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"THE TRANS-IBERIAN CANAL"--A Dream?--MO       February 26, 1976       GP No.393

Copyright © March 1976 by The Children of God

       1. THEY WERE DIGGING A CANAL ACROSS THE IBERIAN PENINSULA just north of the Pyrenees through the lower part of France from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Now that's something that I have some vague memory of hearing of before, that there was talk a long time ago of digging such a canal, but that it was such a monumental project they finally abandoned the idea. But now with all their modern machinery and explosives, even atomic explosives, etc., they'd finally decided to make this deep cut through Southern France.

       2. THEY HAD FINALLY DECIDED TO DO IT TO SAVE ON SAILING TIME AND FUEL AND SHIPPING. It was just like I was hovering 'way up in the air seeing a map and the great deep ditch dug right across the Peninsula. At the very place where I saw them digging the canal my atlas shows that the land level is mostly close to sea level. It was like I was 'way up high in the air looking down on the border country of France and Spain. It was like they were a map, but I was actually looking at the actual countries.

       3. WHOEVER WOULD BE DREAMING ABOUT THE IBERIAN CANAL? That's an idea they shelved years ago! All I know is I was hanging 'way up there in the air looking at the countries, and I was so high they looked like maps! I was directly above the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain and as I looked down there was this big, big, big ditch they were digging from the southwest coast of France on the Bay of Biscay, a little north of Biarritz eastward through all that low country a little south of Toulouse coming out on the Mediterranean a little south of Narbonne on the Gulf of Lions.

       4. I COULD SEE THIS BIG DEEP DITCH THEY WERE DIGGING JUST AS PLAIN AS DAY, an enormous ditch, gigantic, something that engineers and shipping companies and nations have dreamed of for years! And I was wondering what in the world it was when I suddenly heard the words just as clear as anything in my head:

       5. "IT IS THE TRANS-IBERIAN CANAL!"--THE DREAM OF CENTURIES!--a shipping canal cross southern France from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean! That would save hundreds and hundreds of miles that the ships now have to sail clear around Spain. The canal was almost completed and they were just beginning to brag about the success of their tremendous venture, the dream of centuries fulfilled!

       6. SUDDENLY THE WHOLE IBERIAN PENINSULA BEGAN TO VIBRATE AND TREMBLE AND RUMBLE like it was breaking off from the rest of Europe as the earth began to move and quake and all of Spain was shaking and trembling and rumbling and quaking and moving like it was rolling right off its foundations, like somehow the new Trans-Iberian Canal had cut it off from the rest of Europe and it was falling into the sea!

       7. THERE BEGAN TO BE HUGE TERRIBLE FLOODS ALL OVER SPAIN with thousands and thousands of people drowned! I saw stacks and stacks of dead bodies everywhere, their clothes all wet or torn completely off and piled on top of each other in piles scattered all over the landscape, like they were rolled up together, like different groups of people had been drowned together and were all rolled up together in a tangled mess.

       8. SOME OF THE FLOODS MUST HAVE SUBSIDED BECAUSE I SAW PILES OF BODIES stacked around as through the water had drained away and the floods had receded, but it seemed like a lot of Spain was still under water.

       9. WHILE I WAS MARVELLING AT THE WONDER OF THIS TERRIBLE CALAMITY I SAW THIS RED POLE, a large vertical red pole like a flagpole, but it turned out to be the center pole of a hung ornamental iron gate opening on some kind of big estate. As the gate was opening a very distinguished and important looking gentleman just inside the gate was beckoning me to come in, and said, "You must come in now where you'll be safer!"

       10. WE CLIMBED INTO AN OLD-FASHIONED ORNATE CARRIAGE THAT CARRIED US UP THE ROADWAY INTO THE ESTATE. I can't remember any more--I don't know if there was any more, that's all I remember. Lord Jesus help me to remember if there was anything else that was important. I began to get a little interpretation as we went along.

       11. I DON'T SEE HOW THE DREAM COULD BE LITERAL, that they would actually be digging the long-dreamed-of Trans-Iberian Canal after all these years, even with all their modern methods and machinery. There must be some reason why they don't think it's practical, or is no longer necessary or too expensive to be worthwhile, so it must be symbolic. As I begin to tell it to you it begin to have immediate symbolic meaning to me.

       12. IT WASN'T THE SPANISH WHO WERE DIGGING THE CANAL to separate themselves from Europe--it was a European project, it was the Europeans who were cutting off Spain from the rest of Europe.--And this is actually how they have treated Spain for the last 40 years during the Franco era.

       13. SPAIN HAS NOT WANTED TO BE ISOLATED FROM EUROPE, but Europe has isolated Spain in Europe's hypocritical self-righteous condemnation of the Franco regime and Spain's fascism. In fact almost the whole world condemned Spain for Franco's dictatorial fascist government and his repressive policies and one party rule.

       14. WHILE POOR SPAIN'S ONLY FRIENDS MUSSOLINI AND HITLER DIED, FRANCO SURVIVED and weathered the storm in spite of world opinion, enemies without and enemies within. But now in the hour of her liberation from the totalitarian iron rule of Franco, just at the time when Spain's trying to liberalise her government and give greater freedom to her people, here Europe was digging this canal across Southern France to isolate Spain even further, just at a time when Spain is trying to rejoin Europe.

       15. IT LOOKED LIKE EUROPE WAS TRYING TO DO EVERYTHING SHE COULD TO SAW SPAIN OFF and abandon her as we have seen in so many instances in the continued vicious barrage of anti-Spain propaganda carried on by Europe, particularly by the biggest mouth of all Europe--BBC!

       16. THE VICIOUS BIGOTED PREJUDICED UNFAIR UNMERCIFUL AND OFTEN FALSE AND LYING ANTI-SPAIN PROPAGANDA with exaggerations and insinuations and innuendoes--all anti-Spain--has been carried on by BBC now for years blasting away at Spain and its government. No normally fair-minded nation like Britain could possibly have carried on such a vile vitriolic hate campaign against a sister European nation like Spain merely because of some difference in government and politics.

       17. THERE HAD TO BE SOME DEEPER LESS OBVIOUS REASON FOR THE POISONOUS VENOM THAT BBC HAS BEEN SPEWING OUT AGAINST SPAIN for decades, and we find it of course [DELETED] over Franco Spain's persistent refusal to recognise Israel and Spain's greater sympathy and intercourse with the Arabs. This is something [DELETED] Britain's BBC could not forgive Spain's Franco and his breath had hardly faded from his dying nostrils when BBC began screaming for Spain's recognition of Israel and hounding for the total destruction of every remaining vestige of the Franco dynasty.

       18. BBC VICIOUSLY ENCOURAGES THE SPANISH STRIKES AND RIOTS and uprisings, turmoils and disturbances now current in BBC appears to dance with glee at each of Spain's new troubles and would obviously shriek with delight if Spain would totally fall apart and crumble, in bitter revenge for Spain's anti-Israeli stance over the years.

       19. BRITAIN HERSELF SOUNDS LIKE SHE WOULD JUST LOVE TO SAW OFF THE IBERIAN PENINSULA OF SPAIN and gloat with glee as Spain sank into the sea! BBC sounds as though [EDITED: "it"] would be delighted if Spain were swept by terrible floods of raging waves of revolution and floods of uproar that would drown Spain's people in their troubles and leave their bodies piled high and unburied!

       20. BBC SOUNDS TRULY AS THOUGH SHE WOULD LOVE TO SEE SPAIN CUT OFF from the rest of the world and sink in her sorrows in vicious [DELETED] vengeance!

       21. BUT AS I STOOD THERE WATCHING, THERE APPEARED THIS BRIGHT RED POST or pole like the tall staff of an ensign. Although I saw no flag upon it, its colour clearly indicates its significance. Although it was too early to reveal its true identity too clearly, its redness nevertheless was evident, and in the symbolic interpretation could mean none other then the standard of Red socialism!

       22. WESTERN EUROPE IN HER HATRED OF SPAIN IS DRIVING SPAIN STRAIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF THE COMMUNISTS! Europe's uncontrolled bitterness against Spain over past policies and long-gone bitter memories is now driving the Spanish to the opposite extreme, straight through the Red Iron Gate into the open and welcoming arms of the grateful Communists! Europe's continued bitterness and hardness towards Spain and belated desire to wreak vengeance on her for past grievances is driving Spain straight into the camp of the communists the way the U.S. drove Cuba!

       23. AS THOUGH I WERE REPRESENTING THE SPIRIT OF SPAIN HERSELF, this dignified and important official within the iron Red Gate bowed with gracious deference and respect as he invited me to enter saying unto me, "You must come in here now where you'll be safer!" Think of that!--What meaning! It's terrific! Wow!

       24. BATTERED BRUISED AND BROKEN STRIFE-TORN SPAIN, flooded with many European-caused problems, will now be forced to turn for help to the Red Gates of those whom she formerly considered her enemies as now her only friend in the hour of her dilemma and distress! What a picture!

       25. AGAIN OUR FORMERLY GRACIOUS HOST AT THE GATE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE MR. COOSA of "Green Door" "Dark Kingdom" fame! As we climbed into his beautiful ancient carriage it seemed that it's four apocalyptic horses were drawing us even further into his dark and mysterious kingdom, and I was saddened by the thought.

       26. BUT WHERE ELSE CAN POOR SPAIN NOW GO when all Europe has snubbed her and all the world has ridiculed and isolated her and those who should have been her friends have turned their backs upon her? Where else can she go than into the powerful protective arms of her former enemies who will most happily and graciously welcome her through their Red gates into their fold as another new member of their growing mighty and powerful Red Kingdom that is flooding the Earth!

       27. GOD HAS ALREADY SHOWN US WHICH WAY AFRICA IS GOING--DOES THIS MEAN SPAIN IS NEXT? After my observations of current events and this dream, I would not be surprised if Spain should be next on the Red's list--and actually safer!--Safer from the destruction that is going to destroy Western Europe in another U.S.-inspired war against communism in which both the United States and Western Europe will be annihilated.

       28. AT LEAST SPAIN WILL BE ON THE WINNING SIDE and the target of no one's atom bombs if she rids herself of U.S. bases and proclaims her neutrality as she did in the last war, which saved her life and preserved her economy and helped her to recover to her present prosperity.

       29. BY ENTERING THE RED GATE OF THE COMMUNIST WORLD AS EITHER A NEUTRAL OR A SATELLITE she could enjoy their help, protection and hospitality and once against save herself from the destruction of the rest of Europe and a needless battleground. May God give her the wisdom to see it and make the right choice as to who her real friends are--those who have been kicking her around for the last 40 years or those who now offer her refuge and safety from the flood and the storm!

       30. GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR SPAIN and God loves Spain and the Spanish and I believe most of them love Him and have some faith. So may God preserve them in whatever way He knows is best, even be it by their former enemies as He did the prophet Jeremiah and the poor in the last days of decadent Israel.

       31. YOU CAN READ ABOUT IT IN THE BIBLE in the Book of Jeremiah the 40th chapter, and in our own Letter, "Dreams of Jeremiah 40." Read them today and see! "Take the yoke of the King of Babylon upon thy neck and serve him and live!" Else, "Why will ye die, O Jerusalem?"--"For it is My Will--and I have ordained it!"--saith the Lord!

       32. IT IS A LESSON FOR US ALL!--AMEN? May God bless you and keep you alive under any government as a faithful witness of Jesus Christ unto the End and His glorious Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

       33. COOSA HAS NEVER ACTUALLY BEEN ANTAGONISTIC--only resentful of my intrusions into his affairs and domain.--Could it be that he is God's Death Angel in charge of our passage from one world into another? I must ask him next time! He was certainly more friendly this time--like it was the right time now!--Are you ready?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family