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"PICKIN' UP THE PIECES!"--MO       June 27, 1975       LTO No.336A
--The Continued Phenomenal Effect of the New R!"

Copyright © June 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan Puerto Rico 00936


Dear Children: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Thanks to most of you for your faithfulness in corresponding, reporting, etc., and for your help in putting the principles of the New Revolution into effect. As a result, we can tell you the following:

       1. GOOD NEWS! THE NEW R IS HAVING THE DESIRED EFFECTS which we knew by faith that it would if we obeyed what the Lord wanted and began to scatter into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature!

       2. THE TOTAL NUMBER OF OUR COLONIES HAS TAKEN A PHENOMENAL JUMP from a low of less than 200 last Fall to our present all-time high of about 450!--And our Total population has leaped from only 2600 last Fall to about 4000 today!

       3. PRAISE GOD! JESUS NEVER FAILS!--IF WE OBEY! The anti-blob letters began to have an immediate effect by late Fall and winter with our colonies jumping to over 250 and our population to over 3,000 and the New R Letters have cause these totals to skyrocket to their present levels, and the end is not yet in sight--and we hope it never will be till Jesus comes!

       4. THE POPULATION OF THE AVERAGE COLONY HAS TAKEN A NOSEDIVE from 16 last October to about half of that between 8 and 9, this May, Hallelujah! The number of converts has also skyrocketed from 6000 last Fall to about 30,000 this Spring and is now approaching 32,000 per month or more then 5 times as many as those gained before the Blob and New R Letters!

       5. THE NUMBER OF NEW DISCIPLES HAS ALSO ZOOMED from our average monthly low of last Fall and Winter of only a little over 100 a month to a high of nearly 700 this spring! Praise God!

       6. THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF LIT NEEDED TO WIN THESE NEW CONVERTS AND DISCIPLES HAS TAKEN A NOSEDIVE from nearly 900 pieces per convert last Summer to less nearly 200 this Spring and the converts per person have risen from a sad average of only about three per month during the last half of last year to nearly ten per month this Spring! Praise God!


       8. PROBLEMS: OF COURSE THERE HAVE BEEN SOME PROBLEMS AND THIS WAS TO BE EXPECTED. Any army on the march, any war on the move and any forces on the attack are bound to have some casualties in the battles toward victory. Due to the confusion in the changes in leadership and reporting and the many moves resulting from the present explosion of the conflict, not all of our statistics are yet complete.

       9. SOME WILL NO DOUBT IMPROVE WHEN ALL REPORTS ARE IN from our many far-flung new battlefronts and our computer begins to catch up with the flood of new information now pouring in as the new units, teams and Colonies and leaders begin to slow down enough to catch their breath, consolidate their gains and report their new conquests. PTL!

       10. BUT ACCORDING TO WHAT LITTLE INFORMATION WE NOW HAVE SO FAR, due to the de-emphasis on litnessing and the renewed emphasis on concrete results in new Colonies, souls and workers, our total witness has declined from a monthly all-time high last October of 425 million to almost as low as last Summer's bottom of 100 million and our world monthly lit distribution has tumbled from its all-time high of nearly 6 & 1/2 million two month ago in March to 4 & 1/4 million this May--almost as low as last August's 3 & 3/4 million while we're still running faster than our lit can catch up with us!

       11. AS RESULT OF THIS LIT DISTRIBUTION DECLINE, OUR TOTAL LIT INCOME OF COURSE HAS DECLINED also from its all-time high in March of 625-thousand Dollars to an all-time low of this year of only 425-thousand Dollars in April an almost one-third cut in our total world income of all Colonies combined.--This is the total income received by the Colonies--not us!

       12. HOWEVER THIS IS ONLY A LITTLE LESS THAN OUR LOWS LAST SUMMER AND FALL at the height of our Blobbery, and has already begun to make a comeback during the past month of May as the army begins to slow down enough to start capitalising on its newly conquered territories. In fact despite the drop in total income in April, the actual average amount of funds received per piece of lit rose.

       13. SO THAT WE WERE EVIDENTLY REPLACING QUANTITY WITH QUALITY, and with the present tremendous increase in new outposts and many more new workers in a multitude of fresh new fields we should expect within the next few weeks both our lit and income to rise to new heights higher than ever before as we begin to reap the benefits of these new fields from our vastly increased new labour force.

       14. ACTUALLY, THESE LATEST FINANCIAL FIGURES ARE NOT AS BAD AS THEY SEEM, for although our income has temporarily declined, our expenses have declined also due to greatly reduced costs of lit, housing, upkeep and the immense saving gained in far greater efficiency and economy of operation due to the destruction of blobbery, the more efficient use of ammunition and the more economical distribution of our manpower which have resulted in the present tremendous gains in the size of our army and its spread over new ground.

       15. BRIEFLY WE ARE ACCOMPLISHING MORE WITH LESS!--with a more efficient use of resources resulting in wider-spread forces, we are reaping a much greater harvest with more lasting results per man and piece of ammunition than ever before! We are operating a larger army on even less money, think of that! We are getting more results per man per piece of lit per Dollar than ever before! Hallelujah!

       16. IT'S LIKE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MONOGAMY AND POLYGAMY: One man loving more women may have more problems but it's bound to produce more children than the old inefficient one-to-one method where it takes ten times as many men to produce an equal amount of result with the same number of women, although the problems are a little more evenly distributed as each man bears a much smaller share of the total labour-of-love load.

       17. OF COURSE THIS MAY WEAR ONE MAN DOWN A LITTLE FASTER BUT HE'LL GET THERE QUICKER. Whereas one man with only one woman can only produce a theoretical maximum of ten children in ten years, one man with ten women could produce a hundred in the same length of time and some famous kings and infamous characters have been known in history to do even more than that with more women in their short life span!

       18. ALEXANDER THE GREAT WITH AN ARMY OF LESS THAN HALF-A-MILLION MEN LICKED THE FIVE-MILLION man army of the Persians because his men were better fighters per man and had the blessing of God in order to spread the Greek cultural interest in not only sex, art and beauty but also language, philosophy and religion in preparation for the coming of Christ and to facilitate the rapid spread of the Gospel which was to follow under a secure Roman government.

       19. BY THE TIME WE HAVE TRAINED OUR NEW SOLDIERS to be as good fighters as efficient in their use of manpower and materials as we are now trying to train you to be we shall have such a fighting force as the world has seldom seen, operating so efficiently and economically and powerfully per man.

       20. LIKE ALEXANDER, WE SHALL BE MOVING SO FAST AND CONQUERING SO MUCH new territory with so few forces used so efficiently that none shall be able to stop us and we shall soon have obeyed the commandment to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!

       21. ALREADY OUR PROPORTION OF MANPOWER TO LEADERSHIP IS BEGINNING TO RAPIDLY IMPROVE due to the New R recorganisational structure but we still have a long way to go and some areas are already lagging behind others in their restructuring.

       22. COMPARED TO THE WORLD AVERAGES, THE AMERICANS ARE 'WAY OUT IN FRONT, with Southern Europe, Asia and Africa close behind, but both Northern Europe and the Pacific some-what dragging their feet due to late starts.

       23. ACCORDING TO THE NEW R PARAMEDICAL RESTRUCTURING of an ideal one-on-two a District should preferably have only two colonies a Regions four, a Bishopric 8 and Archbishopric 16, a Ministry 32 and a prime Ministry 64--plus their minimum growth requirement which should split and multiply the chain reaction of the number of units as rapidly as possible.

       24. AT OUR NEW WORLD AVERAGE OF LESS THAN 10 DISCIPLES PER COLONY, this should mean that each prime Ministry should not contain more than about 640 disciples each.--Which means that with our present total world population of nearly 4000 we should now have about 6 Prime Ministries instead of the present 4.

       25. SO IN CHECKING OUR LATEST COMPUTER READOUTS on area population and Colonies we find that the Americas already have more then enough colonies and population to make two more-than-full-sized prime Ministries. So we hereby recommend that Corny and Shalom remain Prime Ministers of Latin America while Rodent and Helah be immediately hereby appointed as the new Prime Ministries of North America.

       26. NORTHERN EUROPE IS NOW ALSO REACHING THE TWO PRIME MINISTRIES MARK in Colonies and population so we hereby recommend that it be immediately divided into the Prime Ministry of Northwest Europe with Imrah and Martha in charge and Northeast Europe with Megiddo and Mara in charge, thus elevating our first and original Prime Minister dear Jeth, to the lofty position of another new King's Counsellor.

       27. HOWEVER, WE SUGGEST THAT AS EVERY MAN MUST HAVE HIS MATE, that surely each of our officers should have the same as it was in our very beginnings when we insisted that even every road team and Colony have a married couple as their shepherds. Therefore, we have been surprised to discover so many single names popping up as new officers instead of couples.

       28. SO WE HEREBY RECOMMEND that in honour of her many years of faithful service and due to her vast and varied experience in the fields of leadership and organisation and her great personal knowledge of our present personnel, little Queen Deborah of Childcare fame join our worthy King's Counsellor Jeth in sharing with him the deliberations, responsibilities and decisions of this new King's Counsellorship, as her wisdom of experience as one of our original founding mothers should give their administration thereof a good balance, if she will so agree.

       29. THE RECENT CHANGES IN HER WORK AND HER ILL HEALTH HAVE HELPED HER to realise more fully the importance of these greater responsibilities and her health is much improved and her outlook much broader, so we believe she would be a greater asset to this team of the Northern European Counsellorship with her husband, Jeth, if even only as an honorary advisor to its administration.

       30. THIS WOULD THEN MEET THE REQUIRED TOTAL OF 6 PRIME MINISTRIES, with Jeth and Deb as King's Counsellors over the two of Northern Europe; Rachel and Emanuele as King's Counsellors over their present PM of Southern Europe, Asia and Africa, plus the PM of Latin America which is so similar in culture, languages, religion climate and location and was originally discovered colonised and developed by the same Southern Europeans.

       31. THIS THEN LEAVES CALEB AND LYDIA AS KING'S COUNSELLORS of the 2 PMs of the Pacific and North America who are so closely linked together in their present pioneering of the Orient and with more than enough Colonies and population between them for 2 PMs.

       32. IN THIS WAY, NORTH AMERICA CAN HELP WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PACIFIC Oriental fields, while Southern Europe and Latin America cooperate in their many new pioneering fields of four great Continents.

       33. ARTHUR AND BECKY WILL REMAIN KING'S COUNSELLORS OF WORLD SERVICES in cooperation with their host Counsellorship of Northern Europe in Jeth and Deb's able command and under our own person supervision. Although this makes a total of four Counsellorship, one is only our office operation and not an actual area of Colonies and population requiring a great deal of supervision.

       34. WE DO NOT FEEL THAT AT THIS TIME IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO CREATE ANY HIGHER ECHELON of officers to supervise them other than ourselves personally. In the case of any tie votes between the four, a very unlikely and improbable occurrence, We ourselves can cast the deciding vote, M & M if this plan is acceptable to all of you.

       35. CONFERENCES BETWEEN THESE OFFICERS SHOULD BE HELD AS FREQUENTLY AS NECESSARY by as many of them as possible, and no major decisions made on such important matters as structuring, finances, etc., without three-fourths majority vote.

       36. ANY ABSENTEES CAN VOTE BY MAIL OR TELEPHONE whichever is necessary according to the urgency of the situation. No major changes should be made in world policies, programmes, structuring financing, etc., without this three-fourths agreement of all and the King's concurrence.

       37. THIS MEANS THAT NO MAJOR MOVES WILL BE MADE WITHOUT DUE NOTIFICATION, discussion and official written agreement of the three-fourths majority of all the Counsellors and the King.

       38. WE THEREFORE URGENTLY RECOMMEND that World Services disburse no further funds other than its regular budget, neither of reserve nor surpluses of income, until written authorisation is received from three-fourths of the Counsellors and the King after further due deliberation and decisions are made properly authorising their disposal as soon as possible.

       39. THE GREAT ESCAPE FUND: This fund was entrusted to the care of the highest authorities of the Revolution and not to the leaders of any particular section of it, regardless of from whence it came and the young people who entrusted us with it will be holding us responsible for it and we dare not betray their trust and we shall be expecting a detailed account of every penny of it of the whole or the major balance in the custody of the Treasurer of World Services, Justus Pound whose responsibility it is to disburse it to those individuals to whom it belongs as they need it under the direction and authorisation of the supreme Council of the Revolution and the King and no other. Thanks for your immediate cooperation in this matter.

       40. ANOTHER FINANCIAL PROBLEM which has arisen is the severe drop in donations to World Services. Despite the fact that our world literature income total received by all of our Colonies around the world for our literature was nearly half-a-million dollars for the recent month of May for example, many colonies did not contribute the bare ten-percent requested for the functioning of WS and redisbursement to the most needy fields through their respective authorised officers.

       41. THIS SHOULD HAVE AMOUNTED TO NEARLY 50,000 DOLLARS or approximately 20,000 Pounds or 200,000 Francs, but only about 126,000 Francs was contributed, or a mere 12,000 Pounds, or approximately 30,000 Dollars, almost half of what the Colonies should have donated according to their actual reported incomes! This is a very lamentable record of failure in giving and a great handicap to us.

       42. DESPITE THE OVERALL DROP in total world income due to the present New R expansion, the Colonies should have at least been able to contribute the required 10-percent of their actual income, no matter how low it was and failure to do so could have seriously hampered World Services' services to all of them had not we drastically cut the World Services' staff and expenses and secured nearly free housing for them and greatly increased their efficiency and economy of operation.

       43. ALTHOUGH BY A MIRACLE OF GOD World Services was therefore able to continue to operate under a greatly reduced budget with such a restricted income, this was only due to their own sacrificial efforts and those of others involved in their supervision.

       44. THEY WERE EVEN ABLE TO RETURN A SMALL SHARE of their total income to the various prime Ministries to help them with their expenses in the very valuable services which they and lower levels of other officers are now performing directly for the benefit of the Colonies, like the reproduction and distribution of the original letters in first copy form in their various areas, a considerably increased expense to them.

       45. MANY OF THESE UNDEROFFICERS ARE GREATLY DEPENDENT on the distribution of these surpluses for their essential operations of sponsoring reproduction, distribution, printing, mail answering, pioneer financing, etc.

       46. BUT IF YOU COLONIES DO NOT GIVE YOUR FAIR SHARE a mere ten percent of your total lit income, not to mention many other sources of income which some have even above their lit income such as forsake-alls, etc., then our whole structure will be greatly hampered in its overall financial operation from World Services on down the line to those to whom these funds are redistributed for desperate needs and most worthy causes.

       47. WE THEREFORE SUGGEST that since many personal appeals along this line have not yet had the desired and needed effect of an increase in your giving to an absolute minimum of at least the bare ten-percent of your total lit income alone, some form of pressure and enforcement must be placed upon you, equivalent to that of the requirement for qualification of Membership for the receipt of our Letters applied in respect of other rules of the New R such as size and discipleship.

       48. WE THEREFORE SUGGEST that Colonies which do not meet at least this bare minimum of a 10-percent donation to World Services of at least their total literature income each half month should hereafter be reclassified as only Associate Colonies no longer receiving either LTO or DO Letters but only DFO Letters.

       49. COLONIES WHO CONTRIBUTE EVEN LESS than half of this requested 10-percent will be reclassified as only Friendly Colonies received only GP letters until such time as they are willing to meet their fair share of the financial responsibilities of our worldwide work.

       50. I SUGGEST THAT THE COLONIES BE NOTIFIED of the effect of the application of the strong enforcement of this 10-percent rule immediately so that they will be able to comply with it by not later than the end of the month of July lest they thereafter lose some of their Letters and therefore part of their more intimate communication with us.

       51. COLONIES CONTRIBUTING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I would hardly call Colonies belonging to the Revolution at all, and therefore unless there is very good reason for their total inability to give anything whatsoever, I would consider such so-called Colonies worthy of Complete excommunication from our direct fellowship and all Letters!

       52. WE DO NOT THINK THIS IS ASKING TOO MUCH. God's 10-percent tithe rule of the Bible made no exception and even though the widow cast in only a mite, it was actually all of her living!

       53. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN I WAS A POOR STUDENT in Bible College trying pitifully to exist on only 25 Dollars a month in a little 14-foot trailer with a wife and two small children, when my wife suggested that God would bless us if we would tithe of even what little we had.

       54. I OBJECTED THAT WE COULDN'T POSSIBLY SPARE EVEN A PENNY of it as it wasn't enough for our living. But when we prayed and asked the Lord about it, we opened the Bible to this very Scripture about the Widow's mite in which she cast it into the Lord's treasury, even through it was all of her living, all she had!

       55. WE IMMEDIATELY STARTED GIVING AT LEAST OUR TEN-PERCENT to other of God's poor whom we knew needed it, such as missionaries, students and other worthy works, and God immediately began to bless us financially.

       56. THIS WAS THE TIME WHEN THAT MIRACLE HAPPENED at breakfast when we sat down with the children to eat shredded wheat with water because we had no milk, when we were paged to come to the office for a letter which contained ten dollars and with which we immediately bought for our meager breakfast the needed milk from the corner store! Praise the Lord!

       57. I KNOW HE WILL BLESS YOU ALSO IF YOU WILL OBEY THE LORD and obey your elders in the Lord and those who rule over you as those who must give an account for your souls, if you will meet this absolute minimum 10-percent requirement of the Lord to help support our worldwide work and thereby carry your fair share of helping to bear the burden of the multitude of services performed by our World Services and other officers, including our own personal support.--Amen?

       58. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS if you continue to be faithful to God's work and to us, we know that God will be faithful to you, and Jesus will never fail you nor fail to supply your every need! God bless you!

       59. WE DO NOT HERE HAVE TIME NOR SPACE TO REPORT TO YOU ALL THE OTHER GLORIOUS VICTORIES of the New R despite these few shortcomings, but suffice it to say that out of 450 Colonies around the world, it has been reported to us that only 8 have failed to meet the size and discipleship requirements thus far made!

       60. WE CONSIDER THIS A PHENOMENAL RECORD OF INSTANT OBEDIENCE to our insistence on breaking up the blobs and expanding into new fields and winning new disciples and establishing new Colonies and we are proud of you for your terrific cooperation!

       61. WE HAD NOT REALLY EXPECTED IT TO BE POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO COMPLY SO QUICKLY, but most of you did it so speedily you absolutely amazed us with your enthusiastic willingness to go on the attack at a moment's notice! God bless you!--And we know He already has! Praise the Lord!

       62. YOU HAVE DOUBLED THE NUMBER OF COLONIES, octupled the number of converts, septupled the number of new disciples and nearly doubled our total population in only a few short weeks! This is nothing short of miraculous and an absolute sign of the blessing of God on the New R for our obedience to His commandments!

       63. THEREFORE WE KNOW HE WILL BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY FINANCIALLY AS WELL if you will meet His minimum financial requirement also as quickly as possible so that we may serve you even better and all those in need will be supplied. Please don't delay! Do it today! Pioneer fields need it NOW!

       64. SEND IN YOUR MINIMUM TEN-PERCENT SHARE NOW--and give some more if you can! God will bless you for it with much more in return in many ways. Praise His Name and thank God for His faithfulness!

       65. THANKS PARTICULARLY TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE GIVEN SO GENEROUSLY directly to our own personal support. We have in turn personally passed most of this on to help finance the establishment and support of five new pioneer Colonies who have done splendidly in some of the most difficult new fields, so you now have a share in those as well!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family