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"THE HALLOWEEN WHEEL"--MO       Halloween, Oct. 31, 1975       DFO--NO.363

Copyrighted Dec. 1975 by The Children of God

       YESTERDAY I WAS THINKING--sometimes we get a little discouraged--and I was thinking, I'm still having dreams but I don't seem to be getting any messages lately--direct prophecies. I went to sleep thinking I'd really like to hear from the Lord, and got this, and I didn't know a thing had happened! I went back to sleep at 7 a.m.--I'll swear I went to sleep! I don't remember a thing about it! I was as shocked as you will be when you hear it! I heard it for the first time when Maria read it back to me this morning! (MO seemed to waken in the night a bit discouraged about a couple who'd come to help us, saying drowsily:)

       1. POOR KIDS! I'M SO SORRY FOR THEM. They'll be so discouraged and disillusioned. Familiarity breeds contempt. (Maria: But she lived with us before and she loves you more than ever.) But he gets up early in the morning and he works hard, and I don't think he likes winos.

       2. WE'LL HAVE TO PUT THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE. And he might be so jealous. He won't like living with me. How I love them anyway even if they don't like me. I'm so sorry, so sorry I can't please them.

       3. I HAVE TO LIVE HERE IN A SEPARATE HOUSE LIKE A LEPER so I don't contaminate them 'cause I sleep late and I'm lazy and I don't work hard. (Maria: Working in the Spirit is very hard!) But you can't prove it and people don't understand it.--'Cause I'm awake a whole lot.

       4. I DON'T SLEEP VERY MUCH, so I don't really sleep late, not even when I'm tired. I don't sleep much. I'm so glad I slept from three to six. Now maybe I can sleep from eight to ten.

       5. DID THEY BRING SOME SLEEP WITH THEM FOR ME? (Maria: I'm sure they must have.) Why haven't they given it to me? Where is it?--Maybe on her bosom?--But he won't like that unless you're with him. How I love thee! I cannot count the ways I love you!

       6. IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ME. I can't do it. I can't rule so many people. I don't have enough wisdom. It's hard for me. (Maria: Then let your mighty men help you.) Amen. Amen. If I could just see them and love them and kiss them.

       7. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (Abrahim: The love of your father is so great. His body's so weak but his love is so great.) I love you. I'm so glad I left the light on for you. (There's no light on in the room!)

       8. I THINK THEY HAD SOME SHAKEUPS IN SPAIN MAYBE. God bless Juan Carlos. Help him in Jesus' Name to know what is best, in Jesus' name. I love you. (We later learned King Juan Carlos had taken General Franco's place that day, but we had not yet heard the news!)

       9. WHERE DID MY WHEEL GO? (Maria: What wheel?) My wheel of fortune that I tell fortunes with! I can't tell fortunes without my wheel! If people come I have to have it to tell their fortunes.

       10. I HAVE TO HAVE MY WHEEL! (He's now speaking to someone unseen:) You must not give it away!--How come you gave it away? It almost got lost and sank in the pool 'cause you didn't give it to me! Why did you do that?

       11. DO YOU SEE THEM?--THEY DON'T KILL ANY FLIES! The wheel! My wheel! (Maria: Is it supposed to kill flies?) Of course it kills flies! That's silly question! They're the children of Baalzebub, and it kills the flies when you let me have it.

       12. HE'S THE LORD OF THE FLIES. When you give me back my wheel it kills them. Didn't you know that? What did you expect it to do? (Maria: Does it do anything else?) Of course it does other things: It helps me to travel! What are you thinking about?

       13. I DON'T LIKE THE WAY THEY KILL ME because I'm Lord of the flies. (Maria: you are?) But I didn't do it!--I'm not! I told you I'm not but they think I am! Sometimes maybe the kids think I am. (Maria: No, they don't!)

       14. (MARIA: WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF YOUR WHEEL?) You know what my wheel's for! Why don't you close your eyes and see it? It has little light.... (Here he murmurs something I can't understand.) Turn out the light, Honey, so we can go to sleep. (The light isn't even on in the room!) I have to keep it close to me so I can see what's going on.

       15. I HAVE FOUR DAUGHTERS who don't have any religion. (See "The Goddesses", Letter No.224.) You have to teach them. Do you have a tape recorder? (Maria: Yes, But I'm not using it right now.) Well, if you had a tape recorder you could understand me. You could play it faster so David could understand me.

       16. HE'S SO BIG! HE REALLY IS A MONSTER! (Maria: Who is a monster?) I'm a monster! The kids don't understand me 'cause we're.... (He trails off again.) They think I'm bad and Baalzebub the Lord of the flies, but I'm not 'cause I don't even like flies! I hate flies! You know that!

       17 AND NOW I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP since we got rid of the flies.--Didn't we? Please get rid of them! I just can't stand any more flies! I don't like 'em!

       17. (Pause:) I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Good night, Sweetheart. Jesus said so: He knows every hair in your head and He knows how many there are, too. (Long pause:)

       18. MAYBE SHE'D LIKE TO HAVE YOU COME OVER THERE and talk to her a little bit. (Maria: Who?) The lady who had that peculiar little boy in the restaurant. Why didn't you talk to her? You have so much in common. (Maria: We do?) Yes, you both have foreign lovers!

       19. (Long pause:) IS IT ALL RIGHT, CHILDREN? (Maria: Yes, it's all right.)--You sure? (David sleeps.)

* * * * * * *


       (This "wheel" message was so strange I asked the Children to help me interpret the various mysteries of the message.--This is what we came up with!) (Points out various mysteries of the message:)

       20. "SHAKEUPS IN SPAIN"--Right in the middle of all this message with no connection with the rest of what's being said--just boom!--like, "We pause in this program to give you a special news bulletin!"--Ha! The Lord has a sense of humour!

       21. "FOUR DAUGHTERS"--Somebody was getting their appeal in. The first one I thought of when you read that was the Sea Goddess, one of our goddesses.

       22. "TAPE RECORDER"--That reminds me a little bit of the movie, "The Ipcress File"--a spy movie. It was about this tape which had some information on it. They couldn't figure out what it was until finally they speeded it up to a real high speed, something the tape recorders don't even do.

       23. IT WAS JUST A NORMAL TAPE of somebody talking, but when they speeded it up to this high-pitched whine it had a message on it at high speed which couldn't be heard or noticed at normal speed. So I was wondering if that had anything to do with it.

       24. MAYBE IF WE RECORD ALL THIS and then play it at high speed, then maybe we'll get the message!--Ha! They've recorded those high-pitched squeaks of the porpoises and slowed them down and found they're a language--actual words--dolphins talking!

       25. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT IF THAT WAS THE GODDESS TALKING, because to most people she'd look like a monster! But she's really beautiful.--She's a fish!--And no beautiful mermaid either!--She's not half woman and half fish--she's all fish! Now that begins to make sense if you would put these words in her mouth!

       26. I DIDN'T KNOW until I was reading an article about Brazil that the most popular religion of Latin America is the worship of a Sea Goddess! I never heard of a Sea Goddess! Have you ever heard of Sea Goddess? You always hear of King Neptune, the god of the sea, but I never heard of any Goddess of the sea.-- But I learned from that article that one of the most important spirits they worship is a Sea Goddess, one of their highest ceremonies.

       27. ALL THAT ORIGINATES SOMEWHERE in something. A lot of it is distorted and has become twisted like mythology, but I'm convinced that it had a basis in fact in the history of the spirit world. I know there's a Sea Goddess because I've met her!

       28. "THEY THINK I'M BAD and Baalzebub the Lord of the Flies"--Well, that's what they said of Jesus, so that's nothing unusual!

       29. SOME OF THESE THINGS ARE VERY MYSTERIOUS and I have to spend a lot of time on them, thinking and praying. They're just like mysteries, like conundrums, riddles, puzzles. Some things come to me very easily, but like some of the mysteries in the Bible, some of them come pretty hard.

       30. THE LORD LOVES MYSTERIES, and this thing we got this morning is very mysterious!--I don't understand it yet, but every time she reads it I get a little something else, a little something more.

       31. I THINK THE LORD LIKES TO PUZZLE US SOMETIMES to make us really concentrate and try to think and figure things out. It makes us seek Him more and make a greater effort to get into the Spirit and try to get the answers. But some are really riddles! Some things I have gotten I didn't get the answer to until much much, much later. (After the re-reading of the message again:)

       32. LET'S SEE HOW WELL YOU LISTENED and how much you remember: What different things does my Wheel do for me?-- "It kills flies"! In other words in fights the evil spirits. "It tells fortunes". That means really reads the character like these readings I get. It transports me.--In the spirit I'm sure, of course. What else? It has or gives light apparently. I have to have it so I can see what's going on.

       33. FIVE THINGS IT DOES FOR ME. Now what My Wheel is, that's the mystery! But the first thing that came to me--and I usually take the first thing that comes as it's usually right--the first thing I thought of when I was wondering what this wheel was, immediately I saw a halo!

       34. A HALO IS A ROUND RING OF LIGHT, and they used to put those over the heads of all the saints in the Catholic pictures and they still do, but there is such a thing! And the reason they did that is because they actually did sometimes see halos above their heads!

       35. THE PROPHET EZEKIEL IN THE BIBLE SAW SEVERAL WHEELS and they had something to do with transportation and the presence and throne of God. And the description of those wheels, ringed around with glowing eyes and all that sort of thing, sounds like a space ship!--Sounds like somebody dreamed it up out of science fiction! Did you ever read that description in Ezekiel?

       36. THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THIS MESSAGE IS I GOT NO VIDEO with it at all, so I don't have anything to relate it to! I don't know what the thing looked like. I never even knew it happened! Except as she read it to me the first time, I did get that halo, so the Wheel probably has something to do with the power of God. Well, praise God for the power of God, amen? God can do anything! Remember, I was murmuring about getting no message, only dreams. So God gave me a message without a picture, and it was more mysterious than ever!

       37. "TELLS FORTUNES"--Well, I never knew I'd ever told any fortunes, but on some of those readings that start off very very mundane, prosaic and practical I usually get into the spirit on them and it goes beyond just the character reading into things that I see can or may happen to the person. May be that's what you call telling fortunes.

       38. PEOPLE OFTEN COME TO ME AND WANT TO KNOW THINGS and I have to pray and get something form the Lord on it. I guess that's what you call telling fortunes. And of course the Lord has certainly given us quite a few prophetic dreams and things that were going to happen and have happened, so I guess that's telling fortunes in a sense.

       39. THIS IS GOOD EXPERIENCE FOR YOU to be with me as we try to get the answers.--What does it mean and what's the message? Do you want to know? It fascinates me because I know it's real and there's nothing without significance or without meaning, never!

       40. MAYBE THE LORD WILL GIVE IT TO YOU INSTEAD OF ME. It's a very common thing with the Lord to give one person the message and the other person the interpretation--one person the prophecy and the other person the meaning. (Back to the first part of the message:)

       41. "HE WON'T LIKE LIVING WITH ME."--This obviously is me talking. I wouldn't necessarily say it's in the spirit--it sounds a little bit out of the spirit! But you see, despite my inferiority complex and my discourage sometimes, the Lord always then comes through with something to encourage me.

       42. DESPITE THAT I START OUT ON A VERY DISCOURAGED NOTE, then we get into something that's very very deep that I don't even understand. That's the next thing that comes to me now, that because I was down and feeling bad, the Lord gave me the rest to encourage me and lift me up and let me know He's still talking. So that makes sense.

       43. "WORKING IN THE SPIRIT IS VERY HARD"--See, I was complaining that people can't understand that I do work hard, even though it seems like I'm loafing most of the time and sleeping late and not doing very much.

       44. "I DON'T SLEEP MUCH"--Maria knows I only get about four to six hours sleep a night. Well, I don't need more, I don't work hard physically, I don't have any great physical exertion. The older you get the less you need sleep. That's a well known fact, because you're expending more mental energy than physical energy and you don't need as much sleep.

       45. "I'M SO GLAD I LEFT THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU."--Now I'm beginning to cheer up and be thankful instead of doing so much murmuring and complaining. At least I'm thankful for my night in bed and I'm thankful that I love you and I'm thankful that I left the light on. So now apparently I'm getting my mind off my damn self and starting to pray for somebody else, and so I got something about Juan Carlos.

       46. "JUAN CARLOS"--There was nothing about that in last night's BBC news. It was today! It must have happened early this morning, maybe right when I was having this thing. She put down in her notes that when I finished it was 7:40 a.m. So time is important, Beloved. Always keep a record of the time, especially when you pray or something supernatural happens or you get something from the Lord that could be significant: The time may be significant.

       47. "WHEEL OF FORTUNE"--That's a familiar term!--Where have I heard that before? (In Paris it's a big game on the streets.) So there it's a gambling device. But this certainly is not a gambling device we're talking about here! I think it's a literary expression probably taken from that gambling device.

       48. MY WHEEL OF FORTUNE.--Well it might be this angel or angelic presence, that's my wheel of Fortune. He reveals fortunes and can even influence fortunes. It's obviously some power of God of some kind, because of all the various uses.

       49. "YOU MUST NOT GIVE IT AWAY"--Now, who could I be talking to now?--Surely not to you Honey! Who would be trying to get it away? What does that mean, "You took my wheel of fortune"? Now the thing that comes to me is that it could represent a spiritual struggle.

       50. I'M STRUGGLING IN THE SPIRIT WITH SOMEONE who's trying to take it away, just like the prophets of old had struggles with spirit beings. So it's certainly not you, Honey, 'cause you'd be the be the last one to want to take it away! So I must be talking to some spiritual being.--No human being could take it away. Joel?--That's a thought, too, but it's more apt to be the Devil behind Joel!

       51. SEE, A HALO IS LIKE A SPIRITUAL CROWN, it's a source of your power like a halo antenna, and why the halo is above the head is apparently symbolic. I'm sure the manifestation of the light is more, you might say, a symbolism than a necessary realism. But the fact that it's over your head shows it's a crown of power, a crown of revelation, a crown of authority and your power that the Lord has given has given you, like your guardian angel.

       52. THOSE FITS OF DISCOURAGEMENT AND DEPRESSION that I get, they're not of the Lord!--They're of the Enemy trying to take away my Wheel! That's what that is! This is a spiritual battle going on. That makes sense!

       53. I WAS DOWN IN THE DUMPS having a struggle, but this is just one of one of the Enemy's ways to try to take away the Wheel. If you get discouraged and lose faith, then you can lose your ability to exercise your power--just the Devil trying to take away my Wheel! It finally shows up here with them trying to call me Baalzebub--in other words that I'm the Devil.

       54. "IT ALMOST GOT LOST AND SANK IN THE POOL"--Down is always, of course, symbolic of the nether world, spiritual powers below, Hell, the Devil. In other words, the Enemy was trying to snatch the Crown of Power and cast it down. (Maybe it was manifested by your diary falling inn the water.) It was just like that thing jumped out of my pocket, like somebody literally threw it into the water!

       55. A DIARY'S A VERY IMPORTANT LITTLE BOOK. That in a sense is not the Wheel itself, but it's a record of the Wheel--the experiences we've had. I'm sure the Enemy would love to get rid of that record! But it floated right on the surface! It didn't even sink. It so floated on the surface that the pages never even got wet!

       56. SPEAKING OF RECORDS, do you know they taped the chatter of those dolphins? What they found out was they had to slow it way down and then discovered that there are distinct words and sounds that they're talking to each other--an actual language with which they talk to each other! Isn't that amazing?--And yet they think I'm crazy just because I hear the birds talking to each other!--Dolphins are even related to birds!

       57. "IT KILLS FLIES"--The power that God has given is able to destroy the works of the Enemy. By God's Word, His Truth, His revelation, He destroys the power of the Enemy--demon powers! (It must have been a pretty strong power to try to wrestle it away from you!) It must be that when I'm discouraged like that, the Enemy is actually allowed to temporarily try to snatch it away from me, because obviously I was looking for it to, try to get it back.

       58. SEE, MURMURING, DOUBTS AND FEARS, THE VOICE OF DOUBT, THEY'RE NOT FAITH, and the Lord is very displeased. So thank You Lord for faith, Amen? That's a pretty sad lesson in faith. You're just sort of giving in to the Enemy when you do that, and when you do that he's allowed to take it away from you temporarily until you get right with the Lord and start thanking the Lord and get back on the right track.--Then the power returns to exercise your gift by faith, to turn your Wheel!

       59. "HE'S THE LORD OF THE FLIES"--It could be the very Lord of the Flies himself, Satan himself I'm wrestling with! He is called the "Hinderer". He delays, bothers, annoys, obstructs and hinders.

       60. "WHEN YOU GIVE ME BACK MY WHEEL IT KILLS THEM"--The power of God is able to destroy the works of the Enemy! Now it's hard for me to believe the Enemy has power over the power of the Lord, although Daniel did talk about Michael wrestling with the demonic spirit--king of Persia. He was able to prevent Michael from reaching Daniel for three weeks, think of that!

       61. BUT THE WAY I'M SAYING THIS HERE COULD ALSO BE THAT I'M TALKING TO THE LORD, that because of my discouragement and doubts the Lord takes it away, He temporarily lifts the gift and the anointing. It's hard to believe that Satan could do it. But it's a spiritual battle, that's for sure! Maybe when we speak doubt and fear and murmur and complain He allows Satan to hinder us.--We know the Lord removed some of His blessings from Israel when they did it.

       62. "IT HELPS ME TO TRAVEL"--An angel travels in a wheel, disc, halo, ring or "flying saucer" of light! God was travelling in a wheel when Ezekiel saw Him. Apparently it's some form of power not only for other things but also for spiritual travel.--It enables me to travel in the Spirit.

       63. "I DON'T LIKE THE WAY THEY KILL ME because I'm Lord of the flies"--In other words, they were accusing me of being the Lord of the Flies, but I'm not.--Like my enemies accuse me. It really does kill me!--It hurts me, this thing about Joel, when I think how I love Joel and Happy!--Those boys were very dear to me and close to me.--How they could turn on me, I just don't understand! How could people like that turn on me?

       64. IT HURTS ME, IT KILLS ME! I get pretty discouraged about that too. That's why I need my Wheel. They think I am bad. Once they've rejected the truth, God says He sends them such strong delusion that they should believe a lie! Those people who backslide and go away from us and start calling me the Devil and a false prophet and everything else, I believe they apparently really finally believe it!

       65. BECAUSE THEY HAVE REJECTED THE TRUTH GOD LETS THEM BELIEVE THE LIE that they might be judged accordingly, "that they might be damned". Damned doesn't always necessarily mean sent to Hell. It's many times the Greek word only for "judged or punished". It's not the word used for "chastened" like a Child of God, but it speaks of specific judgment or punishment for something. So people who do that are really going to be punished!

       66. "IT HAS A LITTLE LIGHT"--I must have started to describe it to you, but the Lord must have blotted that out. A halo is a ring of light--all light. Maybe I was seeing light that you weren't seeing.

       67. "I HAVE TO KEEP IT CLOSE TO ME SO I CAN SEE WHAT'S GOING ON"--Well, without the gifts of the Lord I don't know anything, so I've got to keep it close to me, that's for sure, so I can see what's going on! I have often spiritually felt trouble brewing in certain people in certain areas without really getting specific earthly information on it until afterward.

       68. "FOUR DAUGHTERS"--When you first read it to me the first thing that came to me was that it was one of our goddesses speaking. I had a real spiritual twinge or thrill! She somehow saw I was in the Spirit in prayer and decided to put a word in for them, her appeal. She's always appealing for her people every time she appears, pleading for her people.

       69. (WHEN YOU MENTIONED "FOUR DAUGHTERS" I thought of Anders' four girls--his two nieces and his two daughters.) I thought about that too! But it didn't seem to me like they were that important. Maybe the Lord through that is trying to show us those people are pretty important. If they're not, we sure have wasted a helluva lot of time on them!

       70. MAYBE THE LORD'S TRYING TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE TALK tonight about exercising your spiritual gifts. If you don't do it the Lord may make you!--Maybe the "Four Daughters" also could mean the goddess' four remaining parts of her sunken island empire. "Daughters" in the Bible is also sometimes symbolic of countries.

       71. "TAPE RECORDER"--I really feel guilty when I have two of something and somebody else doesn't have any. We went to those dear people's house and they had one little tiny cheap cassette player in the whole family of children and husbands, and wives and brothers and sisters and about six floors of the building! The whole apartment building had this one little tape recorder they were passing around from floor to floor!

       72. THAT CAME ABOUT THE TAPE RECORDER right after the thing about the four daughters--that solves that problem! If that was the goddess who was talking about her daughters, it was she who was concerned about the tape recorder. "Do you have a tape recorder?"--Yes, we have one that I haven't been willing to give them. I've wanted to give it to them, but I hesitated to give it to them because it's a pretty expensive gift. But we're not using it. What I get out of that is we could then give them tapes which could be a witness to them that they'd understand.

       73. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PART, "SO DAVID COULD UNDERSTAND"? If I would give them the tape recorder they understand better and I would understand better. I would then be understanding her better and her love for them. We could have more of a witness and accomplish more with a tape recorder. They would understand us better and we would understand her concern for them more. That just makes me feel so good that I was right to give them that tape recorder!

       74. WHO SAID, "HE'S SO BIG! HE REALLY IS A MONSTER!"?--If it was somebody else saying it then it's understandable. This is like the voice of our accusers. It's like I'm quoting them. They're saying, "He's so big, he's a monster". Then she says, "Who's a monster?" And I answer, "I'm a monster!" In other words they're talking about me. That makes sense. That's what they accuse me of being--a monster for sure!

       75. "I HATE FLIES"--Now you know how I feel about flies and why! They must in the eyes of the Lord, like a lot of creatures represent different things, they must represent or be like little demons. They're the peskiest things! How like little demons flies are!--Maybe they are I'm sure they must be demon-possessed, that's for sure!--They carry diseases!

       76. NOW APPARENTLY I WAS PRAYING ABOUT DIFFERENT PEOPLE--or the Lord was, by the Spirit--that he's concerned about. That dear woman in the cafe looked hungry. I think she really wanted you to talk to her. With a strange child like that I presume she would have appreciated a little love. She seemed to be very hungry for fellowship, very responsive when I talked to her, and I wanted you to talk to her.

       77. MAY GOD HELP US always to be sensitive in the Spirit and do what He commands!--And may He forgive us for our doubts and murmurings, heinous sins before God!--And may I never complain of dreams again! I found the message could be much more difficult without the picture!

       78. IT'S MUCH EASIER TO INTERPRET DREAMS than a mysterious message or revelation like this! So God forgive us for murmuring instead of being thankful for what He knows is best!

       79. ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR HIS REVELATIONS in any form?--Then, "Him that hath a dream, let him tell it!" (Jer.23:28)--Don't complain about it!--Be thankful God is speaking to you to help His people!--Amen? God bless you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family