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"MORE PRECIOUS PEARLS!"--MO       September 1976       DO NO.540

Copyrighted Sept. 1976 by The Children of God

       1. ACCORDING TO AN OLD INDIAN TALE--they showed these four blind men an elephant and asked them to describe it. One of them felt the tail and he said, "Behold, I perceive the elephant is like a rope!" Another one felt the trunk and said, "No, he is like a serpent!" The third felt the leg and said, "Oh nay, but he is like a tree!" And the fourth felt his side and said, "No, he's like a wall!"

       2. WELL, THEY WERE ALL RIGHT, but only the guy that's got his eyes open can put it all together and see what it's really like! I have explained the Bible's application to the kids' lives today, but used direct quotes to do it and show them what it meant to them.--And I was concerned that whatever I said in my own words was from the Bible.

       3. THERE'S NOTHING ON EARTH MORE POWERFUL THAN THE WORD OF GOD, inspired, beautiful and poetic, just the naked Word of God! The only reason I have to write anything at all is to help the kids understand it and relate it. Besides, we are organising a New Nation and how to run it. Since we're not just living like Moses in tents, I can't tell you just to read about how they did it. I can't hand you a Bible and say, "Here's how to build your Colony!" I can't hand them a Bible and say, "Here, understand all the prophecy!"--because it would take them a whole lifetime to study it and they just don't have time!

       4. NOTHING WILL EVER TAKE THE PLACE OF THE BIBLE as far as I'm concerned! And I would say that the business letters and teaching letters are certainly not on the level of the Bible! But I will take those inspired and supernatural and divinely inspired Letters and put them on the same level as the rest of the Word of God!--Because that's exactly what the writers of the Bible did!

       5. ALL THE STUFF I HAVE WRITTEN on the construction of our spiritual temples and tabernacles is not much different than the things Moses said about the construction of their temple. The Bible writers themselves didn't say that all the things they said were necessarily the direct voice of God! But as Peter and Paul said, they were inspired by God to write them! After all, it's all given by inspiration. If I didn't think these things the Lord gives me were inspired I'd quit!--Even to instruction on fixing a flat tire!

       6. THE LETTERS ARE MERELY A SUPPLEMENT TO THE BIBLE to tell them things the Bible didn't tell them!--Like how to fix a flat tire! I don't like Bible stories--I like straight Bible!--Just the way the Lord inspired the writers to write it! There's no need to interpret the news unless we tell them what the Lord had to say about it and what I had to say about it! There are a whole lot of people that know about Jesus and the Bible, but we had to relate it and translate it and interpret it and give them a sample in our own lives:

       7. "LOOK AT ME AND THE WAY WE LIVE!--THIS IS REALLY WHAT JESUS IS LIKE!" This is what we're telling the world with our Colonies and our life in them! This is what we're showing them with our samples of love! It's really nothing new.--We're just bringing the Bible and Jesus down to their level where they can see them and understand them!--Amen? God bless you!
* * *

       8. "THE LASHES OF LOVE!" would be a good title for a Letter on God's chastisements!
* * *

       9. I have very little vision for big Colonies, but a big, big vision for the big, big world! I'm concerned about getting out a little Shepherd's voice to his little sheep all around the big, big world!
* * *

       10. WE SHOULDN'T ALLOW ANY MORE MISSIONARIES to go into any more foreign fields unless they are loaded with ammunition: Basic essential literature in the language of the country to which they're going!
* * *

       11. Kissinger: In a way he was the mercy of God on the world, instead of letting that absolute maniac Nitler press the red button to destroy the world in his pride!
* * *

       12. Vienna is the major Western gateway to Russia.
* * *

       13. Abrahim said of Maria: "This is the most love of David!"
* * *

       14. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! You're all like diamonds with reflected glow!--And you are so small!--But the most precious things in the world are the smallest things, you know that? But you have to have light. You have to have my light to make you shine, and I have to have Jesus' light to light me!

       15. HE MAKES ME GLOW AND YOU REFLECT IT and you scatter the light and refract it just like a diamond in all directions. One little beam of light is divided by one diamond into 54 facets, like my days! You refract every year of my life like the most precious diamonds!
* * *

       16. A real revolutionary must be revolutionary enough to pretend not to be a revolutionary when dealing with the System!
* * *

       17. I CAN REMEMBER SUCKING MY MAMA'S BOSOM! She had lots of milk and I was a great big baby--eleven pounds or five kilos when I was born! I was a fat little boy till I was three!--Ha!
* * *

       18. MO'S CHILDHOOD: I ALWAYS HAD MONEY WHEN I WAS KID 'cause I was always selling things--perfume, magazines, Watkin's products, Fuller brushes, Cloverine salve, etc. One time I was lugging around a big huge suitcase intended for a man, 20 or 30 pounds! It almost killed me but I was going to sell it all to get me a little movie machine.--And I did it! So I got into most of my mischief before I was 14 and after I was 40.
* * *

       19. MOVIES HAVE BEEN A GREAT PART OF MY LIFE since I was a little kid I've gotten a good part of my education that way--good and bad. Because I wasn't in the world and a part of it, God wanted me to know about it. I was reared so sheltered and protected from the evil world I didn't know anything about it. So I got a tremendous part of my education from motion pictures. It's an easy, fast, painless way.
* * *

       20. This name came in MO's sleep: "Gustaferson Andersen"--Probably some contact in Scandinavia.--Do you know him?
* * *

       21. PRAYER LETTERS: You owe it to those Systemites out there to get them under conviction to help you do God's Work!--And because we need it! "Ask and ye shall receive!...Ye have not because ye ask not!" (John 16:24; James 4:2.)
* * *

       22. WHEN ARE YOU THROUGH TRAINING A NEW DISCIPLE?--When you have taught him how to teach others and he's actually winning souls? When he's learned how to fight? No! Our job isn't done until we've taught him where and how and how to establish a fold for those sheep and how far to go with that fold until it's able to stand by itself!

       23. WE PERSONALLY TRAINED 100 TO 150 LEADERS AT TSC AND L.A. and a year later that was still all the leaders we had--shepherds of about 100 to 150 Colonies! We were then stopped because of lack of leadership. There's only one way we're going to be able to get any further than we've now gotten:

       24. GET OUT THE LITERATURE WHICH CAN MAKE DISCIPLES AND MAKE LEADERS OF THESE DISCIPLES! Start printing that kind of literature by the millions and start getting that literature out to all the kids! (We did! PTL!--And that's why we're still rolling!--Over 700 Colonies now! The Letters make Leaders!--Amen? GBY! Sowing the new Mo Books should soon reap us a new harvest of Leaders who can lead more new Colonies!--Amen?--Read 'em!)
* * *


       25. I WAS TIPPING A WAITRESS one day and I said, "Oh, Lord, I wish I had enough money to give these dear people what I know they need! This poor waitress, I know she's not making much and she needs it, and she's been so good to us and waits on us so well, and is always so sweet to us!" We always ate at this same place when we were in town.

       26. SHE WAS PRACTICALLY IN LOVE WITH ME and she was just lovely! She was telling us about her family and all kinds of things, and how she had to work because her husband was sick. So I was feeling very sorry for her and wanted to tip her real generously. And I thought,

       27. "LORD, YOU KNOW I ALWAYS WISHED I WAS A MILLIONAIRE SO I COULD REALLY GIVE like I'd like, to people wherever I see a need, wherever people need help." The Lord said, "You've got it! What are you waiting for? Give what you've got and I'll give you more!"

       28. I WAS TRYING TO DECIDE WHETHER TO GIVE HER 25 PENCE OR 50 PENCE, or something like that.--You know, we were pinching the pennies and trying to decide on should I give he the bare minimum ten-percent of the bill or should I give double that, what I'd like to give her?--It was Christmas and I even wanted to give her a pound! I knew she needed it, for from our conversation we found out she was in need.

       29. THE LORD SAID, "WELL, YOU'VE GOT A POUND, WHY NOT GIVE IT TO HER? You don't have to be a millionaire to give what you've got!" And I got the Scriptures, "Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over!" (Luke 6:38.)--And "he that scattereth abroad it increaseth"! (Pr.11:24) I get more things when I'm alone going to the toilet!--I guess it's the WC or water closet the Lord's talking about in Matthew 6:6!--Ha!

       30. THE LORD'S FINANCES WORK THE OTHER WAY AROUND FROM THE WORLD'S! The world says, "Well now, when I see it and when I've got my million, then I'll start giving!" But the Lord says, "You start giving now what you've got, and then I'll give you whatever you need to give--I'll give you even more!"

       31. HE WANTS TO SEE IF HE CAN TRUST YOU WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!--Will you give sacrificially and faithfully of what you've got now? He wants to find out how you use the nickels before He gives you the dollars, how you use the pence before He gives you the pounds, and so on. So I never got such a victory!

       32. I FELT SO GREAT AFTER I GAVE HER THAT POUND and she just thanked me so sweet! I even kissed her and she just practically flipped! She worked so hard and she was so nearsighted she could hardly see! She was about 55 or 60, and she was rushing around working as hard as any young person, and I knew she probably did that to try to keep her job for fear they might hire somebody younger instead.

       33. SO IT DID ME A LOT OF GOOD TO GIVE HER THAT POUND and I got a real liberation! I began passing out money right and left! It's easy to be a giver in some areas of London because everybody's so poor! They're all paid so poorly you know you're giving where it's really needed, really a help! So I began to give double tips to the waitresses, the bus drivers and the poor little newspaper girls on the street, etc., just really handing it out, and I just felt great!

       34. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, SOON WE WERE RECEIVING MORE MONEY for our living expenses! We were just beginning to reap the benefits of giving! So you see, I started doubling my giving to others, and so the Lord started doubling His giving to me, and the more He gives me double, the more I can keep on giving double!

       35. YOU NEVER LOSE BY GIVING! How much have you given lately? Are you having a hard time because people are being stingy with you?--Maybe it's because you're being stingy with them!--Or with God!!

       36. LET GO AND LET GOD GIVE THROUGH YOU and you'll soon find He'll give more to you through others! "Freely ye have received, also freely give"! (Mat.10:8.)--Try it! You'll like it! "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it." (Mal.3:10.)--PTL! TYJ!--Amen?


       37. AS I WAS PRAYING THE LORD'S PRAYER I thought it's wonderful we can pray that prayer together! It's not only a wonderful prayer the Lord taught us to pray that covers everything, but it is a sign of our own personal fellowship. And it's not only been our custom, but as I pray it I always think about the millions of God's Children around the world who pray it! We're not the only Children of God, Beloved! Don't forget that! Be encouraged!

       38. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF BELIEVERS around the world who love the Lord and are doing the best they can in spite of some churches. In spite of how little they get fed, in spite of how little they've been taught, they love the Lord! That's one thing we've learned in our travels.

       39. SO MANY PRECIOUS PEOPLE BESIDES US REALLY LOVE THE LORD and I'm convinced really have Jesus! They really believe. Most of them don't have too much confidence in the churches, but they really do have faith in God and they really love the Lord.

       40. GOD'S GOT LOTS OF CHILDREN! We didn't call ourselves but we were called the Children of God, and we've accepted the name--for we are! But don't forget we're not the only ones. There are millions of us around the world who love Jesus and who are doing the best they can, really witnessing and trying to win souls, in and out of the churches! We've got a big Family!

       41. I BELIEVE A LOT OF THEM LOVE US TOO! I'm sure many of those that have heard about us know we're doing what's right and teaching what's right in spite of our critics, and I think they're going to admire you for being examples to the believers.

       42. WE ARE LIKE THE TOP, THE APEX, THE SHINING EXAMPLES of what all Christians ought to be like, what the whole Church ought to be like, and what all of them ought to be doing! We're the avante garde! I've always said we are the cadre, we are the officership, we are the elite troops, the Guardia Civil of the Church!

       43. WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE LEADING THE WAY. I remember my mother once said that it's not just your primary effect that's important, what you yourselves are actually doing. But we are having a tremendous secondary impact upon the churches, and we have already had it!

       44. WE HAVE PUT THE OTHERS ON THE SPOT! We have put the churches in the light and put the spotlight of God's Truth on them, so they have got to either do it themselves or do some tall explaining why they aren't doing it!

       45. THE BIBLE SAYS, "FORSAKE ALL! FOLLOW JESUS! Go into all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature"! (Lk.14:33; Mk.16:15.) It's the Word of God, it's a commandment! Why don't you do it? We're doing it, and if we can do it, you can do it! We have set an example to show it can be done!

       46. I BELIEVE WE HAVE HAD A TREMENDOUS IMPACT ON CHRISTIANS WORLDWIDE!--Inspiring them to do what they ought to be doing and be what they ought to be! So that should encourage you! I just had to tell you this about the Lord's Prayer!

       47. IT JUST THRILLS ME WHEN I PRAY IT and I think of the millions of other Christians around the world who also are praying it sincerely and mean it! I'm not talking about all the hypocrites! But there are lots of people who pray it and mean it, poor little people who really mean it and who really love the Lord! So praise God, hallelujah? You're not alone!

       48. WHEN THE PROPHET THOUGHT HE WAS ALL BY HIMSELF, "Yes, I alone am left!" (1Kings 19.) The Lord said, "What are you talking about? I've got 7,000 who haven't bowed the knee to Baal! You're not the only one! Don't get too conceited, you're not the only one left!" Always remember, we're not the only Christians in the world!

       49. WE MAY BE THE BEST, BUT WE'RE NOT THE ONLY ONES!--Ha! I believe in our outfit and our kids and I believe they're the best or I wouldn't be here! I mean it! If we weren't the best, I'd be out looking for the best! I really believe we are on the right track, praise God? God bless you all! Just remember there are millions of others on it too--believers in Jesus all over the world! We've led over a million of them to the Lord ourselves! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! GBY all!
       * * *

--A Dream or Nightmare?
--"Behold, the days come saith the Lord God that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord." Am.8:11.
       50. WE WERE HUNGRY, but this restaurant or dining room had been closed and we were being shipped off in this little car like a little tram car guided downhill by steel rails. The cars were very small and only held about half-a-dozen people each.--You and I and four soldiers with guns, our guards, were in one.

       51. WE WERE EVIDENTLY PRISONERS. You and I were in the front of the car riding backward and you were on my right. I'm describing these things exactly in detail because sometimes these little details about positions or directions are very important. We were rolling slowly along, apparently by gravity.

       52. JOSH APPEARED on a little green knoll to our right with a big black bushy beard like he used to wear and a green Che-Guevara combat cap. He had a submachine gun in his right hand, but he wasn't pointing it at anybody--it was just hanging down in his hand.

       53. HE YELLED AT OUR CAPTORS and asked them where they were taking us. They whirled around startled and immediately started firing at him! They evidently hit him in the throat, as the blood began to gush out of his throat. He threw up his hands and looked toward Heaven and said, "Jesus, I'm coming!"--and then slumped to the ground.

       54. I SCREAMED AT OUR GUARDS, "My God! You didn't have to shoot him! He was only asking a question!" They said, "Well, he had a gun in his hands and we didn't know what he was going to do. We couldn't take any chances, sorry!" It was like they were really sorry they had shot him.

       55. IT WAS SORT OF AN ACCIDENT, because there seemed to be some fighting going on. Soldiers were running all around and Josh was one of them, but things were in a state of confusion as to who was fighting whom, who were the loyalists and who were the rebels. And that's the last I remember.

       56. I'VE NO IDEA IF THIS IS A LITERAL VISION OF A FUTURE EVENT or only a warning to avoid it or something symbolic with spiritual significance. The hunger could represent spiritual hunger, but the restaurant where food was normally served had evidently been forcibly closed, possibly representing a future enforced halt to our spiritual food production, the Letters.

       57. OBVIOUSLY MARIA AND I WERE UNARMED as captives. The Words are our weapons, so perhaps the System or enemy had deprived us of same and closed down our means of production and/or distribution.

       58. JOSH'S VOICE RAISED IN PROTEST and still armed but immediately silenced could mean either literal or symbolic martyrdom for standing up for the Word and its prophets!

       59. THE SOLDIERS' APOLOGY could mean the System doesn't really want or mean to harm us but only stop the Letters or the Words, fearing they might be harmful in some way to them.

       60. BUT THEIR LITTLE IRON CAR bound by the rut of its steely-hard System rails or ways was headed downhill, doomed to defeat! Some of us may be dragged down with it, but they'll never disarm all our loving rebels of all the Words! HALLELUJAH! GBY! Keep shootin'!
* * *

"GIVE IT AWAY!"       7-2-74
--Don't wait'll they take it!

       61. GOD IS SO MERCIFUL HE'S EVEN TRYING TO WARN THE WORLD! He's put His Word right on the streets for them! Those that believe Him and follow His advice He's going to have mercy on. He's not only giving us a chance, but everybody a chance to believe that things are definitely going to get worse, they are not going to get better!

       62. BUT THEY'RE HARDENING THEIR HEARTS JUST LIKE PHARAOH, and the result is going to be to bring down the government. It's going to bring down the capitalistic system and bring down the country, and the poor are going to have to take over like they always do.

       63. MOST GOVERNMENTS ALMOST ALWAYS FINALLY FALL FROM THE INSIDE. It wasn't the outside conquerors that usually really licked the big major empires, it was collapse from WITHIN.

       64. THE COLLAPSE CAME FROM WITHIN brought about by their own people through revolution and civil war, and then the conqueror walked in and took them over. They were weakened from the inside. Rome finally collapsed from the inside, ultimately Greece collapsed from the inside, then the vultures just simply moved in when the country was already dying. The vultures just take over when the bodies are almost dead! This is the whole theory of Marx.

       65. JUST GIVE CAPITALISM TIME AND IT WILL COLLAPSE and then you can walk in and take it for free! You may not even have to fight a war! Marx thought that the real war, the class struggle of the poor against the rich, will go on within the country. When the country ruled by the rich collapses, then the poor can simply take over. Then, of course, World Communism can take over too, and Russia or somebody else marches in to take control, because you have some kind of government.

       66. USUALLY THE NEW REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENTS OF THESE LITTLE REBEL COUNTRIES ARE NOT STRONG enough to stand up on their own, so the Big Brothers take advantage of the opportunity to move in and grab Little Brother and his country.

       67. THE RICH PEOPLE MEANWHILE MOVE OUT and secretly move their riches out of the country. The leaders of the government secretly and privately ship out carloads of gold and art treasures and all kinds of other riches. They escape when they see their house tumbling down around their ears!--And it's not only the paper money they escape with, for the paper money's no good when the government collapses! They get out with real valuables like art treasures and gold and jewels and things like that!

       68. IF YOU HAVE ANY RICHES you'd better be ready to escape!--But where are you gonna fly when the poor take over the whole Earth?--When "the meek shall inherit the Earth" (Mat.5:5), there'll be no place else to go!

       69. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?--Give away your riches to the poor now and become one of them so you'll be on the winning right side when they take over!--Amen? Accept Jesus now and

       70. "SELL ALL THAT THOU HAST AND GIVE TO THE POOR, and come follow Me!"--Jesus said to the rich young ruler (Mat.19:21.)--"And thou shalt have riches in Heaven!"--True, everlasting spiritual riches, the souls you help win to the Lord and save from Hell, and who'll therefore be your friends forever in Heaven!--That's the only kind of riches you can take with you!

       71. WHY NOT START NOW? You can't take it with you, those material riches of this Earth.--They'll be burned along with it!

       72. SO WHY NOT GIVE 'EM AWAY to those that need 'em, us, the millions of the poor of the world, and forsake all and "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men!"--The eternal riches that'll last forever!--Saved souls!

       73. INSTEAD OF A MERE BREAD WINNER WHY NOT BE A SOUL WINNER? Souls, not diamonds, are forever! Hallelujah!--Amen?--OK, get with it!--TODAY! NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late. Don't wait'll they take 'em away!--Give'em away!--Now! PTL? Amen! GBY!--And He will!--With everlasting riches of immortal souls forever! Praise God!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family