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"MO'S POINTERS FOR HEALTH!"--MO       April, 1975       GP No.353

Copyrighted November, 1975 by The Children of God


       1. A GOOD DIET 1
              Nibbling & Emotions: Digestive Disaster (1, 5)
              Mono diet is Best for Baby (2, 6)
              Eat to Aid Digestion (3, 7, 8)
              Don't Mix Babies' Milk and Fruit (4)
              Eating Meat: A Must for Man (4)
              Eat Less, but Eat Right (5, 7, 9)
              Babies Aren't Guinea Pigs (8)
              Processed Foods are Worthless (10)
              Keep Food Value by Cooking Right (10, 11)
              What Meat for Baby (12)
       2. WHITE SUGAR: (A Killer and a Thief!) 13
       3. HONEY 13
       4. NIGHT-TIME DRINKS 13

       1. DENTAL CARE 15 2. EYE CARE 17
       3. EXPOSURE TO THE SUN 19
       4. KEEPING COOL 20
       5. CATCHING A COLD 21
       7. 280 DAYS (Pregnancy) 24
       9. MENSTRUATION 26
       10. ACCIDENTS 26
       11. WALKING 28

       1. MEDICINES & DISEASE 29
       2. ASPIRIN 31
       4. SLEEPING PILLS 32
       5. IMMUNISATIONS 32
       6. THE WILL TO LIVE 34

       1. GOD HAS GIVEN US GOOD BODIES AND WE OUGHT TO TAKE CARE OF THEM! It's a shame to abuse them, but we do abuse them a lot of times with a lot of harmful stuff and by behaving in a way that's not good for us.

       2. YOU NEED TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY HABITS: A good diet eating the right kind of foods, be sure you get plenty of rest, and then of course, get lots of good exercise, which most of you probably get because you've got lots of work to do. Always try to get out some each day in the fresh air and sunshine. And then, live right. In other words, keep at peace with the Lord and obey His natural and spiritual laws.

       3. AS MARIA KNOWS, I'VE GONE THREE AND FOUR YEARS WITHOUT EVEN CATCHING A COLD.--And except for a recent spell I had she's hardly ever seen me stay in bed all day sick. But I really abused my body that day, and I got upset emotionally and that's very bad for your health.

       4. PEACE OF MIND IS A GREAT ASSET TO HEALTH.--WORRY IS A KILLER! So really, only people who know and trust the Lord can really be in good health because they're the only people who don't have to worry.

       5. A DOCTOR ONCE SAID ABOUT MY MOTHER after he examined her, "Lady, you don't need to go to a hospital! You ought to be in a museum!"--She had so many scars. She hadn't had a medical examination for years and years, and he looked at her in amazement and said, "You ought to be in a museum!"

       6. SHE ALWAYS USED TO GIVE HER TESTIMONY OF HOW SHE HAD EIGHT INCHES OF DORSAL VERTEBRAE CUT OUT of her backbone and removed, and then she'd challenge, "If there's a doctor in the audience I'll be happy to let him examine me."

       7. ONE DOCTOR ROSE UP AND SAID, "I'D LIKE TO EXAMINE YOU! I don't think you could be alive or certainly not standing up and walking with that much backbone missing." So he examined her the next day in his office and felt all along that big scar, and all those vertebrae were missing.

       8. HE SAID, "LADY, IF I DIDN'T SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES I'D NEVER BELIEVE IT! I'd be like the old farmer the first time he ever saw a giraffe. He shook his head and walked away and said, there just ain't no such thing! Because there just ain't no such thing, but here you are!" So praise the Lord!

       9. SO WHEN YOU'VE LIVED AS LONG AS I HAVE YOU'RE BOUND TO HAVE ACCUMULATED A LITTLE INFORMATION ON HEALTH, especially if you're very interested in it. So, although I don't know everything, I have learned quite a lot of things and the following are some of them. The main thing to remember is to obey God's natural laws and maintain a right relation with him and you'll stay a lot healthier than if you go around disregarding and disobeying them.


       10. NIBBLING IS ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS ON YOUR STOMACH because your stomach sort of waits until you've eaten your meal and satisfied your hunger, then it starts pouring out the juices to try to digest it and starts working on it. Then after its about gotten it half digested or more, all of a sudden you start dumping more food into it that's at a different state or stage entirely.

       11. IT HAS TO START DIGESTING ALL OVER ON THAT NEW FOOD AND LEAVES THE OTHER HALF UNDIGESTED, which very easily results in indigestion and stomach ache. This is particularly true in the case of milk, and especially for babies.

       12. MILK IS HARD FOR A BABY TO DIGEST ANYHOW, so you've got to be particularly careful about feeding it to them. It has a very bad effect on a baby when you wait for half an hour after you've fed him part of a bottle and then you simply take a notion that he's still hungry and you shove the bottle back into his mouth again, especially with all that sour milk around the nipple. Think what effect that must have on the baby.

       13. WHEN YOU EAT, EAT TO YOUR SATISFACTION, THEN DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE and let your poor stomach go to work digesting it. Just the idea of looking at something will turn you stomach because its already full.--So just the idea of sticking a bottle in a baby's mouth can suddenly turn his stomach, upset it and give him a real pain and make his tummy go into a contortion. It's much better to wait until later and give plenty of time for it to digest.

       14. ALL THE HEALTH FOOD EXPERTS RECOMMEND THAT YOU EAT AND GET IT OVER WITH, THEN GIVE YOUR TUMMY TIME TO DIGEST the food. If ever I have a meal interrupted, go away and then try to resume the meal, it almost inevitably gives me a stomach ache because my stomach has one batch half digested and the other half is brand new and my stomach doesn't know what to do with it.

       15. A NORMAL HEALTHY STOMACH TAKES ABOUT TWO FULL HOURS TO DIGEST A MEAL. A baby on bottles has a very difficult time and may take even longer. The slightest thing to upset their tummy of disposition isn't going to help, especially if they're trying to digest cow's milk, which is a hard thing for them anyhow.

       16. THE CURDS OF COW'S MILK ARE ABOUT TEN TIMES AS LARGE AS THAT OF MOTHER'S MILK, so a little stomach has to work extra hard to work up enough digestion to digest those big curds. So, if it's a sensitive baby and you do something to upset him, then he has it extra hard. I'd say it takes at least two hours and probably three or four.

       17. ALL THE HEALTH FOOD EXPERTS RECOMMEND CERTAIN FOODS THAT CAN BE EATEN TOGETHER AND CERTAIN FOOD WHICH MUST NEVER BE EATEN TOGETHER. We were shocked to hear that some of our girls were advised to give their babies a bottle of milk right after giving him his fruit, which is something they say never to put together because it makes it curdle together in huge big globs and makes it much harder to digest.

       18. IN FACT, THE REAL HEALTH FOOD EXPERTS ALL AGREE THAT INFANTS, INVALIDS OR ANYONE WITH A DIGESTIVE PROBLEM SHOULD USE THE MONO DIET!--Only one class of food at a time. Never mix the foods. That doesn't mean you can't mix two or three different kinds of vegetables or two or three different kinds of fruit, but all of them were definitely against mixing milk with fruit.

       19. YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT A NICE BIG DINNER, THEN DRINK MILK ON TOP OF IT. The milk is easier for your tummy to digest so it digests that first and lets the rest sit there till next time, which means within half an hour or so it begins to ferment and cause gas which gives you griping and sometimes makes your bowels a little loose. What happens is your tummy tries to get rid of that food because it doesn't need it.

       20. YOUR STOMACH IS SATISFIED BY THE MILK, SO IT JUST PUSHES THE FOOD ALONG to the bowels and there the partially digested food ferments. It's even in the Bible, believe it or not: No milk products whatsoever with certain other things.

       21. MILK AND ANY ACID FOOD ARE BITTER ENEMIES!--Including tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits, fish, etc.--Not bananas though, because bananas are a vegetable. So to feed a poor baby a bottle of milk on top of his applesauce or citrus fruit is about the worst thing you can do to his digestion.

       22. YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE A BABY COD LIVER OIL OR ANY KIND OF FISH PRODUCT AT THE SAME TIME AS MILK. All the books I ever read said to mix the cod liver oil with the fruit juice, not with milk, because milk and fish oil just don't mix. They're absolute dynamite to some people's digestion.

       23. THESE SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS WORKED ON HANGOVERS, BECAUSE IF YOU'VE GOT A HANGOVER YOUR STOMACH IS PRETTY DELICATE, you're kind of sick at your stomach and you don't want everything. They found out orange juice with honey is one of the best things in the world for a hangover or sensitive stomach. So, why couldn't you give a baby orange juice and put the cod liver oil in that?

       24. WHAT YOU SHOULD GIVE A BABY AFTER YOU'VE GIVEN HIM FRUIT IS FRUIT JUICE OR WATER. Mixing fruit and vegetables is not so bad. If you're having trouble getting your baby to eat his vegetables along with his fruit at the same meal it's okay to mix them up. They're all going to the same place and they're not that different.

       25. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU GIVE A CHILD MEAT AS SOON AS HE WILL TAKE IT AND LIKES IT. You have to go a lot on what a baby likes and will take because every child is different and has different tastes. Your body knows what it needs.

       26. GOD PUT WITHIN YOUR BODY LITTLE SENSORS TO WANT AND ENJOY THINGS YOU NEED and to reject things you shouldn't have or don't need. So as soon as a baby is able to take a little meat you should try to liquefy it or chop it very finely and give it to him.

       27. IT'S ALRIGHT TO EAT VEGETABLES WITH MEAT, BUT NOT TOO WISE TO PUT MUCH STARCHY FOOD ALONG WITH IT, potatoes, or fruit, or much milk! You and I like to eat meat and potatoes together, but it's not a good idea because potatoes are a starch.

       28. THERE ARE ONLY TWO PLACES IN YOUR BODY THAT SECRETE JUICES THAT WILL DIGEST STARCH: One's in your mouth with saliva and the other is the pancreas which empties into your bowels.

       29. MOST STARCHES ARE PRETTY EASY TO DIGEST and just the alkaline saliva in you mouth will usually digest it or at least break it down quite a bit. That'll just pass on through to your stomach and whatever the stomach will absorb, fine, what it doesn't, goes on through to the bowels and the digesting process is finished there by the juices of the pancreas.

       30. BUT IN YOUR STOMACH THE DIGESTIVE JUICES ARE PRIMARILY ACID, whereas your saliva is alkaline and so are the pancreatic juices. The stomach juices are acid, and they have to neutralise all that alkaline and saliva in your stomach before they can go to work on the meat.

       31. SO IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU TO CHEW YOUR MEAT VERY MUCH. It's better to swallow your meat as whole as you can. Just bite it up into small enough pieces that you can swallow it and you're far better off than to chew your meat up to a fine pulp in your mouth all soaked with alkaline saliva.

       32. YOUR POOR STOMACH HAS TO MUSTER UP ALL THE MORE ACID TO NEUTRALISE THE SALIVA before it can even begin to go to work on digesting the meat! So where did I learn all that? I don't remember--I must have had some good teachers and books at some time.

       33. EATING GRAVY WITH POTATOES IS ALSO ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN DO, Lord forgive us, I love it! When the juices that are supposed to digest the starches are trying to get to the starch and digest that, they have a hard time getting through the coating of grease around every particle of starch. So you have a hard time digesting it.

       34. YOU DIGEST SOME OF THE GREASE AND SOME OF THE STARCH and that leaves a kind of an indigestible combination which causes gas and indigestion and fermentation and flatulence. Lord forgive us!

       35. MARIA FIXES ME DINNERS ALL THE TIME AND WE TRY TO EAT VERY HEALTHFULLY. When she makes mashed potatoes she hardly ever makes gravy. We just have a little margarine. Of course, butter is almost as bad as gravy, but margarine is better, especially made with saffron oil.

       36. BOULLION IS MUCH BETTER FOR YOU THAN GRAVY. I even like it better than these other gravies. But of course you've got the other stuff and it came off the meat, so where are you going to put it? I hope you're not going to throw it down the sink! I'll tell you right now, it'll plug up the sink in nothing flat!

       37. DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER POUR GREASE DOWN THE SINK? Grease will almost stop up a toilet! Have you ever seen what happens to grease when you pour it into a tin can and it cools off? It goes solid!

       38. WE USED TO HAVE TO SAVE GREASE DURING WORLD WAR II. You couldn't buy any butter or margarine unless you brought down a pound of grease, not only to conserve food but they also make ammunition and explosives out of grease, believe it or not! So we had to save these coffee tins and fill them full of grease from the drippings of everything.

       39. WHEN WE WENT TO THE STORE YOU HAD TO EXCHANGE THAT FOR A POUND OF BUTTER. You still had to pay for the butter or the margarine, but they wouldn't even sell it to you if you didn't bring the grease.

       40. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TRY TO ALLOW AT LEAST TWO OR THREE HOURS AFTER FRUIT BEFORE YOU GIVE A BABY MILK! Otherwise, that acid fruit just curds the milk right away in even bigger curds that are even harder to digest and give the baby a tummy ache, griping and indigestion. Then you've got to burp and burp and burp him because of gas caused by food that he can't even digest and then it passes on without doing him too much good at that.

       41. NEVER GIVE A BABY EITHER FRUIT ON TOP OF MILK, OR MILK ON TOP OF FRUIT! I can't do it. I never could, for example, eat a bowl of cereal in the morning and drink orange juice right before it or after it either one. I'd immediately get a stomach ache.

       42. IF YOU'RE GOING TO DRINK ORANGE JUICE, DRINK IT WAY AHEAD, not a half an hour, but way ahead so it's already digested and gone before you have your breakfast. It's much better an hour or two beforehand.

       43. YOU KNOW WHAT I USED TO DO EVERY MORNING WHEN WE LIVED IN CALIFORNIA with lots of oranges? We had this little hand reamer and I used to squeeze myself a glass of orange juice about as big as a pint and I'd drink that whole thing down in the morning at maybe about ten o'clock. Then we wouldn't even eat breakfast till about noon at which I usually drank coffee with milk in it. So the orange juice had plenty of time to get out of the way.

       44. I KNOW A LOT OF OUR GIRLS ARE ANXIOUS TO GIVE THEIR BABIES A LOT OF MILK, and they don't want to start meat and they don't want to use fruit juices, they just want to give them milk because they feel the baby needs a lot of milk in his diet. They've heard from different medical people that up until six months milk is one of the most important things in a baby's diet because of the calcium building the bones, etc.

       45. BUT I DON'T THINK FEEDING MEAT IS GOING TO DECREASE MILK CONSUMPTION that much. Plus, what they may lose even in not getting quite as much milk, they're going to gain in eating meat.

       46. DO YOU KNOW WHY AFTER THE FLOOD GOD TOLD NOAH THAT THEY COULD EAT MEAT? Well, apparently before the flood they didn't need meat. All they ate was fruit and vegetables, a vegetarian diet, and that's all they needed.

       47. SOMETHING HAPPENED WHEN THAT CLOUD COVERING DISAPPEARED and those deadly cosmic rays began to come through. Instead of living eight, nine hundred or a thousand years, all of a sudden they only began to live about 70 to 120. So you know something sure happened!

       48. MAN'S BODY NEEDED EXTRA HELP TO SURVIVE THE RAVAGES OF BOTH THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD AND THE TOLL OF SIN on his body. So, God in His mercy gave him animal meat to eat and told him which animals were clean to eat and which were not.

       49. THE VEGETARIANS CLAIM THAT THEY CAN GET ALONG JUST FINE without any meat, but most of the vegetarians I ever saw have almost a pasty pale look and they just haven't got the same umph that the real meat-eaters have, believe it or not.

       50. I DON'T KNOW ANY GREAT ATHLETE WHO WAS EVER JUST A PURE VEGETARIAN because meats contain amino acids which the body seems to desperately need since the flood, and God gave them, so we're supposed to eat them. These vegetarians who claim they don't need meat and they think it's terrible to kill animals and eat meat, blah, blah, well, they're cutting their own throats or their own chances of being strong.

       51. ALL THE MOST STRONG, ENERGETIC, DYNAMIC AND VOLATILE PEOPLE I EVER KNOW WERE TERRIFIC MEAT-EATERS. Of course, you can always overdo a good thing. But my mother was a meat-eater, so was Fred Jordan and a lot of others I know, including me. I just have to have meat or I just don't seem to have any strength at all.

       52. FRANKLY, WHAT WE DO TO SOME BABIES WITH COW'S MILK IS ALMOST A CRIME! My Mother just could not even touch milk. It gave her terrible indigestion and gas and she just couldn't take milk or hardly any milk products. And yet, people dump all this cow's milk on these poor tiny little babies because that's about the only thing they know how to do. Of course, you'll have to if you can't nurse or breastfeed your baby.

       53. IF THE BABY LIKES MILK AND GETS ALONG FINE WITH IT THEN IT'S NO PROBLEM, it's fine. But I noticed a lot of little babies are always spitting up milk and it's always running out of their mouth and bubbling away. I never could drink milk very well either. If you must give it cow's milk, be sure to burp it well!

       54. I DRINK COFFEE MILK IN THE MORNING WHICH IS SOMETHING I DO PRETTY WELL ON, although I often have a lot of gas afterward, because I have a hard time digesting the milk. But, it's got the eggs in it and bananas and the coffee and everything else and at least that does me some good. Besides, everybody's supposed to have some milk everyday for the sake of the pure calcium, and that's the only time I ever get any milk. It's difficult for tiny babies, but better than nothing!--Older children can take it.

       55. YOGHURT IS GOOD FOR SOME PEOPLE BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY DIGESTED, and that's fine for you guys that can stomach yoghurt. But if it has a bad effect on you and you just don't like it and it turns your stomach, then it's not going to do you much good. I mean, you have to like it. Personally, I hate it.

       56. YOUR EMOTIONS ARE ONE OF THE MOST DISASTROUS THINGS TO DIGESTION! If you get upset emotionally, anywhere from getting angry to getting sexually excited, it is just absolute death to your digestion. It almost immediately stops your stomach completely right in its tracks and it stops doing anything.

       57. YOUR FOOD JUST SITS THERE UNTIL YOU GET OVER YOUR EMOTIONAL STRAIN, and then it resumes work again and by that time the food is probably fermented and already giving you a stomach ache and indigestion. Did you ever get emotionally upset and get a stomach ache? Well, that's what caused it!

       58. THAT'S WHY YOU MUST NEVER LET A BABY GET EMOTIONALLY UPSET WHILE HE'S EATING or after eating. It's very bad for the child. I don't know what in the world's the matter with all these childcare workers and everything that they haven't studied enough on these things or read enough books or taken care of enough babies to know what they're doing!

       59. I READ OODLES OF BOOKS AND THEY DID ME A LOT OF GOOD. My head's just stuffed full of all kinds of knowledge--good and bad--useful and useless--from the books I read. But as you can see, now it begins to pop out whenever the Lord pushes the buttons.

       60. THAT IS ONE OF THE CARDINAL RULES OF THE REAL HEALTH FOOD EXPERTS. I'm talking about health food experts. I'm not just talking about ordinary medical doctors who don't really specialise in diet. They just expect you to go along the same horrible road as most people and eat all the slop they eat.

       61. THE HEALTH FOOD EXPERTS REALLY GOT TO THINKING ABOUT "WHAT ARE WE EATING anyhow? And how should we be eating and what should we be eating?" They even began to study how the animals eat, that is everything except pigs.

       62. PIGS ARE A DANDY BAD EXAMPLE OF THE WAY THE AVERAGE PERSON EATS! People eat more like pigs than any other animal. If you study the dietary habits of any other animal you'll find out that they're mostly all mono-dietists, eating one kind of thing almost exclusively.

       63. A GOAT IS ANOTHER ANIMAL WHICH WILL EAT ALMOST ANYTHING. At least goats pretty much stick to vegetable life, they don't really eat tin cans, contrary to the mistaken impression of some people who have seen them eating out of tin cans on the dumps.

       64. I DOUBT IF ANY SENSIBLE GOAT WOULD EVEN EAT GARBAGE. They like nice fresh weeds and tree leaves and grass and things like that.--They don't eat garbage. But pigs are like people, and people are like pigs.--They eat garbage, anything and everything all mixed up together. It doesn't matter as long as it's slop! That's the way people eat, which is not good for them.

       65. NEARLY ALL OTHER ANIMALS ARE PRETTY MUCH MONO-DIETISTS. They eat one thing. They either eat fruit, berries, vegetables, roots, grass, and leaves, all things that are pretty much the same, or the carnivorous animals eat meat.

       66. VERY FEW ANIMALS ARE FOOL ENOUGH TO MIX THEIR FOODS like human beings and pigs, which is absolutely disastrous to your digestion and your whole body.

       67. SO WHAT DO YOU GIVE THESE POOR LITTLE BABIES TO EAT?--No matter how it's liquified, it's still a crime stacking one thing on top of another, all different kinds of food in one feeding. Especially when they mix acid fruits and things with milk. I don't care what some of those American baby books say, they're wrong.

       68. I'LL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, MOST DOCTORS DON'T KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT because the medicos are in a rut and they have been for years! They give you all kinds of poisonous medicines and all the rest.

       69. IT TAKES A REAL NATUROPATH OF A REAL HEALTH FOOD DIETIST, dietician, to know what you really ought to be eating because health food dietetics and naturopathy are revolutionary! They're a break with the conventional system of medicine and so-called "normal" diet which is like a pig's diet--slop--a mixture of everything.

       70. IF YOU WILL FEED A BABY THE MONO-DIET, HE WILL BE ABLE TO DIGEST IT so much better and faster and absorb so much more out of it, that you won't have to feed him so much. Just stuffing his guts with a lot of slop doesn't necessarily mean he's getting the proper nutrition.

       71. NUTRITION IS HOW MUCH YOU ABSORB, NOT HOW MUCH YOU STUFF YOUR BELLY WITH. You can stuff your stomach with all kinds of garbage and you still won't necessarily actually assimilate enough of it to do you any good. Especially if it's a damnable mixture that you can't even digest.

       72. IT'S MUCH BETTER TO FEED A BABY LESS, AND ONE THING AT A TIME so that he can get the most out of it and really digest the whole thing and get the full benefit of it, than to give him a whole pile of slop, every kind of food piled on top of the other, so that the poor little tummy doesn't know what to do it's so screwed up and confused and gets indigestion so that he gets very little good of it, no matter how much you stuff his guts.

       73. YOU COULD PROBABLY FEED BABIES VERY EASILY ON THE MONO-DIET, and this is what some of the nutritionists recommend. They say if you just eat one thing at a time, then you can actually eat more often because you will digest it so well.

       74. IN OTHER WORDS, RIGHT NOW THEY SAY YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO FEED BABIES LESS THAN THREE OR FOUR HOURS APART, but that's because they have such a hell of a time trying to digest the slop you give them, all these different kinds of food on top of each other and acid foods and then feed them a bottle on top of it. They immediately get indigestion from the curdling in their stomach.

       75. WHEREAS, IF YOU'D FEED THEM ONE KIND OF FOOD EACH TIME or the same type of food even in a combination each time like fruits and vegetables together, another time something meaty, proteins together, and then milk totally separate except possibly with cereal, you could feed them more often. Although even milk and cereal are not very best combination, as the real health food dieticians will tell you.

       76. COW'S MILK WAS NOT MEANT FOR HUMAN BEINGS, it was meant for calves who've got big tough stomachs and can take it. And there are a lot of full grown healthy strong adults who can't even drink milk, cow's milk.

       77. GOD HAS BUILT INTO THE BODY A DESIRE FOR THE THINGS YOU NEED. If you haven't already perverted it by the wrong kind of things and the wrong kind of appetite, you will hunger for the kind of foods you need.

       78. MILK IS A LIQUID PROTEIN SIMILAR TO MEAT, but it's possible that a baby might be able to digest a liquified meat just as well, maybe better, if he likes it. If your baby is hungry for it and he likes it and he eats it well, and plenty of it, then give him the stuff he likes.

       79. REMEMBER, HOW YOU DIGEST DEPENDS A GREAT DEAL ON YOUR EMOTIONS, and how happy you are and how much you like a thing. If you just have to stuff it down and cram it down because it's supposed to be good for you, it's not going to do you all that much good. But if you eat it because you like it and you enjoy it and it's tasty and you really feel like it's good, then to you it's good, and it will probably be good for you.

       80. DON'T GO BY WHAT THESE GOD-DAMNED AMERICAN DOCTORS RECOMMEND and who are stuffing those little American pigs who are used to eating so damned much that they're absolute swine. They're getting ready to be the overgrown pigs their parents are.

       81. WHY, ONE MEAL THAT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN EATS WOULD MAKE ABOUT SIX meals of the little Arab kids that live in other countries out in the desert or in India or places like that. Yet they thrive and survive very well. You take the Chinese: Some of those people eat almost nothing but rice all the time, but of course it's whole brown rice, it's got all the food value and the vitamins and the nutrients and everything still there.

       82. THE CHINESE DON'T EAT NEAR AS MUCH AS WE EAT, but they're nice tough little light wiry men that can work out in the fields all day or guerilla fighters that can hang up in a tree all day and take a lot more than the average American would ever think about taking.

       83. THOSE TINY LITTLE MEN OUT THERE IN THE JUNGLE--THE AMERICAN G.I.'S MADE FUN OF THEM, but the great big G.I.'s twice their size walked in with their big guns and tanks and planes and bombs and fought like hell for twenty solid years and finally got licked by them!

       84. THOSE GUYS DON'T EAT HALF AS MUCH AS THE G.I.'S EAT. The G.I.'s ate so much that they couldn't lug it around. Those little guys could run circles around the G.I.'s while they're trying to figure out which way to shoot their guns. Its the truth! Those people, the Chinese and the Asians, don't eat a lot.--They don't have a lot to eat!

       85. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN, IF HE WENT ONE DAY WITHOUT EATING, WOULD THINK HE WAS GOING TO STARVE to death, he'd be sick! Those poor people are used to fasting. They can sometimes go a week without eating a thing and still come through it fine.

       86. SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO STUFF A BABY'S GUTS AND GLUT IT FULL OF JUNK to think you're feeding it well. A baby may not be eating as well with as much as you're feeding him as he would be if you'd feed him the right things at the right time and in an easy way that he can easily digest and assimilate. Do you know what the difference is?

       87. DIGESTION IS THE BREAKING UP OF THAT FOOD INTO A FORM THAT YOU CAN ASSIMILATE OR ABSORB. It breaks it up. Digestion breaks the food into small enough form that your digestive system is then able to assimilate the food through the walls of primarily the intestine. It then goes into the blood stream and nourishes the body.

       88. IF YOU STUFF A BABY SO FULL OF FOOD THAT ITS LITTLE WEAK STOMACH CAN'T DIGEST IT ALL and it keeps burping it up and burping it up and it keeps running out his mouth, 'cause you've got him so damn full, then it's not going to do him all that much good.

       89. IT'S BETTER TO DIGEST A LITTLE PROPERLY AND ASSIMILATE IT ALL, than to stuff them so full that they can't digest it and assimilate very little. So, don't go by these damnable typical Western and American ideas that you gotta stuff your belly full of slop in order to survive.

       90. IF YOU EVER WATCH COWS GRAZING OR SHEEP GRAZING THEY'RE EATING VIRTUALLY ALL EXACTLY THE SAME KIND OF FOOD ALL DAY long and just nibbling away. Of course, they've got certain equipment we don't have such as a cud, a couple of stomachs and a few other things. If you know how to chew your cud, and have a couple of stomachs then you can go out and graze on grass too. But in the meantime, you pretty well have to stick to the kind of food that God made for humans to eat.

       91. THEY WILL EAT AND NIBBLE AWAY A LITTLE AT A TIME AND THEN THEY'LL LIE DOWN in the shade of a tree and relax and chew it over again and swallow it and store it a while and spit it up and chew it again. We weren't built like that so it's a little difficult for us, but the point is they don't have to have so may different kinds of food and they don't have to get stuffed on it.

       92. THERE'RE ONLY ABOUT TWO KINDS OF ANIMALS THAT WILL EAT THEMSELVES TO DEATH. Well, maybe pigs too, but it's amazing what they can eat. One's a horse and the other's a goat. Particularly if a horse eats a lot of grain and then drinks too much water, he'll swell up and burst. And a goat sometimes will eat too much. God, of course, uses goats as a type of sinner and the wicked so I wouldn't say that they were any good example.

       93. OTHER ANIMALS DON'T EAT ALL THAT MUCH. They eat just a little, a little picking here and there all day long. Bears will eat berries off the bush or they'll dig up roots.

       94. SO IT'S BEST TO EAT THE SAME TYPES OF FOOD TOGETHER, like vegetables or fruit or something, and wait till that digests well before you eat any more. That way you can eat more often because what you eat you digest quickly, easily and assimilate it all well. You can eat again sooner than you would normally after a huge great big gut-stuffing dinner like most Americans eat.

       95. WHEN YOU'RE SICK AND YOU DON'T FEEL VERY GOOD, DO YOU FEEL LIKE SITTING DOWN TO DINNER and stuffing your guts with a huge big meal? God made you so you don't want to eat, so you'll give your stomach and your body a rest. You don't need so much food. Maybe you need more to rest than you need to eat, or just one thing or another appeals to you.

       96. WHEN I WAS A LITTLE SICK THE OTHER NIGHT ALL I WANTED WAS ORANGE JUICE, and when I drank it, it did great. I felt wonderful and that's all I had instead of eating a great big dinner of some kind. I felt a lot better that way.

       97. SO IT'S NOT THE AMOUNT OF FOOD THAT GOES INTO THE BABY'S TUMMY THAT COUNTS, it's how well he digests what he gets and how much of it he assimilates, actually uses.

       98. SO IF A BABY OR AN ADULT HAS ANY DIGESTION PROBLEMS, THEN YOU'VE GOT TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL. I'd feed it less at a time and just one thing at a time and perhaps a little more often. Now that's more trouble, I grant you, but it may be a whole lot better for the baby.

       99. THERE ARE SEVERAL DIFFERENT FOODS THAT HAVE CALCIUM BESIDES MILK. I don't recall them all right now. That soybean drink has calcium in it and there are several different kinds of vegetables that have calcium in small quantities as I recall. You can look them up in a book. Also yellow cheeses.

       100. THERE ARE A LOT OF BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT and I believe in books because the real health food experts that have experimented with it know and have written books, so why not read them? Why not get the benefit of the other guy's experience.

       101. WHY EXPERIMENT ON OUR POOR LITTLE BABY GUINEA PIGS to see what is going to kill 'em and what won't, just because some stupid idiot has the idea we shouldn't be reading any books written by the System. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't believe that. I think the health food experts and the naturopaths and the ones who are real buffs on diet usually know what they're talking about. The poor little babies in the Revolution!--They experiment on them like they're guinea pigs. Has anybody in this outfit read any books about diet?

       102. IT'S NOT THE QUANTITY OF FOOD THAT A BABY EATS THAT COUNTS, IT'S THE QUALITY, and how good his digestion is and how much of it he can assimilate. If he doesn't take to too much food then don't force it on him. Oh you say, "But then I'm going to have to feed him again in a couple of hours."--Well, isn't that too bad! What the hell are you here for anyway? Mothers are here to feed babies!

       103. I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY COULDN'T HAVE JUST COPIED DOWN SOMETHING OUT OF DR. BUNDESON'S BABY BOOK. That's about as good as they come and we raised four kids on it and they did pretty good. It's all right there in Dr. Bundeson's Baby Book, just read the book. All I know is what I have read in books, but I've read enough books to know those things.

       104. I'VE LEARNED ENOUGH FROM MY OWN POOR TUMMY THAT I'VE HAD TROUBLE WITH all my life to know that you can't mix certain foods together, and two of them are milk and fruit or fruit juice. I never could eat cream of tomato soup either because that's tomatoes and milk combined.

       105. DON'T EVER FEED ANYBODY TOMATOES ALONG WITH MILK OR MILK PRODUCTS. Of course, a lot of those soups are just creamed tomato juice with corn starch or something and without even any milk in them. That's tomatoes and you should class tomatoes right along with your acid fruits because they have the same effect. Cottage cheese and tomatoes is a favourite American dish.

       106. THE AMERICANS ARE FAMOUS FOR DIGGING THEIR GRAVES WITH THEIR TEETH! They have about the worst dietary habits in the world and they suffer for it too with all kinds of digestion problems and cancer and everything you could imagine because of the way they eat, obesity and overeating.

       107. MARIA AND I DON'T EAT MUCH AT ALL. We drink my coffee milk in the morning and then we don't have dinner until six o'clock. Then sometimes we go out dancing and come home about ten or eleven o'clock and have another snack, then we get in bed and watch the news on television and that's about it. I feel better and do a lot better in everything if I eat less.

       108. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK BABIES AREN'T THE SAME AS ADULTS? If adults can get along on less food and still get enough nourishment with the right kind of food and feel better instead of being so gut-stuffed that they can hardly waddle, then why can't babies?

       109. I MEAN, SOME OF THESE MONSTROUS BABIES I'VE SEEN LOOK LIKE PIGS! They must just guzzle down the milk and be stuffed like little pigs. They'd probably be better off if they were a little more skinny. They might be stronger.

       110. THEY SAY THAT ONE OF OUR MEALS WOULD CONSTITUTE ABOUT SIX of what the average Bedouin eats, Arabs that live out in tents on the desert. We eat in one meal about as much as they eat in two whole days and yet they are some of the toughest, strongest, huskiest people in the world. The Arab Muslim fighters were notorious for how strong and how tough they were, but they eat very little.

       111. ONE THING THEY DO IS THEY EAT REAL FOODS like dates and nuts and the natural foods just the way they come off the trees, and the whole grain cereals and things like that.

       112. IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HEALTH FOODS because it's so damned much trouble to find health foods and they're so damned expensive. Therefore, people give themselves the excuse, "Well, it's too much trouble and it's too expensive so let's go back to eating our slop and our garbage again. So what if we live ten or fifteen or twenty years less, at least it's easier." Of course, you'll die quicker and you won't have to worry about eating! It's not funny, it's the truth!

       113. THAT'S WHAT GOT ME DISCOURAGED ON HEALTH DIET WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER AND WE TRAVELLED AROUND IN EVANGELISTIC WORK. My Lord, the stuff we had to eat in some people's houses, some of those Pennsylvania Dutch. They'd set out all this greasy food and several kinds of potatoes and starches and then they'd put on three or four different kinds of desserts at the end and eat every one of them!

       114. NO WONDER WE HAD TO COME BACK EVERY YEAR AND PRAY FOR THEIR HEALING AGAIN! I never saw so many diabetics in one place in my life. The Jews and the Germans are noted for diabetes because they eat so much sweets and sugars and desserts and sickening junk like that!--Some of them have perverted appetites just like hogs.

       115. BUT THEY'VE FOUND MOUNTAIN PEOPLE THAT REGULARLY LIVED TO BE OVER A HUNDRED AND THEY DON'T EAT VERY MUCH, but they work hard all day long. They eat good wholesome natural foods just the way they come out of the ground, not a lot of doctored pre-fab breakfast cereal and stupid idiotic junk like that. One morning I showed the kids exactly ounce for ounce how little you get out of a bowl of cold cereal.

       116. IF YOU WANT TO CHEAT YOURSELVES JUST EAT A BOWL OF COLD CEREAL IN THE MORNING, that junk, you know, that the Americans sell in those boxes. Thank God you can't even find them in a lot of countries. Who's going to buy it and pay that much money for nothing, especially if they looked at the box and saw how little it weighed. It's ridiculous!

       117. NEARLY ALL THE FOOD VALUE IS GONE AFTER THEY'VE PROCESSED IT, bleached it, cooked it, doctored it up and put preservatives in it and everything else to keep it from rotting. They fix it up so even the germs won't touch it, what good is it going to do to you? That's the truth! That's a fact.--Monosodium glutamate and all kinds of sticky gummy basey poisons and whatnot in all those artificial foods.

       118. I MEAN PEOPLE EAT ALL THAT ARTIFICIAL JUNK with all that artificial colouring, artificial this, artificial that, artificial flavouring and by the time they're done they wonder if they ate anything that was real at all! Right?

       119. WHEREAS THE POOR SIMPLE IGNORANT LITTLE PEASANTS out there in the middle of the rice paddies or the nomad in the middle of the desert, they don't have anything else to eat but natural foods!--And very little of it at that. They don't overstuff themselves and die of overeating.

       120. THEY DON'T STUFF THEMSELVES WITH A LOT OF FALSE PRE-FABBED ARTIFICIAL THIS AND THAT full of bleaches and preservatives and poisons, but they eat God's natural food just the way it's grown. They get more real food value and vitamins and minerals and whatnot out of the little bit they eat than the big bunch of garbage and slop that we eat and stuff our bellies full of and that we don't get much value out of. That's the truth!

       121. OF COURSE, OUR DIETS ARE SO PERVERTED THAT WE WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO EAT THE WAY THEY DO and our bellies are so used to being glutted, we would probably starve to death on their diet 'cause we're not used to it. We haven't eaten it all our lives and gotten ourselves accustomed to digesting that kind of food. We'd probably have to break ourselves in easy. Boy, I'll tell you, God forgive us for the way we eat.

       122. OF COURSE, MOST PEOPLE COOK ALL THE FOOD VALUE OUT OF THE FOOD ANYHOW before it ever hits the table. All the vitamins are gone down the sink when they pour the water off the carrots or the beans or the cauliflower or whatever. The vitamins are gone, you cooked them away. You cooked the food to death.

       123. AFTER YEARS OF EVANGELISTIC WORK I ALMOST GAVE UP TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO COOK. It doesn't do any good to tell them anyhow. People cook the way they're used to cooking and the way they want to cook and the way they like to cook and the way they like to eat and you try to tell them any different and you just offend them.

       124. YOU NEED TO GET A STAINLESS STEEL PRESSURE COOKER and that way you use very little water in your cooking.--That's where most of your vitamins go. You immerse all these vegetables in a gallon of water and then you cook all the life out of them. You pour the real food down the sink and eat the garbage that's left and it's nothing but a bunch of gut-stuffing.

       125. IF YOU COOK IN A PRESSURE COOKER YOU USE VERY LITTLE WATER and you preserve what vitamins there are in the little bit of juice that you put in with the vegetables, and you eat it along with it.

       126. I USED TO DRINK THE JUICE OF MY MOTHER'S COOKING because that's where all the vitamins were. She'd pour the vegetable juice off and then I'd wait till it would cool off and then I'd drink it.

       127. PEELING VEGETABLES IS JUST AS BAD because most of the vitamins and real nutrients are just below the peeling and they scrape all that off and all you've got left is fodder.

       128. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DRINK ALL THE VEGETABLE JUICE YOURSELF YOU COULD VERY WELL GIVE IT TO YOUR BABY because it's been boiled. You can give it for one of his water bottles. It's really good stuff and just full of minerals and vitamins and nutritive food elements. That's what all the books say, believe it or not.

       129. WHEN I WAS ON THE ROAD AND EATING IN CAFETERIAS CHOOSING WHAT I WANTED, I NEVER CHOSE COOKED VEGETABLES.--I knew they weren't any good and the food value was all gone and I didn't even like them. I always chose either coleslaw, a nice fresh fruit salad or jello fruit salad for my vegetable. But who am I to say what you guys like to eat or what you guys like to cook. I used to forbid in my home that we would have anything other than either one vegetable or one salad.--Of course, some of you guys eat nothing but salads, so that's different.

       130. BOY, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING THAT WILL REALLY CAUSE YOU TO EXPLODE--cooked cauliflower, cooked cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and any of those in the cabbage family. When they are cooked they are like eating dynamite because apparently they weren't intended by God to be cooked. Why should you cook something that you can eat raw? Why do we cook them? I don't know, I can eat them raw.

       131. OF COURSE, IF YOU'RE LIVING IN A COUNTRY WHERE IT'S NOT SAFE TO EAT RAW VEGETABLES OR FRUIT because they fertilise with human dung and it's full of cholera and a lot of other things, then you'd probably have to cook the stuff 'cause it's not too safe. You've got to watch out for leafy vegetables that you don't have aphids on them, little bugs under the leaves, they'll make you sick. Or, in the United States where they spray everything with all kinds of poisons you've gotta wash them real good.

       132. BUT THE PRESSURE COOKER SHOULD BE STAINLESS STEEL. NEVER USE ALUMINUM in any kind of cooking. Aluminum irritates and aggravates cancer. It's been a known cancer irritant and you can get cancer from cooking in aluminum too much.

       133. IRON VESSELS ARE ALL RIGHT, in fact you can almost get your quota of iron from cooking in iron vessels. And these porcelain vessels with the ceramic porcelain coating are usually tin or steel and they're very good and healthful to cook in and eat in and we've got a lot of those in our kitchen.--Or stainless steel, but never aluminum.

       134. COOKING IN THAT TEFLON STUFF IS CERTAINLY BETTER THAN ALUMINUM but how much of that plastic you absorb, I don't know. It's almost like a ceramicised plastic. It's on there supposedly so hard that it's not supposed to come off, but you can scratch it, so how do you know it doesn't come off? How do you know you're not eating a bunch of plastic which is a petrochemical product? It has petrochemicals in it that contain tar irritants and that are known to cause cancer.

       135. THAT'S WHY THESE PEOPLE ARE RIDICULOUS THAT EAT SACCHARIN in order to keep form eating sugar, because saccharin is a pure petroleum tar derivative and a known cause of cancer. So to keep from getting diabetes they eat saccharin and die of cancer instead. So, take your choice, as I used to say. They say that salt causes hardening of the arteries but it helps prevent cancer, so it's all in which way you want to die whether you use it or not!

       136. IT'S LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS, "LET YOUR MODERATION BE KNOWN UNTO ALL MEN." "Be temperate in all things." If you're temperate about these things, they're not going to hurt you. The Bible is for using salt, if you're temperate about it, but the way some people heap it on, then that's different. I like a lot of salt so maybe I'll die of hardening of the arteries instead of cancer. But considering the way I eat some other things I might die of both for all I know.--Lord forgive us for the way we eat.

       137. THE BIBLE SAYS "LEST AT ANY TIME YOUR HEARTS BE OVERCHARGED WITH SURFEITING"--eating too much is hard on the heart. Most people eat too much, that's why Americans have more heart trouble, more cancer all kinds of diseases that come from overeating because they're about the only people in the whole world who can afford to overeat.

       138. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CONSUMES 50 TIMES HIS SHARE OF THE WORLD'S RESOURCES and a lot of that's food that he doesn't need. He's robbing food from the rest of the world, when they could live on a lot less than he does.

       139. SO, FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHY DO WE HAVE TO STUFF THESE BABIES until they've got milk running out of their mouths? Don't try to cram more down his throat just because some stupid doctor says he should be drinking so much. How does that doctor know how much each baby ought to be drinking? Each baby is a complete brand new separate distinct personality in himself and he may be different from any other baby ever born and God puts in him his own appetite of what he needs, and he'll eat what he likes to eat and what he wants to eat and as much as he wants to eat and you shouldn't try to cram down any more.

       140. THE MOST DIGESTIBLE CLEAN MEAT THERE IS, RECOMMENDED BY THE BIBLE, IS LAMB. Lamb is about 98% digestible, more than any other single meat. It's more tender, it's more digestible, it's clean. I'd say lamb is the first meat to start a baby on.--Or good ground beef.

       141. I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T WANT TO DO IT THE INJUSTICE OF GIVING IT CHICKEN, if I could help it, which is certainly not a clean meat. If you see how chickens eat and what they eat you'd probably never want to eat another one, and yet we all like chicken. It's cheap, it's easy to cook and delicious, so we eat it bugs, and all. You can get all kinds of diseases from chickens and rabbits, if you don't pray hard over 'em!

       142. BUT OF COURSE THE BEST MEAT IF CAN'T GET LAMB IS PROBABLY BEEF. I would presume fish is pretty good too. Fish is usually pretty tender and could probably be easily liquified. So why couldn't you give them fish? And, because chicken is pretty tender I suppose maybe chicken if thoroughly cooked might be more digestible and might be easier on a baby.

       143. I THINK EVERY BABY HAS TO TRY AND SEE WHAT HE LIKES and what it responds to and what it can digest and get along well on. If he gobbles it up and really enjoys it and likes it and doesn't start spitting it all up afterwards, why it's probably good for him.

       144. WELL, TO SUM IT ALL UP: IT'S BETTER TO EAT LESS AT A TIME AND ONE THING AT A TIME or at least a combination of the same kind of things each time. Don't mix different kinds of food together which are of an entirely different variety.

       145. PARTICULARLY DON'T MIX ANY MILK PRODUCTS WITH FRUIT or right after eating fruit, or milky cereal with fruit or with cod liver oil. Those are very indigestible combinations and are bound to cause a poor baby indigestion and burping.

       146. MEAT'S GOOD FOR YOU IF YOU DON'T CHEW IT TOO MUCH. Starch is good for you if you chew it plenty and then you need some kind of vegetable for minerals and vitamins. But of course, not if you cook it to death.

       147. VEGETABLES SHOULD BE COOKED AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, in fact, if they're tender enough to eat raw you'd be better off to eat them raw. So, just barely cook them a little and in as little water as possible so that you save the vitamins.

WHITE SUGAR: (A Killer and a Thief)

       148. WHITE SUGAR IS BAD FOR SEVERAL REASONS: In the first place, they have to use poisonous chemicals to bleach it, which you eat with every mouthful of sugar. Next, they have bleached out all of the vitamins and natural nutrients that are in natural raw sugar. So, what little natural good there was in there is gone, just to make it look white!

       149. BROWN SUGAR IS THE SAME THING, UNLESS IT'S NATURAL RAW SUGAR. Brown sugar is just not bleached quite as much, that's all. It's still refined.

       150. NATURAL SUGAR IS ALRIGHT AND IT'S GOOD FOR YOU, like honey and things like that. You can see the big crystals, and it's delicious. It tastes better than white sugar. You can see the natural sugar the way God made it. We used to buy about a 100 pound sack in the refinery, that's about the only place you can get it. It's very hard to find.

       151. NATURAL GOOD FOODS ARE HARD TO FIND. Whole grain is hard to find. Unbleached flour is hard to find. It's even hard to find brown rice and things like that. I mean they just don't make it. Not enough people will buy it so they can't make it in quantity, therefore it's expensive. It's cheaper to buy the processed junk.

       152. THE SWEET OF THE SUGAR IS ONE OF THE QUICKEST WAYS TO ROT TEETH AND CAUSE DECAY, unless you keep your teeth very clean. Sweets can cause quicker cavities than anything else you can eat. Of course, if you don't immediately rinse your mouth and watch your sweets then you have a greater danger of cavities.

       153. ON TOP OF THAT, WHITE SUGAR IS ALMOST PURE CARBON WHICH HAS AN AFFINITY FOR CALCIUM in your blood. The minute it gets into your blood the calcium and the carbon begin to unite and therefore it robs your blood of calcium.

       154. SO WHITE SUGAR IS NOT ONLY POISONOUS, NOT GOOD FOR YOU AND ROTS YOUR TEETH, BUT IT THEN ROBS YOUR BLOOD of the calcium to repair them! So, it wouldn't matter to a pregnant girl how many calcium pills she took and whatnot if she keeps on eating sweets and candy, because the sugar keeps right on robbing your blood of the calcium as fast as you can eat it!

       155. THAT'S THE STORY OF WHITE SUGAR, and that's why I never use it if I can help it.


       156. NOW HONEY'S SOMETHING DIFFERENT!--HONEY HAS GOT ALL KINDS OF VITAMINS, iron and nutrients and everything that's good for you. It's marvellous for you. Honey is very, very good for you.

       157. HONEY IS A SOURCE OF A LOT OF THINGS THAT ARE HARD TO FIND ANY PLACE ELSE. It is even partly responsible for helping your bowels to function properly. And if you want a good sedative before you go to bed at night, honey's just right! That is why sometimes I put a lot of honey in my night tea (decaffeinated) because it kind of helps you sleep. Take a spoonful of honey before you go to bed, it's a natural sedative.


       158. DRINKING COFFEE BEFORE YOU GO TO BED IS ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN DO!--I don't care what these coffee topers say. Coffee does not put you to sleep! I've had people say, "Oh, I can drink four or five cups of coffee and go to sleep like a baby." Yes, that's quite possible.

       159. THE IMMEDIATE EFFECT CAN BE A KIND OF FULL, SATISFIED FEELING, and maybe the cream and sugar in it have a slightly sedative effect. But you're going to sleep on top of a time bomb because sooner or later after the sedative effect of the cream and sugar has worn off, then the caffeine goes to work.

       160. THE JOB OF CAFFEINE IS TO STIR UP THE ADRENALINE IN YOUR BLOOD and really wire you. All of a sudden you wake up in the middle of the night, three or four o'clock in the morning, wide awake and ready to explode! Jeth was always telling me, "Oh, this coffee doesn't bother me," but then the next morning,

       161. "FOR SOME REASON OR OTHER I WOKE UP EARLY THIS MORNING and I just couldn't go back to sleep." I said, "No wonder Jeth, you sat there and drank three or four cups of coffee before you went to bed." "Oh, that has nothing to do with it, I just went off to sleep like a baby." "Yeah," I said, "and you woke up with a coffee hangover three or four hours later!" It's the truth! That's what it does to me.

       162. COFFEE OR TEA, EITHER ONE, HAS A DELAYED ACTION on me and I always put a lot of honey in my coffee and tea. That's my only sweet usually. I can go to sleep on it right away but three or four hours later, here it comes and I am wide awake.

       163. SO DON'T EVER EVER DRINK COFFEE OR TEA JUST BEFORE GOING TO BED, I don't care how easily you go to sleep. It's bad on your nerves and your body.

       164. EVEN IF YOU STAY ASLEEP AND DON'T ACTUALLY WAKE UP, IT KEEPS YOUR BODY BUSY and your blood busy and even your mind.--You do a lot of dreaming and so on during the night, and your nerves will be active all night long. It's very bad to drink any kind of stimulant before bed, including cocoa.

       165. ORDINARY TEA HAS JUST AS MUCH CAFFEINE as coffee and for some people it has more effect on them than coffee. So who's doing it? Who's guilty? To drink coffee any later than your supper time is not good for your sleep.

       166. CHOCOLATE?--THIS BUSINESS OF SAYING, "DRINK A NICE CUP OF WARM CHOCOLATE BEFORE YOU GO TO BED" IS RIDICULOUS! A genuine cup of real chocolate made from cacao bean, cocoa, will have as high as twice as much caffeine per cup as a cup of coffee. On the other hand, Ovaltine and stuff like that have no chocolate in them at all, it's just chocolate flavoured.

       167. THE IMMEDIATE EFFECT OF THE VERY SWEET CHOCOLATE IS A SEDATIVE EFFECT, people feel and drowsy and they go to sleep and then wake up in the middle of the night just wired. There's about twice as much caffeine in a good strong cup of chocolate as there is in cup of coffee or tea.

       168. THAT'S WHY IF YOU'RE TIRED AND SLEEPY AND FEEL A LITTLE HUNGRY or need a little nourishment to keep you going for the afternoon or something, a cup of chocolate or a glass of chocolate milk is good. It might make you a little drowsy momentarily but it'll give you enough energy to make you keep going.

       169. CHOCOLATE IS A GOOD SOURCE OF ENERGY.--A lot of energy and a lot of caffeine. That's why athletes eat candy bars and stuff like that when they are out consuming a lot of heat energy. They have to consume a lot of carbohydrate which is the stuff that burns in your blood to keep you warm and so on, and that'll do it. That's why it's so bad to eat sweets in hot weather or anything like that.

       170. NORMALLY YOU WON'T HAVE AN APPETITE FOR SWEETS IN HOT WEATHER. But you'll find out in real cold weather you'll suddenly have a hankering for sweets because you burn up the energy.

       171. WINE?--WELL, IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH YOU DRINK and what the situation is. Wine has a strange contradictory effect. It can both be a stimulant or it can be a sedative. It's somewhat like nicotine.

       172. IT CAN SOMETIMES HELP YOU TO GO TO SLEEP, but if you drink too much of it, later it has a somewhat stimulating effect. I often drink a little wine when I first go to bed because it helps me to go to sleep. But, sometimes we get to talking and talking and talking and I'll drink a little more and a little more because we haven't gone to sleep yet and still hoping to go to sleep.

       173. THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO WHEN YOU FIRST GO TO BED IS TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS or your worries on your work or anything except maybe love. They will keep you awake and then you'll stay awake longer.

       174. YOUR BODY IS APT TO GET ENOUGH REST JUST FROM LYING IN BED for that length of time and then you're not sleepy. If I stay awake too long and drink more than I should, which I have done sometimes, sad to say, to be honest, then sometimes I wake up later in the night and I'll be quite wide awake.

       175. THE ALCOHOL IN YOUR BLOOD SEEMS TO HAVE A STIMULATING EFFECT and will speed up your respiration, speed up your pulse and if you drink too much you can wake up with your heart pounding. It isn't good for you.

       176. SO WHAT DRINKING I DO DURING THE NIGHT MARIA RATIONS TO ME. When she used to bring in a whole bottle of wine and set it there beside me, sometimes I'd lose track how much I drank and I wouldn't realise I had drunk so much.

       177. SHE GOT THE BRIGHT IDEA TO JUST PUT A LITTLE BIT IN THE BOTTOM OF A COUPLE BOTTLES and as soon as I'd drunk one I'd know I'd drunk that much and I'd better not drink anymore until maybe I needed some late in the night or in the morning. So she got very smart on that and I do lots better now.

       178. IT USED TO BE THAT SOMETIMES I WOULD WAKE UP IN THE MORNING WITH A HELLUVA HANGOVER and look at the bottle and it was empty and I'd been drinking in my sleep and didn't even know I was drinking! I mean the first time or two it happened I looked at Maria and said, "Maria, you must have been sick or something. How come you drank all that wine?" or "Who drank all my wine? Did someone come in and drink all my wine?" I had polished off the whole bottle during the night without even knowing it!

       179. I WAS LITERALLY ASLEEP AND DRINKING IN MY SLEEP. I do a lot of crazy things in my sleep. Sometimes I think Abrahim must have been an old wino! These gypsies you know are famous for their drinking. He's really quite a character.

       180. SOMETIMES I THINK WHEN I FOUND THE WHOLE BOTTLE DISAPPEARING IN THE NIGHT ABRAHIM WAS SNEAKING A FEW EXTRA DRINKS for his own benefit. I think he has a weakness along that line. But I'm the guy that woke up with the hangover, not Abrahim!



       181. EVERYTIME I STOP TO WASH MY TEETH EVERYBODY GETS ABSOLUTELY SILENT! I try to hide it behind my napkin. My kids used to get so disgusted whenever we were in a restaurant and they were anxious to go, "Dad's still sitting there chewing his water!" But I've still got all of my teeth and I can't say that for all of them.

       182. I'VE GOT ALL MY TEETH AND I'VE GOT TWO NEW WISDOM TEETH COMING IN--At my age! My whole family, they all came in late. I guess that's why they call them wisdom teeth, 'cause they don't come in until after you've got a little wisdom! I've heard of some people getting three sets.

       183. I'VE HEARD OF PEOPLE WHO HAD THE FAITH TO PRAY AND THE LORD FILLED THEIR CAVITIES. I never heard any yet who had the faith to have them filled with gold, but I guess they got filled with enamel or something! And I've heard of people who prayed when they lost a tooth and they grew another one! I don't think I ever had that much faith, but I haven't lost any, thank the Lord.

       184. I USED TO TELL MY KIDS THAT WASHING WITH WATER AFTER EVERYTHING YOU EAT WAS BETTER THAN BRUSHING your teeth three times a day, and the dentist I visited recently said I was right. I finally had my second cavity after 35 years.

       185. AT THE AGE OF 18 I HAD MY FIRST CAVITY. I think I'd been eating too many sweets or something. But the good old German dentist in Santa Ana, California said, "If you will be sure not to ever drink anything too cold or too hot or chew anything too hard, or bite anything too hard, and you keep your teeth well rinsed, real clean, that filling can last you a long, long time."

       186. WELL, I FINALLY GOT ANOTHER CAVITY and I'm not sure where I got it, but the dentist said I'd been brushing my teeth too much.

       187. YOU CAN BRUSH YOUR TEETH TOO MUCH.--Even once a day is really too much, if you're faithfully rinsing them with water after every meal and every snack. I usually brush my teeth about every other day. He said it would be far better if most people would never use a toothbrush. When he said that, I said, "Well, my Dad always just used his finger." He said, "That's the best thing in the world."

       188. "A TOOTHBRUSH WILL ACTUALLY WEAR AWAY THE DENTINE right at the base of the enamel and that's where the decay sets in."--I mean, no matter how you brush it, just up and down, or circular and all the other stuff they tell you. That dental floss business is one of the quickest ways in the world for some people to get cavities, by wearing it away between your teeth.

       189. GOD NEVER MEANT FOR ANYTHING HARD OR ABRASIVE TO BE USED ON YOUR TEETH such as dental floss or a toothbrush. So, that's the best thing you can do. My Dad would either use his finger of a paper napkin, and that's far better than brushing your teeth with a brush.

       190. SO, I TOLD HIM MY DAD ALWAYS TAUGHT ME TO RINSE MY MOUTH WITH WATER RIGHT AWAY after eating anything. He said, "That's very good, because the decay sets in within ten minutes after eating!"--Believe it or not! So, unless you're going to run into the bathroom with your toothbrush right after every time you eat, you're licked.

       191. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MUCH YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH IF YOU DON'T BRUSH THEM IN TIME, the decay occurs within ten minutes after eating. You see you can wash your mouth thoroughly with water if you take the water and do like I do: swish it back and forth forcibly.

       192. I HAD A PIECE OF CARROT STUCK BETWEEN MY TEETH LAST NIGHT and I tried everything; my finger, a fork, everything I could not get that piece of carrot out. I finally took the water and just forcibly swished it back and forth and it washed it out just like that!

       193. IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH POWER THAT WATER HAS when you force it back and forth. So that is the best way to clean your teeth and keep them clean.

       194. RINSE YOUR MOUTH THOROUGHLY WITH WATER IMMEDIATELY after eating or drinking anything. I've told you guys this before in one of the earlier Letters.

       195. MY FATHER NEVER USED A TOOTHBRUSH ALL HIS LIFE and yet I don't know that he ever had any cavities. But, I know that at the time he died, at 86, he had only had two teeth ever pulled, he still had all his own teeth. Of course a lot of that has to do with heredity.

       196. YOU CAN INHERIT BAD TEETH AND A WEAKNESS IN TEETH because your mother didn't have enough milk when she was pregnant or something. It just seemed to run in some families like baldness. But I mean you can at least take better care of the ones you've got by doing that.

       197. NOW, DON'T STOP BRUSHING YOUR TEETH COMPLETELY!--I still brush mine every other day or so to be sure I clean everything out.

       198. A LOT OF TIMES IN RESTAURANTS I HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO THE WAITER why I don't want cold water or hot water, but just water right out of the tap. Even that's too cool sometimes. I explain to them that it cracks the enamel on your teeth: Very hot or very cold things both crack the enamel.

       199. ICE WATER'S THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD FOR YOUR TEETH. The dental profession in the States must certainly love the ice industry. Ice water cracks the enamel and that way decay can get in just like cracks in the pavement where grass grows.

       200. WHEN THE DENTIST CLEANS YOUR TEETH, you better be sure he really knows what he's doing. He takes that wheel like a flintstone almost and he goes poking around in your mouth. It can take off more than the tartar!

       201. I KNOW BECAUSE THAT VERY DENTIST WAS TRYING TO CLEAN MY TEETH with that thing sort of poking around looking if there were any more defects or if there were any more cavities. He accidentally chipped off something and he had to fill it. I don't recommend you have anything more done to your teeth than you have to!


       202. SUNLIGHT IS VERY BAD FOR YOUR EYES UNLESS THEY'RE ACCUSTOMED TO IT. It's good for your eyes to have a little bright light but you shouldn't get it all at once.

       203. THEY SHOULD HAVE SOME LIGHT, and little by little you can kind of break them in to having stronger light. It's good for them really, if they can stand it, but that's the point.--Don't get more than you can stand, especially in the first few doses.

       204. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, SCIENCE HAS FOUND OUT THAT YOUR EYES CONSUME ONE-FOURTH OF YOUR BODILY STRENGTH, which is to help you understand why you get so tired reading all day or studying all day or eye work. Using your eyes a lot can really wear you out and tire you out by consuming 25% of your bodily strength.

       205. THEY NOT ONLY CONSUME STRENGTH, BUT LIGHT THROUGH THE EYES IS ALSO NECESSARY FOR HEALTH, which is why most blind people are usually not in very good health. You have to have light entering the eye. Science has not been able to figure out yet just exactly what it is or why you need light.

       206. YOU NOT ONLY EXPEND ENERGY THROUGH YOUR EYES BUT YOU ALSO RECEIVE ENERGY from light through your eyes. So to get some sunlight through your eyes is good, but not too much. Just like everything else, use moderation. Don't get too much or too little of anything, just get as much as is good for you.

       207. I HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH OF MY LIFE INSIDE STUDYING THAT MY EYES CAN'T TAKE TOO MUCH bright sunlight. So I never go outside when the sun is shining without dark glasses. And I never look straight at the sun or try to look against the sun when I'm reading.

       208. ON THE FEW OCCASIONS WHEN I LAID OUT IN THE SUN with the sun in my face at all, which were very rare, I not only wore dark glasses but I put clip-ons over those! You'll notice even with your eyes shut you can still feel the rays and see the brilliance of the sun through your eyelids--you can see red.

       209. IT CAN EVEN BE DAMAGING WITH YOUR EYES SHUT TO LOOK STRAIGHT AT THE SUN for any long periods of time. And of course, looking straight at the sun for any length of time without your eyes shut can actually blind you.

       210. WHEN I'M READING IN THE SUNLIGHT I ALWAYS WEAR MY DARK GLASSES because the glare of the sun on your page is very bright. I like the amber tint because it really brings out the colour, beautiful colours. You can also get grey or green.

       211. THE AMBER TINT BRINGS OUT EVERY INDIVIDUAL COLOUR, the brilliance makes it very beautiful. I like to look at the world through rose-coloured glasses! The green makes everything look green and the grey makes everything look grey.

       212. WHEN READING OUTSIDE IT'S ALWAYS BEST TO HAVE THE LIGHT SOURCE AT YOU BACK.--Never read facing the sun! You can't possibly read facing the sun without terrible glare on your page or your paper because then the sun's light comes right at you.

       213. IT NOT ONLY COMES DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EYES BUT IT ALSO BOUNCES OFF YOUR PAGE straight up into your eyes and you'll notice that your page will glare. If you tilt your paper one way or the other way you sometimes get a reflection off your page and it'll glare, but with the sun to one side is best.

       214. ALWAYS READ IN A GOOD LIGHT that doesn't strain your eyes at all. You should have sufficient light so you can see clearly and easily, that way you don't wear out your eyes or tire them too easily.

       215. OF COURSE, IF YOUR EYES ARE ALREADY BAD AND NEED HELP, BY ALL MEANS GET GLASSES. I think I did pretty well, I went 45 years without glasses.

       216. THE CORNEAS THE LENS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PUPIL, and can't do like the lens of binoculars where you can move the lens back and forth. So, when the lens operates it thickens or thins. It's shaped slightly rounded and when you look at things far away it spreads out flatter. When you look at things close up it thickens and makes a near-sighted lens.

       217. AS YOU GROW OLDER YOUR LENS HARDENS for some reason, so that it can't move as easily. It can't thicken as easily, it can't thin as easily. So when it can't operate properly anymore, you can use glasses to make the adjustment. The lenses usually harden in the thinner position, which seems to be the more relaxed position, which makes you farsighted.

       218. WHEN YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THINGS CLOSE UP IT IS A LITTLE ABNORMAL FOR YOUR EYE. You have to really strain to focus on things close-up, to really thicken the lens, and that takes a lot of energy for your eye muscles. As you get older you're not able to do that as easily, so the first thing that happens to older people is they usually become what is commonly called far-sighted.

       219. OLDER PEOPLE CAN STILL SEE WELL AT A DISTANCE, BUT THEY CAN'T READ CLOSE UP. As I've always said, when I found out I had to get outside of the telephone booth to see the number on the phone, or when my arm began not to be long enough to read the newspaper, I decided it was time to get me some glasses. I can hold it way out and see perfectly but who wants to sit reading the paper like that all the time! So glasses help the eye make the adjustment.

       220. BUT IT'S VERY BAD TO BE WEARING GLASSES ALL THE TIME. It's like a crutch, you can get dependent on it. If you wear them all the time it weakens your eyes. So I never put them on unless I have to use them, and that's mostly for my close work; reading, checking manuscripts, editing, proofreading and all that fine print. They simply make the job easier. I can read at close range without glasses but if I read any length of time that way it's a strain on my eyes.

       221. IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED GLASSES YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR EYES CHECKED, especially if you find your eyes getting tired or strained easily. You're straining them some way: You're either using them too much on too close or tiresome work, or you're using them in bad light, or you just may already have an eye defect from abuse and misuse all your life or recent years. I hate to think that a lot of those early Letters with that fine print probably hurt a lot of people's eyes, especially as much as they abuse them by reading in poor light.

       222. YOUR EYES WILL TIRE YOUR WHOLE BODY, AND YOUR BODY WILL TIRE YOUR EYES! If you're already physically tired your eyes will be tired because your body is a drag on your eyes. If you find your eyes are getting persistently tired all the time you're either studying too much, straining them somehow, or abusing them in some way.

       223. NOW, DIET CAN EFFECT YOUR EYES TOO. If you're not eating the right kinds of foods your eyes don't get the right kind of nourishment. I think this is why some people get cataracts and stuff like that.

       224. BUT MY DADDY, THANK THE LORD, WAS VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT EYES. He'd often give us a quick remonstrance if we weren't reading in the right light. If we didn't pay any attention the next thing we know was that suddenly the book or the magazine was gone and tossed across the room to remind us to get up and move, if we were too lazy, to a better light. We'd be just sitting there reading and all of a sudden it just disappeared! He'd say, "Get over there by the window," or "Go over and turn on that light. Don't wreck your eyes like that!"

       225. SO I TOOK GOOD CARE OF MY EYES MOST OF MY LIFE, thank the Lord, and I still have good eyes. But you can abuse them and overuse them and strain them just like anything else. Especially you guys who spend a lot of time out in the sun.


       226. IN THE FIRST PLACE, A LOT OF SUN IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. A half hour of sunshine a day, believe it or not, is more than you need. You don't really need that much!

       227. TEN MINUTES A DAY WILL PERFORM NEARLY ALL THE NECESSARY CHEMICAL PROCESSES of the calcium and the vitamin D and C and all that needs to be done. Ten minutes is all you actually have to have for good health. A half hour is plenty. One hour is really too much and you're passing the danger point.

       228. YOU SHOULD NEVER STAY OUT IN THE SUN FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR without the proper covering and everything else. You know you never find the people who live in the hot sunny countries sitting out in the sun getting suntans and sunburn.

       229. LOOK AT THE ARABS, ALL WRAPPED UP IN THOSE CLOTHS and their heads all wrapped up. You watch the natives in those sunny hot climates, time and time again they'll always seek the shady side of the street. They just don't go sunbathing all the time. The only people with dark tans are the tourists.

       230. SINCE THE FLOOD, SUN IS JUST NOT GOOD FOR YOU. At the time of man's wickedness the Lord caused the waters which were above the firmament to somehow disappear or fall down and flood the earth, and we no longer have that protection.

       231. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FLOOD MEN'S LIVES WERE SHORTENED TO ALMOST ONE-TENTH of what they were before the flood. The cosmic rays, which science has proven cause aging, are what really kill you and finally, along with your sins, bring on death. It was because of the sins of man that the Lord removed it.

       232. THE SUN IS THE MAIN CONTRIBUTOR OF THESE COSMIC RAYS, although some of it is necessary, like anything else, too much of it can kill you.

       233. YOU SEE THESE OLD WEATHER BEATEN IDIOTS IN ARIZONA and a lot of places like that, always out in the sun. "Oh, the sun is great, lots of sunshine", and the ladies are all cracked, weather-beaten and wrinkled and their skin is all aged and looks terrible.

       234. WHEREAS, IF YOU GET A GLIMPSE OF THE SKIN THAT'S UNDERNEATH, that's not usually in the sun, it's just as young and good as ever. Lots of old ladies, if you've ever undressed any old ladies, ahem, like I have, you're amazed to find how young and beautiful their skin is underneath their clothes where it never gets any sunshine. Unless they've done a lot of sunbathing in bikinis or something, their skin is nice and fresh and young. Not as aged as that which is touched by the sunshine.

       235. THE OLD 19TH CENTURY WOMAN'S FEARS OF SUNSHINE WEREN'T SO DUMB. They went around wearing these big hats and carrying parasols for the sun, not para-aguas for the water, but parasols. They were right.

       236. IN THOSE DAYS IT WAS A DISGRACE FOR A WOMAN TO HAVE A TAN. I mean a woman wanted to keep her beautiful peach blossom skin.

       237. SO YOU SUN FIENDS ARE KILLING YOURSELVES. You're aging your skin and literally hurting your health. That tan may look beautiful, but it can kill you, or shorten your life to say the least.

       238. WHEN YOU'RE IN A PLACE LIKE ENGLAND OR SEATTLE WHERE THEY HARDLY EVER GET ANY SUNSHINE, you can understand why they say to get all the sun you can, because you can't get very much. In those Northern climates, because of the angle of the earth's axis, the sun is at such an angle that you don't get very strong direct sunlight.

       239. THAT'S ALSO WHY YOU SO QUICKLY GET BURNT IN THE SOUTHERN CLIMATES because you're getting close to the Equator and the sun is coming down really direct, and boy, gets hot when you're there in the sun! But when you're as far north as England and far North American places like that, the sun is already at such an angle that it doesn't bother you or affect you nearly as much.

       240. DOWN IN FLORIDA YOU CAN REALLY GET A CASE OF SUN QUICK, even in Texas. Mom got sunstroke in Texas once, and it really can make you sick. It gives you a terrible headache and you get sick to your stomach.

       241. YOU CAN CATCH COLD QUICKER FROM TOO MUCH SUN-LIGHT THAN FROM TOO MUCH COLD! It will induce fever. If you get out and get a sunburn your skin is too hot and has become feverish, then when you go in where it's cool you get a chill and you catch cold right quick. So sunshine is nice and to a certain extent friendly, but it's also your enemy.

KEEPING COOL: A few practical lessons on how to be happy though living in a hot country!

       242. IN THE OLD DAYS BEFORE AIR CONDITIONERS ALL PEOPLE HAD WERE EVAPORATIVE COOLERS, which is nothing but a fan with a box of excelsior around the fan on the outside of the house with water dripping down the excelsior to keep it wet. The effect of water evaporating in dry air so rapidly is heat absorption, believe it or not.

       243. THE BREEZE SUCKED IN THROUGH THE EXCELSIOR GOT COLD AS A RESULT OF EVAPORATION. In fact, it was better for the cooler to be in the sun than the shade. You'd think, "Boy, that's the worst place to have it, it's be hot." No, the sun evaporated the water even more rapidly and made the excelsior even colder so that when they turned those coolers on they were just as cold as an air conditioner.

       244. THE ONLY DISADVANTAGE WAS IT WAS A DAMP COLD and you had colds and nasal troubles and everything else from sitting in those damp drafts. Whereas an air conditioner is usually a dry cold draft and not quite as bad on your system.

       245. BUT FRANKLY, IT'S BETTER IF YOU CAN DO WITHOUT BOTH if you possibly can. If you're smart, before you start opening up your room in the morning in those hot dry southern climates, you better check and find out what kind of a day it is or what kind of a night you had.

       246. YOU MAY FIND IT'S COOLER IF YOU KEEP YOUR ROOM CLOSED UP TIGHT, the shutters tight, and the windows tight. You're going to be cooler than opening up and letting the hot breeze in. The way you find that out is to just open the window a crack and stick your hand out, if you feel nothing but heat out there slam the window quick and keep your door shut, so that the rest of the stupid idiots who want it hot in their room and open their windows, their heat won't get into your room! Savvy?

       247. A CHILD IN SWIMMING MUST ALSO REMEMBER THIS EVAPORATIVE EFFECT. As long as they stay down in the water, if the water's not too cold, they're all right. But the minute they come out of the water soaking wet, then the very very rapid evaporation from the surface of their skin and clothing can cool the body temperature. It's amazing how may degrees, you'd be surprised!

       248. THE CHILD GETS WHAT IS KNOWN AS "FREEZING WEATHER", where he is actually literally cold and chilled even though it may be 120 degrees in the shade, because of the terrific cooling effect of evaporation.

       249. YOUR SKIN PARTIALLY ABSORBS WATER! Did you know that your flesh can absorb water as much as one inch deep? That's what I warned you about in one of the Letters. You soakers who like to lie in the tub an hour or two singing and soaking, well, you get soaked!

       250. THE WATER LITERALLY PENETRATES YOUR FLESH AN INCH DEEP, so that when you get out and just barely dry off what's on the surface you are not dry. Then you wonder why you suddenly get cold and get chilled, because the water's continuing to evaporate from inside the flesh.

       251. THE WATER COMES TO THE SURFACE AND EVAPORATES. So besides having washed off the protective oil coating, the water is still evaporating and you get chilled.

       252. SO DON'T JUST DRY OFF WHEN YOU COME OUT OF THE POOL or out of a hot bath. Vigorously rub the skin hard and the heat of the friction will cause rapid evaporation of the water so that you are better off.

       253. THE BEST TIME TO GET CHILLED IS RIGHT AFTER A BATH, especially a hot bath which opens up your pores and makes it soak in, and then the hot water just absolutely washes off all the oil and that's it.

       254. THEY USED TO CALL THE LITTLE MEXICANS "GREASERS" in the Southwest because they claim that the mothers used to grease them all over with lard or something and sew them up in their clothes for the Winter which, believe it or not, did the trick. It not only kept them warm but it kept them clean.

       255. DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN PRESERVE MEAT FOR AS MUCH AS A YEAR by boiling it in deep fat like Armenians do, totally immersed in a pot of deep fat. When you take it out and let it cool, the fat hardens and the meat's totally covered and sealed in. All the germs are killed and it'll keep for as much as a year.

       256. SO THAT'S WHAT ALL THE MOTHERS WERE DOING with the little greasers, preserving the meat with the fat, keeping out the germs and keeping them clean. They might have looked dirty, face and hands dirty, but you can always wash those. Otherwise they were all nice and greased in for the Winter. But that was the method the Mexicans were using, they got it form the Indians.

       257. YOU KNOW WHAT THE CHANNEL SWIMMERS ALWAYS USED? Why they always look so funny in those pictures? They were just coated with a heavy thick layer of grease, not to make them swim faster, but to protect them from the cold.

       258. SO WHEN YOU TAKE A BATH, YOU WASH OFF ALL THAT GREASE and let all that water penetrate, then it evaporates and you catch cold. Hot baths are murderous even in hot weather. It's better just to have a moderately warm bath than a hot one, besides it saves on water and electricity. So you can keep cool in hot weather.

       259. THE BODY IS MADE TO ACCLIMATISE AND ADJUST ITSELF TO ALMOST ANY WEATHER. I spent nearly an hour in a 160-degree oven in a drying kiln once just to see if I could take it. It was dry, but it wasn't all that bad. It felt pretty hot. Of course, I was only a kid and I was pretty tough. It was just plain hot, but it was dry heat. The body can stand a lot of dry heat, but wet heat nearly smothers you!

       260. YOU'LL FIND THAT THE BODY WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES CAN ADJUST TO ALMOST ANY TEMPERATURE, and believe it or not, even in cold weather. It's amazing what the body can do. Some of these health faddists and enthusiasts have proved they can go swimming in ice water.

       261. ONE OLD FARMER WAS OUT PLOWING STARK NAKED WITH HIS HORSE.--He said he could work better that way. But a bus full of children drove by and the driver complained so they had to put an end to that. Some of those Scandinavians are great for going naked, especially in summer. They get so little sun they try to get all they can while they have a chance.

       262. SO EVERYBODY KEEP COOL AND COMFORTABLE. YOU GUYS ARE GONNA BE REVOLUTIONARY! We're not in this world to let them convert us back to their system of the dark ages, and all their health habits, conventions of dress and everything. We're here to revolutionise! And they're not very revolutionary, no matter how much they think they are, until they're as revolutionary as we are. We're a hundred years ahead of them all at the present rate, so they've got a long ways to go, Amen? Praise the Lord!


       263. I DON'T BELIEVE THERE'S SUCH A THING AS CATCHING COLD unless your resistance is down and your body is weakened and then you can probably catch it. If it's a germ thing the germs just get in and take advantage of it.

       264. I THINK SCIENCE HAS PRETTY WELL PROVEN THAT SOME DISEASES ARE CATCHING, in spite of some of the naturopath's theories. Obviously some of them are contagious, but you'll find also that some people have great resistance to diseases. They don't catch them. They've got good health and a good physical condition and they keep up their bodily resistance and they just don't catch them!

       265. I HAVEN'T HAD A COLD IN A LONG TIME. I had one bad one from sitting out in subfreezing temperature one night waiting for a bus until we really got chilled and we both came down with a bad cold. First cold we'd had in about three or four years. First cold we'd had since we were back in Texas because we usually just take care of ourselves.

       266. THE COMMON COLD IS THE GREATEST CAUSE OF ILLNESS IN MOST WESTERN NATIONS and it's mostly because people don't take care of themselves. They don't eat properly, rest properly, they work too hard, and they overdo and abuse their bodies with too much of anything--too much food, too much sex, too much of a lot of things. And of course if then you get chilled, I mean really chilled or something and your resistance is down, you catch cold.

       267. NOW, IF YOU'RE IN GOOD SHAPE, EVEN THOUGH YOU MIGHT GET CHILLED, YOU WON'T NECESSARILY CATCH COLD. But you can get a cold just from getting you feet and ankles cold or from any part of your body getting chilled or cold.

       268. YOU'RE PARTICULARLY SUSCEPTIBLE TO GETTING CHILLED AND THAT SORT OF THING IF YOUR BLOOD COUNT'S LOW and you're anaemic, or you haven't got very good circulation and much blood, and therefore you chill more easily. Getting you feet cold, even if the rest of your body's very warm, will chill you all over. I don't know how but it just does. Your head uses a lot of energy to keep warm and that's why it's good to keep a hat on in cold weather.

       269. IF YOU KEEP YOU HEAD AND FEET AND HANDS COVERED YOU CAN CONSERVE A LOT OF YOUR HEAT. If your feet are cold your body is burning up a lot of energy trying to keep them warm. And if you just don't have that much energy why that weakens your whole body and weakens your resistance and the germs dive in and start chewing!


       270. WHAT DOES TOO MUCH LOVEMAKING DO TO YOU?--IT MAKES YOU WANT MORE! It does! The more you make love the more you want to make love. But that doesn't necessarily increase your capacity to make love. Well, it's just like too much of anything.

       271. IT'S LIKE WORKING TOO HARD OR PLAYING TOO HARD or exercising too hard or doing too much of anything; you can just exhaust your nervous system, and exhaust your physical resources if you make love too much.

       272. NOW THE NORMAL AMOUNT OF LOVEMAKING IS NECESSARY AND GOOD FOR YOU and shouldn't bother you in the least, especially at most of your young ages. You can make love at least once or twice a day and it shouldn't bother you. I mean, if you feel like it.

       273. BUT IT'S WISE TO BE SURE YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO REST and you're going to get a normal amount of rest or you're not going to have too hard a day or something like that.

       274. IF YOU MAKE LOVE IN THE MORNING YOU'RE APT TO FIND YOURSELF A LITTLE TIRED. Not immediately afterward, I don't know what effect it has on you, but making love sort of wakes me up and energises me for a little while. It's because of the release of the adrenaline in your blood stream that really kind of peps you up in a way.

       275. FOR A MOMENT AFTER THE EXPLOSION YOU'RE EXHAUSTED, you just want to rest, just like after any vigorous exercise. But then I'm all wired and ready to go again, at least do something--maybe not make love again! At my age, why I must be some kind of a freak, because most men they say are not supposed to want to make so much love at my age!

       276. MAYBE THREE OR FOUR HOURS LATER YOU'LL FIND THAT YOUR ENERGY IS RUNNING OUT and you feel like taking a nap and you feel a little tired and sleepy. It's a good time to take a rest then.

       277. OF COURSE, THE BEST TIME TO MAKE LOVE IS WHEN YOU FIRST GO TO BED and then you've got a nice long night's sleep afterwards. But the trouble with that is that so many people are too tired when they first go to bed. They're so tired they just don't feel like making love, they've had a hard, long day and they're tired, and they just zonk out!

       278. SO SOMETIMES WHEN YOU FIRST GO TO BED YOU'RE TOO TIRED, and though you may feel great in the morning and want to make it, you may find out if you don't have a chance to rest afterwards you'll soon get tired and feel like resting.

       279. GOD HAS SHOWN YOU WHAT IS ONE OF THE BEST TIMES TO MAKE LOVE.--He shows a man very clearly. You get an early morning hard about three or four or five o'clock in the morning! You wake up and there it is!--So why not use it! That way you get a good rest before lovemaking, which gives you a chance to recoup your bodily energy, and then you have an hour or two or three afterward to rest up from the expenditure of exercise.

       280. WHEN YOU HAVE THAT EXPLOSION IT IS REALLY LIKE DISCHARGING AN ELECTRONIC FLASHGUN. When you turn on the switch a little trickle of normal energy from two little old penlight batteries trickles into this thing which amounts to transformer.

       281. IT IS STEPPED UP BY THE TRANSFORMER, SORT OF LIKE MAKING LOVE, and it goes round and around and around and around until it is really ready to explode and then it will explode when you punch the button in one big burst of energy in the flash. But if you flash that same flash straight off the batteries, it would knock the batteries flat in just two or three times. However, if you give it a chance to build up through that transformer the batteries will last quite a while, you can take 40, 50, 60 flashes.

       282. THE ENERGY OF YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM, WHICH IS A LOT LIKE ELECTRICITY, HAS TO HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO RECOUPERATE and build up strength again. So the Lord made most people not able to have too many orgasms in a row, especially men who expend a lot of energy and usually really blow up in quite a burst.

       283. SOME WOMEN CAN HAVE A SERIES OF GENTLE ORGASMS and never explode in one huge big boom. They just build up in a series of nice little steps, a series of little thrills, until finally they've had enough and are satisfied, and no one huge big orgasm. Other women can have a series of two or three or four in a real explosion if you wait a few minutes in between.

       284. IT'S HARDER AND TAKES A LITTLE MORE TIME TO WORK UP TO THE NEXT ORGASM but it will be even more violent and more thrilling than before. But, each one takes a lot of energy so that's why young people can have more than old guys like me.

       285. I'M DOING AWFUL WELL IF I SURVIVE ONE OR TWO A NIGHT, sometimes not that many. But you young fellas shouldn't have too much of a problem, and that's the best time for you to go; at that hour when you wake up and you feel something poking you. The trouble with that is a lot of times you're too sleepy and you don't reel like going to the trouble--either she or you.

       286. I MEAN YOU CAN'T GET THESE THINGS DOWN TO SOME KIND OF A MECHANICAL SCIENCE--Just do what you feel like doing--but don't overdo it! Don't overdo anything. God made us so it's a little more difficult to go each time, so that you won't go too many times and totally exhaust yourself.

       287. IT'S USUALLY NOT TOO GOOD AN IDEA TO MAKE LOVE IF YOU'RE SICK and your body needs the energy to fight off disease. If you take this energy for sex instead, then it's going to prolong the battle with the cold.

       288. OF COURSE, IT'S NEVER GOOD TO HAVE SEX, GIRLS, WHEN YOU'RE HAVING YOUR PERIOD. Sex in early pregnancy is all right if you're careful. If you're fighting a cold or something it's not too good an idea.

       289. NOW THERE IS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, ONE RARE EXCEPTION which I have read in books and discovered by personal experience. If you are fighting a cold and perhaps are even having chills or fever, your energy is at quite a low ebb.

       290. IF YOU'RE SORT OF FEVERISH AND CHILLY there is something about that terrific burst of energy that just puts a shock through your whole system if you can manage to make it. Sometimes then if you will totally completely relax and rest, and you don't have to get up and work and get out of bed or do anything but just really rest up, it's almost as though it burns it out of you, believe it or not.

       291. NOW THE NATUROPATHS WILL TEACH YOU THAT GERMS DO NOT CAUSE DISEASE but that disease causes germs, which is almost totally opposite from what medical science says. But I'm inclined to believe because of personal experience that God causes the body to create fever to burn out the disease and to burn up the poisons in your system.

       292. THAT SUDDEN BURST OF THE ORGASM, THAT BURST OF ENERGY, SEEMS TO ASSIST THE FEVER IN SUDDENLY BURNING UP THE POISONS and I've had that experience myself. Suddenly your body gives what amounts to a real burst of energy which helps to overcome the disease, and helps the fever to burn out the poison or whatever it is. So sometimes in some cases when you're sick, if you're not too sick and you're not going to try to jump up and run around right away afterwards, why if you have a little sex it can warm you up.

       293. REMEMBER WHEN DAVID WAS OLD AND HE GAT HIM NO HEAT THEY SENT FOR ABISHAI TO TRY TO WARM HIM UP and she laid on him. What she was trying to do was get him going. Because this energising from sex will sort of cause the body itself to try to build up a little energy for it and this helps to fight off the disease.

       294. BUT THEN OF COURSE YOU CAN OVERDO IT.--If you then don't rest thoroughly afterwards and give yourself a chance to recouperate or you have too much, why that can run you down to where you catch cold and you weaken your body and your resistance to disease.

280 DAYS

       295. WELL, I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU GIRLS FIGURE, BUT YOU BETTER GET YOURSELVES A CALENDAR. According to God's period of gestation designed for human beings, babies are supposed to arrive exactly on the 280th day, exactly ten lunar 28-day months or nine calendar months, which are not very accurate. You can't tell by the calendar months at all, but if you'll count the days or by the weeks you'll be very accurate!

       296. FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY OF THE LAST MENSTRUAL PERIOD WHICH YOU HAD, IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE EXACTLY 280 DAYS UNTIL THE BABY IS BORN. And that is usual and customary, it is exceptional when it doesn't happen that way. It's not too unusual if the baby's a little late, or sometimes a day or two early, but that's probably because somebody miscalculated. The usual thing, and the way God designed things, is exactly ten lunar months of 28 days each, exactly 280 days, and on the 280th day after the first day of your last period, the baby should be born.

       297. SO YOU PREGNANT GIRLS BETTER GET OUT YOUR CALENDARS AND COUNT BACK, and you can do it very nicely if you want to just count by weeks. In other words, counting the seven day weeks it's exactly 40 weeks. For example, if the first day of you last period was on a Friday, then count each Friday since then as a week until you get to the number 40 and that Friday will be the day the baby's supposed to be born.

       298. IN OTHER WORDS, THE BABY IS SUPPOSED TO BE BORN ON THE SAME DAY OF THE WEEK as the first day of your last period. So just count up the weeks since that first day and you would get the exact day to expect the baby. Most babies came on exactly the 280th day to the day from the first day of their last period.

       299. SO GOD'S PRETTY ACCURATE AND PRETTY DEFINITE ABOUT HIS TIME TABLES and that's the way it will usually be, with a few rare exceptions. So if you gals will figure accurately and correctly exactly 40 weeks from the first day of your last period, that's the day the baby will be born, God willing.

       300. I'VE ALWAYS INSISTED THAT THE GIRLS WHO ARE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY or in my household, on the first day of their period take a little red pen and circle that day on the calendar and never forget it! Because if they don't have the next period, then they know that is the day to figure from.

       301. IT CERTAINLY DOESN'T TAKE MUCH EFFORT TO USE A RED PEN AND CIRCLE THAT DAY on the calendar, so I don't see why any girls or any women ever lose track or their period, which, I'm sorry to say, a lot of women do because they're just too lazy to make a note of it and to circle the day on the calendar in red, just as a nice little reminder of when it last was.

       302. IT WILL ALSO HELP YOUR HUBBY TO REMEMBER HOW LONG HE'S GOT BEFORE HE CAN MAKE LOVE TO YOU AGAIN.--It should be seven days from that day--that's the day of the week he can start making love to you the following week. Otherwise, it's not really good for you during your period. So I've always made a hard and fast rule in my family, and we've kept it pretty well.

       303. SO...HOW ABOUT THAT! ISN'T GOD WONDERFUL? But we're pretty foolish sometimes not keeping track of what He's doing. So I do hope you girls will do better from now on and keep better account of your periods, and as you pregnant girls can see, it becomes quite important. Praise the Lord? GBY!


       304. TRAVEL IN PREGNANCY: IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE GIRL AND WHAT SHE'S USED TO and how strong she is, how healthy she is and how much she has been travelling with the baby in her own body and used to all that jolting and bumping along.

       305. SOME WOMEN IN THEIR NINTH MONTH ARE RIDING UP AND DOWN HILLS IN NATIVE BUSES bumping along terrible roads and it doesn't bother them a bit. Other women can't even hardly stand to climb into an automobile and boom, they have the baby!

       306. DOCTORS WILL TELL YOU TO BE VERY CAREFUL THE LAST TWO MONTHS and not take any long journeys and so on because some women easily "cast their young" as the Bible says. Although the Lord has promised us He'll not allow you to cast your fruit before your time, with some women just the jolting and so on will tear the placenta loose and they can't take it. It all depends on the woman and what she's used to.

       307. SOME WOMEN ARE USED TO A LOT OF PHYSICAL EXERCISE all the way through their pregnancy, and keep in excellent shape doing lots of walking, dancing, constant action, constant activity, and that's the best thing in the world for a pregnant woman--lots of exercise, hard work, lots of activity, lots of walking, dancing, whatever she feels like doing. But you can't expect to claim God's promises while you're disobeying His Word by abusing your body with overwork, exhausting exertion, heavy strains, etc., like standing on your feet all day long shopping or lifting heavy loads, etc. That's just plain idiotic!

       308. A PREGNANT WOMAN SHOULD GET EXERCISE JUST LIKE SHE WOULD WHEN SHE'S NOT PREGNANT, and don't overdo. As long as you're used to it, it comes easy to you and you're not overdoing, but you're doing a normal amount of mild exercise, then the more you do the better because it strengthens your body and muscles and tissues and the baby too. I think it's very good. That mild exercise and activity, even a little strenuous exercise like climbing hills and a brisk walk, that's all very good for you.

       309. A PREGNANT WOMAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING THAT A NORMAL WOMAN COULD DO in normal health. But if she's pampering herself and babying herself and she's not been used to being in good health and exercising and keeping strong physically, why, she's going to be bad off in pregnancy too. She'd be bad off if she wasn't pregnant, so it doesn't really make much difference except that it's going to affect the baby, and she may even lose it if she's not strong and well.


       310. WHEN A WOMAN IS MENSTRUATING SHE IS USUALLY WEAKER, she's losing some blood. The blood is used to wash out the remains of the baby-making which the body was prepared to do in case a little sperm happened along to make love to your egg. But if it doesn't happen, why then you've got to get rid of the egg or you'll soon have a rotten egg on your hands! This is an amazing thing!

       311. SCIENCE HAS NOW DISCOVERED THAT THE BODY ITSELF HAS A SYSTEM THAT THEY CALL "QUALITY CONTROL" or "automatic abortion". That 90% of women's conceptions are possibly washed out by the body without proceeding with the process because the body senses or something has discovered some abnormality about the conception.

       312. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD HAS HIS OWN BUILT-IN QUALITY CONTROL. Otherwise, there'd be nine or ten times as many abnormal babies born. But the body itself checks on the normality of the conception to make sure it's all right, and if it's not all right it rejects it.

       313. IMMEDIATELY THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO ME WHEN I HEARD THAT, IS THAT IT'S SPIRITUAL! Demonic activity tries to injure the conception, literally tries to enter in and cause an abnormality, especially in people who don't know the Lord and who really have no protection against demons and evil spirits and so on.

       314. THE DEVIL TRIES TO ENTER INTO A CONCEPTION IMMEDIATELY TO WRECK GOD'S CREATION and cause deformities and abnormalities. But God, just like He gives you resistance against other evils and diseases, has enabled the body to also resist abnormal conceptions, and they believe now by their investigations that is at least 90%. If it weren't for that there'd be ten times as many abnormal conceptions. 90% of these are automatically rejected by a woman's automatic body quality control system. Praise God?

       315. THE BODY IS A WONDERFUL THING THAT GOD'S MADE, a remarkable thing. It rejects any foreign substances of any kind that shouldn't be there--even when they try to sew other organs in. It doesn't know any better so the automatic part of the body doesn't know you're trying to help and tries to reject it. That's what makes these transplants so difficult because the body automatically rejects the foreign material.

       316. SO SCIENCE IS FINDING OUT MORE AND MORE ABOUT THE CREATION OF GOD ALL THE TIME. And all they're finding out is just confirming what the Lord already told us; that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.


       317. I DON'T THINK ACCIDENTS HAPPEN TO CHRISTIANS WITHOUT A REASON. It's like catching a cold, you're either careless or you didn't watch your step or you didn't avoid the conditions that cause accidents or catching colds and so you either caught a cold or you caused an accident.

       318. ACCIDENTS DO NOT HAPPEN--THEY ARE CAUSED--and if you avoid the causes of accidents then you won't have any accidents. The rest of course, God has to do, because the Devil can attack you and do a lot of things to try to cause things. But we've gone a long time without any serious accidents.

       319. LITTLE ACCIDENTS OF COURSE ARE USUALLY CARELESSNESS; little things like dropping stuff, or you get in a hurry and you run down the wet walk and slip and fall, or you leave the cupboard doors open in the kitchen and come up and knock a hole in your head with the corner of a cupboard door--they're murderous!

       320. I'LL TELL YOU, I'M LEARY OF THOSE THINGS. I'm leary about the tiniest piece of glass on the floor. Why, I'll search and search till I find every piece if I break something because you can easily get yourself cut very bad. Glass is about the sharpest thing in the world.

       321. AND I AM ABSOLUTELY ALLERGIC TO LITTLE SPOTS OF MOISTURE ON THE FLOOR because just a few drops of water on the floor can cause somebody to slip and fall and have a bad accident or a bone break or something. Never leave any spillage or water on the floor of any kind. Somebody who's heavy on their feet and not nimble can hit that thing just right and have a bad fall. So accidents are caused, they don't just happen.

       322. ACCIDENTS ARE USUALLY CAUSED THROUGH CARELESSNESS, LACK OF WATCHFULNESS, LACK OF CAUTION. The way to avoid accidents is to avoid the conditions that cause them. The way to avoid accidents is to prevent the conditions which make them possible. The way to avoid accidents is to make it impossible for them to happen.

       323. IT'S LIKE THE STORY ABOUT THE CHAUFFEURS WHO APPLIED FOR A JOB FOR THIS RICH MAN. The test he put all the chauffeurs through was to see how nearly they could drive to the edge of this cliff or this precipice safely. So each of these expert drivers took his limousine and they drove it as close as they could to the edge very cleverly and skillfully and carefully without falling clear over. Finally, one guy got in and when he started up the limousine he veered way over in the opposite direction from the precipice and drove as far from the edge as he possibly could. The rich man said, "You've got the job! That's how to drive safely close to the edge--don't drive close to the edge!"

       324. IN OTHER WORDS, TO STAY AWAY FROM TROUBLE IS THE BEST WAY TO PREVENT IT. Don't grab something that's hot and you won't get burned. The kitchen is a very dangerous place to work; You can get cut, you can get burned, all kinds of things can happen if you're not very cautious how you work.

       325. ONE OF THE MAIN PREVENTATIVES OF HAVING ACCIDENTS IS: DON'T TAKE CHANCES! Don't just assume that such and such is so, that all the cupboard doors have been closed above your head--look up before you get up or don't get up.

       326. I DIDN'T REALISE THE MEDICINE CHEST WAS SO CLOSE OVER OUR TOILET in our bathroom until I came up and dug that corner into my skull!--I'll tell you, it happened once but as the old saying goes, "Indian make mistake once, but good Indian no make same mistake twice!"--And I never hit that thing again! Let me tell you, once was enough, I learned my lesson. I hung a little piece of toilet paper there for a while to remind me it was there and then after I while I got used to it and I never even came close to it anymore.

       327. SO YOU PREVENT ACCIDENTS BY MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO HAPPEN by so totally avoiding the conditions or circumstances under which they could happen that they can't happen. That's why I get concerned when I see a little baby sitting on the floor in someone's kitchen, because it's not a safe place.

       328. I HAD A LITTLE COUSIN WHO WAS PLAYING IN THE KITCHEN, just a little child playing around the kitchen, and he wanted to see what was on the stove. You know they get to where they reach for everything and fall on everything and they're getting into everything when they're just about one to three, toddler age.

       329. TODDLER AGE IS ABOUT THE CUTEST AGE THERE IS BUT IT'S VERY DANGEROUS because they're getting into everything before they find out how dangerous it is. He reached up on the stove and pulled down a kettle of boiling water all over him and scalded to death. It killed him.

       330. SO IT'S VERY DANGEROUS FOR A LITTLE CHILD TO BE PLAYING IN THE KITCHEN because you're usually carrying around all kinds of stuff--dishes and heavy dishes or hot dishes and you could just accidentally spill something. That's what I mean when I'm talking about preventing the conditions that make accidents possible. When you have a little child on the floor of a kitchen, you are making the conditions possible for an accident to happen.

       331. THE THING YOU NEED TO DO IS MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR SUCH AN ACCIDENT TO HAPPEN by putting him in a high chair up by the table or something out of the way at a higher altitude where things cannot fall down on him and they can't be dropped on him. Of course putting him in a chair on the table, if he's very active and not just a very, very young baby, he's apt to work himself off the table and fall by himself to the floor.

       332. SO YOU JUST HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR AN ACCIDENT TO HAPPEN. Just like you try to make it impossible for a baby to catch cold by always keeping him at a good temperature, warm and out of drafts. You girls might be working in the kitchen and be warm and not realise that you have your baby sitting right in front of a wide open window or a door and the wind's blowing on his head. He's not working and therefore he can get chilled.

       333. SO THE BEST WAY TO AVOID OR PREVENT ACCIDENTS IS TO PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. Keep close to the Lord and constantly claiming the protection of the Lord, always asking the Lord to keep you, and bless and protect you, because lots of things can happen that are totally beyond your control, but not the Lord's!


       334. MOST PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY UNCONSCIOUS OF WHAT IS OVER THEIR HEADS, believe it or not! You usually only have to be one floor up, downtown, and you can look down on people and they'll never even see you, and never look up.

       335. IT'S A FUNNY THING, MOST PEOPLE DON'T LOOK WHERE THEY'RE WALKING EITHER. My Mother because of her back had to be very cautious about her walking and where she stepped and everything else and that's one reason, besides the fact that we needed it, why she was always finding money on the ground.

       336. MOST PEOPLE DON'T REALLY PAY A GREAT DEAL OF ATTENTION where they're walking, they just assume the sidewalk is there. Lot's of people just walk right on off into a hole or a manhole or something else.

       337. IT PAYS TO KEEP ONE EYE ON THE GROUND AND ONE EYE ON THE SKY and stay out of trouble! City sidewalks can be dangerous, there are buildings over your head and windows and people shoving out flowerpots and all kinds of things!

       338. THE WISEST THING TO DO IS TO WALK AS CLOSE TO THE BUILDING AS POSSIBLE, believe it or not. Because then you're usually under either a canopy or under balconies and terraces where things can't fall on you head. Usually when something falls out of a window, it's accidentally knocked out of a window in some way with enough force that it makes a slight arc and it doesn't fall straight down right beside the wall of the building. So the safest place to be is right close to the wall of the building.

       339. A LITTLE THING LIKE WALKING DOWN THE STREET CAN BE PRETTY DANGEROUS. Especially some streets where they don't have any consideration and they're not courteous and they have the attitude, "Well, brother, you're walking in the street on the wrong side, you deserve to get hit, you're in the way." They don't care. So it pays to walk very safely when you're walking down the road or the street especially if they don't have a sidewalk.

       340. ALWAYS WALK ON THE SIDE FACING THE TRAFFIC, whatever country you're in. If people drive on the right, you walk on the left facing them. If they drive on the left, you walk on the right--always face the oncoming lane of traffic. Why do they tell you that? Because that way you can see the traffic in front of you in the lane you're walking in. The other lane is not apt to come clear over in the opposite lane and hit you. You can see the traffic in the lane you're walking in ahead of you and they can see you clearly and you can jump out of the way if you have to.

       341. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS JUST NOT WALK ON ROADS AND STREETS THAT DON'T HAVE SIDEWALKS because it's pretty dangerous, unless you watch the traffic very carefully and you jump out in the weeds or climb a tree or something when you see a car coming if it's pretty narrow. Especially if there're two car going to pass each other going the opposite direction at the same time!

       342. IT'S ALWAYS WISE TO WEAR VERY LIGHT CLOTHING OR SOMETHING COLOURFUL WHEN YOU'RE WALKING down the highway. Never ever walk down a dark unlighted highway at night with no sidewalk wearing dark clothing because its virtually impossible for the driver to see you until he's right on top of you and then it's too late. If you haven't got a light suit on or something you can even take a white handkerchief and hang it in you collar or carry a flashlight.

       343. IF YOU HAVE TO WALK DOWN A DARK NARROW ROAD AT NIGHT AND CAN'T HELP IT, ALWAYS TRY TO CARRY SOMETHING LIGHT or a light jacket or wear light clothing, white shirt. Accidents are caused, they don't just happen. They're caused by carelessness, lack of caution, lack of watchfulness, and failure to avoid the conditions that make them possible.



       344. I'VE NEVER HAD MUCH FAITH IN MEDICINES, especially after all the things Dr. Koger told me about medicines. He said the thing he hated about other doctors and the use of medicines was how they experiment on people like guinea pigs. He said he'd been in many a doctor's council who said, "Well now, let's see. That didn't work, lets try so and so. Oh, no, that has a bad effect, let's try something else now." They don't know what to do, let's face it.

       345. A LOT OF TIMES THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, and even if they do what's wrong they don't know whether the medicine's going to help you or not. They just experiment around and try different things and try to cure without really correcting the trouble.

       346. BUT AS I'VE SAID ALL THE TIME, SICKNESS, ILLNESS OR DISEASE IS CAUSED BY WRONG LIVING, not getting enough exercise, not eating properly, not getting enough rest and not having the right relationship with the Lord.

       347. IF YOU GET THOSE THINGS STRAIGHTENED OUT IT'LL CURE ALMOST ANYTHING, that's what Dr. Koger used to say! Then you won't need any medicines to try to cure the symptoms instead of really getting at the disease.

       348. THE PROBLEM NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN IS NOT A DISEASE, not cancer or heart trouble or liver trouble or arthritis or any of these other things, that's not really the disease, that's only a symptom of the real disease. The disease is usually physiological in that you haven't properly cared for your body or its psychological in that you have a lot of mental problems or it's spiritual.

       349. LET'S FACE IT, THESE ILLNESSES AND SICKNESSES ARE JUST SYMPTOMS OF WHAT'S REALLY WRONG with you. Tuberculosis is not very widely known today because they've got it pretty well licked. They've simply found out tuberculosis was largely a combination of things, malnutrition, inactivity, lack of fresh air and general weakness of the body from whatever the cause might be. People who overdo physically or even sexually, I mean really abuse their bodies, really abuse them, often have tuberculosis.

       350. A LOT OF DISEASES HAVE WHAT THEY CALL GERM CAUSES but I'm inclined to agree with the naturopaths and Dr. Koger that the germs don't get started unless you're already weakened for some reason. When germs attack it's because your resistance is down, you're already weak in the body from some other reason. It wasn't the germ's fault--the germ just took advantage of the situation just like the Devil. He likes to hit you when you're down.

       351. THE GERMS JUST ATTACK BECAUSE YOUR RESISTANCE IS DOWN. I seldom ever have a cold, thank the Lord. I've had two colds in six years, two colds! One two years ago and one about four years ago at TSC, because we try to live right and get enough rest and eat right.

       352. DR. KOGER USED TO SAY, LIVE RIGHT, EAT RIGHT, WORK RIGHT, AND REST RIGHT and then no matter how many people you're around that have colds, you're not going to catch it because you're strong and well and your resistance is good and it doesn't matter. Good night!--I've kissed and made love to women who had terrible colds and I didn't catch it! I mean that if it was purely because of physical contact and a few germs, why, I'd have caught a lot of colds.

       353. THE SAME THING IS EVEN TRUE IN CASE OF VENEREAL DISEASES, like any other disease, if your resistance is good and you're normally healthy and keep clean. I hope you don't go around shopping for venereal diseases, but in case you happen to run into somebody who has it it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to catch it, especially if you trust in the Lord for protection.

       354. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS KEEP CLEAN AND WASH GOOD IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARD with soap and water thoroughly. If you've been kissing somebody you're not too sure about, rinse your mouth good with wine, a strong drink of whiskey or something similar and rinse it around real good like a mouthwash, or if you've got Lavoris, Listerine or something like that.

       355. PERSONALLY, I DON'T THINK YOU OUGHT TO BE KISSING ANYBODY YOU DON'T KNOW that well. Even in the Revolution a lot of kids go around kissing everybody on the mouth. That's not too good an idea unless you're pretty intimate friends already willing to share all of your diseases.

       356. I THINK YOU'VE GOT TO BE PRETTY INTIMATE FRIENDS TO BE KISSING ON THE MOUTH and sharing your germs. Personally, I'm not too crazy about kissing people on the mouth unless I'm feeling pretty horney or I love them a great deal. If I love them a lot and they're already a part of my family and I'm about as intimate as you can get, why, they're already sharing your germs.

       357. YOU HAVE TO USE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE AND ESPECIALLY TRUST THE LORD. We're not going to give ourselves all the credit for just the way we live because God, He does the rest. You do your best and God'll do the rest! You do your best to keep in good health and live right, eat right, work right, rest right and God'll keep you going. So, if you remember that little four point description it'll keep you in good health and you won't have to have any medicines and doctors and hospitals.--Unless sometimes when you might have a baby or an accident.

       358. I'D SAY MEDICINE IS ALONG THE SAME LINE AS ACCIDENTS: THE BEST WAY TO AVOID ACCIDENTALLY GETTING THE WRONG MEDICINE or wrong dose or some medicine that will hurt you is just don't take any! Unless it's pretty serious and you're under medical care in the hospital and you can't help it, you have to do what they say. Then I'd just pray and ask the Lord to keep me and protect me from the medicines as much as from the doctors, as well as the disease, because they're all pretty dangerous.

       359. THESE DOCTORS, ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA, ARE ALWAYS WANTING TO CARVE YOU UP because they make more money that way. That's why they all want to be surgeons, they make a lot of money. The more they cut you up, why, the more money they make! The longer they keep you in the hospital, the more of your life it'll take to pay them back.

       360. IN AMERICA THE DOCTORS ARE SOME OF THE RICHEST MEN IN THE COUNTRY. But in socialised countries like Britain, doctors are not all that rich, they're pretty poor fellows. In fact, they're constantly striking for higher pay and so on. So they don't make any money from carving you up under a socialised system where it's costing the government something.

       361. SO SOCIALISED MEDICINE IS REALLY THE SAFEST KIND OF MEDICAL CARE TO GET because they're not going to recommend any medicine they're going to have to pay for unless they think you really have to have it. They're not going to recommend an operation that the government is going to have to pay for unless they really know you need it, or think you need it, because they're not making any money on it. So socialised medicine is great!

       362. I REMEMBER ONE AMERICAN DOCTOR HIMSELF SAYING, "WELL, THEY MAY HAVE GREATER EXPERTS and specialists and better equipment and scientific know-how and so on in America, but frankly, if I were sick I'd rather be sick in Britain where I can be sure that I'll only get the medication I need and it's not going to cost me a fortune, especially if I have to spend any length of time in a hospital."

       363. AMERICAN HOSPITALS COST YOU ABOUT 100 DOLLARS A DAY. But in other countries it's about a tenth of that and you get so much more care and loving concern, real human interest, gentle care. Oh boy, thank God for other countries outside of America! Wouldn't it be a horrible world if you had no place else to go but the United States!


       364. WELL, THERE ARE SOME SIMPLE MEDICINES AND SIMPLE REMEDIES WHICH ARE NOT COMPLICATED AND ARE FAIRLY HARMLESS. One of the most common is Aspirin. Although like Dr. Koger used to say after he got saved and got honest with himself and the people, he said, "There's not a medicine you can take that, although it might help one thing it almost always hurts something else."

       365. ASPIRIN IS REALLY SIMPLE WAY TO CLEAR UP YOUR HEAD if it's a simple headache not of any serious origin, maybe due to tension or over-indulgence or something. It simply opens up you blood vessels so that the blood courses faster and easier through the blood vessels and clears out the congestion which causes the pain of the headache.

       366. BUT AT THE SAME TIME, EVEN SIMPLE ASPIRIN IS HARD ON YOUR HEART and also hard on your stomach. All you have to do to see that it is a little rough on tissue is take an aspirin and stick in up inside you mouth between you lip and your gum above your teeth. Just stick it up in there for a while until it dissolves and then look at the spot it leaves. Your gum and your lip will be all red because the aspirin's a kind of an irritant too.

       367. SOME DOCTORS THINK IT CAN EVEN IRRITATE SUFFICIENTLY TO INDUCE CANCER. In other words, if you take a lot of aspirin, I don't suppose one aspirin's going to kill you or give you a heart attack or cancer, but the people who take a lot of aspirin are running a risk.

       368. BESIDES, ANYONE TAKING ASPIRIN BECAUSE OF CONSTANT HEADACHES IS JUST DEALING WITH THE SYMPTOM and not the actual disease because a headache is always a sign of something deeper that's wrong usually, like I said in "Sex Works!"


       369. OFTEN DOCTORS WILL PRESCRIBE PILLS TO MAKE PREGNANT GIRLS URINATE MORE. In other words, to reduce the water content of their flesh because they will supposedly get too fat. It is true that some people can't drink water much or every ounce of water goes to an ounce of fat. My Mother was that way, she had to watch water.

       370. THEY DO IT SO THEY WON'T GAIN SO MUCH WEIGHT before the birth of the baby. Personally, I think as long as you're getting along fairly well and you're not having any serious problems, you're safer to be a little fat than to be taking pills that you don't know what they're going to do.--That's the way I feel about it.

       371. ANYTHING THAT'S HARSH ENOUGH OR STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU URINATE MORE IS BOUND TO BE HARMING YOUR SYSTEM and anything that irritates the urinal tract might possibly give you uraemic poisoning, of which several people have died.

       372. THE FAMOUS EARLY PLATINUM BLONDE MOVIE ACTRESS JEAN HARLOW, of which some of you have probably heard, died of uraemic poisoning. She was the predecessor to Marilyn Monroe back in the World War II days. I met her once in Hollywood in a department store, pretty girl, very platinum blonde hair.

       373. JUST LIKE MARILYN MONROE, HER PLATINUM BLOND HAIR WAS NOT NATURAL platinum and she had to constantly use this very strong bleach on her hair to bleach it. And she finally absorbed enough of the poison in the bleach just through the pores of her scalp to poison her system and give her uraemic poisoning, and it killed her.


       374. SLEEPING PILLS CAN KILL YOU! I was always very leary of sleeping pills. Quite a lot of people have died of an overdose of sleeping pills.

       375. SLEEP IS ABOUT AS NEAR DEATH AS YOU CAN GET while you're still normal, and in a sense it's almost a form of death, and something that puts you a little bit more to sleep might just put you too far to sleep. And sometimes you can mix very bad deadly combinations.

       376. I TOOK A SLEEPING PILL ONE NIGHT BECAUSE I WAS EXTREMELY RESTLESS in a very noisy apartment and I hadn't been able to sleep for quite a few nights. So the doctor recommended a sleeping pill. He said it's mild stuff, you don't even have to have a prescription for it, you can buy it in any drug store. It said start off with one but normally take two.

       377. WELL, I THOUGHT I'D START OFF WITH ONE and took one and I didn't go to sleep so I took another one. Well, that didn't really put me to sleep either because I apparently was very restless, disturbed or worrying about something, this shows it's a lot safer to trust the Lord. And then I did what it turned out the instructions said specifically not to do, don't take them with any form of alcohol.

       378. I THEN TOOK A FEW SWALLOWS OF WINE, AND BETWEEN THE TWO PILLS AND THE WINE IT NEARLY KILLED ME! I could feel my heart, I was just kind of drifting away. I had to get up and fight it and walk and sit up just to keep fighting and holding on. It was a foolish thing to do but you can do some stupid things sometimes if you're not careful. I sure learned my lesson. It says that specifically in the instructions, but I think during the night I just forgot about it and picked up the bottle and drank a few sips of wine and I sure felt that!

       379. I THINK IF I HADN'T REALLY FOUGHT AND PRAYED I WOULD PROBABLY HAVE DRIFTED OFF INTO DREAMLAND FOREVER. All my worries would have been over, Which would have been fine for me but it might have made it a little harder on you. Your worries might have just begun! So I asked the Lord to please let me stay for your sake.


       380. IN AMERICA IT DEPENDS ON THE STATE WHETHER IMMUNISATIONS FOR CHILDREN ARE MANDATORY. Most States, especially the so-called "advanced" states like Florida and California, require certain immunisations.

       381. THE WAY THEY GET YOU IS YOU CAN'T SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITHOUT IMMUNISATION and if you don't send your child to school they'll put you in jail because of the compulsory education laws! So all they have to do is say, "Well, you've got to have your child immunised or we can't have him near the school." Then that becomes compulsory too because you've got to send your kid to school or they'll put you in jail, so it's compulsory.

       382. SO WE GOT OUT OF MOST OF THAT BECAUSE WE JUST SHIFTED AROUND FROM SCHOOL TO SCHOOL so often that they never caught up with us. I really protested time and again and gave them a hassle over it. Sometimes we even went to the extent of saying, "Yes, we've already been immunised," and we said to ourselves, "by the Lord", and they just took our word for it!

       383. IMMUNISATION SOMETIMES DOES MORE HARM THAN GOOD. I have a very dear cousin, beautiful girl, gorgeous blonde, brilliant, and has a family of two children, two boys. She was a typical social service worker and civic minded and all this sort of thing and she took part in the great immunisation drives for all the children, and particularly the Salk Vaccine thing for polio, and to prove that she was all for it, she took some too and promptly came down with polio! Of course the doctor said, "Well, it's a rare unusual thing, but, of course, it does happen."

       384. DID YOU KNOW THAT IN THE UNITED STATES NOT TOO LONG AGO THEY HAD HAD NO CASES OF NATURAL SMALLPOX in years and were thinking of abandoning vaccinations for smallpox. The only cases of known smallpox that they'd had in the country that year were six cases caused by the vaccination because some people get a little too much and they don't normally or naturally build up the resistance to it.

       385. IMMUNISATION SO-CALLED, INNOCULATION, IS SIMPLY GIVING YOU A LITTLE TASTE OF THE DISEASE, a little tiny touch of it but in such a small amount that your body will immediately build up a resistance to it and so that you won't normally catch it any other way. But some of these shots will make you temporarily pretty sick, especially cholera shot, they knocked me for a loop!

       386. I WAS IN BED SICK AS A DOG FOR THREE DAYS WITH THE CHOLERA SHOTS. They hardly affected Maria at all, but me, they always did. In the army they gave us cholera shots and tetanus shots. Man, oh man, I thought my arm was going to drop off! It affected all of us boys in the army that way, made you arm as sore and stiff as could be, just like you actually did get an infection. And you sure couldn't get out of it in the army, you're stuck with it and they stuck you plenty!

       387. SOMETIMES THE COUNTRIES WON'T LET YOU IN WITHOUT THE SHOTS. The U.S. is one of those countries. I remember I was coming back from Mexico once and they were being careful about it then for some reason and they wanted to know if I'd had my innoculation of smallpox vaccination within the last three years and wanted me to produce a card to prove it. I said, "No." They said, "Come in here, brother," and took me in a little health service room and punched me. Of course I got it free, and I got a nice little card to prove I had it and it lasted me another three years.

       388. WE TRAVELLED FROM THE UNITED STATES AND ALL OVER EUROPE AND THE MIDEAST WITHOUT EVER HAVING ANY SHOTS. It wasn't until we started back from the Mideast: They're leary of people coming back form the Mideast to Western Europe because they have so many diseases in the Mideast, North Africa and all those Mediterranean countries. A lot of them are prone to malaria and cholera and yellow fever and all those things, so they usually require smallpox vaccination and cholera shots.

       389. SMALLPOX VACCINATION DOESN'T SEEM TO BOTHER ME, BUT THE CHOLERA SURE MADE ME SICK. It's like having a little dose of cholera. I was sick in my stomach and running off at the bowels and everything. It gave me a little dose of cholera. But then they said we'd have to do it because we were going to Cyprus and Cyprus was particular about people coming from other places and they did ask us to show our immunisation cards. And I think then going into England after having been those places they asked us to show our little books showing our shots. So sometimes you can't get out of it.

       390. SOMETIMES I JUST HAVE TO PRAY THE LORD WILL PROTECT ME MORE FROM THE SHOTS THAN FROM THE DISEASES! A lot of times we just pray the Lord will protect us from them asking us. You don't necessarily have to get all that, you just hope and pray that maybe they won't ask you and if they ask you then a lot of places they'll just do it right there on the spot and it's even free sometimes.

       391. UNDER SOME CONDITIONS THEY CAN MAKE IT ROUGH FOR YOU IF THEY WANT TO and put you in quarantine for a week or two until they're sure that your reaction is right and the vaccination takes. They used to do that a lot with the immigrants coming into the United States. They kept them on Ellis Island for two weeks' quarantine while they had their shots and made sure they took.


       392. DYING IS THE EASIEST THING IN THE WORLD. I mean it's so easy to die when you're a Christian, you know where you're going. It's not hard to die if you want to die, you can practically will yourself to die.

       393. IT'S LIKE ALL THE OLD TESTAMENT PATRIARCHS DID, they just gathered the family around and they said their goodbyes and gave their last instructions and they prophesied over them and so on, and then they just said goodbye and they gave up the ghost.--They gave up the ghost, they deliberately yielded up their spirit. You can choose to die if you want to.

       394. THE WILL HAS A LOT TO DO WITH KEEPING YOU ALIVE. Doctors are always saying that if you have the will to live that you might make it. A lot of people die real easy, they don't really have the will to live. They don't want to live, and so it doesn't take much to kill them.

       395. SOME PEOPLE DIE OF THE SMALLEST ACCIDENT. It's because they can't stand a little bit of pain and they don't have much will to live, they just choose to escape. Whereas, some people have been known to survive some almost absolutely unbelievable pain and torment and torture and horrible accidents, they have such a strong will to live you can hardly believe it!

       396. ON THE FAMOUS BATAN DEATH MARCH AFTER MCARTHUR LOST HIS FORCES, at least lost Corregodore, that rock fortress near Manila, the Japanese captured it and they had all these American prisoners.

       397. THE JAPANESE MADE THE PRISONERS WALK FOR MILES AND MILES TO THE PRISON CAMP, miles and miles and miles, and a lot of them were wounded and sick and everything else and a lot of them had dysentery. One guy was walking along carrying his bowels in one hand, his entrails were coming out and he didn't want to lose them so he just walked along carrying them.

       398. AS LONG AS THEY KEPT MOVING THE GUYS HAD THE WILL TO MOVE, TO GO ON AND TO LIVE. They would stay alive as long as they kept having something to do to keep them going, kept walking, kept moving. Most of them died, not while they were walking, but when they sat down for a ten-minute rest. When they'd sit down for the ten minute rest they'd just keel over like flies, just die by the dozens. So it doesn't take much to kill some people, and it takes a lot to kill others. It depends on how much will you have to live.

       399. I'VE ALMOST DIED A LOT OF TIMES AND ONCE I DID. Even after I died that time I had such a will to want to come back because I prayed, Lord, let me return to my body! It's a wonderful feeling though, it's great! I mean you're lighter than a feather, you feel like you're floating on air when you're rid of the dead weight of this body. Some of you have heard me tell that story how I was sitting up in bed half in my body and half out. That's a long story though so you'll have to read it someplace else.

       400. SO THE MAIN THING TO DO IS LIVE CLOSE TO THE LORD AND TRUST HIM and avoid the conditions under which these things can happen as much as you possibly can. Avoid taking any chances with anything. Avoid those conditions so that it can't happen. If there's maybe a chance of only one in a thousand that the conditions will cause an accident, avoid them. The Devil will take advantage of the situation if he can, especially if you're not real cautious, so why let him have the chance? Stay close to the Lord and in His will and obey His Word--and use your head and a little common sense.--These are the best preventatives! God bless you and keep you!

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