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"100-FOLD!"--MO       August, 1975       DO No.336B

Copyright © August 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Children: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name!

       1. We're so happy to hear your good reports on the establishment of your new Colonies and we'd like to congratulate you all on the excellent job you have done in making these major moves!

       2. CONGRATULATIONS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE FINDING YOURSELVES NEW OFFICERS with new titles with great new responsibilities under the new structure of the New Revolution! God bless every one of you, and may He make you a very great blessing in all of these new responsibilities that He has given you!

       3. WE REGRET SOME OF THE PROBLEMS which these new shifts have caused and we know that in due time the Lord will help us to iron these things out so that everything and every "COG" in the machinery will operate smoothly, Praise God? Amen!

       4. GOD BLESS EVERY ONE OF YOU as you do your best to oil the wheels with the Spirit of the Lord and His Love to work together in cooperation toward a great new nation, a great new world!

       5. ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD to them that love the Lord, and even though you've had problems regarding your re-organisation, we're happy that this has now set you free from those former Blobs to operate according to the leadings of God's Holy Spirit!--Amen? Praise the Lord!

       6. WE ARE VERY SORRY FOR THE DROP IN OUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT, but this was to be expected in this new change temporarily as we shift from one gear and level to another and reorganise. As we have already written in Letters which you should have received by this time, because of the new greater emphasis on witnessing and soul-winning and pioneering it was to be expected that due to the lesser emphasis on so much over-emphasis of the litnessing there would be some change in the financial income.

       7. BUT WE TRUST as soon as things begin to really roll in the new gear that this will correct itself and you will correct it in order that no one shall have to suffer and everyone shall have their due, and I'm sure that God is working these things out, praise God!

       8. MANY OF THE QUESTIONS which you have asked in your reports and letters have been already answered in the new series on the New Revolution called the "Do-It-Yourself" Revolution: The "How To", "More on How To," "What To", "When To", "Who To", "Where To" and various other titles that we have now in process dealing with the details of how to work out these changes in our new restructuring.

       9. SO IF YOU'VE NOT RECEIVED THEM yet, please be patient and you will have many of these answers in the Letters which are on their way or already in the final stages, some of which are already in print and you have received. Thank you.--And thanks to Justus Ashtree our dear Editor who helped edit them from volumes of discussions!--And to our dear Secretary Sally who typed them all!--God bless all our little helpers everywhere!

       10. WE'RE SO HAPPY TO HEAR OF THE GREAT INCREASE in new disciples flooding into your Colonies and we are trusting God that you're going to be able to take good care of these precious new little sheep and to properly feed and clothe and house them and to inspire them spiritually and to train them for His Service.

       11. WE ARE WONDERING perhaps in this case of so many new disciples coming in now and the shortage of housing, if some of your Babes Colonies could not be classed as one of the rare exceptions to blobs so that you might combine some of them, put them together, in order to teach them with the leadership available and to train them in classes and courses and in witnessing and litnessing in whatever housing you have available even if it's over-sized housing for such a larger number of new disciples.

       12. WE BELIEVE THAT THE BABES MINISTRY and the training of the babes, Babes Colonies, could be one of the rare exceptions to the Blob rule. But of course even in such Colonies where there's large housing for more people, the members of such Colonies in such combined housing should still definitely be divided into separate Colonies of no more than the acceptable twelve-or-under number, where they are each with their own leaders and each considered a separate Colony with its own name.

       13. WE'RE VERY GLAD that you're working on your Family care problems and we trust that these will not last for too long. It seems that Deb is content to stay where she is for the time being and work on the Childcare Classes which she is now beginning to really produce, God bless her! God bless you Deb for finally getting on the ball and really rolling out the gold!

       14. HAVING FINALLY PRETTY WELL DISPERSED THE BLOB IN LONDON we trust we're not building up more Blobs now elsewhere of equivalent size.

       15. WE UNDERSTAND THAT SOME PMs HAVE BEEN HAVING SOMEWHAT OF A PROBLEM FINANCIALLY now that the responsibilities of reproduction and printing and distribution of the Letters has been pushed down to the Prime Ministry level or further and the income to World Services has been cut 50 percent by the Colonies themselves in their giving for some reason, which we do not understand.

       16. WE SUGGEST THAT YOU PRIME MINISTERS be sure you get your fair share of the ten percent due to World services, the surplus of which was to have been reimbursed to you for your services and new ministry of reproduction and distribution of the literature of the originals to all the Colonies. We consider this as a possible solution to your present financial difficulties. We just trust that this will leave World Services with sufficient income to perform their particular services, which of course includes us personally.

       17. THANK YOU FOR GETTING THAT COMPUTER RIGGED so it'll handle the new classifications of Colonies according to their compliance with the new requirement on size and discipling. I've already gone over the new report forms, both those from the local Colonies and those from the upper shepherds and made suggested changes and corrections and revisions and you will find the copies in your mail soon for your consideration.

       18. MEANWHILE WE SUGGEST THAT YOU LOCAL COLONY SHEPHERDS continue to use the ones you already have and that you supervising Shepherds continue to use those which you are already using.

       19. WE HAVE BEEN SOMEWHAT DISAPPOINTED AT THE SLOWNESS OF SOME IN REPORTING the exact statistics which you should have reported, the reorganisational statistics which I requested and the numerical statistics regarding your new restructuring within your area and its statistics. Would you please get those to us as quickly as possibly so we can report them to the world. Thank you.

       20. PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF OUR VERY FAITHFUL AND LOYAL HELPERS and co-workers such as dear artists Jacob and Laban and secretaries Hope and Jaala and others, who have done a very excellent job in the past but are now being shifted to other responsibilities with new horizons and a change of venue which we feel would be good for them and we trust they will enjoy.

       21. WE HOPE THAT THEY WILL FIND NEW PLACES OF SERVICE with a broader scope for their talents in this new shifting of our talents from the top out into the fields. God bless you all! We love you! Thank you for all the excellent work that you have done!

       22. I AM VERY PLEASED WITH THE PRESENT COMPUTERISED STATISTICAL DATA, and I am particularly pleased with the new line graphs which are being furnished by your offices, Justus Pound, which makes all of this data far more comprehensible and easier to read for me at a glance. Thank you very much, son! God bless you, Keros, for your excellent analyses! You're getting the idea.--Thanks, Eli!

       23. WE TRUST THAT YOU SUPERVISING SHEPHERDS as soon as you get your areas organised and the various officers in their places and have familiarised yourself with your areas and your own particular location and office and work, that you will be able to get out as soon as possible to visit your underofficers and their Colonies according to the recommendation suggested in the New R Letters. There's nothing like personal visitation to do the job! Jesus even left the 99 to search for the one lost sheep!--Don't forget it!

       24. WHEN I SAW ONE OF YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS on the food and Health and Welfare Deacons I had to chuckle when I thought about how the first Deacons of the Early Church were exactly that!--They were the Food Deacons! Ha! So God bless all you food and Colony Deacons in care of Colony welfare! Incidentally, I have not yet seen the Advisory which was supposed to come with the Health and Welfare Form, but I trust we'll be seeing it from you soon.

       25. AGAIN I URGE ALL OF YOU NOT TO NEGLECT YOUR OVERSEERS and elders who rule well, who are worthy of double honour. If you love your leaders you're going to take good care of them and not forget to support them. Please do not forget your supervising officers who need your help and your support, as well as World Services.

       26. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR FAITHFUL SUPPORT in the past of World Services and of us in helping make it possible for us to supply you with the Letters and the leadership and the inspiration that you so sorely need in guidance. We trust that you will not now fail to remember that we still need your help and support. Thank you and God bless you for your faithfulness.

       27. THANK YOU TO WORLD SERVICES for your faithfulness in seeing that we get our share, God bless you! Thank every one of you leaders and little givers who have contributed to our personal funds. You have been a great blessing and inspiration when we have seen the list and what a sacrifice you are making. May God bless and continue to bless you and make you a blessing!

       28. I'M VERY HAPPY TO SEE THE PROGRESS being made in Childcare or Family Care as we should now call it, and we heartily agree with your letters which you send, and may God bless you for your faithfulness in His Work and your help in your particularly unique ministry! God's will be done.

       29. MAY I CAUTION ALL OF YOU LEADERS at whatever level, to be sure that you surround yourself with men of faith and men of depth of spirituality, and women as well of course, who will be able to inspire you themselves and feed you as well as help you spiritually, and not only those who have practical talents and business talents and are able to take care of the business. We need both, but don't neglect the spiritual leadership and your own need for spiritual helpers as well as those who are physical and business helpers.

       30. I MOST CERTAINLY AGREE that Arthur and Becky should be appointed to official positions as the King's Counsellors of World Services. They are already overseers of the same and administration and therefore certainly deserve the recognition and the official voice.

       31. MAY I REQUEST that due to the present emergency of the major changes being made that you KC's report to me on a semi-monthly basis twice a month on those overseers Shepherd's Report blanks until we are out of the woods and things are running a little more smoothly. It's very necessary that I keep my fingers on the pulse of the whole Body very closely watching its health while we go through this particular critical transition. So I would very much appreciate if you would continue to report to me every two weeks, please, just like all other officers. Thank you very much, God bless you.

       32. ALSO, WORLD SERVICES, I would like to see the computer read-outs every month please or once a month, as well as the charts or line-graphs right now as we're passing through this very crucial stage. Thank you very much.

       33. SO HAPPY TO HEAR THE TREMENDOUS PROGRESS, PARIS, IN YOUR TRANSLATIONS of the new and old Letters and how you have amazingly stepped up this progress, in this year compared to last year. God bless you! This to me is one of the greatest and most difficult of all tasks, the translation of the Letters into the language of the local people, and I want to congratulate you translators for doing an absolutely supernatural job! I'd like to see your names on every translation to give credit where credit is due. God bless you!

       34. THANK YOU, ISAIAH, FOR YOUR EXCELLENT CHART ON THE NEW WORLD LEADERSHIP and we are incorporating it with some revisions into the charts given in the latest Letter on the result of the "New Do-It-Yourself R" called "Explosion"! I also received your good letter, Deb which is very well taken. I know this has been a very difficult time for you to pass through and not easy on any of us and we're so thankful that you have taken it well and understand the needs for these changes.

       35. WE'RE VERY PLEASED WITH THE EXCELLENT NEW FAMILY CARE LETTERS which we've seen coming out of your office now that you're devoting more of your time and attention to such a ministry which is so sorely needed in the writing of these letters to our parents throughout the world on Childcare, marital situations and so on.

       36. I WAS ALSO VERY INTERESTED IN YOUR PARABOLIC GRAPHS ON THE NEW LEADERSHIP, ELKANAH and would like to continue to see these included in the graphs which are coming out from World Services if you will discuss it with them please, which shows very clearly as to how the leadership throughout the world is complying with the new requirements. God bless you for your excellent work. We hope you can lick your personal problems.

       37. THANKS VERY MUCH TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL REPORTS, but we would like to see something a little more specific in some of them, such as your new leadership structure with names, titles, officers, boundaries and numerical statistics, please, as quickly as possibly in order that we might give them to the world.

       38. SO GLAD YOU'RE WORKING THINGS OUT regarding your problem, Corny and Shalom, and God bless you for the good work you were doing and we agree with most of what you suggested. We're particularly interested in your suggested plan of each level helping the level above financially.

       39. PERHAPS THIS WILL BE PART OF THE SOLUTION TO THE NEW FINANCIAL CRISIS of the over-seeing officers along with the sharing of the surpluses or the ten-percent sent directly to WS with offices who are now taking over the responsibilities of duplication and printing and distribution of the Letters in your own particular Prime Ministries.

       40. SO GLAD JOSH AND HULDAH AND STAFF AND ALL ARE DOING SO WELL in their new offices. God bless you! Give Watchman and dear old Amminidab my love as well as all the rest. I appreciated some of the classes you were getting out Corny, but I had in mind your own classes rather than mine which I think we're handling pretty well from out here and you will be seeing coming out in all the new Letters.--Thanks anyhow.

       41. THANKS SOUTH AMERICA FOR YOUR CONTINUED INVITATION TO HO AND FAITH who are now on a very important special secret mission from which we hope to relieve them soon and we will let you know how this is progressing as soon as we can.

       42. WE'RE ALSO THANKFUL FOR YOUR FINALLY RETURNING OUR PICTURES WHICH YOU CONFISCATED, CORNY. It was very important that we had those back as quickly as possible and I'm very sorry that I didn't get to see them or have them with me at that particular time for a very important use to which I intended to put them.--But they came too late! Watch the little things!--Now you know what they cost!--We live and learn!

       43. FINALLY, HERE ARE THE LATEST STATS ON OUR LATEST NR PROGRESS: our population is continuing to climb with an increase of 160 in the latest two weeks reported, so that by now we have probably passed the 4,000 mark, PTL! The number of Colonies is also still skyrocketing and may have already reached the 500 mark by the time you read this with a gain of 21 new Colonies in the latest two weeks reported. This is an average growth rate of eight percent a month which could double our population in a year!--The Monster is again on the move, thank God!

       44. THERE HAS BEEN AN UNUSUAL INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF WOMEN JOINING OUR RANKS about equalling that of the men for the first time in our history! But we are still nearly two men to every women, so you Flirty Fishing men need to get out and hustle us some more gals! We're working on a new Letter on this which we hope to put out soon on what kind of a line tackle and bait is best for each sex. So hang on to your poles, Boys, and wield them with dexterity and irresistibility!-- Hallelujah? Our number of couples and children are still holding their own.

       45. AVERAGE COLONY SIZE HAS LEVELLED OFF AT 8.5, a very nice family-size Colony, ideal for most purposes! But during the last reported period we lost nearly as many disciples as we gained, which shows the Letter "Who To" on standard disciple qualifications is not coming out any too soon! Some of you must have been grabbing almost anybody you could get your hands on to fill up space and meet your requirements instead of the kind that last!--Win them, but be choosy!

       46. THE NUMBER OF NEW CONVERTS IS LEVELLING OFF AT OVER A THOUSAND A DAY, or about 32,000 a month, compared to a low of only 6,000 a month a year ago, Praise God! That's what I call reaping the results of all the seed we planted! But we need to keep on getting new fulltime labourers that will stick to the job if we're going to finish the harvest before the Storm!--Amen?

       47. OUR WORLDWIDE TOTAL LIT DISTRIBUTION IS LEVELLING OFF at about 4-1/2 million per month which is about average for last year before our all-time high of nearly 6-1/2 million last March. So our new drive for new territory in the doubling of our Colonies and population and the gaining of five times as many converts per month is actually costing us less ammunition by more accurate aim in witnessing and litnessing! Praise God! Thank the Lord for this saving of both lit and souls!

       48. OUR TOTAL WORLDWIDE WITNESS IS CLIMBING AGAIN to its former average of over 300 million a month PTL! The Pacific-and-Americas KC is leading the world with over 200 million of that, half of it accomplished by Brazil alone this last time!--Ole, Brazilia! God bless you that publish the Word! Southern Europe came next with Northern Europe last.

       49. THE AMERICAS AND THE PACIFIC ALSO GIVE AWAY THE MOST LITERATURE, about 30 percent a month with Northern Europe next giving away over 20 percent.--Maybe it's because they're so rich they can afford it! Poor Southern Europe, Africa and Asia have to get their money back, so they usually only give away about 15-percent, making every shot count and nearly every one pay off, God bless 'em!

       50. BUT NORTHERN EUROPE LEADS THE WORLD IN HOW MUCH THEY GET FOR EACH PIECE, between 18 and 19 cents; with Southern Europe, Africa and Asia a close second between 14 and 15 cents. The Americas and the Pacific are only getting between 8 and 9 cents per copy, and there's no excuse for that, Folks, in rich countries like North America and Japan!

       51. NORTHERN EUROPE CAN APPARENTLY AFFORD THE CASH, but it's costing them lit stats with the distribution of a third fewer pieces than the world average! Our world total lit income of all Colonies combined is levelling off at our usual average of about a half-a-million dollars a month after the all-time high of 6-1/4 million last year, PTL!

       52. BUT THE SADDEST NEWS OF ALL IS THAT MOST OF YOU ARE ONLY CONTRIBUTING ABOUT FIVE PERCENT OF YOUR TOTAL TAKE TO OUR WORLDWIDE WORLD SERVICES instead of the requested 10-percent of your income! Only Germany and Britain were averaging their full 10-percent tithe, with the Western and Northeastern U.S. and Canada following closely with 9-1/2 percent and Italy with 9. Southwestern Europe contributed 8-1/2 percent of their income, although poor, while the rich Pacific only contributed about 7-percent. According to the latest, Britain and Southern U.S., Mexico and Central American giving has fallen off to only 6-1/2 percent, but there's still no excuse for not giving at least ten-percent of however little income you have, no matter how poor you are!

       53. HOWEVER THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR RICH AREAS LIKE NORTHERN FRANCE AND THE NETHERLANDS CONTRIBUTING ONLY FIVE PERCENT OF THEIR INCOME! We might be a little more merciful and understanding to Asia and Africa for the same. Northern South America and the West Indies are also rich enough to do better than only five-percent, and the Mideast should surely be able to do better than 3-1/2!

       54. BUT SCANDINAVIA, RICHEST AREA IN ALL EUROPE, HAS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST AND MOST INEXCUSABLE GIVING RECORD of donating only a ridiculous 3-percent of their total income from our lit to our worldwide Services who make it possible for them to have any income at all! What's the matter up there, Esther and Valiant?--Are you still with us or not? Are you starting a New Revolution in Scandinavia--or a rebellion?

       55. MAYBE YOU'VE BEEN THERE TOO LONG AND NEED A CHANGE and have become Pentecostal Jesus people instead of Revolutionaries! I'll admit our world leadership has neglected you for a long time, but they're on their way up there now to see what's the matter, and we hope there are going to be some changes made if you want to be a part of this New Revolution!

       56. IT'S NO WONDER WE'VE HAD TO CLAMP DOWN ON SOME OF YOU WITH THE ONLY LEVER WE HAVE, OUR LETTERS, and insist that you meet this ten-percent donation requirement or be reclassified as only Associates if you don't; and those who give less than five-percent as only Friendly Colonies; and those who give nothing as no colonies of ours at all!

       57. EVEN THE BOOMING NORTH PACIFIC WITH 11-PERCENT OF OUR WORLD INCOME IS HARDLY DONATING 5-PERCENT of it to World Services whose benefit they are receiving! Perhaps we should not only withhold our Letters but also your share of our surpluses from those of you who fail to give your share!--How about that KC's? We cannot pioneer new fields and help these brave pioneers without your help, nor can we expand our existing services with new projects as we would like to nor improve the quality and quantity of our services. What are you going to do about it?

       58. I'LL TELL YOU WHAT WE'VE DONE ABOUT IT: We have reclassified 88 Colonies for failure to meet the minimum size and discipleship requirement! But we're thankful to announce that at least 29 of these have been reinstated to full membership by their latest stats, thank God! What's happening to the other 59 of you? Thank God only ten were disqualified for being over-sized, but why are the rest of you having such a hard time winning only one new disciple per month? Surely we made that qualification as low as possible. Over 400 other Colonies are doing it, why can't you?

       59. SOUTHERN U.S., MEXICO AND CENTRAL AMERICA ARE LEADING THE WORLD IN THE NUMBER OF COLONIES STILL DISQUALIFIED FOR BEING OVERSIZED--a total only of 10 until some were even restored by their latest stats. Southern Europe, the Americas and the Pacific have had the next highest number reclassified for failure to qualify but many of these have now been restored by their latest stats, thank the Lord!

       60. BUT WE STILL HAVE ABOUT 50 WANDERING COLONIES who can't seem to fully comply, and we may have more under the chastening rod of the new financial rule! Are we going to be 100-percent disciples or not? Do you want your Letters or don't you? If so you'd better get busy and pioneer a new Colony with some of that over-sized one, get out and win at least one good new disciple per month and send in a full honest fair ten-percent share of your income from our lit every two weeks!--Amen?

       61. WELL, THERE YOU HAVE IT!--OR I LET YOU HAVE IT!--And I'm gonna keep letting you have it until you became the kind of disciples and Colonies and pioneers and missionaries and givers and soul winners that Jesus wants you to be!--Fair enough? Praise the Lord!

       62. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT, and that's why I'm putting the squeeze on you and lowering the boom of His rod through my Letters to push you out into the new fields where you ought to be winning more souls and sharing more of the increase!--Amen? God bless you! We really hope you'll be able to make it and we're really praying for you and we're hoping not too many of you will fall by the wayside!

       63. WHICH REMINDS ME THAT WE'VE GOT SOME HOT NEW LETTERS on the way if you haven't already received them by the time you get this: Some beautiful new children's colourbooks, some hot new lessons and tests from Mo Ed, some terrific new Letters from Deb and others on Family care and from Faith and Mom and even Stephen as well as the new Foreign Services Bulletins and Publication News and the ever-new old-faithful NNN! Jacob's nifty new number of Poorkid and a lot of newly illustrated fascinating old Letters are also pouring out of his pen and the computer.

       64. LAST BUT NOT LEAST WE'VE GOT SOME REDHOT NEWS from the Third World about our [DELETED] new Colonies in Africa and Asia. [DELETED] Hallelujah!--Don't lose a Letter!

       65. WE'VE HAD A COLONY DOWN THERE NOW under the able direction of our Arabic-speaking brave pioneer Hosea himself and his family and now it can be told!--Including Faith's thrilling story of how they crashed the All-Arab Youth Conference and landed on the platform with a show that reaches the whole Arab World!


       67. ALL THE LATEST!--AND ALL YOURS!--For only obeying the Lord and forsaking all to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature and helping others to do the same! It only costs you everything!--But you get 100-fold (folded MO Letters) in return! GBY! ILY!--Dad

       68. LATE FLASH! The KCs have lowered your new disciple requirement to only one per Calendar Quarter beginning now!--And added a minimum Lit requirement of 1000 per adult per month per Colony. The No. of adults x 1000--Colony monthly quota!

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