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"[DELETED] MO' AMAR GODAHFI!"--MO       June 16, 1975       GP No.394

Copyright © March 1976 by The Children of God


       11. YOUNG MO'AMAR'S REVOLUTION BEGAN WITH HIS SMALL FAMILY [DELETED], a family of Arab Bedouins living in tents in the desert of Southern Libya, and has now grown to embrace the cause not only of the Arabs but of all the oppressed and exploited peoples of the Third World.

       12. HE BEGAN AS AN AGITATING STUDENT demonstrating against the corruption and injustices of his day and for the liberation of all Arab lands from the heels of their oppressors. A brilliant young man and shrewd thinker he made rapid progress from school to school, completing his education in the army as a bright young officer, including some training in England where he loved the countryside but hated the city and the dislike was mutual.

       13. HE WAS TOO MUCH OF A REBEL and too proud of his own people to bow before their rulers and exploiters. He soon made himself unpopular with his foreign teachers by defying their system of conventions and refusing to pay homage to the conquerors, having seen too many of his Arab brethren suffer and die under their oppression.

       14. FROM HIS EARLIEST YOUTH HE WAS DETERMINED TO THROW OFF THEIR YOKE and free his people, and the army seemed to be the best route toward the fulfillment of his goals. Early in his army career he began recruiting young officers into his Free Officers Movement.

       15. THIS FINALLY BLOSSOMED INTO A FULL SCALE BLOODLESS MILITARY COUP, THE SEPTEMBER REVOLUTION of 1969, which overthrew the corrupt government of the older generation of Libya under King Idris, the puppet king sponsored by the British and American occupation forces.

       16. HE DARED TO CHALLENGE THE MIGHTY MILITARY GIANTS and their power by driving them out of their huge military bases in Libya, both British and American, and by expelling the Italian colonies of former years who had invaded Libya under their dictator Mussolini and systematically slaughtered thousands of Libyan rebels.

       17. HIS EXPULSION OF THE AMERICANS FROM THEIR LARGEST MILITARY BASE outside of the United States, Wheelus Air Force Base, was tantamount to one of the first American surrenders of occupied territory in American history and was one of the first turning points of the shifting of the balance of power in today's world from West toward the East.

       18. THIS MARKED THE BEGINNING OF TODAY'S RISE OF ARAB POWER with the help of their newly acquired oil power. Libya's own oil fields were just beginning to boom into full production when this idealistic young military hero took over control of his country and its resources for the benefit of its own people.

       19. HE EXPELLED THE UNNECESSARY FOREIGN POPULATION AND FOREIGN MILITARY FORCES and nationalised Libya's major oil industry under the control of his government to the embarrassment and humiliation of these major powers and in the face of the fury of his enemies.

       20. WITH THE HELP OF HIS YOUTHFUL ARMY AND THE REJOICING COMMON PEOPLE of his nation he began to revolutionise his whole country and bring them out of underdeveloped backwardness into a strong booming thriving prosperous rapidly developing industrialised young new radical Arab nation under a rapidly rising leader of the Arab world.

       21. ONE OF HIS FIRST GOALS WAS TO LIFT THE LIVING STANDARDS OF HIS OWN PEOPLE by building thousands of new housing units throughout the land, developing the available resources and utilities, creating totally new industries, irrigating thousands of acres of undeveloped arable desert land into productive green fields of growing agriculture.

       22. NEW SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, INDUSTRIES AND CIVIC ENTERPRISES are springing up all over, creating new jobs for tens of thousands and raising the Libyan standard of living and individual average income to the highest of any nation in all of North Africa, so that it is now double that of Algeria and six times that of Egypt and many times that of most of his African neighbours.

       23. HE HAS BROUGHT ABOUT A CULTURAL REVOLUTION AS WELL, inspiring the pride of his own people in their own rich Arabic heritage by an amazing revival of Arab music, dancing, literature and other native arts promoted by an ultramodern young radio and television industry.

       24. HE HAS PROMOTED THE TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES, industrial arts and advanced products of the West, so that his streets and highways are already crowded with automobiles and the average home is equipped with a brand new television set, a cassette recorder and a transistor radio as well as modern kitchen equipment and home appliances, the most widespread of any nation in all of Africa!

       25. BRAND NEW OFFICE BUILDINGS AND APARTMENT HOUSES ARE RISING EVERYWHERE and beautiful new theatres and modern clubhouses and ultramodern tourist hotels are springing up along Libya's lovely subtropical beaches on the gorgeous blue Mediterranean!

       26. LIBYA IS BECOMING A HEAVENLY PARADISE OF THE POOR newly-made-rich through the ambitious ingenuity and dynamic leadership of this inspiring young new world leader!

       27. HIS REVIVAL OF FAITH IN GOD AND LOVE OF FELLOW MAN has not been the least of his fantastic accomplishments. He has tried to import what is best of the advantages of Western culture and modern science, but to resist the encroachments and incursions of the materialistic philosophies and propaganda of both capitalist and communist powers.

       28. HE HAS EVEN BANNED THE USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES which were undermining the morale of his own people under the influence of their Western invaders and has advocated a return to stricter observance of Islamic law and moral codes and a more diligent worship of God and consideration for the needs of one's fellow man.

       29. HE HAS EVEN ISSUED A PROPHETIC CALL TO THE PEOPLES OF THE THIRD WORLD and their sympathisers to join him in a holy war on their poverty and oppressors, and is striving for Arab cooperation to unite against their exploiters and throw off the yokes of both capitalist and communist bondage and domination.

       30. HE IS A RADICAL YOUNG REBEL WITH INFINITE FAITH IN THE IMPOSSIBLE AND GOD, and God is with him, for he is the only world leader of today who trumpets a clarion call to rally 'round the flag of faith in God and His holy Word to save the youth and the peoples of the world by a return to religious morality, faith in God and love of man.

       31. HE IS THE LEADER AND INSPIRATION OF THE REVOLUTIONARY YOUTH OF THE ARAB WORLD and Islamic nations from Western Africa to the borders of China, and bids fair to become the new young leader of the entire Third World of the underdeveloped peoples of all continents.

       32. HE IS LEADING THE ARAB WORLD in the development of a military force which shall be second to none in all the Mideast to challenge the might of their historic enemies, and he is defying the forces of the major powers in a fight for right to lead the lesser powers into the light of a whole new day in world history, a brave new world with peace and plenty for all under the blessings of God upon the faithful!

       33. THERE HAS NOT BEEN ANOTHER SUCH WORLD POLITICAL LEADER IN MODERN TIMES as this young prophet of the seemingly impossible. Nay, there has hardly been such a Godly world political leader since the days of his own prophet Mohammed and the inspired patriarchs, kings and prophets of ancient times including that great young revolutionary Jesus Himself.


       37. [EDITED: "IT WAS"] VERY BUSY TIME FOR HIM during new political upheavals in the Arab world, fighting in Lebanon, Palestinian troubles with the Zionists, threatened wars between certain Arab nations and a raging controversy between the rest of the Arab world and Egypt's Sadat and his sellout to America's President Ford for U.S. money and the Suez Canal for his promised recognition of Israel.

       38. ANTI-AMERICAN AND ANTI-SADAT DEMONSTRATIONS WERE RAGING IN THE STREETS [DELETED] and the whole nation was in an uproar of celebration at the same time commemorating the expulsion of the Americans from the gigantic Wheelus Air Force Base just five years before.


       40. ALTHOUGH THE EVACUATING AMERICAN TROOPS DID EVERYTHING THAT THEY COULD TO VICIOUSLY AND MALICIOUSLY SABOTAGE and wantonly destroy the remaining installations before they left in ignominy, it was still a great victory for this tiny young David of Libya over the ponderous fearsome giant of America! Although departing American personnel endeavored to put up a brave front, you could not help but see their chagrin and shame at being so humiliatingly defeated by the courageous young army of Libya!

       41. IN THE WILD DEMONSTRATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS WHICH FOLLOWED, THE COMMON MAN OF LIBYA WAS KING and nearly everyone had his say about the experiences of the day on both television and radio.

       42. THE GRAND CLIMAX WAS THE APPEARANCE OF THEIR REVOLUTIONARY YOUNG HERO HIMSELF on the platform with his victorious young officers of the Revolutionary Command Council. At the end of a day of speeches by the people rather than politicians there were wild native horse races on beautiful Arab steeds along the airstrip of the huge airport where the celebrations were held and in which Godahfi himself participated on horseback, a lithe athletic and strikingly handsome young figure in army uniform!

       49. WE RESPECT VERY MUCH THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH because we ourselves are truth-seekers and God is the Truth. [DELETED]

       50. [DELETED] ACCORDING TO THE KORAN, GENUINE CHRISTIANITY AND GENUINE JUDAISM HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONFLICT WITH ISLAM AT ALL. All the prophets are teaching the same gospel. The contradiction that later on took place between the three is the result of the deviation of Christians from Christianity, the deviation of Jews from Judaism and probably the deviation of some Muslims from Islam.

       51. IF JEWS AND CHRISTIANS WILL GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE MESSAGE AND GOSPEL, THEY'LL FIND OUT THAT MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS AND JEWS HAVE MET on the same book in the same way under the same God. We look into the Torah and the Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, and we find them the same book. And again if we look at the Koran, it is the continuation of the same. Then if we put them together we can apply them. ...

       52. THE KORAN IS NOTHING BUT A SUMMARY OF ALL THE HOLY BOOKS that came before it, and in addition to what has been needed later on, so that the Koran might be called the last Holy Book that has been sent to humanity.

       53. THOSE WHO ARE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS OR JEWS OR MUSLIMS, THESE ARE NAMES given to them by people, man's earthly names, but actually the Muslims are not only the people that followed the prophet Mohammed. Those who followed Jesus were Muslims, those who followed David were Muslims, those who followed Moses were Muslims and so on.

       54. [DELETED] THE KORAN MENTIONS THAT ALL THE PREVIOUS RELIGIONS BELIEVING IN THE UNITY OF GOD ARE ALL MUSLIMS and this is mentioned in the Koran itself. So subsequently anyone who believes in the Koran cannot differentiate or find difference between Jesus, Moses or Mohammed or any other prophet because they are all prophets according to the Koran.

       55. THE WORLD IS REALLY IN NEED OF A CULTURAL REVOLUTION that will break the artificial shell that has bound it so that it might go deeper into the origin and the genuine truth itself.

       58. [DELETED] THE PROBLEM IS NOT US--we don't differentiate between Moses and Jesus and Mohammed and all other prophets. But the problem lies in the Christians who do not believe in Mohammed, and this is a shortcoming on their part.


       60. [DELETED] THERE IS A VERSE IN THE KORAN that specifically mentions this kind of people and the general meaning is something like this: That they know the superficial things about the world, but they know nothing about God and the other life.


       123. [DELETED] THE MOST DANGEROUS THING TO RELIGION IS COMMUNISM, and we must stand to face it.


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family