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"DON'T DROP OUT!--DROP IN!"--MO       August 1, 1976       DO No.542

Copyright © September 1976 by The Children of God

       1. IN SOME OF THE CLOSED COUNTRIES where we are now, we are either officially prohibited or greatly restricted in litnessing or open witnessing by governmental regulations, pressure or persecution. In these closed countries we have a totally different situation from almost anything we have ever run across before.

       2. IN CLOSED COUNTRIES WE ARE LIVING UNDER CONDITIONS SIMILAR TO THE EARLY CHURCH and the Roman Empire, a dictatorship. In fact they probably had more freedom there and then than we have here and now!

       3. MANY OF US ARE LIVING UNDER VERY SIMILAR CIRCUMSTANCES TO WHAT THE ANTICHRIST DICTATORSHIP IS GOING TO BE LIKE! Now Lord help us and give us wisdom in Jesus' name to get this across clearly.

       4. MOST OF US ARE NO LONGER IN SO-CALLED "FREE AMERICA." As bad as America was, it was still a lot freer than some countries. For one thing, in spite of some hassles, you could usually distribute literature freely and have religious liberty and freedom. You could have religious meetings and give religious teaching without being a registered organisation abiding by certain rules and so on. You could quit school or your job or your family--even the army if you caused them enough difficulty! If you wanted to, you could drop out.

       5. WE HAVE HEARD ABOUT THE LACK OF FREEDOM and the dictatorial methods in some countries and what they're accustomed to--government control whether you work directly for the government or you work for a big company or you're going to a government college or just living in a family that's under custom control, the social control.

       6. WE HAVE NEVER LIVED OR WORKED IN COUNTRIES LIKE THIS BEFORE where there is so much control. The fact we're here at all is a miracle! The fact that we have any Colonies here and they do any litnessing or witnessing is a miracle!

       7. [DELETED] It's not only illegal for us to distribute literature as an unregistered religious organisation and therefore unrecognised by the government. It's even illegal for us to meet, teach, talk, proselytise (win souls), or anything like that!

       8. YOU CERTAINLY CANNOT DROP OUT HERE EVEN IF YOU WANT TO! Every job is so controlled you just cannot quit your government job, boom, like that without problems. It's sort of like living in Soviet Russia where your employment and everything is controlled.

       9. IF YOU QUIT YOUR JOB without any good reason it's apt to cause you all kinds of problems, not counting the church and the family problems. You may not be able to get another one, or you may not be able to do it at all without angering the authorities.

       10. IF A STUDENT SHOULD DROP OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOL he'd cause problems there as well. Certainly if they drop out of the church, that's apt to cause problems. And as you already can see, if they try to drop out of the family, even if they're over-age, the custom and the social pressure here is so strong and the family customs and ties so strong that this could definitely cause very serious problems.

       11. WE ARE NO LONGER IN FREE AMERICA, a country dealing with hippies who are free and can do as they please, or a country with guaranteed religious freedom or freedom of the press and distribution of literature and so on. America's now passing many laws which hinder and violate the Constitutional rights, but nevertheless you've got the Constitution, you've got the rights there, but not here!

       12. WE ARE GUESTS OF THIS COUNTRY, and most of us are only tourists. We're not supposed to have any kind of work, business or religious activity here. We're certainly not supposed to be conducting any kind of a church or religious work or organisation or classes or meetings or anything like that.

       13. [DELETED] This I think is why God has allowed us to be here and allowed us to initiate and pioneer the type of FF Ministry that we do have here. Because it is a pioneer effort and preparing us for the future. Future conditions like this include the coming Antichrist government, when everything will be regulated and controlled and everything just like it is here and more so.

       14. YOU CANNOT TEACH DROPPING OUT HERE! NEITHER CAN YOU TEACH FORSAKE-ALL!--Not if you don't want to get all these boys in jail and maybe us too! Now you say, but the Bible teaches it!

       15. BUT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO FORSAKE-ALL AND DROP OUT HERE--THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT ALLOW IT! The economic employment, which is virtually all government owned and operated, will not allow them to do it. Since everything is under government control, they would even find great difficulty in dropping out of school. They would find that they would get in trouble somehow or another or forfeit certain things or have certain problems.

       16. WITHOUT VERY SPECIAL FAMILY PERMISSION THEY FIND IT VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE EVEN TO LEAVE HOME! We have already had two cases of people we asked to drop out, and they tried, but it caused a furor and no end of trouble! This is probably one of the reasons we're now under investigation.

       17. YOU JUST DO NOT COME INTO ANY COUNTRY AS A TOURIST AND TELL THEM WHAT TO DO! You're only a tourist, so you're not even supposed to be having religious classes and gatherings and talking to them about what to do. So everytime you do that you're breaking the law, and we must not break any laws except those that forbid faith or witnessing! If the government wanted to really get tough and hard about it, they could forbid you to have them or arrest you and fine you and jail you and kick you out of the country!

       18. WE ARE OPERATING UNDER THE MOST EXTREMELY DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES HERE that we have ever operated under. It is illegal for you to tell a member of the army that you've got to drop out! You might even be accused of sedition! If you ask someone to quit a government job working for the city or someone working for a big corporation in an office job which is controlled by the government,

       19. YOU'RE ASKING THEM TO QUIT THE GOVERNMENT! That's the way the government would look at it. You're persuading these people to forsake the government and join you! This in the United States they call sedition and subversion. God only knows what they would call it here!

       20. WE HAVE NOT OPERATED UNDER CONDITIONS LIKE THIS BEFORE. You're preaching the old message of forsake all and drop out, which is the message we were founded on and lived on and I lived by and I have preached nearly all my life in free countries where they could do it and get away with it, but even there they had a lot of persecution for it.

       21. BUT PREACHING THAT NOW IN THIS COUNTRY IS VIRTUALLY AGAINST THE LAW! You'd be advising these boys to literally break the law! We cannot ask these boys to quit their jobs, businesses, schools, families and even the army and move into a Colony and join us. Not only would people say they were crazy, we'd be crazy too!

       22. BECAUSE WHAT WOULD THEY DO? THERE'S NOTHING FOR THEM TO DO! THEY CAN'T GO OUT LITNESSING! Maybe we could use a couple of cooks, but how happy would that make them just moving from one cooking job to the other? Well maybe it would make them happier cooking for the Lord.

       23. IN THE MEANTIME, PEOPLE ARE CERTAINLY GOING TO WONDER WHERE THEY WENT, and in this small town everybody's going to know! "Oh, he abandoned his restaurant to go live with the Family!" "He abandoned his managerial job to go and live with the Family." "He quit school and family," etc. "Well, what's he doing? How's he being supported?" "Oh, they're taking care of him."

       24. FIRST OF ALL YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE A PARTNER OR BOSS MAD. We did everything we could to get one boy to quit his job and live with us and it raised a furor! His family became absolutely furious and they'll hardly even speak to us since then, even though I offered him a job with us at what virtually amounted to equal pay! They didn't consider us permanent enough or reliable enough or even good enough to employ their son!

       25. WE'RE CONTROVERSIAL AND THEY DON'T LIKE US! They would consider that boy's living with people of a different religion who are apt to corrupt him if he came down here to live with us or even work for us! So we really exploded a bomb with that boy! And they put such pressure on him that he never did quit his job, though I offered him the world with a string around it!

       26. HE VIRTUALLY COULDN'T DROP OUT!--And neither could I employ him unless I fulfilled all kinds of red tape, governmental regulation, employment and disability insurance and all kinds of stuff!

       27. THEN WE TRIED ANOTHER ONE, A POLICEMAN! When we asked him at the end of his vacation why didn't he come work for us, he didn't exactly answer, but said he'd be crazy if he didn't.

       28. HE WENT BACK AND TRIED TO QUIT AND THEY WERE SO FURIOUS they have worked the pants off him ever since and kept him away on a boat most of the time so he won't even be able to come to see us! He has to sneak away like an escapee to get to come to see us! He is now afraid to quit his job either because they threatened him or threatened us.

       29. HERE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO ASK THESE GUYS TO QUIT JOBS AND DROP OUT AND FORSAKE ALL AND JOIN THE FAMILY. This is a totally new kind of operation, a pioneer effort, an absolutely different kind of ministry than anything we ever had before. You cannot do it the way we used to do it.

       30. I AM GOING TO HAVE TO FORBID ANYBODY IN THIS FAMILY TO EVEN SUGGEST TO ANY OF THESE NEW FISH THAT THEY QUIT their job or the army or the police or school or their family and forsake all to join us! Because here we simply cannot operate that way! If we do we are going to blow the whole thing!

       31. BECAUSE IF THEY DO, THE AUTHORITIES ARE GOING TO BE ON US LIKE MAD!--Just like they were with the first two who tried! I am sorry, it may sound shocking to you but to "be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves."

       32. HERE YOU CANNOT PREACH "DROP OUT," "FORSAKE ALL" AND "JOIN"--not unless you want to get us all thrown out, as well as bring tremendous hardship on these poor boys and unnecessary persecution! Michael, for example, could not possibly leave home without parental permission if you don't want all hell to cut loose and hell to pay!

       33. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE HE GOES, THEY WOULD HAVE TO GIVE THEIR PERMISSION and know where he's going. Because if he would just suddenly disappear this is the first place they'd look! It's happened before, and even when they couldn't find them, the police simply closed down the whole operation and threw everybody out of the country! They knew good and well that that's why the girl quit and left[DELETED], they knew she was gone somewhere to some of us somehow. So if they couldn't get her, they got us.

       34. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU REALISE ON WHAT A RAZOR'S EDGE WE OPERATE HERE and what a miracle of God it is that we could even get away with that birthday party like we had last night. I mean if they wanted to be real nasty and raided that place and run us off and taken us down to the caboose and said we were having an unauthorised meeting of some kind, no matter what you want to call it, if they just wanted to get nasty, they could do it!

       35. IF WE PUSH THEM TOO HARD AND CAUSE THEM TOO MUCH TROUBLE and arouse too many complaints from employers, officers, parents, pastors, teachers, etc., that's what you're going to have. Now that's all right, that's fine, you say, that's what we've always done. We did it in America and we've done it in Europe and England and in France and Italy, etc.--Yes?--And we're getting run out of all those places too!--There aren't too many places left to run!

       36. I AM FIRMLY CONVINCED THAT IS WHY GOD HAS LAID ON OUR HEARTS THIS NEW TYPE OF FF MINISTRY, a whole new kind of witnessing and a new kind of operation almost totally unlike anything we've ever done before! Previously our whole message, besides Salvation, was forsake-all and drop-out, right? That's where we got our Colonies--all the forsake-alls and the drop-outs.

       37. BUT WE CANNOT PREACH THAT HERE.--It's virtually illegal! It is illegal to preach it and it is illegal to do it--as these boys will find to out if they try, and as some have already found out!

       38. OUR POOR BOY IN THE ARMY WHO TRIED TO DROP OUT IS NOW LITERALLY BEING PERSECUTED! He's getting so skinny because they're working him day and night! They are absolutely crucifying him! Without taking him to court with a sentence of a judge and putting him in a prison, they are putting him at hard labour!

       39. NOW IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN TO THESE BOYS? You preach at these boys something they know themselves they cannot do, even though they would love to do it. They know that for their own sake they can't do it and for your sake they can't do it.

       40. YET YOU SIT HERE PREACHING AWAY AT THE SAME OLD DROP-OUT MESSAGE that was great for the United States and England and free countries in Europe, but which just cannot be done here unless you are prepared to go to jail this week! Is that what you want and for me too? Huh? I'm sorry, but you're going to have to stop preaching what you're preaching to those boys, that they've got to drop out and forsake all! You cannot preach it, do you understand?

       41. YOU CANNOT PREACH IT HERE UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT US ALL CRUCIFIED! When there was a choice between cutting off the amps at ten o'clock at the Club and keeping the Club, or losing the amps and Club and all, which did we do?--We cut off the amps and kept the Club!--Right? Now isn't that just plain common sense? Oh, of course we had people there who said,

       42. "WELL, THE BIBLE SAYS WE OUGHT TO OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MAN!" Well we didn't have to keep the amps on to obey God! You say well, the Bible says, "He that forsaketh not all that he hath cannot be My disciple"! Well then, maybe in a country where they are forbidden to forsake all that they have, maybe they can't be a disciple!--At least certainly not a full time one! They can give all they have to give, but some things are not theirs to give and they have no choice in the matter.

       43. WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TEACH THEM IS HOW TO BE A DISCIPLE ON THE JOB AND IN THE SCHOOLS AND AT HOME! In the first place they're forbidden to drop out, in the second place we're forbidden to tell them so, in the third place we haven't got anything for them to join, believe it or not!

       44. WE DON'T HAVE ANY PLACE FOR THEM AND NOTHING FOR THEM TO DO, because we're not allowed to do anything, you understand? We're even pushing it and stretching it quite a bit to witness to them at all and get them saved and start them off witnessing where they're at, in the army, on their job, in their school, in their home & to their friends and family and workmates. Even that is extremely dangerous. But that we have to do.

       45. I HAVE TRIED NOT TO WITNESS HERE, BUT I JUST COULDN'T HELP IT! I had to! "Woe is me if I preach not the Gospel," Paul said. (1Co.9:16.) I can't keep my mouth shut. I have to tell people about God and His love and about Jesus.--That we have to do.

       46. BUT WE CANNOT PREACH OR ENCOURAGE THESE BOYS TO DROP OUT HERE! It is forbidden, it's against the law! Even if it weren't, it would still get us in a hell of a lot of trouble if they did it! They've got more sense that we have! They say, "Sorry, but we can't do it. it's impossible, we're not allowed!" Michael can't leave home--his parents would raise hell, especially if he joined us! Even if he left & joined one of our Colonies in another country and quit school and his family and moved in, probably within 48 hours we'd all be thrown out of here! Is that what you want to happen?

       47. GOD HAS BROUGHT US HERE TO LEARN A WHOLE NEW KIND OF MINISTRY in a country where it is impossible to buck the System and break the laws and get people to drop out, forsake all and join! You just cannot tell them that!

       48. ALL WE CAN DO HERE IS TELL THEM ABOUT THE LOVE OF GOD and give them salvation through Jesus!--That we have to do no matter what happens to us! But even in that we have to be cautions here because it is classified as proselyting! As far as they're concerned, we're converting them to another religion.

       49. YOU'RE NOT IN FRANCE, YOU'RE NOT IN ENGLAND OR THE UNITED STATES. You are in a country which until just recently was a totally closed country to the Gospel, where no other religions were allowed to exist. If they were caught meeting together anywhere, any kind of a meeting, secret, in the home or anything, they were immediately rounded up--children, mothers, fathers and all--and put right in jail!

       50. NO CHRISTIAN GROUP OR RELIGIONS GROUP OF ANY KIND WAS TOLERATED in any way, shape or form except the state church. A friend of mine was a secret missionary here and I've heard him tell stories about it. Every time that they would come to a meeting, a secret meeting in a home to study the Bible with him, they always brought all their families with them, all the family, children and all, and left nobody at home, so that when they all got thrown in jail they wouldn't be separated!

       51. JUST A FEW YEARS AGO THIS WAS A CLOSED COUNTRY to the Gospel--you couldn't do anything here at all. It is a miracle of God it is even this open now. You are operating in a country where the Gospel was forbidden just a few years ago! You would probably have been thrown in jail for just talking about Jesus to somebody!

       52. NOW YOU'RE TRYING TO COME HERE AND TELL THEM TO QUIT their jobs, quit the army, leave home, quit school, forsake all, drop out and follow Jesus! I'm sorry, but it is such a miracle of God that we've gotten away with as much as we've gotten away with, we cannot jeopardise our whole FF ministry and the souls we've won and our own personal safety and worldwide work by preaching the impossible!

       53. WE JUST HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL that we don't have any regular meetings and regular hours or groups. It's very dangerous, and if they weren't very tolerant and just overlooking it, and if we hadn't won over so many of the police they have sent to investigate us, we'd be in trouble!

       54. THEY'VE BEEN FAIRLY FAVOURABLE AND LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. As one of them said, "We've been awful good to you!" In other words he was as good as saying, "We could have run you in on a dozen counts, but we didn't!"

       55. WE'RE OPERATING HERE NOT ON A SHOESTRING OR A THREAD OR EVEN THE BAREST HAIR--WE'RE OPERATING ON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT FAITH!--And it is a miracle of God we get by with it! I don't think you realise how dangerous it is, what we're doing here! It's a miracle of God that we are able to be here in the first place, to even live here--even if it were without all this witnessing we're doing!

       56. IT'S A TREMENDOUS MIRACLE THAT WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO WITNESS HERE AT ALL AND WIN SOULS! But in this country under these circumstances when you start pushing these people to forsake all and drop out and quit their jobs or school or home or the army or whatever, that is pushing it a little too far! Now that may be your conviction, and maybe that's what you think they ought to do.--But it's not mine under these conditions!

       57. I DON'T THINK IT'S VERY SMART IF DROPPING OUT IS GOING TO LAND THEM AND ALL OF US IN JAIL, or them in jail and us out of the country, or them in trouble with their company and put on hard labour like Carl, and us run out of the country--I don't think that would be very smart of us, would it? It would put an end to any witness we had here whatsoever!

       58. I'VE NEVER EVEN TOLD THEM THEY HAD TO GIVE UP THEIR CIGARETTES! I've only asked them please not to smoke near to me and given strong indication that it met with my disapproval and it wasn't good for them and so on. But I never said, "Now if you want to be a member of our family you better quit smoking!"

       59. GOD GIVES YOU WISDOM and common sense on what is the best thing to do for the Lord and how you can manage to survive longer and witness longer and accomplish more--such as cutting off the amps at the club at ten o'clock instead of getting completely thrown out!

       60. WE JUST CANNOT PREACH THAT DROP-OUT MESSAGE HERE! You say, Well, what are we going to do then? Well, I think you're doing about all you can do--in fact a little more than you should do, having gatherings and meetings where more than one of them comes to your house at a time, and teaching them classes and so on. If any of our real bitter enemies ever gets ahold of that information, that could be the end of your stay here! Even if the authorities don't want to prosecute us, they can be forced to by bitter enemies, by people who want to really cause us trouble.

       61. SO WHAT ARE THE BOYS GOING TO DO? They can't quit their jobs, the army, or leave home or school. Well, you are going to have to treat these boys here as a genuine full-fledged, 100-percent catacomb situation.

       62. THEY CAN ONLY BE CATACOMB DISCIPLES. It is impossible for them to forsake all and drop out. It's impossible for them to quit and join. I cannot see anyway in this world any one of them could possibly do it, not one! Can you?

       63. ALL WE CAN TELL THESE BOYS TO DO IS GO BACK TO WORK, BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO FAMILY, BACK TO THE ARMY AND YOUR DAILY ENFORCED ROUTINE AND WITNESS! That they have to do, that is a requirement of God! We must confess with our mouths. It we are ashamed of Him before this world, He will be ashamed of us. If we deny Him, He will deny us. (Ro.10:9; Luke 9:26; Mt.10:33.) Now, that can cause us enough trouble without any other kind of trouble!

       64. IF THEY GET KICKED OUT FOR IT, this is a lot like it was in Huntington Beach where it was against the law for you guys to quit school. But if they kick you out, what can you do? That's a different story! Of course that could cause a lot of trouble too, unless we all want to get kicked out!

       65. IF ANY OF THESE GUYS CAUSE SO MUCH TROUBLE at work and so much trouble at school or so much trouble with their family, even witnessing where they are, without dropping out, without forsaking all, if it made the authorities so mad that they want to kick them out, they'll probably kick us out too! Do you understand?

       66. YOU SAY, "WELL, WE CAN'T DROP THESE FISH BACK IN THE OCEAN!" NO, BUT WE CAN MAKE THEM BAIT FOR OTHER FISH! That's what they use fish for a lot of times, bait for other fish. What you can do is teach them to witness, teach them the Bible, teach them the truth, teach them the life of faith and living for God. I don't mean dropping out and living by faith that way, but trusting God for everything.

       67. TEACH THEM TO WITNESS on the job, at school, at home, at play, wherever, and just trust God to take care of the results. Because in this country you cannot even suggest or through some misunderstanding give them the slightest impression that you think they're disobeying God and failing God if they don't quit their job or school or family or army!

       68. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO EXPLAIN, "That's what we'd like to do and you'd like to do and what we'd like you to do and that's what God would like you to be able to do. But if you're not allowed and it's impossible to do it, and if you do it it's going to cause you so much more trouble and almost completely end your ministry and your effectiveness at all, then it's just not smart to do it!"

       69. IT'S BETTER TO BE ABLE TO STAY ALIVE A LITTLE LONGER AND KEEP WITNESSING and at least free enough to witness than to get thrown in jail or in prison or on a boat like Carl where you can't do it anymore at all! He doesn't even have time to read his Bible, they keep him working so hard day and night!

       70. HE'S A COURAGEOUS BOY, but what a price he is paying even to publicly associate himself with us! You don't realise what that's costing him. You are criticising him for not being a more active witness and winning souls and so on. But you don't understand the situation that he's in, the kind of government job he's in.

       71. IT'S BETTER TO BE ABLE TO STAY ALIVE A LITTLE LONGER AND KEEP WITNESSING, it might even cost him his life, as well as get us thrown out of the country if he goes any further than that!

       72. YOU CANNOT EVEN SUGGEST TO THESE BOYS HERE THAT THEY QUIT their jobs or school or family or police or army or whatever it may be, not even to follow Jesus and to serve God, much less join us! It's a closed totalitarian-controlled country, and they just can't do it!--Unless they want to quit and get thrown in jail and spend the rest of their time there!--What good would that do?

       73. WE HAVE QUITE A FEW FRIENDS HERE, THANK GOD! But I'm sure we have quite a few bitter enemies! You don't seem to understand the war that's going on behind the scenes, as we have already turned this place upside-down! We have already divided the sheep from the goats!

       74. WE ARE ALREADY A TREMENDOUS CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE HERE. There's hardly anybody here who hasn't heard about us! It is a miracle of God by the grace of God and His dealing with the hearts, turning the hearts of the rulers toward His people, that we are even still here! But if you keep on preaching forsake all, drop-out, quit your job, quit your family, go someplace else ... whew!

       75. I COULD PREACH DROP OUT AND FORSAKE ALL GLADLY WITH A RELISH TO THOSE DAMN CHRISTIANS BACK IN THOSE DEAD CHURCHES IN AMERICA! But don't blame these poor boys here! I had to admire the guts and the courage of even our friend the Doctor, when he walked in and sat and identified himself with us all evening last night!--And I don't doubt that by right now today that is all over town that he is a member and that these prominent citizens are one of us!

       76. WE HAVE CAUSED NO SMALL STIR HERE! Did you hear my dream about one of our police friends? He was holding this little little tiny bomb not much bigger than a BB, about the size of a buckshot, and I said, "But it's so small! It's so tiny! It's nothing!" But he said, "But it's so powerful it is powerful enough to blow this whole place apart!"--Such is the power of love!

       77. I DON'T THINK YOU REALISE WHAT AN IMPRESSION WE'VE MADE HERE and how far we've gone and how much of a dent we have made and how we have upset things here where we're practically the most popular topic of conversation, the most controversial thing for miles around! The whole town is upset, if not the whole State!

       78. THEY'RE JUST WAITING TO CATCH US on something that they can really pin us down on! If it hadn't been for the friendly converted policemen who have met with us and in our midst and reported only good, they would have nailed us already on some small legal technicalities! But since nobody else cared and we were pretty secret and they had no complaints to have to worry about, they didn't have to worry about prosecuting.

       79. BUT IF WE MADE ONE CONVERT FROM THEIR SYSTEM AND PERSUADED THEM TO LEAVE and forsake them for us, we would hear about it! The only way we can possibly operate here is more or less secretly, at least not to give the System too much provocation or aggravation.

       80. STAY ON THE JOB, DO A BETTER JOB THAN EVER, so they'll "see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven!" (Mt.5:16)--That's the verse the Lord gave me when I was firing a furnace in the army and peeling spuds in the kitchen!

       81. YOU COULDN'T HAVE TOLD ME TO DROP OUT, forsake all and follow Jesus, and that if I didn't I was disobeying God! If I'd done that, I'd have landed in the guardhouse and what good would that have done? I did refuse to go kill people and shoot people, and that caused me enough trouble!

       82. WE CANNOT PREACH THAT HERE and these boys certainly cannot practice it, and they know it! If they don't already know it, they're certainly finding it out! Just be thankful that you were able to come here.

       83. THANK GOD FOR THE HOSPITALITY OF THIS COUNTRY that allows you to stay here, and that they have let you get away with telling these boys about God and His Love and about Salvation and Jesus! They have even looked the other way when it looked like you proselyted and won them to Christ instead of the church!

       84. AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T CAUSE THEM TOO MUCH TROUBLE and too many complaints, or too much animosity they can leave us alone. Otherwise they're going to be forced to get rid of us even if they don't want to! The Romans didn't want to kill Christ. Pilate didn't want to sentence Him, the Centurion didn't want to kill Him. They were forced to by the politicians of the church and the bitter religious enemies!

       85. PLEASE FOLKS, DON'T FORCE THESE FRIENDLY POLICE TO HAVE TO ARREST YOU BECAUSE YOU PUSH THEM TOO FAR! Don't force the local politicians to have to force you out because you caused too much trouble and inspired too many complaints! My God help us to have wisdom, to "be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves!"--And in this case that means, don't harm their System here, and don't harm their Systemites!

       86. YOU'VE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE ALREADY IN CONVERTING A FEW of them, but as long as you don't convert too many and as long as they keep on acting like Systemites even if they're not, & as long as they keep their Systemite job and go to their Systemite school and stay in their Systemite home, then it won't cause the System too much trouble and they won't be forced to cause you trouble! You understand?

       87. WE HAVE HAD SOME PRETTY SERIOUS REPERCUSSIONS from some of your little talks and the way the boys took them. They took it that you meant if they didn't quit their jobs they were disobeying God! Well, I tried that on one boy and I told him so and I told him off and told him he was going back on the Lord if he didn't quit his job and join us and work for me, and you can see how much good it did! Now he can't even come see us at all or hardly without just sneaking off!

       88. WE CAN BE THANKFUL IT DIDN'T GET US THROWN OUT OF THE COUNTRY. He's being crucified now for our sakes and probably he's our saviour as his sticking with his job is probably what's keeping us from getting thrown out!

       89. I KNOW IT'S HARD TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT SOMETHING WE'VE PREACHED FOR SO MANY YEARS, but this is just not the place to preach it! Because here it cannot be done if you want to stay here and if you want to keep on witnessing and if you want to keep on helping these poor dear boys that we've already got!

       90. WE'VE DONE ENOUGH OF THIS attacking the clubs en masse and all, except on a quiet individual handful basis. [DELETED] They should never know what club we're going to next or when! We've quit doing anything organised or anything they can prove as any kind of organised action or "demonstration."

       91. WE'VE GOT ENOUGH CONVERTS, all we can handle right now under these conditions. About all we can do is try to train the ones we have, teach them and train them to be faithful witnesses and serve the Lord where they are, because they can't quit, they're not allowed!

       92. IF THEY QUIT, THEY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SERVE THE LORD AT ALL IN A PRISON CELL! Well you say, you can always work with the prisoners. Well, that's possible, but not quite as pleasant! Do you get what I mean?

       93. OUR KIDS HAVE HAD THIS DROPOUT DOCTRINE SO MUCH THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP PREACHING IT!--It's just ingrained in them! You're all doing it--I've caught you at it again & again! If you don't come out and say it directly, you hint at it, that that's what you think they ought to do. "Look the way we did! See how we did?"

       94. THANK GOD NONE OF THEM HAVE DONE ANY SUCH THING SO FAR, or we'd probably be somewhere else by this time! The last Colony that did that here, they closed them up and said they had to get out of the country in 48 hours!

       95. YOU'D HAVE A HELL OF A TIME GETTING ALL YOUR STUFF AND STAFF OUT OF THIS COUNTRY IN 48 HOURS! You'd probably have to leave the job up to the local boys to pack up your stuff and send it after you, if they weren't already in jail too. That's what you're risking the more you keep preaching like that!

       96. IT'S A HABIT, WE COULD PREACH THAT DROPOUT STUFF IN OUR SLEEP!--And we practice it too!--But we can't here! All we can teach here is God's Love, Jesus, Salvation, and we're even running a risk to do that! At one club we almost got thrown our for it! It's even risky to have a little loud singing and a prayer or two and shouting "Love"!

       97. "BUT THE BIBLE TEACHES IT! The Bible says so! I just gave them Bible! All I did was quote them Scriptures!"--Well maybe you quoted them wrong Scriptures in this particular situation! There are exceptions to almost every rule! Maybe in this case they just can't do it even if they would like to or love to, which I'm sure they would!

       98. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT GOD IS DOING TO US HERE: HE'S BROUGHT US ALL THE WAY HERE TO GET [EDITED: "RETRAINED"] AGAIN, IT'S STILL A REVOLUTION, WE STILL HAVE TO CHANGE and be willing to change! We've got to get [EDITED: "retrained"] here and convinced that the old methods that we used to use are not going to be possible under these new conditions.

       99. THE OLD WAYS WE USED TO DO IT ARE NOT GOING TO WORK HERE IN A NEW SITUATION! We have got to do something entirely different if we're going to survive and be able to carry on, something totally different!

       100. THAT'S WHY GOD'S LEADING US INTO THIS FF MINISTRY! Look at the miracles that have been accomplished already! I look at these guys and I marvel! I looked at those boys last night--God's helped us reap the cream of the crop here. They're probably the best boys in this country! That's why God led them to us, the real talent and leadership of the future!

       101. THEY'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO CARRY ON LONG AFTER WE GET THROWN OUT, just like we got driven out of Huntington Beach. Shad and all of them carried on for a long time after we were gone, until finally he got thrown out too and they all left! I don't know if anybody carried on after that.--Well, the Jesus People did, the weak ones who wouldn't forsake all like we did and follow Jesus.

       102. THEY STAYED IN CHURCH AND AT HOME AND ON THEIR JOBS, BUT THEY MADE QUITE A SENSATION there in Huntington Beach even after we left. They had thousands of them going to that guy's little church in Costs Mesa. They had 5,000 people at a time attending his church with only 500 of them inside and the rest of them standing around outside listening on loudspeakers!

       103. THAT WAS A RESULT OF WHAT WE STARTED THERE! They were the people that weren't the all-outers. The prophets left, but in a way they were our disciples and they went back to church because there was no place else to go. There was no longer us and the Club and so on. But we really were responsible--that was our secondary impact. We had a share in that fruit that he reaped because we had sowed it. I believe it!

       104. BUT NOT EVERYBODY CAN BE THE AVANTE GARDE, NOT EVERYBODY CAN BE THE FIRST TWELVE APOSTLES! As I've often said before, not everybody can forsake all and leave home and everything. Somebody's got to be our friends and kings and supporters and protectors!

       105. GOD'S GOT TO USE SOMEBODY WHO STILL "STAYS BY THE STUFF" (1SAM.30:24) IN THE SYSTEM! They can do better than you when it comes to talking to the people. In the first place they know the language better. In the second place they understand the people better, and they know what to say and what not to say better than we do! They've got a lot more wisdom about their own situation--this is their home, their country, their people.

       106. THAT WAS A MARVELLOUS TESTIMONY THAT THE DOCTOR GAVE the other night and was giving again last night about the marvellous change in himself and the peace he has now & what a difference it has made in his life! He says, "The Family saved my life! I was killing myself! You saved my life!--Literally!" What a testimony!

       107. THANK GOD FOR WHAT WE HAVE DONE! Thank God for the lives and souls we have saved! Thank God that we have led so many to the Lord who can carry on the work and witness to others--on the job, in the army, on the boat, in the schools, at home or wherever they are! Be thankful for that, that we have gotten away with that much.

       108. DON'T PUSH IT! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! As they say, don't press your luck, don't push it too far to where it's all nullified and they get thrown in jail and we get thrown out! That's why I have to stop preaching publicly--I cannot even get in front of a group but I have to explode, and that's dangerous, because they can hear me all over the city! I had to stop meeting, I had to stop teaching.

       109. THIS IS A TOTAL CATACOMB SITUATION, 100-percent catacombs! They cannot quit, they cannot drop out, they cannot leave, it's impossible! [DELETED]

       110. WE ARE [EDITED: "PENETRATING"] THE DEVIL'S SYSTEM AND CONVERTING HIS SUBJECTS, and thereby when Jesus comes we're going to overthrow it and have a lot of subjects waiting for Jesus to take over! Otherwise there wouldn't be anything for Him here to rule when He came! But we are going to [DELETED] take over the country when Jesus comes [EDITED: "returns after the resurrection of the just"]! They already have a whole big organisation, highly organised, officers trained so that when the invasion comes the Revolution also comes! They attack from the inside and they are ready to take over the country and run it!

       111. THAT'S WHAT GOD IS DOING WITH US RIGHT NOW THROUGHOUT THE WORLD: [EDITED: "PENETRATING"] THE WHOLE WORLD, saturating it with our doctrine, converting as many of its members as possible to Christ, so that we will have a readymade organisation for running the world when Jesus comes! Do you realise that? I don't think most Christians, I don't even think our own people realise how literal that is!

       112. I'M NOT JUST THEORISING, I'M TALKING ABOUT WHAT'S ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN JESUS COMES! All He's going to have to run the world with is us, besides the angels of course! But we are going to be His instruments, we are going to be His organisation, we are going to be the [DELETED] organisation that He's got already in existence and ready to go, to take over with plenty of loyal soldiers in the Lord to follow, praise God?

       113. IT IS YOU, YOU, THAT GOD'S GOING TO USE TO RUN THE WORLD, and He's getting you ready for it right now! But you had better keep your head pretty well [EDITED: "low-key"] now or it's going to get lopped off! Because the Devil and his System don't like you, so you better keep [EDITED: "unseen"] as much as possible and work [EDITED: "low-key"] without causing the Devil and his System too much trouble or being too obvious, or he's going to get rid of you!

       114. YOU CAN DO A LOT MORE FROM THE INSIDE THAN FROM THE OUTSIDE. You can reach a lot more if we manage to stay here and survive under the Lord's protection and stay free enough to keep witnessing. I think they've been pretty good to us, and they've just as good as said so already! Just don't push it or push them too hard to where the enemies will get so mad they will force them to force us out! Right? Praise God?

       115. AND IT'S FOR SURE YOU CAN WORK A WHOLE LOT BETTER OUTSIDE RIGHT HERE THAN INSIDE THE JAIL or outside the country, amen? what good did it do our boys to go down to a certain country and distribute literature where it was forbidden? They said, "But I'm obeying Jesus, I'm obeying Dad, and he said to litness!" but I said for God's sake don't litness in countries like that! So they got thrown in jail, and some of them spent a long time in jail, think of that!

       116. HOW MUCH BETTER IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NOT TO LITNESS AT ALL BUT JUST TO TALK TO PEOPLE about Jesus and God's Love and keep on the move or just keep [EDITED: "unseen"] and not make too big a stir or break the laws where they're going to have to go to jail! We are making a stir!

       117. LET'S GET REGISTERED AND RECOGNISED IF YOU CAN, SO WE'LL BE LEGALISED wherever you can and we'll be able to have classes and meetings and distribute literature and so on without a hassle, and be able to operate openly as a religious organisation. But even then I don't think we would be able to get away with getting these guys to quit their jobs and school and home and so on, that would still cause us trouble.

       118. LORD, BLESS US AND GIVE US GREAT WISDOM in a very touchy, ticklish, dangerous situation like this! Help us to be harmless as doves! Harmless to whom?--Harmless to others and to the System, so the System does not consider us any great danger.

       119. SO GIVE US THE WISDOM TO BE HARMLESS so that we're harmless enough that they won't feel like harming us! Give us the wisdom, Lord, to be patient, give us the wisdom to just have love and depend by faith upon Thy power to do the job by Thy Spirit. It is our job to witness, to bring the truth and to love.

       120. HELP US LORD, IN JESUS NAME TO DO IT IN SUCH A WAY THAT WE DO NOT OFFEND and draw the enmity of the System and make them feel threatened or harmed, which is not wisdom. Bless and keep us safely God bless us! Thank You Lord! Give us wisdom, lots of love and patience, above all, of all thy getting You said get wisdom, great wisdom Lord. Wisdom will give us love, Lord, humility, patience and faith to trust Thee.

       121. DO HELP THESE BOYS, LORD--they're in a difficult situation. Help us not to make it harder for them by preaching something they cannot do. Help us not to lay down laws for them they cannot obey and make rules that it's impossible for them not to break. Help us Lord to try to make their very difficult lives and difficult tasks a little easier.

       122. HELP US TO GIVE THEM GOOD TEACHING AND THE TRUTH AND SALVATION AND FELLOWSHIP AND FOOD and comfort and strength and courage, Lord, to have to live in the System and face it every day. Help us to try to make it easier for them. Help us in Jesus' name to do the best we can to help them all we can and love them all we can and to make it easier for them, not harder, in Jesus' name! Amen, thank You Lord! Praise the Lord!

       123. WELL, THAT'S A VERY VERY IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE THAT WE MUST OPERATE ON HERE. I told the girls we're not going to be able to ask these guys to quit their jobs and join our Colonies. Here, I said, you may even have to quit the Colony and join their jobs and go to live with them and help them on their job to be a good Christian and a good witness and help pull them through.

       124. THEY CAN'T QUIT AND JOIN YOU, SO YOU MAY EVEN HAVE TO HAVE TO QUIT US AND JOIN THEM! It's the truth, that's how God is operating this new System! If you can't lick 'em, join 'em! If we can't bring them into our Colony to live, then we're going to have to go into their Colony and live with them!

       125. WE MAY HAVE TO PLACE OUR [EDITED: "PEOPLE"] RIGHT INTO THE SYSTEM to convert and set up a little [EDITED: "organization"] right inside the System to keep our converts straight and convert more! That's the positive angle.

       126. WE CANNOT PERSUADE THEM TO AS GOOD AS BETRAY THEIR COUNTRY, because that's what it would look like to their country and their System. To join us would look like we're enemies to them. So we're going to have to be its friends and for sure not be their enemies, and at least not arouse the enmity of the System. We've done enough already just witnessing as little as we have and winning as few as we have.

       127. NOW WE'VE JUST GOT TO FOLLOW THEM UP AND MAKE THEM GOOD WITNESSES wherever they are so they can carry on no matter what happens to us. Some of us may even have to follow them right into the System and live with them and work with them right there in order to see it through and see them through, pull them through and make of them what they ought to be.

       128. THAT'S WHY OUR GIRLS ARE SO IMPORTANT. Marriage is a distinct possibility, because we believe that this may be the only way we're going to be able to do it. We're going to have to do it this way in some cases. However, we have finally come to the conclusion after much prayer and experience, that the best thing to do is:

       129. "RENDER UNTO CAESAR THE THINGS THAT ARE CAESAR'S, BUT UNTO GOD THE THINGS THAT ARE GOD'S!"--as Jesus Himself said (Mat.22:21). What do they owe "Caesar," the government, the System, society?--Their job, school, military service, family responsibilities, etc.--But what don't they owe "Caesar"?--Their free time, their nights, the place they live sometimes, etc.!

       130. THEY CAN GO TO WORK OR SCHOOL, ETC., IN THE DAYS AND LIVE WITH US AT NIGHT!--Even as they almost do already at the clubs half the night and in beds of love the other half! If they can't work with us, they can at least live with us!--Where possible, that is, of course, with those who are independent of home and family responsibilities. So if they want to marry our girls,

       131. LET 'EM MARRY IN AND NOT OUT! Instead of losing daughters, I'll gain sons!--Why not? If they're not that committed, they shouldn't marry us anyway! If they just want to steal our girls and are not interested in the Family or the Lord's service or fellowship, then they don't deserve 'em!

       132. IF THEY WANT TO MARRY US, THEY MARRY THE WHOLE FAMILY AND THE LORD!--Amen? After tried and proven and tested as to faith, motives, desires and loyalty--like any other live-in disciple--let 'em move in--not out! Amen?

       133. THEN THEY'LL ALL HAVE THE FELLOWSHIP, STRENGTH AND INSPIRATION THEY NEED AS BABES and be taught to serve the Lord along with their mates! They can go to work in the days and come home at night!--Amen?

       134. SO LET'S JUST MAKE IT A TRIAL MARRIAGE, NOTHING OFFICIAL, until they prove themselves, okay?--And if they don't, we've lost nothing, not one of our precious girls!--And maybe we've even added a few babies to the Kingdom of God! The Vestal Virgins did it! Why can't we do it for our God! Hallelujah?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family