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"POISON IN PARADISE!"--Another American Nightmare?--MO       November 16, 1975 DFO No.366

Copyright © Dec. 1975 by The Children of God

       1. (MARIA: THIS IS A DREAM you had last night?) Oh, I think it was just a bunch of nightmares. You weren't there, I don't know where you were, you were there part of the time ... just bad dreams.

       2. WELL, FIRST THERE WAS THAT CRAZY OLD SHIP like one of those old old Mediterranean passenger ships that are about to fall apart. The plumbing was all broken and it was rough weather and the toilets were breaking and you couldn't flush them and the sewage was slopping over and we put the lids down and tried to sit on them to keep the sewage from slopping over into the boat.

       3. I WENT AND ASKED THE CAPTAIN about it but he wouldn't do anything about it because he was in bed with somebody and there were a couple of evil-looking characters in his cabin. It seemed to be getting worse and worse and the whole ship was like it was breaking up.

       4. I GUESS WE FINALLY GOT OFF IT and the next thing I remember we were trying to get some storage up in the lift of this building and the elevator broke and the storage was falling down and we were falling down and had to hang onto the ropes and everything. It seemed like everything in this dream broke!

       5. (MARIA: MAYBE IT WAS ABOUT AMERICA.) It seemed like everybody in it were Americans. That bad old captain! (Maria: That's the first thing I thought of when you started talking about it.) Then we were trying to get our old jalopy started we had parked outside, and it was falling apart too and we couldn't get it going. But the garage man wouldn't help us fix it.

       6. SO THE NEXT THING I KNEW WE WERE OUT ON THE BIG SUPERHIGHWAY TRYING TO WALK. I got caught under this bank, this overhanging bank where this great big truck had stopped so close to the edge of the pavement that I was trapped inside the bank and I couldn't get out without trying to crawl under the truck wheels.

       7. THERE WAS HUGE TRAFFIC JAM, the freeway was all jammed with cars and nothing was moving, but I was afraid to crawl out under the truck for fear he'd start moving. It seemed like everybody was American, it was terrible! I don't know why I have to have a nightmare about America!

       8. (MARIA: NIGHTMARES ARE WHAT YOU USUALLY HAVE ABOUT AMERICA!) Then I was trying to find my mother and father but I couldn't find them anywhere. I wanted them to help, because everything was in a mess, some kind of major emergency. I found my sister, but that didn't help any because she was a mess too, like the rest of the Americans! I was trying to find you but I couldn't find you, you weren't there--I'm glad you weren't there!

       9. I CAME TO THIS BIG CONSTRUCTION SITE of a base being prepared for setting up a huge statue of Michelangelo's David with his sling, that naked one, a huge big gigantic statue the Jews were making to David to worship him and to worship Judaism. They were preparing the base of it, the foundation, and down underneath the ground level far below were all these girders and everything which were a part of the framework of the foundation of the statue.

       10. THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE down there inside, but the workers were beginning to pour concrete down into the hole where all the people were! They were down there walking around and chanting and singing Jewish songs and everything in a kind of [DELETED] fanatical devotion to the faith. The big cement trucks were already beginning to pour concrete down into this big room below the statue onto the people walking around singing and acting crazy, all these Jews down inside.

       11. THIS BIG TYPICAL AMERICAN JEW standing beside me said, "Don't you want to jump in? Don't you want to jump in and become a part of the foundation? You'll be immortalised forever! You'll be a part of the foundation of the statue!" It seemed like if you got buried in the concrete in the foundation of the statue that it was to be forever a sort of merit to your credit that you were supporting the Jewish religion!

       12. HE SAID, "LOOK, SEE, I'M GOING TO JUMP IN!"--And he jumped right in! It was about two or three floors down to the bottom and the bottom was kind of sandy so although he hit pretty hard, he got up like it was miraculous that he still was so full of zeal for his religion that he could still walk!

       13. THE JEWS WERE WALKING AROUND ARM IN ARM down there chanting Jewish songs and singing and it was all a big zeal trip for their religion, they were going to become martyrs for their statue, part of the foundation of their idol! I wonder if that's got something to do with the [DELETED] Image?

       14. EVERYBODY WAS GETTING ALL IN A HIGH FEVER-PITCH OF FANATICAL JEWISH ZEAL for the statue, and the big concrete trucks were dumping and the concrete was flowing into this room underneath the statue burying all the people alive!

       15. JUST THEN SOMEBODY SHOVED ME IN and I fell grasping at things trying to stop! I caught hold of this cable, this big heavy-duty electric cable insulated with rubber, and it sagged way down with my weight but it didn't break. I was hanging there in midair hanging onto that cable trying to keep from falling into the pit--it was a pit, that's what it was!--Screaming for help!

       16. BUT NOBODY COULD HEAR ME because everybody else was screaming and shouting and yelling and singing, and up above the construction noise was so loud with all the big trucks dumping and concrete pouring and the machinery grinding that nobody could hear. So there I was just dangling hanging onto this cable screaming for help and hoping maybe some of our own folks would hear me.

       17. I GUESS I GOT THE HELP I NEEDED because I woke up, thank the Lord, woke up in bed!--What a horrible dream! And now that you mention it, it was all American, the whole thing was American! The captain of that old ship was American, the mechanic at the garage was American, the guy who ran the elevator was American, the traffic jam was American, the truck driver was American--it was all American!

       18. EVERYTHING WAS FALLING APART, everything was going to pieces, everything!--The ship, the elevator, the car, the country! I don't know what's the significance of me being trapped under the side of the road by that traffic jam, but that's like America going to pieces too--a big traffic jam!

       19. (MARIA: REMEMBER LAST NIGHT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT NEW YORK CITY GOING BANKRUPT? When you first started telling me the dream it sounded like America going to pot!) Yes. I figure like Goldwater said about New York City: They ought just chop it off, saw it off, and let it drift out to sea and sink, and the whole country would be better off! May be that's what New York's bankruptcy will do!

       20. IT MIGHT EVEN MAKE AMERICA GO BANKRUPT! That could even make Europe go bankrupt and a lot of banks fail! That's one of the biggest catastrophes that's happened to America in a long time! It's sure good it's happening to New York, because that's such a terrible horrible American city!

       21. I WAS WONDERING ABOUT THE CAUSES when all of a sudden it came to me as clear as anything: That attack on us by the Attorney General of New York! They're getting their punishment now! New York is getting it! (Maria: The Lord didn't wait long for that one!) We don't often get to hear it or see it when the Lord punishes our enemies, but I'm sure He does whether we ever hear about it or not. We'll hear about it some day!

       22. BUT THE WHOLE THING ENDS WITH THIS BIG UPROAR about this Jewish idol and this fanatical zeal for the Jewish religion. I think that was in New York. It was in some big city that looked like New York. They were throwing people into the base of the statue down into the pit like they were feeding the monster, and yelling,

       23. "DON'T YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THE STATUE? Don't you want to be forever a part of our religion? You can be immortalised forever if you're buried in the base of the statue! You can be immortalised forever, be a part of the statue itself, a part of the religion and a part of the statue that everybody's going to worship!"

       24. (MARIA: MAYBE THAT'S WHERE THE STATUE GETS ITS LIFE, all those evil spirits!) Yeah[DELETED]! Then this big Jew jumped in and they were trying to push me in a I grabbed for that cable. That cable could be significant too, like the power of God, because it saved me from falling in! (Maria: There's a little power of God even in America.)

       25. THERE'S THE POWER OF GOD EVERYWHERE WHERE YOU ASK FOR IT! I was just dangling there in midair hanging on to nothing but that big powerful electric cable and I was yelling for help, but nobody seemed to hear me. I really got desperate for help and suddenly I woke up, thank the Lord, and here I was! I was so glad to be here! Oh, I was so glad to be here!--And that I wasn't in New York in the base of that idol in that pit! Thank You, Lord!

       26. I GUESS THE LORD DID SAVE ME. Maybe I was just there in spirit watching the collapse of America, but it sure was awful! It was terrible! Everything was going to pieces, falling apart and crumbling! And there were all these fanatical Jews running around and trying to get you to worship the statue and throwing themselves into the base of it! New York is certainly a pit and its idol is certainly Mammon or money!

       27. PEOPLE THROWING THEMSELVES INTO FOUNDATIONS--I think I read that somewhere, that once upon a time they used to do that in building some of their heathen temples. People were so fanatically zealous for their gods that while they were building the temples they'd throw themselves into the foundations. I think I remember reading about that somewhere.

       28. IT WAS SURE ONE HELL OF A MESS AND IT WAS CERTAINLY AMERICA! Thank You, Lord, we're not there! Bless and help the poor kids that are! Have mercy!--Everything was falling apart: The ships were falling apart, the cars were falling apart, the buildings were falling apart and everything was falling apart, and it was as though the Jews were building that monstrous statue trying to appease God so that He wouldn't destroy them and their city!

       29. [DELETED] It was just like with their fanatical religious zeal they were building that big idol to try to appease their god so he wouldn't destroy them! But it looked to me like it wasn't doing much good, throwing themselves into the Pit to appease God! What a horrible picture of America!

       30. THE IDOL ITSELF LOOKED LIKE MICHELANGELO'S DAVID--there must be something significant about that.--Of course!--They've rejected God's David, so they've built themselves their own David out of materialism and idolatry--real Mammonism or the worship of money!--A stone cold hard idolatrous imitation David!

       31. AND NOW THEY'RE HAVING TO THROW EVERYTHING THEY'VE GOT INTO THE PIT to try to save their city and their religion and their money!--They've even gotta die for it! How horrible!--What people will do to save their idols, their riches!--They'll die for them! How many people are willing to risk death for money!

       32. MAY GOD DELIVER US FROM THE MATERIALISTIC IDOLATRY OF AMERICA!--And He has, thank God!--Now may He deliver the world from America's idolatry by destroying her idols like New York City!--The sooner the better!--If [EDITED: "they"] have led the world in anything it's the worship of money!

       33. MAY GOD DESTROY THEM THAT DESTROY THE EARTH!--They pollute the Earth with their money, their music, their movies! Recently we saw one of their vicious violent murderous gangster films advertised in a sweet, quite little innocent rural European village, and we thought, "How horrible!--Poison in Paradise! They're polluting the whole world with their religion of kill, kill, kill for money!" My God, deliver us!--And He soon will if you'll call on Him! Thank You, Jesus!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family