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"THE CHALLENGE OF GODAHFI"--MO       June 1975       GP No.342
--A Commentary by Moses David on Godahfi's letter to the nations!

Copyright © June 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico

       1. THIS IS GODAHFI'S CHALLENGE TO THE WORLD!--It was his New Year's greeting to his personal friends and Heads of State of Countries around the world at the beginning of this year, the events of which have already proved its truth and touch of prophetic pessimism as being largely a "wretched and miserable" year in man's history.

       2. DISASTROUS ECONOMIC INFLATION IS SOARING AS A RESULT OF THE "GREED AND NEGLIGENCE" of "the corrupt and the violators of God's Law" of love and consideration for the poor. While hypocritically bidding each other "Happy New Year," "the big and wealthy Powers" prepare for the most devastating of all wars, are guilty of the most catastrophic waste and pollution the world has ever known, while billions suffer from the selfishness and evil devices of these Malthusian slaughterers of the poor who destroy the Earth!

       3. MALTHUS [EDITED: "1766-1834"] WAS AN EARLY ENGLISH ECONOMIST and one of the first advocates of world population control by means of war, starvation and deadly diseases as the only solution to the otherwise unavoidable poverty of the masses strangled by overpopulation overtaking the world's ability to feed itself.

       4. THE WORLD'S GREAT RICH POWERS have certainly done their best to put his theories into practice by annihilating and starving the poor to death with war and famine, waste and pollution, that they, the rich, might live!

       5. MORE EXPLOSIVES AND DESTRUCTIVE CHEMICALS were used by the United States to lay waste and depopulate the tiny land of poor agrarian underdeveloped Southeast Asia than were dropped on all of Europe during both horrible World Wars combined!

       6. THE UNITED STATES ALONE spent enough billions of dollars on this one little war to have supported Southeast Asia's entire population for a whole generation of 40 years--just as long as that awful war has lasted between the poor Southeast Asian peoples and the great Powers of the West.

       7. ALL THIS WAS HYPOCRITICALLY PERPETRATED IN THE NAME OF A FALSE HOLY WAR to dictatorially pretend to save Southeast Asia from the socialism for which they had freely voted and chosen for themselves according to their rights under the Geneva Convention.

       8. WHEREAS THE TRUTH WAS that the rich U.S. capitalists had decided that the only way to save their lands and investments from socialist redistribution to the poor was, according to one of their own U.S. military leaders, to stamp out Southeast Asian socialism by totally obliterating the vast majority of Southeast Asians who had voted for socialism, and thereby "save the world from the socialists"! What a horrible travesty of truth and justice and what an awful example of what the poorer nations can expect from the richer ones!

       9. NEVERTHELESS, DESPITE OVERWHELMING ODDS and the crushing weight of all the military might that the U.S. could muster, truth and justice and righteousness and the cause of God's poor did triumph in this war of the weak against the mighty, and the corruption, hypocrisy and lies of the U.S. were exposed, her cumbersome power defeated and her pride put to shame by the tiny poor peoples of Southeast Asia in their years of persistent, perseverant and undying faith in fighting for the right and refusing to give up the ideals in which they believed!

       10. THE DEFEAT OF GREAT POWER OPPRESSION AND EXPLOITATION OF THE POOR in this one tiny land of Southeast Asia has become the best news of 1975 and a shining example of what God can do to help the weak overcome their powerful oppressors, and offers the most brilliant ray of hope for a happier future that the world of the poor have seen for years!

       11. THIS VICTORY OF RIGHT OVER MIGHT proves that the power of life-giving ideas is greater than the power of the death-dealing sword, that the truth is greater than evil, and the word and the pen more powerful than the bullet and the gun!

       12. BECAUSE IT WAS THE SIMPLE IDEA THAT THEY WERE RIGHT and just in their cause which kept alive the undying indomitable spirit of the Southeast Asians throughout this war of 40 years of horrible hell on Earth despite all obstacles and overwhelming odds! They believed they were right, and they were right, and because of their faith and the righteousness of their cause, God helped them to win!

       13. IT WAS A WAR OF THE SPIRIT, A WAR OF WORDS AND IDEAS, and the hearts of its freedom fighters were won by the ideas of the words that were right, the words of truth and justice and peace and plenty for all in opposition to the selfish words of the rich and the lies of their oppressors, which they knew only brought them more poverty and more suffering through years of experience.

       14. THE TRUTH OF THE WORDS AND IDEAS OF JUST SOCIALISM gave these valiant freedom fighters the unconquerable spirit to fight on for years for a whole generation and that their children might be free and have peace and plenty despite years of exploitation by the rich. It was the words of their leaders which kept these ideals alive, despite many defeats, and brought final victory!

       15. THEREFORE, HE WHO COMES TO US "IN THE NAME OF GOD" as the leaders of the righteous cause of the poorer Third World Nations on behalf of this great Third World Movement championing the rights of the poor to life, freedom and happiness, he cannot fail, for he is "for charity and Godliness and not for sin and aggressiveness"!

       16. HE COMES TO US LIKE CHRIST "firmly reprimanding the people because they have forgotten the Word of God and indulged in vanity." He reprimands the religionists for their corruption and nullifying the laws of God with the conventions and traditions of men.

       17. HE COMES TO US LIKE THE PROPHET MOHAMMED to purge us for our sins of idolatry and indulgence and to remind us of our moral obligations to our fellowmen.

       18. HE COMES LIKE THE MAHDI, THE "GUIDED ONE" OF THE ENDTIME, the long-awaited Messiah of the Muslims, to proclaim the final great Jihad, or Holy War, against all the evils of the Earth, and whose triumph over the sin and iniquity of the world is to usher in the Golden Age of man, according to both Muslim and Biblical prophecy.

       19. OH, THAT THESE WORDS MIGHT BE FULFILLED, and that this one should be the one that shall bring about the triumph of justice and truth throughout the Earth! This young man, Godahfi, awes us with his holiness of thought, his courage of spirit, his conviction of truth and his words as flames of fire with the ideas and ideals of the purity and righteousness of God Himself and His just cause!

       20. HOW TRUE ARE HIS WORDS that the battle is not merely between rich and poor, the powerful and the weak, but between good and evil, God and the Devil, and that the only way to win it is to repent of our sins and to obey the laws of God and fight for the right! We must feed the poor, heal the sick, share the wealth and set the captives free!

       21. HE IS ONLY MISTAKEN IN HIS HUMBLE STATEMENT that he thinks the world's evils "are more powerful than this cry of mine." I admire this humility, but I disagree with its underestimate of the power of God's truth in his prophet like call to "Prepare ye the way of the Lord!"

       22. WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER IS ADDRESSING THE WORLD "IN THE NAME OF GOD"? What other world leader of today is rebuking the nations for their sins "In The Name of God"? What other world leader is writing letters to the Heads of State of the nations of the world and begging them to forsake their sins and repent and return to the laws of God as contained in His Holy Books!

       23. WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER IS CHAMPIONING THE CAUSE OF THE POOR AND THE OPPRESSED "IN THE NAME OF GOD"? What other world leader indeed is even courageous and brave enough to mention the Name of God and to be unashamed of His laws and His Holy Books?

       24. WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER INDEED IS PROCLAIMING THAT GOD AND HIS LAWS ARE THE SOLUTION to all man's problems? What other world leader indeed than this young prophetic flame of truth, Colonel Mo'Ammar Godahfi, Head of the Revolutionary Command Council of the Libyan Arab Republic!

       25. WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER IS YOUNG ENOUGH, GODLY ENOUGH AND COURAGEOUS ENOUGH in his honesty, purity, truth and the righteousness of his cause to capture the minds, inflame the imaginations and win the hearts of the idealistic youth of today to win the world for God and His righteousness and justice for all!

       26. WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER LIVES SO SIMPLY, SO UNSELFISHLY, SO HONESTLY AND SINCERELY that his own men and poor people are convinced of his integrity, so that they will be loyal to him to the death and are ready to die for him in his Holy War for God and the People's Revolution of righteousness!

       27. WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER POINTS US TO GOD'S WORD AS THE ANSWER to all our problems, and to "God The Compassionate" for forgiveness of our sins and a return to His righteousness and love for one another as the only balm for our ills by quoting us that the only way to start over must be "In the beginning was the Word"! What more can he "give to the world except this message"!

       28. "TO WHOM SHALL WE GO?--THOU ALONE HAST THE WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE!", as Jesus' Disciples once said unto Him. The words of God's prophets have crossed the ages and swept 'round the Earth and changed the course of nations! The words of their ideals have changed the hearts of men and given hopes for a better world!

       29. SO SHALL THE WORDS AND RIGHTEOUS IDEALS OF THIS YOUNG WARRIOR OF GOD CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY as they have already changed his own nation and influenced his Arab brethren to stand up for the right in the councils and battles of the world!

       30. TO WHAT OTHER WORLD LEADER OF TODAY CAN WE GO FOR SUCH IDEALISM, CONVICTION AND GODLY LEADERSHIP in the right direction? He alone has the words which point men towards God and His eternal life and hope of a better world! He alone has proven that "righteousness exalteth a nation" and the Word of God can bring power to the people!

       31. HIS WORDS ARE CHANGING THE COURSE OF HISTORY and the balance of world power, and his good works have provoked the nations to jealousy! No other world leader of today speaks as this man!

       32. HEAR YE HIM!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family