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"GRANDMOTHER AND THE FLOOD!"--MO        October 20, 1974        GP--No.375
--Another American Nightmare!

Copyrighted Jan. 1976 by The Children of God

       1. MY MOTHER AND I were eating in this nice restaurant and we were finished, so I left her there to go and get the car to bring it back to pick her up at the door. But by the time I got back to the car the whole area had begun to flood--water was spilling over the road, the parking lot was low and it was flooded, and I couldn't get back to pick her up right away as I had to figure out how to get there.--And by the time I managed to get back to the restaurant the water was pouring over the road and really getting dangerous--several feet deep in some spots.

       2. THE LIGHTS WERE ALL OUT in the restaurant and I called and honked, but no answer, so I didn't know what happened to her. I presumed when people saw what was happening and how the flood was pouring over the road they'd probably urged her to go with them and she had left. (Maria: Was that the end?) Yes. No, now wait a minute, that could be very significant. Something comes back to me I remember just a few days before she died the angels were talking to her and she told us they were telling her, "You better go with us before the flood--before the world is inundated with the judgements of God."

       3. THE DREAM NEVER LITERALLY HAPPENED SO THEREFORE IT HAS TO BE SYMBOLIC. Remember, a car before symbolised the Revolution. God depicted a car for transportation to show it is moving.--Prophets in chariots for example, I remember I was so sad she was gone and concerned about her but I decided she must have gone with those people to get out of the flood, so I had to turn around and drive myself and others through the waters as fast as I could try to escape. It was like I was in the flood but I was trying to drive out of it.

       4. THE APPLICATION IS FAIRLY OBVIOUS if the dream is symbolic: The days of happy feasting together in America are over. God's judgements are about to fall beginning with wicked America, the worst of all! First He removed my Mother--she went with the angels to be with the Lord and left me with the legacy of the Revolution to help others get out. We were already beginning to feel some of the effects of His judgements on America as we fled.

       5. BUT SOME OF YOU ARE STILL DRAGGING YOUR FEET and haven't left yet, so God is trying to warn you the flood is getting deeper and if you don't hurry you won't be able to get out and it will be too late!

       6. HOW MANY TIMES DOES HE HAVE TO WARN YOU? I'm amazed at His mercy and patience! It's been ten years since the warning message of the Great Confusion: "Turn your eyes toward Memphis (Egypt), for out of it shall come the Great Confusion!"--Already the Arabs have shaken the world with their oil power and threaten to destroy the great industrialised giants who won't listen to their pleas!

       7. IT HAS BEEN ABOUT FOUR YEARS SINCE "THE GREAT ESCAPE" WARNING, but nearly 1,000 of you have not left the comfortable, affluent U.S., despite many signs of her already beginning to crack and crumble! You can already hear the rumble of the storm and see the approaching lightning and the blackening clouds overhead and torrents of His judgements are already beginning to fall!

       8. DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE THE FLOOD WITH YOUR OWN EYES and feel its ragging currents lashing at your legs before you will believe? Are you going to wait until the last minute when it's too late behind to suffer the roaring flood of the fires of His wrath poured out on the wicked?

       9. WE'RE WARNING YOU AGAIN FOR THE LAST TIME!--This is your last chance! "O why will ye die, O Jerusalem?" The rest of the world needs you! Please come now! God help you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family