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"A MISSIONARY'S PRAYER"--MO       May 17, 1975       DFO No.556
[DELETED] (Edited by Faithy and Ruthie Atlanta)

Copyright © November 1976 by the Children of God, C.P. 748, 00100 Rome, Italy.

       1. I'M SURE THE LORD MUST LOVE HIM AND HAVE A GREAT DEAL OF COMPASSION FOR HIM OR HE WOULDN'T HAVE SENT US HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Look at the mercy He's shown, look at the mercy and the love that the Lord has shown to send you all here to try to help him, so you know the Lord loves him. You know he's sincerely sought God, I mean he's desperately sincere.

       2. OF COURSE, HIS GOD IS HIS RELIGION IN SOME WAYS. We may be able to break through it, I don't know, it's such a thing with him I think he'd like us to streamline it, modernise it, update it a little bit. I've been studying a little on that, and Islam has gone through its trials and tribulations along that line. It's got all shades of opinions and beliefs, and they have the conservatives and the liberals. There are differences of opinion.

       3. BUT ANYWAY, HE IS APPARENTLY WORTH HELPING OR GOD WOULDN'T HAVE SENT US HERE, AND HE PROBABLY NEEDS HELP AND DESERVES HELP. God is trying to help him, and I think he's sincerely sought the Lord, and God is trying to answer and get through to him.

       4. OF COURSE, THE SAD PART ABOUT IT IS THAT IN THE END HE'LL TURN AWAY BECAUSE I THINK THAT HE FEELS HE'S GOT TO STICK WITH HIS RELIGION. But in the meantime God's giving him his chance and an opportunity and some help and showing him love and mercy, and even if he turns away, which in some ways he already has, as long as he still receives us, I feel like we ought to keep coming, as long as he holds the door open at all.

       5. I TOLD THE LORD, "IF HE EVER INVITES ME TO COME, I'LL COME," so I'm trying to hold to the written letter if he ever gave me an official invitation I would come, and he did, so praise the Lord. We know God loves him.

       6. (DAVID PRAYS:) AMEN, LORD, THANK YOU FOR THIS SWEET TIME OF FELLOWSHIP. Thank you for bringing us safely here by a series of miracles, Lord. Thank you Jesus, for keeping the family all this time while waiting, keeping the officials patient--at least they have waited, Lord, if not patiently. Thank you for bringing us here just in time. Thank you Lord.

       7. WE KNOW YOU MUST LOVE HIM AND ARE TRYING TO HAVE GREAT MERCY UPON HIM OR YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BROUGHT US ALL HERE. This house is nice, Lord, but we've got oodles of places we could go, castles and mansions, we've had whole towns offered to us, so we don't have to come here just to enjoy it, a place to stay.

       8. WE'VE REALLY COME HERE AT VERY GREAT SACRIFICE, LORD. We were really comfortable where we were with our precious loved ones and family, busy with our work and treated very well there by the government, a delightful climate, Lord, a beautiful place, everything our heart could desire and every need supplied, Lord, almost Heaven on earth.

       9. SO IT WASN'T BECAUSE WE NEEDED TO GO ANYWHERE OR WANTED TO GO ANYWHERE, but we've come here, Lord, for one reason alone and that is to try and help this dear boy, Lord, and his precious people and show them Thy love, how much You love them, and that there is a God of love above that does love them, and we're samples of Thy love.

       10. WE ARE TRYING TO HELP HIM, LORD, IN ANSWER TO HIS PRAYER, and we don't doubt the prayers of some of these sincere ones like the one we nearly tripped over coming into the lounge tonight, Lord, who was in the privacy of the lounge where he thought he could get away and pray.

       11. LORD, WE ARE SURE THAT SOME OF THESE ARE VERY SINCERE, THEY'RE REALLY CRYING OUT TO THEE FOR HELP, SO YOU'VE SENT THEM HELP, LORD. Some of them are not going to receive it anymore than the Jews received You, Jesus, Systemites, they're conservatives, conventionalists, they're not going to receive it, the self-righteous, Pharisaical.

       12. BUT THE POOR HUNGRY SINNERS AND THE HUMBLE ONES, LORD, ARE GOING TO SEE AND KNOW THAT THERE HATH BEEN A PROPHET HERE, and that there have been the prophets here who have prophesied Thy love and shown them. So we're a witness, Lord, here for those who receive it and against those who reject it.

       13. GIVE US THE GRACE, THE WISDOM, AS SHEEP AMIDST THE WOLVES IN SOME RESPECTS, LORD, wise as serpents, harmless as doves, loving and helpful and humble, trying to do all we can to do whatever we can to help whatever they've asked us here for. Thy will be done, Jesus.

       14. GIVE US GREAT LOVE LORD, GREAT WISDOM, PATIENCE, AND TO KNOW HOW TO GO OUT AND COME IN WISELY BEFORE ALL THE PEOPLE, and that we have a good testimony and are witnesses of Thy Love every moment of every day.

       15. PROTECT US, LORD, AS YOU HAVE. CONTINUALLY KEEP US SAFELY, Lord, we're in Thy hands. All his protection is of no avail, "except the Lord keep the city the watchman watcheth but in vain." So we know that only You can keep us, Lord, only You can build his house if he lets You.

       16. SO WE'RE JUST HERE TO WITNESS, LORD, AND TO DO WHAT WE CAN TO TRY TO HELP IF THEY WILL. However, even if they will not, Thy will be done. At least you will have done Your best and we will have tried and we will have felt satisfied that we have obeyed and at least thought of him enough to have delivered our own souls by being faithful witnesses.

       17. WE FELT THAT HE WAS REALLY IN NEED, LORD, AND NEEDED HELP AND WE COULD HARDLY HAVE REFUSED HIS CRY OF HELP. We just could not get out from under the conviction that if we didn't come, Lord, we would always be sorry and feel that we failed, wondered what we could have done if we had.

       18. GIVE US THY WISDOM, LORD, FROM ON HIGH TO KNOW HOW TO HELP HIM. Give us all wisdom, guard our tongues, everyone of us, Lord, to know what to say and to seek Thy face, Thy Holy Spirit, Thy words for the right things to speak about, comments, even the slightest suggestions, Lord, that we're not speaking from our own understanding and our own mouth but by Thy wisdom, Lord.

       19. THEY'RE LOOKING FOR HELP, ESPECIALLY HE'S LOOKING FOR REAL HELP, I REALLY BELIEVE HE'S HUNGRY FOR REAL DIVINE GUIDANCE, LORD, and thinks that he might find a little spark of something even in me as he saw in these here. He doesn't know just what it is but he likes it, he likes what he sees or he wouldn't have us here, and he'd like to have the same.

       20. WE KNOW IT'S YOU, JESUS, HE'LL NEVER HAVE IT WITHOUT YOU. So it's all in your hands, Lord. Give us all a good night's rest, Lord, safekeeping.

       21. JUST HELP US, LORD, TO FOLLOW YOU AND DO WHAT YOU WANT US TO DO AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT US TO SAY because we don't know any other thing Lord. We don't even know what to do except to follow Thy leadings in all of these things we have gotten. Even talking about it tonight we've gotten things in prayer on the situation straight from Thee, and we believe these are some of the answers.

       22. SO HELP US, LORD, TO SHOW THAT WE'RE REALLY HERE TO SERVE AND HELP. WE HAVE COME NOT TO BE MINISTERED UNTO BUT TO MINISTER, although they have certainly ministered unto our physical need, Lord, a very great hospitality and genuine consideration, Lord, help us to be just as considerate of their spiritual needs, Lord, just as thoughtful and mindful of their every need in you, Lord, so we may not miss a single cue or opportunity to do what we can, to say what we can to show we really love them and are trying!

       23. SO DO BLESS EACH ONE OF US HERE, LORD. We're sure this must be a very, very important situation, Lord, or You would have not brought all of this top leadership to this one place, a situation which, Lord, if he responds to Thy Love, could influence the whole world, and the whole world could hear about it.

       24. BUT EVEN IF ONLY A HANDFUL, EVEN IF JUST THOSE THAT HAVE ALREADY HEARD ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT EVER HEAR, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH THE TRIP FOR THESE, LORD, for us to be a witness here in this land to show them Your Love. We're here, Lord, we have obeyed, we've come, and now show us what to do, Lord, step by step, have Thy way.

       25. GIVE US REAL REST AND STRENGTH TONIGHT AND DO KEEP US RESTING AND TRUSTING IN YOU. Help all of these here to be quiet and considerate of the neighbours, not to be too noisy, consider the house that has been loaned to us, a very precious house to him we know, and to consider the visitors that come and be mindful of their needs. Give us the faith, Lord, and have Thy way in all these things.

       26. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US HERE SAFELY AND GIVING US THE STRENGTH TO MAKE IT, LORD. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! Praise You, Lord! In Jesus' name. Give us now the rest we need, give us the strength to minister tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, whatever You want us to do as long as you want us to do it, Lord.

       27. GIVE EACH OF THESE HERE THE GRACE, STRENGTH OF BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, ALL THE LOVE AND WISDOM THEY NEED, LORD, FOR EACH TASK, the humblest task of service here in the housework to the ministration of these kings and leaders who come. Help us, Jesus, precious Jesus! Thank you, Lord. In Jesus' name.

       28. BLESS OUR LOVED ONES, LORD, KEEP THEM SAFELY AND ENCOURAGE THEM, ALL OF MY CHILDREN, MY FAMILY AROUND THE WORLD EVERYWHERE. The sun never sets on them, Lord, around the world. Sometime at every day, every night, every hour, every minute, Thy children are busy somewhere serving You, Lord, spreading Thy message, showing Thy Love, reaping Thy harvest. Bless them and keep them, strengthen them, provide for them.

       29. TAKE US THROUGH THIS TRYING PERIOD NOW OF CHANGES, some are in a great deal of confusion and problems, but bring us through, Lord. We know we're going to have some phenomenal results You're going to bring as a result of our obedience, some of which we're already hearing about. Thank You, Jesus. Bless Thy children everywhere.

       30. HELP US TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO INSPIRE THEM AND ENCOURAGE THEM AND LEAD THEM THROUGH THY LETTERS, LORD. Help us to continue to be able to get them out and not be lax in our responsibility toward them, and to help on this local situation as well, in Jesus' name. Thank You, Lord.

       31. THIS MUST BE A VERY, VERY IMPORTANT SITUATION TO YOU, LORD. It's the first time anyone has ever been able to bring us out of our hiding, make ourselves known to anyone at all whatsoever, much less a Head of State, so it must be very important to You, Lord, and very important to him and to them, so help us, Lord, not to fail him In Jesus' name. Amen. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

       32. AS WE LIE ON THESE BEDS TONIGHT HELP US TO BE TRULY GRATEFUL, LORD, THANKFUL, NOT ONLY TO YOU, LORD, BUT ALSO TO OUR HOSTS who have been thoughtful enough to make all of this possible. Help us to give honour to whom honour is due, credit to whom credit, and to be thankful and to show our thankfulness. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family