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"JIMMY CARTER"--America's last chance?--MO       June 12, 1976       GP No.520
(From an informal talk)

(C) Copyrighted June 1976 by The Children of God

       1. GOD HAS GIVEN AMERICA THE WARNING! We gave her the warning, many prophets have given her the warning. God's been giving her the warning through many of our own prophets for years, like Nineveh, "Repent or be destroyed!" But America has not repented.

       2. IF ANYTHING, AMERICA'S HARDENED HER HEART EVEN WORSE. Our people who are still in America say that the attitude there is worse than ever, harder than ever. The people are harder, and hate us even more. But you know what God is allowing to happen?

       3. THERE IS A MAN NAMED JIMMY CARTER who is going to be the Democratic candidate for President as far as we know, unless they make some last minute switch. But that would prove the same thing, that not even his party would want him because he's too Christian.

       4. JIMMY CARTER PROFESSES THAT HE HAS BEEN BORN AGAIN, had a supernatural Christian experience of spiritual rebirth, and that he subsequently even had a more supernatural experience of being empowered by the Holy Spirit of God to be a more faithful Christian and witness to God, under his sister who is a faith healer and Pentecostal preacher.

       5. HERE IS A MAN COMING OUT FOR PRESIDENT of the United States who is an outstanding Christian and clearcut in his testimony: "I am a Godly man, I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Messiah, vote for me!"

       6. HE'S AS GOOD AS SAYING, "A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE FOR GOD. A vote for me is a vote for Jesus." Not that he is God, but that that vote shows you're for the Lord.

       7. THE ANTI-CHRIST MINORITY IS RISING UP IN ARMS AGAINST HIM and saying, "We cannot have this man to rule over us, he's going to be prejudiced against us." They are such a small minority but they are so vocal and so influential and so rich and so powerful. Actually they don't constitute more than about three percent of the population of the world and yet they run it!

       8. THEY'RE GOING TO BE THE FIRST TO RECEIVE THE ANTICHRIST and hail him as the saviour, as their messiah. They killed their true Messiah, but the coming false phoney fake messiah they're going to hail as the messiah and saviour of the world.

       9. WE TOLD AMERICA YEARS AGO, IF YOU VOTE FOR NIXON YOU ARE VOTING FOR A CROOK, a criminal, a liar, a deceiver, a cheater, a member of the Mafia. But they wouldn't believe us. We had people who cursed us, hated us and would like to have killed us because we came out full blast against Nixon and we told the truth about him before anybody else did because God knew the truth before the people .

       10. THEY FINALLY EXPOSED HIM. He practically exposed himself, he's such a liar. When I watched him get on television and say, "There will be no whitewash at the White House", he was lying, He was whitewashing the whole affair all the time trying to cover up. Whitewash means trying to cover it up.

       11. HE'S THE FIRST AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO HAS EVER BEEN FORCED TO RESIGN. But he's also the first American President who was able to appoint his own successor. Can you imagine such a thing? They kicked the criminal out but they let him appoint the guy who's going to run the country after him! America is like a madhouse run by its own inmates! Now they're going to have to choose.

       12. WHEN PILATE GAVE THE PEOPLE A CHANCE TO CHOOSE somebody to release, hoping they would choose Christ, who did they choose? "Barabbas! Barabbas! Give us Barabbas!" Right? Who was Barabbas?

       13. HE WAS THE LEADING CRIMINAL, MURDERER AND THIEF OF THE DAY, the most wanted man in Israel and he was in jail. He was a leader of the Zealots, the revolutionaries, the anti-government forces, and as far as the government was concerned he was a crook, a criminal, a murderer and a thief, a robber. So who did the people choose when they had a choice between Barabbas and Jesus?

       14. THEY CHOSE THE ROBBER, THE MURDERER, THE CRIMINAL, JUST LIKE AMERICA CHOSE NIXON. In spite of all the warnings we gave them they chose Nixon. We gave them the warnings by the millions. Well, since he's been exposed and deposed we have received many letters from people saying they were very sorry they criticised us for warning them about Nixon, now they realise we were right.

       15. FIRST GOD GAVE THEM A CHANCE TO CHOOSE THE WRONG MAN, AND THEY CHOSE HIM. Now they're going to be given a chance to choose a real born-again, Spirit-filled, genuine, openly-confessing Christian, Jimmy Carter. How merciful is the Lord, how patient is God.

       16. GOD IS GOING TO MAKE AMERICA COMMIT HERSELF COMPLETELY as either being on His side or the Devil's side. They've already had one vote and they voted for the Devil, Nixon. Now God's giving America a chance to vote for the Lord in Carter. What do you think they're going to do?

       17. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT CALIFORNIA'S PROBABLY GOING TO DO. Do you remember Ronald Reagan the governor of California? One of our bitterest enemies who let a kidnapper criminal harass us no end, that black devil Black Lightning, who's now, thank God, going to Jail for his crimes against us in two States, first California and then Colorado.

       18. WE COULD HAVE PUT HIM IN JAIL IN NEW YORK if we had pressed the case, but we got sick and fed up with the whole country. How can you win against a bunch of New York officials who are being paid to fight us by some of the richest families in New York? So we just got out of the country and dropped it, let them go to hell as far as we're concerned. We're not going to fiddle around with it any longer.

       19. RONALD REAGAN, GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, WAS ONE OF OUR BITTEREST ENEMIES. Do you know who just won the primary for the Republicans in California?--Ronald Reagan, by a vote of almost four to one!--As anti-Christ a man as I know of, an ultra-radical conservative whom most people even in the States are afraid of.

       20. HE'S GOING TO LEAD AMERICA INTO ANOTHER WAR IF HE'S MADE PRESIDENT, he's as good as promised to. His doctrine is if the Arabs won't sell us the oil we'll go take the Arabs and take it, and I'm sure the Jews will be on his side if he does. But if they do, it's going to be America's last war!

       21. I BELIEVE IT'S THE WAR IN WHICH SHE'S GOING TO BE DESTROYED as described in the Bible--And if you don't believe it read Revelation 17 and 18 or read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and a few others. Both Israel and America are going to be destroyed according to the Bible because they are both anti-Christ.

       22. SO AMERICA IS BEING DRIVEN NOW TO A CHOICE. She was given a chance to vote for the Devil and she did. Now she's going to be given a chance to vote for the Lord, and from what I know of America I'd say poor Jimmy Carter doesn't have too much chance to get in. If he does I'd say it is certainly the mercy of God.

       23. GOD'S GIVING AMERICA ONE LAST CHANCE, IF THEY VOTE FOR JIMMY CARTER. If they vote for either Ford or Ronald Reagan, both of them Nixon's Mafia men, they're giving another vote to the Devil, especially Reagan. He hired a Satanist to work against us, a guy who believes in voodoo and demonology, this so-called Black Lightning is a Black devil! And God's going to judge him.

       24. YOU KNOW HOW GOD'S GOING TO JUDGE THE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA? Well I believe the hole State's going to sink in the ocean, maybe when those atom bombs hit! Who knows what will cause it? But that's what we believe about America and why we're no longer in America!

       25. THE ANTI-CHRIST MINORITY IS RAISING UP A CAMPAIGN AGAINST CARTER, a "Stop Carter" campaign. They don't want a guy who's that religious running the country. What they really mean is, "We don't want a guy who's that Christian running the country", because if he does then the anti-Christ minority won't be able to control it anymore, if they have a good Christian president.

       26. BUT IF AMERICA VOTES FOR A GOOD CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT I WOULD SAY SHE HAS REPENTED and is sorry for her sins and is asking God for another chance. And I don't doubt He'll give it to her, if she votes for Carter. But if she does, I'm sorry to say I'll really be surprised, knowing the Americans as I do. But it's possible.

       27. MAYBE AFTER ALL THE WARNINGS THEY'VE HEARD FROM US THEY'RE BEGINNING TO REPENT. They found out we were right about Nixon, now maybe they'll believe what we've had to say. But I just thank God we don't have to worry about it anymore.

       28. IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS, I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF AMERICA VOTES AGAINST JIMMY CARTER on the religious issue, as a vote against Jimmy being a vote against Christ. What a perfect proof to the world that America really is anti-Christ! And what a perfect time then for God to judge America and the whole world to know why!

       29. I HAVE AN IDEA THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. I could be wrong. As I say, if it doesn't happen that way then it's the unexpected mercy of God and I will be surprised. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! Thank the Lord! Vote for Christ!

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