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"THEY BEHOLD HIS FACE!"--MO January 20, 1976 GP--NO. 397

Copyrighted March, 1976 by The Children of God

(One of the babies stirred and whimpered, so we were praying for him when we got this Scripture for him:)

1. "IN HEAVEN THEIR ANGELS DO ALWAYS BEHOLD THE FACE OF THE FATHER"--their spirit doth always behold the face of the Father! "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of My Father which is in Heaven. (Mat.18:10.)

2. I WAS ALWAYS TAUGHT THEIR GUARDIAN ANGEL STANDS BEFORE THE LORD and is constantly protecting them and has the Lord's ear, and in case they need something "their angel doth always behold the face of the Father." But if this word "angel" is a word that is also sometimes used for "spirit", and if you use it in that meaning, that's the way it came to me just now. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus, thank You Lord!

3. IF THAT VERSE MEANS THEIR OWN SPIRITS do always behold the face of the Father, that means the little children are in such close communication with the Lord Himself! What an encouragement and comfort that must be to a tiny child to be able to see the Lord! That would carry him through a lot of things when the Devil tries to frighten him, if he can see the face of the Lord.

4. IN OTHER WORDS, THERE IS DIRECT COMMUNICATION, FACE TO FACE, THEY'RE SO CLOSE TO THE LORD! He's watching over them so closely and constantly, they actually see His face! If that's true, just think!--They know what the Lord looks like! "Take heed and despise not one of these little ones for I say unto you, that in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of My Father which is in Heaven."

5. IF YOU TAKE HEAVEN in the sense the churches think of it, it's far off in the sky some where. But there are lots of kinds of heavens, and the word "heaven" sometimes simply means in the "spirit world", as used in the Bible: "In the spirit.."

6. "THE FACE OF MY FATHER!" DO THEY ACTUALLY SEE GOD HIMSELF? Of course this could mean Jesus, because Jesus in a sense is the face of God, the manifestation of God. The only way we ever see God is in seeing Jesus. But God has to put it in simple terms because most people can't understand these things.

7.BUT THAT COULD MEAN JESUS REALLY IS THE FACE OF GOD, as "no man hath seen God at any time" (John 1:18). You have to balance Scripture with Scripture. Moses saw Him, in a way, but only partly. One way or the other, it's wonderful whether they see Jesus as God's face or God Himself!

8. THE JEWS ARE ALWAYS QUOTING "NO MAN HATH SEEN GOD at any time", always trying to eliminate the supernatural and Jesus, whereas a lot of people claim they have seen God. It could be Jesus they were seeing, since He is "the Lord" and Jesus is the manifestation of God to us.

9. I'M CONVINCED THAT IN THE BIBLE IT WAS JESUS THEY WERE SEEING when "the Lord of Hosts appeared" to them, because they didn't really understand about Jesus yet in the Old Testament.

10. "THESE LITTLE ONES" IS OBVIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT VERY SMALL CHILDREN. When life is all a great new mystery to them and all so marvellous and wonderful and yet mysterious and frightening because they're so fresh out of the spirit world and yet don't comprehend everything, how reassuring it must be to see the Lord and the visions He wants to show them!

11. WHEN THE BABY WAS TINY HE WAS SMILING ALL THE TIME IN HIS SLEEP, and I got the Scripture: "Young men shall see visions." (Joel 2:38) He hardly ever smiled except when he was asleep in those days. If this meaning of "angels" is "spirits", it means that the spirits of these little tiny children constantly behold the face of the Father in Heaven!

12. IF HIS "FACE" MEANS JESUS THEN IT MEANS THEY SEE JESUS! But what difference does it make? You can say "the Lord", and that means either one or both. So they see the Lord.--Or if you prefer the old churchy interpretation, their guardian angels are always in touch with the Lord to protect them. But the thing that came to me just then when I was praying for the Lord to comfort him was that "their" spirits do always behold the face of the Father!"

13. I HAVE GOTTEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN A SCRIPTURE that sounded familiar but wasn't exactly what I was used to. But I believe the ones I get in the Spirit are more exact and perfect than even in the translation of the Bible! The word "angels" can therefore be interpreted to mean "spirits"...

14. EVEN IT THEY DO YET NOT UNDERSTAND SPEECH, they can somehow understand what they see, so the baby could certainly understand seeing the reassuring face of the Lord! I often used to think my little children understood spiritual things better than their elders.

15. "THESE LITTLE ONES WHICH BELIEVE IN ME" shows that some even believe in Him! The little ones that believe! As He says in His Word, "Else were your children unclean". "For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy." (1Cor.7:14) If even one parent is a believer, then the children are clean, meaning that they somehow partake of the parent's faith and are in some sense a believer.

16. HE'S COMFORTING THE MATES THAT HAVE AN UNBELIEVING PARTNER--"Don't worry about it. Even if your mate doesn't believe, your children are still saved"--which doesn't speak too well for unbelieving parents and their children! If both are unbelieving, then, unless one finds the Lord, the child is unclean!--What an awesome thought and responsibility!

17. BUT WHAT A COMFORTING THOUGHT TO KNOW OUR LITTLE ONES DO ALWAYS BEHOLD THE FACE OF JESUS to constantly comfort and reassure them in times of distress or fear! Hallelujah!--Even when alone in a dark room, they can still see Jesus! Hallelujah!--And He can lead and comfort and guide them even when you're not there! Praise the Lord!--Amen?

18. ARE YOU A BELIEVER? ARE YOUR CHILDREN CLEAN? Do they too have faith? Do they see Jesus' sweet and kindly face in the night seasons and in sweet dreams to always comfort them even when you're not there?--They do if you love Jesus!--He's there with them if you have Jesus!--Have you? Do they?

19. IT'S UP TO YOU!--Think about it! Pray about it!--Ask Him into your heart today without delay so your children's spirits can always behold His face in their dreams or wherever they may be! Would you like that? Isn't that comforting to know? Then do it today!

20. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW, write us or come and see us: There are thousands of us in hundreds of Colonies in scores of countries on every continent around the globe!--Some of us must be near you!

21. COME TODAY! COME AND SEE! Find Jesus now so your children can see Him too! God bless and help you to find Him and us soon so you and your children can always see Jesus and have Him forever! We love you!--In Jesus name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family