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"SECURITY IN GOD'S KINGDOM" [EDITED: "and "The Pier!""]--MO        October 24, 1975        LTO No.364
--A prayer for His People.

Copyright © Dec. 1975 by The Children of God

(After reading of another attack by our enemies:)
       1. I WAS THINKING WHAT WONDERFUL SECURITY GOD'S KINGDOM HAS! No man can enter it except in the spirit and only then if he's allowed, except by death. So what can man do to us? They can only kill the body and after that there's no more that they can do, and thus release our spirits at last into the glorious spiritual Kingdom of God!

       2. THEY DON'T REALISE THAT BY KILLING US THEY'RE ACTUALLY RELIEVING US of our earthly responsibilities and freeing our spirits from the prison of the body into the glorious freedom of the spiritual Kingdom of God.

       3. SO WHAT CAN THEY DO? THEY CAN ONLY MAKE IT HARD ON THE BODY while it lasts, and they can't make it too hard or it won't last!
       In the spirit, in the spirit,
       We're at last forever free!
       In the spirit, in the spirit,
       There is peace for you and me!

       4. I DON'T THINK ANYBODY COULD ENTER THE SPIRIT WORLD except somebody that wants to die, because it's an abandoning of this world and a desire for the other. What can they do to me that I don't already long for? How foolish they are!

       5. I DON'T STAY HERE FOR MY SAKE. I would have gone long ago. I would have gone so long ago it's unbelievable, if I had had my own selfish desire. I even wanted to die when I was a little boy because I didn't like this life. Poor sick sheep! I feel like Jesus:

       6. "FOR WHICH OF THESE GOOD WORKS DO YOU STONE ME?" (Abrahim: Oh, if thou couldst know the heart of thy father! If thou couldst know the agonies of the soul of David!) Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

       7. GOD KNOWS MY HEART: I ONLY STAY BECAUSE YOU NEED ME and the kids need me. It would be so much easier to go, so easy, so easy, so easy!

       8. THEY HATE ME AND WANT ME TO GO, LIKE FRANCO. In Thy mercy and Thy wisdom, even for Thy Children, You could give him another year, O God! Rebuke BBC and all his enemies! Do a miracle, Lord, if it be Thy will. Raise him up by Thy mighty power! You could do it!

       9. HAVE MERCY LORD! GIVE HIM ANOTHER YEAR, LORD! Rebuke his diseases, his cold, Lord, strengthen his heart. Lord, You're able to do it. O God, deliver him in Jesus' name! Nothing is impossible with you, Lord. All things are possible to him that believeth. You could do it, Lord.

       10. STOP THE MOUTHS OF HIS ACCUSERS AND REBUKE THE DEVOURER! Deliver out of the hand of the Enemy, Lord! Deliver him, Lord! Have mercy, have mercy, O Lord! Have mercy, O Lord Jesus! You can do it, Lord. Rebuke the Enemy!

       11. REBUKE THOSE [DELETED] MOROCCANS, evil Mafia, backed by the U.S.! Show a mighty victory for Thee and Thy children, the Christian State of Spain, against those unbelievers, those pagans! My Lord God!

       12. STOP THE MOUTH OF [DELETED] KING HASSAN [DELETED]! Confuse his politics, confound his knavish tricks! Turn back those forces, O Lord. You could cause a storm or anything, Lord.

       13. PROTECT THOSE DEAR BRAVE YOUNG SPANISH SOLDIERS AT THE FRONT! Give them courage and faith and conviction to fight for the right!--Even if they have to mow down so-called unarmed citizens they're justified in doing it for invading Thy land, Lord, the land of Thy children--and we're not so sure they are all unarmed, Lord.

       14. REBUKE THOSE [DELETED] MOROCCANS, THOSE UNBELIEVERS! God help others to pray! Only you can save. Jesus, precious Jesus! God have mercy, even for Thy children's sake have mercy. In Jesus' name! Help the [DELETED] common people in Morocco to have sense when they see those signs about the mines at the border, to refuse to go in.

       15. THANK GOD FOR SPAIN! Spain has the whole border mined with signs warning people not to trespass. Morocco could be deliberately sending in those ignorant civilians to blow up those mines and get themselves killed so their soldiers could march in!

       16. WHAT MONSTERS THOSE MOROCCANS [DELETED] HAVE [DELETED] BEEN! They've always been [DELETED] liars and cutthroats and pirates and thieves and murderers all through history! [DELETED] Rise up Lord, show Thy mighty arm!

       17. DEFEND THY SPANISH PEOPLE, IN JESUS' NAME! They're Thy Children, Lord! They are Thy children, Lord, who believe in, You!--Amen.

       18. (Early on the morning of November 20, 1975, just a month later, the Lord did deliver General Franco from all his diseases and enemies and raised him up to be with Him forever in the security of God's Heavenly Kingdom where they can't hurt or harm him anymore! Hallelujah!--And He also stopped Morocco's "Green March" on the Spanish Sahara without a shot being fired!--God still answers prayer, but not always our way.--Amen? God bless you!)


"THE PIER"--MO       December 8, 1975       LTO No.364

       (Mo stirred in the night and mumbled: "Remind me in the morning to tell you the dream I had about the pier. "But I insisted he tell me now, as sometimes he forgets, so he grumblingly mumbled on:)

       19. IT'S ABOUT THE PIER (Franco-Iberian Peninsula?) and the two good nations living on the top of the pier, one on each side, and the two bad nations living on the bottom of the pier, one on each side.

       20. THE PIER IS DIVIDED INTO FOUR COUNTRIES, two on top and two on the bottom. The two on the top are okay, but the two on the bottom are very bad and trying to climb up on top and get us and our washing machine. (Publications Dept.?) But I didn't let them because they were very dirty.

       21. THEY KEPT GRABBING OUR FEET (symbolic of messengers of the Gospel). We were on top of the pier up in the sunshine. They were on the bottom in the dark, very bad people. Very dangerous for them to be allowed to have the bottom.--Not good, 'cause they might climb up and get us. I don't like that. (Long pause, and Maria asks: Was there anything else?)

       22. YES. OUR ARAB DRIVER (ABRAHIM?) SAID SO. (Maria: Said what?) He said they were trying to get us. We better look out 'cause he didn't trust them. They've been allowed to have the bottom. They shouldn't have let them have it. I warned them and told them "you shouldn't do that 'cause they're going to climb up and try to get us on top."

       23. WE WERE ON TOP ON THE RIGHT SIDE and there was somebody else on the left side, and on the bottom there were two dark very bad malicious, murderous countries trying to climb up on top of us and take the whole pier. It's not good. It's very bad. I don't like it.

       24. THERE WERE TWO GOOD NATIONS ON TOP. The pier was divided along the middle all the way out into the water, and we were on the right side and some other country on the left side, and the two bad countries down in the sand and out into the water were bad. I don't like it. It's very bad. Very dangerous.

       25. I WAS LOOKING AT THE MAP OF MOROCCO last night and I got the words, "Saladin's Scimitar" for Morocco (Saladin was the defeater of the Crusaders, the "Sword of Islam"!). It's very bad. Very bad and very dangerous and I don't like 'em at all. We were on the right side of the pier as you faced the beach and we had the washing machine and they kept trying to get it, grabbing our feet, and I didn't like it.

       26. THEY'RE A BAD PEOPLE DOWN THERE, very bad. The one right underneath us on the right side of the pier was Morocco. I don't know what the other was--maybe it was Mauritania or Algeria. I think the other country on top of the pier was France, losing all her colonies.

       27. AND I KNOW THEY'RE TRYING TO GET US 'cause they were grabbing our feet. (Maria: What country were we?) Spain, of course. They wanted to grab our washing machine, but I didn't let them have it. I kept kicking them and shaking them loose.

       28. BUT JUAN CARLOS, HE'S NOT KICKING HARD ENOUGH. He better look out or they'll grab his feet. It's terrible for him just to give them everything under the pier. He just gave it all away, just let them have it. It's just too much. I don't believe in it. It's too much, too bad. Very bad to let them have so much.

       29. HE GAVE THEM SO MUCH. He gave them all that underneath the pier. You mark my words, they'll be climbing up trying to get us. I know they are, because they were. I could feel it. They're both Moslem countries.

       30. IT WAS A MUSLIM WALL (moving again?) with the star and the moon, a very big wall.--And a very big long wall. It goes from under the pier. It starts there. Very big and strong and long, very very old.

       31. (MARIA: WON'T JESUS PROTECT US?) OF COURSE, BUT WE HAVE TO KEEP KICKING, TOO. Don't let them grab your feet. We have to keep kicking. Must not let them grab your feet, and don't let them have the washing machine. Have to keep it to wash our clothes.

       32. (MARIA: WHY DID THEY WANT THE WASHING MACHINE?) I don't know. They just wanted it. You know--they want everything we have. They just want everything from everybody--everything. (Maria: Anything else you can remember?)

       33. OUR ARAB DRIVER WARNED US they were trying to get us. I didn't like that dream at all. It woke me up. I kept warning everybody but they wouldn't listen. I kept warning everybody to pull up their feet. They grab your feet when they dangle down. Very bad people.

       34. (P.S.--DON'T LET THEM GET YOURS! Keep kicking and moving!--Amen? God sure knows the score, doesn't He!--Even though He has to visualise it for us with such a simple childlike picture! Thank God for His Word and His revelations!--Amen?

       35. STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE CLOSE TO HIM AND YOUR BRETHREN and keep those feet moving and that washing machine rolling and don't let your feet dangle idly over the edge or you could get dragged down by the wolves!

       36. THEY'VE ALREADY TRIED TO GRAB some of you in the U.S. and other countries because you stayed too long and didn't keep moving. Don't let 'em do it!

       37. LISTEN TO GOD'S VOICE, HEED HIS WORDS, follow His warnings, obey His Letters and keep those washing machines rolling and those feet distributing till Jesus comes!--Amen?--God bless and keep you and continue to make you a blessing!--I love you!--Dad.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family