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"THE WORLD TODAY!"--MO       August 2, 1975       GP No.350
--And Tomorrow!--Do you know the score?--And are you ready for more?

Copyright © August 1975 by The Children of God

       1. I GUESS YOU ALL HEARD ABOUT THE BIG EARTHQUAKE IN CALIFORNIA. Northern California, Sacramento and Orville were the center. It was the worst quake in the last ten years. I don't remember what the quake was ten years ago, but was it the Long Beach quake?

       2. THIS ONE WAS APPARENTLY WORSE THAN THE LOS ANGELES QUAKE. It did quite a bit of damage. I don't know how many were hurt though because it was mostly in the rural areas and the reports were not all published.

       3. THE PEOPLE IN THE STATE CAPITAL who were living and working in some of the buildings there that have already been declared unsafe for earthquakes just panicked!

       4. THE STATE TREASURY BUILDING WAS EMPTY IN NOTHING FLAT and nobody was left in there but the State Treasurer himself! He refused to quit because he said he was going to go down with the ship!--Ha!

       5. MOST OF THE PEOPLE IN THOSE OFFICE BUILDINGS WERE RUNNING AROUND FLEEING from the files. The big filing cabinets came shooting across the floor. They were crowding into the elevators to get away from the filing cabinets!

       6. THEY FELT IT AS FAR AWAY AS SAN FRANCISCO. That's a pretty heavy quake. It registered about 6.1 on the Richter scale.

       7. THEY HAD JUST EXPLODED A BIG UNDERGROUND ATOMIC EXPLOSION NEAR LAS VEGAS: They continue to go fiddling around like that. It occurred 200 miles from Las Vegas, but it was said that it rattled the buildings in Las Vegas.

       8. IT WAS THE BIGGEST BLAST EXPLODED BY THE U.S. since I don't know when. It was ten times as big as the one they exploded on Nagasaki and Hiroshima!--But these are hydrogen bombs they're testing underneath the Earth's crust.

       9. I THINK SOME OF THOSE GUYS ARE DEMON POSSESSED! I think they're absolutely inspired! They're trying to see what they can do, maybe blow the world apart, and then they think their troubles would be over.

       10. I MEAN THEY ACT JUST LIKE LITTLE BOYS PLAYING WITH FIRE OR FIRE-CRACKERS! We used to risk our lives, our finger, our eyes just to see how big a can we could blow up next. We went from the little bitty fire crackers to what we called the 7-inchers. They were almost as big as a stick of dynamite, and we'd stick them under cans and it would blow that can as high as a three-story building!

       11. WE WERE STUPID, WE'D EVEN TRY THEM SOMETIMES IN BOTTLES! We'd stick it in a bottle and leave the fuse out and everybody would run for cover.--It's almost as lethal as a personnel bomb! They just blow up and splatter glass all over the place. I mean kids are crazy! I was just as crazy sometimes when I was a boy too.

       12. BUT THESE GUYS ARE STILL CRAZY AT THEIR AGE, EXPLODING ATOMIC BOMBS JUST LIKE KIDS with fire-crackers! It's the same idea--just to see what happens. They know they're doing something dangerous and that something bad might happen, but they just can't resist the temptation to try.

       13. THEY'RE SUPPOSEDLY TESTING THEIR POWER and testing the means of detonation and hoping to possibly use it for peaceful means like digging a new canal across Panama and stuff like that, and so they claim they want to know the effects and how to do it. In the meantime they're shaking up Las Vegas and maybe all Northern California! Of course, it could stand to be shaken up a little bit!

       14. ONE GOOD THING IN THE NEWS IS THEY FINALLY MADE AN EXCHANGE OF POPULATION SETTLEMENT IN CYPRUS. The Greeks on the south were refusing to give up these 9,000 Turks that they had in virtual concentration camps. They were kind of holding them as hostages for the protection of the 8,000 Greeks that are still in the Northern Turkish sector. So they did come to an agreement on swapping them.

       15. THE ONLY WAY THEY EVER CAME TO ANY AGREEMENT AT ALL IS THEY THREATENED to expel all the Greeks from the Turkish sector if they didn't return the Turks. So the Greeks agreed to return the Turks and the Turks agreed to leave the Greeks alone.

       16. THAT'S WHERE KYRENIA IS, REMEMBER IN "MT. ISLAND VILLA DREAM"? In one of our tour books we've got some pictures of that beautiful little harbour that we really ought to put in the next printing of the Letter.

       17. THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCES I EVER HAD, THANKS TO MARIA'S FAITH! I'll never forget it. They've even got one picture from the viewpoint from which I first viewed the harbour from the top of the castle. I really didn't have much faith in finding it like I should have.

       18. I GOT MORE INTERESTED IN THAT OLD CASTLE and I wanted to see the old walled fortress. So we were going down to the waterfront to eat and, well, you read it. Anyhow, I got so bogged down in that old castle, I spent nearly two hours going through it, it was so interesting.

       19. I CAME OUT ON TOP OF THE CASTLE AND LOOKED ACROSS THAT HARBOUR and it was such a shock, because I was seeing it almost from exactly the same viewpoint that I saw it from in the dream and it was so perfectly exactly it, the whole works, the boats and U.N. fellows walking around with their girl friends with the blue berets and all!

       20. WHEN I FIRST HAD THE DREAM I thought they must be some kind of tourists wearing those blue berets because we'd never been to Cyprus and we'd never seen any U.N. troops and didn't know what they looked like.

       21. IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LITTLE HARBOUR, and the north side of the Island is the most beautiful part of the Island--it's mountainous, trees and so on.

       22. BUT YOU KNOW THIS PROPAGANDA THE GREEKS KEEP PUTTING OUT IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE!--They said that the Turks comprise only a fifth of the population and grabbed two-thirds of the Island. That's not so, because if you look at the map and if you know the line goes from Famagusta to Nicosia then around beyond Kyrenia, then you know they only took about a third of the Island, really.

       23. THE THIRD THEY TOOK IS THE WORST THIRD FOR AGRICULTURE, actually. It's more mountainous and it's dryer, but it's the best third for tourism. It has both of the best harbors, Famagusta and Kyrenia, and that's why the Greeks are screaming about it.

       24. IT'S THE RICH GREEKS THAT ARE REALLY SCREAMING because the poor Greeks still have their lands in the South where all the agriculture is, and they're not hurt that much. It was mostly the Greeks that were agricultural--some of the Turks too, of course.

       25. THE GREEKS GOT THE BEST LAND BUT THE TURKS GOT THE BEST OF THE TOURISM. And let me tell you, it's the only way that dispute ever could have been settled, because as long as those Turks were living in the minority they'd never get a square deal from the Greeks, never ever!

       26. THE ONLY SOLUTION WAS THEIR OWN SEPARATE GOVERNMENTS in their own parts of the Island--that was the only possible solution. That's going to be the only solution really to the Palestinian issue too: Partition. This is what the U.N. came up with originally, partition, but the Jews wouldn't accept it, even though it favoured them.

       27. THE PALESTINIAN ARABS ACCEPTED THE SETTLEMENT OF PARTITION, BUT NOT THE JEWS. They went to work right away and started a war in '48 to drive the Arabs completely out, and they almost did!--They conquered them anyway.

       28. SO I WAS VERY THANKFUL TO HEAR OF THE SETTLEMENT IN CYPRUS because many of our friends there were Turks. They're the ones that seem to have the most gumption. The Greeks for the most part are just kind of placid. But you should hear those Turks tell some of the horrible hairy stories about the things that the Greeks did to them there!

       29. THE GREEKS HAVE BEEN BUGGING FOR UNITY WITH GREECE FOR YEARS. Makarios used to, but after he finally got in power he saw the only solution was to stay independent because Turkey wouldn't have put up with them uniting with Greece. What finally caused the invasion was because the Greek junta precipitated a coup that was going to unite it with Greece, so Turkey just marched in.

       30. THE POINT IS, THEY'RE ALWAYS GRIPING ABOUT THE "INVASION" OF CYPRUS, BUT IT WAS ALLOWED IN THE TREATY of Cyprus' independence that they all signed--Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Britain: It allowed that if any party threatened to unite Cyprus with any one signators, then any of the other signators, including the British, were allowed the right to step in and prevent it--and that's all Turkey did.

       31. THE GREEK COUP WAS ABOUT TO UNITE CYPRUS WITH GREECE, SO TURKEY JUST STEPPED IN AND PREVENTED IT. And for the first time in years and years the Turks got a square deal and the only safety and protection they've ever had.

       32. THEY HAVE HAD SOME HORRIBLE MASSACRES THERE OF THE TURKS BY THE GREEKS, just horrible! I mean, the Greeks will almost even brag about it. Some of the Greeks used to tell us about how some of them belonged to the EOKA fighters under General Grivas.

       33. WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO DO WAS KILL EVERY TURK ON THE ISLAND so that Turkey would have no more claim to the Island. She was always basing her claim on the large Turkish population there. So, imagine, of all times, their signal for one of the Greeks' biggest pogroms and massacres of Turks was to be the church bells on Christmas Eve!

       34. IT WAS KIND OF LIKE THE FAMOUS MASSACRE OF THE HUGUENOTS IN FRANCE ON ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S EVE, under Catherine de Medici. The ringing of all the church bells announcing the beginning of St. Bartholomew's Eve was the signal for all the French Catholics to attack the Huguenots and massacre them--men, women and children, everyone, and they almost did! They massacred about a million of them!

       35. THE RINGING OF THE CHURCH BELLS ON CHRISTMAS EVE WAS TO BE THE RALLYING SIGNAL FOR ALL THE GREEKS TO ATTACK their Turkish neighbours and kill them all. A lot of them lived in the same neighbourhoods, Turks and Greeks, and the Greeks attacked their own Turkish neighbours! But the Turks put up a battle and stopped the slaughter. That was not too long ago, back in the days when EOKA was doing a lot of that stuff.

       36. THAT'S WHY THE BRITISH BROUGHT MAKARIOS BACK IN to try to bring about some kind of a peace or something. They told us about that when we were there five years ago. It was one of the many massacres in which they attempted to slaughter the Turks.

       37. WELL, THE TURKS WEREN'T ENTIRELY INNOCENT EITHER. They turned around and massacred quite a few Greeks in retaliation. They lived in different communities and villages a lot of the time, but then there were half Greek and half Turkish, and it was really a mess!

       38. THE ONLY WAY IT COULD HAVE EVER BEEN SOLVED WAS BY DIVIDING THE COUNTRY BETWEEN THEM if they can't get along with each other. Just like I used to tell people in our outfit, "If you absolutely can't get along with each other, then for God's sake separate!"

       39. SO, NOW IT'S HAD ANOTHER GOOD EFFECT! The U.S., of course, has very few Turks and a lot of Greeks who have, for some reason or another, a lot of influence in Congress. [DELETED]

       40. ("THE ISRAELIS AND THE TURKS. One puzzling angle in the drive to sustain the U.S. ban on arms to Turkey has been support given the move by the Israeli lobby in Washington. Previously, Israel had stayed clear of Greek-Turkish clashes on the ground that they upset the stability of the eastern Mediterranean. Israel, however, has never forgiven Turkey for permitting Soviet flights over its territory to resupply Egypt during the 1973 war. The drive to block U.S. arms to Ankara provided a chance for retaliation."--Newsweek, 25/08/75.) Israel also fears Muslim domination of the W. Mediterranean.

       41. IT JUST SEEMED THAT THE U.S. SYMPATHY WAS ALWAYS ON THE SIDE OF THE GREEKS, whereas the British sympathy it seemed was pretty much on the side of the Turks, and they were all blaming each other during the war.

       42. THEN THE U.S. TURNED AROUND AND BLAMED TURKEY FOR IT ALL because she used American weapons, and so the U.S. halted the sale of American weapons to Turkey, even the deliveries of weapons the Turks had already paid for!

       43. --AND I GUESS YOU HEARD WHAT HAPPENED: THE TURKS CLOSED THE 27 AMERICAN BASES IN TURKEY! The American flags have been hauled down, Turkish flags put up and they are now all closed and totally under the control of the Turks! They haven't kicked all the U.S. personnel out yet, but they're in the process.

       44. THE PRESIDENT KNEW THAT IT WAS VERY BAD FOR THE U.S. because it would mean they'd lose Turkey, who was one of the last friends the U.S. had on the Mediterranean. He appealed and shoved a bill through Congress to release the embargo on arms about three or four times and every time Congress defeated it.--And this last time they defeated it again, but by only one vote this time!

       45. AFTER CONGRESS SAW THE HORRIBLE RESULTS OF WHAT THEY WERE DOING IN LOSING TURKEY, THEY GOT A FEW MORE VOTES BUT THEY WERE STILL DEFEATED by one vote in the Senate. Then they initiated it again in the House figuring if it went through enough times maybe it could muster enough votes when they began to see the consequences. But the Chairman of the House Committee who handles the introduction of the Bill was against the Bill so he just tabled it for this session. The session was then dismissed and they won't reconvene again until Fall. So Ford has practically kissed the bases goodbye. He said that's probably the end of American bases in Turkey. Thank God, good!

       46. GREECE, OF COURSE, NOW HAS THREATENED TO CLOSE THEM ALL DOWN IN GREECE ALSO and the Greeks already have a plan of evacuation of so many U.S. troops and so on from Greece. Italy's going Communist and France has for a long time been anti-U.S., but this new guy, Premier Giscard d'Estang, he's kind of pro-U.S.

       47. YOU KNOW WHAT PORTUGAL IS DOING: IT'S REALLY UNDER COMMUNIST INFLUENCE and much of its leadership is really Communist. But what they've been trying to do in Portugal is try to save face and appearances so they could stay in NATO and all that stuff, because there are a lot of sanctions against Communist nations.

       48. THEY'RE TRYING TO PUT UP THE APPEARANCE OF NOT BEING A COMMUNIST NATION and instead are trying to have a coalition government, but it's very difficult. She's going to have to use more repression now. You've read "The End of Allende" and know that you can never bring about true Socialism and thorough Communism without force and violence.

       49. GOD HIMSELF IS NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO SET UP HIS OWN KINGDOM WITHOUT VIOLENCE. He'll have to do it by force, because the Devil is never going to give up his power, and the rich are never going to give up their wealth and their power. It can never be done without force and violence.

       50. THAT WAS ALLENDE'S BIG MISTAKE, THINKING HE COULD DO IT DEMOCRATICALLY without violence and you see what happened: The other side used the violence! So it has ended the fairest way possible in Cyprus between the Turks and Greeks by dividing the Island between them.

       51. FROM ONE END OF THE MEDITERRANEAN TO THE OTHER AMERICA HAS VERY FEW FRIENDS LEFT. In fact, I heard one of the U.S. commentators on Voice of America bemoaning the fact, "We hardly have one friend left on the Mediterranean from one end to the other!"--Poor us!

       52. ABOUT THE ONLY FRIEND THE U.S. HAS LEFT ON THE MEDITERRANEAN IS ISRAEL. Syria is Communist controlled by Russia on the extreme end. The south side is all Arab and the north side is all going either Socialist or Communist. Turkey they've lost now, and they're losing Greece. They're also losing Italy who've gone Communist.

       53. I DON'T THINK THE AMERICANS TRUST TOO MUCH ANYMORE IN ITALY because the political situation is too uncertain. They haven't got any big missile sites and stuff like that in Italy because they never could trust the Italians, they were kind of in between. France has been antagonistic and definitely more friendly to the Arabs than the U.S.

       54. THE AMERICANS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO RENEGOTIATE THEIR TREATIES WITH SPAIN ABOUT THE AMERICAN BASES THERE, but Spain has been very offended at the U.S. because the U.S. has sided with Morocco on the taking over of the Spanish Sahara by Morocco, a Mafia country pretty much run by U.S. Also the U.S. has opposed Spain's attempts to take over British Gibraltar.

       55. THE MAFIA ARE RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE U.S. FLAG-WAVERS! They are the most patriotic outfit in the U.S.! Good night, yes! They are very anti-Communist! How could they ever survive in a Communist society? They have been thrown out of every Communist country that the Communists ever took over!

       56. THE COMMUNISTS IN ITALY ARE NOT IN FULL POWER YET but just wait Besides, the Italian Communist is something else.--The Italians are something else. The Italians are only Italians that's all they are!

       57. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THEY ARE, THEY'RE STILL GOING TO BE ITALIANS! It'll be Italian Communism whatever it is! But of course, once they're Communistic then, as much as they may want to stay independent and so on, like "The End of Allende" they're not going to be able to do it peacefully, and they'll have to have help. What they did in Portugal was when they got only 12% of the vote they pulled a coup, a real Communist coup, and for awhile the Communists took the lead of the Armed Forces Movement.

       58. SO SPAIN IS RENEGOTIATING WITH THE U.S. ABOUT THE U. S. BASES THERE and is very mad at the U.S. and wants them to pull out a lot of bases and close down all but two of the bases--about eight bases. Spain says the U.S. doesn't need them anymore. She is really plugging!

       59. FRANCO'S A SMART OLD BARGAINER AND HE'S REALLY PLUGGING TO GET A GOOD DEAL out of it, including a more favourable situation on the Spanish Sahara. Spain's also mad because the U.S. didn't take her side in the argument with Britain over Gibraltar.

       60. THE U.S. HAS BEEN ON THE WRONG SIDE OF SPAIN FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW, so when contracts finally come to their end Spain's pretty well fed up. So I don't know how that's worked out, I haven't heard any final news on that other than Spain is presenting a pretty hard bargain to the U.S.

       61 ALL THAT BBC CAN HARP ON ABOUT SPAIN IS THE BASQUES, the separatists up in the Pyrenees Mountains at the border of France and Spain. [DELETED] [EDITED: "The"] BBC sympathises with those Basques all the time and is always harping on the Basques and the trouble between the Basques and the Spanish like it was the biggest news there was in Europe! It's so ridiculous!

       62. OF COURSE THE JEWS HATE FRANCO BECAUSE HE STILL REFUSES TO RECOGNISE ISRAEL AND BEFRIENDS THE ARABS. You know Spain is the only Western country in the world that's refused to recognise Israel God bless Franco! And, of course, Spain is demanding Gibraltar as part of Spain and the British are in a big argument about that, so BBC wouldn't like that either.

       63. YOU CAN SEE WHERE THE NEW PORTUGUESE GOVERNMENT IS HEADED because of the General who ran over to visit Castro. He probably wanted to find out, "Now how do we do it? How did you do it? What shall we do and how did you manage to do it?"

       64. HE'S FINDING OUT YOU CAN'T LEAVE THOSE GUYS RUNNING AROUND LOOSE THAT ARE YOUR BITTER ENEMIES like Allende did. You saw what happened when the Chilean capitalists finally had a chance with the U.S. backing them. Now the U.S. fleet is playing off the coast of Portugal in "war games" and blah, blah, blah.

       65. THERE HAVE ALREADY BEEN QUITE A FEW DEMONSTRATIONS in the Portuguese islands off Portugal, Madeira and the Azores, against the new radical government. They found out some of those demonstrations were led by American Embassy employees, probably CIA, trying to persuade the Islands to break loose from the new regime in Portugal.

       66. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, FROM ONE END OF THE MEDITERRANEAN TO THE OTHER. America hasn't got a friend left on the Northern Coast and certainly the Arab Southern Coast is no friend! The U.S. is practically out of the Mediterranean except for her 6th Fleet which is prowling around.

       67. --AND MALTA: THE PRESIDENT THERE, DOM MINTOFF, STARTED TO KICK THE BRITISH COMPLETELY OUT, and he's a real good friend of Godahfi's. But he needed the money so he finally got his price for leasing navy bases to the British. I think they used to pay him five million and he hiked the price to 14 million a year for the use of their big British naval bases. Malta's the heart of the Mediterranean and home of British naval bases and controls the Central Mediterranean.

       68. MINTOFF MADE A DEAL WITH THE BRITISH THAT HE WOULD LET THEM USE THE BASES there providing that they didn't let NATO or the U.S. use 'em. NATO of course is anti-Arab and anti-Communist. That's the only purpose of NATO--the U.S. sponsored North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: To fight Communism. So Mintoff said he'd let the British use it providing they didn't use it for any U.S. or NATO purposes. So that's the situation in the Mediterranean right now--very interesting.

       69. SOUTH AMERICA'S IN A PRETTY SAD STATE WITH ALL THAT AMERICAN DOMINATION. Every time they have a new regime it almost always turns out to be a pro-American Fascist military coup and engineered by the American CIA.

       70. BUT THANK GOD VENEZUELA AND ARGENTINA ARE NOW BOTH LEADING THE ANTI-AMERICAN FORCES OF SOUTH AMERICA. Argentina has always led them before for years, but this Mrs. Peron has been kind of weak. But the Argentine Labour organisations now have such power they're about to throw her out. Brazil sad to say is pretty much dominated by the U.S.

       71. I CAN'T GET ALL THE DETAILS OF ALL THE NEWS ON THE RADIO. That's why I've got to read the paper once in a while, because BBC just hits the headlines, the big news, but with headline news you don't get what happened afterwards. Besides BBC has become so pro-[EDITED: "Israel"] and anti-Arab you can't trust their news anymore.

       72. SOME OF THESE LOCALLY PUBLISHED AMERICAN OVERSEAS PAPERS ARE VERY PRO-AMERICAN and very anti-Communist, but they're just flat out blatantly and honestly so. But the International Herald Tribune is very subtle and very, very cleverly smugly sophisticatedly pretends to strike at the happy medium when all the time they're very pro-American, anti-Communist, pro-[EDITED: "Israel"] and anti-Arab. The trouble with English papers is that they're loaded with nothing but England's troubles, she's got so many.

       73. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE POUND'S BEEN DOWN TO $2.03? I hope you don't have many Pounds! If you believe "The Crash" you better not wait! It's dropped from $2.40 in one year!--And from $5.00 in 40 years!--Ha!

       74. THE POUND DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT GOLD DOES. Gold goes down one step and up two, down one and up two.--The Pound goes down two and up one, down two and up one, so that the Pound is down to $2.03, the lowest it's ever been in history!

       75. JUST THINK, WHEN I WAS A BOY A POUND WAS WORTH FIVE DOLLARS. I can remember that vividly because one of my dear lady friends that liked me when I was a boy about 17 or 18 or so sent me a Pound note and I went to the bank to cash it and I got five dollars and a few cents! Think how bad it is now!

       76. DOLLARS ARE UP NOW: THAT'S GOOD FOR US FOR AWHILE. But really it's not too amazing: Because of the terrific depression of the Pound a lot of investors are fleeing to the Dollar.

       77. THERE WAS A TIME WHEN THE POUND WAS STRONGER THAN THE DOLLAR while we were all in Britain and until they rejected our message and rejected us. They have been on the skids ever since, ever since we left God has virtually left them and they are headed for bankruptcy. Britain is going down, down, down!

       78. THEY REALLY HAD A STOCK MARKET CRASH. In only a few weeks last year the stock market of Britain went down from the upper 400s down into the 100s! Now that's a crash, really! It just didn't happen to do it in one day. It took about two or three months to do it, but what's the difference?

       79. CAN YOU IMAGINE? THE STOCK MARKET OF LONDON LOST ABOUT THREE-FOURTHS OF ITS VALUE!--From the 400s to the 100s. Now it's back up in the upper 200s, but that's still a long way from where it used to be. Britain is in bad shape.

       80. IT'S AMAZING HOW PEOPLE LISTEN TO THE PEACE PROPHETS: FORD AND KISSINGER come out with big reassuring statements that the American economy is great now and things are going up and things are going to be better, and so all of sudden the Dollar starts shooting up!

       81. PEOPLE BELIEVE THEM UNTIL THE NEXT ACTUAL STATISTICAL REPORT COMES OUT. Then it takes another nosedive because the reports completely contradict what the President and all these guys have been prophesying to try to jack up the economy.

       82. THEY'RE LIARS, JUST PLAIN LIARS, DELIBERATELY DOING IT TO TRY TO BOOST THE ECONOMY when the statistics are just the opposite. This happens to be one of those periods in between statistics and plentiful with peace prophets apparently. So the dollar's booming again and up a little. Well, let's face it, it's really only up a little in comparison with European currency and that's not saying all that much!--Particularly compared to the fall of the Pound.

       83. THE VERY FACT THAT GOLD IS BEGINNING TO CLIMB AGAIN SHOWS THAT PEOPLE AGAIN ARE UNCERTAIN, and they always flee to gold whenever they're worried about the economy. Praise the Lord!

       84. THINGS ARE AS BAD OFF AS EVER, ONLY PEOPLE JUST WAKE UP FOR A FEW MINUTES you know, and say, "Terrible!" Then a lot of Government officials start saying, "Don't worry, don't worry! Everything's going to be all right. Go back to sleep!"--And then they all go back to sleep again!

       85. UGANDA'S IDI AMIN'S BEEN THE BIG NEWS, and I wouldn't be bit surprised that he may become the Black Muslim leader of Black Africa. He's a Black Muslim, and a very good friend of Godahfi.

       86. I CAN REMEMBER WHEN ONLY ARAB AFRICA WAS MUSLIM. When I was in my teens I remember hearing missionaries speak who came back from Africa and said the Arabs of North Africa were training 20,000 Black Muslim missionaries per year and sending them back into Black Africa where they were converting the Blacks by the tens of thousands--and now you have it: Black Muslim Africa!

       87. SUDAN IS ABOUT HALF BLACK MUSLIM and part Black Christian. They're Arab in North Sudan and black in the South. A lot of those black African countries are now Muslim. And now Nigeria, the next richest country in all of Africa, which was led by a black Christian president, is now led by this new Black Muslim!

       88. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SOME LESSONS ON ISLAM COMING OUT SOON, God willing. Islam is a more broadminded religion than almost any other religion in the world. Of the three major religions it is the most broadminded.

       89. CHRISTIANITY WILL TOLERATE NEITHER JUDAISM NOR ISLAM. (Don't call it Mohammedanism, that's an insult.) Christianity will tolerate neither of the others and Judaism will tolerate neither of the others, but Islam tolerates both Christianity and Judaism and says that it believes in their Bible and the prophets of the others.

       90. GODAHFI SAID THIS TO [EDITED: "SOME CHRISTIANS"], "You know we have the most lenient broadminded and tolerant religion in the world. We believe in your prophets and your Bible, but your people won't believe in ours."

       91. SO ANYWAY, THEY ARE VERY VERY ACTIVE, MISSIONARY-MINDED AND ZEALOUS, a lot of them, and they've been converting the black nations right and left. So with the Northern Arabic nations united with the black Muslim nations, that will be a terrific combination, neither of them liking the Jews--which means not only Israel but England and America--they hate them all!

       92. THIS GUY IDI BIDI REALLY HAS PERSONALITY! He's really got charm and winsome appeal and is funny and humourous and very smart, very clever. He is a ham! He really cuts up and acts up on TV. He's a scream!

       93. HE LOVES THE SCOTCH HIGHLANDERS AND THEIR BANDS, those big husky highlanders marching along. So he hired a bunch of them at high salaries. A lot of them didn't want to go to work for him, of course, but he paid them fantastic salaries so he would have a whole Scotch Highlander band to march in his parades!

       94. WHEN HE VISITED GODAHFI HE TOOK SEVERAL OF HIS WIVES AND CHILDREN along with him. They were right there with him, and some of them were very nice-looking young black girls, beautiful!


       96. BUT IDI BIDI (HE'S ABOUT SEVEN FEET TALL!--A GIANT!) HAS REAL APPEAL! He's just the kind of a crazy guy that could unite black Africa in a Muslim anti-Israel crusade! They called Hitler crazy too, but look what he did! He nearly conquered Europe!--And would have if the U.S. hadn't intervened!

       97. THE PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE A LEADER. They've got to have some kind of a figurehead, somebody to follow, and he's the only really strong leader that's providing real strong leadership for all of Black Africa, and I believe they'll very likely follow him.

       98. HE'S JUST THE KIND WHO MAKERS A REAL DICTATOR and has the appeal to get people to follow. And he's got causes to fight: The Muslim cause and the Black cause both! So that's about what you need to be a dictator.

       99. HE COULD EVEN SPEAK FOR THE ARABS TOO AS A MUSLIM! But he doesn't have to speak for them. Godahfi can speak for them. He just speaks with them as very good friends because he's a Muslim, especially now with all these Muslim leaders taking over down there, both Blacks and Arabs.

       100. I THINK HE'S SPIRIT-LED BY SOME PRETTY POWERFUL SPIRITS! The Lord is no doubt preparing the way. He talked to the reporters about how God showed him what to do. They said, "Why did you do this?" and he said, "God told me to do it.--In fact two months before I had a dream about it, and then God just told me!"

       101. THERE ARE GOING TO BE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE HIM, and who knows?--Maybe God did! He's a giant of a man! He's just crazy enough and funny enough and smart enough that I wouldn't be a bit surprised that he may turn out to be the leader of all Black Africa along with the Arabs.

       102. AMERICA'S BEEN DRIVING PREMIER INDIRA GANDHI OF INDIA INTO THE ARMS OF THE COMMUNISTS FOR YEARS just because she tried to be neutral and strike a middle of the road. There is no "Third World" as far as America is concerned: The Third World is fiction! The Third World are a bunch of little would-be Communists ready to follow the Communist line, according to U.S. opinion.

       103. BUT THERE ARE NO NEUTRALS AND THEY ARE NOT REALLY IN THE MIDDLE: they're actually all pro-socialist, socialistic or pro-Communist. So America doesn't go much for the Third World at all. She pays a little lip service to it but not much, and only for the sake of world opinion.

       104. WELL, INDIRA GANDHI WAS TRYING TO REALLY BE INDEPENDENT OF BOTH Russian Communism and American and British capitalism. But, of course, America has constantly taken a very antagonistic stance against India and constantly accused them of being pro-Communist and pro-Russian, just like they did with Castro's Cuba. And if you keep pushing them into the arms of the communists they finally have to do it. So that's about the way she's had to go now. These smaller, weaker nations have to have big, powerful friends to survive!

       105. SHE'S TAKEN OVER FIRM CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT and had to use repressive measures to put down the opposition plots she claims were being stirred up by the CIA to overthrow her--and I wouldn't be surprised if they were! Mrs. Gandhi is of course now turning more and more to Russia for help because she's getting more and more static from the U.S. and Britain.

       106. ONE BRITISH COMMENTATOR FROM INDIA SAID THINGS ARE RUNNING BETTER IN INDIA SINCE MRS. GANDHI HAS REALLY TAKEN OVER than they have for 20 years, in other words with a strong hand and a strong dictatorial government. Whenever you have a rebellious, lawless people they have to have a strong Government.

       107. CASTRO JUST GAVE McGOVERN A REPORT OF 27 ATTEMPTS ON HIS LIFE ENGINEERED BY THE CIA, but the CIA didn't want to confess all of them of course, so finally confessed a possibility of only one attempt.--Ha! They even worked with the Mafia on those attempts!--The Mafia is of course as I said very patriotically anti-Communist.--Ha!

       108. LET'S FACE IT, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND THE MAFIA ARE NOW ONE AND THE SAME! Nixon was a Mafia man, he was put in by the Mafia. J. Edgar Hoover ten years ago said, "If we don't do something about the Mafia very soon they are going to take over the U.S. Government!"--and now they have!

       109. THEY'VE HAD THE BRAINS TO RUN INTERNATIONAL GANGSTERISM AND SYNDICATED CRIME FOR YEARS and years. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey began in Sicily. The funny thing about it is the Sicilians speak a form of Gaelic which is the language of Ireland. [DELETED]


       112. IN 1954 I READ A REPORT BY KHRUSHCHEV OF THEIR PLANS FOR CONQUERING THE WORLD. This was one of the speeches that Vladimir Syrensky wanted me to be sure and read and gave me a stack of them for our students when I went to the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., years ago.

       113. THEY WERE OPEN ABOUT IT, "HOW WE PLAN TO REALLY TAKE OVER THE WORLD." Not by force--they don't have to--but by what they called "encirclement." And the whole idea, the whole plan was that they would little by little ideologically conquer country after country just by propaganda, which they have done.

       114. THE RUSSIANS THEMSELVES HAVEN'T HAD TO USE FORCE MUCH AT ALL. They just encourage the local rebels and the local revolutionists to overthrow their governments and take over and form a Communist or pro-Communist government.

       115. IN 1954 THEY SAID THAT WITHIN 20 YEARS THEY WILL HAVE ISOLATED AMERICA AND WESTERN CAPITALISM so much that most of the world will be either Communist, pro-Communist or socialist and anti-capitalist, anti-Western. They said within 20 years America will no longer be able to stand alone. She'll be surrounded and she will not be able to stand, that's just exactly where they are now, exactly 21 years later!

       116. THE ONLY FRIENDS AMERICA'S GOT LEFT IN EUROPE ARE ENGLAND, W. GERMANY AND THE NETHERLANDS. [DELETED] I mean that's the only real friends they've got left! All the other countries couldn't care less or are actually openly antagonistic or unfriendly. They just plain resent America and her trying to dominate them, and are disgusted with all the recent exposes of U.S. corruption and bribery and CIA activities and so on. America has totally disillusioned the whole world until they are fed up!

       117. SO THE RUSSIANS HAVE FINALLY DONE WHAT THEY PLANNED TO DO. They said, "We're going to win the world by just completely surrounding America so she'll be left alone, standing alone!" It's just been 21 years and they've done it!

       118. HOW CAN THE WESTERN WORLD STAND MUCH LONGER? The only thing it can do now is fight and probably bring about the most disastrous war the world's ever known!--And that's probably what they'll do, because the rich always die fighting! They never give up their riches willingly, just like England.

       119. ALL THE REALLY GREAT STRONG BRITONS WHO HAD ANY FIGHT LEFT IN 'EM ARE ALL DEAD! All they've got left is a bunch of disillusioned youth and indignant labourers and a few rich people.

       120. BRITAIN'S A GOOD EXAMPLE OF HOW THE RICH USE FALSE HYPOCRITICAL SOCIALISM AS A COVER sometimes and try to bring it about their own way to protect themselves. In spite of all Britain's socialism, still one half of Britain's wealth is owned by only 5% of the people!--And three-fourths by 10%!

       121. JAPAN IS GOING MORE LEFT NOW. Japan has been totally dominated by the United States since the war. They're not even allowed to have their own army. They can hardly even have a national police force, nothing!--Just a small-armed civil defense corps of some kind.

       122. JAPAN HAS BEEN TOTALLY DOMINATED BY THE U.S., BUT THIS OIL CRISIS HAS BEGUN TO JERK THE RUG OUT from under the U.S. in Japan, because what has the U.S. got to offer Japan to keep her alive?--Not enough oil! The U.S. doesn't have enough oil for herself, much less for Japan. The Japanese are smart people, so right away they rushed down and started making pacts and agreements with the Arabs!--Ha!

       123. THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO LET THE AMERICANS BRING THE VIETNAMESE REFUGEES to the Philippines because they're trying to get on good terms with the Chinese. I mean, everybody's turned against America!--Who wouldn't if they've got their eyes open?

       124. THEY'RE SICK OF AMERICA AND HER WARS like Vietnam! America's been exposed, America's been discredited, America has been shown to be corrupt and crooked and cruel and horrible in every way. So the whole world's got its eyes open and virtually the whole world is now anti-American!

       125. EVEN BRITAIN'S BEEN CRITICAL OF AMERICA. But when it came to the showdown, we gave Britain her chance to make a decision and she decided, because she was pro-[EDITED: "Israel"], against the Arabs and pro-American. So she'll probably go down with the U.S., especially with all those missile bases there around London!

       126. AUSTRALIA IS VYING FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF THE THIRD WORLD. She is very anti-American now with a very liberal pro-Labour government--very friendly to us down there by the way, several officials of the government are very friendly. You saw some of those pictures in the NNN? I wonder what his wife did when he got that picture home!--I notice our dear little flirty fish was rubbing [DELETED] up against his arm while she was getting her picture taken with him!--He could hardly resist! We've got irresistible love power! Hallelujah!

       127. THE AUSSIES ARE VERY ANTI-BRITISH NOW. They practically disowned the Queen and they've abrogated most of their ties with Britain. They've now severed virtually all official direct connections with the British Empire and are only remaining in the Commonwealth.

       128. WHEN WHITLAM WENT TO ENGLAND HE TOLD THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT OFF. They were accusing him of no longer being loyal to the Commonwealth and the Queen, blah, blah. So he said, "We love the Queen, but we just don't intend to have her running Australia, that's all!"--Or words to that effect.

       129. THE CHINESE ARE VERY SMART PEOPLE! Anybody that can lead 800 million people must be quite a leader. Anybody who can unite the whole country and bring peace and prosperity and purity to the country and reconstruction and keep everybody busy and nearly everybody happy, has to be some kind of a genius!

       130. THEY'RE LIKE THE JAPANESE, VERY DILIGENT, HARD-WORKING, CLEVER, VERY SMART AND APPARENTLY MAO IS THAT GENIUS. He was trained and grew up in a missionary school, Christian missionaries gave him his education, so he probably got a lot of good ideas from the Bible and so on. A lot of people believe the ethics and ideals of the Bible, and if they practice them they work, so he's really done pretty good.

       131. THE SPANISH ARE SO INDEPENDENT! Nearly every Spaniard feels so totally independent of every other Spaniard that they can't get along very well with each other or anybody without a dictatorship to control them and make them work together and live together! Otherwise there would be total chaos, like in Portugal!

       132. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT A GUY LIKE FRANCO. Spain is the most Christian country in the world today and all her schools are Christian schools and the people are the happiest with the happiest music!

       133. FRANCO HAS BROUGHT MORE PEACE, PROSPERITY AND SECURITY to Spain than she had for generations! He kept her out of World War II, tightened her security and strengthened her economy.

       134. SO THAT NOW SHE HAS ONE OF THE STRONGEST CURRENCIES IN ALL EUROPE and one of the most stable governments! Her people are happy prosperous, peaceful, secure and Christian!

       135. GOD MUST LOVE FRANCO AND THE SPANISH! God has given him a 40-year reign of peace, plenty, love, security, righteousness and contentment for all!

       136. --[EDITED: "THE"] COMMUNISTS HATE HIM! They're the ones who stir up the jealous world against him! The [EDITED: "Israelis"] strafe and dive bomb whole villages of innocent Palestinian woman and children refugees condemning them as "terrorists" because the Arabs want their homes back. Then [EDITED: "they and their supporters"] lead the world to condemn Franco because he executes 5 real terrorists who shot innocent people in the back in cold blood!

       137. AFTER ALL, GOVERNMENTS OF THIS WORLD HAVE TO BE BY FORCE because that's all the worldly people understand--force! There is no such thing as a pacifist peaceful non-violent government.--There can't be in this world! There is no such thing, because you cannot rule the worldly with out force!

       138. YOU CANNOT RULE THE VIOLENT WITHOUT VIOLENCE!--That's the only thing they understand: Force! So some have to have dictatorships. Especially the worse the people are, the harder the kind of a government they have to have, the more repressive and the more dictatorial it has to be.

       139. THE MORE THE PEOPLE ARE LIKE CRIMINALS, THE MORE YOU HAVE TO PUT THEM IN A GOVERNMENT THAT'S LIKE A JAIL! So the wicked people get a tough government. They have to have a strong government that can control them, and that's what they get.

       140. SO PRAISE THE LORD, EVERYTHING'S WORKING OUT ACCORDING TO GOD'S PLAN. The whole world is going that way, and it'll all wind up with the Antichrist government of course. I believe when the showdown comes that the Lord will show us what to do.

       141. I HAD ANOTHER DREAM THE OTHER NIGHT that we were going further and further South and further and further East and further and further Left, because that's the only way we can possibly survive because the center of the new world government is going to be further South and East--Southern and Eastern nations--like the Orientals, Arabs and Africa--and further Left!

       142. NO LONGER IS THE NORTH AND WEST GOING TO RULE, but the South and the East are going to rule and it's going to be toward the Left. So, praise the Lord, that's the way we were going in "The Crash" in the toboggan that's the way we were going in the dreams I have had lately, both the "Strange Truths" dream and "The Holocaust" dream and in "The Deluge" dream.

       143. IN ALL THOSE THERE WERE DIRECTIONS, and I have found that in everyone of those dreams, every single little detail has special significance including the directions. So, praise the Lord, that's exactly where we're going! We're going Eastward, and as you travel Southward that's Leftward! Even our folks from the United States who are going Westward across the Pacific are actually going to the Oriental East and Southward!

       144. GODAHFI'S TRYING NOT TO BE A DICTATOR, BUT HE CAN'T HELP IT. After all, every government has to rule the country with guns. But he's trying to make his, like I am trying to make mine, as democratic as possible.

       145. JUST LIKE WITH HIM, OUR OUTFIT IS DEMOCRATIC unless you do something that I don't like. Then I'll probably overrule you to keep you from making a mistake--sort of like a constitutional monarchy with a balance of power. Even the President of the United States can veto things for protective measures.

       146. SO GODAHFI'S TRYING TO RUN THE COUNTRY AS DEMOCRATICALLY AS HE CAN. He's trying to get the people to participate more, but it's difficult to get people to participate and take responsibility. Dumb sheep don't like to take responsibility. They just like to be led and told what to do.

       147. MOST PEOPLE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, DO NOT REALLY, HONESTLY PREFER DEMOCRACY because it mans they have to have responsibility. They have to make decisions. They have to carry a load or share the load, and they would rather you do it, they'd rather the leaders would do it.

       148. THAT'S WHERE "THE NEW REVOLUTION" HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! We just threw it out and made everybody take the responsibility! We tossed it in their laps so that all the people who were griping about this or that would have the responsibility for change and action! Most people don't want responsibility. They'd rather have you tell them what to do.

       149. TOO OFTEN NEWSPAPER REPORTERS WOULD WRITE IN THEIR REPORTS that one of the appeals of our outfit was that they could move into one of our Colonies and from then on they didn't have to make any decisions or have any responsibility, they'd just be told what to do. I'm sorry to say that probably in some of our Colonies it was possibly true!

       150. BUT WE'RE TRYING TO GET RID OF THAT SITUATION so the people will take responsibility for them selves instead of calling somebody else half way around the world and asking them what to do!

       151. BUT A DICTATORSHIP IS THE MOST EFFICIENT FORM OF GOVERNMENT, the most effective and the strongest--the governments of iron, as the Bible symbolises them. The Bible typifies democratic governments by the people as weak brittle crumbling clay! They're not strong, so they can't stand for long. They almost always finally wind up with a dictatorship.

       152. NEARLY EVERY MAJOR DEMOCRACY HAS FINALLY WOUND UP A DICTATORSHIP! I think probably Britain has lasted longer now than almost any democratic country. Switzerland and Sweden have lasted a long time too, mostly because those countries have stayed out of all the wars!

       153. ANY COUNTRY THAT REFUSES TO PARTICIPATE IN A WAR IS BOUND TO PROSPER because most countries spend from half to two-thirds their total economy on war, paying for past wars, present wars and future wars! So they have to waste most of their money on wars and it's a terrible burden on the people.

       154. COUNTRIES THAT CAN SPEND ALL OF THEIR INCOME FOR NOTHING BUT THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE and industry and growth and agriculture and so on, are bound to prosper because they don't have to waste all their money on war. So I think that's one reason Switzerland a Sweden have prospered: They have insisted on staying neutral and out of the wars. Of course America cursed them out for it in both wars because they stayed neutral.

       155. BUT LOOK HOW THE U.S. IS SUFFERING NOW for all her brutal ruthless atrocious ruinous wars!--And her next one will probably be her downfall and ruin!--Thank God! He's got to put an end to the most death-dealing, destructive war-mongering, wasteful and extravagant nation the world has ever known!--Babylon the Great Whore and Mother of Harlots of Revelation 17 and 18!

       156. THANK GOD HE IS SOON TO DELIVER US FROM ALL THIS "GREAT CONFUSION" as He calls it!--And He calls the U.S. the Mother of Confusion! May God soon deliver the Earth from "them that destroy the earth" with all their wars and waste and wanton destruction and pollution! Praise God!

       157. THEN THERE'LL BE "A NEW EARTH wherein dwelleth righteousness!" Thank God!--A New World of peace and plenty and love and happiness for all who follow Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords over all!--Amen!

       158. ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF CHRIST'S KINGDOM ON EARTH NOW? Will you rule and reign with Him when He returns soon to rescue His own?--If not, receive Him now as your own Saviour!--He'll give you peace of mind and satisfaction of heart and love and happiness here and now--and Heaven too!

       159. WRITE US TODAY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE about how to join God's Kingdom now and enjoy heavenly love and fellowship here in our hundreds of loving Colonies in scores of nations around the Globe! Don't delay! Write today! Tomorrow may be too late!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family