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"WRATH OF GOD, THE!----MO        March 5, 1977       DFO NO. 577

--More Prayers Against our Enemies--and the Results!
       Copyrighted May 1977 by the Children of God

(February 28, 1977: The occasion of our first Court summons for "Public Scandal" for FFing!")

       1. YOU SAID, LORD, YOU WOULD TRIBULATE THEM WHICH TROUBLE US! You said You'd "curse them which curse you"! (Gen. 12:3.) I curse them, Lord! I damn that Judge that calls me into court! Curse him with lots of sicknesses--and Santa Cruz and Madrid that cause us so much trouble! Did you know Madrid is going to be cursed just because this little one said so?
    (This was in the early morning, March 5th, several hours before we went to Court for FF­ing--David prays:)

       2. I WANT TO SEE THE UGLY FACE OF MY ACCUSERS! God will damn them! They've stuck their finger in God's eye and I want to see it! "Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked!" (Ps.91:8.) Give me this kiss of pleasure to your Father David to behold their destruction, them that wish to destroy me, and I wish to watch it! (Tongues--Abrahim: "This shall I give to the favour of your father David!")

       3. I WISH TO BEHOLD THE UGLY FACES OF THESE LIARSthat I may accuse them and curse them! (Gen. 12:3.) Oh God, give me this pleasure that I may spit in their faces! "For they have wicked the messengers of God and despised His words and misused His prophets until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people till there was no remedy!" (2 Chron. 36:16.) Please lie down, Honey, please kiss the will of your father.

       4. I HOPE TODAY TO EXPOSE THE UGLY FACES OF MY ENEMIES! It is worth the trip to Court if I can expose to the world the ugly faces of my accusers. Hallelujah! (Abrahim: "Kiss and kiss and kiss over again the words of your father!--'And they will know that there bath been a prophet among them!'") (Ezek 2:5.) Amen! It's so wonderful!

       5. HELP HER TO REST4. , to be my strength tomorrow, my companion in affliction. You've always been with me, I couldn't do without you. This is the agony, this is the sorrow, the fear of your father. That's all I fear, that they'll take you away from me. I don't care where I am, even in death, if I have you.

       6. WHEN I DIE WILL YOU PLEASE BE NEAR ME? I don't see how I could stand to go to prison without you. I'll write you a letter, I'll write you a lot of letters. God damn them in Jesus' Name! (Mk.16:16 & 2 Thes.2:12.) I curse them! (We agree together to curse our enemies in the Name of Jesus.)

       7. I'M SORRY, I GUESS I'M NOT SO LOVING AS JESUS--I'M MORE LIKE KING DAVID (I Sam.26:19.) Jesus could forgive His enemies, but I curse my enemies. But. God said David was a man after His own heart, so maybe I'm more like God that curses and hates His enemies. Maybe I'm more like God, 'cause I want to curse them for hurting my little ones! They love us so much, like sheep having no shepherd. They look for a liberator.
   (This is after the day in court:

       8. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FEELS WE ARE A THREAT to their church. We've already blown this Island apart! I always wondered about that vision of me on the hill­top, and I told you before I thought it could be symbolic.

       9. I'VE ALREADY WARNED THESE PEOPLE to flee from the wrath to come, but the way they're treating me (the officials) they've already almost killed me twice, last Monday and today! It's a real strain! It might be better to get out before there is a court order making it impossible for me to leave!

       10. (A DREAM AFTER THE DAY IN COURT 8. , in the evening of March 5th:) We'd been summoned back up to the Judge's office again. But then the next time when they were through with us, they didn't just dismiss us and let us go out the front door. They let a few of us out a back door, and across a courtyard and a little group of us through a big iron gate, a wrought iron garden gate in the big wall surrounding the yard.

       11. 8. AT THE GATE YOU ALL KISSED ME GOODBYE TEARFULLY. Then they ushered you all out the gate and closed the gate behind you with a clang--and I was left inside! That's all there was to it, I woke up immediately, It was all nice and quiet, they were even sort of polite.

       12. THEY LET YOU OUT, BUT ME THEY KEPT INSIDE! I'm sure they'd love to do that, from that guy's attitude today! That Judge was fierce!

       13. WE'RE NOT WICKED 13. and we haven't done anything wrong, 1 but sometimes it's better wisdom to run away so we can live to fight another day. I think it all depends on whether the Lord wants me to die here as a martyr to the cause. But what good would that do you or the cause unless it's my time to go?

       14. IT ALL SEEMS LIKE A BAD DREAM! I could hardly believe my ears when that Judge started 1 spouting off and shouting at me! It shows it's all a religious controversy. Oh my God, save me, help me, strengthen me! I need You Lord, I need Your help. Either help me to overcome the enemy or help me to escape from his clutches. (We read Psalm 18 i and Psalm 21 together.)

       15. IT'S JUST LIKE THE RICH SYSTEM: THEY ARE THE OPPRESSORS OF THE POOR! 13. Only You can do it, Lord, I haven't the strength nor the power nor the wisdom. We'd like to just leave if they'd let us. Lord, we've done our best to present Thee and extol Thy name. I'm not perfect and I've possibly made some mistakes, but we ask You to forgive 1 us and deliver us in Jesus Name.

       16. YOU'RE THE ONE WHO TAUGHT ME HOW TO MAKE WAR, and now You've got to save me. You had me declare war on the enemy, Lord, and now You've got to win the victory over them. Help the poor and innocent, the ignorant, the dumb sheep in between us and our enemies. Deliver these poor dumb sheep out of the hand of the enemy. Show them the truth.

       17. VINDICATE THY SERVANT AND THY HANDMAIDENS LORD! Show these poor dumb sheep who is right and who is wrong, that they may know the truth and the truth shall set them free! Show them somehow, give them some sign, some way to see who's right, Lord. You promised. Show them, Lord, help them to believe.

       18. BLESS DEAR JOSEPH THE POLICEMAN 18. who suffered so much for his faith in refusing to be a Catholic and refusing to do things he didn't think he should do, undoubtedly things that weren't right. God bless him for his convictions, his faith, and even his sympathy for us, the outcasts, for he himself is an outcast.

       19. LORD, BLESS THOSE THAT HAVE RECEIVED US 18. and given us hospitality, this city. Bless this city, Lord, bless this hotel, bless this club, bless this cafe and all of its workers who love us, all these precious people of Puerto who have been hospitable to us, good to us and sympathetic and who have received us and blessed us.

       20. BUT JUDGE THAT PROUD STIFF RICH AND POWERFUL smug self-righteous hypocritical Capital, Lord! I feel such darkness everytime I go to that city, such darkness, like going back one hundred years into the past! I feel such darkness there! All those that live in darkness have seen a great light, but they have rejected it! They have rejected it and refused Thy Prophet.

       21. THEY HAVE REJECTED THE WORD OF THE LORD AND MISUSED THY PROPHET. "For they have mocked the messengers of God and despised His Words, and misused His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people till there was no rememdy!" (2 Chron.36:16.)

       22. THEY MADE FUN OF OUR GIRLS, slandered Thy children and Thy handmaidens and said nasty things about them, called them prostitutes! Prostitute them, 0 God, the Enemy, the devils, the whores, the prostitutes of the church, that so-called church, the Great Whore, the Great Prostitute that has prostituted men for ages!

       23. JUDGE THEM LORD! Show the little ones, the lambs, the children. Spare Thy children, spare Thy children, Jesus. Spare Thy children, Lord. Jesus spare Thy children in the Name of Jesus!

       24. WE HAVE HERE TWO WITNESSES: "Let it be established in the mouths of two or three witnesses." (Mat.18:16.) Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! You promised, Lord: "If any two of you shall agree on Earth as touching anything that they shall ask in My Name, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven." (Mat.18:19,) Lord Jesus, thank You, Lord! (We join hands:)

       25. SO WE ASK TOGETHER RIGHT NOW IN JESUS' NAME THAT THOU_ SHALT DEFEAT THE ENEMY! Vindicate Thy servant and Thy children, show the people who is right, Lord, show the people who is right. You really vindicated us in the United States by the downfall of Nixon. People didn't believe us, but You embarrassed our accusers and humiliated them and humbled them when they found out we were right, so that they even wrote to us and said they were sorry.

       26. YOU BROUGHT DOWN THE HIGHEST in that country, our highest enemy, and You defeated his minions, both Nixon and Reagan, our bitterest enemies, and brought them down in humiliation. Both were defeated and their whole party defeated, all their followers defeated, some of our bitterest enemies, the rich and the powerful!

       27. AND YOU CURSED THAT CITY OF NEW YORK that harboured the charges against us, and the people behind them, and now it is bankrupt with all kinds of problems! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       28. AND YOU'RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO CALIFORNIA TOO and those cities that gave us so much trouble, and You probably already have--Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa and places that persecuted us. We want to hear about the defeat of our enemies and see it as an encouragement to us. (They're having a terrible drought!)

       29. HELP, LORD, HELP DELIVER US OUT OF THEIR HANDS! Lord, deliver us out of their hands, in Jesus' Name, and in such a way as to glorify Thy name and Thy truth, Lord. You can do miracles, Lord. You said to obey the powers, but when the power is cruel and misuses Thy children, the power is evil! So we ask You to destroy it, destroy it!

       30. SHOW THE POOR THAT WE'RE ON THEIR SIDE, the oppressed, that You're on their side, Lord. Rebuke their oppressors, Lord, in Jesus' Name, them who grind the faces of the poor. Rebuke them, Lord, in Jesus Name! Jesus, precious Jesus, deliver Thy children, Lord! Lord God, do it, Jesus!

       31. LORD, AS MOSES PRAYED, if Thou shall not save Thy own people, then blot me also out of Thy book! You're not our God if You fail us! We don't believe You're going to fail us, Lord. We pray for You to save us. We've cried unto Thee, 0 Lord, we've turned to Thee.

       32. WE TURNED TO THE ARM OF FLESH AND IT FAILED US, THE LAWYER FAILED US! (He didn't even show up!) We've turned to the physician and he's failed us, or it looks like he's failed us. Lord, give him some guts, Lord! You can inspire him with a little more faith and courage and guts!

       33. AMEN JESUS, IT'S ALL IN THY HANDS, we're in Thy hands, it's up to Thee.

       34. THAT JUDGE 33. seldom looked me in the eye, very little, he was ashamed. Only when he got real demon-possessed, then his eyes practically glared like he was mad! Rebuke Oplexicon in the Name of Jesus! May he fall backward flat on his face!

       35. SHOW THIS COMMUNITY WHO IS RIGHT! We've witnessed here faithfully for Thee for three years. Show this community who was right--the judge and church or me and us. Vindicate Thy Word. Thy witnesses. Even if you don't want to save Thy servants, do something to show the people that judge is wrong.

       36. JUDGE HIM 33. in the Name of Jesus according to Your Word. Make him fall flat on his back so he can't go to court! You can make him too sick to go to court, Do something, Lord, do something!

       37. SHOW THESE SIMPLE CHILD­LIKE FAITHFUL PEOPLE WHICH IS RIGHT, Many of them are torn between the two--they like us and they like our doctrine and our practices and know we're living it. Yet they're so indoctrinated, Lord, so programmed for that other horrible religion! Deliver them out of that darkness, Lord, such darkness! In Jesus' Name! Hallelujah, thank You Lord!

       38. YOU DID IT FOR ELIJAH on Mt. Carmel and proved who was right--the Prophet of God or the servants of Baal! In Jesus' Name, do it Lord! Vindicate Thy servant, Thy prophet, Your voice, Thy message, Thy truth, Lord, in Jesus' Name!

       39. DO IT LORD! We have looked for a friend and have not found one that could defend us, who was powerful enough or strong enough or courageous enough to stand for us. But Lord, Thou canst! Break them and smite them without a hand by Thy own hand to show the people it is a miracle from the hand of God, in Jesus' Name, do it Lord!

       40. (AND HE DID!--THE CRASH, THE FLOODS ETC! PTL!) 38. Please, Lord. Lord, if you let him smite us it will encourage him to smite others of Thine, the poor, thinking he can get away with it. He said I was going to hell, but he is the one that's going to hell!

       41. THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU LORD! Amen. It is time for You to show Your strong arm and Thy mighty sword and smite the wicked! They've touched Thy prophet Lord, they've thrust their finger into Thine eye. Now vindicate Thy Word, Lord.

       42. I'VE TOLD ALL THESE LITTLE ONES they dare not touch Thy prophet unscathed. You didn't say they wouldn't touch us, but You warned them not to touch us: "For he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of Mine eye!" (Zech. 2:8.) They have touched me, Lord. Now Lord touch them accordingly with Thy little finger more powerful than all! Thank You Jesus! Amen Lord Jesus!

       43. HELP US TO ESCAPE OUT OF THEIR HAND. (And He did, thank God!) Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Smite their temples of darkness, Lord! Show, Lord, that Thou art against them. Smite their priests of lies, show that Thou art against them! Smite their false prophets, show that Bishop Thou art against him in Jesus' Name!

       44. SMITE THAT JUDGE if he doesn't leave Thy servant alone! You could cut off that finger that he's sticking in Your eye, the man who rejected us with such hatred and such cruelty! Rebuke that maid that lied about us and spoke against us! May she receive in like kind. Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Amen, Lord. You said,

       45. "STAND BACK AND SEE ME FIGHT! This is My battle, not thine!" "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!" (2 Chron.20:15, Ex. 14:13,14 & Rom.12:19.) Okay, Lord, we'll stand back now and see Thee fight. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! That's a good verse, I never thought about it that way:

       46. WE'RE GOING TO SEE THEE FIGHT, this is what I ask for. I want to see You fight and demonstrate Thy mighty power! I want to see it Lord! Do it like You did it for Elijah Thy prophet. Thank You Jesus! In the Name of Jesus, Lord. Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       47. GIVE ME FAITH, LORD, take away the fear. Help me, Lord, give me rest, take away the worry, rebuke the enemy's lies, rebuke the enemy and his lies, Lord, in Jesus' Name. Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! Amen, amen, thank You Jesus!

       48. AMEN, LORD, you DO IT! 47. We have done what we can: We've tried to get help, but none have risen up to help us, Lord. You're all we have left, only Thou canst save us and rebuke the Enemy. Rebuke that vicious cruel man with the viciousness and cruelty that he has meted unto others! If he would treat a poor sick old man like he treated me, we're sure he's oppressed others, the poor and afflicted.

       49. THANK YOU JESUS FOR MARIA. 47. Bless her for her faithfulness. Thank You for her confidence in Thy Word, for her faithfulness to Thy servant, to lift me up in time of need, to encourage me, to stand by me, Lord, and pray for me. Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Bless her Jesus! Thank You Lord for the faith of this little one, she that has stood by me so long and seen me through thick and thin.

       50. AMEN, LORD, WE ARE IN THY HANDS. We've done as Thou hast bidden. We've prayed and cried unto Thee and know that Thou hast heard us. Now Lord, it is Thy task to perform Thy will. Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! In Jesus' Name, amen.

       51. PLEASE GIVE ME REST, LORD. I need rest and strength. You promised that, "As thy days, so shalt thy strength be." (Deut.33:25.) We thank Thee for seeing us through this day. We are afflicted, Lord, but not cast down. We're oppressed, Lord, but we're not crushed. Praise You Lord, thank You Lord, Hallelujah!

       52. THANK YOU LORD! 47. Where art Thou,O God? Come and save us in Jesus' Name! Bless them that bless us, and curse them that curse us! You promised it Lord, in Jesus' Name. Maybe the Lord's been waiting for this prayer, a real cry of desperation!--Amen.

       53. (THEN HE PRAYED ON MARCH 22, 1977, at approximately 6 a.m.--just 5 days before the world's worst air crash there!:)

       54. LORD, I WANT TO SEE THEIR DESTRUCTION in a way that will be a testimony to Thy power. Vindicate Thy Word. Vindicate Thy Servants. Destroy our enemies before our.eyes as a testimony and in a way that they will know God was against them and the Bishop, and for us.

       55. PLEASE DO IT SOON, LORD. (The great air crash occurred only five days later!) Help them to know they can't get away with treating Thy servants this way. Strike them down soon, Lord, in Jesus' Name. They touched Thy anointed. They harmed Thy prophets. You promised, Lord, You promised! You promised, Lord, if they touched us, they touched Your eye!

       56. SHOW THE KIDS, LORD! Do something to encourage the kids in Jesus' Name, to show that You're with us, in Jesus' Name. They (our enemies) stuck their finger in Your eye, Lord.--And now sock it to them in Jesus' Name!

       57. I WANT TO SEE IT! I want to hear about it! (We've seen the pictures, we've heard the news!) I was faithful to You, I was faithful in proclaiming the Truth. We showed Your love, Jesus. It's Your work and we suffered for it. Now You make them suffer! Show the kids, Lord.

       58. SHOW IT PAYS TO STAND FOR THE TRUTH, it pays to show it, Lord. It pays to even suffer persecution in Jesus' Name. Help us to "Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for so persecuted they the Prophets which were before us!" (Mt.5:12.) I want to see You do something to them to vindicate us and Your message!

       59. ENCOURAGE THE FAITH OF ALL THY CHILDREN 57. and all those babes and all those men. Show them somehow that You're on our side, Lord. Vindicate Thy truth in Jesus' Name.

       60. YOU CAN'T LET THEM (OUR ENEMIES) GET AWAY WITH IT, LORD! You cannot let them get away with it! In Jesus' Name! They made me sick, Lord, they hurt me! They made me sick and they made me tired and they made me have to move.--Make them sick and hurt them and make them tired and make them have to move! In Jesus' Name!

       61. I'M SORRY, LORD, I'M NOT AS MERCIFUL AS YOU ARE. I'm vindictive. I want You to do something to them for Thy Glory! Amen? Do something soon, Lord, to encourage Thy children's faith. They're discouraged and sad. Do something soon to make them rejoice!

       62. WHEN JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED YOU SENT A BIG EARTHQUAKE and darkness and terror, Lord--and in just a few years, Lord, You wiped them all out! Only I don't want to have to wait years. I don't have that many years. I want to see it now! In Jesus' Name! (And I did one week later!)

       63. SPARE THY CHILDREN, LORD, AND SPARE THE INNOCENT, SPARE THE GUILTLESS. But sock it to the rest of them! In Jesus' Name. You have got to do something, Lord! This thing wasn't done in a corner. It was done in the newspapers and everybody knows. Everybody will know that I have left.

       64. WHEN THEIR CUP OF IN- IQUITY IS FULL, SOCK IT TO THEM! In Jesus' Name! In Jesus' Name, Lord! Rebuke Thy enemies, Lord, show Thy strong arm! Deliver Thy children, Lord! If Thou be God, O God, show Thyself! Deliver us!

       65. VINDICATE THY MESSAGE, LORD, in Jesus' Name! It's Your Message, Lord, and we're Your messengers, in Jesus' Name. Show them that it was true, Lord, and that what the enemies preach is false.

       66. --AND I WANT TO SEE IT, 62. I want to hear it, and I want to know about it! I want the satisfaction of witnessing it--not right there, but at least I want to read about it in the paper (I did!), or I want the kids to write us about it'
(They have!)

       67. LORD, OUR PERSECUTION 62. was in the newspapers--let their retribution be in the papers, too' Let the world hear about what You do to them, let it not be a secret about what You do to them! (The world heard!) You said in Your Word, Lord, Thy Word, You said it Yourself:

       68. "THEM THAT SIN BEFORE ALL, REBUKE BEFORE ALL THAT OTHERS MAY FEAR!" (I Tim.5:20.) They've sinned before all, Lord, in Jesus' Name, they've persecuted Thy children! Now rebuke them before all, in Jesus' Name! I want to read about it in the newspapers, Lord, in Jesus' Name. Thank You Jesus! Amen. (And we have!)

       69. I WANT TO READ ABOUT IT IN THE PAPER! (We sure did!) Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! Let those powers that be that have abused their power, let them suffer for it! In Jesus' Name. Let them know they have no power but in Thee! They misused it, Lord Jesus.

       70. SO TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM REMOVE THEM! "The powers that be are ordained of God." (Rom.13:1. But they abused it, so God will take it away. They misused it. They turned their power against the servants of God. Now God's going to sock it to them!

       71. IT NEEDS TO BE IN THE NEWSPAPER, LORD! Their abuse of us was in the paper, Lord. 1 want You to abuse them, Lord, 1 want to see Thy Word vindicated, Thy servants justified! In Jesus Name!

       72. SO JUDGE OUR ENEMIES ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS! Amen, Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Bless Thy dear poor children, Lord.
(March 24th: Another prayer against the enemy--only three days before the great air crash!:)

       73. DEMONSTRATE THY JUSTICE, LORD, manifest Thy strong arm, show them Thy righteousness, justify Thy Servant! Show them they can't get away with it, even that Thy judgement might bring them to repentance, in Jesus' Name!

       74. EVEN IF THAT JUDGE DID PRAY AND REPENT of the evil he did, even if the Lord did forgive him, the Lord will still have to punish him before all the people because he sinned before all! The whole Island knew he hailed me into court.

       75. LORD YOU HAIL HIM INTO COURT, in Jesus' Name! (There'll be years of court cases from that crash!) Rebuke him for his public scandal against Thy Servant! Judge those that are behind him, pushing him. Damn that Bishop who spoke against us, those scribes and pharisees, hypocrites and all their God-damned phoney religious system, the powers of darkness and hell and the forces of evil!

       76. REBUKE THEM IN JESUS' NAME Rebuke Oplexicon! Deliver Thy children, 0 Lord, from their hands, in Jesus' Name--all Thy children Lord, and their friends. Bless and keep them, Lord. Amen. Lord help us here in our new life, in Jesus' Name. Help us to teach the whole world something through what happened.
* * * *
We are sorry for the victims and their families, but who can deny it was the will of God!:

       77. JUST THREE DAYS AFTER THIS LAST PRAYER, THE WORLD'S GREATEST AIR CRASH in all aviation history occurred on the only runway of the small Tenerifan airport, the only airport of this small Island that we cursed in our prayers!

       78. NEARLY 600 WERE KILLED -- double that of any previous crash--and scores more seriousl3 injured, most of the bodies burned beyond recognition, and two giant jumbo jets totally destroyed! Property damages, insurance costs and damage suits are expected to soar to nearly two billion dollars!

       79. THE COURTS WILL BE FILLEI WITH CASES from this crash for years to come!--And the cause is still a mystery! Seven of the most unlikely and almost impossible "coincidental" factors con bined to bring it about!--If even one had been missing, it would not have happened!:

       80. A TERRORIST BOMB EXPLOSION at Las Palmas airport had first diverted the two Jumbos to an ur expected landing at Tenerife. Then a log at take-off time, a jammed taxi lane, no ground radar, a missed taxi turnoff, a garbled radio communication and an unthinkable unauthorised take-off 73. --all combined on a crash course to eternity for hundreds of souls!

       81. THE GREATEST AND MOST TRA GIC CATASTROPHE IN THE ISLAND'S HISTORY! --For which it will suffer for years to come!--The judgements of God on our enemies --And this is only the beginning --Read on!:

       82. (APRIL 6, 1977:) Some of those people are so God-damned self-righteous! Destroy their religion! Destroy their churches! Preserve Thy Truth, Lord!
* * * *

Dearest Dad and Maria,

       83. GOD'S JUDGEMENTS ARE BEGINNING TO REALLY COME DOWN! PTL! The airport has been closed off and on since the plane crash mostly closed, and there has been so much fog and rain that they have had to close it due to dangerous ground conditions.

       84. IT TOOK A FULL WEEK JUST TO CLEAN UP THE WRECKAGE, and then it was open only two days and then closed three due to fog Now we have just heard that it will be closed for another week because all of the rain has made some of the runways sink and they are unsafe for landing, Boy! The Lord really knows where to hit the people the hardest--right in their pocketbook!

       85. TOURISM HERE IS ALREADY DOWN 40% 73. , people are complaining that hotels are empty and restaurants to and the owners can't pay their employees, etc. etc. Praise God! It turns me on to see the Lord correcting these people, as "whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth" (Heb.12:6), so He must still love some of them here at least.

       86. OH, YES, AND WE'VE JUST HEARD ABOUT THE PREDICTED EARTHQUAKE HERE in the Islands--due to occur on the 15th and cause tidal waves--so we are all re­packing our flee bags, just in case this is another way the Lord will chasten in His hot displeasure! (Psalm 2:5.)

       87. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE TORRENTIAL RAINS we have had in the past week? Bajamar (on the coast north of here) was floode< and hit with sliding rocks and dirt from the mountains, and about 15 or so bars and restaurants were completely destroyed, two died, several injured, and the city is generally a mess still!

       88. LA LAGUNA AND SANTA CRUZ WERE FLOODED TOO, and lots of rocks and dirt have washed into the cities from the mountains, and the highway was blocked due to rocks and debris on the lanes.

       89. MANY OF OUR FRIENDS BELIEVE THAT THESE ARE JUDGEMENTS SENT BY GOD, but some of course still deny any reason behind it all. Lord help 'em! Seems the Lord is really trying to shake them up! Hallelujah! It's really exciting here" ' TYJ! So needless to say, we've been spending lots of time in town talking with our friends and meeting new people. (What a witness! Note Paragraphs 35, 37, 54, 59 of the prayers!)--Love, Sally.
* * * *

APRIL 13, 1977:
Dear Dad and Maria,
     Greetings in Jesus' Name! God bless and protect you!

       90. NO PUBLISHED ACCOUNT COULD POSSIBLY CAPTURE IN ITS_ RAW ESSENCE THE FRAMEWORK OF CRISIS AND THE ATMOSPHERE OF CATASTROPHE within which events have occurred in the last two weeks since the airport "accident", and especially in the last four days!

       91. FOR NEARLY ALL OF THE 72 HOURS STRADDLING GOOD FRIDAY, THE SKIES OPENED UP OVER TENERIFE, unexpectedly and almost unprecedentedly, and some of the results appear in the accompanying photographs: huge landslides, fallen bridges, flash floods, flooded cities. The airport was closed again, this time because of fog, and remained so until Monday morning. In short: Easter Week,

       92. THE PEAK OF THE TOURIST SEASON IN TENERIFE WAS DISRUPTED BY ALL THESE "ACCIDENTS", so that the newspapers are already talking about the unmeasurable and irreversible damage done to the Island by the reactions of the discomforted tourists, a less-than-compassionate foreign press which gave banner headlines to the alleged low safety standards of the airport, and now the excessive rain!

       93. IN THE WAKE OF THAT NATURAL PHENOMENON, a rumour started circulating last night about another. This time it is a major earthquake and/or tidal wave expected this Friday, April 15th, the day after tomorrow, which is said will result in thousands of deaths! So seriously has this rumour been taken that both morning papers gave it front page coverage.

       94. PRAISE GOD! IT'S CLEAR THAT THE LORD IS DEALING WITH THE TYRANNICAL, SCLEROTIC ESTABLISHMENT OF THIS ISLAND where it hurts them most, their pocket­book!--And He may just decide to totally bring down their house of cards in one clean blow! We've got our flee bags packed and our trust in the Lord. Thank You Jesus!

       95. SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM MADRID YESTERDAY CAME CLEAR SOUNDS OF A SERIOUS GOVERNMENT-VERSUS-MILITARY CONFLICT as a result af the former's legalisation of the Communist Party. The legalisation was loudly celebrated in Puerto's main square and all through the Islands!

       96. PRESIDENT SUAREZ SOUGHT AND GOT PUBLIC APPROVAL FROM CARTER, as it figured in a hard fought agreement made last September between Suarez and the Armed Forces to take place only after the elections. The military therefore considers itself betrayed, resignations from Suarez' cabinet have started and last night in Madrid there was a demonstration calling for a military coup! --The plot thickens!

       97. AND, FINALLY, DIPLOMATS FROM GUINEA, SENEGAL AND ALGERIA composing an official delegation from the Organisation for African Unity, will soon visit the Islands, which the Organisation has called a "colonial fact" to determine what measures the Organisation will take in support of the decolonisation of the Islands!--Love,--Carlos.
* * * *
Dear Ones, APRIL 18 1977:
    God bless and keep you!!!!!

       98. SUCH HEAVY THINGS ARE HAPPENING HERE NOW, I just want- ed to let you know real quick!

       99. WHAT A STATE OF INNER PANIC THE PEOPLE ARE IN! Tourism is dropping steadily, and the prospects of tourism this summer are very very low--Paul said the other day that his hotel will have to close in one month as there are too few clients, and that ordinarily by this time they are almost fully booked for the whole summer, but now he had absolutely no reservations!

       100. THE PLANE CRASH HAS REALLY SCARED A LOT Of PEOPLE, even though they have tried not to admit it. But it sent them into an inner panic, apparently, as evidenced by their jumping to believe the rumour of the earth­quake.

       101. ALSO. JUDGEMENTS IN LA LAGUNA AND BAJAMAR --flooding and lots of damage--have helped the people to expect the worst! I believe all of this has really had an effect on the relationships of our friends and their attitudes toward us.

       102. NOW MANY MANY PEOPLE ARE MORE FRIENDLY and doing more to show their appreciation of the Family in an outward manner. Some still don't want to believe all these things have anything to do with God's judgements, but I believe that many are beginning to sit up and listen and that through it all the Family here is gaining respect.

       103. AMERICANS ARE REFUSING TO LAND AT THE AIRPORT HERE, which has cut American tourism here way down--which is a blessing to us, but such a curse to the tourist trade here! And several other countries are saving they aren't going to fly here anymore either.

       104. SO THIS ISLAND IS REALLY FEELING THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD, 101. just as you said they would, and it turns us on! Sock it to 'em!'
--I'm all yours forever!--Sally.

       105. (PTL! GOD ANSWERS PRAYER! And I believe all these troubles are only the beginning_ of the wrath of God upon our enemies upon that Island for the way they mistreated us! Hallelujah! God answers prayer and rewards the wicked!--Do you pray? -Dad.)