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"THE ADMINISTRATION REVOLUTION"--MO       Nov. 11, 1975       NO.357--DO

Copyright © November 1975 by The Children of God, CP 748, 00100 Rome, Italy.

Precious Children:
       Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name!
       1. PRAISE GOD FOR THE NEW REVOLUTION! God bless each one of you who have made its phenomenal success possible, particularly you sacrificial brave pioneers who have forsaken all to obey His commandment to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature. God bless you every one and thank you and thank God for your obedience! This year the world! That determined cry is being rapidly fulfilled:

       2. WE NOW HAVE AROUND 4000 FULLTIME MISSIONARIES IN 520 COLONIES IN 62 COUNTRIES around the world and they are winning souls as never before at a rate rapidly approaching 40,000 a month or nearly 1300 a day! I know of no church or other religious group with such a record! We are also gaining 150 new solid sticking disciples, real workers every month who are not going back to the swinepit! Hallelujah!

       3. TO DO THIS WE ARE PRINTING AND DISTRIBUTING OVER 4 MILLION PIECES OF LITERATURE PER MONTH and reaching 250 million with the message through our total witness on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. The converts per person is skyrocketing to a world average of over 11 souls per month each! I'd like to see a church with a membership that can tie that one!

       4. JAPAN, KOREA AND THE PHILIPPINES ARE PROVING TO BE OUR GREATEST SOUL WINNERS and our most prolific harvest fields of today with a shocking record of 45 souls each per month--4 times the world average! North America is next, with Europe rapidly rising!

       5. IT'S NO WONDER THAT THE PACIFIC, NORTH AMERICA AND EUROPE ARE OUR GREATEST SOUL WINNERS as they also lead the world in the effort they put forth in literature distribution with Northwestern U.S.A. and Western Canada in the lead in per-person records with an average of over 2700 pieces per-person per month!

       6. DO YOU REALISE THAT'S NEARLY A HUNDRED PIECES PER DAY EACH?--While some of you are complaining and murmuring about having to distribute a little over 30 pieces a day! But watch out, North America and the Pacific!--Your per-person output has been declining and the way Europe, Asia and Latin America are rising, they'll soon be up with you!

       7. LATELY, NORTHERN EUROPE HAS BEEN GETTING THE MOST PUBLICITY, particularly since they've been keeping more accurate records of all their stats--They hadn't even been counting their TV audiences! Don't forget to count heads, Kids, including total broadcast coverage and total circulation of newspapers and periodicals in which you appear.

       8. NORTHWEST EUROPE HAS RECEIVED THE MOST publicity this last month of our latest stats. God bless you! Keep swingin'! Stay in there and don't let'em forget you! We started making front-page news headlines daily when there were only 50 of us and we hit the networks when there only 250, so don't let 'em despise your size! We make more news per person than any other religious group in the world!--And good news is our job!

       9. SPEAKING OF SIZE, AFTER A YEAR OF CHOPPING AWAY AT THE BLOBS, YOU'VE DONE A REMARKABLE JOB of whittling yourselves down to a world average of about a tidy little 7 per Colony, God's own number that anybody ought to be able to manage and which should be able to effectively reach any single area. Praise God!

       10. IT'S ENCOURAGING ALSO TO SEE THAT THE NUMBER OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN OUR COLONIES IS RISING in proportion to the number of men, so that now our families and women have you bachelors well outnumbered!--But as we still have nearly 1000 single women, you 1500 bachelors are without excuse! Come on, Boys and Girls!--That's one way to up your stats of new disciples: Every baby counts!--Amen? More of you need to lie down on the job! God bless you!

       11. THE KC OF SOUTHERN EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA AND LATIN AMERICA STILL LEADS THE WORLD IN OUR TOTAL POPULATION, with North America and the Pacific close behind. But maybe if you Northern Europeans would get out more lit and win more souls and spend a little more time in bed with your wives you could up your population quite a bit, Amen? Maybe the cold winter will help! You should be able to afford it as:

       12. W. EUROPE LEADS THE WORLD IN INCOME PER PIECE OF LIT AT NEARLY 20 CENTS with Northeast France the world's highest at nearly 25 cents! The world average has also risen to a happy 13 cents per piece, with North America and the Pacific making one of the fastest climbs from 10 cents to 12 cents in a month.

       13. EVEN THE POOR NATIONS OF SOUTHERN EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA AND LATIN AMERICA ARE NOW AVERAGING 11 CENTS PER PIECE, so that the total world income of all you Colonies put together has risen to well over half-a-million dollars a month, with North America and the Pacific leading the pack. Praise God!

       14. LATIN AMERICA IS GAINING THE MOST NEW DISCIPLES PER COLONY, and Northwest Europe has had the greatest percentage of increase in the number of Colonies. So that according to our latest ratings in overall progress Northeast Europe is Number One at present; with the Pacific Second; and Northwestern Europe, Southern Europe, Africa and Asia at Third: leaving North America Fourth and Latin America Last.

       15. THE LATTER HAVE HAD SOME SERIOUS LEADERSHIP PROBLEMS which were probably partly responsible for their recent decline but these have now been corrected and Cephas, Shaul and Abiah are the new Prime Ministers, God bless them! Another area which you saw according to our last Letter was really down in the doldrums in every way, Scandinavia, was also having leadership problems which have now been corrected and whose stats as a result are now rapidly improving, and Esther and Valiant are no longer with us. The other former leadership of some of these areas are now being retrained and we trust have learned their lessons and shall conduct themselves more wisely and usefully in the future.

       16. OUR OVERALL LEADERSHIP PICTURE HAS BEEN VASTLY IMPROVED BY THE NEW R structural changes, so that we now have more leadership per capita than ever before and the burdens of responsibility have been placed on more shoulders than ever before, Praise the Lord, and thanks to you and Him! We're sure you'll all be doing a better job now that the load on each of you is lighter. God bless you!

       17. SPAIN LEADS THE WORLD BOTH IN THE NUMBER OF TRANSLATIONS AND THE NUMBER OF PRINTED TRANSLATIONS, over 370 Letters translated and nearly 340 already in print, with these reaping printers almost overtaking the translating plowmen! The French, too, have an equally high record of translations, but are a sad 162 Letters behind on their printing. The Italians are next with about 335 translations, but are 70 behind on their printing.

       18. JAPAN IS NEXT WITH NEARLY 280 TRANSLATIONS AND OVER 240 OF THEM ALREADY PRINTED, making them the world's third in the actual number of translated Letters already on the streets. The Germans are also way up there on translation with about 260 ready to go, but 180 of them in print.

       19. THE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES HAVE TOGETHER CHALKED UP A PHENOMENAL RECORD OF NEARLY 450 TRANSLATIONS in their five languages but only have about half that many actually in print. Come on, you French, Italian and Norse printers!--Get 'em rollin'!

       20. THE DUTCH HAVE DONE WELL WITH ABOUT 250 TRANSLATIONS, but are lagging a little behind with only about 170 on the streets. Even the Portuguese and the Greeks are running neck and neck, with about 100 translations each, but their printers are lagging behind with less than half of them on the streets.

       21. EVEN THE INDONESIANS, CHINESE, KOREANS AND THAIS ARE RUNNING FROM 90 TO 120 TRANSLATIONS each, but seem to be having a difficult time getting them into print, less than half of their translations having actually hit the streets. These latter mission fields really need your help as they are very poor financially and cannot support themselves. So maybe if you'd give to them more liberally they could get more of these translations they've already made into the hands of the poor souls who need them.

       22. SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS HAS EVEN BEEN MADE IN RUSSIAN, POLISH, TAGALOG, PERSIAN AND TURKISH but again the problem is getting them into print. Can't you richer countries help them? You'll share forever in the eternal rewards of the souls won as a result of your giving!

       23. WHICH BRINGS US TO THE GOOD NEWS THAT YOU ARE SHARING now with the rest of the world more than ever before with a record World Services income of about 55,000 dollars a month, even more than it was before the New Revolution, and more than double what it was at its lowest point in the midst of these new changes. God bless you!

       24. MEANWHILE, DUE TO THE CHANGE OF THE NEW R AND THE SPLITTING OF THE BLOBS, WORLD SERVICES EXPENSES HAVE DECLINED to less than half what they were before the New R, so that World Services is now able to return to your KCs and their many needs and pioneering fields over half of World Services total income!

       25. IN FACT, YOUR GIVING IS UP SO WELL that nearly all of you are giving nearly your ten percent or more, with the South Pacific as now the world leaders in giving with an amazing nearly 16 percent, and the only real laggard, South America, still giving only a little over 5 percent, or only half of their required 10 percent. Come on, South America, we know some of you are poor, but this still does not excuse you giving at least 10 percent of what little you do have.--Amen? God bless you all!

       26. SOME OF YOU PRECIOUS CHILDREN HAVE BEEN GIVING FAITHFULLY and sacrificially extra gifts to our own personal M&M Fund, with these little individual gifts sometimes totaling our actual expenses. But please remember that these do not count toward the 10-percent which your Colony as a whole is supposed to donate to World Services from its literature income.

       27. IN OTHER WORDS, THESE ARE YOUR LOVE GIFTS to us personally and not your Colony's tithe to our worldwide work. Besides, we believe that most of you would prefer to keep these gifts strictly personal and confidential and not have to be reported or accounted for in your Colony's total giving, which would be a breach of confidence.

       28. SO IF YOU DON'T WANT THESE COUNTED AS SPECIAL LOVE GIFTS to us above your tithe, then you should not send them to us personally but include them in your Colony's 10-percent donation, as all special gifts specifically designated to us personally, MO and Maria, are sent to us directly and not included in your Colony's tithe, and only you personally will receive credit for them from both us and the Lord.

       29. WE FEEL IT UNFAIR THEREFORE, THAT OUR PERSONAL EXPENSES should be paid for only by your personal individual gift while the rest of the world goes free and is required to give nothing toward our personal support, as in the past. The KCs have therefore recommended that in the future our personal support should be shared by the whole world from the donations of the Colonies in general, so that your individual donations can be counted as pure love gifts to use as we have need or see fit for others in need.

       30. YOU SEE, WE WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE, TOO, and this not only helps us to meet certain special extra needs, but also to make it possible for us to help meet the needs of others whom we know are particularly in need of help. We have been doing so, anyway, out of our present income from your small personal gifts, but this change will make it easier for us to help many that are in need. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in this regard. God bless and keep you and continue to make you a blessing!--And He will!

       31. IN CONFERENCE WITH THE KCs WE ARE HEREBY RECOMMENDING, WITH THEIR AGREEMENT, SOME FURTHER MAJOR ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES. It is still a New Revolution and we are still making improvements and changes as we continue to revolute daily. Our present World Services have been doing a phenomenal job more efficiently and economically than ever before, but we are still not satisfied. They are still carrying too great a load of the worldwide work and handling too many stats and too much of the money so that there is still too much centralisation.

       32. WE ARE STILL TOO VULNERABLE TO ATTACK, OUR FUNDS ARE NOT SECURE ENOUGH, our work is too unwieldy, and our computer department has become so burdened with too many unnecessary statistics and so much data processing that our reports have become so complicated and voluminous that, although extremely thorough and comprehensive, they are reaching us too late to do us much good.


       34. ADMINISTRATION: BEGINNING THIS JANUARY 1 OF THE NEW YEAR 1976 WE ARE GOING TO FURTHER DECENTRALISE by pushing all mail handling, financial accounting and data processing down to the KC level! Thus,

       35. BEGINNING JANUARY 1, YOU WILL NO LONGER MAIL YOUR INDIVIDUAL COLONY REPORTS AND 10-PERCENT DONATIONS TO WORLD SERVICES directly, but to the office of your respective Counsellorship where your mail will be handled, your stats processed and from whom your total stats and World Services share of your 10-percent donations will be forwarded directly to World Services for final processing and world totaling.

       36. EACH COUNSELLORSHIP WILL THEREFORE RECEIVE THE IMMEDIATE BENEFIT of their share of the needed funds given by you and up-to-date statistics that will be immediately useful in your supervision without the long delays of the present highly complicated, highly centralised, over-burdened, over-worked and therefore less-efficient staff of one central headquarters for the whole world.

       37. THESE MAIL, FINANCE AND STAT-PROCESSING OPERATIONS WILL BE PUSHED DOWN TO THE KC LEVEL, and World Services left with the responsibility of handling KC correspondence only, containing only their share of the funds and one total stat report from each of the three KCs which can easily be totaled for the whole world without an expensive computer and all it's complicated time-consuming processing--plus World Services publications only, and no more!

       38. THIS WILL WHITTLE THE WORLD SERVICES TOTAL OPERATION from the present Blob it is again becoming in Paris down to a Publications Center only, which it was originally intended to be, with a staff of only about a dozen as we originally envisioned. They said it couldn't be done, but we're doing it!

       39. WORLD SERVICES WILL NO LONGER NEED A COMPUTER DEPARTMENT, as they will only be handling a total of three much-abbreviated reports. Neither will World Services need a Finance Department as, after January 1, they will be handling only their own finances and not those of the whole world.

       40. IN FACT, THE WORK OF HANDLING MAIL, FINANCES AND STATS WILL BE SO GREATLY REDUCED even in each of the three KC offices that it is doubtful that any one of them shall have any further need of either a computer or a finance department, as almost anybody with an adding machine should be able to add the stats of their area in a day and shoot them immediately to World Services for world totalling. Neither will they need so many typists and key punchers and book keepers to record so much information and so much banking facilities for so much funds.

       41. EACH LITTLE KC SHOULD BE ABLE TO HANDLE HIS AREA'S TOTAL MAIL, STATS AND FINANCES with one secretary and one book keeper in one small one-room office with no more than two or three desks and a couple of typewriters and an adding machine or even a hand computer, the job will have been made so small and easy by splitting it three or more ways. In fact, I think that even I and my little pencil could do a faster job than our present system is doing, sending me their final reports two months late!

       42. FINANCES: THE PRESENT SMALL RESERVES NOW HELD IN TRUST FOR THE KCs WILL BE IMMEDIATELY SPLIT and divided between them and actually sent to them, as originally intended, to be banked by them and not by us, thereby eliminating the necessity of any elaborate banking facilities for WS alone and the danger of the concentration of too much funds in one place in the hands of too few.

       43. BEGINNING WITH YOUR COMPLETE DECEMBER STATS, JANUARY 1, EACH COLONY WILL MAIL ITS MUCH-TO-BE-ABBREVIATED STAT REPORT TO ITS KC ALONG WITH A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR THAT COLONY'S 10-PERCENT donation. Each KC's office will then receive and total these December stats immediately on a simple adding machine or hand-held computer and forward them at once within no more than a day or two, to World Services for instant totaling with the other two KC's stat reports for quick analysis and forwarding to me and up-to date publishing for the whole world before they have grown old and stale and useless through our old complicated, time-consuming, nerve-wracking, expensive, fancy IBM computer system with its endless card punching, programming, testing, etc. This way we'll all get the stats while they're still hot!

       44. EACH KC, ALONG WITH HIS STAT REPORT, WILL ALSO FORWARD HIS CHECK TO WORLD SERVICES FOR EXACTLY 50-PERCENT or half of the total 10-percent funds he has received from the Colonies for the entire past month, and keep the balance for the needs of his own KC in administration and pioneering, etc. This will keep the money closer to its points of origin where it is to be used locally for the benefit of those in need, and each KC will be more responsible to see to it that his own Colonies will give their fair share to both their own area's needs and our worldwide needs, publications, etc.

       45. EACH KC MUST ALSO GIVE ME A PERSONAL ACCOUNTING of how he has used every single penny of these entrusted funds for redistribution or recycling where most needed, and he will have this financial report in my hands no later than one week from the end of the month for which he is reporting--or we shall have a new KC down there collecting them!

       46. WORLD SERVICES' SHARE in the amount of three simple KC checks can then be easily banked by the World Services' treasurer in any simple bank account upon which the simple heads of World Services can have any simple bookkeeper write simple checks to pay their simple bills and redistribute for the simple expenses of the various World Services simple personnel, including such simpletons as me and Maria!

       47. IT'S NOT GONNA TAKE ANY COMPUTER to figure that out or any fancy bank to manipulate funds or any complicated bookkeeping to handle them, and they will get where they're going when they're supposed to and not days, weeks or even months late!

       48. THE PRESENT KCs OF WORLD SERVICES WILL THEN BECOME OUR ONLY NEEDED BUSINESS MANAGERS, as there won't be much business left to manage, and our former Business Manager is now too busy with his own KC to manage. Since World Services will no longer need a Computer Department or Finance Department or an office full of secretaries to handle what few facts, figures and funds they're going to be receiving, that present growing crew of 28 in Paris can either attach themselves to the remaining KC offices and/or have plenty of time now to do lots of the witnessing and litnessing that they have been complaining they have no time to do because of the press of so much big business!

       49. THERE WILL THEREFORE BE NO FURTHER NEED OF THE NEW AND GROWING BLOB they've already begun building in Paris, nor its massive housing, for all that is left of World Services will be far, far away, scattered about with just a few poor folk in such tiny private locations that they would be more difficult to find than the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack!--Sans computer, sans bookkeepers, sans bankers, sans key punchers, sans programmers, sans readouts, sans financiers, sans secretaries, sans proofreaders, sans helpers, sans cooks, sans nurses, sans guards, sans everything except a dozen people, most of whom are no longer in Paris! God bless you all! Have a good litness!

       50. REPORTS: YOUR KCs HAVE NOW SPENT DAYS GOING THROUGH YOUR REPORT FORMS and have boiled your present confusing, complicated and exhaustive six-page Colony Report Form down to a mere two-page one-sheet wonder, the very soul of brevity, ease and simplicity that you could almost do in your sleep!

       51. WE HAVE ELIMINATED ALL THE NEW STATISTICS which various people kept adding to these reports until they were so packed and padded with unnecessary facts and figures that nobody could possibly understand or answer them all, much less answer them all honestly. So we hope to have this new report form in the hands of each of you Colonies by January 1 for your first "instant stats" from December.

       52. WE HAVE ALSO CUT DOWN THE EIGHT GIANT PAGES OF INTRICATE AND INFINITE COMPUTER STATISTICS, most of which I never asked for, much less needed, to about 30 simple facts and figures which I originally asked for and which could still be typed by any simple-minded typist on just one page of one side of one sheet of paper!

       53. THIS WILL ALSO ELIMINATE ABOUT THREE-FOURTHS OF OUR POOR OVERBURDENED CHART-MAKER'S CHARTS of stats to only about three pages of the ones I originally asked for and which are all I still need. The overseeing Shepherd's Report Forms from District to KC have also been reduced from a nerve-wracking six pages to a simple little two-page, one-sheet form that almost any idiot could comprehend and fill out in an hour!

       54. FURTHERMORE, ALL REPORTING AFTER JANUARY 1 WILL BE DONE STRICTLY ON A MONTHLY BASIS as I originally suggested, thus cutting your reporting work in half as well as the work of reading them! It has been even further suggested that the work of compiling stats from direct Colony reports be pushed even further down the line to the level of each Archbishopric's Office as soon as possible, of which there are now approximately 25, and which would make the job of each so small and so easy that it would further simplify our stat gathering, especially with the new easy reports, so that then each Archbishopric's Office would only have to total about 20 Colony reports and forward these to their KC Office who would then only have to total about 8 Archbishops' reports, further dividing responsibility and the size of each job into something which could be more easily handled by all concerned. However, this will still have to be worked out between each KC and his Archbishops.

       55. SO AS OF JANUARY 1 YOU COLONIES WILL BE SENDING YOUR REPORTS AND DONATIONS DIRECTLY TO YOUR KCs, of which you will still continue to send copies to your District, Regional and Archbishopric Shepherds--but not to World Services, please, as we will not have the office staff to handle them nor a computer to compute them.--Thanks!

       56. WE HOPE TO BE EVEN ABLE TO ENCLOSE THESE NEW REPORT FORMS WITH THIS LETTER of our new plans for a New Revolution in administration as outlined herein. They should save you hours of time and your Overseers hours of reading so we can all spend more of the Lord's time doing more important things for Him and others instead of spending several days a month working on nothing but reports.

       57. IF EACH OF YOU COLONIES KEEP GOOD ACCURATE RECORDS of a few simple statistics such as your population and your witnessing and litnessing stats and publicity, you should have no trouble at all at the end of each month filling out these new simple reports in only a few minutes, and you Overseers will have very little trouble compiling their totals, so that the final results of each month should be in the hands of KCs within a week and in my hands within the following week--all within two weeks instead of the present two months, which is ridiculous! Doesn't that sound better?

       58. REMEMBER COLONIES, HOWEVER, TO MAKE OUR NEW SIMPLIFIED "INSTANT STAT" SYSTEM WORK, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR COLONY REPORT IN THE MAIL TO YOUR KC NOT LATER THAN THE FIRST OR SECOND DAY OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH so that it will be in the hands of your KC no later than the end of that first week so the KCs can get their totals into my hands no later than the end of the second week, so they will only be two weeks late even by the time I receive them instead of the present two months late when they are virtually useless to tell me where we are right now.

       59. FOR ALL I KNOW, at this present moment there may not even be a Revolution and you may not even still be out there, except for my faith in the Lord and you! I certainly don't know it by the time the stats get to me, so there are going to be some changes made and a new Revolution in reporting, stats and administration! Hallelujah? Are you still with me?

       60. IT'S A REVOLUTION, AND WE'RE TRYING TO MAKE IT EASIER to revolute at every turn so we can go faster and travel lighter and reach the whole world till Jesus comes!--Amen? God bless you! Please help us crank'er up again and make her go even faster from now on. Thanks to all of you who have a part in the Race.

       61. WE'VE PICKED A WINNER AND WE CAN'T LOSE!--CHRIST JESUS! Hallelujah! God bless you all! Thanks for your help. Yours in His Loving Service,
       With much Love,
       --Your Ole Papa Lion is growling again and ready to roar if you don't get on the move, and I may tear into you next if you don't look out!--Glad Dad.

       62. P.S. REMEMBER, COLONIES AND KCs, THE NEW REPORTING SYSTEM OF YOU COLONIES DIRECTLY TO YOUR KCs DOES NOT BEGIN UNTIL JANUARY 1 in order to give us all time to prepare our reports and offices for these necessary changeovers.

       63. MEANWHILE, YOU SHOULD CONTINUE TO SEND YOUR COLONY REPORTS DIRECTLY TO WORLD SERVICES IN PARIS where they will be processed in the usual way--only a little faster, I hope! This is your last chance to show us what you could have done, Paris, if you'd really gotten on the ball and moved like you should have!--Sorry, so long!

       64. HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE FIELD SOON--OR ON OUR NEW STAFF at the new World Services in the New Revolution of a new administration! It's an administration, financial and reporting revolution! We hope you're still with us when the dust cloud settles after this new blast off--at least somewhere, God willing.

       65. THIS DECENTRALISATION OF INFORMATION, FINANCES AND ADMINISTRATION IS GOING TO MAKE OUR TOTAL STRUCTURE MUCH STRONGER AND SAFER AND MORE INDIGENOUS. The collapse of one office or one KC or even one whole country is not going to kill us or destroy the whole work, or give the Enemy a chance to rob us of all our finances. Smaller offices will result in much greater speed and efficiency and set more men free to reach the world.

       66. REDUCED RESPONSIBILITY ON EACH OFFICE WILL HELP EACH OVERSEER TO KEEP A CLOSER CHECK on his under-officers and Colonies and will help them to ride a tighter herd on them for quicker reports and better donations. This will make each more responsible for his own area and its results as well as being more immediately rewarded for his efforts.

       67. THE PACKED, TIGHT LITTLE TEAM OF THE NEW WORLD SERVICES STAFF will now be able to concentrate more on their main job of publications and assembling the facts and figures and news of the New Revolution for immediate publicising far and wide instead of being so burdened with unnecessary activities, make-work jobs and unneeded gold brickers!--BOOM!--There goes our last Blob!--Forever, we hope.

       68. LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD AND KEEP IT ROLLING! The race is on! From now on I also suggest that careless, negligent, wasteful drivers who blow up our engines or tires through lack of oil, water, air, fuel, fire, care or attention should be sent on the road or hit the streets in fulltime litnessing until they have earned the full amount of the repair bill including you!--Then walk!--Mad Dad.

       69. P.P.S. NOW MAYBE YOU CAN MOVE, W.S. PARIS--HUH?--Love, Dad

       70. REMEMBER: BEGINNING JAN. 1st, 1976.
              1) Send your colony report and 10% tithe directly to your own KC
              2) Send a copy to your A.B. but not to WS
              3) KCs send your Dec. Stat Totals and half of tithe to WS by Jan 7th.
              4) WS Send WORLD STATS and CHARTS to me by Jan. 15th.


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