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"MO'S MUSIC{\b !"—MO       August 31, 1971       GP--NO.399}

Copyrighted March, 1976 by the Children of God

       1. SOME OF YOU FOLKS NEED TO LEARN SOME OF THE GOOD OLD FIGHTING SONGS OF THE EARLY CHRISTIANS and songs of Christians who really meant business, who really fought against the world and fought against the System, fought against the established church and really lashed out with marching songs, fighting songs, witnessing songs that have a real message and pack a real wallop! So I thought maybe we'd just sing you a few of my old favourites so that you could have that link with the past of the real genuine witnesses of God's Church in the past and the wonderful saints of God who have gone before you.

       2. THESE ARE THE REAL GREAT OLD BATTLE SONGS OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD OF ALL AGES. The real true Children of God who have fought the fight, the good fight, and who kept the faith and went on to a great crown of life, and for which reason you today are also Christians and the Children of God, because they sang such songs and carried such a message as this. God bless you!

       That shall turn their heart to the right,
       A Story of truth and mercy,
       A Story of peace and light,
       A Story of peace and light.

       For the darkness shall turn to dawning,
       And the dawning to noonday bright,
       And Christ's great Kingdom shall come on Earth,
       The Kingdom of Love and Light.

       Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Hark how the Angels sing!
       Hosanna in the Highest, Hosanna to your King.
       Hosanna in the Highest, Hosanna to your King!

       We've a song to be sung to the nations,
       That shall lift their hearts to the Lord,
       A song that shall conquer evil,
       And shatter the spear and sword,
       And shatter the spear and sword!
       For the darkness shall turn to dawning,
       And the dawning to noonday bright,
       And Christ's great Kingdom shall come on Earth,
       The Kingdom of Love and Light.

       We've a message to give to the nations,
       That the Lord Who reigneth Above
       Hath sent us His Son to save us,
       And show us that God is Love,
       And show us that God is Love.
       For the darkness shall turn to dawning,
       And the dawning to noonday bright,
       And Christ's great Kingdom shall come on Earth,
       The kingdom of Love and Light!

       Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Hark how the Angels sing.
       Hosanna in the highest, Hosanna to your King!
       Hosanna in the highest, Hosanna to your King!

       We've a Saviour to show to the nations,
       Who the path of sorrow hath trod,
       That all of the world's great peoples
       May come to the truth of God,
       May come to the truth of God!
       For the darkness shall turn to dawning,
       And the dawning to noonday bright,
       And Christ's great Kingdom shall come on Earth,
       The Kingdom of Love and Light!

       Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Hark how the angels sing.
       Hosanna in the Highest, Hosanna to your King!
       Hosanna in the Highest, Hosanna to your King!
       Hosanna in the Highest, Hosanna to your King!

       The day of march has come;
       Henceforth in fields of conquest
       Thy tents shall be our home:
       Through days of preparation
       Thy grace has made us strong,
       And now, O King Eternal,
       We lift our battle song.

       Lead on, O King Eternal,
       Till sin's fierce war shall cease:
       And holiness shall whisper
       The sweet amen of peace:
       For not with swords' loud clashing,
       Or roll of stirring drums,
       With deeds of love and mercy
       The Heavenly Kingdom comes.

       Lead on, O King Eternal,
       We follow not with fears;
       For gladness breaks like morning
       Where'er Thy face appears;
       Thy cross is lifted o'er us;
       We journey in its light:
       The crown awaits the conquest;
       Lead on, O God of might.

       A Bulwark never failing!
       Our Helper He, amid the flood
       Of mortal ills prevailing!
       For still our ancient foe
       Doth seek to work us woe;
       His craft and power are great,
       And armed with cruel hate,
       On Earth is not his equal.

       Did we in our own strength confide,
       Our striving would be losing;
       Were not the right Man on our side,
       The Man of God's own choosing!

       Dost ask who that may be?
       Christ Jesus it is He!
       Lord Sabaoth, His Name (--That means the Lord of Hosts, a mighty army!)
       From age to age the same,
       and He must win the battle!

       And tho' this world, with devils filled,
       Should threaten to undo us,
       We will not fear, for God hath willed
       His Truth to triumph through us!

       The Prince of darkness grim,
       We tremble not for him;
       His rage we can endure.
       For lo, his doom is sure,
       One little word shall fell him!

       That word above all Earthly powers,
       No thanks to them abideth;
       The Spirit and the gifts are ours
       Through Him who with us sideth!

--You didn't know Martin Luther was filled with the Spirit and had the gifts of the spirit, did you? He also believed in forsaking all, listen to this:

       Let goods and kindred go,
       This mortal life also;
       The body they may kill (--He believed in dying for Jesus and the Gospel too!)
       God's Truth abideth still,
       His Kingdom is forever!"

       3. HALLELUJAH? PRAISE THE LORD! THESE ARE THE OLD FIGHTING HYMNS OF THE CHURCH, THE REAL TRUE CHURCH OF GOD. The real Children of God who fought and suffered and died for the truth against the God-damned established religious systems of their day, whatever it was. So we are not going to have time to sing you all the verses of all the hymns, but just give you a little sample as we go along through this little old-fashioned hymn book and sing you at least a verse or two of each of the good old-timers that really packs a real wallop!

       4. IT'S FUNNY THING, YOU'LL FIND YOU'VE GOT TO GO CLEAR BACK AT LEAST A HUNDRED YEARS TO FIND THE HYMNS THAT HAVE ANY REAL SPIRIT to them.--Way back when they were still fighting the System and still standing up for the Truth. You've got to go back at least a hundred years, and even the further back you go--two, three, four, five hundred years--it gets even better. So that's the way they go.

       5. THAT OLD MARTIN LUTHER HYMN I JUST SANG, "A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD" was written by Martin Luther himself, when he stood like one man against the whole God-damned religious system and the whole world and the whole works! Dear old Martin Luther sang that dear old hymn and he wrote it himself from his own experience. You notice its got everything in it, suffering, fighting the Devil, gifts in the Spirit, forsaking all. I tell you, those boys knew what they were talking about!

       6. THEY LIVED JUST LIKE WE DO, AND THEY REALLY FOUGHT THE BATTLE, and they lived and died for it, and that's the kind of hymns you want.--The kind of hymns that you can sing in jail, you want the kind of hymns that you can sing on a march to a vigil. You want the kind of hymns you can sing going into battle facing death.

       7. YOU DON'T WANT THESE NAMBY-PAMBY, PUSCILLANIMOUS, MILK-AND-WATER, STRING-FOR-A-BACKBONE, LA-DI-DA-DI-DA PRETTY LITTLE DITTY kind of stuff. You want the real meaty strong stuff that can really stand the test of time. Not these little silly little ditties that they're singing nowadays in church with some of these crazy little choruses. A few of them seem to be inspired but not very many.

       8. YOU'VE GOT TO GO WAY BACK TO GET THE REAL SPIRIT! Praise God, God bless you! Either that or you've got to come way down to the very last minute, right this minute, right now with the Children of God to get the real juicy meaty songs of the present, like "Cry of Revolution" and some of those. Hallelujah! You know some of these old songs you've heard before, some of you that ever to church, but you never heard them sung like this.

       9. IT'S ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN HOW THEY'RE SUNG. Now you could have sung that song "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" and if you don't sing it with real fighting spirit, and the real spirit with which it was written, it would sound like this: "A Mighty Fortress is Our God, a Bulwark never failing...because He's already failed me already and I don't really know Him and I don't know what I'm singing about, and I don't even know who God is, but I'm here because I have to be and my parents dragged me to church...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

       10. I MEAN SINGING IT LIKE THAT IS TAKING IT IN VAIN, taking the name of God in vain! It becomes an abomination, sacrilege, instead of the inspired song that God meant for it to be. You see it's all in how you do it, all in how you sing it, it's in how you say it, it's all in what you put into it that counts.

       11. IT'S THE SPIRIT IN WHICH IT'S SUNG, WITHOUT THE SPIRIT THE SONG IS NOTHING. It's sickening and can drone on, monotonous and dead as a doornail and dry as cracker dust ten miles from a glass of water. It can be just as draggy and dead as can be, even though originally it was written really inspired and intended to be sung while marching into battle with the Devil.

       12. BUT IF AFTER ALL YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FIGHTING THE DEVIL and you're not marching and you're not battling, why how the hell are you going to be able to do it that way? These songs have to be sung by soldiers that really know what they're talking about to be sung in the right spirit.

       13. YOU'VE GOT TO PUT SOME GUMPTION INTO IT! You've got to put some real "umph" into it! Triumph is 10% "try" and 90% "umph"! You've got to sock it do 'em baby! So let's sock it to 'em shall we!

       14. SING THESE SONGS LIKE THEY OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN SUNG! Sing these songs like the churches never sung 'em since the day they were written. Sing these songs like the fighting men that wrote them intended for them to be sung, the guys who were going through the suffering, the guys who were in jail, the guys who were being tortured and persecuted and killed for the Gospel! Sing them the way God's Holy Spirit inspired them in the first place! Hallelujah? Praise God, God bless you! Here we go again!

       15. EVEN SOME OF THESE OLD SONGS OF WORSHIP HAVE A REAL WALLOP TO 'EM if you really sing 'em in the Spirit the way they were intended to be sung. Listen to this one that you usually hear dragged out in church. Here's the way it's usually sung: "Hoooly, Hoooly, Hoooly"--Holy Moses! I'm telling you they'd put you damned to sleep with a draggy thing like that! That wasn't the way the guy intended for it to be sung, the guy that wrote it 200 years ago!


       Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
       Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
       Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty
       God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

--What a difference from the way you hear it sung in church, huh? It's all the spirit and the way in which you sing it, amen? Hallelujah! Here's another old fighting song:

       Leads forth in beauty all the starry band (--The stars overhead!)
       Of shining worlds in splendour through the skies, (--Picture the Creator in His mighty train of glory riding on the stars above!)
       Our grateful songs before Thy Throne arise.

       Thy love divine hath lead us in the past,
       In this (once) free land by Thee our lot is cast;
       Be thou our ruler, guardian, guide, and stay,
       Thy word our law, Thy paths our chosen way.

       From war's alarms, from deadly pestilence,
       Be Thy strong arm our ever sure defense; (--God's the one that takes care of us, amen?)
       Thy true religion (--Like the Children of God!)
       In our hearts increase, (--The true doctrine of the Bible.)
       Thy bounteous goodness nourish us in peace.
(--Thank God for our provisioners!)

       Refresh Thy people on their toilsome way, (--Hallelujah! God does it, doesn't He,)
       Lead us from night to never-ending day;
       Fill all our lives with love and grace divine, (Only the Children of God have that kind of lives!)
       And glory, laud, and praise be ever Thine!

       17. HALLELUJAH! PRAISE GOD! THAT'S THE WAY TO SING IT! Here's another old song, real old-timer nearly two hundred years old, that if really sung in the spirit can be a real comfort to you on some dark night, some troubled prison floor, some time when you really need encouragement, Amen?

       LEAD, KINDLY LIGHT! Amid the encircling gloom,
       Lead Thou me on; The night is dark,
       And I am far from home, Lead Thou me on! (--Jesus has to lead you, you see, He has to encourage you no matter how dark the night.)
       Keep Thou my feet. I do not ask to see
       The distant scene; one step enough for me.

       18. THAT'S THE WALK OF FAITH, AMEN? No matter how dark the night, even if you can't see ahead, just put your hand into the hand of God. Like that favourite old poem of mine:

       "I came to the man at the gate of the year
       And asked him, Give me a light that I may see my way.
       But he said unto me, Put your hand into the hand of the God
       And He shall be unto thee a light and better than a known way."

       19. (TONGUES AND PROPHECY:) "O THAT THOU SHOULD BE FILLED WITH MY SPIRIT! O that thou shouldst walk and sing and praise Me in the Spirit as these men did who wrote these songs, who followed Me in their day. But these thy fathers have gone astray from Me and have forgotten those days and have squandered their spirit and have squandered their means on that which is not bread.

       20. "AND I, BEHOLD I, HAVE GIVEN UNTO THEE THEIR CHILDREN to come back to Me and to live in my spirit, and walk in My Spirit and sing in My Spirit as these did in time gone by!" Hallelujah, thank You Jesus, praise You Lord! Amen! I'll tell you, you get in the Spirit when you sing these songs right, Amen? Thank You Jesus!

       O words with heav'nly comfort fraught!
       Whate'er I do, where'er I be,
       Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me!
       He leadeth me, He leadeth me,
       By His own hand He leadeth me:
       His faithful follower I would be, (--Forsaking all, following Jesus, amen,)
       For by His hand He leadeth me."
--Put thy hand into the hand of God and He shall be more to thee than a light and better than a known way!"

       I feed in green pastures, safe-folded I rest;
       He leadeth my soul where the still waters flow,
       Restores me when wandering, redeems when oppressed,
       Restores me when wondering, redeems when oppressed.

Hallelujah, is He your Shepherd? Praise God!

       21. HERE'S ONE MY DEAR OLD DAD USED TO SING all night long sometimes to my mother when she lay dying on that deathbed before God performed a mighty miracle and raised her literally from the dead. This is another dear old 200-year-older.

       Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!
       What more can He say than to you He hath said,
       To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?
       To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled? (Hallelujah?)
       Fear not, I am with thee; O be not dismayed,
       For I am thy God, and I'll still give thee aid;
       I'll strengthen thee, help thee;
       And cause thee to stand.
       Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand,
       Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand.

       22. EVERY VERSE OF THAT OLD SONG IS BUILT ON A SCRIPTURE, Hallelujah? Thank God! "For behold, I am the Lord thy God", praise God? "I will give thee strength, I will lift thee up," amen? "Be not afraid, fear not for I am with thee, be not afraid for I am thy God. For I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of My Righteousness." (Isa.41:10) Hallelujah? Praise God!

       23. NOW YOU'RE GETTING A LITTLE SAMPLE OF HOW I USED TO LEAD THE SINGING. Praise God? This is going to be "Song Service with Dear Old MO!" Let me tell you, I never used to let those people go to sleep on those benches! Man, I'm telling you, I used to wake them up and nearly wake the dead yelling and screaming and shouting these songs the way they ought to be sung until they nearly fell off the pews!

       24. THEY WONDERED WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS GOING ON, for the first time in their lives they stayed awake instead of singing themselves to sleep! Well, here's another 200-year-oldie!

       Let angels prostrate fall; (--You too!)
       Bring forth the royal diadem,
       And crown Him Lord of all!
       Bring forth the royal diadem,
       and crown Him Lord of all!(--You never heard it sung that way in church did you?)

       Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,
       Ye ransomed from the fall, (Now you see who Israel is!)
       Hail Him who saves you by His grace,
       And crown Him Lord of all! (--You've got to sing that song with authority, brother, and get with it, man!)

       Let every kindred, every tribe,
       On this terrestrial ball,
       To Him all majesty ascribe, and crown Him Lord of all!
       To Him all majesty ascribe, and crown Him Lord of all!
--Well, the old grey stallion ain't what he used to be and I crack up a little bit on some of those notes nowadays!

       25. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, I USED TO RAISE THE ROOF ON SOME OF THOSE OLD MORTUARIES, some of those old whited sepulchres, and the dead bones used to jump up and spring to life when we really sang these songs the way they ought to be sung, hallelujah! Hallelujah, now I'll sing you an old-timer with a slight new twist, the way God really meant for it to sound. (End Side One)

       26. THE GRAND OLD HYMNS OF THE TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD, the way they've been sung for thousands of years, hallelujah? The really Spirit-filled hymns. And you can't sing a Spirit-filled hymn unless you're Spirit-filled. So no wonder the church has been draggin' it out and droopin' away and down to make the drudgery of hymn singing. It's no wonder they're such a drag because they haven't got the Spirit. But you take these Spirit-filled hymns the way they were written and you sing them in the spirit and let me tell you, they pack a real impact that you never heard in church before, hallelujah? So here's that old-timer with a new twist, praise God!

       We are His new creation,
       By spirit and His word;
       From Heaven He came and sought us
       To be His young new bride,
       With His own blood He bought us,
       And for our life He died.

(--Try it that way next time you sing it!)

       Fairer still the moonlight
       And all the twinkling, starry host;
(--Night sounds!)
       Jesus shines brighter,
       Jesus shines purer
       Than all the angels Heaven can boast!

--Hallelujah! I'm just singing you a verse or two of the verses that I consider have the greatest punch and message in some of these old hymns that really fit us the most.

       The shadow of a mighty rock
       Within a weary land; (This land is weary enough!)
       A home within the wilderness, (--Camped out wherever you are.)
       A rest upon the way, (--Journeying for Jesus!)
       From the burning of the noontide heat
       And the burden of the day.

       I take, O cross, thy shadow
       For my abiding place;
       I ask no other sunshine than
       The Sunshine of His face; (--Not even my parents' face!)
       Content to let the world go by, (--Let the System go to hell!)
       To know no gain or loss, (--Forsake all!)
       My sinful self my only shame,
       My glory all the cross!

--And one that goes right along with it:

       On which the Prince of Glory died,
       My richest gain I count but loss, (Forsake all!)
       And pour contempt on all my pride.
(--Drop out of the System and join the Children of God, hallelujah?)

       Were the whole realm of nature mine.
(--Even if I owned everything.)
       That were a present far too small;
(--I'd still have to forsake everything.)
       Love so amazing, so divine, (--Like Jesus!)
       Demands my soul, my life, my all. (--I'd still have to give up my life for Jesus, hallelujah?)

       27. THIS OLD TWO-HUNDRED-YEAR-OLDIE OR 150-YEAR-OLDIE HAS A BEAUTIFUL STORY. Someone told it to my mother as she was sailing up through the Bosporus past some old ruins of an ancient town that had been almost totally destroyed except for one wall of an old church building.

       28. THE WHOLE TOWN WAS IN WRECKS EXCEPT THIS ONE FRONT WALL OF THIS OLD CHURCH building which was surmounted by a beautiful old stone cross. And it so inspired the writer, Sir John Bowring (he was anything but boring), 'way back 150-years-ago as he too sailed through the Bosporus and saw that old cross standing there symbolising how God's message and the Children of God and the Church of Jesus Christ and the Cross of Christ has survived all the attacks that have ever been made upon it by all the wreckage of the System from the beginning of time, and he was inspired to write this grand old hymn. Listen to just this short verse of it, will you?

       29. IMAGINE THE THRILL AS HE SAW THAT OLD CROSS STANDING THERE, stood there for hundreds of years when all the System that had stood around it lay in ruins, the cross lived on, a beautiful symbol of the Truth, Amen?

       IN THE CROSS OF CHRIST I GLORY, (--Can't glory in anything else!)
       Tow'ring o'er the wrecks of time. (The whole system is constantly in a wreck just like Marx said.)
       All the light of sacred story
       Gathers round its head sublime.

Hallelujah! "In the cross of Christ I glory, towering o'er the wrecks of time!"--Everything else is a wreck but Jesus goes on, thank You Lord! (Tongues) Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       30. "THE WIND AND WAVES OBEY HIS WILL, WHAT MANNER OF MAN IS THIS." Hallelujah! I was just kind of tuning up on this old navy hymn. This is the official Navy hymn, believe it or not. My God, too bad they don't sing it anymore, huh?

       31. IF THEY'D ONLY LIVED UP TO THIS HYMN they wouldn't be such a hell of a navy today, they'd be a navy to save the drowning from sin and save the world wherever they go.

       32. THEY'D BE GOD'S MISSIONARIES IN THE LANDS WHERE THEY GO all over the world, but they've forgotten God so the hymn doesn't mean anything to them anymore. But in the days when it was written, 150-years ago, and the days when it was chosen as the hymn, it meant something to the founding fathers of this old nation of ours when it was still free, when it was still God's country. Listen to these words if you can. Amen,

       33. I GOT THAT LITTLE THING FROM THE LORD WHILE I WAS STARTING to practice up on this so I guess I'd better sing it for you so you'll know what I was singing about.

       Eternal Father! Strong to save,
       Whose arm doth bind the restless wave.

       34. NEXT TIME YOU'RE CROSSING THE OCEAN ON THE BOAT AS ONE OF OUR MISSIONARIES KEEP THAT IN MIND. We've prayed for peace on the sea many a night and God has helped us to keep from getting seasick and homesick and all the rest, praise God. Some of these dear old missionaries must have written these songs, dear old sea captains that loved the Lord.

       Who bid'st the mighty ocean deep
       It's own appointed limits keep;
       Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
       For those in peril on the sea.

--I don't know that one too well but that's just about the way it goes.

       35. AH, HERE'S ONE OF MY OLD FAVOURITES that I many times sing in the spirit because it really has got the message of eternal salvation in it and nothing else but salvation, hallelujah? Nothing but Jesus!

(--That means He was killed for us.)
       Let me hide myself in Thee; (--The only hiding place there is.)
       Let the water and the blood,
       From Thy wounded side which flowed,
       Be of sin the double cure, (--The only cure.)
       Save from wrath and make me pure.

--The only thing that's going to save us from the wrath that's going to be heaped out on this nation and the world. Now here's the verse I like the best:

       Could my tears forever flow,
       Could my zeal no languor know,
       These for sin could not atone;
       Thou must save, and Thou alone.

--You could cry to yourself all night and you could work all day and it's still not going to save you.--Only Jesus can save you!
       In my hand no price I bring, (--Can't buy your way to Heaven.)
       Simply to Thy cross I cling. (--That's the only way you can get there, hallelujah?)

Okay, here's another one that goes back a couple of hundred years.

       36. NOW CAN YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF LIKE JESUS, MARCHING TO YOUR OWN CRUCIFIXION and about to be nailed to a cross as you may very well be in the near future. I like the songs you can sing in prison, I like the songs you can sing as you march to your death!

       37. I LIKE THE SONGS YOU CAN SING ON THE WAY TO A BATTLE with the Devil that you don't know if you're going to come out alive, amen? The songs of desperation, the songs of absolute sincerity, the songs of real truth, the songs of real fire and power and fight, Amen? Not these namby-pamby little sissy little lullabys that lull the church to sleep. But if these songs are sung right and you know what you're singing about you can sing them in the Spirit.


       NEARER, MY GOD TO THEE, Nearer to Thee!
       E'en though it be a cross, That raiseth me.

Do you get the point? You're coming nearer to the Lord every minute even though the death of the cross means you're just being lifted to be with Jesus, Amen? Hallelujah? Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord, thank You Jesus! (Tongues)

       39. "EVEN THOUGH SO SHALL IT BE WITH SOME OF THEE that sing these very songs. Thou too shalt march to thy death some day soon, and thou shalt sing as thou hast never sung before. Thou shalt sing not unto man, but thou shalt sing unto Me as My child, for thou shalt sing of Me and by My Spirit as thou dost die for Me." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord, oh Jesus!

       STILL ALL MY SONG SHALL BE, (--While you're up there on the cross.)
       Nearer, my God, to Thee! (--You'll be mighty close then, amen? Almost through those pearly gates!)
       Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee

Hallelujah, thank You Jesus. It wasn't meant to just be sung at funerals after the poor guy's dead and in his coffin, the body is, and he's already in Glory.

       40. THIS IS A SONG TO BE SUNG AT YOUR CRUCIFIXION, this is a song to be sung while you're dying as a testimony to those around you, and a song of glory to God, amen? Praise God.

       41. WELL HERE'S AN OLD-TIMER THAT'S ANOTHER OLD COUPLE-HUNDRED-YEAR-OLDIE, the real oldie goldies! You have to go back a couple hundred years to get any real Holy Ghost inspiration, I'm telling you. Back to the days of the old Kentucky revival, the outpouring of the spirit in England and the ancient real baptisms of the Holy Ghost of bygone days when they were really on fire and suffered like you're going to suffer today for the Message that God has given us, praise God!

       AMAZING GRACE! (--You gotta put "zing" into it! You get it?)
       Amazing Grace! how sweet the sound,
       That saved a wretch like me!
       I once was lost, but now am found,
       Was blind, but now I see!

--Well in other words, you were a church person, or a systemite; but now you've got your eyes open, hallelujah, Amen?

       42. THIS ONE WILL REMIND YOU OF SPACE CITY and the Ultimate Trip:

       When we've been there ten thousand years,
       Bright shining as the sun,
       We've no less days to sing God's praise (--Got forever!)
       Than when we first begun!

Been there ten thousand years you're just getting started! Hallelujah? You won't even have seen all Space City yet in ten thousand years. My, what a place! I'm telling you, I never saw such a place in all my whole life, and I probably won't see all of it yet even in Eternity, it's such a place! Praise God! Thank You Lord!

       43. WELL YOU EVER BEEN OUT ON THE DEEP DEEP SEA TRYING TO GET ACROSS and when the old breakers were a rollin' and you didn't know whether you were going to make it or not? Let me tell you, this thing has really got the cry of the one who's utterly helpless and dependent on the Lord.

       Let me to Thy bosom fly, (The only hiding place.)
       While the nearer waters roll,
       While the tempest still is high:
       Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,
       Till the storm of life is past;
(--You're going to have plenty of storms if you're going to live this kind of a life!)
       Safe into the haven guide;
       O receive my soul at last.

--What kind of a refuge are you going to have?

       Other refuge have I none;
       Hangs my helpless soul on Thee; (--Are you on the spot? Turn around and put God on the spot.)
       Leave, O leave me not alone,
       Still support and comfort me:
(--Remind Him that He promised.)
       All my trust on Thee is stayed,
       All my help from Thee I bring;
       Cover my defenseless head
       With the shadow of Thy wing. (Psalm 91, Hallelujah?)

       44. AND SOME OF YOU'VE HEARD ME SING THIS OLD HYMN MANY A TIME when we were about to have communion because it's so true. As we break the bread we think about the dear Lord's body and about also the bread of His Word that He feeds us.

       BREAK THOU THE BREAD OF LIFE, (--It's a prayer.)
       Dear Lord, to me, (--If we could just learn to sing these to the Lord.)
       As Thou didst break the loaves beside the sea;
       Beyond the sacred page I seek Thee, Lord;
       My spirit pants for Thee, O living Word.

       45. YOU SEE YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE SPECIAL EMPHASIS TO SOME OF THOSE WORDS so people get the point because they've been singing these hymns all their lives and it doesn't mean a thing. It's just like saying, "A-B-C-D, Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall, Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo." Well, even our dear brother Aaron has given "Eenie Meenie-Minie-Mo" a greater meaning today, in case you've heard his latest!

       46. BUT MOST PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND, see, you've got to have a little interpretation to these hymns to really get the point. So that's why you have to kind of emphasise some of these things a little bit differently and bring out the words that need to be emphasised so they get what it's all about.

       47. WELL, YOU DON'T HEAR THIS OLD HYMN IN THE CHURCHES very much, do you? How many times did you ever hear songs like this? They don't sing many of these because they don't many of these because they don't want this to happen.

       And all of us go free?
       No, there's a cross (--That's your job.)
       For everyone
       And there's a cross for me.

       48. SO WHAT DID JESUS SAY? "If any man will come after Me let him deny himself and take up his cross", (Luke 9:23) the job God has given you to do for Him is your cross. That was a job Jesus had to do, that was the cross.

       49. DID YOU KNOW THAT?--THE MAIN JOB HE CAME TO DO WAS TO DIE on that cross. And so the main job you've got to do is to bear that cross, your job, whatever job God has given you to bear. "There's a cross for everyone, and there's a cross for me." Oh, hallelujah, another 200-year-older!

       The sympathising Jesus;
       He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,
       Oh! hear the voice of Jesus!

Stop, look and listen--hear the voice of Jesus!

       50. IF YOU'RE DOWN IN THE DUMPS, WELL THEN DUMP IT ON JESUS! "Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee" (Psalm 55:22), hallelujah? "Come unto Me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest", hallelujah? He says, "Take My yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart" and "My yoke is easy and My burden is light!" (Mt.11:28-30)

       51. IF THE JOB SEEMS TO BE TOO HARD FOR YOU, WELL, TAKE IT TO JESUS, Amen? And if it really seems too hard and too heavy then maybe you're making it that way or somebody else is making it that way because Jesus doesn't make it that way. He says, "My yoke is easy and My burden is light. "We are yoked under His discipline. We have burdens, we've got a job to do for the Lord, to carry, but He says it's easy and it's light.

       52. DON'T TELL ME IT'S TOO HARD, IT'S NOT TOO HARD! Don't tell me it's too heavy, it's not too heavy! Hallelujah? It's easy and it's light!

       Sweetest name on mortal tongue;
       Sweetest carol ever sung, (--What?)
       Jesus, Blessed Jesus!

Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       53. WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE IS PASSED AWAY YOU'LL STILL HAVE JESUS! When everything else is gone, there'll still be Jesus. When all others forsake you, there'll still be Jesus. When you haven't got anything left, there'll still be Jesus.

       ABIDE WITH ME: fast falls the eventide;
       The darkness deepens (--Sure is right now, isn't it over the whole world.)
       Lord with me abide:
       When other helpers fail, and comforts flee,
(--Like the System and parents.)
       Help of the helpless, O abide with me!

Then this is my favourite verse here:

       Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day:
(--Man's little day is coming to an end of this whole world.)
       Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away;
(--Right? The fashion of this world passeth away but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever, hallelujah?)
       Change and decay in all around I see:
(--Everything is changing, everything is decaying, everything is going to pot!)
       O Thou who changest not, abide with me!
--Hallelujah? Praise God!

       54. WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE HAS GONE TO POT and everything else lies in ruins Jesus will still be with you. When the world has nothing left you'll still have Jesus, praise God?
       GIVE ME JESUS, give me Jesus
       You may have all this world
       Give me Jesus! (--Hallelujah?)

       55. AND WHEN THE LOVES OF THIS WORLD PASS AWAY and that old girlfriend deserts you because she's not willing to forsake all, and that old boyfriend isn't willing to join up and die with the Children of God, you can sing this dear old hymn that was written by a man who was told by his doctor that he was about to go blind, would be blind in six months.

       56. SO HE WHEN TO TELL HIS GIRLFRIEND, his fiancée that he was about to get married to, and he took her hand in his and began to tell her the sad news that he was going to go blind. All of a sudden he felt her little hand quiver and then icily, coldly, it was withdrawn from his and she burst into tears and said, "I couldn't be married to a blind man!"

       57. THINK OF IT! NOW THEY TELL YOU THEY CAN'T BE MARRIED TO SOMEBODY THAT CAN SEE. You've got new eyes, new spiritual eyes, you can see the truth now. Well, he went back to his abode, he sat down and he thought about all he had left now was Jesus, and he wrote this precious old hymn which has wrung my heart many a time and thrilled me when others disappointed me and others failed me, this old hymn has encouraged me, praise the Lord.

       OH LOVE THAT WILL NOT LET ME GO, (--The only love that won't let you go is Jesus' love and the love of the Children of God, hallelujah?)
       I rest my weary soul in Thee;
       I give Thee back the life I owe,

       58. YOU WERE GIVING IT TO SOME BODY ELSE, you were giving it to something else and now you wake up to the fact that something else and somebody else doesn't satisfy, and somebody else fails you, somebody else disappoints you, so you give it back to the Lord that gave it, the One you owe it to, amen? "Seek first the Kingdom of God" (Mt.6:33), "I'll have no other gods before Me!" (Ex.20:3)

       That in thine ocean depths its flow
       May richer richer, richer fuller be.
       May richer fuller be.

And then when you're on your way to your crucifixion you can sing this verse of it:

       O cross that liftest up my head,
       I dare not ask to hide from thee;
(--Your job for the Lord.)
       I lay in dust life's glory dead, (--This God-damned world and its God-damned glory is dead as a doornail, there's nothing to it!)
       And from the ground there blossoms red (--Right out of my blood that saturates the ground.)
       Life that shall endless be.

Hallelujah! (Tongues and Prophecy). Well praise the Lord, God bless you kids!

       59. THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE OLD-TIMERS BY YOUR OLD-TIMER to show you that some of the old-timers have some merit, the good old fighting songs of the church. And this is tape two, side one, of these songs and I hope you enjoy it. Here comes the interpretation to that little message the Lord gave us. Hallelujah, praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Amen, amen, thank You Lord!

       60. "EVEN SO SHALL THY BLOOD STAIN THE GROUND and even so shalt thou give thy life for Me and for thine. But even so from thy blood shall blossom other lives that shall do My bidding and bring multitudes, multitudes into the Valley of Decision for Me." Praise God! Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah, Amen, Amen!

       61. WELL THIS IS I GUESS THE SECOND TAPE ON THE OLD FIGHTING SONGS of the Children of God of all ages and this is side one and I think maybe we're getting a little something out of these dear old hymns, amen? Praise God? Here's an old-timer we always used to stand around in a circle holding hands and often sing this one in closing our meetings of fellowship together, remember, in the early days?

       Our hearts in Christian love!
       The fellowship of kindred minds
       Is like to that Above.

--In other words this is like a little bit of Heaven on Earth this sweet fellowship we have in love one for another right here.

       Heaven is here, I'll tell you how!
       Jesus to know is Heaven below,
       Heaven is here, is here, and how!

       Praise God?

       62. PRAISE THE LORD, WELL YOU NEED FEW SWEET SONGS TO SING when you feel like you need to get closer to the Lord and when everything is in chaos and you had a hard day and it seems like all is confusion and rust, rush, rush and stormy, real stormy day. You can retreat into the woods or some-place, or just into your heart or into the Word and sing this oldtimer.

       Near to the heart of God,
       A place where sin cannot molest,
       Near to the heart of God.
       O Jesus, blest Redeemer,
       Sent from the heart of God.
       Hold us who wait before Thee
       Near to the heart of God.

       63. YOU'D BE SURPRISED SOMETIMES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING PRAYER TOGETHER HOW SOME OF THESE DEAR OLD HYMNS CAN REALLY GET YOU UNITED in the Spirit, really melt your hearts together in love. I mean if you'd just forget their past, forget the way the churches used them, forget the way the churches sang them, forget the monotony and the meaningless hypocrisy with which the church would go through the motions and sing "la-di-da-di-da-di-da" and it didn't mean a damn thing. Just forget about it!

       64. BUT TRY TO GET INTO THE SPIRIT OF THE SPIRIT-INSPIRED HOLY GHOST-FILLED WRITER of the song that was moved to sing this from his heart when it was first written, the Holy Ghost moving in him, to sing it from his heart. For God's sake, whatever you do, sing a prayer song from your heart and to the Lord and forget about people, make it a prayer, praise God? Thank You Jesus.

       Shine upon this heart of mine;
       Chase the shades of night away;
       Turn my darkness into day.

       65. HOW DO YOU GET RID OF DARKNESS? Do you go around trying to beat it out and chase it out and kick it out? No, you just let the light in, Amen?--And the darkness turns tail and runs! Hallelujah? "The Holy Ghost with light divine, shine upon this heart of mine." Hallelujah, praise God!

       66. I'LL TELL YOU WHEN THIS OLD HYMN WAS FIRST WRITTEN THESE BOYS KNEW WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT, they were dying for their faith. And I hate to hear the church today even sing songs like this because they don't mean them, not a damn bit. They don't mean it a bit, it's absolute sacrilege.

       67. IT'S AN ABOMINATION TO THE LORD TO HEAR THEM SING IT because they don't mean it. They worship Him with their lips and their hearts are far from Him. But get the meaning and the spirit of the song, and you're going to have to go quite a few generations back to find this kind of faith amongst your fathers.

       68. BUT THINK ABOUT THE FOUNDING FATHERS, the fellows who came here to escape the torture and everything of Europe, came to build a new land of freedom, most of all freedom of religion, freedom for faith, freedom to witness, freedom to win the Indians to the Kingdom, think of that!

       69. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL, THE MOST PEACEFUL AND BEST OF ALL THE COLONIES THAT HAD THE LEAST TROUBLE WERE THE RELIGIOUS COLONIES, did you know that? Who made peace with the Indians, who loved them, and the Indians loved them and showed them how to plant corn and gave them food when they were starving. It was those God-damned commercial colonies like the Hudson Bay Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony and some of those that caused all the trouble with the Indians and just would go out and slaughter them and fight them and kill them off instead of making friends with them and trying to love them with the Gospel. It makes a big difference.

       70. SO YOU'VE GOT TO GO BACK TO THE DAYS OF THE FATHERS WHO REALLY TRIED TO FOUND THIS COUNTRY as a nation really under God and really for peace, and really to get away from all that hell that was Europe in those days. Isn't that strange?--Now we're got to leave America and go back to Europe where things aren't as bad now as they are in America!

       In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword,
       O how our hearts beat high with joy
       Whene'er we hear Thy glorious word!
       Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
       We will be true to thee till death.

Now get this second verse, boy oh boy!

       71. I TELL YOU THEY NEVER REALLY MEANT IT WHEN THEY SANG IT BUT YOU CAN mean it, and it'll mean something to you if you sing it and really apply it to you.

       Faith of our fathers! We will strive
       To win all nations unto thee,
       And through the truth that comes from God
       Mankind shall then be truly free:
(--Can you sing It?)
       Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
       We will be true to thee till death!

If you sing it with real meaning then it means something, then it really packs a punch, but not in that sickening way the churchy people sing it, my God forgive and help!

       72. WELL, EVEN A LOT OF THE DEAR OLD CHRISTMAS CAROLS HAVE A REAL MESSAGE if you really sing them in the Spirit and you sing the right ones and the right verses. You can really preach the Gospel with them, and I think really probably one of my favourites is that "O Little Town of Bethlehem", especially that last verse.

       O HOLY CHILD OF BETHLEHEM! (--That's Jesus!)
       Descend on us, we pray;
       Cast out our sin, and enter in, (--Get saved.)
       Be born in us today!
       We hear the Christmas angels
       The great glad tidings tell; (--We ought to be telling them too!)
       O come to us, abide with us, Our Lord Emmanuel!

--God with us is what that means, not God way up there somewhere afar off in some nowhere Heaven, but right here in your heart! Hallelujah? Praise God.

       73. WELL I JUST CAN'T SING THEM ALL FOR YOU. You ought to take an old hymn book sometime and just go through them and pick out the ones that get the message. Read the words like you never saw it before, like you never heard it sung before, and try to get the spirit of it like the original writer was inspired by the Spirit, and then I tell you, maybe you can really sing it from your heart. Praise God.

       74. OH HALLELUJAH! HERE'S ONE THAT REALLY, I TELL YOU, I LIKE TO MAKE THE ROCKS SPLIT and the hills bounce up and down on this one. And you can sing this all year round because you don't have to wait till Easter like the church to sing this old song because He is risen in you! Hallelujah?

       Waiting the coming day, Jesus My Lord!
(--Now let's swing it!)
       Up from the grave He arose,
       With a mighty triumph o'er His foes;
       He arose a victor from the dark domain,
       And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
       He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Well, we'll get Him a little further up out of the grave this time, a little higher, and really make it ring, shall we?

       Death cannot keep his prey, (--No!)
       Jesus, my Saviour!
       He tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord! (--Sing it! Rise from the grave you dead ducks!)
       Up from the grave He arose,
       With a mighty triumph o'er His foes;
       He arose a victor from the dark domain,
       And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
       He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

       75. THAT'S THE WAY TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE IT! My God, don't sound like He's still asleep in the grave, make it sound like He's up and coming! Make it sound like you were risen too, make it sound like you're alive! Oh my God, the way they sing some of these hymns in church is just enough to break your heart because the way they don't even know what they're singing and don't even mean it and can't possibly sing it in the Spirit or with expression.

       76. I LOVE THESE OLD SONGS THAT ARE BASED ON SCRIPTURE VERSES, don't you? I mean they pack the double wallop of the inspired inspirational moment of the writer and also the marvellous inspiration of the Word itself. So when you're singing the Word, you're singing the Scripture, you're preaching the Word, let me tell you, you're really getting out something that cannot fail.

       77. "NOT ONE WORD SHALL FALL TO THE GROUND" "it shall not return unto Him void." And there's nothing like these old songs that are based on the Scripture. Here's one, see if you can recognise the verse and where it comes from:

       And on the Earth again shall stand;
       I know Eternal Life He giveth,
       that grace and power are in His hand.
       I know, I know that Jesus liveth,
       And on the Earth again shall stand;
(--Can you sing it with conviction?)
       I know, I know that life He giveth,
       That grace and power are in His hand!

--You can sing it like that if you know it like that because you've got it like that, hallelujah? Amen, praise God, thank You Lord!

       78. WELL HERE'S AN OLD-TIMER THAT HAS BEEN USED AS A FIGHTING SONG FOR QUITE A WHILE now, over a hundred years. And despite its origin and its original adopted use, we can take it today for what it's really worth and having been paraphrased from the Scripture it can mean a whole lot if you can really sing it like you're marching to the battle, amen?

       He is trampling out the vintage
       Where the grapes of wrath are stored;
       He hath loosed His fateful lightning
       Of His terrible swift sword;
       His truth is marching on!
       Glory! glory, hallelujah!
       Glory! glory, hallelujah!
       Glory! glory, hallelujah!
       Our God is marching on!

Hallelujah! That's a real old fighting marching song, amen?

       79. OH MY GOD! HERE'S THE "STAR-SPANGLED BANNER", WHICH IS A FUNERAL DIRGE IF I EVER HEARD ONE. It is about the most horrible song anybody could possibly sing, glorifying war, destruction, death, battle and the horrors of all the God-damned wars that America ever fought and all the people they've slaughtered in the name of God knows what! That "Star-Spangled Banner" is probably going to be sung at the funeral of the United States one of these days when no longer that star-spangled banner will wave over the land of those no longer free in the home of those no longer brave.


       "I pledge my disillusionment in the red, white and blue swastika of the Divided States of America, and in the totalitarian dictatorship for which it now stands. One nation, no longer under God, with slavery and injustice for all."

Whew! Don't repeat that anywhere! God bless you, but that's about the way I feel about it! God help us! Praise God!

       81. YOU READ THE STORY ABOUT THE TWO LITTLE GIRLS IN THE PARK when the atheist challenged somebody in the park to answer all his diatribe against God and the Bible and nobody stood up for Jesus, nobody tried to give any answer.

       82. FINALLY THESE TWO LITTLE GIRLS WALKED UP AND SAID, "MISTER, WE'LL STAND UP FOR JESUS! "And he kind of laughed embarrassed you know and he thought it was kind of funny. He said, "All right little girls, what have you got to say?" He stuck them up on the platform with him and they sang this little song.

       Ye soldiers of the cross;
       Lift high His royal banner,
       It must not suffer loss:
       From victory unto victory
       His army shall He lead,
       Till every foe is vanquished,
       And Christ is Lord indeed!

       83. AND THOSE TWO LITTLE GIRLS SO ENCOURAGED SOME OF THE OTHER COWARDS IN THE CROWD that they finally got up the courage to jump up and start testifying for Jesus too. So "a little child shall lead them" (Isa.11:6) and "out of the mouths of babes and sucklings" (Ps.8:2)--you gotta be a baby! So praise God, you can stand up for Jesus, there's a good old fighting song too. Hallelujah!

       84. WE USED TO SING THIS ON THE WAY TO THE BEACH ON ONE OF OUR MARCHES, we used to sing it, remember that, before anybody else ever had any beach baptisms and all that. We used to march down there with signs and have a march and carry signs and have a beach baptism.--Now they're doing it all over the place out there. And the ones that they criticised for doing it before and deplored and hated us for it, now they're all imitating us.

       With the cross of Jesus going on before!
       Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
(--Mostly the System.)
       Forward into battle, see His banner go!
       Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
       With the cross of Jesus going on before!

You've gotta fight that song! Let me tell you, you've go to sing it like you're fighting and really marching to the battle, you can't just sing them like they do in church, it doesn't mean a thing.

       85. WELL NOW HERE'S A DEAR LITTLE OLD SONG THAT REALLY OUGHT TO TOUCH YOUR HEARTS if you really love the Lord and are really trying to win souls because you can imagine a couple of hundred years ago, the dear old sea captain who wrote this song who was sailing along on the sea and he's thinking about how he has to be guided into the shore by the lighthouse.

       86. BUT HE NOT ONLY GOES BY THE LIGHTHOUSE BUT BY ALL THE LITTLE LIGHTS along the shore that lead him to the lighthouse. And so he wrote this song, that sweet dear old English sea captain way back yonder, a fellow that knew about it must have inspired this for sure.

       87. YOU'D BE AMAZED AT HOW MUCH OF OUR CHRISTIAN CULTURE and many of these old hymns have come from courageous old English fighters and soldiers of the cross. God bless our good old Christian English heritage where they really stood up for Jesus in those days. Well, here it is.

       88. I LOVE TO SING THIS WHEN I'M OUT BY THE SHORE and I often get inspired to sing at night when we stand out by the shore and we see the lights along the shore and it just thrills my heart to realise that we're like those little twinkling lights: They may be small, you may not be able to see them too good, but if they weren't there you wouldn't even know where the shore and the rocks and all were to warn you, and they lead you to that big lighthouse that guides you safe into the harbour, which of course means Jesus, amen?

       From His lighthouse evermore, (--That's Jesus!)
       But to us He gives the keeping
       Of the lights along the shore. (--We're the little lights that lead them to Jesus, amen?
       "Ye are the light of the world!"
       Let the lower lights be burning!
       Send a gleam across the wave! (--The tormentous waves of the confusion of this old world.)
       Some poor, fainting, struggling seaman (--Those souls looking to you for help and light.)
       You can rescue, you can save.

Hallelujah? Because:

       Spread the tidings all around:
       Jesus saves! Jesus saves!
       Bear the news to every land,
       Climb the steeps and cross the waves;
       Onward! 'Tis our Lord's command;
       Jesus saves! Jesus saves!

       89. AH, THAT'S A HALLELUJAH HYMN THAT REALLY GETS THEM UNDER CONVICTION if you really sock it to 'em with that one, some of these church people. Man I used to love to rub that one in, let me tell you, and really rub in every verse. If you'll read 'em you'll see what it means. You've got to be a witness, praise God? Thank You Lord, Hallelujah! I'll tell you, you don't hear them sing some of these old songs much anymore do you, because they don't want to do this anymore.

       Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave;
(--Another one over a hundred years old!)
       Weep o'er the erring one, lift up the fallen,
       Tell them of Jesus the mighty to save.
       Rescue the perishing, care for the dying,
       Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save!

What a message for the folks who ought to be doing it, amen? Just like:

       There is a brother whom someone should save;
       Somebody's brother! Oh, who then will dare
       To throw out the lifeline, his peril to share!
       Throw out lifeline! Throw out the lifeline!
       Someone is drifting away;
       Throw out the lifeline! Throw out the lifeline!
       Someone is sinking today.

       90. AND THEY'LL BE SUNK IF YOU DON'T GET TO 'EM FIRST with the good old love of Jesus of the Children of God, amen? Hallelujah! There is a way. There is another life, we've got the sample to prove it! Praise God, Hallelujah!

       My home is far away, upon a golden strand; (--Space City!)
       Ambassador to be of realms beyond the sea,
       I'm here on business for my King!
       This is the message that I bring;
       A message angels fain would sing;
(--But they can't because only the redeemed know how to sing that song!)
       `Oh, be ye reconciled,'
       Thus saith my Lord and king,
       `Oh be ye reconciled to God.'

--Therefore you gotta:

       Out in the desert dark and drear,
       Calling the sheep who've gone astray,
       Far from the shepherd's fold away.
       Bring them in (in love),
       Bring them in (with sweetness),
       Bring them in from the fields of sin;
       Bring them in (with your sample),
       Bring them in (with your light),
       Bring the wandering one to Jesus.

Hallelujah, praise God! Amen, amen!

       91. OH MY, IF THE CHURCH WOULD JUST DO WHAT IT SINGS, if it would only mean what it sings, if it only had what it sings about! My God they would have turned this world inside-out upside-down and round-about for Jesus a long time ago, Amen?

       92. THEY'D HAVE HAD A REVOLUTION IF THEY'D JUST GO BY EVEN WHAT IT SAYS IN THE SONGBOOK, they'd a had a revolution a long time ago. Even if they wouldn't read the Bible. But they don't even pay attention to what they're singing. They get up there "la, la, la, la, la," go through the motions.

       93. THEY USED TO MAKE ME SO MAD I WOULD ABSOLUTELY EXPLODE IN THE PULPIT of some of those churches. I'd say, "My God, you people don't even know what you're singing about! You don't even act like you mean what you're singing!" I'd tell them, oh wow, this would burn them up.

       94. I'D SAY, "YOU KNOW WHAT? GOD'S NAME IS TAKEN IN VAIN BY MORE CHRISTIANS ON SUNDAY MORNING in church than by the whole world all week long because they sing and pray and talk about God and don't mean it!"

       95. I'D SAY, "NOW LISTEN, YOU SING THAT SONG NEXT TIME. If you can't sing it with conviction, if you can't sing it like you mean it, if you can't sing it like you've got it and you really want to do what it says, then for God's sake don't sing it!--Shut up!

       96. "NOW, NEXT VERSE, EVERYBODY THAT CAN SING IT AND REALLY MEAN IT FROM THE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART, SING IT, and the rest of you..."--I hate to tell you what I'd liked to have called them!--"...shut up and don't sing at all!" You'd be surprised, some people would get mad and wouldn't sing, but praise God, the few that did sing would wow, whew, they'd really wake 'em up and we'd wake up the dead. And boy that's what you've got to do in those God-damned churches, praise God! hallelujah!

       97. AMEN, I GOT TIRED OF TRYING TO WAKE UP THE DEAD. I found out you can hardly do it, so I'm going out to the living, praise God, the young people who are alive and want to live for Jesus, hallelujah? "Leave Ichabod alone, leave Ephraim alone, he's joined to his idols, Ichabod, the glory hath departed."

       98. WELL HERE'S A SWEET LITTLE SONG ABOUT OBEYING the Lord and if you really mean it with all your heart it's a sweet song.

       I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord,
       O'er mountain or plain or sea;
       I'll say what You want me to say, dear Lord,
       I'll be what You want me to be.
(Side Two:)

       See the foe is nigh, (--The System.)
       Raise the standard high, for the Lord.
       Gird your armour on, stand firm everyone,
       Rest your cause upon His Holy Word. (--Amen?)
       Rouse then soldiers, rally round the banner,
       Ready, steady, pass the word along.
       Onward, forward, shout aloud Hosanna,
       Christ is Captain of our mighty throng!

Hallelujah? You've got some good old-timers here that you can really fight, fighting man's songs, praise God! Thank You Jesus! Well here's a pretty good one:

       To tell to all the world that God is Light;
       That He who made all nations is not willing
       One soul should perish, lost in shades of night.
       Publish glad tidings, tidings of peace,
       Tidings of Jesus, redemption and release.

Hallelujah? Praise God!

       99. HE SAID THAT "GREAT IS THE COMPANY OF THEM THAT PUBLISHED IT!"(Ps 68:11) Gonna publish it and we're publishing it, praise the Lord? Praise God, hallelujah! Amen, amen. "Beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth glad tidings, that publisheth peace, that sayeth unto Zion, thy God reigneth!" (Isa.52:7) Hallelujah?

       Sowing in the noontide and the dewy eve;
       Waiting for the harvest, and the time of reaping,
       We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves!
       Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves;
       We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves;
       Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
       We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

       100. HALLELUJAH, IF THEY ONLY WOULD, HUH? THEN THEY'D HAVE SOMETHING TO REJOICE ABOUT! But they sit down there on their God-damn fannies and don't do a God-damn thing about it. May the Lord have mercy on their, I'm afraid, God-damned souls, because it doesn't seem to me[DELETED]how could they be saved?

       101. HOW COULD THEY BE A CHRISTIAN AND NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE REST OF THE WORLD? As far as they're concerned they can all go to hell, and they're probably going to wind up there with 'em. Oh, here's an old beauty:

       Send the light! Send the light!
       There are souls to rescue, there are souls to save,
       Send the light! Send the light!
       Send the light! The blessed Gospel light!
       Let it shine from shore to shore!
       Send the light! The blessed Gospel light;
       Let it shine forever more, forever MO'!

       102. HALLELUJAH? I USED TO LOVE TO SING DOUBLE BASE. When I was in worldly dramatics and sang in light opera, what they call musicals today, I was always the villain because I had such a deep voice. But I enjoyed it, the villain gets to scare all the pretty little girls and do everything that the good people can't do, all the Systemites wouldn't dare do, and I guess I still enjoy it! Hallelujah!--Ha, ha, ha!--Whoo-hoo! Hallelujah, thank You Jesus! Well, I've got a double-base voice, and some people think I've got a double-base soul and a double-base mind, but praise God, we've got the soundest base in the world and that's Jesus, praise the Lord. Hallelujah!

       Does His successive journeys run;
(--If you'll keep busy for the Lord.)
       His Kingdom spreads from shore to shore,
       Till moons shall wax and wane no more.

Hallelujah, praise God, thank You Jesus. If You'll keep busy for the Lord, amen, amen, Jesus shall reign if you'll send the light, praise God!

       103. YOU WANT TO BE A WORLD TRAVELLER? Well I don't know the tune to this one very well but I'll read you the verse, how about that?

       From Greenland's icy mountains,
       From India's coral strand,
       Where Africa's sunny fountains
       Roll down their golden sand,
       From many an ancient river,
       From many a palmy plain, (--You want to travel?)
       They call us to deliver
       Their land from error's chain.

Hallelujah? If you're willing to be a fighter and a warrior for Jesus and delivering their people from the Devil, then God will let you travel, amen? Praise God! Be a world traveller for Jesus! Hallelujah, thank You Jesus!

       104. WELL, I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT THIS ONE ALWAYS KIND OF USED TO THRILL ME because I was a young dreamer like most young people, dreaming of changing the world, and dreaming of doing what I was supposed to do and doing something to turn the world upside-down or right-side-up for the Lord, and this kind of used to thrill me, this challenge, it comes from the Bible again:

       Yes, the sturdy dreamers answered,
       To the death we follow Thee!
       Lord we are able, our spirits are Thine,
       Remold them, make us, like Thee, divine:
       Thy guiding radiance above us shall be
       A beacon to God, to faith and loyalty!

       105. WELL I MAY NOT HAVE GOT THAT TUNE JUST RIGHT but you know if you can't do anything else or carry a tune just make a joyful noise. But that's a good old song that just kind of thrills my soul. Those dear guys didn't know what they were asking for when they said, "Lord we are able!"

       106. YOU KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE JOIN THE CHURCH. They walk down the aisle and they volunteer for service, and you know of all the people that walk down the aisle and volunteer for service and say they're going to go away to Bible college and they're going to train to be a missionary, you know what the overall statistics for the whole church is?

       107. ONLY TWO-PERCENT OF THE BIBLE COLLEGE GRADUATES EVER REACH THE FIELD. Two-percent of even those that get as far as Bible College ever reach any kind of fulltime Christian service. My God, we've got them beat at that, huh? Just about 100% of us, in fact all of us!

       108. WE'RE ALL 100% ALL OF US IN THE SERVICE, Amen? You can't join us without starting to serve right off the bat, praise God! Hallelujah? Amen, thank You Jesus. And let me tell you, this song has got a lot of truth in it for you and you better believe it and you better sing it and mean it when you sing it.

       In the light of His Word
       What a glory He sheds on our way!
       While we do His good will,
       He abides with us still,
       And with all who will trust and obey.

You see you could just sing it and they don't hear it, but sometimes you've got to yell it out and make them get the point!

       Trust and obey, for there's no other way
       To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

       109. AND NEARLY EVERY CHURCH THAT SINGS THAT ON SUNDAY MORNING IS NOT DOING IT. They have decided there's some other way, you don't have to trust and obey.--You don't have to really believe that the Bible means it to forsake all and follow Jesus and to leave everything and give up your life for the Lord and to live fulltime for the Lord, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness!" (Mt. 6:33) They don't really believe it!

       110. THEY DON'T TRUST, SO THEREFORE, OF COURSE THEY DON'T OBEY, they have found another way. And of course their other way is not getting souls saved, it's not winning the youth and in fact, I'm not so sure it's even going to get them to Heaven!--May God have mercy!

       Trust and obey, for there's no other way
       To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey!

       111. WELL THIS DEAR OLD HYMN REALLY PACKS A MESSAGE. Ought to convict the church but it doesn't seem to, but it always did me every time I sang it, I thought, "My Lord, what can I do? You've done so much for me, what can I do for You?" Well, I can tell you what you can do for Jesus, you can feed His sheep, you can love His little ones, you can save the lost, praise God? That's what He wants you to do. Here's a song like Jesus is talking:

       My precious blood I shed,
       That thou might'st ransomed be,
       And quickened from the dead;
       I gave, I gave My life for thee,
       What hast thou given for Me?
       I gave, I gave My life for thee,
       What hast thou given for Me?

       112. AND AS FAR AS MOST OF THE CHURCH IS CONCERNED, NOT A DAMN THING except a little hour's attendance on Sunday morning and a dollar in the offering plate and they think that's some kind of thanks for what Jesus did? No! Let me tell you, it's pitiful.

       113. HOW THEY CAN SING THOSE SONGS WITHOUT GETTING UNDER CONVICTION, I DON'T KNOW. Well let me tell you, there's some good songs here to give you some spiritual conviction and you might sing this to some of those old church people that come around and really get them under conviction maybe.

       And for faith to increase,
       And have earnestly, fervently prayed;
       But you cannot have rest or be perfectly blest
       Until all on the altar is laid.

       114. FORSAKING ALL THERE, THEY SING IT AND THEY DON'T DO IT! My God, what is the matter with them anyhow? What the hell is wrong with them? "Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?"--"Yes, I gave my Five Dollars this morning and I came to church for an hour or two and I've put my all on the altar. Now I'm going to go back and work six days for mammon and the Devil and give all my strength and time to my family and my home and my car and my TV set and I'll see you next Sunday morning, God." How the hell can they even sing these songs I don't know!

       Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?
       Your heart does the Spirit control?
       You can only be blest and have peace and sweet rest,
       As you yield Him your body and soul.

       115. WELL THEY COME AND THEY GIVE THEIR SOUL TO JESUS AND THEY GO OUT AND USE THEIR BODY LIKE HELL, right? They come and claim to be a Christian on Sunday and live for the Devil all the rest of the week, my God! My Lord, they ought to get under conviction when they sing this one:

(--There's your forsake all right there and they don't even listen!)
       Sin had left a crimson stain,
       He washed it white as snow.

       116. MY, WHEN JESUS DID ALL THAT FOR YOU, OF COURSE WE OWN HIM EVERYTHING. Of course we should forsake all and follow Him, amen? Of course we ought to try to win as many as we can. But they sing it and don't do it, isn't that pitiful? "And your voice unto them is as a sweet song," what does that verse say, "as the singing of one." (Ezek.33:32) And they go out and forget all about it, my God help us! Here's another forsake-all song:

       All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
       I surrender all.

       117. I TELL YOU, THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE STANDING IN CHURCH ON SUNDAY MORNING LYING from one end of a hymn to the other. Some of these hymns make absolute lairs out of people because they haven't even begun to surrender, not even part much less all, isn't that horrible?

       118. (MARIA: I ALWAYS FELT SO GUILTY.) Why, you felt guilty because you knew you weren't surrendering all and of course you felt guilty, I felt guilty, my God! But what you ought to do is:

       How happy then my life shall be!
       I'll live for Him who died for me,
       My Saviour and My God!

       119. THEN THEY WALK RIGHT OUT OF THE CHURCH AND GO RIGHT BACK TO LIVING FOR THEMSELVES and the Devil all week long. My God, how the hell can they call going to church on Sunday living for Him. Isn't that horrible? I mean you just can't believe it! You look at those churches and those church people and you just can't believe it. To think they could sing songs like this in church and walk right out and do just the opposite, my God!

       120. THEN THEY SING, "WHERE HE LEADS ME I WILL FOLLOW", AND THEY GO THE OTHER DIRECTION. "Where He leads me I will follow"--and they go their own way. "Where He leads me I will follow"--and they do as they please. "I'll go with Him, with Him only part way!"--That's the way they do, that's what they really should be singing.

       121. WHAT THEY OUGHT TO SING AND TO BE HONEST IS: "WHERE HE LEADS ME I WON'T FOLLOW. Where He leads me I won't follow"--because that's what they do, then they could be honest. I used to tell them that right from the pulpit. I said now the rest of you guys ought to be singing it like this, "I'll go with Him, with him just a little way!"--As far as the church building on Sunday morning.

       122. BUT YOU SEE IF YOU COULD REALLY SING THIS FROM YOUR HEART IN THE SPIRIT AND MEAN IT, wow, what a song! "I'll go with Him through the garden, I'll go with Him through the judgement, He'll give me grace and glory!"--What a song, beautiful, if you really can sing it in the Spirit and mean it! But my God, don't stand there and be a God-damned liar, which most church people are doing every damn church service!

       123. I BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART THAT THE CHURCHES HAVE SENT MORE PEOPLE TO HELL than anything else in this world because of their God-damned counterfeit and their God-damned hypocrisy. I can't even make a song tape without God-damning the God-damned churchy System!

       124. I'M SORRY THEY MADE A TRAVESTY AND A LIE OUT OF EVERY ONE OF THESE HYMNS. But the world hears them sing these hymns and then they see how they live like hell all week long, and they think, "What the hell is going on here anyhow?" My God, help us not to be like them, amen?

       Of this life's wild, restless sea;
       Day by day His sweet voice soundeth,
       Saying  `Christian, follow Me!'

But He can call all day long, "All day long I have called and all day long I have stretched out My hand unto thee and thou hast not hearkened." Amen?

       125. HE CALLS THEM ALL THE TIME AND THEY ADMIT IT, BUT THEY'RE NOT DOING IT, "Saying Christian follow Me, love Me more, love Me more than these," but they don't do it. May God have mercy! But if you can sing that in the Spirit--but you've got to have your eyes open by the Spirit to do it, Amen?

       126. "OPEN MINE EYES THAT I MAY SEE"--that's the first requirement. Boy I'll tell you, when I began to have my eyes opened to what the Bible really said and the difference between that and what the preachers in the churches were saying and the way the Christians were living, I had a shock!

       Glimpses of truth Thou hast for me;
       Place in my hands the wonderful key (--Oh hallelujah, the truth, we finally got the key!)
       That shall unclasp and set me free:
       Silently now I wait for Thee,
       Ready, my God, Thy will to see; (--That's the attitude that gets results if you really mean it.)
       Open mine eyes, illumine me, Spirit Divine!
       Then you can really sing from your heart:

       For Thee all the follies of sin I resign;
(--There's forsaking all again!)
       My gracious Redeemer, my Saviour art Thou;
       If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.

Hallelujah! If you can sing that with all your heart and really mean it, you really got something. Well praise God, and of course there's "That Old Fountain Filled with Blood", hallelujah, that we sing and sing for communion and is a good one. Don't forget that one.

       127. WE COULD SING SO MANY, that one's familiar I don't have to sing it again for you, and "At the Cross", that's a good old-timer that really packs a wallop if you can sing it with all your heart and sing it in the Spirit like you ought to. And "Down at the Cross", "Glory to His Name".

       128. I'LL NEVER FORGET DEAR LITTLE OL' AARON STANDING ON THE STREET CORNER WITH HIS LITTLE UKELELE, six years old singing, "At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light and the burden of my heart rolled away."--They probably thought, "How can he ever sing about anything like that, he's not even old enough to be a sinner." But I remember him testifying on one campus, he said,

       129. "I WAS A DIRTY FILTHY STINKING SINNER UNTIL THE AGE OF FIVE when I found Jesus!"--Ha, ha! Oh hallelujah! "It was there by faith I received my sight and now I am happy all the day!" Praise God, he used to sing a whole medley of little songs, you'll have to get the kids to sing them for you sometime. Now it seems like they're all going around the world now, I don't know if they'll ever be all back together again till we see Jesus, Hallelujah? (Tongues and Prophecy:)

       130. "OH WHAT A DAY THAT SHALL BE WHEN THOU SHALT JOIN WITH ME IN MY KINGDOM to reign with Me for evermore. Thou shalt have such joy that thou hast never known and thou shall see such glories that thou hast never seen, and thou shalt know that it has been worth it all, all that thou hast suffered and all that thou shalt yet go through." Oh hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus, praise God. Thank You Jesus, Thank You Lord, Hallelujah!

       What a day of rejoicing that will be!
       When we all see Jesus,
       We'll sing and shout the victory!

Hallelujah! There's another good old-timer, praise God, and I'll tell you that'll be a good one.

       131. WE'VE GOT A LITTLE SAMPLE OF THAT RIGHT NOW! We've got a little Heaven on Earth in our Colonies, every one of them's just like a little bit of Heaven. We've got the same love, the same fellowship, the same sweetness in spirit and joy and blessing, and the only trouble is we've still got these old damn vile fleshly bodies to drag around that give us a lot of trouble, but praise God, we're getting the victory all the time, Amen? You have to keep fighting in order to get the victory.

       132. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE VICTORY IF YOU DON'T HAVE A FIGHT? So of course you have to keep fighting all the time. People keep writing me and want to know how they can get the victory. Well, how do you get the victory? You just keep fighting. "Oh yes, but I want to win the victory so I won't have to fight anymore." That's what everybody wants to do. But the only way to get the victory is you just have to keep fighting, Amen? Gotta keep fighting, praise God. All right, hallelujah.


       When we all get together
       What a day of rejoicing that will be!
       When we see each other,
       We'll sing and shout the victory!

Hallelujah, because us getting together--oh, that's right--"We'll sing and dance and shout the victory!" is the way we sang it. Because I tell you, we've got Heaven on Earth in our Colonies, We've already got a little taste of Heaven, a little bit of Heaven on Earth, thank You Jesus, praise You Lord.

       134. WELL THERE'S SO MANY I JUST HAVE TO HIT HIGH SPOTS because there's just too many to really give you all the good ones, but if you can sing some of these real old-timers really in the Spirit you can really sing them with meaning and they can really carry a message, Amen?

       135. MARIA AND I EVEN FOUND THAT THE DEAR OLD BEST-LOVED OF ALL HYMNS, "IN THE GARDEN" HAS A REAL WITNESSING MESSAGE. In case you never heard this verse we're going to sing it for you:

       I'd stay in the garden with Thee
       But the night around me is falling,
       And He bids me go, through the voice of woe,
       His voice to me is calling. (--What a message!)
       And He walks with me and He talks with me
       And He tells me I am His own,
(--Only if you'll go though!)
       And the joy we share, as we tarry there,
       None other has ever known.

Hallelujah, see, even "In the Garden" preaches the message of witnessing and winning the world to Jesus, praise God?

       136. THEY JUST DON'T EMPHASISE THESE THINGS IN CHURCH BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT DOING IT. They don't even know anything about doing it, it never even occurred to them to do it, isn't that pitiful? So how could they even remind you about it, talk about it, or emphasise it or call your attention to it or try to tell you to do it, they can't. They can't that's why they get so mad at us 'cause we expose them that they're not doing it and never will either, sad to say.

       137. BUT PRAISE GOD, HE'S CALLED HIMSELF OUT A PEOPLE, thank the Lord? He's made Himself a people that were no people and He's going to win the world with those that were the scum of the Earth, hallelujah? Hi, scum, God bless you! I love you! God bless you! We're the off-scouring of the Earth, that's Scriptural, Paul said so! (1Cor.4:13) Praise God! Thank You Lord!

       138. WELL THERE ARE A LOT OF GOOD OLD-TIMERS, "Glory to His Name", "Near the Cross", "I'm Thine O, Lord", "My Redeemer", "I'll Sing the Wonderous Story"--happy songs, joyful songs--"Nothing but the Blood" and "What a Wonderful Saviour", "Redeemed". And here's that old all time favourite, "There's Power in the Blood"! You know that one, I don't have to sing it for you, if you can sing it with power, praise God! But you've got to sing it with the Spirit!

       139. YOU'VE GOT TO SING IT IN THE SPIRIT OR IT DOESN'T MEAN A THING: It's just an absolute abomination, it's a sacrilege, and it's sickening to God if you don't sing it with all your heart. "Whatsoever you do in word or in deed do all to the glory of God."(Col. 3:17) "Whatsoever you do, do it with your might! (Ecc.9:10) Praise God? So for God's sake, do it that way, praise the Lord. Oh, here's one of the all-time favourites:

       Than Jesus' blood and righteousness; (Not my own.)
       I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
(--I don't care what she looks like!)
       But wholly lean on Jesus' name.
       On Christ the solid Rock, I stand;
       All other ground is sinking sand,
       All other ground is sinking stand.

Hallelujah, and it's got a lot of other good verses to it. And "I know Whom I Have Believed", that's a great one:

       And am persuaded that He is able
       To keep that which I've committed
       Unto Him against that day!

Hallelujah, there's another one built on a verse of Scripture, you know where it's found? Hallelujah, God bless you. And "He Hideth My Soul":

       That shadows a dry, thirsty land;
       He hideth my life in the depths of His love,
       And covers me there with His hand
       And covers me there with His hand.

       Providing you are:
       Standing, standing,
       Standing on the promises of God my Saviour;
       Standing, standing,
       I'm standing on the Promises of God!

       140. SO THERE'S SOME OLD GOLDIES FOR YOU. They may not be like yours but they're good old-timers, so give them a try. God bless you, I do love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family