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"THE SNAKE CHARMER!"--MO       Published November, 1976       GP NO.557

Copyrighted November 1976 by the Children of God

       (March 23, 1974--About a young doctor we met who was inexplicably fascinated by us!--A Scorpio!:)

       1. IT REMINDS ME OF THE MOVIE "SOLARIS": Out of the sea bubble there came a materialisation. There came the sudden bubble on the surface and it exploded, and in that sudden explosion there is a flash, a picture! Like an explosion--a flash of revelation--boom!

       2. I WAS ASKING THE LORD WHY HE WAS SO FASCINATED BY US. The Serpent and Pluto are his signs, because he has God-like characteristics. Pluto was a god most closely resembling the Devil in the category of the Greek or Roman gods--master of the nether world and symbolised by the Serpent.

       3. IN OTHER WORDS, HE'S CLOSE TO GOD HIMSELF and that's why he can go either direction, either become like the Serpent himself or, like the eagle, can fly far above--the eagle is always symbolic of Heavenly beings. He's extremely heavenly--or can be extremely earthly.

       4. THAT STRONG FEELING IS IN MY HEART. I was wondering why there is such a strong desire to know, and boom!--Just like that!--The bubble that conceals that terrific truth just rises up and bursts with the answer, just like that!

       5. WHAT IS IT ABOUT US? Here is a character inclined to be extremely independent and superior to almost anybody, and yet with us he's absolutely fascinated! Suddenly out of the bubble flashed this picture:

       6. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A SNAKE CHARMER? Here sits this yogi or whatever you call him--this swarthy little dark man in a turban playing music on his flute, and here rises the Serpent's head just a few inches away from him in front of his flute.

       7. THE SERPENT'S HEAD IS SWAYING BACK AND FORTH WHILE THE CHARMER IS SWAYING BACK AND FORTH PLAYING MUSIC. The Serpent rises to hear, and yet the Serpent is actually poised for attack. But he's virtually hypnotised by the music and the Charmer's eyes, almost like a battle of wits swaying back and forth between the two opposites of either hate or love.

       8. THE SNAKE IS ACTUALLY POISED FOR ATTACK but is so hypnotised by the Charmer's eyes and the music, that instead he's almost swaying back and forth with the Charmer, almost like he'd like to be lulled to sleep in kind of a loving trance. It's like he's poised for attack but his eyes just follow the Charmer's eyes, his tongue darting in and out.

       9. BUT HE'S ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY FASCINATED AND CHARMED BY THE CHARMER'S MUSIC and the rhythmic swaying of his body and the hypnotic gaze of his eyes. It's as though there is only one superior to the Snake himself, and that's his Charmer!

       10. IT'S ALMOST LIKE HE'S THE DEVIL AND THE CHARMER IS GOD, AND ONLY GOD CAN REALLY MASTER HIM! Nobody else, nothing else will really be his master. And yet he almost resents this fascination. He doesn't really like it, but he's so totally fascinated with curiosity, to try to understand it and understand himself, and why he's so fascinated.

       11. HE KEEPS ON GOING THROUGH THESE SESSIONS WITH THE CHARMER as though he's still trying to figure out what it is the Charmer has that he's so intrigued by, like he wants to understand himself, why he's so fascinated, and so he's poised as though to strike.

       12. HE'D LIKE TO SHAKE IT OFF BUT HE CAN'T, and it really bothers him. So he keeps going back for another session to see "What it is with this guy that fascinates me!"

       13. "WHY AM I SO FASCINATED?" It is like the scientist trying to figure out the effect on himself. It's almost as though he doesn't like these charming sessions, but he's irresistibly drawn and he actually seems to have no control. This is one area where he has no control.

       14. THE HAND OF THE CHARMER HIMSELF REMOVES THE LID OF THE BASKET and the Serpent is charmed right out of his nest--his nice little safe secure nest where he thinks he's got it all made and everything is under control. But it is really the Charmer that has him under control.

       15. IT IS THE CHARMER'S POWER! It is the Charmer who removes the lid of the basket--the Charmer's hand and the Charmer's music that coaxes him out of the nest--that coaxes him to rear his head--almost at first in resentment!

       16. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT FIRST FLASH, almost like an electrical shock, when we looked into each other's eyes and I heard him speak and we turned around and looked at each other and it was just boom!--Like that! It was like we were both instantly challenged and I was instantly drawn and he was instantly fascinated!

       17. THEN THE PICTURE ENDS WITH THE CHARMER STILL PLAYING HIS FLUTE with the one hand while he very very cautiously takes the lid of the basket and lowers it very slowly over the serpent's head and slowly pushes it back down into the basket, as though one little mismove could break the spell and be tragic for the whole operation. He lowers that lid so carefully and soothes him right back into his basket where he can feel at ease again.

       18. THERE IS HARDLY A MORE INDEPENDENT NATURE THAN THAT OF SERPENTS--they are so independent and normally rather repulsive. But here is this Serpent absolutely fascinated and hypnotised by the Snake Charmer! He just doesn't know why, but he keeps coming back for more! He wants more.

       19. THE SECRET IS THAT THE CHARMER HAS A GREATER POWER even than the Serpent, and the Charmer is really his owner, his master, and the only one to whom he surrenders--the only one for whom he'll go back into his basket and curl up there and be docile and content, like he's satisfied--he's had his little spiritual feast or visit.

       20. HE'S BECOME THE CHARMER'S PET! Instead of being the very dangerous venomous vicious Snake that he is, he becomes literally the little charmed and placated pet of the Charmer--but of only the Charmer! No one else has ever dominated him or has ever controlled him or ever got him back in his basket.

       21. ONLY THE CHARMER HAS THE POWER! But even the Charmer has to do it with great care, tremendous care and caution, like a battle of wits--literally a battle of spirits! And the Serpent has to be convinced with that sweet music that the Charmer means him no harm. He has nothing to fear.

       22. THE SERPENT IS VERY SUSPICIOUS AND KEEPS TRYING TO FIND SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT. But he has to keep hearing that music and know the Charmer still really loves him, and then he'll return to the basket and be content.

       23. THE CHARMER'S MUSIC IS NOT HIS OWN. IT IS A GOD-GIVEN POWER--IT IS SUPERNATURAL!--IT'S INSPIRED! It's a spiritual thing which he receives from above. The Charmer is like a magician who's been taught the secrets and how to use them.

       24. BUT HE'S BEEN TAUGHT BY SOMEONE SUPERIOR, BY A HIGHER POWER. It is a gift, a skill he had to learn from a master. No matter what the symbol of the zodiac sign or personality characteristics--no matter what creature is their symbol, it always has some master.--Someone is always pictured as their master-- someone who can control and master them, and this is what they need. Their Master symbolises of course the Lord.

       25. WHO IS YOUR MASTER? Who can charm that evil serpentine heart of yours with love and peace into obedience and rest? Have you found the Charmer of your heart, the Lover of your soul?

       26. THE CHARMER IS REALLY JESUS! Only He can break the Serpent's power in you life and woo you into His rest! Only He can play the music of love and forgiveness that will bring peace to your mind and heart.

       27. HAVE YOU FOUND THE CHARMER?--HE'S JESUS! You'll find Him in the Bible, John 3:16 & 36 and Rev.3:20 Yield to His music today! Let Him have full sway! Ask Him into your heart today!--And let Him charm your life alway!--And take the evil all away!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family