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"SAHARA"--MO       October 28, 1975       DO No.388

Copyright © Feb. 1976 by The Children of God

       1. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU REALISE THE SITUATION WHICH IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. As usual, people seldom ever see impending doom or things that can happen until too late. The usual herd, the usual sheep, just go on their way like things have always been.

       2. KURT WALDHEIM, THE JEW, PROBABLY ISN'T TOO ANXIOUS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM since the Jews hate Spain and the Arabs anyhow, and he probably wouldn't mind a bit if Morocco took Sahara. But situations like that are very explosive and nobody knows what might happen.

       3. THEY COULD HAVE ERUPTED INTO FULL-SCALE WAR in which I'm sure [DELETED] America would sympathise totally against Spain with Morocco. She has already expressed her sympathies and support for Morocco's claim to the Sahara.--Because Morocco is one of the headquarters of the U.S. Mafia and virtually an American colony, armed by the U.S.

       4. THOSE EVIL MOROCCAN LEADERS have always been evil beasts, thieves, murderers, cutthroats, pirates and Mafia. I can't remember one single good thing about them, can you? The word most closely associated in my memory with Moroccans is those "Moroccan pirates." They've always been a bunch of the worst and cruelest kind of people!

       5. WE RECENTLY RECEIVED A LETTER FROM ONE OF OUR BOYS WHO WAS IMPRISONED THERE: Joseph of Bradford, England: "Believe me, I've got plenty to kick about! I was imprisoned six months in Morocco and do you know what the charge was? Are you ready for this? Plotting to overthrow the government through the use of ... the MO Letters! How about that? The Moroccans are so God damned anti-Christ and anti-God, the filthiest, morbid, degenerate, most disgusting and downright lowlife disease-ridden people I have ever come in contact with! Almost all the Moroccans are homosexuals, perverted, etc. I love the Lord and His Word and that means you and the Letters too! I've always been fanatical about the Letters and it's gotten me into trouble a couple of times. ... However, I'd rather die for something than live for nothing!"

       6. THEY'VE GOT A SATANICALLY DEVILISH CLEVER KING, who by the way is the one who engineered the assassination of the rebel Ben Barka related in that film called "The Plot." It was the story of how the leader of the poor Moroccan rebels was betrayed, assassinated and cruelly murdered, and how Paris and the CIA were in on it too because the U.S. was backing King Hassan against the rebels. Did you see it? It was a big French scandal exposed by de Gaulle.

       7. IN THE FILM YOU NEVER REALLY KNEW WHO SHOT HIM, whether it was Hassan's assassins or the French police or the CIA. The picture never really made it clear who really finally killed him. But the French police were on the side of Hassan against the Moroccan rebels.

       8. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE FRENCH POLICE PROTECTION, but the French police themselves turned him over to Hassan's men. And the CIA had some finger in the pie. So I'll tell you, they're a bunch of evil cutthroats who are still pirates and who would still love to get their hands on as much property as they can.

       9. THEY BEGAN STRIKING WHILE FRANCO WAS DYING which shows what dirty below-the-belt fighters they are. All Spain was preoccupied with the dying of Franco which meant she'd be terribly preoccupied with the change of government.

       10. THIS IS THE WEAKNESS OF DICTATORSHIP--THE DEATH OF THE DICTATOR. As long as he's alive and is a good strong smart wise God-blessed man, or sometimes even when he's bad, at least there's a strong government that keeps a hold on the country and enforces peace.

       11. BUT WHEN HE DIES IT SEEMS THERE IS SELDOM EVER ANTHER MAN AS STRONG, or strong enough to take over. Probably because in order to keep his hold on the country and his strength, the dictator has usually eliminated all the real strong men as possible potential opposition.

       12. ALL THE STRONG MEN WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RULE WERE CONSIDERED COMPETITORS, rivals and enemies and were either killed or driven out of the country or imprisoned. So there is no one left who is strong enough to oppose the dictator and therefore, sad to say, when he dies no one is left strong enough to rule the country.

       13. WHEN YOU BUILD UP SOMEONE TO BE STRONG ENOUGH TO TAKE YOUR PLACE what usually happens, more often than not in worldly politics, they take it before you're ready, as soon as they get strong enough. So unless they can really trust them to be a friend, which is very seldom, they usually have to eliminate them or put them down or exile them or get rid of them somehow.

       14. AFTER 40 YEARS OF THIS KIND OF REIGN usually most of the guys around such a dictator are a bunch of yes-men who wouldn't know how to run the country without a strong personality. So this happens to be a very very extremely serious moment in world history--who knows what might erupt!

       15. ALL THE MAJOR WARS OF THE WORLD HAVE ERUPTED FROM THE MOST UNBELIEVABLY INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE INCIDENTS that you could possibly imagine! Somebody gets shot that you never even heard of and a whole new world war erupts!

       16. HITLER SIMPLY DECIDED TO MARCH INTO POLAND and take it over, just like he took over every other country in Europe without opposition, without firing a shot, marching in victoriously like he did in Czechoslovakia, Austria & all the rest of them.

       17. HE WASN'T EXPECTING ANY OPPOSITION. But the Jewish Poles were very very Jewish. [DELETED] That was one country where he made a mistake. Their army & air force was a pushover even though they tried to resist, but there was one thing he hadn't counted on.

       18. HE DIDN'T THINK THAT BRITAIN WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO KEEP HER COMMITMENT TO POLAND, her defense pact, and go to Poland's aid. He warned her not to, and the way Chamberlain had been talking he thought Britain wouldn't. And it was the very fact that Britain didn't make it clear exactly what she would do that encouraged him to march on Poland.

       19. WILLY-NILLY BRITAIN COULDN'T MAKE UP HER MIND TILL AFTER THE FACT, then when it was too late to deter him, decided to go to Poland's defense. Then World War II began. I remember hearing it on the radio when I was very young.--It was in September 1939.

       20. I REMEMBER LISTENING TO MY SHORTWAVE RADIO in our little home in Miami, Florida and after midnight about one o'clock in the morning I heard that Hitler was marching on Poland and that Poland was putting up a little resistance. I didn't know whether England was going to fight or not.

       21. THE NEXT THING YOU KNEW BRITISH PLANES WERE ATTACKING Hitler's forces and the war was on. Just another little march, another little peace march, that's what it was supposed to be.

       22. HE HAD A NICE PEACEFUL MARCH on Czechoslovakia and they hailed him king. And he had a peaceful march on Austria and they hailed him, "Hail the conquering hero comes!"--Never fired a shot, never resisted, never did a thing.

       23. EXCEPT WHEN HE DECIDED TO MARCH ON POLAND [EDITED: "THEY"] PUT UP A FIGHT. They knew that once he got into Poland they wouldn't have a chance so they fought, and World War II was on its way.

       24. FRANCO'S DEATH ITSELF WAS AN EXTREMELY SERIOUS CRISIS FOR SPAIN and that alone would have been sufficient crisis. But to have an impending possible war with Morocco at the same time was much more serious.

       25. MADRID SAFELY TUCKED AWAY IN THE HILLS IN CENTRAL SPAIN figured, "Well, what the hell do we care about a little piece of desert down there anyhow? It's not worth fighting over!" So she gave it away to Morocco and Mauritania, glad to be rid of the additional problem. But I don't know whether she realised how strongly some of the countries neighbouring the Sahara would object!--Including Algeria, Libya, Sahara and the Canaries!

       26. THE WAY THESE THINGS USUALLY HAPPEN, if a major incident occurs which he considers an attack, this is just what a crook like Hassan would be waiting for to give him an excuse to make war. He's nothing but a pirate, nothing but a Mafia crook, gunman, assassin! The Lord called him "Hassan the Assassin."

       27. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. The Arab world pretty well sticks together on some of these things, but I was glad to see Algeria was protesting. Morocco and Godahfi have had their differences too. So beloved it is a very very serious situation and you need to pray desperately about it. Thank God, Godahfi is sympathising with the Saharans and supporting Algeria against Morocco.

       28. SO ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, IF SOMEONE DOES PUT UP A REAL FIGHT and there is a war, those wars are like dominoes: One country after another gets involved, and then another gets in and another.

       29. IT COULD ERUPT INTO A FULL-SCALE WAR between the Arabs and perhaps Spain, and then Europe and so on, because all kinds of countries have interlocking defense pacts with these countries and they're obligated to go to war to help them defend their territory if something happens.

       30. THAT'S WHAT MADE SUCH A MESS IN THE LAST WORLD WAR, it was just like a row of explosions, each one setting off the next one. One country would attack another one and that country had treaties with other countries who came to her rescue, until it got everybody into it. So it either means war, the way Hassan's going at it, or surrender. And if the Spanish Sahara surrenders, Morocco may well be emboldened and encouraged not to stop with the Spanish Sahara.

       31. THE THING THAT HAS AMAZED ME ABOUT ALL THESE WARS and things that have happened, it was so obvious that they were going to happen, yet most of the people never dreamed that they could happen. They just couldn't believe it!

       32. JUST LIKE WHAT WE'RE SAYING ABOUT AMERICA--WHO BELIEVES US?--That America's going to go down the drain and collapse, that the world economy's going to crash--who believes us? Very few believe us, "They've been saying that for years, but see, we're still going. It's not even as bad as it was--things are getting better!"

       33. BUT IT WILL HAPPEN AND THEY'LL ALL BE SO SURPRISED. "We never dreamed it would really happen--what a surprise, so unexpected.--Although we've been telling them for years. Well that's the situation, Beloved, maybe that will sober you a little bit and help you to pray.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family