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THE BATTLE FOR AFRICA! --MO       February 16, 1976       GP No.391

Copyright © Feb. 1976 by The Children of God

(Edited from a Family discussion:)

       1. AMEN, LORD, HAVE THY WAY, Thy will be done in Jesus' name. I believe that with this Angola thing, the battle for Africa has begun, and I believe it's going to go a lot faster than we think. I think quite possibly these two pushes are synchronised.

       2. GODAHFI AND ALGERIA GOT TOGETHER several times and have proclaimed an accord that Godahfi's reportedly going to give Algeria five million dollars worth of arms so she can fight Morocco to liberate the Sahara, and that they are now moving from the defensive to the offensive.

       3. KING HASSAN MADE A SAD APPEAL TO THE WORLD THAT HE WAS BEING PICKED ON BY THE ALGERIANS. But a week ago the Moroccans took over an oasis in the Northern Sahara and claimed they captured about 200 Algerians. So this week the Algerians recaptured the oasis and Hassan is wailing they killed 2,000 Moroccans! Look at your map: See the Sahara here, Morocco, this is Algeria and here is Libya.

       4. EGYPT IS NOW VERY PRO-U.S. BECAUSE IT'S GETTING A LOT OF MONEY FROM THE U.S. The U.S. has paid off Egypt to leave Israel alone. However, if it came to a war of the Arabs against Israel, she'd side of course with the Arabs.

       5. DO YOU KNOW WHAT ARE THE ONLY TWO AMERICAN COLONIES IN ALL AFRICA?--LIBERIA AND MOROCCO! The United Sates arms and trains the Moroccan army of about 57,000 men. Before World War II Morocco was French. Morocco is where the American forces landed first in World War II. Thy didn't go straight over to England and start immediately into Germany. The first actual ground combat in which the Americans were engaged was North Africa, which Rommel the German had taken over. So the Americans needed a beachhead in North Africa to land their supplies and men to start attacking Rommel. Casablanca was it, and so the U.S. invaded this Vichy-French territory with hardly a struggle, took it over and began to make it its major base.

       6. SO MOROCCO IS STILL THE U.S.'s MAJOR AFRICAN BASE. It's American-financed, and the U.S. has virtually turned it over to the American Mafia with king Hassan as its head. The army there, one of the largest in North Africa, is financed by the U.S., armed by the U.S., trained by the U.S., furnished with planes by the U.S. and the whole thing is U.S. It's nothing but a U.S. base, that's all. They let the big local criminals and drug peddlers run the country just as long as they don't bother the American domination.

       7. ALGERIA HAS HOWEVER AFRICA'S THIRD LARGEST FIGHTING FORCE, AN ARMY OF OVER 60,000, which along with Libya's 20,000 or more is 80-some thousand, a combined army far greater than Morocco's and actually far richer--unless the United States helps out Morocco. In this particular case you have two things to consider, not only the military power, but you have to consider the political situation, and world opinion has become a new thing in influencing situations.

       8. THE U.N. HAS DECLARED THAT SPANISH SAHARA SHOULD BE FREE, independent and vote its own fate. Contrary to this, Spain made some specific deal turning the Sahara over to Morocco and Mauritania.

       9. MAURITANIA IS A LOT OF TERRITORY BUT THEY DON'T HAVE VERY MANY PEOPLE, only a little over a million, and an army of only 1,500 camel drivers compared with Morocco's 57,000 against Algeria and Libya's 81,000, and which wouldn't be much help in all-out war for the Sahara!

       10. ALGERIA IS BOUND TO HAVE WORLD OPINION ON THEIR SIDE, although the world has been looking the other way and trying to ignore what's happening. But they're constantly reminded in the U.N. by Algeria that it was an unfair deal and I think Spain's going to suffer for it--probably lose the Canaries.

       11. THE OTHER COLONY THE U.S. HAS IN AFRICA IS LIBERIA, the place that the U.S. made for the freed slaves before the Civil War and tried to ship them back there. Of course that isn't a very big country and the most important thing about it is that many of the world's merchant ships are licensed there because it's cheap and the restrictions are easy. But the real strong foothold the Untied States has in Africa is Morocco. Morocco is their major African base, Liberia second.

       12. THESE TWO DRIVES NOW GOING ON--ANGOLA AND SAHARA--ARE PROBABLY SYNCHRONISED, because they have to have big friends and the big friends help them engineer and plan things. Algeria and Libya are both more pro-Russian and anti-American. Godahfi has struck up quite a good new relationship with Russia and has now sent an ambassador to Moscow to make better trade relations, and there was a rumour of a secret arms deal.

       13. SO IF THE COMMUNISTS ARE HELPING TO ENGINEER THIS WAR TO FREE SAHARA, WHAT ARE THEY LIBERATING NORTH AFRICA FROM right now? Are they just going to liberate the Sahara? Remember, in every war there is always a public excuse for the war and then the real reason for the war. The public excuse for this war is to "Free the Sahara!" But it's one hell of a good excuse to get the U.S. out of Africa!

       14. SO WHILE THE ARABS ARE DRIVING WESTWARD TO FREE NORTH AFRICA FROM THE AMERICANS, THE CUBANS ARE DRIVING SOUTHWARD TO FREE SOUTH AFRICA! They've crossed the ocean and come to Angola and are backing the local pro-Communist political party, the MPLA. They have now conquered virtually all Angola including the major rail lines which run from Zaire and Zambia, both of whom are dependent on Angola for the exportation of their products through this railroad. So by getting Angola the Communist forces have also strangled Zaire and Zambia, two major Central and South African anti-Communist countries.

       15. THERE ARE VIRTUALLY JUST TWO MAJOR POLITICAL FORCES IN THE WORLD--THE CAPITALISTS AND THE COMMUNISTS.--Almost everything happening in the world is backed by either the one or the other. The Third world hasn't been able to get it together enough to really mount a third real force themselves, although they've been trying. This is what Godahfi tried to do, but as I said in my Letter on "Allende," it's impossible to fight either without powerful friends. [EDITED: "See also "The Holy War," ML #335a."] [EDITED: "He'll"] never make it without help from somebody. So since then he's been taking some help from Russia. The Cubans of course couldn't exist without Russian help.

       16. FIRST OF ALL WE OUGHT TO CONSIDER THE IMPORTANCE OF AFRICA. If there are two major pro-Communist pushes now on in Africa, one to liberate it from Western influence in North Africa and the other to liberate South Africa, then somebody is after Africa! A power vacuum has been created since the French, Belgians, Portuguese, British and all these European powers have moved out and supposedly set all these little countries free. They're all supposed to be free now, although nearly everyone of them is run by a bunch of gangsters with guns.

       17. NEARLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS A MILITARY DICTATORSHIP. Here is this great freedom! But what could they expect? The guys fighting for their "freedom" were gangs of gunmen and terrorists, so now they're run by those people! The former British colonies are amongst the best, where the natives were the most educated and the most Christian and the most literate, where the British left more or less voluntarily, and they really have some form or semblance of democracy, not as bad as some of the rest of them. But the ones that ran out the French, the Belgians, the Italians and the Portuguese, had to do it by force. They didn't leave voluntarily.

       18. WHO PUT THE PRESSURE ON THESES EUROPEAN COLONIAL POWERS TO GET OUT OF AFRICA AND SET THEIR COLONIES FREE? Do you remember who were the self-righteous big brothers who pushed for that? Well guess who? The U.S. and Russia! That was supposed to be their reward for winning World War II and setting the whole world free! The great winners of the war put the pressure on Europe: "All right, we won the war for you, now get out of Africa!"--And they did!

       19. IN SO DOING THEY CREATED WHAT IS KNOWN AS A POWER VACUUM, because most of these little ignorant, savage rinky-dink countries can't possibly protect themselves, rule themselves or take care of themselves. They hardly know which end is up. Most of them still run around naked out in the bush, which is all very well and good, but they can't very well run a continent!

       20. WELL, I COULDN'T SPEAK WITH SUCH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY ON THIS IF I HADN'T HAD A DIRECT REVELATION FROM GOD ABOUT ANGOLA! When I was really worried about Angola, whether it was falling into the right hands or not, the Lord reassured me: "Don't worry--everything is fine!"--And I've got some inside news that hasn't even been published yet hasn't even been in the newspapers yet!--Not only the Cubans are there, but possibly some Peruvians are there too!--The Lord showed me! (Read "Angola," No.390.)

       21. THESE ARE TWO STAUNCH FRIENDS, YOU KNOW, PERU AND CUBA, two anti-American countries that are really sticking together, the only pro-Communist ones in the Americas really. So it's not surprising that Peruvian observers are possibly keeping in touch with the Cuban-Angolan situation.

       22. WHERE DO THE COMMUNISTS NOW DOMINATE? Of course they dominate Asia, and they're not really worried about Europe. They virtually dominate Europe, too, as they could walk into Europe any time if they wanted to. So they're just letting Europe sit there. Besides, the European countries are falling one after the other for communism--Italy's going Communist, Britain's going Communist and France will go Communist. They don't have to worry about it--they're taking over Europe by propaganda and fear.

       23. MOST OF THE POOR THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES ARE MORE SYMPATHETIC TO COMMUNISM THAN CAPITALISM, with the exception of a few strongly anti-Communist pro-American CIA-sponsored governments of S.E. Asia and South America. Even Australia is trying to be middle-of-the-road and Third World and show sympathy to China and portray itself as the big brother of the Third World.

       24. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT CHINA: It's too big and has too many people who are too poor to worry much about an all-out war. China is not the major one who'll be fighting. She's got the people, but she hasn't yet got enough modern equipment, atom bombs, etc.

       25. THE TWO BIG BROTHERS WHO'VE GOT THE STUFF TO DESTROY EACH OTHER AND THE WORLD ARE THESE TWO GUYS RIGHT HERE--THE U.S AND RUSSIA! SO THE BATTLE IS BETWEEN COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM FOR THE WORLD! Communism has virtually already got most of Asia and dominates Europe. It's either got 'em or they're already Communist or pro-Communist or Communist-fearing or virtually Communist-dominated.--And the Communists don't have to worry about some of these other little countries: Once they've got the big boys, the other little ones will fall right in line!

       26. NOW ABOUT 20 YEARS AGO KRUSHCHEV GAVE A DETAILED PLAN OF HOW RUSSIA INTENDED TO CONQUER THE WORLD: "We're going to do it by propaganda and encirclement. We're going to knock off one country after the other until America stands alone!"--Today in the United Nations America stands virtually alone, almost absolutely alone, with almost no friends at all! Even her European friends and allies are afraid to vote for her on various issues.

       27. SO THE PROPAGANDA AND ENCIRCLEMENT AND ISOLATION BATTLE IS JUST ABOUT WON. A military mop-up is about all that's left. Most of the world is already convinced that America is the villain and Russia and China are the saviours of the world and socialism is the answer to all their problems. Europe already is virtually all socialist even though it's a capitalistic type of socialism, fascism. But the propaganda war is virtually won and over.

       28. ABOUT THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO AREN'T YET CONVINCED THAT SOCIALISM IS THE ANSWER TO THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS IS THE UNITED STATES. Even Canada is pro-socialist and a good many of the South American governments are socialistic. The U.S. is Russia's only main challenger, and who has the U.S. got with her? Where does she really dominate? Not Canada! They don't get along too well with Canada and people like Trudeau. Canada is very socialistic and has become very anti-American, even harbouring the deserting U.S. draftees during the War! Canada's not that much a friend. She has to pretend to be a friend, but she's forced to do it.

       29. SO WHAT COUNTRIES OR CONTINENT DOES THE UNITED STATES REALLY DOMINATE MILITARILY WITH MILITARY DICTATORSHIPS THAT IT HAS FINANCED AND ENGINEERED BY THE CIA and pays for their navies and their armies and their police training in torture and everything else?--It's South America! So, what is Russia slowly doing?--Working it's way where?--Westward! It has virtually conquered Europe already: Europe would already be down the drain and in the Russian camp if it weren't for the fact it's got a Big Brother U.S. over there that's threatening to shoot if Russia walks in.

       30. SO AFRICA IS NATURALLY AND GEOGRAPHICALLY NEXT ON RUSSIA'S ROUTE TO SOUTH AMERICA! Here the U.S. and Russia both have very self-righteously proclaimed independence for all Africa: "Africa for the Africans!" The only problem is that America doesn't know how to do the things the way Russia does: Russia gets in on the ground floor and openly or undercover and underground, propagandises the people, gets hold of their minds, their hearts, and then their bodies and souls until they're sold on socialism and they're loyal.

       31. THE RUSSIANS THEN MERELY HELP THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES, THE NATIVES, GIVE THEM THE ARMS AND THE TOOLS TO DO THE JOB AND THEY THROW THEIR OWN REVOLUTION and try and rule their own country, like the MPLA! The Cubans say, "We're not doing it--we're just here to help them liberate themselves, giving them help, that's all! It's all African--it's all MPLA! Africa to the Africans!"

       32. OF COURSE IT ISN'T EXACTLY ALTOGETHER ALWAYS THAT WAY. Often when the poor natives see a big gun or a tank coming they simply throw down their rifles and run for the bushes! They're just not conventional modern fighters.--And I don't blame them! I think I'd do the same thing! When you see all these tanks rumbling towards you with big guns booming, it's one of the most terrifying experiences! When the big tanks and guns come rumbling in at you they make such a horrible noise with sirens screaming and guns booming it's both psychological and physical warfare! So often the poor natives need some help!

       33. THE LOGICAL NEXT COMMUNIST STRIKE THEN IS AFRICA. If the Communists can dominate Africa, from there they can move on to South America. So if they're patient and moving slowly and don't want to precipitate a great world war, they will take Africa over in such a way that nobody can possibly object, by liberating its colonies!--And why Africa? There are all kinds of ties and commerce between Africa and South America.

       34. SOUTH AMERICA IS ALSO THIRD WORLD AND MOSTLY A BUNCH OF LITTLE POOR COUNTRIES. If the U.S. right now were not paying nearly all the bigshots' and politicians' salaries and pouring millions of dollars into their pockets and banks, South America would have gone Communist a long time ago! But the U.S. is pouring the billions into South America to keep all of her anti-Communist, pro-U.S. governments afloat!

       35. HOWEVER A FEW HAVE ALREADY SLIPPED THROUGH U.S. FINGERS AND OUT OF THE CAPITALIST NET INCLUDING CUBA AND PERU. Equador and Venezuela are also going because they're very angry with the United States because the U.S. has just made a general rule that all OPEC countries no longer get tariff favour from the United States. Even though Equador and Venezuela did not join the oil embargo during the Israeli war, the U.S. has imposed economic sanctions against Equador and Venezuela simply because they belong to OPEC, which is practically Godahfi's brainchild, and the U.S. hates OPEC because OPEC controls the world through that oil, including American and Western industry!

       36. SO SHE HAS TURNED EQUADOR AND VENEZUELA VIOLENTLY AGAINST HER and now they are very angry with the United States and are propagandising like mad against the U.S., siding with Panama to grab the Canal, etc. I could go on through South America but I don't have time.

       37. THE U.S. GRABBED BRAZIL AS ITS MAJOR BASTION AGAINST ANTI-AMERICAN ARGENTINA because Argentina went totally anti-American and became the leader of South America after World War II. Many of the most prominent Nazi and Japanese generals and brilliant minds and scientists of both Germany and Japan fled to Argentina, and Argentina opened her arms and accepted their help in her development. That's one reason why Argentina has been up until now so rich and prosperous and the leading intellectual and most wealthy and powerful country of South America.

       38. WHILE ARGENTINA IS ALMOST ALL WHITE EUROPEAN, Brazil has an awful lot of Negroes and a tremendous amount of Indians back in the woods and in the jungles. In spite of this, the Brazilians have done one of the greatest jobs of racial integration of almost any country on Earth. But they lagged economically.

       39. SO AFTER WORLD WAR II, WHEN THE U.S. SAW IT COULDN'T DOMINATE SOUTH AMERICA WITH ARGENTINA LEADING THE COUNTRIES AGAINST IT, IT MOVED INTO BRAZIL and helped the Brazilians get things together, financed Brazil, built Brazil's capital for several billion dollars--out in the middle of the jungle where nobody can get at it--Brasilia--and a few other stupid things, and the resultant cost of U.S.-inspired inflation in Brazil is almost phenomenal, almost the worst in the world, something like 300% a year and the prices are going up, horrible!--All because of American money, millions and millions and millions, billions of United States dollars poured into Brazil to buy Brazil's sympathies against Argentina and the other anti-American countries in South America!

       40. IT'S BRAZIL THAT YOU READ ABOUT OR SEE IN A "STATE OF SIEGE" IN THE FAMOUS MOVIE--A STATE OF SIEGE BY THE UNITED STATES! Brazil has been more or less taken over by the U.S. Her police are trained in the United States in torture methods and it's the U.S.' CIA that's helped her round up the rebels and all anti-American factions there in Brazil. So America pretty well dominates Brazil, although she still hasn't conquered all the little poor folks back in the jungles or a lot of the intellectuals and college students in spite of all that.

       41. SO ANYHOW, SOUTH AMERICA IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT TOUGHEST NUT FOR THE COMMUNISTS TO CRACK, but they've got their plans I'm sure on how to do it! With most of the rest of the world already conquered and the vast majority of world opinion in their favour and the way things are going now, especially if a war erupts in Africa to take everybody's minds off what's happening in South America, this will probably be the next point of attack, South America, and the natural route is straight across Africa!

       42. AFRICA IS NOW ABOUT TO FALL ALMOST TOTALLY COMMUNIST because what the Lord showed me last night is they've got all of Angola, and yet the Cubans are still pouring in forces and Russians are still pouring in monumental stacks of arms and tanks and guns and everything into Angola when they've already got Angola. What do they want all of this for? Well I don't have to be that brilliant to know!

       43. MOST OF THE NEWS COMMENTATORS AGREE THAT THEY HAVE MORE IN MIND THAN JUST ANGOLA! So I thought, "Now Lord, if I were they, which way would I go?" They're smart, they stick to world opinion, they get world opinion on their side and then they go that direction. So they'll go the direction where nobody could possibly complain. Just like up in West Africa:

       44. HOW CAN ANYBODY COMPLAIN IF THE ALGERIANS AND LIBYANS WANT TO COME IN AND LIBERATE THE SAHARA AFTER SUCH A DIRTY DEAL? Well, most of these other little countries are all supposed to be independent now. [DELETED] So they certainly wouldn't want to invade Zaire--they'd be invading an independent already black-ruled country.--And for the same reason they certainly wouldn't want to invade Zambia. But these two countries are screaming like bloody murder right now saying, "We're about to fall! They're going to take us next!"--and they're running for the bush, they're scared stiff!

       45. [DELETED] Zaire was sponsoring the FNLA, and Zambia was sponsoring the UNITA. UNITA has totally collapsed and been run plumb out of the country. Its president has run into the bushes from which he says he's going to fight a guerilla warfare. But he can't because these two countries will now be forced to recognise the MPLA or they'll be invaded.

       46. THEY'RE SCARED TO DEATH THEY'RE GOING TO BE INVADED right now and they know they can't fight. The only way they can save themselves is by immediately saying they're sorry and, "Please forgive us! We recognise you as the government of Angola!" What's next? Well, you wouldn't want to go to Botswana because that's another big black country and it's already free. You wouldn't have any excuse for going into these already-free black countries. What excuse could you give the world for invading them when they're already supposed to be free and already black-run?

       47. THERE'RE ONLY TWO POSSIBLE DIRECTIONS, AND THAT'S THE WAY THEY'RE AFRAID THEY'RE GOING TO GO.--Most of the commentators of the world are saying that they think the Cubans are going to go to Rhodesia next. Well, let's see who's right.--I may be wrong, but what are the two last white-dominated countries of Africa?

       48. RHODESIA AND SOUTH AFRICA, PLUS THIS SEGMENT OVER HERE CALLED S.W. AFRICA OF NMIBIA. It's called Nmibia by the U.N., and its blacks want to liberate it. But it's called S.W. Africa by South Africa who have now kept it by force. It was first of all given to the U.N. after World War II as a U.N. mandate or trust territory what they call a U.N. trusteeship because they didn't consider it was ready yet for independence. It's mostly desert with very few people nearly all blacks, bushmen, tribesmen. So it was generously awarded to South Africa to take care of it and sort of mother it and supposedly bring it up to the point where they could liberate it and give it its independence.

       49. WELL, AFTER YEARS AND YEARS SOUTH AFRICA STILL DIDN'T GIVE NMIBIA ITS INDEPENDENCE. Instead South Africa moved in a lot of colonists with an armed force and began acting like it was part of South Africa. So the U.N. got together over in New York and nearly unanimously time and again told South Africa to set S.W. Africa free. There's hardly been a dissenting vote.

       50. SO THE WHOLE WORLD HAS VOTED FOR THE LIBERATION OF NMIBIA OR SOUTH WEST AFRICA. I was there when they were first arguing this when my kids were very young! And yet South Africa has hung onto it in spite of world opinion, because they're there and they've got the guns and no country had the guts to go down there and force them to liberate it or try to fight South Africa. Do you get the picture?

       51. THEN HERE'S THIS LITTLE COUNTRY OF RHODESIA up here, which is the Smith government which declared its independence from England a few years ago when England moved out of Rhodesia and said, "We're going to turn it loose and make it independent like the rest of all of our colonies and turn it over to the blacks." Well you know what Smith did don't you? He rose up and said, "Nothing doing! We whites are not going to be ruled by these blacks. We're going to declare our independence from Britain and rule our own country!"--so they did it!

       52. THEY ALMOST WENT TO WAR WITH BRITAIN OVER IT and they are still technically at war with Britain and Britain's got all kinds of sanctions against them because they're a rebellious colony who rebelled against Britain just like America did and declared its independence. Yet the blacks are 25-to-one in Rhodesia and about six-to-one in South Africa!

       53. BUT COMPARED TO THE SIZE AND THE IMPORTANCE, MERELY TO COME OVER HERE TO ATTACK RHODESIA WOULDN'T ACCOMPLISH A THING AS LONG AS SOUTH AFRICA STILL EXISTS. Nearly all of world opinion is against Rhodesia and the U.N. has sanction against Rhodesia because of its white minority rule and it has been condemned time and time again in the U.N. for being a non-democratic, non-majority-rule country.

       54. BUT RHODESIA IS NOT THE MAJOR POWER OF SOUTH AFRICA. The Cubans are over here in Angola right now deciding on where to go. If they went over here to conquer Rhodesia they'd have yet to conquer South Africa, and they'd just give South Africa that much more time to get ready. There's also not quite as clear-cut world opinion on the matter of Rhodesia as there is on South West Africa which the U.N. has already demanded time and time again that South Africa set free.

       55. SO IF NOW THE CUBANS MARCH IN TO LIBERATE S.W. AFRICA, WHO IS GOING TO RAISE A HAND AGAINST THEM or say a word against them? Who would dare?--They're simply enforcing U.N. mandates, the U.N.'s commandments: "Let's set it free! Okay we're going to set them free!" So who could protest, who could object? Certainly not the United States, who has been blasting South Africa and Rhodesia all this time condemning their non-majority rule, apartheid segregation and all that stuff--all to propagandise their own U.S. blacks to make them happy and try to keep them pacified. But I wonder if the blacks were in a majority in the States if the U.S.'d be so quick to condemn Rhodesia and South Africa?

       56. SO WHO IS TO OBJECT OR COMPLAIN OR DO ANYTHING BUT APPLAUD THE CUBANS IF THEY NOW START MARCHING DOWN INTO S.W. AFRICA? And since the whole world has been condemning apartheid in So. Africa and its non-majority-rule, who would blame the Cubans if they then marched right on into South Africa? Why go this way to Rhodesia and yet have South Africa to fight, when once you've marched in here and taken over South Africa, Rhodesia hasn't got a leg left to stand on! Rhodesia without South Africa would fold up. Why chop off an arm or a leg over here in Rhodesia when you can go over here into South Africa and chop off the head and make sure you conquer it?

       57. SO WHY SHOULD THEY WASTE THEIR TIME GOING OVER TO RHODESIA, although Rhodesia's scared and these other little black countries think they're next! But they don't have to worry about that yet, neither what's above in North Africa--the Arabs can take care of things up there, and they can take care of West Africa later, all these other little countries.

       58. IF THE MAJORITY OF AFRICA GOES PRO-COMMUNIST THE REMAINDER WOULDN'T HAVE MUCH CHOICE! Which way does the OAU lean today--the Organisation of African Unity--do you know which way it leans under Idi Bidi? Well it's very anti-U.S., even very anti-[EDITED: "Israel"], and much more pro-Russian. They're trying to stay Third World and middle-of-the-road, but forget it! Just like Allende they can't do it, can't make it without Russia.

       59. MOST OF THE AFRICAN COUNTRIES HAVE ALREADY RECOGNISED THE NEW COMMUNIST REGIME OF ANGOLA, so most of the African countries are pretty well pro-Communist already. So the Communists have everything in their favour. The South Africans haven't got the forces it takes to stop them. They've already been on the run and literally defeated in Angola. The South Africans said they weren't going to fight now because the U.S. and the Western World let them down. They said they weren't going to stand up and fight the battle for Africa all alone. Well, they're going to have to now if they want to survive or surrender to the Communists!

       60. RHODESIA AND SOUTH AFRICA ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DO SOMETHING REAL QUICK. Britain was screaming on BBC last night that the smart thing for Rhodesia to do real quick is to accept the British-proposed constitution accepted by the majority of the blacks which gave them majority rule, and do it quick before the Cubans have an excuse to march into Rhodesia!--And the only way they could keep them from marching into South Africa would be to do the same thing--say "We're so sorry!" quick and change their constitution quickly. "We'll let the blacks have it, so you don't have to march in here and liberate them.--We'll liberate them!" But I'm very doubtful that that will happen.

       61. THOSE WHITES ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP THAT EASY JUST BECAUSE THE CUBANS HAVE THEM SCARED. I have an idea those square-headed Dutchmen, Germans and stubborn British in South Africa are not going to die without a fight. I have an idea South Africa is going to put up a fight, almost a suicide or death stand, because it's suicide one way or the other.

       62. BUT THEY CAN'T POSSIBLY WIN! If they give over to the blacks, the blacks are going to wipe them out. If they don't give over to the blacks, the Cubans, Africans and Communists are going to put them down.

       63. SO I THINK NOW IT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END for the white anti-Communists in Africa! It's happening so fast you never dreamed how quick it could happen! Apparently this is the time that Russia has engineered and chosen, and it's obvious that Russia is masterminding the whole plan. I think she's masterminding the plan in the Sahara too at the same time she's masterminding the one in South Africa, coordinating the two at the same time. So while the world's got its mind on South Africa and everybody's yelling about that, they won't have too much time to worry about a little old Sahara!--"So what! Let Algeria and Libya have the Sahara!"

       64. ABOUT THE ONLY ONES THAT'LL BE WORRYING ABOUT MOROCCO IS THE U.S.--She's already offered Morocco 25 more U.S. planes! She'll be screaming about the Algerians and Libyans invading Morocco, but if they have to invade Morocco in order to liberate the Sahara they're going to do it.

       65. IF HELP DOESN'T COME FROM ALGERIA AND LIBYA TO LIBERATE SAHARA AND THE CANARIES FROM THE U.S.-BACKED MOROCCANS, THEN THE HELP IS PROBABLY GOING TO COME FROM THE CUBANS after they've finished the job down in South Africa. They're certainly not going to let the U.S.-dominated Morocco continue their domination and take over the Canaries--they're going to take them over!--The Cubans have close trade and family ties with the Canaries. In the Arab newspapers in Libya they were already asking, "What's Spain doing in the African Islands of the Canaries?"

       66. IT'S ALL MOVING A LOT FASTER THAN WE REALISE! Right now the Cubans are simply mopping up in Angola. But they've got all of those men there--they've got at least 15,000 well-equipped Cuban troops who have the tanks and the guns and the rockets and the personnel carriers and the planes and everything they need to do battle with South Africa.

       67. SOUTH AFRICA CLAIMS TO HAVE A MILITARY FORCE OF ABOUT 45,000 but at least half of them are untrained civilians just called up in case of emergency, and only 10,000 regular army already in uniform and trained. But there are 15,000 Cubans on their border that have already got one successful war under their belt, experienced soldiers, and they claim that they've got better equipment than South Africa.

       68. SOUTH AFRICA IS THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD POSSIBLY OPPOSE THEIR ENTERING INTO S.W. AFRICA, because the rest of the world will rejoice that S.W. Africa is being liberated at last!--Except of course some of the countries who have been hounding South Africa for its liberation but didn't expect the Communists to do it!--Such as Britain and the U.S.!

       69. THE ONLY ONES WHO WERE KICKING UP ANY SIGNIFICANT RESISTANCE AT ALL WERE THE SOUTH AFRICANS, but when world opinion went against them and the U.S. and everybody let them down, they backed off and said, "We're getting out!" So they retreated and left the south of Angola unprotected.

       70. WHEN SOUTH AFRICA FALLS, RHODESIA FALLS, AND ALL AFRICA WILL THEN FALL TO THE COMMUNISTS, total Russian Communist domination.--Which is what this war is all about! All those other little rinky-dink countries can't do anything about it. They're already falling all over themselves to recognise the MPLA and receive the Cubans with open arms rather than to have to risk their little necks.--And I don't blame them!

       71. (MARIA: IS THERE ANYTHING THE WEST COULD DO TO RETALIATE?) There is nothing in the world that the West or the East or anybody or anything in the world anywhere can do to stop them! The U.N. cannot have one word of objection to say if the Cubans march right on into South Africa! What can they say? Who could object--When they have all been screaming and complaining for years about the South African regime and they have sanctions against them and everything else! They couldn't object!

       72. THE ONLY FEEBLE VOICE OF PROTEST THAT I HEARD RAISED BESIDES FORD'S WAS BY THE LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH, AN ARDENT ANTI-COMMUNIST AND RABID PRO-AMERICAN PAPER. One of their editorialists wrote an article entitled, "Why don't we drop this South African charade?"--in other words this pretending we don't like South Africa because of its white minority rule. "Why don't we forget about apartheid which is something which is bound to decay and stink itself to death sooner or later anyhow, and why don't we remember that South Africa is Western, pro-Western, European, anti-Communist, and go to work and help them?"

       73. YOU JUST DON'T REVERSE WORLD OPINION THAT EASILY, not when you've been screaming at South Africa for the last 30 years, including BBC and the Telegraph, and condemning her and pointing the finger. Then all of a sudden you want to make a switch and say, "Oh we're sorry!" Well, you might say you're sorry, but that's all you're going to do. They might when they see the Cubans walking into South Africa say, "Oh, so sorry! We didn't know it was going to happen like this!" But now they can't do anything about it, not a damn thing!

       74. IT TICKLES ME PINK TO SEE THE WESTERN WORLD TRAPPED WITH ITS OWN WORDS in its own stupid self-righteousness when they have been condemning South Africa and Rhodesia all these years, so now the Communists are walking right in on the authority of their words to take it over! But they weren't expecting the Communists to do it!

       75. SOUTH AFRICAN RESISTANCE?--I DON'T THINK ANYBODY'S GOING TO GO TO THEIR AID, certainly not overtly or openly.--They wouldn't dare! After all they've said against South Africa, how could either England or America either one of them dare help them? The best they might do is covertly try to send some help. But of late the United States has not been too successful at keeping secrets, and I think that Congress would be just as opposed to getting involved in a losing war in South Africa as in losing war in Vietnam or anyplace else.

       76. I THINK THEY HAVE SIMPLY WRITTEN SOUTH AFRICA OFF THE LIST AS A LOST CAUSE and are leaving the South Africans to their fate. That's a pretty sad situation in a way, but they brought it on themselves really. They could have been trying to create some new form of government or do something, but what can they say?

       77. THEY ARE NOT AFRICANS--THEY ARE EUROPEANS! THEY'RE WHITE, THEY CAME FROM ELSEWHERE AND THEY INVADED AFRICA and took over African lands, lands of the blacks. They came and fought wars to get it. So they're probably just now going to reap what they have sown. They stole the country from the blacks and are now going to lose it.

       78. (MARIA: SO ABOUT THE ONLY THING THE U.S. CAN DO IS TRY TO BUILD UP HER DEFENSES IN SOUTH AMERICA?) Ah yes, guess what! For years now Henry Kissinger, the dear doctor, has been going to take a trip to South America to make a goodwill tour--you know, go around and make sure all the boys are still in line with the U.S. He's taken all these trips to the Mideast by the dozen, to Russia, Japan, China, everywhere but he still hadn't made his South American tour.

       79. GUESS WHAT KISSINGER'S DOING NOW?--HE'S SUDDENLY DECIDED TO TAKE HIS LONG-LOST SOUTH AMERICAN TOUR!--Ha! He even had the nerve to make a public statement: "Now I'm not going on a crusade against the Cubans"--which of course means that's exactly what he's doing.--Ha! He's going on a South American crusade against the Cubans to try to round up support against Cuba!

       80. WELL, SO WHY DID RUSSIA USE THE CUBANS? If Cuba hadn't been'er who'd a been'er? Like the little girl said when they asked her name, she said, "Who'd-a-been-'er!" So they said, "What do you mean? That's not a name!" But she said, "Well, my daddy said that if, I hadn't a been her, who'd a been 'er?" So if Cuba hadn't been 'er, who'd a been 'er?

       81. THERE'S NO COUNTRY THAT'S THOROUGHLY COMMUNIST AND STRONG ENOUGH IN EUROPE that she could trust. She's got too many problems with the East European countries right along the border with Western Europe. They're not all too loyal. Besides she can't spare the forces from there. She's got to have tremendously strong forces along the border of Western Europe to contain Europe and make sure she's not invaded, because Moscow's not any too far from Western Europe and she's vulnerable there. So she's got to keep herself protected with all these buffers in the East European countries. So she can't spare any forces from Europe.

       82. WHERE ELSE HAS SHE GOT ANY THOROUGHLY COMMUNIST-DOMINATED COUNTRIES? The Mongolians aren't that strong, the Chinese aren't that friendly, India's not that Communist, Pakistan is totally pro-U.S. and S.E. Asia's in a mess! So what other country is she going to use the forces from? What other country has a highly-trained tremendous 150,000-man standing army almost as big as the United States had before World War II, ready and well-equipped with Russian equipment paid for at the rate of two million dollars a day!

       83. WHAT OTHER COUNTRY OWES SO MUCH TO RUSSIA or they would have been sunk long ago?--And what other Communist army that good is sitting there doing almost nothing and with virtually no enemies to fight, that America would hardly dare to invade now, and accomplishing very little in Latin America.

       84. THE U.S. HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO TAKE OVER CUBA, but it's been able to almost nullify its influence throughout Latin America where years ago it was fomenting revolutions in many countries. By the use of the CIA and lots of money it's managed to defeat Cuban efforts to arouse revolutions, especially in favour of the Russians. South America's kind of independent, and if they're going to have a revolution, they're not too keen for the Russians.--But

       85. THE CUBANS NOW ARE TOTALLY SOLD OUT TO THE RUSSIANS BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO BE: THE UNITED STATES FORCED THE CUBANS TO BECOME COMMUNISTS! Cuba didn't want to be, Castro was a socialist, a Marxist, but not a Russian Communist, and he didn't want the Russians, but he had to turn to them for help. They've been helping him since his revolution in 1959 and particularly since the U.S. forced out the Russian missiles in '62. Russia had to really go to bat for Cuba and really help protect and keep and finance Cuba. She's bought Cuba's sugar now, when nearly all of it used to go to the United States.

       86. RUSSIA VIRTUALLY PAYS FOR THE UPKEEP OF CUBA AT THE RATE OF ABOUT TWO MILLION DOLLARS A DAY, and there's a good fit-as-a-fiddle fighting force there ready to go, a staunch standing army which has been on alert for any possible U.S. invasion. So where else could she get such a nice ready-made army of soldiers who are already paid? They've been paid about 15 years now, and they owe it to Russia to help her fight some of her battles.

       87. BESIDES AS CASTRO SAID, "DON'T FORGET WE HAVE AFRICAN BLOOD IN OUR VEINS! WE ARE BROTHERS OF AFRICA!" About 30% of the Cubans are coloured, so she can claim greater sympathy for the African countries. I think Castro knows I've been pro-Cuban for a good many years, as some of the first stuff I wrote and taught in nearby Miami was pro-Cuban and in favour of him and his revolution, so if he knows at about us he probably knows we're pro-Cuban and pro-socialist and pro-Castro.

       88. I'D CERTAINLY RATHER SEE THE CUBANS TAKE OVER AFRICA THAN THOSE EVIL U.S.-BACKED MOROCCANS! Frankly I think Madrid couldn't care less, because they've already got too many other problems. Madrid is having a hard enough time hanging on to Barcelona and the Basques and some of those places without having to worry about the Sahara or the Canaries!

       89. I THINK THE ALGERIANS AND LIBYANS HAVE A RIGHTEOUS CAUSE IN TRYING TO LIBERATE THE SAHARA FROM THE EVIL U.S.-MOROCCANS. Only the most rabid anti-Communist would rather the U.S.-Moroccans have Sahara than to let what they consider Communist-backed Algeria have Sahara. Quite obviously they did.--Spain gave it to the Moroccans!

       90. SPAIN PREFERRED TO HAVE MOROCCO, ITS WORST ENEMY, HAVE THE SAHARA THAN TO LET THE COMMUNISTS HAVE IT whom they consider their even worse enemies! They must've felt they had a choice only between thieves, so they chose U.S.-Morocco.

       91. SPAIN I FRANKLY THINK JUST TOOK THE EASIEST WAY OUT, the path of least resistance--especially since the U.S. probably paid for it as one of the conditions of settling for the U.S. bases in Spain. Because Spain changed her opinion too fast and sold out the Sahara too fast.--There had to be a deal!--And the poor Saharans the victims!

       92. SO THE ARABS HAVE GOT ALL KINDS OF EXCUSES NOW FOR FIGHTING MOROCCO: It's not Arab enough, it's too American and it's stolen the Sahara. I don't think anybody really could have any legitimate protests against the Arabs and Cubans "liberating" it when all other efforts have failed.--And I don't think anybody could raise a voice against the Cuban invasion of South Africa when all other means have failed to liberate the South African countries.

       93. SO HISTORY IS AT THE FOCAL POINT OF ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WARS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY, THE WAR TO FREE AFRICA! The Arabs are at one end trying to free it from U.S.-dominated Morocco while the Cubans are at the other end trying to free it from South African domination.

       94. SO IT LOOKS LIKE AFRICA'S GOING COMMUNIST REAL FAST, Beloved--and from there, South America!--If the oil doesn't erupt first! With all of Africa to back Egypt and the Arabs against Israel, the only thing that's keeping Israel going right now is the United States, and she'll be on even shakier ground when all Africa is Communist-dominated, and then Egypt will not be able to remain pro-American.

       95. THE AMERICANS ARE NOW POURING IN HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN AID INTO EGYPT trying to buy her affections and buying her off Israel, tossing bones to the dog so that he won't bite Israel. But if America gets herself involved elsewhere or stops doing that or it becomes a choice, I frankly think Egypt will decide with all the other Arabs to carry on another holy war against Israel after she's got all she can get out of America.

       96. AND AMERICA'S NOT GOING TO KEEP ON PAYING EGYPT FOREVER. Egypt's got the canal, it's got the peace it wanted, it's got the money, it's got the business interests coming in, and it's pretty well satisfied with what it got out of this whole deal. So soon Sadat can start casting his green eyes around for what's next?--Israel's probably the juiciest looking plum in the whole area, and to which Egypt has a rightful claim as the home of the Palestinians.

       97. BUT OF COURSE THE CAUSE OF THE PALESTINIANS WILL ONLY BE HELPED BY COMMUNIST DOMINATION, as it doesn't look like the Palestinians are ever going to be able to help themselves. The Arabs are not going to be able to do it alone because they never have been able to, so it's going to take the Russians to do it. The only thing that's stopping them right now of course is those U.S. atom bombs floating around out there in space!

       98. WHEN THE U.S. WAR FOR ISRAEL AND OIL IS GOING TO ERUPT DEPENDS ON HOW FAR THE U.S. WILL LET HERSELF BE PUSHED. I don't think she'll be able to say one effective word of protest over the conquest of Africa. She's screaming about the Cubans, but Ford's protests are so feeble and foolish that a cartoon in one of the papers shows Ford with a cigar, and underneath there was the caption:

       99. "NOW IF YOU CUBANS DON'T GET OUT OF ANGOLA I'LL NEVER EVER AGAIN SMOKE ONE OF YOUR HAVANA CIGARS!" That's about how weak and silly his protest is on a matter of principle: "Since all of us have gotten out of Africa, now don't you go getting in! It's not right for you Russians and Cubans to be taking over Africa when we've all resigned!"

       100. BUT THE RUSSIANS AND THE CUBANS ARE ANSWERING BACK, "WE'RE NOT TAKING IT OVER--WE'RE JUST HELPING THE LOCAL PEOPLE LIBERATE THEMSELVES, that's all! As soon as that's accomplished we'll get out." Of course that will never happen. The Communists will still be dominant, even if they leave they'll dominate it.

       101. THERE HAVE ALREADY BEEN CUBAN OBSERVERS IN THE SPANISH SAHARA and I believe the Cubans love their co-islander Canarians enough and have enough relatives there that they would not want to see the Canaries fall into the hands of the Moroccans.

       102. I THINK THE CUBANS WOULD COME TO THE RESCUE OF THE CANARIANS on the pretext that they're helping liberate the folks there, and helping protect the Spanish Sahara. The Cubans could say, "We will take over the Canaries, and that way you Arabs can protect the Saharans on that side and we'll protect them on this side and they will be liberated!"

       103. IF THE CUBANS ARE GOING CLEAR DOWN THERE TO ANGOLA where they have almost no interests, being as related as they are to the Canaries and as many Cubans as there are in the Canaries and as many Canarians as there are in Cuba, and being blood relatives, I believe that if they see things are getting too hot there--either they see the Moroccans coming or even the Algerians coming, I believe the Canarians will holler: "Listen, you Cubans go clear down into Africa to liberate the Africans, why don't you come over here and liberate us? We're your blood kin!" I believe the Cubans would go there and help the Canarians stay free!

       104. PRAY THAT THEY'LL DO ALL THIS QUICKLY WITHOUT TOO MUCH BLOODSHED. The less resistance the South Africans and Moroccans and U.S. put up, the less suffering there will be, the less bloodshed. The blacks of South Africa have been fairly well civilised and educated to the Western way of life like they have in Kenya.

       105. THE WHITE KENYANS SAID THEY WOULD NEVER ACCEPT BLACK RULE, BUT THEY HAVE, and there's a white minority now living in Kenya under black rule, so it's possible. They can do it if they have to--and that's the best that they can hope for, and the quicker the better and the less bloodshed.

       106. SO THANK GOD FOR THIS ANGOLAN WAR THAT HAS TAKEN THE HEAT OFF OF THE SAHARA and we hope will keep the heat on Morocco long enough until the Cubans are free enough to catch their breath and go to the Sahara and give them a hand. I don't think that anybody would scream except the Moroccans--certainly not the Algerians!

       107. IF THE ALGERIANS AND CUBANS LIBERATE THE SAHARA AND GIVE THE CANARIES BACK THEIR FREEDOM which they had for hundreds of years, who could object? Supposedly the whole world and the U.N. and everybody is for freedom, and all these little countries are supposed to have a right to their freedom--the U.N. charter supposedly guarantees it, so who's against it?

       108. THEY SHOULD HAVE A VOTE for what they want to be and how free they want to be and so on, so that's according to all the world's latest rules and the U.N. resolutions and everything--that everybody should have their own freedom.

       109. SO WHY COULDN'T THE SAHARA AND THE CANARIES BE THEIR OWN LITTLE FREE COUNTRY? One of them was quoted recently as saying, "They were free a long time before the Spanish got there." But someone else said, "Yeah, but you know the Spanish got there, so little countries need big friends!"

       110. IT'S ALL PART OF HIS MASTER PLAN AND THE LORD NO DOUBT IS BEHIND IT ALL. Regardless of who they think they are, the Lord is showing them what to do, so praise the Lord. Thank You Lord! "You've got the whole world in Your hands!"

       111. IT'S ALL IN YOUR CARE and You're engineering it all and helping it all, and we thank you for it. We know all things are going according to Thy will, and "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord." (Rom.8:28)

       112. WE LOVE YOU LORD, SO WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO WORK THINGS TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD, whoever it is you send to take over any country.--And you can keep each in peace and security as long as our kids are there, Lord.--And if the time comes you want to show us to leave, You'll certainly show us and where to leave to. Thy will be done, have Thy way. Thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family