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"THE BLOODSUCKERS!"--The Scientific Vampires!--MO       September 20, 1975       DFO No.374

Copyright © Jan. 1976 by The Children of God

       1. REALLY SOME OF THESE DREAMS ARE SO CRAZY I hesitate to tell them because at first they don't seem to make any sense at all. But when I remember a dream so vividly I hesitate not to tell it, because many of them do make sense afterwards as I get the interpretation. I haven't the faintest idea what this dream means at all, but I might get something on it later, so I'd better tell it to you.

       2. THEY WERE HAVING THIS NUDE DANCE in the back of this big auditorium behind the seats. It was like half of the big auditorium had seats facing and sloping down towards the stage, but behind the seats was this level half where they had dances. We were all dancing nude, but it seemed to be the perfectly acceptable thing. Until, as you and I were dancing dreamily along, we suddenly discovered that we were the only ones still dancing and everyone else had put their clothes on and had taken their seats in the auditorium. So I said,

       3. "QUICK! WE'VE GOT TO RUN GET OUR CLOTHES ON!" because everybody was looking at us slightly disapprovingly as though, didn't we know it was time to stop dancing and sit down? It was like there was a time to dance naked and a time to be clothed and sit down. But I said to you rather embarrassedly,

       4. "I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I HUNG MY PANTS!" So we ran around looking on the different seats trying to find our clothes when Deborah came up and said, "You left them at home with me at the house. Come on, I'll drive you home." And I remember as we drove off I was ducking down below the window trying to keep out of sight and some of the people out on the street were laughing at us. But the funny part about it was, they were naked too!

       5. BUT WHEN WE GOT HOME, home was a big rickety, five-story, old wooden house, and Deborah led the way and said, "Your room is here on the fourth floor. You see, there are your clothes. I live on the fifth floor." Then I said, "But there aren't any doors to the rooms, and the stairway runs right through the room! There's no privacy! Everybody will be running right through our room!" But she said, "Oh that's all right, it's just the family, just members of our little Colony and they won't mind." But I said,

       6. "WELL I MIND! IT WILL BE LIKE SLEEPING ON THE MAIN HIGHWAY! Besides that, we can't lock our door to keep our security materials safe." Deborah said, "Oh, you don't have to worry about that, there's nobody here to be afraid of. Everybody here is completely trustworthy." I said, "Yes, but the dining room is right below us.--This isn't a very quiet place to be." And she said, "Oh, nobody's going to bother you, everybody here is very considerate. Come on, I'll fix you a little bite to eat."

       7. SO WE WENT DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW to the dining room, which was sort of a dining room and kitchen combined, and sat down to have a light night snack while I was still grumbling about the room. But then I thought, "Well, it might be interesting to have pretty girls running through our bedroom while we're making love, they might even learn a few things!" Deb said, "Oh, you'll be all right, don't worry." I don't know if I just can't remember or if I missed a scene or what, because I don't seem to have any recollection of what happened next between that scene and the next one that I remember.

       8. BUT THE NEXT SCENE WAS MORE LIKE A NIGHTMARE! They were rounding us all up in this huge barn like warehouse--there must have been several hundred of us inside like prisoners. But our captors seemed to be trying to avoid the impression that we were prisoners but that were voluntarily taking part in some kind of experiment, a scientific experiment, and they were asking who'd like to be next to volunteer to demonstrate somebody's new scientific discovery some kind of physical regeneration. I remember the scientist's name was definitely mentioned and so was the name of the new method, but I can't remember either one of them now.

       9. SOME GIRL WAS THEN STRAPPED ONTO THIS SLANTED OPERATING TABLE it was slanted at about a 45-degree angle from her head down to her feet on a sort of platform, apparently so we could all see, and the small tubes about the size of your little finger were running from various parts of her body into this little machine which seemed like a pump. And these two very well dressed but cruel-looking, almost bestial-looking men were sitting on either side of the machine at her feet, with similar tubes in their mouths, each one with one tube running from the machine into his mouth. And the scientist said,

       10. "ARE WE READY TO BEGIN THE EXPERIMENT? Be sure all the windows are closed and doors are locked so we won't be disturbed." But I had the feeling we were being locked in more than that others were being locked out, and that we were actually captives and these so-called scientists were our captors. Anyway, the demonstration began and we were all supposed to watch while the scientist lectured on what was going on. He said,

       11. "YOU WILL SEE NOW THAT AS WE START THE PUMP THE BLOOD IS BEING DRAINED FROM THE SUBJECT SLOWLY, first from her brain and head as she is gradually losing consciousness quietly and peacefully, so that she no longer even knows what's happening. It is all very painless and pleasant and she no longer has anything to worry about." And sure enough as we watched, right before our horrified gaze the blood was draining from her head, and her face went white and she obviously became unconscious! Then her neck went white and her shoulders and the whiteness seemed to move down her naked body from her head toward her toes.

       12. MEANWHILE WE COULD SEE THESE TWO MEN SITTING AT HER FEET SUCKING ON THESE TUBES FROM WHICH WE COULD SEE HER BLOOD FLOWING INTO THEIR MOUTHS! They both seemed to get almost demonically gleeful expressions of great exhilaration and excitement, becoming very excited and as though they were exploding with energy! And I thought to myself, "My God, what a horror! How awful! They're killing her right before eyes and drinking her blood right in front of us and claiming this renews their energy and their life forces and helps them to live longer by drinking human blood like vampires, but making it all look very very scientific and sound very very humane!" I thought,

       13. "MY GOD, WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE SOMEHOW OR THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL AND DRINK OUR BLOOD SO THEY CAN LIVE!" So I began looking around for a possibility of an open unguarded window through which some of us might jump. But the scientist, almost as though he had read my mind, spoke to some of the men who were standing around the doors and windows obviously as guards, he called out again, "Be sure all the doors and windows are shut tight so that no one can interrupt our demonstration."--But I knew what he meant of course: So that nobody could get out and get away from the demonstration! And I just can't remember any more right now. It seemed like then I woke up and remembered the whole dream.

       14. I WAS SO HORRIFIED IT WOKE ME UP! You know how sometimes when you have a nightmare you get to the most awful scariest part and mercifully you awaken! I was so thankful that it wasn't really true, it wasn't really happening! But I wondered afterward if it could be really possible that the day will come when under the guise of scientific experimentation and achievement and mercy killing they're going to literally drink our blood to save themselves!

       15. OH, I REMEMBER NOW! Thank God, that's what reminded me: Between the scene at Deborah's house and this last one there was some kind of great chaotic calamity going on and everybody was running. It seemed like it was partly dark and there were huge fires and explosions. It was like a terrible terror of some kind, people were running and screaming from some kind of terrible happening like a war or bombs and fires, and some of us had been herded into this barn like it was supposed to be a place of refuge.

       16. YOU KNOW, ONE OF THE EFFECTS OF RADIATION AND ATOMIC FALLOUT from atomic explosions is a type of blood cancer that causes leukemia or pernicious anemia that literally eats up your blood, and the people that have it have to have constant or frequent transfusions to stay alive. So I wonder if these vicious so-called scientists of whatever horror system was in existence had discovered this was a way of getting immediate fresh warm human blood for their people to drink to stay alive.

       17. BECAUSE YOU KNOW THERE'S NOT REALLY MUCH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS AND DRINKING BLOOD--it amounts to about the same thing! Although getting blood by transfusions appears to be a little more scientific and humane and not quite as gory as actually sucking somebody's blood with your mouth!

       18. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING DEMONIC ABOUT VAMPIRES! It must be some kind of horrible human perversion that actually has existed at some time or other where cruel human beings actually sucked the blood of their victims, as these monstrous men were doing, while trying to make it more scientific and humane and that the victim was merely being put out of her misery very mercifully while they were receiving the benefits of her blood.

       19. DO YOU SUPPOSE MEN ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO COME TO THAT IN THOSE LAST HORRIBLE DAYS OF THE END OF THE WORLD? They'll actually go around sucking each other's blood to save themselves from dying from atomic radiation and his effects of blood destroying atomic leukemia! Well it was certainly vivid and horrifying, and I was so terrified by it all and the repulsiveness of it all that I guess I woke up.

       20. APPARENTLY IN THE LAST DAYS MEN WILL BECOME LIKE ANIMALS, BRUTE BEASTS DEVOURING EACH OTHER TO STAY ALIVE, like those mothers in the Bible who ate their own children to save themselves from starvation during siege and famine! Perverted reprobate anti-God man will stoop to anything, any horror, any atrocity, any cruelty, any perversion to please and save himself in those last days, while trying to make it look like it's all right, humane, scientific, palatable and acceptable to even drink dry the warm living blood of another human being straight from their body and thus selfishly surviving by bringing about another's death!

       21. WHAT AN AWFUL HORRIBLE THOUGHT! I never like to dwell on things like perverted and atrocious cruel inhumane behaviour. I never liked stories about the blood-and-guts violence of war and crime and disasters or even sports. But apparently the violence-loving, blood-lusting, destruction-crazed, war-mad, scientifically-insane, monstrous man of the future is going to stoop to anything to destroy and kill and get what he wants, while trying to hypocritically justify his actions and make it sound scientific and humane even as he does today.

       22. THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE A DEMONIC BLOOD-LUSTING MANIA to shed innocent blood, to kill just for the sake of killing, like the stories we so often read in the newspapers about people who go berserk and kill each other around them including their own friends or family or innocent bystanders for no apparent reason whatsoever--just a lust to kill, to destroy life.

       23. THIS OF COURSE IS ONE OF THE DEVIL'S MAIN PROJECTS, TO TRY TO DESTROY MAN in any way he can, usually by getting man to destroy himself or each other by the most horrible demonic means imaginable, such as war, while at the same time persuading man that such destruction is justifiable, humane and necessary to protect one's country or one's wealth or to seize another's for the betterment of one's own estate.

       24. WHAT MAN CONDEMNS AS CRIMES ON THE LOCAL MINOR INDIVIDUAL LEVEL, HE PROMOTES AS PATRIOTISM, BRAVERY, VALOUR AND JUSTIFIABLE WHOLESALE HORROR ON THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LEVEL OF WAR, monstrous mass murder by the most massive means available! Man has justified himself for shedding the blood of others for millenniums. Why should we think it unbelievable that he should one day soon drink the blood of his victims in order to keep himself alive?

       25. I THINK I WAS BEING GIVEN A PICTURE OF THE DEPTHS TO WHICH MAN WILL SINK IN THE LAST DAYS BEFORE GOD DESTROYS THE WICKED and the putrid Earth and creates a New Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness, with a new and righteous generation saved by His love and grace because of their faith in Him.

       26. THE NUDE DANCE REMINDS ME OF THE CATACOMB SCENES I SAW IN "THE DRUGSTORE" VISION, the perfect freedom and unpretentious liberty and unashamed fellowship and naked contact with each other represented in the Revolution both spiritually and physically. But the fact that people started putting clothes on and sitting down again is to me a sad warning of the potential fate of many who may give up their new found freedom for the temptations of conformity and the hypocritical vestments of convention for a comfortable seat in the System show.

       27. THE FACT THAT WE OURSELVES COULDN'T FIND OUR CLOTHES was a pretty sure sign that we had left them pretty far behind so that we couldn't remember where they were any more. And the fact that Deb helped us find them in a place she had given us to stay in her Colony may have meant that we were compelled to find a refuge with some surface show of conformity in order to save ourselves from the disapproval of the System, a semi-compromise to stay alive in a small Colony where nothing is hidden from each other.

       28. GOD HAS GIVEN US A GREAT DEAL OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY and intimate fellowship with each other, but if it is going to cause us trouble with the System and endanger our lives and our work, I'm not going to hesitate to put my clothes back on and pretend to be a Systemite to survive. "Man looketh upon the outward appearance, but God looketh upon the heart." (1Sam.16:7) As the father in East Germany advised his son while living under the Communist regime, "You only need to be red like a radish--just appear to be red on the outside but all white on the inside!"

       29. WHEN YOU ARE FORCED BY LAW AND POLITICAL AND SOCIAL PRESSURE TO CONFORM IN ORDER TO SURVIVE, IT IS NO SIN TO PRETEND TO CONFORM to their conventions on the surface while your mind and heart remain the same. This we have warned you many times: You are naked and free without pretense or hypocrisy before God and each other, but you may have to put your clothes on and not act so free and so lovingly intimate when out in public before the System.

       30. SO WATCH YOUR STEP THAT YOUR LIBERTY DOES NOT BECOME LICENSE AND THAT YOUR FREEDOMS DO NOT BECOME INFRACTIONS OF THE LAW and that your intimacies do not cause you to offend the System, or weaker ones to stumble. Nudity in the privacy of your own home and your own family fellowship may be perfectly all right, safe and inoffensive and enjoyable in its comfort, humility and freedom, but you'd better keep your clothes on in public when in full view of the critical hypocritical System and its Systemites, lest you be condemned by those who are actually jealous of your liberties!

       31. FINALLY, THAT THERE IS COMING A COLOSSAL CATASTROPHE WAS CERTAIN FROM THE DREAM, and we should prepare our minds and hearts for it and except it as God has often warned us of it, that some of us may be caught in the flood of His judgment on a wicked world. But it would be best that we prepare our bodies too, as well as we are able, by preparing places of refuge from the storm where we can hide and not be caught in the maelstrom of His judgment on the wicked.

       32. MANY WILL UNDOUBTEDLY DIE AS MARTYRS, possibly even more for their own foolish neglect and lack of preparation. But some must survive to be final witnesses to the wicked world in the days of some of its last judgment in the hopes that we may turn many to righteousness as they are stripped of their false security in the deceitfulness of riches and have nowhere to hide but in God! To these we shall be ministers of salvation, but to others we shall be ministers of damnation only able to remind them why they are being judged and that we told them so and warned them of it long ago.

       33. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE AND YOUR OWN SAKE, BE READY FOR THE AWFUL THINGS THAT ARE ABOUT TO COME upon the Earth on the wicked world. You must be prepared for them and not even shocked by the very worst of man's monstrous bestiality. "For our lives are hid with Christ in God" and "Thou shall keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee." "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." "For perfect love casts out all fear."--His love, God's love, Christ's love, your love, our love, real love, the love of God. Hallelujah! For God is love and love is God, so "above all brethren, have fervent love one for another" that you may be saved! (Col.3:3; Isa.26:3; 2Tim.1:7; 1Jn.4:8; 1Pe.4:8)

       34. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE KEEP YOURSELVES FREE FROM THE BLOOD SUCKING SYSTEM! Don't let them trap you in the barney warehouses of their materialism lest you die the slow death of the bleeder! For they will surely bleed you of everything you've got if you give them a chance! Don't get caught with your pants down! Remember where you left your clothes in case you have to get them on again, and stay in small inconspicuous Colonies where you don't have to worry about privacy and so much fear of insecurity.

       35. WHEN THE DANCE IS OVER, RUN FOR YOUR HIDEAWAY and get your clothes back on before the System catches you with your pants down! Don't be afraid to conform or compromise when you have to, to stay alive and keep witnessing if by nothing more than your life and your smile and your love.

       36. "BE YE THEREFORE READY," "WATCH AND PRAY that ye enter not into the temptations" that others will fall prey to! (Mt.24:44; 26:41) Be on your guard and don't let the Enemy in in some unguarded moment. Stay awake, keep your eyes open, watch out for spies, "for some have crept in unawares." "For there are certain men crept in unawares who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ." (Jude 4) "And that because of false brethren unawares brought in who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage." (Gal.2:4)

       37. THESE DREAMS MAY SOUND CRAZY AT FIRST, BUT THEY ALWAYS WIND UP A WORTHY WARNING TO THE WARY, and it's amazing how much of a lesson God can teach us from some of these vivid illustrations which seem so wacky at first sight. "He that hath a dream let him tell it, and give heed to prophesying, for in them there may be great reward" (Jer.23:28) if you will delve for the hidden truths that God is trying to show you. God bless and keep you and help you not to get caught with your pants down or sucked in by the System--"The Blood Suckers!"

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family