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"THE BOMB DREAMS!"--More American Nightmares!--MO       No. 378--GP

Copyrighted Jan. 1976 by The Children of God


       1. WE WERE ON TOP OF A HILL IN A BIG CITY and my impression was that it was San Francisco. The cars were standing in long queues in all directions waiting to get across this bridge--not one of the big bridges but it was an important bridge of some kind, an overpass or something like one of the big freeways.

       2. SOME PEOPLE WERE HONKING AND IMPATIENT waiting, inching closer and closer. Apparently they were crossing very slowly, one by one, so that the traffic moved along barely inching up toward the place. I was driving and it seemed like there were others in the car. I finally got to the place that was causing the jam--nobody seemed to know what was causing it--but when we got up there, there was this huge hole in the bridge that was blown in this gigantic concrete and steel structure!

       3. THE BRIDGE HAD BEEN PRACTICALLY BLOWN APART and there were whispers that it had been some kind of a strategic atom bomb or shell that hit the bridge and had blown this gigantic hole in it. But they had constructed a makeshift wooden track over the hole made of boards and wood and so on, temporary, for cars to get over one by one, one at a time. My first thought and the first thing that we whispered around was that the reason we didn't know about it and we didn't know what had happened was that they were keeping it hushed up because they didn't want the world to know that it had happened.

       4. THEY WERE AFRAID THE PEOPLE WOULD GET FRIGHTENED if they knew what a sizable explosion had done it. You know, a huge concrete and steel structure ten or twelve feet thick and two lanes wide is pretty hard to damage. An ordinary bomb would hardly even put a dent in it, but it had been blasted almost apart! All this was just a sample of what had happened other places in the city, because it seemed like there was a blackout on all news and they hadn't even told the local people, much less the rest of the country.

       5. THEY WERE KEEPING IT ALL HUSHED UP FOR FEAR PEOPLE WOULD GET PANICKY. But the people who got to the hole were astonished! They were letting us drive across on this rickety wooden structure one by one to get across to the other side. So I finally drove my car carefully across and then drove on to a very large parking lot by some kind of a factory or mill, a huge plant. I can't quite understand why I was there except it seemed like I was inspecting it or visiting it--I wasn't working there.

       6. ONE THING THEY SAID WHEN WE GOT TO THE HOLE WAS TO TRY TO SHIELD OUR EYES somehow, wear dark glasses or something, some special kind of glasses, "Because the radiation here is so strong it's apt to cause your eyes to hurt." Everybody was complaining of their eyes hurting them, smarting and burning 'cause the radiation in that area of the explosion was so strong.

       7. WHEN I GOT TO THIS PLANT and was walking through it, it seemed like lots of huge big pieces of its concrete ceiling were hanging down, dangling down ready to fall, very dangerous. They were inspecting the whole plant, checking it, and they had cranes in there, small portable cranes prodding the pieces of ceiling to see if they were stable or ready to fall, like the plant had been hit by one of the atomic shells. There too everybody was complaining about their eyes smarting and red and burning and hurting.

       8. NEXT THING, I WAS WALKING INTO THIS HOSPITAL, an upper floor of a hospital, and someone was standing by the door checking us--it seemed to be a cafeteria, the hospital cafeteria. There were a lot of people in there, an awful lot of people. Apparently I was now one of the patients who were there being treated for radiation, and we were getting our food.

       9. THEY WERE EVEN CHECKING THE FOOD FOR RADIATION: You passed by this little machine with your tray like a Geiger counter checking the food to see how bad it was, because everything had been irradiated so much. I sat down at this long table on a bench like they have in hospitals sometimes and ate my food.

       10. AFTERWARD I WAS STILL FEELING A LITTLE HUNGRY and I noticed this other fellow had this big delicious fruit salad. I thought. "Boy, I wonder where he got that? I'd sure like to have one of those!"--And I went over and asked the man at the counter. He said, "Sure--it'll be just so much extra." So I paid him the money and got a fruit salad, and I had to have it checked again on the Geiger counter and sat down and ate it.

       11. THEN THIS FUNNY LITTLE MAN, ONE OF THE INMATES, he must have been a little touched in the head, for he walked up to me and handed me this huge wallet, it was about like one of these briefcases, only about half as tall, just a great big wallet, a very over-sized wallet, and he was grinning at me sort of like that footman at the door at that place we go sometimes, like he was a little simple-minded, grinning at me and handed it to me and said, "This is yours." I think that's what he said, "This is yours" because I just accepted it and took it.

       12. WHILE I WAS SITTING THERE AT THE TABLE: eating my fruit salad I opened it up and it was just packed with bills of large denominations lying flat in the wallet--it must have been at least an inch thick of big bills! I thought, "Wow, what is this for? I'm sure this must belong to somebody! Oh well, nowadays when you find money anybody and everybody claims it, so I better keep this thing out of sight long enough to try to find out who it belongs to."

       13. BUT THE FUNNY THING ABOUT THE WAY HE HANDED IT TO ME WAS AS THOUGH NOBODY WAS VERY MUCH CONCERNED ABOUT THE MONEY, or the value of the money. He didn't seem to be concerned about it, though it looked like a lot of money to me. Anyhow, I stuffed the wallet in some kind of package like a shopping bag I had there, and when I got through eating I walked on out. When we passed out the door we had to stand in front of this Geiger counter again to check us out to see if we had picked up any more radiation, then I went on out--and that's the last I remember! I think somebody slammed the front door right then and woke me up.

STRANGE BOMBS!       14/12/74

       14. IN THE NEXT DREAM I REMEMBER THERE WAS A RADIO CALL from the airport control tower that said to delay that plane and stop it from landing. But while it was circling the airport, high overhead waiting for permission to land, it exploded, and suddenly all the planes began exploding! I don't know why or how, but they were!

       15. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THEY CAME OUT OF THE PLANES that were exploding or what, but every time a plane exploded a strange thing would pop out of them. I don't know how to explain it because I don't know what they are, so I haven't got anything to really relate them to in size. They must have been plenty big, because when they hit the ground they caused tremendous explosions!

       16. THE THINGS REMINDED ME OF THE OLD 4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS PINWHEELS. I don't know how big each was because I don't have anything to relate it to, but they fell the way some planes used to fall in the war when they got one wing shot off--they'd whirl `round and 'round to the ground as they fell.

       17. BUT THESE THINGS WERE NOT PLANES, THEY WERE SOME KIND OF PECULIAR BOMBS, apparently, because they had a big round thing on one end, then there was this big thing like a stick sticking out from the round thing, and the stick was almost as big around as the round thing.--And I'd say the stick was about three or four times as long as the round thing was wide, and I don't know whether they'd fallen out of these planes or just out of they sky.

       18. EACH TIME ONE OF THE PLANES EXPLODED ONE OF THESE ROUND THINGS WOULD COME DOWN. This stick, or whatever was sticking out the side of the round thing, was a little bit flat, and in the backside of each of these sticks were a series of little jets all along the back edge of each stick, so that they made the stick whirl around the round thing real fast. They made a loud sort of screaming noise almost like a siren as they came whirling around down from the sky, and when they'd hit there would be a tremendous explosion--a great impact and reverberation--terrific!

       19. THE PEOPLE WERE SCREAMING AND RUNNING for indoors. My whole impression was that somehow or another they had sneaked these bombs onto these planes. They seemed like regular commercial airliners. They weren't all that big in relation to the size of the airliners that they couldn't have been sneaked into the baggage compartments of the planes. They could have been the size of an ordinary suitcase, or maybe they loaded them on in packing crates.

       20. NOW IF THEY WERE HIDDEN IN SOMETHING LIKE A SUITCASE, I could tell you the proportion of each one: The round ball at the end would have been about as thick as our suitcase, and the stick would have been as long as our suitcase--the whole thing together would have been about the thickness and length of a suitcase.


       21. I BELIEVE THESE DREAMS ARE MORE WARNINGS of the horrors yet to befall America, and that you who are still there should get out as soon as you possibly can before it's too late!

       22. THESE TERRORS WILL COME SUDDENLY AND BY SURPRISE, as indicated in each dream and warning even as far back as the Great Confusion Warning which prophesied they would happen so swiftly as to "cause a great widening of the eyes" in those who heeded not the signs of the times!

       23. "WHY WILL YE DIE, O JERUSALEM!"--Why don't you leave America to her fate and go where they've not yet been warned? Why do you warn her again and again when so many others have never been warned? Why don't you obey God's warnings and command to "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature?" (Mk 16:15) Why do you linger as "them which love death"? (Pro.8:36) GO TODAY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family