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"SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATIONS"--MO               September, 1975        NO.341--GP

Copyrighted September, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. GOD SIMPLY SAYS IN THE BIBLE THAT HE ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS, because if He had tried to explain prayer scientifically all these years people never would have understood. If He had said the sun doesn't really rise but the Earth is revolving on its axis, they wouldn't have understood! He answers your prayers, He translates those prayers, He amplifies their power and the desire of that prayer to influence the person you're praying for.--You have actual influence on them through your prayers. (See also "Prayer Power," No.302.)

       2. THE SPIRITUAL POWER OF GOD WORKS FOR YOU, and you, in a sense when you're empowered by the Spirit, are used by God's Spirit. You use His Spirit to communicate, to pray, to edify, to receive information from His broadcasting station, sort of mutual use.

       3. YOU AND GOD ARE USING EACH OTHER JUST LIKE TWO PEOPLE WHO LOVE EACH OTHER! It's a two-way street. You're both giving and are receiving at the same time, like a transceiver that both transmits and receives. I like to dwell on that which is good. Your prayer actually is an influence in itself, it has power. It does things because God lets it, or empowers it to do so. God empowers it to take effect.

       4. WHAT THEN IS AN ANSWER? For example: We prayed here and agreed together for Sister Magdalena when she had the flu, just before the audience with the Pope when she was to take Faithie. We agreed together and concentrated our power together in the Lord, in the Spirit.--According to His Word, if any two of you agree on anything they shall ask the Father in My name, it shall be done!

       5. WE SHOT THAT BEAM TO THE LORD AND HE AMPLIFIED AND MADE IT HAVE THE DESIRED EFFECT on that person nearly a thousand miles away in Rome, and she was almost instantly healed. When you're in tune and praying according to His Will with the right wave length or vibes on the right channel, He receives it and amplifies it and lets it do what you intend for it to do. It's two-way and if you love the Lord, what you receive from Him is good and ministers faith, joy, hope, love and praise. The vibes you get off the Lord are all good things. But there is a dark side of the picture, sad to say.

       6. IF GOD HAS MEANS OF COMMUNICATION IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, WHAT ABOUT THE DEVIL? Do you think he has?--Of course he does. Does he have children? Just like God has His Children, the Devil has his captives, and he has his means of communication.

       7. JUST LIKE GOD'S SPIRIT CAN POSSESS US, THE DEVIL'S SPIRIT CAN POSSESS HIS CHILDREN! And therefore, so-called witchcraft, demonology, etc., is a reality in the world of the evil spirits of the Enemy. God's children can pray to the Lord and ask Him to answer and affect certain people for good, and so can the Devil's children communicate with him and project. God has given the Devil certain powers, particularly over his children, those that aren't protected by the Spirit of God, those who have rejected Christ.

       8. THE LORD GIVES PEOPLE A CERTAIN IMMUNITY TO THE INFLUENCE OF SATAN up to the point of decision. "He that being often reproved and hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed!" Every time they resist the truth they are hardening their spirit against the Lord, and therefore, if we reject the truth we receive strong delusion that we may believe a lie.--Those who are the Devil's children, at least. Until someone reaches that point and if he's not made the final decision, as long as God's Spirit is still dealing with him, he still has a certain immunity or merciful protection.

       9. GOD'S SPIRIT PROTECTS AND OVERSHADOWS THE LITTLE CHILDREN until they have made their choice or come to the age of accountability, unless they are the children of unclean parents. God still protects the child but God can let things happen to the children as a punishment to the parents. The Lord's child, if he's in the spirit, will be in tune with His protective power and under the shelter of His wings.

       10. WE PRAY IN THE SPIRIT AND OUR PRAYERS HAVE MORE EFFECT BECAUSE WE PRAY BY THE SPIRIT HIMSELF, by His power, which is exactly what God wants in His Will in His own Spirit. In a sense, we become almost like the reflectors ourselves, and God is issuing the influence and God Himself gets the desired effect.

       11. BUT THE ENEMY, OF COURSE, HAS HIS POWER AND COMMUNICATION WITH HIS CHILDREN and they with him. And if they're his child he can answer their prayers within certain God given limitations. Especially if it is a child of the Devil praying to the Devil for or against another child of the Devil. That's his realm, his kingdom. That's where he's allowed to operate, control and influence, and be influenced by and controlled by, in a sense, his children, children of the Devil, just like God is by His Children.

       12. WHAT ABOUT THE CASES OF SO CALLED WITCHCRAFT, WIZARDRY, BLACK MAGIC, casting of so-called spells upon people, the influencing of people from a distance sometimes called telepathic hypnosis? In that case, the Enemy acts as a relay station, and his spiritual power amplifies and transmits the message. Satan's child communicates with the Devil and if it's in accordance with the Devil's will, and not beyond the powers God has given him, then he can operate to influence other children of the Devil, one way or the other. Science, of course, would call this telepathic hypnosis. They have already proven the influence and results of personal hypnosis, face-to-face hypnosis in the presence of the hypnotist, and are now having to consider even further the possibilities of the power of suggestion, that if it can be done face-to-face, why can't it be done at a longer distance.

       13. THE POWER OF THE LORD, OF COURSE, IS GREATER! "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." In other words God is saying, "My power in you is much greater than the Devil's power in the world's children, his children--much greater!"--So if we have the power of the Lord, we have Christ, we have the Holy Spirit. We don't have to worry or fear Satan's power because we are protected by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is far greater than the power of the Enemy. We are overshadowed, we are enveloped, like I saw in the Crystal Vision.

       14. THE LORD'S PROTECTION IS JUST LIKE A FORCE FIELD AROUND US AND THE ENEMY CANNOT PENETRATE IT! (See "Crystal Pyramid" No. 214.) It's impossible for him to penetrate it unless the Lord allows him to do it as a spanking, as a chastening, as a reaping of something you have done that you haven't confessed or you're not sorry for. The Lord allows you to reap the results.

       15. SCIENCE IS REALLY STUDYING E.S.P., TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION AND TELEPATHIC HYPNOSIS in certain universities now because there are so many proved instances of E.S.P. People suddenly waking the moment a friend or loved one died and knowing that they're dead and so on. How would you know somebody a thousand miles away died unless you have some kind of perception that is beyond the power of your normal senses? They probably thought about you or maybe their heart went out to you or something, and you got the message. God allows you to get the message.

       16. E.S.P. MEANS EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION. It could come to you in a dream. The only difference between getting a message in a dream and getting it while you're awake or conscious is that you're simply getting it in your sleep.

       17. THE DEVIL'S SYSTEM IS A PARALLEL OR SIMILAR TO THE LORD'S. The so-called witches who are really the Devil's children and really in tune with him are doing his work, and can of course communicate with him, receive from him, and project to him. They please him and he pleases them within the limitations that God has put upon them.

       18. GOD ALLOWS THE DEVIL'S CHILDREN TO REAP THE CURSES, the benefits, and the spoils and whatnot that the Enemy can give because he's dealing with his own children. He's the Devil and he has that power to do so, but of course only within the power of God, within what God has allowed him to do, within the limitations that God permits, in order to work out God's plan.

       19. NO MATTER WHAT SCIENTIFIC NAMES THEY CALL IT, IT'S STILL SPIRITUAL POWER in operation in the realm of the Spirit, and to us the spiritual is understandable. If they were able to scientifically analyse it they'd probably call it natural, and in a way these are natural forces, natural powers.--They're natural in that God has created them, but the Lord has made a distinction between the things of the spirit and the flesh. So you usually think of the flesh and the material things as natural, and the things in the realm of the Spirit as spiritual and supernatural.

       20. SO YOU SEE, WE ARE DEALING IN THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT. Whether they know it or not, they are using the power of the spirit no matter what they call it. The Devil and his spirits are answering their "prayers," you might say, and doing the things that are suggested so that they're able to communicate.

       21. (MARIA: IS HYPNOSIS ALWAYS THE POWER OF THE DEVIL? Couldn't they be using the power of the Lord?) If they are Christians and praying and asking God to influence, yes of course that's another thing. But in either case they are using spiritual power, especially when you talk about transmitting at a distance. Unless their own spirit goes there they would have to communicate by means of some other spiritual medium, a power or means of communication.

       22. IF THEY DON'T HAVE THE LORD IN THEIR HEART IT HAS TO BE THE DEVIL.--No matter what good they are trying to do. Things are either controlled by the Lord or the Devil. It takes faith in either case, so it's all in the realm of the Spirit.

       23. IT'S ALL VERY REAL AND SCIENCE IS BEGINNING TO RECOGNISE IT more and more all the time. Only they call it all by different names, and big terms, and big words like telepathic hypnosis, mental suggestion, mental images, hallucinations, and extra sensory perception, blah, blah, blah! But they can no longer deny that these things exist. They've been proven by actual experience and experimentation, beyond a shadow of a doubt they know they're real. In some ways scientists are getting more realistic all the time and really trying to find out and discovering that there really are such things.

       24. BUT WHAT THEY DON'T PERHAPS REALISE IS THAT IT'S NOT JUST A SO-CALLED NATURAL REALM like just a natural realm of natural physical forces, but there are literally spiritual forces behind the scenes with which they're dealing, and that in so doing they're really playing with fire! They're really taking chances because they're not necessarily protected by the Lord. If they're a child of the Devil they could get possessed or a lot of other things could possibly happen. But if you're a child of God none of these things could touch you. You don't have to worry! "God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind," "perfect love casts out fear."

       25. IF YOU KEEP YOUR MIND STAYED ON THE LORD, YOU'LL HAVE PERFECT PEACE. You don't have to worry about the Enemy, or the Devil or his power or anything else because he can't touch us because we have and love the Lord. Therefore, the Lord cautions us that we're not to fear, constantly tells us not to fear but to have faith.

       26. I WAS LOOKING AT THE MOON ONE NIGHT ON THE WAY HOME on the train and I was praising the Lord for how beautiful it was. It was His creation, and I was getting all these good vibes. I was sitting there cleansing my mind you might say after having seen a film about the demon possession of a young man and having dwelt on all that horror and what the Devil was doing. But I really am glad I saw it because it shows the world is awakening to these things, and recognising and acknowledging that they're true although some are explaining them away scientifically.

       27. A LOT OF PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY THE KIDS, ARE AWAKENING TO THE FACT THAT THE SPIRITUAL WORLD IS REAL, God's real and the Devil's real. So I was looking at the moon and thinking: There's the moon shining so brightly. It's really reflecting the light of the sun and I'm getting the message.

       28. THE SUN IS LIKE GOD, AND THE MOON IS MAINLY A REFLECTION OF THE LORD. In fact it's actually a type of the church, not of the Devil as some others say. It reflects the light to the world, for the whole world. The church reflects God's light over the entire Earth, like the moon reflects the light of the sun over the Earth.--It gives the message.

       29. IN A SENSE, GOD IS NOT GOING TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD. Instead He'll communicate with His own Children, and it's our job to communicate to the world, to reflect that light to them, the Gospel.

       30. HOW WONDERFUL IT IS IF YOU HAVE FAITH AND YOU'RE THE LORD'S CHILD! You see the good and you feel good and you praise the Lord and are thankful. You're on His channel and you're getting His vibes all the time. But if you're demon possessed or a child of the Devil, you're on his channel continually, hearing his voice constantly.--How horrible! Whereas if you're a child of God and you love Jesus, you have the Lord and His Holy Spirit in your heart and you're on His channel in constant communication with Him and constantly receiving His vibes. You're constantly hearing from Him and you're hearing His voice all the time in the mind's eye, your spirit. All day long and even at night in your sleep you're receiving the Lord's communication.

       31. (MARIA: BUT WHAT ABOUT BAD DREAMS?) Well, there are certain natural influences: You could eat too much and maybe get indigestion and it might influence your dreams and your sleep. So there is a certain amount which is in a sense natural. But fear of course is of the Devil and he gives us the spirit of fear. That's why we always pray and ask the Lord to keep us safely and give us a good night's rest.

       32. I VIRTUALLY NEVER HAVE A BAD DREAM UNLESS IT'S SOME WARNING MESSAGE FROM THE LORD. I never have any of these what you might call nightmares, screaming and terrified. I can remember them sometimes a long time ago when I was a child when apparently the Enemy was attacking me, or even when I was a fairly young man. You know the type of dream where you're being chased and you're trying to run and you're trying to scream, but can't.

       33. A NIGHTMARE CAN BE A DEFINITE INFLUENCE OF THE ENEMY, or it can also be the influence of your own mental state of mind, your own thoughts, your own imagination. You went to sleep thinking about something and you just carried on that train of thought in your sleep. But if it's something really bad and has no real connection with your thoughts in the daytime or anything like that, and yet it's a real horrible nightmare, then it's quite possible you're being attacked by the Enemy.

       34. THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE BEING POSSESSED. The Enemy attacks God's Children quite often from the outside without getting inside. If you have a little fear or you're maybe not quite right with the Lord or you're a little out of tune when he attacks then you left a little loophole open for the Devil to get some of his broadcast in. You might receive a little of his message, like a little static when you're trying to get God's channel and receive His station. The Devil could come across and try to jam it with static, his static, you understand? So it's quite possible that happens.

       35. SO THERE COULD BE A LOT OF DIFFERENT REASONS WHY YOU HAVE BAD DREAMS. It could be something you ate. It could be something you were worrying about when you went to sleep and you just carried on that train of thought in your sleep, subconsciously. It could be a definite implantation of thought in your mind from evil spiritual sources in an attempt to try to influence your thinking and to frighten and scare you. If you're in the Lord, then you're His child, and you don't have anything to worry about.--You shouldn't fear, you shouldn't worry. You know the Lord's protecting you, He keeps you, He hallows you round about and gives His angels charge over you. Hallelujah!

       36. MY SENSES ARE ALL SO SENSITIVE, thank the Lord! My hearing, my sense of smell, my eyes are so good, sense of taste, touch. All my senses seem to be extremely keen, almost like it's symbolic of my spiritual sense, extremely sensitive both in the flesh and in the spirit. But just like some people are very sensitive in the flesh and their senses are very keen, there are also some people that are very, very sensitive in the spirit. I'm really extremely physically and spiritually sensitive, and if you're the Lord's child you're sensitive to the Lord. If you're the Enemy's child you're awfully sensitive to the Devil.

       37. YOUR MOST IMPORTANT NATURAL PHYSICAL SENSE IS SIGHT. It's considered more important than taste, touch, smell, or hearing. It is the predominant sense, and seemingly more vital than any of the other of the natural five senses. However, it's a known thing that the loss of sight will immensely increase the power of your other senses, particularly hearing.

       38. AND NOW THEY'RE DISCOVERING IT OFTEN EVEN INCREASES E.S.P. or what is commonly called your sixth sense. We saw one film about a fellow that had lost his sight and the doctor told him. "You will get to where you feel the presence of a wall or a post as you're walking down the street, or people passing by. You will literally feel their vibes." Science is beginning to recognise this.

       39. YOU CAN BE AWARE OF PEOPLE'S PRESENCE WITHOUT SEEING THEM, even if you don't hear them. The wall's standing there not making a sound, but you feel its presence. Believe it or not, I've had this experience walking along in the dark. I've suddenly felt I was about to hit something and discovered I was just about to run into a branch or a pole or a wire or something.

       40. OF COURSE, I'M SURE THAT THE LORD GOT THE MESSAGE TO ME BY HIS ANGELS, the spirits watching over us, but it seemed like I could feel it. I'll never forget when we were walking along in the dark that night at the Ranch when we came across that rattlesnake. I suddenly sensed its presence, then I heard that rattle! He was about seven feet long, the biggest one I ever saw there. We brought up the automatic and I must have hit the thing a few times because we never saw it again although it slithered and dragged itself away very slowly. It must have gone off and died, or crawled in a hole or something, because we never saw it any more, thank the Lord!

       41. THE LOSS OF ANY MAJOR SENSE CAN CAUSE THE OTHER SENSES TO BE AMPLIFIED. Apparently the boy being blind became more keen then in the spirit. He was more sensitive in the spirit, the sixth sense so to speak. This all has a lot to do with what whey call women's intuition too.

       42. THE WOMAN IS THE WEAKER VESSEL AND BECAUSE OF IT GOD HAS GIVEN HER A CERTAIN SPECIAL MENTAL POWER, or greater receptivity and sensitivity to the spiritual things, so called intuition, sixth sense of E.S.P. Women seem to be more sensitive along those lines because women were made to be receptive. They were made to surrender in subjection, and to be the negative while the man's the positive. They were made to be the reflection and that's why most of the mediums have been women.

       43. MOST SPIRITUALISTS ARE WOMEN and a lot of them are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. There are some great male mediums in the world too, but most of the mediums in recent modern times have been women.

       44. THE BIBLE SPEAKS A GREAT DEAL ABOUT THE WITCHES but it doesn't say too much about wizards, wizardry or warlocks. It mostly talks about witchcraft and witches. So women are very sensitive in the spirit and they just submit a little more, they're more keen receivers, more sensitive receivers than most men.

       45. SCIENTISTS AND PSYCHIATRISTS EXPLAIN SEEING SPIRITS AS HAVING HALLUCINATIONS: You're seeing things from your own imagination and that image was implanted there either by yourself or somebody else, "You didn't really see a ghost or see a spirit, you just imagined it. It was mental suggestion, it was hallucination."--That's the way science explains those things away, when people testify they're seeing spirits etc. They don't really believe that the spirit exists, or the demon exists, or the hallucination exists, it just exists in your mind, they say. But of course we know that spirit beings do exist, both good and bad, both angelic and human spirits. (Maria: Well then are demons like the opposite of ministering angels, ministering spirits that minister to the Devil's people?)

       46. GHOSTS AND SPIRITS THAT ARE NOT ANGELS, COULD BE DEMONS. In certain cases they could be the spirit of the departed dead, who for some reason God has allowed, possibly for means of punishment or some reasons of retribution or something to have to be confined to a certain area, certain place or a certain house to watch the results of his evil deeds and their continuation in others and their reaping what he sowed.

       47. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HORRIBLE IT WOULD BE to have to be an evil father and then die or be killed and have to stay around your house and watch your wife and children and how they have to suffer and everything else for your evil deeds? You see, it could be a form of punishment. On the other hand, they could be used by the Devil or in other words, God would let the Devil use them for his purposes.

       48. WE DON'T UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE REALM OF THE SPIRIT, and I don't care to talk too much about it, but I'm just trying to explain what you might have seen or heard to assure you that there is this reality and science is beginning to recognise it. So anyway, I don't like to talk too much about the dark side of the picture because I think it tends to glorify the Enemy too much, giving him too much credit. I don't like these people always going around saying the Devil this and the Devil that and giving the Devil all the praise and glory, which becomes a form of Devil worship.

       49. THE DEVIL CAN'T DO A DAMN THING, A REAL DAMN THING, WITHOUT GOD'S PERMISSION, without authorisation from the Lord, he can't touch you. He can't let one of his demons touch you, he can't do a thing, nothing, as long as you have the Lord's power and are in His will.

       50. GOD TAKES CARE OF YOU sometimes even when you're out of His Will. He may let you suffer a little bit for it and let one of the imps give you a little spanking, but He takes care of you, praise the Lord! The Devil can't get in you, he can't control you, he can't harm a hair of your head, can't touch you without the Lord's permission. Praise You Jesus, thank You Lord, Hallelujah! (David prays:)

       51. THANK YOU, LORD, THAT YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR BUT OF POWER, LOVE AND OF A SOUND MIND. Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee, for perfect love casts out all fear, and greater is He that is in us, Lord, than he that is in the world. All we have to do is resist the Enemy and he will flee from us Lord, for when the Enemy tries to come in like a flood, Lord, You raise Your Spirit against them!

       52. SO WE THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THE THINGS THAT YOU GIVE US AND THE THINGS WE'VE LEARNED that help us understand Your operation. Thank You that we are not ignorant of the Enemy's devices, but are aware and warned of him, and know that he operates within Thy control to work out Thy purposes on his own children, and sometimes You even let him bother us a little bit just to keep us on our toes. We thank You, Lord, that though You let us be tested and tempted, You don't suffer us to have to yield or to have to suffer from it. Thank You, Lord, that he can't harm a hair of our head unless You know it and allow it and ordain it. He can't touch us, we're perfectly safe in You, Jesus, because we're Thy Children, and You're in us.

       53. HELP THY CHILDREN NOT TO FEAR, LORD, not to worry, not to talk about the Devil or his power more than absolutely necessary. Teach Thy Children and warn Thy Disciples of his existence, that he does have a certain realm in which he operates and to be aware of him. Warn them to stay close to You Lord, and in Your realm of protection, that they won't be subject to him or be bothered by him.

       54. HELP THESE THAT HAVE BEEN HAVING BAD DREAMS, Lord, to be delivered and to keep their minds stayed on You. You promise, Lord, that You give Your beloved rest and that You'll keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. So Lord, if they're thinking enough about You, Thy Spirit will cause them to have perfect peace, unless You want them to dream about something, or give them something.

       55. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THE DREAMS YOU HAVE GIVEN US THAT HAVE BEEN GUIDANCE, warnings and instruction for us in our sleep. Thank You for Thy distinct signs, guidance and direction that You've given us and how You've led us. Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus!

       56. THANK YOU SO MUCH, LORD, FOR THY PROTECTION, CARE AND LOVE, and Thy constant guidance and supply of every need for Thy Servant and Thy Children. Thank You, Lord for how You've helped, blessed and kept us, used us and made us a blessing. How You've used, Lord, even me, to help Thy Children find Thy Truth to follow Thee, Lord. We thank Thee for the messages that You get through to help us to understand and for the many things that You've revealed to us by Thy Spirit. We thank You, Lord, for how You use many stimuli, as the scientists would call it, to arouse our spiritual consciousness and cause us to receive messages from Thee and answers and explanations to our questions.

       57. THANK YOU, LORD, THAT ALL THINGS COME OF THEE, all things work together for good to them that love Thee. We can do all things through You, Lord, that strengtheneth us.--All things are ours. Thank You for what You've given us. Jesus! Help us to claim these things, receive them and be thankful for them.

       58. HELP US TO HOLD ON TO AND USE THE GIFTS THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN US, Lord, and to be used of Thee through them that we might help others. Thank You Jesus for these little, simple things You show us and illustrate for us, to help us understand Your operation, how You work, and even how the Enemy works, Lord, to enable us to appreciate Thy work, Lord, and learn how to use Thy powers, Lord, and be used of Thee, and also how to beware of and resist the Enemy! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

       59. BLESS THY CHILDREN, LORD, WHEREVER THEY ARE! Give them strength and protection. Keep them warm, Lord, keep them well. Continue to provide for them, Lord. It's so miraculous how marvelously abundant You supply Thy Children around the world! Thank You Lord, that we don't have to feel like we have the total burden of this thing, Lord, and the responsibility of total guidance, supply and protection.

       60. WE LOOK ON AND MARVEL LORD, HOW ALL WE DID WAS TO GET THEM STARTED on the right track, put them in touch with You, Lord. Just like when we used to build those little crystal sets, Lord. We'd tune them, get them on the channel, Lord, and then we'd give them to the other kids. All we've done, Lord, is tune up their receivers and get them on the right channel so they can be in touch with You, Lord, and send them on their way and we don't have to worry! Thank You, Jesus!

       61. THEY KNOW YOU'LL TAKE CARE OF THEM, and You are taking care of them, Lord. Around the world You're taking care of them in many nations, many places and many ways. Thank You, Lord. We know the Enemy attacks now and then just to help us appreciate our blessings and how You protect us all the time, and so we thank You, Jesus, we thank You, Lord! Hallelujah! We thank You, Lord, for how marvelously You are taking care of Your Children!

       62. THIS IS THY REVOLUTION, Lord, this is Thy Kingdom. These are Thy Children, Thy people which Thou hast brought out of the land of Egypt and which Thou hast spared with Thy mighty arm.

       63. THOU ART CARING FOR THEM DAY BY DAY, MOMENT BY MOMENT, using them for Thy glory to spread Thy good news and Thy love to the many, many others around the world. Thank You Jesus! You supply, You protect, provide, prosper, bless, inspire, encourage, strengthen and give wisdom to Your Children.

       64. THE SUN NEVER SETS ON YOUR CHILDREN, the Children of God, Thy Children around the world! Now we're all around the world, Lord, and for some the day is just beginning and for others it's just ending. Whatever they're doing Lord, according to Thy Will and in obedience to Thee and in Thy Love, we ask You to bless. Continue to keep them and make them a blessing. Thank You Jesus! Strengthen them all and give them safe-keeping for Thy glory.

       65. WE REST IN YOU, LORD, we sleep in Thee, in the hollow of Thy arms, Thy hands, under Thy wings, Thy secret place. We abide under the shadow of the Almighty. It's like Your special forcefield around us, Lord, like an aura, a special kind of glory that protects us. Thank You, Jesus, Praise You Lord! We thank You for how You keep us and protect us.

       66. PRAISE YOU, LORD, FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL PROMISES TO US that came through Thy Prophets and Prophetesses by Thy Spirit to encourage us.--Those messages that they got, and they've put down, that the faithful scribes wrote down, like Maria, thank You, Jesus. They preserved them for us and encourage us to this very day.

       67. WE THANK YOU, LORD, THAT YOU HAVEN'T STOPPED TALKING. You haven't stopped broadcasting. We're still receiving, still getting Your Messages right now for this day and for us personally, Lord, what You want us to do right at this time.

       68. THY WORD IS JUST AS GOOD AS EVER, LORD, You're as alive as ever, still speaking through Your Prophets and Prophetesses, still giving us Thy Word, still giving us messages, still guiding us and leading us. It's Thy Living Word!

       69. LORD GOD HAVE MERCY ON THOSE THAT DON'T KNOW what they're doing, they know not what they do.--Those that even pretend to love Thee or those who sincerely love Thee and are misguided, deluded, deceived and think we're not Thy Children. Have mercy on them, Jesus, get through to them if You can. We've shown them the truth and they've rejected it yet.

       70. YOU'VE LET THEM HAVE STRONG DELUSION now because they rejected the truth, Lord. But if it be possible to deliver them, we ask Thee for deliverance that they might help Thy Children, Lord. But Thy will be done, You know what's best, have Thy way.

       71. BLESS ALL THY PRECIOUS CHILDREN.--Thy mighty men, Lord, that minister, secretaries, chauffeurs, provisioners, teachers, mechanics, security men, the writers and businessman, bookkeepers, housekeepers, childkeepers, cooks, dishwashers, musicians, singers, leaders--all Thy Children, Lord, so many of them do so many jobs, Lord! We thank You, Jesus, for having filled their hearts with their individual ministries, each one in his place. Thank You Jesus! In Jesus Name! Amen!

       72. PRAISE GOD! MAY GOD HELP YOU TO HAVE GOOD SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION WITH HIM AND EACH OTHER! May He help you to get your signals straight and not get your wires crossed! May He deliver you from the Devil's static and keep you on the right channel, getting your programmes from the right Source!--Amen?

       73. IF YOU STAY CLOSE TO HIM AND EACH OTHER YOU WILL! If you stay in His will and obey, you'll have a strong clear channel and really get the picture tuned in loud and clear!--Amen? God bless and keep you in good spiritual communication with Him and us!--Don't get excommunicated!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family