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"THE BATTLE FOR KATANGA & FAMAGUSTA!"--MO       14-4-77       DO NO.574

Copyrighted June 1977 by the Children of God

       1. INTRODUCTION: CALLED "THE BLACK HEART OF BLACK AFRICA," THE BELGIAN COLONY OF CONGO was freed in 1960 and immediately plunged into a bloody civil war between its most powerful tribes, principally the more numerous Congolese against the smaller Katangans of the south.

       2. MOSES TSHOMBE DECLARED KATANGA INDEPENDENT of Congo, which was disintegrating in chaos. Belgium backed Katanga to preserve its rich mines, but Lumumba, the Communist PM of Congo, pled for UN help to bring order and prevent Katangan secession and loss of the mines.

       3. THE U.S. SIDED WITH CONGO, itself anxious to get its greedy hands on those rich mines it had pressured Belgium to free along with its colony, so the U.S. too wanted UN troops (mainly U.S.!) to put down the Katanga rebels!--Strange bedfellows, the U.S. and the then-Communist-led Congolese!

       4. SO UN-U.S. TROOPS INVADED CONGO to fight for control of those rich mines in Katanga, and soon saw to it that the communist Congolese leadership was murdered and replaced with pro-U.S. men.

       5. AFTER A BITTER FOUR-YEAR WAR which nobody won, a deal was made to make Tshombe Prime Minister of a united Congo-Katanga and peace was agreed on in 1964 and the U.S.-UN troops were withdrawn, the mines secure!--And in 1965 Tshombe was formally elected Prime Minister.

       6. HOWEVER THE INDEPENDENT KATANGAN, TSHOMBE, WAS SOON DEPOSED by the more reliable pro-U.S. Mobutu, head of the Congolese army, whose cruel corrupt tyranny has been faithfully financed and backed by the U.S. ever since, with U.S. capitalists taking over the mines, of course!

       7. TSHOMBE'S FORMER KATANGAN ARMY WAS RUN OUT OF ITS OWN COUNTRY by the U.S.-backed Mobutu and fled into Angola for refuge where it eventually helped the Angolans free themselves from Portuguese rule, finally fighting side-by-side with their Cuban liberators!

       8. THE CRUEL AND CORRUPT U.S.-BACKED DICTATOR, MOBUTU, soon ordered the changing of the Christian names of formerly Christian Congo cities and people to heathen African names, proving himself totally Antichrist, and even ordered the ancient name of the Congo to be changed the Zaire, trying to erase every vestige of its Christian past and history!

       9. MOBUTU WITH THE HELP OF THE U.S. kept the poor native Katangans under a vice-like grip of suppression and oppression to make sure they did not rise again and endanger their U.S. master's newly-acquired mines!

       10. BUT RECENTLY, AFTER 13 YEARS IN ANGOLAN EXILE, THE KATANGAN ARMY INVADED THEIR OWN COUNTRY, now Shaba and part of Zaire, and were hailed by the populace as welcome liberators, and the corrupt and unpaid Zairian army crumbled and fled!

       11. SOON THE RETURNING KATANGANS HAD REGAINED A THIRD OF THEIR COUNTRY and were well on their way to retaking all of it with little or no opposition until they neared the U.S., French and Belgian mines!--That did it!

       12. THEN MOBUTU'S SCREAMS FOR HELP BEGAN TO BE ANSWERED! Planeloads of multi-million-dollar aid from the U.S., 1500 U.S.-armed and French-ferried soldiers from the U.S. colony of Morocco, more arms from Belgium and promises of more men, arms and aid from Egypt, Sudan and China--now all good friends of the U.S.!

       13. THE MINES MUST BE SECURE!--And no more of Africa must fall into communist hands! For if the poor communists got those mines, the rich capitalist powers knew they'd never get 'em back!--And of course the Katangans must be communists as they're poor and being helped by the poor Angolans, Cubans and even Russians!--So screamed Mobutu!

       14. ALL MOBUTU HAD TO DO WAS SCREAM "REDS!" and the capitalists poured in the power to help keep his own corrupt, bankrupt, tottering tyranny from collapsing on the throne of Zaire!

       15. BUT IF OUTSIDE CAPITALIST AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN POWERS can go to the aid of the U.S. puppet regime of Mobutu, why can't Angola, Cuba and Russia also aid the Katangans to regain their own homeland and free the capitalists' slaves!

       16. LET'S HOPE AND PRAY THEY DO, as I have prayed below, and perhaps the Battle for Africa has begun! Castro just spent ten days with his good friend Godahfi and stopped over in Conakry too! [DELETED]

       17. PRAYER 14-4-77 6-8 a.m.: SOMEBODY SHOULD KILL THAT MAN, MOBUTU! Curse him in Jesus' name! Deliver Thy people, deliver the poor! "Sic siempre tyranus!"--Thus always with tyrants!--That's what William Booth said when he shot Abraham Lincoln and it was the truth! He was a monster, a tyrant! He killed the South and started the Civil War! In tyranny he crushed the South by the Civil War. Lord, let the South crush him this time.

       18. LET THE SOUTH CRUSH THIS TYRANT! May right defeat might in Jesus' name! Lord bless Castro. Bless Godahfi. Bless the poor. Bless the Cubans and the Katangans and all those that are fighting for the poor. Rebuke the powerful and the mighty and the rich and the tyrants in Jesus' name! Hallelujah!

       19. YOU ARE GOING TO WIN THE BATTLE! Thy forces shall win, they shall prevail in the Name of Jesus. Surprise those God-damned French! Destroy those God-damned Moroccans! In Jesus' name! Confound their politics, confuse their knavish tricks! In the Name of Jesus we pray, Lord. One little man like me can pray in Thy Name and You can do it, Lord, because it's right! Amen.

       20. I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT: That country, so-called Zaire, is in total confusion! Mobutu is finished! He's screaming for his sponsors to save him. Nothing can save him now but a miracle, a miracle of God! But God's not going to have any mercy on him because he oppresses the poor.

       21. LORD DELIVER THOSE POOR PEOPLE FROM SUCH MONSTERS! Rebuke France, rebuke the Moroccans! In Jesus' name! Rebuke the United States, rebuke China for messing where they shouldn't be! Bless Castro, the friend of the poor and those precious Cuban boys. Encourage and strengthen them. They have a right to come out in the open and fight.

       22. HELP THE KATANGANESE. France is butting in! She has no more business down there than the Cubans and the Moroccans! France and Morocco are nothing but friends of the rich!

       23. GOD DAMN GISCARD D'ESTAING, PRESIDENT OF FRANCE! He took that thing into his own hands personally because he is a capitalist! Amen, Lord! Cause that to bring about his downfall! Defeat him in the elections! Give France to the socialists and the poor! In Jesus' name!

       24. (MARIA: DID YOU SAY YOU WERE THERE (IN ZAIRE) LAST NIGHT?) Yes, everything is in confusion! His government is about to fall. He's screaming like a mad man! He is a mad dog somebody ought to shoot in Jesus' name! Lord, let him be shot by somebody!

       25. DELIVER THOSE POOR PEOPLE FROM THEIR OPPRESSORS, worse than the colonialists that used to own them, worse that the Belgians! These men are mad dogs, Mobutu and his henchmen! Give the people weapons, Lord, to help themselves and deliver themselves in the Name of Jesus! (Abrahim: Lord, fulfil the words of Thy Father.)

       26. LORD, YOU ANSWERED MY PRAYERS FOR CYPRUS and gave the Turks the victory, the only way it could have been settled. Keep it that way in Jesus' name. Now deliver the Katangans the same way. Rebuke the big powers just like You did in Cyprus.

       27. REMEMBER, THE SWORD OF THE LORD WAS RAISED EVEN AGAINST THE MIGHTY AND THEY ALL FELL! God prevailed! Thank you Jesus!--And their oppressors were smitten and the poor delivered. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! And the great powers behind them were put to shame! Do it Lord! Do it right now for my sake to save the poor, Lord!

       28. (TONGUES--ABRAHIM: SHOW THAT THOU ART ON THE SIDE OF THE TRUTH AND THY WORD AND THY FATHER with seven kisses in Jesus' name!) How beautiful! How wonderful! How glorious is Thy sword bathed in the red blood of Thine enemies! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! How beautiful! How glorious! How wonderful! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Do it Lord! Bless Castro. Bless the Cubans. Lord bless the Angolans.

       29. BLESS THE KATANGANS who are fighting for the poor. Rebuke Mobutu! Curse him! Kill that mad dog and his henchmen! Rise up, O Lord, and deliver Thy children! rise up, O God, and resist these who fight against Thee and Thy poor! (Abrahim: Thank You for the Word of the Lord and your father!)

       30. LORD JESUS REBUKE D'ESTAING AND DEFEAT HIM! Deliver France into the hands of the poor! Lead Thy children. Guide Thy flock. Help me, O Lord, Thy leader, the tiny king of Thy so great people, Lord. I'm nothing, Jesus. You're everything. O Lord Jesus help me! Bless Thy children, keep Thy poor. Help us in Jesus' name!

       31. REBUKE THE ENEMY! Protect us. Hallelujah! What a relief! Makes me so mad!--The God-damned workers of evil! In the Name of Jesus, deliver O Lord! Bless the deliverers. Bless the succourors that succour the poor. Thank You Jesus!

       32. INTO THY HANDS ARE THY RICHES TO BLESS THE POOR from the ground Thou hast made.--They're Jesus' mines, you know, They're made to help the poor, not the rich. You know? But the rich have stolen them from the poor. Hallelujah! (Tongues--Abrahim: Now because of the prayers of Thy Father David, God is going to deliver them from the hands of the rich into the hands of the poor, in the Name of Jesus, as He did Cyprus from the Greeks to the Turks, form the rich to the poor, from the oppressors to the oppressed.) Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! In the Name of Jesus!

       33. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT FAMAGUSTA. I don't know what it is, but they're waiting for us. It was our city You gave us. Give it into the hands of them that deserve it to use it. (Abrahim: "How the Lord fulfils the Words of Your father!")

       34. THE TURKS NEED IT, LORD. The Greeks had it a long time. They were selfish with it. Now Lord, may the poor Turks enjoy it and help others to enjoy it. Put it back in use, Lord. In Jesus' name! Rebuke the powers that bind! Rebuke those evil powers that bind! You know what I mean, Honey Baby?

       35. IT'S SILLY TO HAVE A WHOLE CITY GOING TO WASTE! I like that city, and the Turks should use it. Nothing should go to waste in all my holy land. Maybe we'll have to go there and see them about it. maybe we'll have to go see the Governor. Maybe our Children could see him for me. Tell him God wants to use Famagusta.

       36. WHAT A TERRIBLE WASTE, ALL THOSE HOTELS AND EVERYTHING! They could make money for the Lord and for the poor. Beautiful city! I like it, but they shouldn't have built those hotels on the beach. Well, what's done is done. Praise You Lord!

       37. (TONGUES--ABRAHIM: PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE ANSWERS Thou hast given unto Thy father with many kisses!) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Oh thank You Lord! We need You Jesus! I want You Jesus. I prayed for you Jesus.

       38. SO DELIVER THE POOR FROM THE HANDS OF THEIR ENEMIES, TONIGHT Lord, right now, this morning, do it! Rebuke those God-damned Moroccans for horning in where they don't belong! Rebuke the God-damned French! Rebuke the God-damned Congolese and that madman Mobutu! Lord win the battle! You wait and see: He'll rise up and defend the poor.

       39. THE LORD WILL ANSWER THE PRAYER OF THE OPPRESSED and the supplication of Thy father for the poor and justify the righteousness of their saviours--Castro, Godahfi, Podgorny--saviours of the poor. In Jesus' name! Amen. Praise the Lord! It is done! It is finished. It is all settled. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       40. THANK YOU LORD FOR PRAYER that You answer the prayer even of Thy little one. (Tongues--Abrahim: You bless the word even of thy little father with kisses in Jesus' name!) Amen. It is going to happen, you wait and see. God is going to win against all the evil hands of the oppressors. Hallelujah! Amen?

       41. REMEMBER THE SWORD OF THE LORD? Well, it's still working! Hallelujah! So beautiful! So glorious! So mighty! So great!--Bathed in the red blood of His enemies! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Slay and slaughter them that oppress! Confuse them and destroy them and deliver Thy poor! In Jesus' name!

       42. MAKE THY POOR RICH. Make Thy poor rich with the spoils of the enemy. Give them the mines. Give them Kolwesi. Give them all Katanga, and not only Katanga but all the Congo, all the God-damned so-called Zaire! Give it all to them!

       43. GIVE BACK THE LAND, LORD. Give it back to the people, In Jesus' name. Take it away from the oppressors. Take it away from the cruel. Take it away from the mighty. Take it away from the rich and give it back to the poor, Lord. In Jesus' name! Amen. Hallelujah!

       44. I WANT TO SEE IT! I WANT TO WATCH IT! Tell me about it, please, Lord, like You did about Cyprus. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! What a satisfaction! What a contentment to watch the Word of the Lord command the people! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! In Jesus' name. Amen.

       45. JUDGE AMERICA TOO, LORD!--Show Thy Children Thy righteous judgement. Deliver Thy poor from their oppressors and rebuke the enemy. Show us, Lord, Thy mighty hand! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

       46. WE'D LIKE TO SEE IT LORD!--Like You immediately rebuked Tenerife and them which tribulated us with much, much trouble. God damn them! Thank You Jesus! Jesus help us to write it for Thy Children in Jesus' name, to tell them the truth. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! I'm tired but I'm so happy! What does it say?

       47. "THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND GIDEON!" (Abrahim: "Thank God for the faith of Your father!") Amen. I'm Gideon and that's the Sword of the Lord, and all I do is pray and it flashes! See? Watch it! Look! Did you see it? Boom, boom, boom,! Strike! Strike! strike! He wields it every which way! Slash! Slash! Slash! Jesus does it!

       48. ALL THE GIDEONS HAVE TO DO IS PRAY! And I pray, Lord, I pray! Deliver Thy children! Deliver Thy poor! Deliver the Palestinians! Deliver the Katangans! Deliver the Angolans! Deliver the Cubans! Deliver the Libyans! Deliver the poor!

       49. REBUKE THE GOD-DAMNED COMPROMISERS! Rebuke the so-called Christians who slaughter the poor! God damn them! Rebuke those God-damned anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"]! In the Name of Jesus! Show them who's Boss, in the Name of Jesus!

       50. THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND. They can't comprehend! But You told me, Lord, what happened. God bless the Syrians, Lord, who went to the help of the weak and the poor. Help them, Lord, in the Counsels of the Nations. Give them strength and boldness and conviction to stand up for the right! Rebuke [DELETED] those God-damned Israelis!

       51. (TONGUES--ABRAHIM: "VINDICATE THE WORDS OF THY FATHER, the words of Truth, the kisses of David!") In Jesus' name! In Jesus' name. Amen. Amen. It is finished. Hallelujah! The Lord's going to do it, you wait and see it. You watch! "Stand back and see Me fight," saith the Lord, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!"

       52. JUST LIKE YOU DID IN CYPRUS: Don't let them give up an inch! You won it, You gave it to them. Don't let the ungodly pressure them to give up one inch! You gave it to them by the Sword of the Lord. You won the battle.

       53. NOW LET THEM ENJOY THE FRUITS OF THE SPOIL! Let the Turks have Famagusta, let them use it for Thy glory. Vindicate Thy children, Thy servant, Thy poor and their deliverers! In the Name of Jesus!

       54. PUT FAMAGUSTA BACK TO WORK AND OPEN UP THAT CITY! We don't know why they're saving it. Deliver it in Jesus' name! It's my city I crowned with my presence--You gave it to me! Now I want you to use it, in Jesus' name, for those who need it, Lord, the poor tourists who need to rest.

       55. GOD BLESS THE TURKS, LORD, WHO NEED THE MONEY, THE POOR TURKISH CYPRIOTS. Bless them in Jesus' name, Lord. They were always in the minority, they were always the poor and the oppressed, the persecuted, the molested, the slaughtered.

       56. NOW GIVE THEM THE BEST OF THE ISLAND, LORD! They deserve it more than those God-damned Greeks who oppressed them so long. Give it to the Turks. Help them not to be afraid to use it.

       57. LORD, GIVE THEM THE FAITH TO USE IT. It is theirs, You gave it to them. Now help them to use it. Maybe we ought to go there and tell them that God said for them to use it. God doesn't like anything that's not used.

       58. HE GAVE IT TO THEM, AND THEY NEED TO USE IT FOR THE POOR TOURISTS WHO NEED HELP AND REST and sunshine and vacations, the poor working people who need to come there for a vacation nice and cheap. In Jesus' name help them to put it to use. In the Name of Jesus I want to see that city used for Thy glory! In the Name of Jesus!

       59. OPEN IT UP IN THE NAME OF JESUS! (Three loud claps:) We claim it for Thy poor with three great claps! We claim it in Jesus' name! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Oh that's nice!--So nice to know God is going to use it!

       60. REBUKE TOMAS AND TEACH HIM A LESSON and help him to yield to Thy Spirit. He was good to Thy children. Help him to see the truth. May we see him again. Help him to yield and surrender to the truth that the Turks deserve it. He was secret police for the Greeks but he loved us and was hungry for the truth. Now Lord show him the Turks deserve it. In Jesus' name.

       61. --AND DEAR MR. JEAN TOO! GIVE POOR MR. JEAN BACK HIS HOTEL.--And Ruth and Victor. Help them get back their hotel. I'd like to stay there. You promised if we'd delight ourselves in Thee You'd give us the desires of our heart, and I want to go back there and help Jean to humble his pride and yield to the Turks. Lord, he did try to be neutral. He did not like the fighting. He didn't like what the Greeks did. He didn't like the Pogroms (the massacres of the Turks by the Greeks). Help him, O God, to be willing to live under Thy conquerors that I gave the Island. Yes, it's my prayers. Don't you remember?

       62. I GAVE THE TURKS THE ISLAND. They could have all of it if they wanted to, of course. But they let the Greeks have some.--That's okay. But help them to keep what they've got. Help them not to budge one inch for that stupid idiot who wist not that the Spirit of God had departed from him because he disobeyed and oppressed the poor, the poor Turks! So God's blessing departed from him, from Makarios. God took it away from him and gave it to the poor because we prayed. Amen?

       63. IT'S A NICE ISLAND AND I LIKE IT! It belongs to Jesus and I want to go back there and see it again.--And I want to stay at the Ruvic Hotel with Mr. Jean. so I want to hear that it's opened up again. They won it, now it's stupid for them not to use it. Deliver Thy city! You gave it to the Turks. I want to use it. The tourists want to use it. We need it.

       64. HELP THEM TO HAVE THE FAITH AND THE BOLDNESS TO USE IT. Even if the Greeks run it, the Turks can still use it. You sent it, Lord, even if the Devil did bring it. It's a beautiful place and I love it. It's my city, You gave it to me. I was there. You blessed it with the presence of Thy servant, Thy prophet. Now give it back. I want to use it. Help my Turks to use it. Three years is too long!

       65. YOU TURN THE WHEELS OF THY OMNIPOTENCE ON THESE LITTLE SMALL KEYS OF FAITH LIKE MY PRAYERS! (Claps hands loudly seven times:) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Seven claps for Jesus! Give them the keys to the gates of the city to open them in the Name of the Lord! Deliver that city from the enemy! The enemy loves to waste, loves to hinder, In Jesus' name! (Claps again:)

       66. IT IS TIME RIGHT NOW FOR YOU TO OPEN THE GATES OF THE CITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS! We command Thou Thee to open the gates of the city! (Claps again seven claps three times in succession:) Deliver! Open now! In Jesus' name! Hallelujah! In the Name of Jesus! It is my city--I love it! Don't you remember it? Don't you like it? Don't you think they ought to use it?--So silly to have it all idle and going to waste!

       67. OPEN IN THE NAME OF THE LORD! Open Sesame! Open Sesame! Open Sesame! In the Name of the Lord! In the Name of Jesus! Help the Turks to keep it and open it and use it, and Lord, I want to go there and see it because I like it. You graced it with my presence.

       68. YOU GAVE US SYMPATHY FOR THE POOR. You gave us kindness for the oppressed and You gave us love for them which were in bondage and You answered our prayers, O God, and delivered them and gave them the spoils of their oppressors.

       69. NOW HELP THEM TO HAVE THE FAITH TO USE THOSE HOTELS even if they have to let the Greeks run them. They can at least open them up and use them for the poor and the poor British and poor Swedish that need to use them.

       70. YOU'VE ESTABLISHED PEACE UPON THAT ISLAND according to Thy Word and according to the revelations delivered unto me. You've established justice and righteousness and delivered the poor and rescued the oppressed.

       71. NOW O GOD, GIVE THEM THE FAITH TO KEEP IT AND TO USE IT. (Claps again:) Deliver that city! (Claps another time:) Open the gates! (Claps once more:) Deliver Thy children for its use! Deliver Famagusta! Put it back to work! I want to go back there again. In Jesus' name.

       72. I WANT TO SEE MR. JEAN AND RUTH AND VICTOR. Give them back their little hotel, Lord, in Jesus' name, so we can stay there again.--And poor Mr. Jean who works so hard!--Give it back to him and help him to use it again. Lord, You answered my prayers and gave it to the Turks. Now help him to humble himself and be willing to work under the Turks.--The other hotel owners too. Help them to humble themselves and submit and be willing to yield to their masters.

       73. THOSE GOD-DAMNED PROUD GREEKS!--Make them yield and use their hotels for the tourists according to the prayers of Thy Prophet! You did all the rest.--You could do this too! Bring to pass the words for Thy servant and Thy Prophet David. May we enjoy the fruits of our faith.

       74. ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL? Isn't that beautiful! Isn't it pretty!--Famagusta again! So pretty in the sunshine, and all busy again! Everybody happy! In Jesus' name, Lord, bring to life the city of the dead, this dead city that I love, that You graced with my presence.

       75. O LORD, BRING IT BACK TO LIFE! May it be used, Lord. Rebuke the stupid Turks who are afraid to take it by faith! They're so foolish because they don't have enough faith to believe that God has really given them Famagusta and they need to put it to work.

       76. IN THE NAME OF JESUS, OPEN AND LIBERATE THAT CITY and put it back to work for Thy glory! Such a waste! It's Your city.--Do what You want to do with it! Put it back to use for Thy Glory, in Jesus' name and in my name, David Your Prophet, because You promised to give it to me because I love it, Lord. Those poor simple dear Turks, so dumb and stupid!

       77. HELP OUR TURKISH POLICEMAN TO BE CHIEF OF POLICE and be a ruler, a friend that we gave knowledge to his son with many books. Help him to rule well, O God, with kindness and gentleness and justice. Give him power, O Lord. Give this Turk, Our friend, power. Make him chief of Police in Jesus' name! He loves us and remembers us that we were good to him.

       78. I BELIEVE IT! GOD CAN DO IT! He was kind to Thy servant, good to Thy Prophet, respectful, supplicative, he beseeched us. He besought us for help and we helped him and gave him what we could.

       79. NOW O LORD, MAKE HIM A MAN OF MIGHT, MIGHTY, O GOD, IN THE COUNSELS OF THE POOR! Give him wisdom O God, help him to rule over Thy people. Deliver him O Lord! Give him strength, show him the way. In Jesus' name. And help him to receive us again. Put him in a place of power, of responsibility. You can make him Chief of Police.

       80. (CLAPS:) MAKE HIM CHIEF OF POLICE! You promised, O Lord! You said, "I will do it"--to defend us, deliver us. Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! Maybe I have to go there to tell them God wants to give them this city. God has already given them the city.--They need the faith to use it.

       81. MAYBE I'LL HAVE TO TELL THEM that I am David, the Prophet of God, and that I prayed for their victory and God gave it, and they must not let the Devil steal the fruits of victory or deny them the spoils of war, God's war against the enemy.

       82. GOD GAVE THEM ALL THE BEST PARTS OF THE ISLAND, FROM KYRENIA TO FAMAGUSTA, ALL THE PARTS WE LOVE! God damn Nicosia because of their perfidy! Who cares for Nicosia? Let the Greeks have Nicosia! So what? God damn them! Such perfidy! Thank God He gave the Turks the best part of the Island in answer to our prayers!

       83. (CLAPS AGAIN SEVEN TIMES:) HALLELUJAH FOR THE SEVEN SMITES OF GOD! So wonderful! I want to go back there and see Mr. Jean. Help him to get back his hotel. He needs it. Thy will be done. Wake up the Turks to have faith to take the city and use it for Thy glory!--Even if the Greeks run it. Such a waste! The poor Scandinavians and English need it.

       84. IT'S YOUR ISLAND, YOUR CITY, YOUR SUNSHINE, YOUR BEACH AND YOUR SEA! In the Name of Jesus! Give those Turks more faith to keep what You gave them. Makarios had it long enough! He was an unfaithful steward. He did not do justice to the oppressed and the poor and the persecuted Turks. He was proud and pompous and selfish. Rebuke him in Jesus' name! Don't let him have another inch, not one inch! In Jesus' name!

       85. I WANT TO DELIVER MY CITY FAMAGUSTA FROM THE GREEKS TO THE TURKS! Jesus gave me a whole city and the Turks are waiting for me to come there and liberate it!--Isn't that funny?

       86. ISN'T IT RIDICULOUS!--I MEAN, IT'S A MIRACLE!--THREE YEARS IT'S BEEN A GHOST TOWN! I have to go back and argue with the Governor that he's got to put it to use. I prayed for the victory of the Turks. Why do I have to go and tell them? Lord, You could tell them. Jesus did it!--He answered my prayers! Why doesn't He open it without me?

       87. O LORD, HELP US LORD! Help us to know why You do it that way. Why does God have to send us back there to open that city, to get the keys of the city from the Mayor to open it for Thy children? I know God could do it. But we have to do it. We have to liberate it. God's given them the best parts of the Island because of my prayers! So hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

       88. IF ONE-FIFTH OF THE PEOPLE HAVE 40-PERCENT OF THE ISLAND SO WHAT? IT'S GOD'S DOING! The Greeks had everything their way for a long time and they were very mean and cruel to the poor Turks!--Now the tables are turned and God has His way! I want to see that Island used for God's glory, all of it! In Jesus' name! Amen, amen! Amen? Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Oh Honey, I'm so tired! O Jesus, precious Jesus!

       89. ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL PLACES THAT I LOVE ON THE MEDITERRANEAN! God bless those dear Turkish Cypriots. Thank You for answering my prayer and giving the victory, Lord! You've given them everything I asked for, all the best places on the Island, the cities that I love, Kyrenia, Famagusta, and half of Nicosia! Now Lord, give them the faith to use it in Jesus' name. Deliver Lord, for Thy glory!

       90. I THINK I'M GOING TO HAVE TO GO THERE TO TELL THEM. I don't know why they don't have the faith! It's so stupid for them to think they have to keep it vacant like that when they need to use it! I have to go there and tell them. In Jesus' name, amen. I have to go there and tell them.

       91. LORD YOU PROMISED, AND YOU HAVE TO DELIVER AND LIBERATE THAT CITY! Liberate it! Deliver it! Loose it and let it go, so it can be a blessing to thousands of poor tourists and labourers who need rest and sunshine and bathing, vacations. O God, deliver in Jesus' name! Rebuke the enemy!

       92. LORD, WHERE IS THE FAITH OF THE COMMANDERS?--DELIVER THEM LORD! Rebuke their unbelief, in the Name of Jesus! Help the Turks to put Famagusta to work. Let the Greeks come back in and serve their masters and their conquerors, the Turks. Liberate those hotels! Use them for Thy glory, Lord, in Jesus' name!--Amen.

       93. (PRAYER April 18, 1977.--After the bad news that not only France and Morocco but also Belgium, Egypt, Sudan and China were all sending help to corrupt Zaire against the poor Katangans!--All pro- U.S. friends getting into the act!)

       94. DELIVER THY POOR, LORD! Lord, if You don't deliver them, You failed me. God damn those Moroccans! Lord help them to slaughter them! How could the Lord fail me? I don't see how He could fail me. Jesus rebuke all those powers, all those great powers, all those great powers, Lord. Deliver Thy little ones in Jesus' name. Amen, thank You Jesus!

       95. LORD, WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR, LORD? They should have taken it over when they had it. Lord, give them more faith, give them more faith, give them more faith. Give Castro more faith, Lord, to know that he's Thy emissary, Lord, Thy sword, Lord, in Jesus' name. Deliver, Lord, in Jesus' name. They're Thy children, they're Thy people, in Jesus' name.

       96. REBUKE THE ENEMY, LORD! Deliver in the Name of Jesus! Rebuke those God damned Moroccans, those God-damned French, those God-damned Egyptians, those God-damned Sudanese, Lord, in the Name of Jesus!

       97. DELIVER THY LITTLE CHILDREN, THE KATANGANESE, IN JESUS' NAME! Right now deliver them, Lord! We claim it Lord! Give Castro the faith. Give the Cubans the faith, Lord, to march right in. Lord, everybody else is interfering, they can march right in.--why not? In Jesus' name help them, Lord.

       98. I WISH I HAD SOME HOT LINE TO [EDITED: "SOME WORLD LEADERS"]! I wish I had some way I could give them advice, some way I could get through to them. Isn't there some way I could do it? They've got to be told what to do, Honey, by God's Prophet. They have to know what to do.

       99. THEY HAVE TO WORK BY FAITH. When they lose their faith, they stop. They should have gone right on in and taken Kolwesi.--Instead, they stopped for two whole weeks! That gives the enemy time to get in, isn't that terrible? Lord Jesus help them!

       100. O GOD DO A MIRACLE!--GIVE THEM THE BATTLE! Lord Jesus give them the battle! Answer my prayer, Lord, for my sake, in Jesus' name! If for nothing else, Lord, do a miracle for me. I want them to have it, in Jesus' name.

       101. REBUKE ALL THE ARMIES OF THE ALIENS, Lord, and give it to them, to them whose it is--it's theirs. God damn the interferers, God damn the U.S., God damn France, God damn Morocco, God damn Egypt, God damn China and all the rest of them! They don't belong there.

       102. IT BELONGS TO THE KATANGANS! In the Name of Jesus, give it to them, Lord. God damn all the rest of them! Lord, You can do a miracle somehow and give it to them anyhow through the prayers of Thy Prophets. In Jesus' name. Have Thy way, Lord.

       103. IF YOU DON'T ANSWER the prayers of Thy people, then blot me also out of Thy book! In Jesus' name, I want to hear something. I want to hear how the Katangans are winning! In Jesus' name, deliver Lord Thy children for Thy glory and for Thy Servant's sake. In Jesus Name, Amen.

       104. (P.S. MAY 17: THE BATTLE FOR KATANGA IS STILL RAGING! It is said that the Katangans are being pushed back by the Moroccans, but with bitter fighting.

       105. IT IS ALSO ADMITTED that the Katangan freedom fighters could easily have taken the mining center of Kolwesi if they'd kept on pushing forward without opposition as they did in the first phase of the liberation.

       106. BUT THEY STOPPED FOR TWO WEEKS to consolidate their gains and establish a new government for the liberated areas to prove they were not just after the mines, and this gave the enemy time to seek and get aid to retaliate.

       107. BUT THE BATTLE FOR AFRICA IS NOT OVER YET! A few temporary defeats have not lost the war! It may not be this time and it may not be soon, but I believe God is going to answer our prayers for the poor.--Do you?

       108. --THEN WHY DON'T YOU PRAY TOO! Amen? Jesus never fails! God bless you!--And Africa and Cyprus, and may God help all the poor Third World to know and love Him through His Son Jesus and His and your love!)

       109. --AND REMEMBER: GOD GETS HIS GREATEST VICTORIES OUT OF SEEMING DEFEATS! It takes an impossible situation for God to work a miracle! Mocumba's African people will yet be set free! Hallelujah!--Do you believe it?--Then pray!)

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family