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"THE SECRET WEAPON"--A Dream?--Or a Nightmare!--MO       November 17, 1975       GP N0.358

Copyright © December 1975 by The Children of God

       1. THIS ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE GROUP IN THE U.S.A. WAS WORKING ON THIS NEW SECRET TYPE ATOM BOMB, non-metallic, made of gas and flown by balloon so it couldn't be detected by radar. The government sent us to investigate them and keep an eye on them and see what they were up to. They were working in this trailer park camp, a whole bunch of them on this project.

       2. SO THE GOVERNMENT SENT ME IN THIS BIG BLACK RADIO-EQUIPPED LIMOUSINE to listen in on what they were doing, which was a little bit stupid I think, as I looked a little out of place in a trailer park in a big black limousine! So they soon suspected me of intercepting their communications. The limousine was kind of like a big black hearse that had all this fancy complicated radio electronic equipment for intercepting communications.

       3. THEY EVIDENTLY DISCOVERED THAT I WAS SPYING ON THEM, so they sent a little radio bomb about the size of a football over toward my limousine to blow it up, but I detected it and detonated it before it got there. They did that two or three times.

       4. BUT THEY SOON SAW THEY COULDN'T GET AWAY WITH IT, so they moved their operation across the border into Canada. Somehow they had the American State Department on their side, because Henry Kissinger and his folks were on their side.

       5. SO WHEN I TRIED TO CROSS THE BORDER to follow them, the border officials gave me a great big hassle. I had to have my passport verified. I had to have all kinds of visa restrictions, produce my birth certificate, etc. They gave me a great big hassle, almost like it was creating an international incident to follow them.

       6. BUT FINALLY I DID, and when I did, they fled back across the border into the U.S., because they knew I was wise to them, because what they were doing was illegal, experimenting with this new non-metallic secret weapon--this bomb that couldn't be detected by radar and was flown by balloon.

       7. SO THEN WHEN I TRIED TO GET BACK into the States, they gave me another big hassle, just another big stall to make it hard for me to cross the border back into the States. But I finally got back in, and with all this fancy electronic equipment that I had I traced them and followed them to where they were.

       8. THEY WERE SO MAD because I came in a kind of a camper this time, but they soon suspected who I was and in the night they came over and broke all my antennas and everything and tried to leave another bomb, but I discovered it and defused it just in time!

       9. BUT IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING I tried to do to stop them, they managed to get off one of these bombs by balloon and it was carried by the wind across the ocean and landed on some European country.

       10. FOR SOME REASON IT WAS COMING DOWN AT THEIR AIRPORT and I was trying to warn them to watch out for it--that it was a very very powerful lethal atomic-type of bomb, a secret weapon that wasn't detectable by radar--non-metallic, just carried by a simple balloon across the ocean.

       11. THE LAST THING I REMEMBER it was just settling down in front of this hanger amongst all this other gear. It seemed like there was nothing I could do to stop it, and the technicians and people running toward it to do something about it were almost too late.

       12. THIS ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE GROUP OF GENERALS AND SCIENTISTS AND A CERTAIN POWERFUL [DELETED] MINORITY in the States were trying to provoke an international incident with this secret bomb they'd made, and they did it in spite of everything I tried to do to stop them.

       13. PART OF THE PEOPLE IN THE GOVERNMENT WERE ON MY SIDE--the liberals--but the conservatives weren't--and there was a big division between the conservatives and the liberals. The liberals were trying to make peace, but the conservatives were trying to make war, like they always are.

       14. I REMEMBER SEEING THIS SOMEWHAT DEFLATED BALLOON settling down in front of this hanger, and I was warning the people by radio to do something about it quick or it was going to explode one huge atomic explosion and cause an international incident, because the conservative were trying to start a war with Russia.

       15. WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO DO I think was to secretly deposit this balloon in Europe, and then when it would go off Europe would blame Russia and start a big war with Russia, which would get Europe to side with the U.S.A. to start a war with Russia, a big plot to get Europe to help the U.S.A. to fight with Russia.

       16. IF I HADN'T WARNED THEM they wouldn't have known where the bomb came from, but I told them where it came from and why--that it was to deliberately provoke a war with Russia. It was borne by some kind of a canvas or plastic balloon bag--everything non-metallic--and they couldn't detect it by radar so I warned them by radio.

       17. IT SEEMED LIKE THE AIRPORT WAS IN FRANCE where they had sent the bomb deliberately to provoke Europe to war with Russia. But it was these ultra-conservatives, this vigilante group in the States that was doing it. I remember screaming at them on the radio that it wasn't Russia but the U.S. that had sent it!

       18. THEY WERE LIKE FANATICAL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE who had sent the bomb to make Europe think that Russia had sent it, so Europe would help in war with Russia. Kissinger and his people were all for them and with them.

       19. IT USED TO BE just the other way around: The State Department used to be Liberals and for peace, but now they're all anti-Russian, anti-Communist, pro-Zionist.

       20. KISSINGER WAS HAND-IN-GLOVE with all these anti-Communist vigilantes working on this bomb, and he personally gave me this big hassle crossing the border to slow me down because I was assigned to keep an eye on them by radio--electronic surveillance.

       21. IT WAS VERY VERY VERY CLEVER! You have no idea how clever that was to make a bomb you couldn't detect radio and to land it secretly in a European airport!

       22. THOSE ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE RELIGIOUS RACIAL FANATICS ARE REALLY DANGEROUS--Henry Kissinger and Jackson and the Mayor of New York and all their kind--they run the whole U.S. now! The Zionists and the conservatives and even the evangelical Christians get behind Israel in this whole thing.--The ultra-conservative Christians are all for Israel and the Zionists and trying to get Europe to start a war with Russia and China and the Communists and the Third World.

       23. THEY WERE TRYING TO PROVOKE AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT WITH THIS BIG BOMB EXPLOSION! That would have made France real mad at Russia and ruined their new airport, so they would probably shoot back.

       24. SO THERE YOU HAVE THE WAR THAT THE U.S. WANTS TO FIGHT, but needs to get Europe on its side, and this was the way they were doing it! What a dirty trick!--But I warned them!--But they listened too late!

       25. WE'VE WARNED THE U.S. AND EUROPE AND THE WORLD about a lot of things, including Nixon and the economy and the coming oil war, but they never listen until too late!

       26. ARE YOU LISTENING?--OR WILL YOU BE TOO LATE TOO! If you want to survive and escape today's madness, write us now for more information on how to join the only Kingdom that will last--the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!

       27. GOD'S ONLY LAW IS LOVE and His only Kingdom is Heavenly!--If you want a taste of both now, come see us!--Visit one of our hundreds of heavenly Colonies with thousands of loving members of many nationalities in 62 countries around the Globe! Come now!--Tomorrow may be too late!--We love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family