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"BRUNHELD"--MO July 19, 1975       NO.336C--DO

Copyrighted August, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(Rachel called us the phone and woke us out of sleep to ask if she should deal with a certain woman who was causing a serious security situation. We told her to go ahead. Then as we prayed and began to fall asleep again, MO got the following although he had never heard the name before! It turned out to be from the favorite opera of Emmanuele's father, our new spirit helper! Praise God!)

       1. RACHEL IS LIKE THE WARRIOR, BRUNHELD!--She was a big strong warrior with a big spear, with big horns on her helmet. She's a mighty warrior! You know, it's an opera and everything. I forgot who Brunheld is. I don't know if I ever heard her name before. Brunheld was a brunette.

       2. BRUNHELD WAS A GREAT AND MIGHTY WARRIOR, great and strong! I have to look up Brunheld. I can see her though: Big woman, long flowing brunette hair, fierce and strong and mighty warrior for David! She's big and strong for her father David! She'll defend him to death!

       3. SHE'S LIKE BRUNHELD! You look that up. You'll find it somewhere I think because if she's like somebody she can't be like nobody. Maybe that big thick spear she has is David's penis!--It's his words!--And she's got horns on her hat! Where do you have the words?--In your head!

       4. SHE IS ARIES, THE TWO-HORNED RAM!--Big and strong! Oh, she's so big and strong! I don't have to worry now--Brunheld defends me! I don't have to worry a bit--Brunheld is on the attack! I wonder what Brunheld means? Maybe it means something about keeping me.

       5. SHE HOLDS THE HEIGHT! (Maria: What's the height?) Me!--My name is David Steep Mountain! I think Brunheld means "she holds the mountain". She holds the height. She keeps me. She likes me to sock it to her! She likes my spear in her heart!

       6. OH, SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL! She's such a handsome warrior! She's so big and strong with a mighty spear like a tree! Nobody can conquer Brunheld!--you know that? She holds the mountain! She holds the King! Come rest with me while my mighty Brunheld defends the castle and holds the fort for me.

       7. WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ANY MORE: BRUNHELD IS HERE and holds the spear and with a big silver helmet to fight the old devil woman! She can really butt her with those big silver horns on her head!--Just like silver bullets to kill demons, werewolves and old witches-like that old lady!

       8. BRUNHELD IS HERE TO TAKE CARE OF IT. She sings big and loud and strong and with a mighty voice of thunder that scares away all the witches and the devils! She has a big strong voice and shout. Brunheld's a fighter one of the best fighters, with a big thick spear in her hand!

       9 WHY IS THAT MY PENIS?--Because it spouts my words! She's got it in her hand and she's poking people with it. She went and poked the old witch with it, and I think maybe the old witch liked it! At least she respected it. She couldn't stand against it. She knew it was too strong and powerful for her!

       10. WOW!--SHE'S BEAUTIFUL! She really is terrific! Jesus help her O God! They work hard--our soldiers! They deserve medals! Brunheld, my Brunheld! You're so beautiful!--So big and strong and mighty for me!--Such a great warrior woman! I'm so proud of her!

       11. (WE FOUND IN OUR VIKING DESK ENCYCLOPEDIA THAT BRUNHELD WAS QUEEN OF ICELAND. German Siegfried came and killed the dragon, won the gold and conquered Iceland and defeated Queen Brunheld in battle and then married her.

       12. SHE WAS ALSO QUEEN OF THE VALKYRIES, daughters of God, angels on horses riding through the sky who came to the battlefield and carried those killed in battle to Valhalla or Heaven. In Norse and German mythology she is both Queen of Iceland and Queen of Valkyries!--And Wagner did write four operas about her and her family!)

       13. ALL HAIL TO OUR QUEEN BRUNHELD, Daughter of God, Queen of the Realm and Queen of Angels!--May she fight mightily for her Siegfried and her Father against the demons and witches and werewolves and help hold the Mountain with the mighty spear of God's Word in her hand! (Hallelujah!--God bless and keep her and help you to fight by her side!--Amen?--Thank the Lord!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family