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"THE U.S. MERCHANT SUBMARINE" DREAM--MO       May 7, 1975       GP No.355

Copyright © November 1975 by The Children of God


       1. [EDITED: "IN THIS DREAM"] A GROUP OF US WERE WALKING OUT THIS LONG PIER IN LIBYA that jutted way out northward into the Mediterranean. There were a few buildings on it. There was a big grandstand on the pier where they had programs and quite a few people were already beginning to gather for some kind of big program or show and a parade they were going to have--some kind of celebration. We had just arrived in Libya and were each carrying our suitcases.

       2. WE WERE GOING OUT TO THE END OF THE PIER TO SEE GODAHFI who lived in this big two-story house on the end of the pier. Just before you got there there was this big iron fence with a big iron gate across the pier.--You know how they do along piers sometimes to shut them off from the public. Well, the end of this pier was fenced off that way.

       3. THERE WERE SOME FISHERMEN OUT IN SOME BOATS who were supposed to have brought us the keys to the gate. But there had been some kind of mix-up or they'd been slow and they hadn't gotten them to us yet. But they said they were coming. They were Godahfi's men.

       4. SO ESTHER SAID, "NEVER MIND I'LL GO GET THEM." And she promptly stripped off all her clothes and dove in and swam out to get them followed by two or three others of our girls who did the same because they said, "Esther, you mustn't swim out there all by yourself!" So they stripped off all their clothes and did the same.

       5. THIS OF COURSE BEGAN TO DRAW QUITE A CROWD, mostly men, of course, standing around watching the girls stripping and diving in naked. Esther was the first out to the boat and she got the keys and they all swam back with her and climbed out of the water onto the pier standing there stark naked and dripping wet!

       6. THEY WERE DRYING THEMSELVES off and putting their clothes back on while the Arab men were really enjoying the show--whistling and hissing and making catcalls and appreciative remarks. The girls seemed to be enjoying it and it didn't bother them a bit! They stood right out there and dressed before the whole crowd.

       7. THEN WE PICKED UP OUR SUITCASES AND WALKED ON TO THE GATE and unlocked it and went on through and walked up to the front door of the house onto this little porch that went across the front of the house. As we knocked I heard Godahfi's voice say, "Come in!" So I opened the door a little bit and stuck my head in and there he and his wife were sitting in the corner of a rather small living room.

       8. GODAHFI WAS ON A COUCH and she on a chair and they were apparently having coffee on the coffee table. She looked a little shy and embarrassed. Godahfi looked sort of embarrassed too like he was sick and in great pain and really suffering and that's why he'd sent for us, to try to help him.

       9. TO MY OWN AMAZEMENT and embarrassment I saw that he was very ill, and I remember thinking, "Oh, my, no! Don't tell me he thinks my saliva like the holy men is going to heal him!" It was like a very private personal problem he was having that he really wanted my help with. How could you symbolise a private personal problem better than by an embarrassing illness?

       10. HE SAID, "JUST GO ON UPSTAIRS, your room is upstairs, and I'll see you later." So I kept the rest of the kids out of the living room as I didn't want them to see his condition. I reached over and shook hands with him, but that was all, as he was in such great pain he couldn't get up. He said he'd see us later. I just shut the door and we all went upstairs and got unpacked in our rooms, and then we came down to watch the show in the grandstand.

       11. IT WAS LIKE A POLITICAL RALLY at which they have entertainments and speeches and parades and stuff. They were selling tickets right out in front of the stage in front of the whole crowd, but I didn't feel like walking right across in front of the crowd while I was waiting for the show to begin, so we walked around behind the stage.

       12. THE STAGE WAS SET UP in the middle of this big pier and parallel to it, so all the time we were walking behind it we were walking south toward the shore. The stage faced toward the right as we were walking from Godahfi's house, so that would mean it would face West because the shoreline of Libya runs East and West and the pier jutted out into the water Northward. So as we were walking toward the shore we were obviously walking Southward. So the big stage and all was facing toward our right or Westward.

       13. SO INSTEAD OF WALKING IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CROWD we decided to walk behind the stage on the left, the East side, and we were going to go around to the other end to inquire about the tickets.

       14. AS WE PASSED ALONG BEHIND THE STAGE WE NOTICED ALL THESE BOOTHS set up for various exhibits, etc. I remember how cleverly they were constructed: It seemed like they were very portable and the pieces all snapped in place when you put them together so you could easily take them apart, and they were made of real thin aluminum, shiny and bright.

       15. THEY WERE A NEW KIND OF EXHIBITION BOOTH which I thought was very clever, and they were lined up all along the back of the stage where people had different exhibits. We got down to the last booth and it was the biggest, brightest, shiniest and showiest of all.

       16. THERE WAS THIS SUPERANNUATED ACTRESS about fifty or so I would imagine, but she was all dressed up in this real revealing costume with a little tiny short skirt.--And the funny thing about the skirt was that it was only half a skirt! She wore it only on her right side from the middle of the front to the middle of the back, a mini skirt, while on her left side she had almost nothing on--all you could see was her panties!

       17. THE SKIRT WAS MADE LIKE AN AMERICAN FLAG with a star-spangled blue belt and a red and white striped skirt, the stripes running up and down. That's significant, because the Americans are politically entirely on the conservative right side now! She was almost stark naked on the left, wearing almost all her clothes on the right. She was fussing and fuming about something, that they hadn't brought her all her equipment or something.

       18. SHE REMINDED ME OF ONE OF THESE OVER-AGED BURLESQUE GIRLS AN OLD WHORE, as she was toughly smoking a cigarette and looking very sour and grumbling about everything that was going on. How come they put her booth in the back instead of the front, typical American style? Why didn't they give her a bigger part on the show? She was so concerned about herself and her own show she hardly gave us a glance as we walked by.

       19. JUST THEN ON MY LEFT I noticed this big L-shaped pipe sticking up out of the water with this big round flexible tubing attached to the end of it about four inches in diameter--or it could have been five or six inches, I don't know. The tubing was dangling from the end of the pipe and there was a fellow standing up on top of the pipe shaking the water out of the tube. He was complaining that he wished the people would take better care of the pipe and quit fooling with it because it was getting water in it.

       20. ALL OF A SUDDEN I SAW SOMETHING DOWN BELOW just beneath the surface of the water and I realised what he was about to do! There was this huge huge monstrous underwater submarine tanker of some kind, like a submarine only much much fatter, and it was round on both ends. It was gigantic! It was at least 50 feet wide and 150 feet long or bigger and much longer.

       21. IT WAS SOME KIND OF HUGE SUBMARINE TANKER and evidently it had just almost surfaced to come here to load up fuel oil, and that's why the workman was shaking the water out of the tube and grumbling about water being in it.

       22. SOMEHOW I KNEW IT WAS SOME KIND OF NEW SNEAKY AMERICAN SHIP, A SUBMARINE OIL TANKER and they were trying to steal Libya's oil when nobody was looking, a real sneaky way of doing it with this underwater tanker! While I was wondering about it I was watching him hook up the hose to fill its tanks--the submarine tanker had a spout coming up out of the water to which he attached this flexible hose to fill its tanks.

       23. WHILE I WAS MUSING ON THIS STRANGE VESSEL and wondering just what it was up to, all of a sudden I was inside it! Strangely enough, inside it was built like a refrigerator ship with all the walls lined with refrigerated pipes covered with ice and snow.--And it was cold! But the strange thing about it was that inside you were weightless, just like inside of a spaceship!

       24. THE CREW WAS BUSY about its duties, and there was this little Englishman who seemed to be somebody important on board, an officer, and he was swimming around through the corridors. You had to give yourself a push and you'd go sailing down the corridor and then you'd catch yourself at the other end against the wall, and then you'd make a turn and push yourself down another corridor in another direction.

       25. THE ENGLISH OFFICER WAS BUSY about his duties, and I had the feeling this whole ship was some kind of big secret thing the U.S. had, to not only lick the oil shortage problem, but it also had something to do with atomic power, and these refrigerated pipes were part of the atomic cooling system.

       26. IN THOSE ATOMIC-POWERED VESSELS they use atomic power to heat hot water to power the engine somehow. They power it with hot water or steam heated by atomic power and then they have to cool the water afterward and run it through again. I don't understand it all, but that was my impression. The British officer was a scientist who was helping to operate the vessel. It was also some kind of secret mission:

       27. THE U.S., THROUGH THIS SHIP HAD DISCOVERED A WAY TO LICK THE FUEL SHORTAGE but wanted to keep it a secret so that the rest of the world wouldn't know that she had figured out a way to do it. But evidently it still used oil to power some of its engines whenever it could get the oil. It could either burn oil or use atomic fuel. I don't understand that either, but all I know is that was my impression. How I knew that or how I got inside the ship I don't know either--it was almost like I was a spirit!

       28. SO I SAID TO THIS NICE BRITISH OFFICER when I finally got his attention, "You know, you don't have to help operate this ship or go on this mission"--which seemed dangerous for some reason because it was all so sneaky the way they were doing it. But his attitude seemed to be, "Well, I don't particularly like this mission and I don't exactly relish the job, but I accepted this assignment so I'm going to stick to it and see it through, and I'm not going to give up the ship!"

       29. IT REMINDS ME OF THE WAY BRITAIN IS ABOUT THE U.S.: Even though the U.S. is dragging her down she's determined to stick to the U.S. in spite of everything! Meanwhile I was thinking, "I'm sure Godahfi must not know about this!

       30. "THESE AMERICANS ARE UP TO SOME MORE OF THEIR CUNNING TRICKS and I don't think he's aware of what they're doing, so I'd better warn him about it because I know them better than he does. I must remember to warn him about all this!"

       31. ISN'T THAT AMAZING--OIL AND ATOMIC POWER! It was like this vessel had some kind of dual energy system and propulsion system so that it could use either one, could either burn oil or atomic fuel. I wonder if that's true, if the ones they've already got can work that way? They can probably use oil more simply for certain types of operations, but it seems like a duel system would be kind of bulky. I thought of that as I looked at it underwater:

       32. "WHAT A CLEVER WAY TO TRANSPORT THE OIL and to power merchant vessels!--So sneaky--underwater, so that nobody could tell just what you were doing or how much you were getting or where you were going or how much you were supplying or to whom!--All submarine underwater merchant vessels!" I wonder if they really have such a thing?

       33. AS THE TIME OF THE OIL WAR GETS CLOSER THAT WOULD BE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, you know, to have a submarine merchant fleet--merchant submarines that the enemy couldn't see! They could transport supplies and arms and men and fuel back and forth without even being seen! That would be very clever! I saw this one just as plain as day lying there under the surface of the water like some kind of sinister lurking monster!

       34. WHEN THE BRITISH OFFICER WOULDN'T LISTEN to my appeals to get off this sneaky American submarine, apparently I did get off, because the next thing I knew I was walking on down the pier and onto the shore, which was a green grassy park with flowerbeds and benches, etc.--And there was this handsome young American gymnast practising his stunts. He seemed to be on the same show with the old American whore.

       35. ALL OF A SUDDEN THIS PROFESSOR--I remember he looked kind of like Einstein--comes rushing toward me with this box in his hand and says, "Here, this is some secret material which you're to rush to Godahfi right away!" I didn't know what it was--it looked like a package of tape cassettes and felt like it too--and I was standing there rather surprised like I was wondering, "Now how did he know who I was, and what is he giving me this for, and I wonder who he is?" But he seemed to be somebody friendly.

       36. AS I STOOD THERE WITH THE PACKAGE IN MY HAND contemplating the situation and wondering what it was, suddenly this smart-alecky American gymnast, the handsome movie star type, cavorted over in my direction and supposedly accidentally knocked the box out of my hand onto the ground!--And when it hit the ground it broke open and spilled its contents--pictures and information all about this gymnast, revealing the fact that he was some kind of American secret agent and that he had come to this big fair just to spy out the land!

       37. WHEN HE SAW HIS PICTURES he knew that he'd blown his cover and that the jig was up and that he was no longer a secret agent but a known agent, so he just sat down on the park bench and laughed like it was some kind of big joke!--"The jig is up!"

       38. MEANWHILE I TRIED TO PICK UP THE CONTENTS of the package and get it together and save it for Godahfi, while the old professor looked a little disappointed that I had spilled the beans prematurely when he'd committed these things to my care to take to Godahfi secretly.

       39. ALTHOUGH HE WAS A WESTERNER HE SEEMED TO BE ON OUR SIDE. My impression was that he was some kind of scientist and that the package contained other secrets, like about the ship, etc., that he'd gathered for Godahfi, and that he thought I'd been a little careless not to guard them better and let this American knock them out of my hand!

       40. WHAT THE AMERICAN HAD BEEN TRYING TO DO WAS SNATCH THEM AWAY, but instead he just knocked them to the ground and they'd spilled. Then when he saw he'd been found out he just sat down and laughed in typical American style like it was all a big joke, as though the joke was not only on him but on us.

       41. SO I BEGAN PICKING UP SOME OTHER THINGS I'D DROPPED, including my briefcase and one of these new fold-up exhibits which was all nicely neatly folded up into just like one big sample case, really very clever, which made them very easily transportable from one fair to another.

       42. IT ALL FOLDED UP INTO ONE BIG SHINY ALUMINUM SILVER CASE about eight feet long and about three feet wide and about eight inches thick--pretty heavy, but considering you had a whole exhibit booth packed up in a suitcase it was pretty clever! I was taking home a sample because it had so impressed me how clever they were and how portable, all folded up into one big suitcase!

       43. I WAS TAKING IT OVER TO SOME KIND OF OFFICIAL BUILDING on the shore where I was supposed to go, and I was having quite a time lugging all this gear--my briefcase, cassettes of information on the spy and spy ship and the portable booth. I kept setting it all down and resting for a minute and thinking, "I can't lug this gear all by myself! I've got to get some help!"

       44. --AND ABOUT THAT TIME THE NEIGHBOURS across the street started screaming at each other and I woke up! But I guess that was all I needed to get, as that's all the Lord let me get, and He could have kept them from yelling.

       45. I'M INCLINED TO BELIEVE THE WHOLE THING was a little more illustrative than exactly literal, because as far as I know, Godahfi doesn't live in such a place as a house on the end of a pier, and I doubt if he's in that bad a physical condition, etc.

       46. BUT IT'S QUITE OBVIOUS IT IS VERY SIGNIFICANT in many ways. [DELETED] Esther was the one who was willing to strip to rush the getting of the keys to [EDITED: "a certain"] situation because she was one of its pioneers and it was through her letter that the Lord gave me the answer as to what Ho and Faith were supposed to do [EDITED: "about an important mission"]. [DELETED]

       47. IT'S ALSO QUITE OBVIOUS THAT THE BEAUTY OF OUR GIRLS was one of the attractions [DELETED], and it's also apparent that Godahfi has some very deep need. [DELETED] It's sort of a secret he doesn't want to tell everybody, but it has to do with some real personal problem that he has, perhaps about his work or his public relations or something. [DELETED] But he doesn't want to publicise the fact to the whole world, not even to his own people.

       48. IT'S ALSO QUITE OBVIOUS THAT THE U.S. WAS TRYING TO GET INTO THE ACT and put on a show to attract his attention out in front, in public, while actually behind his back and everybody else's they were being real sneaky and stealing oil that he didn't know about. l wonder if that's possible?

       49. THE AMERICANS RUN THOSE OIL WELLS and rigs, etc. They're nationalised but the U.S. still operates them. They could be falsifying reports on quantities of oil pumped and shipped and to whom, etc. You know how crooked the Americans are and that they are thieves and won't hesitate to be robbers also when violence is necessary!

       50. THEY WERE QUITE OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO SNEAK THAT OIL, and that American was complaining because the Libyans didn't know how to handle the equipment, which is probably partly true.--And the British are obviously going to stick with the Americans when it comes to a showdown!

       51. NOW WHETHER THAT MERCHANT SUBMARINE TANKER SHIP is supposed to be a revelation of something later that's going to come, or maybe already in operation for all we know, or whether it's just symbolic of the underhanded, shady, sneaky ways in which the U.S. operates to get it's way and what it wants, l don't know. But either way it amounts to the same thing.

       52. SOMEHOW THE U.S. IS STILL ROBBING LIBYA OF OIL in some secret undercover manner and the British are wise to it. They know about it and are apparently in cahoots together on it. You see, the British were in Libya too, so they know a lot about Libya. The Americans had a big base there too--they both had huge big bases there and Godahfi kicked them all out!

       53. THE ONLY THING HE NEEDS AMERICANS THERE FOR NOW IS TO RUN HIS OIL WELLS and refineries, and you just don't get that kind of skill easily. The simple agrarian Libyans don't know much about that, so he has to import all his technicians. I just wonder if they could be robbing him secretly without him knowing about it? He's so honest and trusting himself that he might not realise there are ways they can do it and get away with it, and they wouldn't hesitate to do it if they could!

       54. AMERICA WAS PUTTING ON A SHOW IN PUBLIC WHILE SHE WAS SNEAKILY ROBBING HIM BEHIND HIS BACK! It was almost as through she was cooperating with his show, which would be like the American performers and technicians that he knows he has to have there to help him run the show of his oil wells and refineries, etc.

       55. BUT THIS OTHER EUROPEAN SCIENTIST that looked like Einstein was trying to give Godahfi information [DELETED] to expose the Americans. That's it!

       56. SOME OF THESE PERFORMERS OR TECHNICIANS ARE NOTHING BUT U.S. SECRET AGENTS! In other words, some of these desperately needed scientists and technical personnel he needs to operate his oil industry are actually CIA secret agents.

       57. IT'S SUCH A SIMPLE LITTLE ILLUSTRATION, like the Lord has to illustrate it with little childish pictures to help us get the point. . [DELETED]

       58. BUT WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE MEANING OF THOSE COLLAPSIBLE BOOTHS, such nice handy portable collapsible exhibit booths? Maybe it means we're supposed to get around to more fairs and exhibitions for a witness and PR, because we've made a lot of good contacts through those fairs. That was the only good thing l got out of the whole show that was being put on. That was one good product l liked because it was so simple: Everything just snapped into place when you unfolded it. It was so easy to put up and so easy to take down.

       59. WELL, IT WAS OBVIOUSLY VERY MOBILE AND THAT'S A VERY IMPORTANT THING that we must always remember--to keep our show very mobile and on the road! It's kind of like our own little show, our own little collapsible booth. So l guess the lesson in that was, stay mobile! I remember I could hardly wait to show that to some of our folks to show them what a nice mobile thing they could have.

       60. WHAT IS A EXHIBITION BOOTH?--IT'S WITNESS! SO KEEP YOUR WITNESS MOBILE! Always be prepared to fold up and move--keep moving! Keep your show on the road!--And that was it! l woke up! That's very interesting: There must be some sneaky way the Americans are cheating or sabotaging Godahfi! l understand he's been having some financial problems lately and you know [EDITED: "most"] Americans hate his guts and would do anything to ruin him!

       61. [DELETED] You know good and well that as long as those Americans need the oil they're probably trying to steal it. But if everything gets too bad and he makes it too hard to steal it any more or sneak it out any more, they'd figure some way to sabotage it so he couldn't have it either!

       62. [DELETED] While he's concentrating on his more minor internal and personal problems the Americans are robbing him blind behind his back! It's almost like he's having problems with his own people and internal politics and whatnot.

       63. ISN'T THAT THE WAY OF THE DEVIL to get you so involved in family squabbles while your enemies are threatening you from the outside trying to get inside! His dear wife was so concerned about him. It was like she was really worried. [DELETED]

       64. THAT SALIVA OF MY MOUTH COULD HAVE REPRESENTED MY WORDS, and his illness represents a very private personal matter. So it could be he does have some very private problem. [DELETED] Of course, if he doesn't have Jesus, that's a very personal problem that the Words [DELETED] could heal if he'd receive them. It's quite apparent that he does have some faith. [DELETED]

       65. A PERSONAL PROBLEM WITHIN CAN BE A GREATER THREAT THAN ENEMIES WITHOUT, because while you're concentrating on the interior problem the enemies are apt to get in behind your back just like they were trying to do in our "Stand in the Gap"! [DELETED]

       66. HE'S HAVING A LOT OF INTERNAL PROBLEMS right now, and l don't doubt a bit that the Americans and the CIA are taking all the advantage of it they can! I'm sure they would love to overthrow his regime because he's one of their bitterest enemies! He's the leader of the Arab radicals who want no compromise with America or Israel.

       67. SADAT'S A COMPROMISER for all the money and help he hopes to get out of America. There's been quite a furor in Libya just recently in which Godahfi threatened to throw all the Egyptians out of Libya and Sadat came out and complained publicly about it.

       68. BUT HE'S SO DEPENDENT ON THE EGYPTIANS as an educated class for technicians and teachers, etc., that it's almost impossible for him to get along and run his country without both the Egyptians and the Americans! So he really is in kind of a bind.

       69. HE'D DO BETTER TO GET HIS HELP FROM SOME OTHER COUNTRY that are not so compromising and playing footsy with America! Even some of the [DELETED] British would be better than the American. They're not as violent and underhanded and they're more honest.--And I'd say the French are much closer friends than the rest of them.

       70. WHY CAN'T HE GET HIS TECHNICAL HELP FROM FRANCE? Even if they may not be quite so good as the superior Americans, better a poor technician than an enemy technician! The French are pretty smart, plenty smart. Of course you wouldn't dare trust the West Germans [DELETED], and the Italians are mad at him because he kicked them out.

       71. THE SPANISH ARE PRETTY SMART PEOPLE, they've got a lot of good technicians and run big refineries and they're quite sympathetic to the Arabs and anti-Israel.

       72. OUR GIRLS ARE GOING TO BE A REAL HELP in obtaining the keys to the kingdom. The Lord just shows it like it is, like they were naked! It's their beauty and feminine pulchritude that's quite an attraction. [DELETED]

       73. THE MOST IMPRESSIVE THING in the whole thing which would make a good title was that sneaky merchant submarine, "The U.S. Merchant Submarine"! [DELETED]

       74. [DELETED] God can give you inside information!

       75. WHAT'S THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE POOR FISHERMEN out in those boats having the keys? Well that's true, really: The keys to the kingdom are the poor, they're the ones who really have the keys to the kingdom. God judges a government by the way it takes care of its poor.

       76. [EDITED: "T"]he poor fishermen [EDITED: "were"] the people who were fishing for something--hungry and trying to find the truth.

       77. THAT WAS REALLY A SENSATION WHEN OUR GIRLS STRIPPED right out there in public, it really brought a crowd! They're our little "Flirty Fishes" the big fish and fishermen always go for, God bless 'em! Never underestimate the power of sex! It's won us lots friends and caught lots of fish, praise the Lord! God bless you!
* * *

       78. SINCE THIS [EDITED: "DREAM"] [DELETED] GODAHFI [DELETED] recently forbade 500 U.S. employees of one big American oil company to leave the country until they delivered their promised oil quotas! He's also now turning more to the East for help instead of the West. Like the European scientist professor, honest educators around the world are sympathetic to the Arab cause.

       79. THE U.S. HAS ALSO CONFESSED THAT SOME OF IT'S "OIL TECHNICIANS" ARE CIA AGENTS! [DELETED] There have been [EDITED: "several"] attempted coups against Godahfi [DELETED], and he's having other internal problems, real headaches!--And l wouldn't be a bit surprised to hear the U.S. is developing a merchant submarine fleet!

       80. GOD KNOWS THE FUTURE AND THE SECRETS OF THE PRESENT!--Are you in tune with the times and God's revelations?--If not, write us for more!--Or visit one of our Heavenly Colonies near you for lotsa lovin' fellowship, fun, and Family in the Lord! There are thousands of us in hundreds of Colonies on every continent around the Globe! Come and see!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family