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"THE ANGOLA DREAM"--MO       January 4, 1976       DO No.390

Copyright © Feb. 1976 by The Children of God

(MO'd had a dream but was sleepy and didn't want to tell me all about it until later, so he began telling me just the highpoints so he wouldn't forget it. He'd been worrying about Angola:)

       1. I HAD A DREAM. ...--ABOUT THE RUSSIANS AND THE CUBANS, ABOUT THE ARMIES IN ANGOLA and about the Libyan Bible and about the Peruvian Indian design and about the two bars in Luanda, nice and clean, run by the Russians--and you don't have to worry about Angola: It's in good hands--the Russians' and the Cubans'! (Long pause, then:)

       2. EVERYTHING'S BEING DIRECTED BY THE LORD. Gerald Ford doesn't know what he's talking about! I'll tell you about it tomorrow. (Maria: Please tell me more now.) It's about the bars that were nice and clean, all spit-and-polish, run by the Russians. About Luanda, and the Libyan Bible on the bookshelf in the soldiers' dayroom, and the circular Peruvian designs in the barracks. You know what a dayroom is, Honey--a reading room for soldiers. Honey, I'm so tired.--Why don't you go to sleep?--That's all! (Another long pause, then:)

       3. THE BARS WERE NICE AND SHINY AND CLEAN IN LUANDA, right downtown across the street from each other on the main corners in downtown Luanda. (Maria: Did you see them?) Of course I saw them!--How else would I know they were nice and clean and all spit-and-polish and run by the Russians? I went into the barracks too. There were all these Peruvian Indian designs.--There must be some Peruvians there too. (Another pause:)

       4. THE PERUVIANS COULD VERY LIKELY BE THERE. They're very good friends of Cuba. They're a radical country, a good friend of Cuba. Somebody's gotta run the world. [DELETED] It's idiotic how Gerald Ford said, "Let the Africans settle their own problems." [DELETED] Lord help us! Thank God the Russians are there, the Cubans and the Peruvians! (Pause:)

       5. WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT. GOD'S TAKING CARE OF IT. Could we please go to sleep now? (Maria: You walked downtown to the bars?) I didn't walk anywhere.--I just saw them in my dream. I don't have to walk in my dreams: I just float around. (Maria: It's a good dream.) A very good dream, thank the Lord!--At least they're civilised even if they do speak Russian. It's better than having the God-damned Americans there! Can we please go to sleep? That's all there is to it! (Pause:)

       6. THE LIBYAN BIBLE WAS PART ENGLISH, PART LIBYAN. There were lots of pictures. There were some old pictures with a picture of a flag, a real old book printed by the British. But I don't have the faintest idea what that had to do with it, so just forget it. I just found it on the bookshelf in the soldiers' dayroom. It just shows that they've had it. (Maria: Had what?) They've had the truth. But they must be sympathetic with the same cause. (Maria: They're working with the Russians.)

       7. I LOVE YOU, SWEET BABY! WHY DON'T YOU MOVE OVER? I saw the two bars in downtown Luanda right on the main corners, run by the Russians, nice and clean. Everything's under control, everything's nice and clean, spit-and-polish.--A helluva lot better than the way the Angolans have been running it!

       8. [DELETED] THANK GOD FOR THE RUSSIANS AND THE CUBANS and the Peruvians! God damn the stupid Americans and Gerald Ford! They can't run the world themselves and yet they try to tell other people how to run it. It was on the radio last night that Ford said to the Russians, "If you don't get out of Angola we're going to stop having détente."--Ho, ho! Isn't that ridiculous, just ridiculous! [DELETED] I love you Sweetheart. I'm so tired!

       9. I JUST SAW THE BOYS FIGHTING IN ANGOLA--still a lot of suffering, but thank God everything's under control. God's got everything under control. God damn the Americans! [DELETED] It's ridiculous! You can't let those [EDITED: "local"] savages run around loose! They'll just destroy everything. You understand? Somebody's got to control them.

       10. GREAT BIG BIBLE WITH LOTS OF PICTURES. I love you, Sweetheart. I just wish you'd let me go to sleep, I'm so tired and sleepy. The Lord has things under control in spite of Gerald Ford.

       11. THERE'S A POWER VACUUM, AND EVERYWHERE THE AMERICANS MOVE OUT THE RUSSIANS HAVE TO MOVE IN because somebody has to control things. The Americans don't want to control things any more. So God's had to give it to the Russians and the Cubans and the poor. I love you. Please can I go to sleep now? Evidently God's on the side of the Russians, the Cubans and the Peruvians and the poor. God damn America and the rich! Thank You Jesus. Amen. Period. (Pause:)

       12. GOD BLESS THE RUSSIANS, LORD! Help them and give them wisdom, in Jesus' name. Thank God for the Russians to run the world. Thank You Jesus. We'd be in a helluva mess with the Americans running it! Thank God they can't run it anymore. God bless the and keep us. God bless the Russians and help them to run the world. In Jesus' name. Amen.

       13. RUSSIA USED TO BE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY and I imagine she still has a lot of secret believers who believe in God at least.--At least she's civilised and not full of a bunch of savages. What a horrible thing for a civilised Christian country to just pull out of a country like that and leave behind thousands of their own people! It used to be considered a blessing for a civilised Christian country to take over one of those savage counties and bring peace and safety. Now it's held against them like it's some kind of a crime that they were there!

* * * * * * *

       14. WELL, THIS IS APPARENTLY WHAT GOD THINKS ABOUT THE SITUATION.--What do you think? Do you think He knows what He's doing? Do you still believe "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord"? Well, I do!--And Thank God this dream confirms it!

       15. --AND IF YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF AFRICA be sure to read our Letters on "AFRICA" the "Conakry Rip-Off!" and what we believe is going to happen there. It's so exciting to know which way God's going and whose side He's on so you'll know what to pray for!--Amen? God bless you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family