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"THE UNEAGER BEAVER"--MO       October 14, 1975       DO--NO.352

Copyrighted October 1975 by The Children of God

       1. ONCE UPON A TIME I was talking with a man who didn't believe in Hell. I said, "What about the 16th Chapter of Luke, where Jesus tells of a rich man in Hell and a poor man in Heaven?"

       2. "OH," HE SAID, "THAT'S NOT A TRUE STORY, THAT'S JUST A PARABLE!" I said, "You mean to tell me that Jesus would tell stories that weren't true? I believe every single parable He ever told was a true incident that actually happened somewhere sometime, that He used as an illustration." He just sat there kind of speechless.

       3. I SAID, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME JESUS WOULD TELL LIES?" A little stunned and confused, he replied, "Well, He was just, you know, illustrating the thought, the idea he wanted to get across." I said, "Well, it was a pretty vivid illustration, if so!" But he said, "Oh, that wasn't really true.--It was just a parable!" But I said, "You mean to tell me all those parables Jesus told were lies?"

       4. THAT'S WHAT GETS ME ABOUT THIS CHILD'S STORY IN "FAMILY NEWS": IT'S AN OUTRIGHT LIE! It never happened! She just dreamed this up somehow or other, got it somewhere. I don't know where she got this wild tale! Who did you say she was?--One of the top dancers in the Paris show group? That may explain a lot! The last I heard, they don't read many MO Letters in Paris! Poor girl!

       5. THE WORST THING IS WHAT WE DISCOVERED TODAY--we got an approval of a 20-page colourbook of the same stupid story with big half-page and full-page sketches on nearly every page, a total of 18 sketches in a 20-page colourbook, 18 big elaborate sketches, and guess what the title was?

       6. "SQUEEZE DON'T JERK!" I thought, "Oh, that's nice! They've made a nice colourbook out of my "Squeeze, Don't Jerk!" I wonder how they illustrated it, I wonder what they did!"--And you know what it turned out to be?--The exact same stupid idiotic story!--Every word of it! Here it is: Quote "Moses David's Squeeze Don't Jerk".

       7. --BUT IT'S NOT MINE!--I never saw the God-damned thing before I saw it in the "Family News"! Now we know what somebody's been up to down in Rome while Rachel's away!

       8. WELL, SHE MIGHT BE A REALLY SWEET GIRL and write beautiful poetry, but this little story...!--What's wrong with her? Why do you suppose she'd ever cook up a story like this? If she'd said, "I dreamed this" or "I had a vision" or "God gave me this" or something, I might have given it a second thought, although I would have wondered about it!

       9. WHY WOULD ANY BEAVER be wandering through the forest wondering what to call himself when he's already an "eager beaver" named by Adam? Everybody knows what beavers are like! It's not even realistic! Everybody knows what the traits of beavers are. They don't have to worry about what to do or call themselves. They're already busy eager beavers!

       10. IT'S A RIDICULOUS STORY!--Yet now they want to include it as one of the "MO Letter" Colourbooks! I never saw the damn thing before until I saw it in the "Family News" and I was sick and disgusted with it then!--To think they wasted two whole pages of the precious space in "Family News" on that stupid idiotic story!

       11. IT'S GOT SOME GOOD LITTLE ILLUSTRATIONS and some meaning to it, but it comes out where he finally chooses the name "Moderation"! Well, listen, I've never seen a beaver yet that knew any moderation!--They just work like Turks!

       12. THEY WERE BUSY ALL NIGHT SAWING DOWN THE TREES in a park we stayed in in the States, trees this big around! We got up the next morning and some of the big trees in the camp were all sawed down because the beavers were trying to build a dam, and the park rangers were real mad about it! They were putting chicken wire around the bases and stumps of the trees to keep the beavers from cutting them down!

       13. BEAVERS WORK LIKE MAD! That's where they got the name "Eager Beaver". Imagine!--The story starts out with this lazy beaver wandering through the woods wondering what to call himself!--Well, for God's sake, no beaver in his right mind would've been wandering around with nothing to do in the first place!--And, for God's sake, Adam already called him a Beaver! I wonder if they ever read "Naming the Baby"? And the moral of "Squeeze, Don't Jerk" is not exactly moderation.

       14. WHAT'S THE MORAL OF MY "SQUEEZE, DON'T JERK?--GO SLOW! Well most people wouldn't say driving slow was normal, moderate driving. I wonder whose idea it was to call this stupid story, "Squeeze Don't Jerk"?--And then they had the nerve to label it on the front of this damned colourbook, "Moses David's Squeeze Don't Jerk" Colourbook! I'll have to say for her, she did not once say throughout the whole story anything about "Squeeze Don't Jerk"! She evidently wasn't attempting to make it have any connection. It wasn't her fault!

       15. AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO COMMISSIONED ZEBULON GEPPETTO to make these 18 sketches? We have hardly any other colourbook in the whole Revolution that big!--But now he's wasted all this precious time and talent on this idiotic stupid untrue story! Rachel's been away--and when the leader is away, the Devil always tries to slip in!

       16. THIS JUST MAKES ME FURIOUS! As much as we need colourbooks for children, and as many Letters as there are that they could simplify and illustrate that would be fascinating to kids that are true, the Word of God, God's message, and instead they take this stupid idiotic story and spend all that time--it must have taken him a month to make all those sketches!

       17. --AND HERE NOW THEY SEND IT TO ME IN FINAL APPROVAL FORM before I ever even heard about it! But the story in the "Family News" has already been printed and sent out, and I'm sure everybody in the Revolution's probably already read that stupid story to their children!

       18. THE HORRIBLE HORROR OF IT IS, IT'S LIKE TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT SANTA CLAUS!--Then you start teaching them about Jesus and they think, "Oh, this is another stupid idiotic fairy tale like that one you told me about Santa Claus!" Why, the whole idea is just like the Devil slipping in to give the impression that all these Letters and colourbooks that we have and all these stories we've told are just fantasies!

       19. WHY, THIS STORY IS JUST A FANTASY, somebody's imagination, and not even a very good one at that! Thank God at least they didn't have the nerve to put my name on this one in the "Family News", but they don't have any name at the top and everyone will assume of course that it belongs to me since they used my title. They're going to think I wrote this idiotic story!

       20. THE EVIL MAGICIAN IS STILL AT WORK in Alice's Magic Garden sowing those God-damned evil weeds, and some of the same people are involved! If they are so unspiritual and lacking in discernment as to put a thing like this in the "Family News" and to also have poor Zeb work a whole month illustrating this silly book and their staff wasting precious time making this thing, I don't think they ought to be Editors any more!

       21. I'M JUST FURIOUS! Except for a few items that whole issue of "Family News" was nearly nothing!--And the spaghetti recipe! We don't want to encourage our children to eat starchy, unnutritious spaghetti if we can help it!

       22. AND I READ THAT RECIPE FOR THAT PLAY-DOUGH and I didn't know whether you were supposed to cook it or eat it or what! I kept on reading down here and trying to find out when you put it in the oven! It would probably smell good and look like something to eat and probably the little kids'll eat it! Why not?--In this picture of this little girl above the recipe she's licking her lips!--She is!

       23. THEN THEY TOLD ABOUT HOW TO MIX IT, and then you make little forms such as bears, fish, etc.--I used to do this when I was a little kid when we made cookies--bears, fish, butterflies, etc., shaping them and decorating the dough with coloured beads--I thought maybe they meant those little coloured candies we used to put on them, but it also says sequins, buttons, etc.!

       24. THOSE WOULDN'T BE SO GOOD FOR OUR KIDS TO EAT! Wow!--And after all that good food in it and you don't even cook it! But my Lord!--They're not going to eat that, are they, full of sequins and buttons and paint! Even if they're not made for eating, you know little kids'll try to eat 'em anyway, and that's dangerous with sequins, buttons, beads, etc.!

       25. PEOPLE WILL REPRINT THIS ALL OVER the world and they'll think I wrote it! Look, it says, "Moses David's Squeeze Don't Jerk, A Children's Story"! They'll think I wrote it. "Adapted by Jeshanah Kid". But when you adapt a story you don't change it that much! Yet this doesn't even resemble the original! It's a whole new story and not mine at all! Yet they'll still think this story is mine, basically.

       26. I WAS A LITTLE WORRIED AT FIRST ABOUT HOW THEY DID THE COLOURBOOK ADAPTATION OF "THE SPIDER", BUT IT'S BEAUTIFUL AND TELLS EXACTLY THE SAME STORY! What are you going to do?--You've got to simplify the story and condense it for kids, so they had to do it somehow. So Saffron did, and she did a very good job of it, if you've seen the beautiful new colourbook they made in Rome of "The Spider", and Barkos' illustrations are fantasies! It took 'em seven whole months from the time I approved it until they printed it just now! Just remember that after approval nothing is supposed to be changed. But on the inside of the title page with the copyright, you said "us guys".--And I don't remember that "us guys"! Isn't that kinda hippie for the Bookfair and Systemite public?

       27. WELL, A TOAST TO THE TRUTH! I just plainly wrote on that colourbook, "I don't like lies! I don't like fiction!" I tell you some jokes sometimes to illustrate a point, but I make it obvious to you it's only a joke.

       28. LIKE A SICK JOKE I HEARD THE OTHER DAY: The poor guy woke up from the anesthesia after having his leg amputated and the doctor said, "Well, I have some good news for you, but I also have some bad news! "Well," the poor fellow said, "please tell me the worst news first, and then give me the good news afterward!" So the Doctor said, "Well, we cut off the wrong leg!--But, here's the good news!--We won't have to cut off the other one after all!"--In other words, he didn't have to lose any legs at all! That's the medical system for you! But for God's sake, please don't edit my Letters like that!

       29. WHO HAD THE NERVE TO USE MY TITLE FOR THIS SILLY STORY? It wasn't even my leg! Jeshanah Kid--Who is she? And Zebulon Geppetto, why isn't he doing children's versions of MO Letters?

       30. ARE WE PUBLISHING GOD'S WORD AND THE TRUTH AND TRUE STORIES OR "FOOLISH FABLES"? At least mine are actual dreams or revelations from the Lord or personal experiences. I don't write fairy tales or false fables or fictional imaginations! I don't care if your story is cute and had a moral, I don't like it if it just isn't true! I just don't believe in not telling the truth, that's all there is to it!

       31. --AND WHO TRIED TO PASS IT OFF AS A "MO LETTER"?--I do not approve! Well, I believe someone is going to lose their job over this one! If they're that unspiritual they shouldn't be Editors of "Family News" or our children's books!--And who wasted two whole pages in "Family News" that could have been better used for something more inspirational?

       32. "THIS IS SOMEONE ELSE'S LATEST", I PUT A NOTE HERE, "NOT MINE!" They said, "Please send this to Dad for his approval". I said, "Never!" (I'm reading you my notes:) "Rachel would never have approved of this!--Who's behind all this wasted effort?--They've exceeded their authority!"

       33. WHO GAVE THEM THE AUTHORITY TO ASSIGN OUR ARTIST TO SUCH A MAJOR PROJECT? What a waste of time and effort with so much else to do! Here I am begging the artists to take their precious time to illustrate and make children's books, and they take something that's never been ours, an idiotic story, and waste all this time on something we can't even publish!

       34. IT'S NOT EVEN SMART and it actually contradicts what I've just written: Adam already named the animals, so it contradicts the Bible!--And no beaver ever wandered through the forest wondering what to call himself! Even beavers are smarter than that! They know what they're supposed to be! They know they're beavers!

       35. IT'S CERTAINLY NOT A MO LETTER!--Whose idea was this? Please let's not teach our children lies even if they have good morals! If you think I'm writing figments of my imagination you're mistaken! I must confess some of them sometimes sound crazy and idiotic, but I never dreamed them up! God gave them and they have real meaning!

       36. YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THE HALF OF IT YET! We have so many more to give you!--And so many of them are very very significant! They are directional dreams that the Lord has given for direction that our kids need right now!

       37. HOW COULD ANYONE TAKE A STORY LIKE THAT AND CLASS IT RIGHT ALONG WITH THE MO LETTERS, just like it was a MO Letter? It's like saying, "This is what the MO Letters amount to!" Is this what they think of MO Letters? Don't they know the difference? Can't even those Editors tell the difference? How could they put that under "Moses David's Squeeze Don't Jerk"--it hasn't got one word of mine in it, not a word! It certainly hasn't got any quotes!--It just horrifies me!--And I'll tell you another thing:

       38. YOU'VE GOT TO WATCH OUT ABOUT USING THINGS LIKE THIS! What if she heard that story somewhere or read it in a reader when she was in school or something and then you go writing it out and putting it in print like it was mine?--You can get in real trouble if somebody already wrote that story! It's called "Plagiarism"! Sounds like some typical idiotic story we used to have in our school readers!

       39. I AM UPSET ABOUT THIS. I can't understand how people would even think of doing a major project like this without asking. I was upset enough about the story in "Family News", but when I got this today I was furious that they were now making it a big major project, the second largest colourbook we've ever produced with more illustrations than we've got in the little MO Letter Colourbooks!

       40. I WOULDN'T EVEN LET EMAN PUT THAT MANY ILLUSTRATIONS IN THE MO COLOUR BOOKS because it would make them too long and expensive to produce. I thought we were stretching it when we went to 16 pages, which is easy to print. But 20 pages is an odd number that's difficult and expensive. I'll tell you, that really gets my goat!

       41. THEY MIGHT AS WELL SLAP ME IN THE FACE AND SPIT ON THE MO LETTERS! That is contempt, absolute contempt for the Word of God, to put that up alongside the MO Letters the Lord has given as though that was equal to them, and putting it under my name besides! I mean that is horrible!

       42. I'M JEALOUS OF THE WORDS OF GOD! I'm telling you, some heads are gonna roll over this thing! You don't suppose they'd try to go ahead and push through that publication without approval, do you?--They've gone this far! Rachel and Emanuele had better get back.

       43. YOU SEE, WHAT SOME PEOPLE DON'T REALISE IS THAT OUR PUBLICATIONS ARE REALLY OUR MOST IMPORTANT MINISTRY, getting out the Word. Though the organisation of Italy and its whole organisational structure were left in the good hands of Timothy Concerned, if the publications were left in bad hands, they can do us more damage that way than any way, like putting something like that under my name!

       44. IMAGINE THE NERVE!--Who in the hell would have the nerve to do a trick like that! Zeb Geppetto's art is great, but isn't that pitiful: Look at all these sketches he wasted on this totally untrue story that is not a MO Letter, nothing God has given, and a ridiculous story at that! I mean, it doesn't even make good sense!--And yet someone's had him go that far on it and he's done the whole thing!

       45. IF THOSE EDITORS HAD ANY DISCERNMENT AT ALL, THEY'D KNOW THAT'S NOT THE KIND OF STUFF WE WANT! Deb's got all that other good stuff, those gorgeous sketches on childbirth! We could have the best book on pregnancy and birth that I have ever seen! They are the most beautiful sketches, the best work that Barkos has ever done, realistic sketches of various stages of pregnancy with thorough explanations of everything, diagrams, pictures, sketches, everything! It's terrific!

       46. DEB'S GOT A WHOLE BOOK OF BRILLIANT MATERIAL AND HAS NEVER YET PUBLISHED IT! It's been done for months! I told her, "Deb, this is wonderful! Why don't you get this in print?" Then out comes this stupid idiotic lie totally illustrated!

       47. BELOVED, IS THAT WHAT MY LETTERS SOUND LIKE TO YOU?--I mean, even "Bye Bye Birdie" or "the Spider" or those crazy sounding simple things like "Ivan Ivanovich". Do they sound like they're just wild figments of my imagination, fictional fairy tales I cooked up, like this stupid story?

       48. IMAGINE! THEY EVEN PUT MY NAME ON IT: "MOSES DAVID'S SQUEEZE DON'T JERK"! In the first place, it's not Moses David's, and in the second place it's not "Squeeze Don't Jerk"! My Lord, after all these years, how can some people still be so stupid!

       49. THIS IS WHAT RACHEL AND EMANUELE FOUND OUT WHEN THEY GOT TO LATIN AMERICA, that many people over there don't even know the MO Letters! That's what was most of their trouble--they just don't know 'em! I'll tell you, I would be scared to death to put words in the mouth of God and write my own fictional imaginations and pretend they were from the Lord!

       50. IT WOULD SCARE ME STIFF! Maria knows when I dictate a dream I've just had I give it word for word even if I can't understand it, even if I think it's crazy, even if I don't even like it, I give it exactly the way I got it, and usually in the long run it always comes out that God gives the interpretation.

       51. AT FIRST IT MAY SOUND ABSURD, BUT THEN THE LORD GIVES THE INTERPRETATION. I have hesitated sometimes to even tell her some of them, dreams and things I've had, because I couldn't understand them and they sounded silly, ridiculous! But I was afraid not to tell her because they were supernatural, I knew that they were definitely not just ordinary dreams. So usually as I tell her then they begin to have meaning, the Lord gives it if I tell it by faith, the Lord begins to add the meaning, the understanding.

       52. MY GOD! I SEE THE KIDS ABOUT TO GET SOME JUNK LIKE THAT UNTRUE STORY AND I REALISE HOW MUCH THEY NEED THE TRUTH THE LORD'S GIVING! Imagine wasting that much paper, time, talent and money on something the Lord didn't even give when we've got so much stuff straight from God that we don't even have time to get it all out! We can hardly afford to print all the things the Lord's given!--My Lord, why should we print this junk?

       53. WHOSE WORD IS IT? ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PRINT GOD'S WORD OR NOT? Are we supposed to be printing truth or lies? I mean, I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked at that book! Think of it!--All these pages, all that precious art wasted, totally wasted! We can't even use it! I'll never approve the printing of such stupid crazy things!

       54. IS THIS THE KIDS' IDEA OF MO LETTERS? Is this the sort of thing they want to do?--God help us! I even thought that the "Spider's Web" was stretching it a bit because it wasn't exact quotations, but what are you gonna do?--You gotta condense it somehow.

       55. I TRIED TO SHOW 'EM IN "THE CITY OF BURIED TREASURE" Kids' Colourbook how to condense a MO Letter and put it into simple words.--I did that myself. I simplified the story and told it in simple words for children, just a few simple words to explain the text is what I came up with and that I thought the average child could understand.

       56. BUT IT FOLLOWED THE STORY VERBATIM and the details exactly and didn't change the story a bit. But this not only doesn't follow the story, it isn't even my story! I never even ever heard the story before!

       57. THIS IS NOT THE LORD'S STORY! Are we in the business of just printing anybody's fables and fairy tales, or are we printing God's Words? Are we going to print what the Lord's given or are we gonna print this kind of stuff? I can't believe that those people could do such a thing! But they're some of the same people who were involved in "Alice and the Magic Garden", sowing seeds like that!

       58. I GIVE THE KIDS SOMETHING GOD HAS GIVEN, I know it's bound to have good fruit. But for God's sake, who wrote this? Where did this come from? It's not even true! It doesn't even make sense! Imagine now, the parents all over the world are going to read this to all our little kids from the "Family News" and that's going to put this on a level with MO Letters and MO's stories! It's like saying: "This is the kind of stuff you're reading all the time, just like MO Letters!"

       59. I DON'T BLAME THIS LITTLE GIRL WHO WROTE IT, I BLAME THOSE EDITORS and people who pushed it through and put it in print for the whole world to read! It seems I remember them even asking, "Please send us good children's stories to print". Aren't the MO Letters good enough for them? Look how many we have already that are great for our children! But, Boy oh Boy! Look what comes out of Paris! What kind of hell hole is it? No wonder God's shaking them up!

       60. EVEN IF THEY'D HAD A LITTLE BOY wandering through the forest who wanted to call himself a name after one of the animals in the forest it might have had a little more logic to it--you know, which one he wanted to be like.

       61. BUT TO HAVE AN UNEAGER BEAVER wandering through the forest not knowing what he was like, that's about as ridiculous as can be! What beaver doesn't have an outstanding trait?--Everybody knows what the beavers' outstanding trait is: Hard work! So this story just doesn't make sense! Finally he winds up with the name "Moderation":

       62. IT SMACKS OF OLD-BOTTLISM, NOT REVOLUTION! It's sickening, it's just drivel, it's inane, it's insipid. It makes you wanna throw up! All that work wasted! Think of the time that was wasted! Think of the people who have been working on that project! What's wrong with them that they'd want to illustrate a thing like that instead of the things the Lord's already given?

       63. MAYBE THEY WERE BORED WITH MO LETTERS. Somebody must've liked it a lot to push it through like that! Imagine!--Putting it in the "Family News", two full pages, as much wonderful news and testimonies as we ought to have, to put in that silly idiotic, ridiculous, illogical, stupid, insipid, inane, lying story! I feel like the guy that spilled the load of apples: I can't do the subject justice!

       64. SOMEBODY'S HEAD IS GONNA ROLL OVER THIS, because if whoever backed this didn't have any better spiritual sense or discernment than to push such a thing this far, they shouldn't have anything to do with publications if they can't discern between the good and the bad and what's of the Lord and what isn't!

       65. WHAT A WASTE to put one of our best artists on a major project like that! Think how long it took him to do all that art! Then they had to do all the photo work, all those reductions, and get everything put together and laid out, and with all that typing and all the rest! It's the first thing I've ever had to write on: "Kill it!"

       66. THEY SHOULD HAVE KILLED THAT DUMB UNEAGER BEAVER BEFORE HE EVER STARTED WANDERING LAZILY THROUGH THE FOREST! He ought to have been busy working instead of dreaming! Imagine, wondering what to call himself! Isn't that ridiculous! I mean, it's totally unbelievable! It reminds me of some of those stupid idiotic things we used to read in our readers in school when I was a little kid! I thought even then,

       67. "MY GOD, WHAT ARE THESE ADULTS TRYING TO PUSH OFF ON US POOR LITTLE KIDS ANYHOW? This is stupid! Do adults actually print books like this for us little kids?"--I really thought those things when I was a kid: "Adults must be awful stupid to think we'd believe stuff like this!" Did you ever have that feeling when you were reading those silly stories?

       68. STEPHEN DOES SOME CUTE LITTLE THINGS FOR THE CHILDREN, but he always sticks with the Letters, almost always exact quotes, and they're beautiful! He did one thing, a child's version of the "Green Paper Pig", all finished, illustrated, the hand work on it, the lettering and everything, all illustrated by himself with pics and snapshots and all kinds of things, and you know what they did?

       69. THEY PUT JACOB CARTOON ON REDOING THE WHOLE THING, his precious time that could have been spent on something else after we'd already approved Stephen's version which was fine. It was childish art, but it was great just like it was. The kids would have enjoyed it.

       70. I'M SORRY, FOLKS, FOR EXPLODING LIKE THIS, BUT I AM MAD, damn mad! Somebody is going to lose their job over this! I want to tell you, when you start tampering with the Word of God, watch out! People have lost their jobs over this before! Well, if they would push it that far without an OK, I wonder how far they would go? If they didn't hear from me soon enough, do you suppose they'd go ahead and push it through?

       71. SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T DO WHAT I TELL THEM TO DO! They do everything else but! If they would just stick to what I tell them. Whoever pushed this thing through is dangerous, dangerously unspiritual, and shouldn't have anything to do with our kind of publications!

       72. ANYONE WHO WOULD RATHER PUBLISH FOOLISH THINGS like this instead of God's Words is dangerously out of tune! We heard of one Colony recently who said they weren't selling MO Letters anymore but translating "Joel-Letters" into Spanish and selling beads instead! Can you imagine such a thing?

       73. MY GOD, WHAT ARE SOME OF YOU COMING TO? We threw out nearly the whole Nit-wit Staff once for their lack of interest in the Lord's Letters! I have also demoted some of the top leaders for their lack of interest in publishing MO Letters in the past. What will the Lord have to do to you to wake you up?

       74. I'VE RECENTLY HAD TO EXCOMMUNICATE JOEL WORDSWORTH because his words were no longer worth what they used to be. From the time he forsook his interest in publishing MO Letters in the Northwest U.S. three or four years ago, when he was doing so well, he began to go astray.

       75. JOEL BECAME MORE INTERESTED IN PUBLISHING HIS OWN WORDS and peculiar interpretations and strange doctrines than the Words of the Lord, and from that time on he began to be deceived for rejecting the Lord's Truth. For a long time we just ignored his wild ideas and hoped he'd repent and come to his senses after several gentle rebukes and chidings, but instead he grew steadily worse.

       76. AT FIRST I JUST SAID, "LEAVE HIM ALONE. MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE, and a stranger they will not follow. Those who follow him are not my sheep, so it's best to get rid of them anyway. Give him enough rope and he'll hang himself--he'll expose himself and his false doctrines and disloyalty to God's Words, and the sheep will see who's right."

       77. "BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM", and soon Joel's fruits became apparent, bringing dissension, division, disobedience, insubordination, subversion, disunity amongst brethren--an abomination to God (see Proverbs 6)--leading poor little ignorant sheep and a few old rebellious bottles astray and troubling some weak Colonies.

       78. BUT FINALLY HE BEGAN TO EXPOSE HIMSELF BY DEFYING THE WORD OF THE LORD and openly condemning some of the latest Letters and contradicting and twisting their truths so blatantly despite many warnings, so that we had to excommunicate him from receiving them at all. He is now busy defying authority and going about the Colonies sowing further discord amongst brethren.

       79. SO WE HAVE HAD TO NOT ONLY EXCOMMUNICATE HIM BUT ALSO EXPOSE HIM AND WARN YOU OF HIM.--As we shall with any others who defy the Words of the Lord. To neglect them and replace them with other words is almost as bad.

       80. SO BELOVED, DON'T YOU BE GUILTY OF THE SAME by being found to be an Uneager Beaver when it comes to publishing God's Words, preferring to publish your own, like the sad little Uneager Beaver of this foolish little story written by man--or woman--instead of the Lord!

       81. BE AN EAGER BEAVER FOR THE TRUTH!--Amen? God bless you! I love you!

       82. --AND WATCH OUT ABOUT THESE "REVISED" OR "CONDENSED" VERSIONS of God's Truth!--"Mini-Letters" and "Comic Books" and "Colour Books" are great and needed for our kids and new bottles.

       83. JUST BE SURE THEY STICK STRICTLY TO THE TRUTH and don't change the original idea or story or meaning as God originally gave it!

       84. IF YOU MUST SIMPLIFY AND/OR CONDENSE, try to use quotes or as close to quotes as you can, and please stick to the true story and spiritual meaning--not your own!

       85. THERE WERE NEARLY 11,000 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE KORAN and Mohammed's Traditions in only a few years after his death! So Islam's wise leaders had to finally select and authorise those they felt were true!

       86. THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH THE APOCRYPHAL BOOKS OF THE BIBLE, those added stories and prophecies of uncertain origin and doctrine which the Protestant Versions dropped altogether, but the Catholics put in a separate section and warned they weren't necessarily true or inspired!

       87. FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET'S HAVE NO MORE OF THESE FALSE VERSIONS OF MO that God never gave and MO never heard of!--And watch out for the false prophets who twist the truth or defy it! God help us!

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