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"THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST!"--MO       January 1976       GP No.372
--A Nightmare of Three Rivers!

Copyrighted Jan. 1976 by The Children of God


       1. I DREAMED THE HUDSON RIVER DRIED UP to a little stream and you could walk up river on the dry stream bed! It was so dark, but we didn't have to go through the tunnel anymore. We could walk or go on the bus across the river on this little wooden bridge. It was pretty--so much better!

       2. THERE WAS HARDLY ANY TRAFFIC--no cars at all, only buses. I walked upstream, it was so pretty in the moonlight, and I found this nice little meat market at the end with nice lamb for a juicy lamb sandwich. It was so quiet and there was no traffic and everybody seemed happy.

       3. THEY DIDN'T ALLOW ANYTHING BUT BUSES, just for the people. I was so thankful we didn't have to go through the tunnel. I hate those tunnels. They're horrible, they terrify me! They're down in another world.

       4. IT WAS SO PRETTY!--THE HUDSON RIVER ALL DRIED UP and you could walk way up the stream bed in the moonlight. They just had little wooden bridges to cross it--just a few planks here and there.

       5. NEW YORK CITY MUST HAVE BEEN GONE, because it couldn't exist without the Hudson River. It was like there weren't too many people any more. The meat market seemed to have lots of meat though--that must have been because there weren't so many people to eat it.

       6. THE HUDSON RIVER JUST ENDED IN A GREAT BIG HOLE, like Niagara Falls. It just dropped off where New York City used to be and there was nothing but a great big hole, and everything was so quiet. Even at night in the moonlight it was never quiet around New York, but now it was so peaceful and calm.

       7. THE LITTLE HUDSON RIVER STREAM WASN'T TEN FEET WIDE and everything was so quiet! Almost everybody was walking. But they still had some telephones, because the meat man was on the phone when I came into his little shop, and he stopped and cut me some lamb for my meat sandwich.

       8. IT WAS LIKE EVERYTHING WAS "SMALL-TOWN". Everything was so quiet and everybody seemed to be so happy. You don't suppose that's really going to happen, do you? It would certainly solve all New York's problems!--Ha!--No more crime, no more bankruptcy, no more nothing, just a great big hole in the ground so that the bus I was on had to go clear around it.

       9. NOBODY SEEMED TO BE WORRIED ABOUT ANYTHING. Everybody seemed to be all relaxed and happy, so I got off the bus and walked up-stream in the moonlight. It was so pretty I wanted to walk, so peaceful, no cars or anything, just an occasional bus.

       10. THAT'S QUITE A DIFFERENCE, HUH?--BETWEEN A GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE AND A LITTLE PLANK BRIDGE! Those small towns--they are nice little places. It will be so nice when there aren't any more big cities. When the big cities and all those wicked people are gone, I don't think I'd mind going back then, 'cause the country people are nice, the home town people are pretty good.

       11. THEY HAD LOTS OF THESE LITTLE PLANK BRIDGES to get across the river bed. Must not have been any more tunnels or big bridges. The meat market was just loaded with meat--they had lots of meat. All those tunnels and people living underground like rats were gone--they were vicious rats, too!

       12. NEW YORK'S GOING BANKRUPT.--They don't have enough money to support their sore. This will solve their problems. The meat man was so nice and sweet and helpful.--I guess disaster makes people sweeter. He trimmed me off just the pieces I wanted for my sandwich and it was so juicy and good! Oh, thank God there were no more cars--just buses!


       13. THE NIAGARA WAS ALL DRIED UP! Three things I can remember about this dream that were the most outstanding: There was this fellow who was trying to preach on the street out in front of this big department store, and he was preaching away. He had this little sign there right in the middle of the street and people seemed to be very antagonistic.

       14. EVERYBODY WAS ANTAGONISTIC. So they were asking the store how come they were letting him preach out there. And the store manager said, "Well, I told him he had to have a license to preach on the street and to carry this sign to show he had a license."

       15. EVERYBODY WAS PARTICULARLY ANTAGONISTIC TOWARD THE PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL. So he said, "I charged him $4,000 for a license." The money must not have been worth very much or it wouldn't have cost him that much! And they said, "Yeah, but you're letting him preach and hold meetings in the big parking lot behind the store too!--How come?"

       16. HE SAID, "WELL, I'M CHARGING HIM $6,000 FOR THAT." Isn't it funny, I remember that conversation so well! Some things like that really stick with me. And he said, "That's $10,000 in all I'm making off him.--Not bad!" As though the people would excuse him for letting him preach, since he was making a lot of money off him. This was in a town which was just about the size of Niagara Falls, New York.

       17. THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER WAS THAT WE WERE DRIVING ALONG THE BANK OF THE NIAGARA RIVER, quite a distance below the falls, and it was all dried up. The riverbed was nothing but mud. A lot of cars were driving along the riverbank like they were curious to see the sight of the Niagara River all dried up and all the mud. A lot of them were driving too close and slipping and sliding into the riverbed. This big funny tractor was pulling them out.

       18. THEN THE NEXT THING I CAN REMEMBER, YOU AND I WERE ON THIS GREYHOUND BUS driving over the hills near Niagara, near where the falls used to be, but now there was nothing but a little trickle of water coming over. At the bottom there was nothing but this small lake instead of a flowing river, and the driver was driving like mad.

       19. I SAID, "THIS GUY IS CRAZY, HE'S GOING TO KILL US!" He was taking shortcuts and jumping gullies and landing on the other side, all kinds of crazy stuff. I said, "He's going to ruin this bus, the bus can't take jolts like that and jumping these ditches!" But he acted like he was some kind of smart-aleck who thought he could really drive. So I said, "This guy's insane, he's demon possessed! He's going to kill us all!"

       20. BY THIS TIME HE WAS DRIVING AT BREAKNECK SPEED RIGHT TOWARD THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF above the lake that was below what had been the falls. So I said, "He's never going to make the turn. We're going to go right over!"--You and I were sitting near the back of the bus as we shot out into midair and I saw we were going to dive down and land in the lake.

       21. SO I SCREAMED AT YOU, "MAKE FOR THE FRONT DOOR TO GET OUT! Let's go to the front door!"--And it must have scared me so I woke up! I must have dreamed a lot of other things but I can't remember them.

       22. I WAS SO AMAZED TO SEE THAT MIGHTY RIVER ALL DRIED UP and nothing left but a muddy riverbed and all those stupid people driving down there just out of curiosity to see, like it was some kind of a phenomenon, and they were getting stuck in the mud. There must be something awful that's going to happen to dry up all the river beds in America!--An atom war?--Or a great drought or famine?

       July 12, 1975

       23. I WAS DRIVING NORTH on the west side of the Mississippi River, driving up river on US 51. I don't even know where US 51 is, but that's where it was in my dream. I don't even know if there is a US 51, but anyway I remember that figure just as plain as anything, just like that time I dreamt about "802 South!"

       24. I WAS LOOKING FOR THE SIGNS at this interchange to make sure that I was on the right road. I guess that's why I remember it so clearly, 'cause I was looking for the signs "US 51 North." I must have found it OK, because I was soon driving North on this big broad divided superhighway along the shore of the river. I stopped for gasoline at a filling station and the man was filling my tank while I was standing there watching him.

       25. ALL OF A SUDDEN this big mob of cars and people and motorcycles came rushing down the highway from the North in a big panic! They were in such a hurry we couldn't even get them to stop and tell us what was wrong. So the filling station man just left the hose hanging in my tank and ran into the station to the telephone to call up the highway department to find out what the big panic was all about, and they yelled at him on the phone,

       26. "IT'S HEADED SOUTH! It's headed South!" And he said, "What's headed South?--A flood?" You know, they have a lot of floods along the Mississippi. But they said, "No, a big fire!--Like a big brush fire! You better get out of the way!" Just then we looked up and we could see the smoke and the flames roaring down the shore of the river toward us just like a roaring prairie fire!

       27. YOU KNOW, THOSE FIRES LIKE THAT BLOWN BY THE WIND CAN TRAVEL AT TREMENDOUS SPEEDS, and there was a big mob of cars and motorcycles and people racing down the road in front of it trying to stay ahead of it so it wouldn't catch up to them, 'cause it was just like a huge flood of fire!--It seemed like it just covered everything and it was just rolling down the shore of the west bank of the river with roaring flames and billowing smoke!

       28. IT SEEMED TO JUST FOLLOW THE HIGHWAY almost like it was chasing this crowd of people, and I thought, "Well, that's silly of them just to keep racing right along in front of it!--Why don't they just get out of the way? Why don't they just jump out of their cars and run across the highway to the other side of the road where there's not any fire?" So I thought, "Well, that's what I'm going to do! I'm not going to stay here waiting for the fire to roll over me! I'm going to run and get out of the way!"

       29. SO I RAN REAL FAST ACROSS THIS BIG HIGHWAY to a sort of parking lot on the other side, like a roadside rest stop surrounded by green trees, a pretty park. I just left my car sitting there in the filling station with the gas hose still sticking in the tank, 'cause the fire was really coming fast!

       30. THIS BIG CROWD OF PEOPLE WAS RUSHING ALONG DOWN THE HIGHWAY IN FRONT OF IT. The funny part about it was it seemed like they were rushing down both sides of the highway even in the northbound lanes, and there weren't any cars going North--everybody was going South right in front of the fire! Well, I got out of the way just in time when the fire roared by, and there were huge explosions and crashes and screams and general bedlam!

       31. IT WAS HORRIBLE--A REAL HOLOCAUST!--And I thought to myself, "There goes my car in the filling station and all that gasoline with that hose sitting there in the open tank and all!" But the most horrible sight after this wave of fire had swept by was all these burned vehicles and cremated bodies, some of them still trying to keep going although they were already all burned! The fire swept by so fast it was just like it caught them while they were still in motion and cremated the whole crowd while they were still running!

       32. IT WAS REALLY A HORRIBLE SIGHT! I guess I ought to describe it, 'cause it was so strange the way it happened: The moment after the big fire tidal wave or flood of fire swept by, there were all these vehicles and people and motorcycles still in motion but all cremated in a kind of strange yellowish brown colour!

       33. THE FIRE JUST SORT OF MELTED THE VEHICLES AND THE PEOPLE and everything and they all ran down onto the pavement just like candle wax, just like it caught them all in motion and melted them all in this strange yellowish brown colour, and everything and everybody just melted onto the pavement!

       34. THE ONLY KIND OF A FLOOD OF FIRE that seems to me could do a thing like that would be an atomic explosion, because the fire was travelling so fast it just swept right past all these people and just cremated and melted everything in its path with terrific heat!--It just caught them while they were still in motion and melted them all, and I was horrified!

       35. SOMEHOW I HAD ORDERED A TAXI CAB after it was all over to get me out of there, because I had escaped by simply running to the park on the other side of the highway. But as I turned from that awful scene to get into my taxi, I discovered that these three Systemite women had already climbed in and were trying to take it. They had also apparently escaped.

       36. BUT I SAID, "I'M SORRY, BUT THAT'S MY TAXI and you'll have to get another one." So they very reluctantly and grumblingly climbed out and I climbed in. But it seemed like we were having a hard time keeping the motor on the front of the taxi attached to the body of the cab. It kept falling apart and we were trying to hold it together as we tried to take off.

       37. WE WERE IN SUCH A HURRY we even left some of the doors hanging open and we were driving down the wrong side of the highway. But it seemed like nothing mattered in such a big emergency. The only thing that mattered was to get out of there away from that awfulness, that horrible, horrible sight of all those melted vehicles and bodies!

       38. WE WERE GOING SOUTH as fast as we could, and I remember thinking, "I've got to shut those doors so nobody will fall out," because there were several of you kids in the taxi with me. I remember Jonathan was there, but he'd fallen asleep in the front seat and I was afraid he was going to fall out. It's a funny thing: He was just a little boy again, only about six or seven years old, and I was so afraid he was going to fall out, 'cause the door was hanging open and we were driving so fast trying to get away from all that terrible holocaust!

       39. I REMEMBER WE MET A POLICE CAR coming up the road in the opposite direction and we were driving on the wrong side of the highway--which was the only side you could drive on, the only side that was clear--and we just narrowly missed him! He looked so mad as we went by, but he was in too big a hurry to stop. He was headed for the scene of the disaster with his light flashing and his siren screaming.

       40. IT SEEMED LIKE NOTHING MATTERED BUT TO GET OUT OF THERE!--We didn't care about police cars or driving on the wrong side of the road or anything!--We just wanted to get out of there! But the funny thing about it that I don't understand is that the big mob of fleeing refugees was fleeing down the left side of the highway, the side toward the river, all racing South.

       41. BUT THAT'S THE WRONG SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY TO DRIVE ON IN THE U.S.! You don't drive on the left side.--You drive on the right side in the U.S. We were now driving on the right side headed South, but it seemed like we were driving on the wrong side because that police car was driving North on what was to him the left side of the highway.

       42. I MENTION THESE LITTLE THINGS BECAUSE THEY'RE ALWAYS SIGNIFICANT. But it was the only side of the highway that was clear. The other side was all packed with these wrecked and melted cars and dead bodies. That policeman looked real mad as he passed by us going the wrong way, but he acted like he didn't have time to stop and worry about anything so unimportant as somebody just driving down the wrong side of the road.

       43. SO WE JUST KEPT DRIVING LIKE MAD and I guess we got away, 'cause that's the last I remember--me and my little family, driving down the wrong side of the road going the wrong direction as far as the System is concerned, but we got away and they didn't! They were sticking to the traffic rules, but they didn't make it and we did!

       44. I CAN CERTAINLY SEE THE SIGNIFICANCE that that has, of course, because the dream was so strange that it could hardly be literal. Because if it had been an actual atomic blast on this occasion we would have been wiped out too! As fast as the fire wave or shock wave was travelling, an atomic blast still wouldn't have travelled that slow, 'cause that fellow had time to phone and find out it was coming.

       45. AND THEY JUST CALLED IT A "BRUSH" FIRE. That's what they used to call these small wars like Korea and Vietnam. Of course, in the long run they turn out not to be so small, but they call them brush fire wars just because they're small wars and not a whole great big worldwide war. But why I was driving north on US 51 on the West side of the river I don't know.--I don't have the faintest idea.

       46. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, UNLESS IT MEANS THAT THIS IS NOT A TIME TO BE HEADING NORTH but to be heading South--that in the North is where the danger is. Of course in the Bible it's always talking about the trouble in the Last Days coming from the North, great armies sweeping down from the North, kings of the North invading the South--which is probably how the coming oil war will begin, with the kings of the North invading the South for their oil.

       47. MOST OF THE COUNTRIES THAT HAVE OIL SEEM TO BE IN THE SOUTH, whether it is the Mideast or Africa or South America, they're nearly all South.--And most of the big industrialised nations that need the oil are in the North, the ones who will be tempted to invade the South to get it.

       48. THE BIBLE DEFINITELY SAYS THAT THE ARMIES OF THE LAST GREAT WARS ARE GOING TO COME FROM THE NORTH AND INVADE THE SOUTH, PARTICULARLY THE MIDEAST. So if the dream is symbolic, I can see what that means. North is the wrong way to be going nowadays, into the Northern rich industrialised nations, because evidently they're going to be destroyed by this great flood of fire, which could possibly mean an atomic war, which was so quick and so fast it just devoured them all right in their tracks while they were still moving!

       49. SO THAT EVIDENTLY MEANS THE DESTRUCTION IS GOING TO BE VERY SUDDEN AND VERY FAST! This is what the Bible also predicts, the destruction of the Great Whore Babylon, System confusion or the confusion of the System. Revelation 17 says it is going to be destroyed in one hour, and the way that fire was travelling it sure looked like it could destroy everything in no time at all!

       50. BUT WHY WAS THE SCENE ON US 51 ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE MISSISSIPPI? Could that be where the first atomic bombs are going to strike, in the so-called Midwest where so many of those missile silos are located? Is somebody going to shoot first and hit the U.S. before it can get its missiles off the ground? It's out there on the plains of the West that they have so many of the missiles planted, because the rich Eastern people don't want them around their cities, so they stuck them way out there in the Midwest and the West.

       51. SO MAYBE THAT MEANS THAT'S WHERE IT'S ALL GOING TO BEGIN, because of course anybody delivering a pre-emptive strike is going to try to hit where the missiles are, to keep them from striking back. It's also obvious that the Systemites waited until too late to flee and got caught in the blast because they didn't want to violate or defy the rules of the System or violate the traffic laws. They were all jam-packed together in one huge traffic jam of traffic driving down only one side of the road when the other side had hardly any traffic on it going North. Everyone by this time was driving South to get away from it all.

       52. BY STICKING WITH THE SYSTEM AND WAITING UNTIL TOO LATE THEY ALL GOT CAUGHT in the horrible destruction, whereas those of us who were smart enough to get on the other side before it hit escaped! So it turned out the left side was the right side and the right side was the wrong side, if you know what I mean!--You get me!

       53. IN THE EMERGENCY WE EVEN HAD TO BREAK SOME OF THE RULES TO GET AWAY and were driving down what was supposed to be the wrong side of the road but which turned out to be the right side if you wanted to escape! We were all going Southward, but they were too late and too jammed up together to make it. Whereas we fled across their path over to the other side which had been the left side but now as we turned south was the right side, but they were all packed into what had been the right side but were now trying to go South on the wrong side, if you get what I mean.

       54. SO THE DREAM WAS OBVIOUSLY A WARNING TO GET OUT OF THE U.S. and the mainstreams of the traffic, off of the right side into the left side, and turn and flee Southward instead of Northward. The right leads North and the left leads South! Can you see what that means? We and our little family made it, apparently, even though some of the doors were hanging open, and I was afraid that because some of you were asleep you might fall out.

       55. SO YOU BETTER CLOSE YOUR DOORS AND STAY WIDE AWAKE and keep a tight little ship or you may go to sleep and fall out and get left behind, and you sure wouldn't want to get caught in the mess that I saw!--And if you know anything about the Mississippi River, it runs from the Northwest to the Southeast, so that highway must have been running in that direction too.

       56. THIS MEANS WE WERE FLEEING SOUTHWARD AND EASTWARD, which is exactly what we're doing today! We're leaving the Northern and Western rich industrialised countries and we're rapidly moving southward into Latin America, the West Indies, Southern Europe, Africa, Mediterranean and Eastward. We've already crossed the ocean and moved Eastward from America into Europe, and now we're moving Eastward from Europe into the Mideast, Asia and the Orient, Southeast Asia, the East Indies and Australia and the Pacific.

       57. SO THE MOVE IS ALREADY ON AND WE'VE ALREADY SWITCHED SIDES of the highway from the right to the left and are moving Southward and Eastward as fast as we can! Just stay awake and keep your doors shut, the symbol of watchfulness and tight security, lest you fall asleep and fall out and get left behind and devoured by the fire that's going to devour the wicked!

       58. DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO LEAVE BEHIND!--I didn't worry a minute about leaving my car standing right there! I just ran and grabbed another car and ran, even a hired taxi that belonged to the System!--Use it!--And I didn't even mind asking those system women to get out because it wasn't their taxi! They hadn't called it. They were trying to steal my getaway car and I simply didn't let 'em!

       59. GOD'S CHILDREN AND THE SHEEP COME FIRST, and I piled my little family in and left those old goats behind! So don't be afraid to "save yourselves from this untoward generation" and "flee from the wrath to come!"--The right is wrong and the left is right! You'd better head South and East as fast as you can, wide awake and with tight security, or you may not make it! Thank God we did!--Are you?

       60. MAY JESUS HELP YOU TO LEAVE NOW!--And "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15)--Amen? God bless and keep you!--But He may not if you don't obey and run!--NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late!--Remember "The Great Escape"?--Some were too slow and didn't make it! Some stayed on the wrong side and were lost!--Where are you?

       61. REMEMBER, WE'VE BEEN WARNING YOU FOR YEARS!--If you don't leave now, one of these days it's gonna happen and you're gonna get caught! Some are already in trouble, they've dragged their feet so long! Don't let it happen to you! Get out now while you have a chance! I believe these are God's final warnings!--Will you be too late?

       62. NEARLY 1000 OF YOU ARE STILL IN THE U.S.--more than when we first warned you to get out in "The Great Escape"!--Why? "Why will ye die, O Jerusalem? (Jer.27:13)--Jeremiah lamented over God's children when they refused to flee the city to save their lives, because they didn't want to leave their homes and treasures and kindred behind!--And they were all wiped out!--A third by fire, a third by famine and a third by the sword!

       63. "WHY WILL YE DIE, O AMERICANS?--Four-fifths of us have already fled or live in other parts of the world in over 60 countries in every content around the Globe!--Why not you? We're carrying the Gospel into all the world to every creature!--Why not you?

       64. THE UNITED STATES HAS HAD ITS CHANCE! We've been warning it for years!--Why should they continue to hear your witness many times over when others around the world have never heard it once?--Why do you stay? "Why will ye die?"--Because you did not heed our warnings!

       65. GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!--Many mission fields are begging for your help!--"The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few!--Pray you therefore the Lord of the harvest will send you forth into His harvest!" (Mt.9:37,38)--Come now!--Tomorrow?--THE HOLOCAUST!

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