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"THE CRYSTAL STREAM"--MO       November 16, 1975       DFO--No.361

Copyrighted Dec. 1975 by the Children of God

       1. I WAS STANDING ON THE BIG WOODEN TERRACE OR PORCH OF A SWISS CHALET surrounded with beautiful mountains beside a gorgeous purple stream flowing down the mountain. I was dipping this beautiful purple water out of the stream. It was a royal purple colour and it was so pretty! I had on a long robe and looked like Merlin the Magician.

       2. I WAS DIPPING OUT THE PURPLE WATER with this big ladle and pouring it into these little crystal-shaped molds in front of me. There was a whole row of these little crystal-shaped molds sitting on my work bench in front of me like little forms or cups.

       3. I'D POUR IT INTO EACH CRYSTAL FORM and each one would then harden into a beautiful, beautiful purple crystal jewel! When I'd get one batch finished I'd pick them up and put them on the shelf. Then the kids were taking them off the shelf, the finished ones, and taking them away to other places and giving them to people.

       4. THEY WERE SO PRETTY, each one was such a pretty, pretty purple precious stone! When each got all finished it cooled off and hardened into the shape of a lovely crystal. They were so pretty! I'd pick them up and I'd look at them, first this one and then that one, like I was seeing if each were finished, you know? Then I'd set each down real pleased on the shelf when it was all done, finished and crystallised.

       5. (MARIA: WERE THEY HOT TO BEGIN WITH?) No, it didn't seem like they were hot. (Maria: you said " when it was cooled off".) Well, I don't know, that's the sort of impression you had. But it was just when you took it out of the mountain stream and you put it into these little crystal-shaped forms, then it got hard. Maybe it was warm, I don't know. It seemed more like the air hardened them or something, sort of like a diamond paste.

       6. I JUST KEPT DIPPING out of the river, standing out on my platform amid these beautiful, beautiful mountains beside this real pretty stream, dipping and pouring its royal purple waters into these little crystal-shaped cups and the water just hardened into the shape of these beautiful crystals. I kept getting up when they were all finished and putting them on the shelf, and the kids kept coming and taking them off the shelf and kept taking them away and then I never saw them again.

       7. AND OH, I WOULD GET SO UPSET BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T TAKE THEM AWAY FAST ENOUGH, because my shelves were getting so full I didn't have any place to put the new ones! (Maria: You were doing them pretty fast then, huh?) Yeah, I hope that's a good sign. Maybe I'm going to speed up a little bit.--Ha! Maybe I'm going to start getting them out faster than the kids can carry them away! (Maria: Looks like that's what we're doing now.) Sometimes I've sure been slow in getting the forms back to them, slow in putting them on the shelf. But lately I've been stacking them up on the shelf faster than they're getting them back!

       8. (MARIA: WAS THERE ANYTHING ELSE?) THAT'S ALL! They're all a pretty royal purple colour. I don't know why they're all the same colour. (Maria: Because they're royal!) They were like royal crystal jewels. It doesn't take much sense to figure out what that meant. (Maria: It doesn't? What do you mean?)

       9. THE MOUNTAIN WAS THE KINGDOM OF GOD, I guess, or the Lord Himself. Out of the mountain flows the bright crystal stream of the beautiful royal purple waters of life, His words of life, right? All I do is stand there and dip it out and pour it into little tiny crystal Letter forms for the kids and sort of shape them so they can use them. Then I put them on the shelf when they're finished and the kids come and get them and take them away and distribute them.

       10. BUT THEY WEREN'T GOING FAST ENOUGH. I was making them faster than they were able to carry them away. That sure hasn't always been true, but maybe that's to encourage me. Sometimes I've been pretty slow. But in the dream I was really cooking! I'd line up about six or seven in a row, these little forms, and I'd fill each one just right with my big ladle--you know, one of those big round bowl-shaped ladles like they use in big kitchens--and I'd make sure they were filed up just right, each one a nice pretty jewel. And as soon as each one was hardened into shape, I'd pick up that batch and put them on the shelf, one by one.

       11. MAYBE I'M GOING TO DO THEM IN BATCHES. (Maria: It seems like you are doing them in batches now.) It's obvious that the little crystal-shaped jewels were the Letters. Doesn't it sound like that's what it means to you? (Maria: Yeah, you're already doing them in batches!) Then I'd stick them on the shelf for the kids. They have to come and get them and take them away. But the shelf was getting so crowded I was so upset that I didn't have anywhere to put my new ones.

       12. SO PRETTY SOON WE'RE GOING TO BE GETTING OUT SOME NEW ONES AGAIN REAL FAST! (Maria: We are!) It's taken so long for these last ones I don't know what's the matter. What's taking them so long to get them finished? I was making them faster than they could take them away. I was like a kind of a crotchety old man, fussing and fuming that they weren't carrying them off fast enough and I had no space to put them and I had to find a place to put them.

       13. THE WATER WAS POURING DOWN AND MORE CRYSTALS COMING AND I WAS CONTINUALLY DIPPING UP MORE. (Maria: Thank You Lord, that's beautiful!) Isn't that pretty? It was so pretty! So pretty! (Maria: It would make a beautiful picture. Where were the shelves--beside you?) Well, I was standing on the big Chalet porch and the streams was on my right coming down from the mountains above, and I was dipping the purple water out of the crystal stream on my right. It was so pretty, all scintillating! The stream was all like--you know how a stream looks in the sunlight or in the starlight or moonlight, like it's sparkling with diamonds and jewels!

       14. THE STREAM SPARKLED AND I WAS DIPPING IT OUT with my ladle and filling each little crystal-shaped cup, filling each one just right, and then it hardened into a pretty jewel. As soon as I had about six or seven of them done I'd pick them up and put them on the shelf. (Maria: Where were the shelves?) Above my head on the left. (Maria: Attached to the platform?)

       15. YOU KNOW HOW THOSE SWISS CHALETS ARE--they come out in front with a big, big grand porch in front of the chalet, you know?--And it had steps leading down to the mountain stream. The big chalet was behind on the left. The big porch was in front like this, and the stream was over here like this on my right, and my work bench was right in front of me. My back would be to the people looking at the picture. You'd be looking at me from behind while I'm dipping down with my right hand. The work bench was right here in front me.

       16. (MARIA: DID YOU HAVE TO BEND DOWN TO DIP IT OUT?) Oh yes, of course! I had to reach way over the railing on the right side with my big long-handled ladle--you know those great big soup ladles that cooks use in big kitchens with a huge big bowl at the bottom as big as the palm of my hand, so each ladle full was always a whole bowl of soup?

       17. MY LADLE HAD A BIG LONG HANDLE TO REACH WAY OVER THE SIDE AND DIP OUT THE WATER and bring it back and pour it into each little form--each scoop just filled up each crystal form each time. Then I'd go back over and scoop some more and come back and fill the next crystal. Then I'd go back over once again and reach over the side and scoop up some more purple water and come back and fill the next crystal, till I had about six or seven of them all filed up just right so they came right up to the top completely full.

       18. BY THE TIME I HAD ABOUT SIX OR SEVEN OF THEM DONE they were all hardened into beautiful, beautiful solid purple crystals! They were all purple. Seems like they would have been prettier if they were all different colours, but they were all purple.--And now I'm hungry. (Maria: That's the colour of royalty.) I know!

* * * * * * *

       19. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! AT LAST YOUR OL' COOK'S COOKIN' AGAIN! We've stopped travelling for awhile and are feeling better and hope we won't have to have anymore business meetings or blob-busting for awhile! So maybe we can really dish out the crystals now! Hallelujah!

       20. ARE YOU READY TO SERVE 'EM UP TO THE PEOPLE? Let's get movin' an' servin' an' cookin' so everybody'll be well fed, amen? The Lord's dishin' it out faster'n I can scoop it up an' form it for you!--An' I'll bet I can dish it up faster'n you can carry it away!

       21. SO LET'S GET CRACKIN' WIT DA CRYSTALS, AMEN? God bless you! I love you!--Look out!--Here comes another one! Hurry! Run!--Or we'll never get 'em all out 'fore Jesus comes!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family