMENT OF CALEB AND LYDIA as the new Pioneer Prime Ministers of the new PPM of the Pacific, along with our suggestion that they be elevated even further as King's Counsellors over the PMs of the Pacific and Americas along with Rachel and Emanuele over all Europe, Africa and Near Asia (as far as India) since the creation of this new PPM makes a world total of 4 PM's necessitating the creation of a new level of supervisors over each two of them, along with King's Counsellors, Arthur and Becky, of our worldwide World Service under our own direct supervision. The whole world should be informed of these changes and their new officers.


May 17, 1975

       6. JETH, WE APPRECIATE THE VERY GOOD SALES JOB YOU DID IN SELLING N. FRANCE on the idea of not dividing or being divided and the excellent campaigning you did for support amongst your leadership against the division, and the thoroughly documented report which you've managed to get along this line from them and signed by them as well as your own arguments on behalf of French unity.

       7. YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE AN EXCELLENT JOB in helping with the establishment of better organisation in France in your first full six months there and I want to congratulate you, son, on a very good pioneering job well done.

       8. WHEN YOU CAN GET YOUR LEADERS TO STICK BY YOU as well as you have persuaded them to do on this particular issue it shows you are a good leader, God bless you. However hereafter, dearly beloved, any of you who send me a joint or combined letter from various people signed by them, please be sure to include the title of each and his position in the leadership structure so I will know exactly who they are and what they are and therefore be able to judge accordingly as far as their responsibilities and authority are concerned.

       9. HOWEVER, WE BELIEVE IT WOULD BE A GREAT MISTAKE TO DIVIDE ALL OF SUCH A MEDITERRANEAN AND SOUTHERN EUROPEAN COUNTRY AS FRANCE FROM SOUTHERN EUROPE who are united to both Spain, Portugal and Italy in language as all Romance languages, also united religiously as all Catholic countries, also united geographically across the face of the map from East to West and West to East along the Mediterranean. So we heartily recommend that if France should be united it should by all means be united en toto, totally with the Southern European Prime Ministry.

       10. THIS WOULD INDEED PLACE A GREAT DEAL MORE RESPONSIBILITY UPON POOR RACHEL AND EMANUELE but if they're willing to accept it I'm sure with your help, Jeth, and all of France, they would be able to take over the job and do a good job of it. God bless them and God bless you all.

       11. PERHAPS THEN, JETH, THIS WOULD GIVE BRITAIN, THE GERMANIC COUNTRIES AND SCANDINAVIA THE EXTRA BOOST THAT THEY NEED with your great help. Although I don't know whether this would leave you with enough Colonies to make you a Prime Minister, but perhaps you can call yourself a Pioneer Prime Ministry and really go to work on it to build it up.

       12. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXCELLENT HELP in this matter and thank you so much for your suggestions. But if united, remember: France should be a part of the Southern European PM. God bless and keep you all and continue to make you a blessing. Yours in His Love in Jesus' Name. Amen.--Dad.

May 31, 1975

       13. I WAS FURIOUS OVER THE SECTARIAN NATIONALISTIC AND STRICTLY POLITICAL FUROR CREATED BY PARIS OVER THE DIVISION OF FRANCE, and am amazed at the ungodly, un-Child-of-God-like, un-New Nation and un-Kingdom-of-God furor raised by Northern French nationalists who prize their worldly political origins more than their citizenship in the Kingdom of God, along with some Children of God politicians of N. Europe who prize power and finances over the welfare and unity of Spirit of His Kingdom!

       14. I HAVE YET TO KNOW THE NAMES OF SOME OF THESE AGITATORS AND CONSPIRATORS WHO STIRRED UP THIS DIVISIVE SPIRIT amongst us, and I am sure that the lowly French disciples themselves must have been shocked by your unspiritual attitude and lack of Heavenly-mindedness!

       15. YOU ALL NEED TO READ CORNY'S CLASS ON NATIONALISM and some of Paul's writings on those that create division amongst the brethren. From your sectarian and provincial views, you would think that the different Prime Ministries were not even a part of the same Kingdom and that you were not all citizens of the same Nation and members of the same Body!

       16. I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU AND ASHAMED OF YOU that you have such divisive outlooks and have stirred up and exaggerated divisions amongst you!

       17. SO IN RETALIATION I HAVE GIVEN YOU JUST WHAT YOU DESERVE and recommended that if you have the political unity you insist upon, all of France should be taken away from the Northern PM in which it could not possibly totally belong and be placed all within the Southern European PM to which it would naturally belong as a Southern European, Romance-language, Mediterranean, Catholic country. I want to know the official titles of all leaders who signed that petition.

       18. THIS SHOULD ALSO TEACH YOU A LESSON, JETH, ON NOT BEING SO GREEDY and covetous and on learning how to stick to your word and original unified agreements with all of us at the PM meetings on this particular subject. What changed your mind?--Or who?--Or when and why? I should be interested to know.

       19. WE HAD MADE A VERY FAIR SETTLEMENT of this whole affair when I last saw you, and you should have rebuked any of those who stirred up division, dispute and contradiction amongst your people.

       20. TO SAY THAT UNLESS I RECEIVED A DIRECT REVELATION FROM GOD to support our previous decision to divide France, that you would not consider our agreement binding is tantamount to insubordination and the stirring up of insurrection amongst the brethren, as well as casting doubt on the wisdom of your own leadership.

       21. YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT DOWN THIS DIVISIVE SPIRIT instead of encouraging it, so you have now had to pay the price of rebellion.

       22. THE KINGDOM OF FRANCE MAY BE TAKEN FROM YOU and be given to the ones who were willing to give it all to you in the first place because of their unselfishness because we did not want you to be without sufficient Colonies and support for your PM and wanted you to reap the rewards of your own faithful services in Northern France. But as I said in my last letters, all things work together for good, and perhaps this would give the long neglected Germanic and Scandinavian areas your now greater attention.

       23. I HATE POLITICKING, but if you insist on not abiding by my recommendation of S. French unification under its logical Southern European PM and want to campaign for a grassroots vote on the issue which would only stir up more controversy and friction amongst brethren you may do so.

       24. BUT I AM SURE THAT WHEN THEY HEAR ALL THE FACTS of my recommendation, they will be inclined to make the original decision which I recommended. If not, it shows they are following someone else's leadership and not mine.

       25. JUST BE SURE THAT I RECEIVE A COMPLETE REPORT OF THE EXACT VOTING TALLY OF EVERY COLONY IN FRANCE, including the signed report of each with the signatures of each of the three officials of each Colony voting committee, and the area vote of which on this basic issue must of course be carried by a 2/3 majority of each section of France if you want to carry the problem that far.

       26. I HAVE BEEN VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS MATTER, as you have forced the decision upon yourself, having brought it to an issue and a crisis, in the only possible way that it could be solved once you had made a controversy of it.

       27. APPARENTLY, SOME OF YOUR PEOPLE MUST BE MORE FRENCH THAN CHILDREN OF GOD, unless you have misinterpreted their attitudes. May God have mercy on all those who stirred up this controversy contrary to our own agreed decision originally in the matter. We hope we will have all learned our lesson. Behold what a great fire a little flame kindleth! God help us!--And forgive you!

       28. P.S. I AM VERY SORRY IF SOME OF THIS LETTER HAS SOUNDED A BIT HARSH or hard, but I must be firm with those who are delinquent, even as the Lord Himself must rule with a rod of iron over them who will learn no other way.

       29. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, HIS ROD AND HIS STAFF, THEY COMFORT US, as David himself says in Psalm 23. Therefore, forget not the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto my own children, "My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him, for whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth...

       30. "NOW NO CHASTENING FOR THE PRESENT SEEMETH TO BE JOYOUS, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed." It might do you all good to read the whole passage as well. God bless you all! I love you.

       31. I WOULD ALSO FURTHER LIKE TO APPOINT YOU, ARTHUR AND BECKY, AS THE KING'S COUNSELLORS OF WORLD SERVICES and other personal services to your King and Queen at which you have already been so faithful and sacrificial and which we appreciate so deeply. We are just giving you a nice title to give you due recognition and authority for a job you've already been doing so well for a long time. We love you dearly.

       32. THIS NOW ALREADY MAKES THREE COUNSELSHIPS, so if we happen to think of another one, we're gonna soon need another level to which you can all aspire, but unto which only the most faithful, loyal and obedient will ascend.

       33. SO WATCH AND PRAY THAT YE ENTER NOT INTO TEMPTATION that might lead you astray from the straight and narrow way which leads to a higher crown and greater reward! Amen?

       34. WE WOULD THAT YOU WOULD ALL SUCCEED, but as the Apostle pointed out, though many run the race, only a few can win the glory for the most excellent service to attain an imperishable crown and eternal rewards! Hallelujah!

       35. MAY THE BEST WIN!--TO THE STRONGEST!--BUT SOMETIMES TO THE WEAKEST WHO DEPEND MORE ON THE LORD'S STRENGTH than their own wisdom, and who are the most loyal, faithful and obedient without fail and without question unto the end!

       36. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU NEVER MAKE ANY MISTAKES, BUT THAT YOU LEARN AND PROFIT BY THEM and learn not to make them again, but by these lessons learn to become even more faithful, loyal and obedient each step of the way. Therefore the greatest crowns will, of course, go to those who are the most so and do the best job in the long run, despite some stumblings along the way. So there's hope for all of us, praise the Lord! Amen? Keep trying!

       37. SO LET THE OLD BOTTLES BEWARE, and the big shots of yesterday beware lest it go to their heads and cause them to tumble to very little shots of tomorrow! The cream of the crop of today can sometimes become the stinking old limburger cheese in the limbo of tomorrow!

       38. PRIDE COMETH BEFORE A FALL! Let him that thinketh that he standeth take heed lest he fall! For unto him who truly hath what it takes it shall be given, but from him who thinketh that he hath and boasteth of it, it shall be taken away from him even that which he thinketh that he hath! Beware lest ye be found to be a prematurely exalted novice and fall into pride which was the condemnation of the Devil!

       39. SOME OF YOU MOST HUMBLE AND SELF-EFFACING LITTLE ONES, time-tested through the faithfulness, loyalty and obedience of years, are now finally making it to the top where you can be trusted because you have been faithful in a few things, so He will now make you rulers over many things!

       40. BUT SOME OF YOU OLD BOTTLES who have been faithful, loyal and diligent over the years, if you do not remain so but become exalted in pride and wilful in spirit and contrary in action, word and deed, these who leave their first estate, even though they be the angels of God, shall lose their lofty positions for rebellion in heart! So please watch your step lest ye also fall into condemnation!

God help you!

June 8, 1975

       41. WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO NOTE THAT THE SOUTHERN FRENCH BRETHREN WERE SMART ENOUGH TO SEE THE WISDOM OF OUR DECISION to put Southern France in Southern Europe from the very first, and their Southern French Colonies all voted unanimously for this choice and prefer to remain so, according to the report of their own leaders enclosed.

       42. THIS MUST BE SOMEWHAT EMBARRASSING TO THE LEADERS OF NORTHERN FRANCE who claimed that all the leaders of France were against its partition, and sent us a petition purporting to be from all the leaders of all France, but actually only signed by those of Northern France and mostly Paris, I hope this teaches them a lesson.

       43. AS I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN LOCAL OPTION, AND THIS IS WHAT THE NEW R IS REALLY ALL ABOUT, I wouldn't care if two-thirds of France voted for unification under the Northern PM, I would still stand by the right of the local Colonies of Southern France to secede from the union and join the Southern European PM if they wanted to!

       44. I BELIEVE THEREFORE THAT NORTHERN FRANCE SHOULD HAVE ITS CHOICE AS WELL, as to what PM it wishes to be a part of, but not to lord it over Southern France and make a decision for them.

       45. THEREFORE, IF NORTHERN FRANCE PREFERS TO REMAIN IN THE PM OF NORTHERN EUROPE by the actual vote of its leaders and disciples, it may certainly do so--and if so, we would be right back to square one and the wisdom of our original decision to divide France between the two PM's regardless of system nationality and the other minor factors involved.

       46. WE SHOULD BE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD AND MEMBERS OF HIS KINGDOM, citizens of His New Nation where, "ye are all the Children of God by faith by Christ Jesus" and "there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus".

       47. LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAY and have no more of this worldly, fleshy, Satanic nationalistic divisive spirit which has nearly destroyed the Earth with its division and wars! May God rebuke the guilty ones!

       48. SO THERE YOU HAVE MY OPINION IN THE MATTER, dear folks! Do as you see fit. My threat to unite all France under Southern Europe is designed to chastise you for your recalcitrance and jolt you into a realisation of the wisdom of our original decision.

       49. SO I THINK THE LOCAL COLONIES SHOULD NOW DECIDE THE MATTER FOR THEMSELVES INDIVIDUALLY in view of all the facts, and we hope that next time you rebels will look before you leap from the frying pan into the fire! May God forgive you! May God bless and keep us all from making such mistakes!
       Your Father in the Lord, MO

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