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"THE BRITISH IN UGANDA and STRATEGY IN LEBANON"--MO       14-7-76       GP No.523

Copyright © July 1976 by The Children of God

       1. ALL THE BRITISH PAPERS PRAISE ISRAEL AND PRAISE THE ISRAELI RAID ON UGANDA and nobody laments over all the Ugandan people who were killed! Now the British are complaining, after it's all over, that Amin is retaliating against the British citizens in Uganda.--Well, what else would they expect?

       2. IF YOU COME WITH A GUN AND ROB ME I'M GOING TO COMPLAIN, and if I have some way to get back at you, normally, some way to hurt you in return, I'm going to try to hurt you.--Now I'm talking about normal human beings in the world.

       3. WELL THERE ARE SOME FIVE OR SIX THOUSAND BRITONS STILL LIVING IN UGANDA, as she was a British Colony. So the British may find out by their solid hundred-percent backing of Israel and the Israeli raid that they're going to lose more than they think they gained by saving those hundred Jews! 5,000 Britons could lose their happy homes, if not their lives! So people like the Israelis who use force and arms and killing to supposedly solve problems only create much greater problems and cause more people to be killed.

       4. MORE PEOPLE WERE KILLED IN THE RAID THAN THEY SAVED!--But of course, "Those people were nothing but [DELETED] terrorists, so they don't count! Just our hundred Jews count!"--That's the way they look at it, just like they don't see it from the Palestinian standpoint either.

       5. "OH, IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT THERE ARE TWO MILLION PALESTINIANS LIVING IN CARDBOARD AND TIN-CAN SHACKS in refugee camps virtually off of garbage," many of whom had fine homes and farms and lands in Palestine. It doesn't matter, obviously, to those Jews, a great many of them very smart American Jews, or to the United States. It doesn't matter that two million poor Palestinians are kicked out of their own homes and their own country and have nothing and nowhere to go and nowhere to live and nothing to eat, as long as the [EDITED: "Israelis"] get what they want!

       6. AND IF THE PALESTINIANS TRY TO RETALIATE, "OH, THEY'RE TERRORISTS!"--If the Palestinians try to strike back!--Let's say I'm a gunman and I rob you. You scream and holler because I robbed you, of course. You take your fist and you sock me back because I robbed you. But then I the real robber scream and holler to the whole world: "He hit me, he hit me, he hit me! I want your sympathy! This guy's a terrorist! All I was doing was robbing him at the point of a gun and he hit me back! It isn't fair!"

       7. BUT THAT'S THE NEWS: AMIN IS HITTING BACK! He kicked out both of the British envoys, the Queen's representatives, and he's putting the pressure on the British citizens. Several of them have disappeared, and considering the way he looks at things, you can hardly blame him.

       8. TO HIM AND THE PALESTINIANS IT LOOKS LIKE ISRAEL IS THE REAL CRIMINAL and the robber, because the Jews have stolen a whole country and thrown out two million of its owners! But now if a few of those Palestinians steal a plane, one little airplane and only one hundred Jews, "Oh, the Palestinians are the big criminals!--They're TERRORISTS!"

       9. THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN HELPED THE JEWS STEAL A WHOLE COUNTRY and thousands of Palestinian homes and made millions of Palestinian people homeless and hungry, but of course the [EDITED: "Israelis"] couldn't be criminals! They're not criminals.--That's legitimate for whole countries to do things like that. It's perfectly all right for whole countries to carry on wars and murder millions of people, that's all right.

       10. BUT LET ANYBODY WHO'S BEEN ROBBED BY ANOTHER NATION COMPLAIN A LITTLE BIT AND RETALIATE a little bit and throw a few bombs, then the victims are the criminals, they're the terrorists! "How dare they object to our robbing them!"--You get the point?

       11. "HOW DARE THEY SCREAM AND HOLLER AND COMPLAIN BECAUSE I ROBBED THEM? They ought to be good little boys and take it nicely like they should! Of course I'm supposed to rob them! They don't deserve it!"--they're only Palestinians, they're only Arabs. Only we [EDITED: "Israelis"] deserve it!"--Isn't that something?

       12. HOW UNFAIRLY THE WORLD LOOKS AT THINGS, but they don't even see that. "There are none so blind as those that will not see!" They don't want to see it. So now [EDITED: "they"] are screaming and hollering on BBC because Amin is hitting back.

       13. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELI COMMANDOS"] MURDERED SCORES OF UGANDANS, and yet just because he's kicking out the British diplomats and putting some pressure on the British citizens, they're screaming! So there's not much justice in this world. Justice in man's world is usually on the side of the fellow who has the most guns!

       14. BUT WAIT!--GOD ALWAYS EVENS UP THE SCORE in the long run, and what they sow they are going to reap! Remember what I told you about Allende? The rightist forces of reaction thought that was one of their greatest victories against the communists. But that is probably going to turn out to be one of communism's greatest victories and one of reaction's greatest defeats, because it showed the Third World they couldn't win by the ballot, only by the bullet!

       15. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] THINK THEIRS WAS A GREAT VICTORY, too. The whole world is applauding them for their raid on Uganda to rescue their planeload of Jews. They're celebrating a great victory, although it cost the lives of scores of black Ugandans!

       16. BUT IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO RESULT IN ONE OF THEIR GREATEST DEFEATS because it's going to bring retaliation and reaction! You can hurt five or six thousand Britons in Uganda a lot more than one hundred Jews on that plane!

* * *

       17. OVER IN LEBANON THERE IS FULL-SCALE WAR, all-out war now. It's the strangest war! I prayed about this the other morning and the answer that came to me was just almost unbelievable! There is a full-scale civil war, a big war in Lebanon, that could easily lead right into a bigger war.

       18. I WAS ASKING THE LORD WHY THE SYRIAN ARABS ARE COMING INTO LEBANON, NOT ON THE SIDE OF THE PALESTINIANS, their Arab brothers, but on the side of the so-called Christian Arabs, Christian Lebanese!--Not on the side of the Muslim Arabs, Palestinians, but on the side of the Christian Arabs!--Why?

       19. I SAID, "NOW LORD WHY? That doesn't sound reasonable, that's ridiculous! You'd think the Syrian Arab Muslims would be coming to the rescue of the Palestinian Arab Muslims! Besides that, the Syrians are communists supported by Russia!"

       20. SYRIA IS ALMOST TOTALLY COMMUNISTIC, ARMED BY RUSSIA and supported by Russia against American Israel. Why should they be attacking their own brethren right now in Lebanon?--And on the wrong side! Well, there's another thing very peculiar about it:

       21. ISRAEL HAS ALWAYS THREATENED SYRIA IF SHE, SYRIA, EVER ENTERED LEBANON, THAT SHE, ISRAEL, WOULD ALSO MARCH INTO LEBANON AGAINST THE SYRIANS. I don't know whether the Syrians are this clever or not or whether they know it or not, but the answer I got was this: This is about the smartest thing they could possibly have done if they want to take over all Lebanon, because by taking it over supposedly on the side of the Christians, who have been sympathetic with the Jews and the Jews with them, the Israelis are therefore not interfering!

       22. AS LONG AS THE SYRIANS SEEM TO BE FIGHTING FOR THE CHRISTIANS AGAINST THE MUSLIMS, THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE STAYING OUT of if and letting Syria march in and take over! But what is going to happen? Right now it looks like the Syrians are fighting the Palestinians and their own Arab brothers.

       23. BUT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN THEY WIN and a big Syrian army is occupying all Lebanon and they have supposedly "rescued" the Christians? What if they suddenly then, having occupied all Lebanon, turn around and show their true colours, that they were not occupying it for the sake of the Christians, but they turn around and then rescue the Palestinians and take over!

       24. IT IS ONE OF THE CLEVEREST WAYS THEY COULD POSSIBLY HAVE OCCUPIED LEBANON WITHOUT INTERFERENCE FROM ISRAEL. In fact, it's the only way they could have done it, to come in pretending to be on the side of the Christians! All I know is I couldn't understand it all, I couldn't figure out any reason, but when I prayed, that's the answer I got! That's about as wild and far out a thing as you could possibly imagine! Anybody that would hear me say that would say that is farfetched, that's ridiculous, that's your wild imagination! Well, all I know is I never even thought of such a thing before! But I got it in prayer!

       25. THIS WAY SYRIA CAN OCCUPY LEBANON PRETENDING TO BE A FRIEND OF THE CHRISTIANS who are friends of the Israelis, therefore Israel doesn't interfere. See? Israel didn't dare go to the Christians' defense because Syria threatened if Israel went to the defense of the Christians she too would invade Lebanon and fight Israel.

       26. BUT THIS IS A VERY CLEVER WAY, AND I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF IT'S BEING MASTERMINDED IN MOSCOW, it is so clever! It is so clever and so deceptive that it would have taken a brilliant genius to have thought of it!

       27. THEY'RE DOING AS LITTLE DAMAGE AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN and they're pretending to fight on the side of the Christians against the Arabs while they move in and occupy the whole country. This way Israel doesn't interfere. But what's going to happen after they've taken the whole country over? Well, anyhow, that was the answer I got, and I thought that it might interest you.

       28. THE MIDEAST IS VERY IMPORTANT, THE FATE OF THE WORLD, IS BEING DECIDED IN THAT AREA, politically and militarily. Because as Napoleon and Hitler and General Montgomery and the Kaiser and a number of famous military geniuses throughout history have always said in almost these identical words:

       29. "HE WHO CONTROLS THE MIDEAST RULES THE WORLD!" And if you will go back over the pattern of history you will find that every major power who has dominated the Mideast has dominated the world!

       30. THEY HAVE TO CONTROL THE MIDEAST, the only land bridge between the three great continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, very militarily strategic. And right now it's extremely important because of the oil, so it's important for more reasons than one. But who would ever have thought of a crazy answer like that?

       31. THE SYRIANS ARE INTERVENING IN LEBANON SUPPOSEDLY ON THE SIDE OF THE CHRISTIANS, but once they've got the country occupied they can control it. They can still pretend to favour the Christians just to keep the Jews out, but at the same time making peace and favouring their brethren, just little by little, little by little, until they control it.

       32. LEBANON ONCE WAS A PART OF SYRIA, but in World War I the French took it away from the Syrians. So if any country has any fairly legal claim by right of former possession of Lebanon, Syria has. They can say, "Well, after all, it was a part of Syria, so we're just taking it back. Somebody certainly needs to govern it! They're not able to govern themselves, so they've had nothing but civil war!"

       33. IT'S A THREE-WAY CIVIL WAR: The Christians are fighting against the Muslims, and the Muslims are fighting between themselves. The right and left Muslims are fighting each other, at the same time they're both fighting the so-called Christians, so it's a mess! But the Syrians are moving in with a fairly large army and taking over--approximately 15,000 with tanks, big guns and all, like the Cubans in Angola.

       34. ALL THE WORLD IS APPROVING THE SYRIAN ACTION because it promises to bring peace. All the world's approving, particularly Britain and the United States, because they're supposedly coming in on the side of the Christians and Jews against the Arabs and Muslims, against the Palestinians, and all the world approves of letting them do it, including Israel!

       35. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY THEY COULD HAVE DONE IT, and if that is the answer, that is the cleverest piece of strategy I ever heard of! Think of it! To actually come in and pretend to be on the wrong side and even shoot your own Arab brethren to prove it!

       36. DID YOU KNOW THAT KING DAVID DID THAT ONCE? He went over to the side of the enemies of Israel and pretended to be an enemy of Israel, he and his army. He was even going into battle with the Philistines, with the king of Philistia, against Israel, because really he was in civil war there in Israel with King Saul. So he went over to the side of the enemy and came back supposedly fighting against his own people!

       37. BUT HE DID A VERY CLEVER THING: In the first place, the generals of the Philistine's king refused to let David fight with them. They said, "How do me know we can trust him? Maybe he'll turn on us! We refuse to let him fight in this battle with us! Send him someplace else, send him against the south of Israel or something." So the Philistine king sent him down against the south of Israel.

       38. BUT INSTEAD OF ATTACKING ISRAEL HE WENT DOWN AND ATTACKED SOME OTHER ENEMIES of Israel, the Midianites! And so that the Philistine king and no one would find it out, he killed every single one of them, so there wasn't one left to tell the tale! So the Bible is full of some pretty smart strategy too. When it comes to war things are pretty gruesome! But in order to settle something sometimes, that's the only thing the world understands--force!

       39. SO IF THE SYRIANS GET INTO LEBANON AND TAKE IT OVER AND RULE IT under the guise of befriending the Christians, that will be almost the smartest piece of deception that's been pulled off in years[DELETED]! So if the Lord wants to, He's running the world and the situation, and He can give them wisdom to even outsmart the Jews!--And that's pretty smart, because they're about the smartest people there are in the world!

       40. THERE'S PROBABLY ONLY ONE SMARTER THAN THE JEWS AND THAT'S JESUS, and He's a Jew--or was--so He ought to know! He knows how to outsmart them! And in this case He's certainly on the side of the poor hungry homeless Arabs--praise the Lord? God bless you all! I love you!--Just thought I'd fill you in on the latest news.--And God's interpretation!--You don't often get that--except from Him!--Ha!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family