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"THE EVIL HORSE!"--MO       April 27, 1977       DFO NO. 578

Copyrighted May 1977 by the Children of God

       1. THIS IS A LITTLE DREAM I had while I was taking a nap. We had made love and then we went back to sleep. Well, this dream was in this valley, real pretty, a valley of farms, and the clouds were hanging real low down below the mountain tops. The valley was completely surrounded by a range of mountains like a bowl, like Orotava Valley, Tenerife.

       2. THE CLOUDS WERE HANGING DOWN REAL LOW just below the tops of the mountains, but they were kind of white fleecy clouds, sort of bright, a strange sort of bright clouds, like the glory of the Lord! We were walking down this country road past this farm with these farm buildings near the road.

       3. OUTSIDE THE BARN BESIDE THE ROAD THERE WAS THIS ROPE hanging down from what looked almost like a gibbet, like where somebody had been hung. It had a coiled steel spring on the end of it, and it kept jumping around trying to grab me and I kept batting it away with my hand.

       4. BUT IT FINALLY GOT A HOLD OF MY HAND inside the spring and jerked it up--you know how a spring will tighten if stretched with your hand inside. We little boys used to play with them that way when we were little: You stick your finger inside and then pull the spring and it grabs your finger. So it grabbed my hand and lifted me clear off the ground and started swinging me around!

       5. JUST THEN THE FARMER CAME OUT AND REBUKED IT and hit at it with a rod and it let me go. He explained that it was possessed with the spirit of an evil horse that had been a real wild demon-possessed horse.--Do you still want to hear the rest of it?-Or is it too wild!--Well, it's just the way I had it!

       6. HE SAID THE HORSE FELT THAT ITS OWNER HAD BEEN UNJUSTLY MISTREATED, an evil old prospector, whom they'd hung for horsestealing. They used to do that, you know. In the old days of the Wild West, horse-stealing was a capital crime! But the horse felt sure he wasn't guilty, so it was trying to punish people for having been mean to his master.

       7. THE FARMER EXPLAINED that the horse didn't think the old man was guilty but that he really was.--The old man really had stolen the horse but the horse didn't know that. So I said, "Well, why don't you explain it to him, explain it to the horse, so he'll understand and he won't be mad at people anymore.--We need to explain it to him!"

       8. SUDDENLY RIGHT WHILE WE WERE TALKING THE HORSE MATERIALISED right there behind me standing on the road and it started lunging at me! You know how a horse will rear up on his hind feet and come down at you with his forefeet, and he was trying to bite me from behind, like a sneak attack from the rear!

       9. SO I WAS JUMPING AND JERKING AWAY FROM IT, but just then you woke me up because you knew I was having a bad dream because of how I was jerking in my sleep! I'm glad you did! But I don't know what happened after that. I guess he explained to the horse, because I said that's what he should do, that his master was guilty.

       10. IT WAS LIKE THE HORSE WAS POSSESSED WITH HIS MASTER'S BAD EVIL SPIRIT. So when the horse died his bad mean spirit had possessed the rope on which he'd hung, so that it would try to beat and grab people with it. What a strange dream! Now why would I ever dream a thing like that! Isn't that strange? My dreams are just like movies, they're so vivid!

       11. WELL, IT COULDN'T BE ANYTHING LITERAL of course. If it means anything at all then it has to be symbolic. Well Lord, if it means anything at all, You can show me. Well, the first thing that comes to me is that:

       12. IN THE BIBLE, BEASTS IN PROPHECY WERE ALWAYS SYMBOLIC OF GOVERNMENTS.--And we have a government recently that has certainly been trying to kick and bite and afflict me!--Right? But I don't know why the horse seemed to think I was responsible, that I had something to do with it, because it seemed like I was just a passing innocent party--which is about the way I felt there in Tenerife!--I didn't raise a scandal--the papers did! Everybody else were the ones that were publicising it, not us really.

       13. SO, THE HORSE'S MASTER HAS TO REPRESENT THE DEVIL! In Bible prophecy human beings represent spirits, see? Beasts represent governments and the powers that be. But a human being in a prophetic dream usually represents some kind of a spirit So that little evil prospector who looked like an old bum must've been the Devil!

       14. I GOT ONE LOOK AT HIS UGLY FACE SOMEHOW, I don't know why. At first for a moment he was standing in front of the horse holding him by the reins, but when the horse fully materialised then he vanished!

       15. SO HE MUST HAVE STILL BEEN DOMINATING THE HORSE, because his evil spirit seemed to have possessed the horse and given the horse an evil spirit. So of course the old man would have to represent the Devil, I presume--right?

       16. BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS THE MASTER OF THAT EVIL ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT and they're possessed with his spirit, right?

       17. SO I WAS ALMOST LIKE A STRANGER PASSING BY, which is really the way we were there in a way--strangers in a strange land, just passing by. It wasn't our farm, it was their farm. You and I were just walking down the road with a little group of us together when that rope started attacking us.

       18. NOW THE ROPE OF COURSE IS SYMBOLIC OF THE LEGAL POWER of punishment on which the guy had been hung, the government's power of punishment, right? It might be symbolic of law enforcement or the legal power of judgment--and that's exactly what they attacked me with--the legal arm of the law, the Judge!--And they were really trying to get me!

       19. SO THE DEVIL'S EVIL SPIRIT OF THAT GOVERNMENT INSPIRED ITS LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES TO ATTACK US! Now what that rope was really trying to do was to hang me! It did grab me by the right hand! But I hit at it, I struck at it because it was batting at me, grabbing at me, so I struck back.

       20. I STRUCK BACK! WELL, SOME OF THE THINGS I SAID IN THE NEWSPAPERS WERE REAL STRIKES AT THE POWERS THAT BE, you know that!--Real strikes at the powers that be!--And they apparently were attacking us a long time before we struck back, right?

       21. BECAUSE WE WERE HAVING A LOT OF CRITICISM and a lot of people saying things about us and lying about us and they were already investigating us and doing everything they could to try to get something on us before

       22. WE FINALLY GOT IN THE NEWSPAPERS!--And there we finally had a forum and a voice to answer at last, really answer all the questions and the lies of the Devil they'd been attacking us with, right? It's true! It's funny how it all becomes so simple when you ask the Lord to explain it to you! Isn't that amazing?

       23. AND OF COURSE, IT'S REALLY GOD'S FARM AND THE OLD FARMER IS THE LORD!--And He came out and He struck the rope with His rod, He struck the government rope with His rod, and it let me go!

       24. HE SMOTE THE ROPE WITH HIS ROD, WITH HIS WORD! A rod is usually symbolic of His Word or His power: The Rod of His Word, the rod of His power, His authority! In other words, if God had let them, they probably could have done worse to us, but God didn't let them! He just let them persecute us a little.

       25. I WANTED TO SEE THE UGLY FACE OF MY ENEMIES, so He let them grab me long enough to let me see!--And that rope! Listen, the minute that it got that coil spring around my hand, the steel coil spring on the end, when that got ahold of my right hand it tightened and pulled me up and lifted me right off the ground!

       26. I GUESS THE STEEL COIL SPRING REPRESENTS THE STEELY, HARD, UNMERCIFUL COIL OF THE LAW, man's laws which are really not God's laws! The coil is sort of like a serpent too! Man's laws are so complicated and so involved that were trying to enmesh me! And it did grab my hand, my right hand! It got ahold of my hand as I was batting at it!

       27. I WAS BATTING AT IT! I GUESS THAT'S ALL THE PUBLICITY, all our message that we got in the newspapers, my striking at it! But it grabbed that very hand that was striking at it and grabbed me and picked me up off the ground so I couldn't hit at it!

       28. --AH HA! THE JUDGE'S ORDER NOT TO HAVE ANY MORE PUBLICITY, not to talk to the newspapers anymore! See, that was my right hand, my weapon, what I was wielding against the System, those newspaper articles!--And he grabbed that hand and made it stop and lifted me right up off the ground. What does that mean?

       29. WELL, I WAS POWERLESS TO DO ANYTHING ELSE THEN! The minute he lifted me off the ground I was powerless to do anything else! And that's what they were trying to do--make me powerless to carry on what we were doing and forbid any more publicity!

       30. SO THEN GOD STRUCK HIM WITH HIS ROD, or struck the power of the law with His rod, and they let me go! And I was just standing there talking to the Farmer when the horse appeared, that was the law again, the government I guess.

       31. THEN THIS MEAN DEMON-INSPIRED, DEVIL-POSSESSED HORSE BEGAN BITING AT ME! Well, he didn't actually bite me very much, he hadn't actually hurt me very much, the horse hadn't. But it was trying to, but the Farmer was keeping him away from me with his rod. That's why I was jerking away, because the horse was lunging at me trying to bite me.

       32. HE WAS JUST LIKE THAT OLD DEMON-POSSESSED HORSE WE USED TO HAVE ON THE RANCH that used to try to bite me all the time. Everytime I turned my back and wasn't looking he'd try to bite me! Everytime we'd try to saddle him, especially when you'd kneel down to tighten the cinch belt under his stomach, he'd turn around and try to bite you on the head or shoulder--everytime you'd turn your back. He never dared do it when you were looking at him, just when you turned your back!

       33. I WAS STANDING THERE ON THE ROAD talking with the Farmer with my back to it, when I suddenly felt somehow or other that the horse was trying to get at me! So I looked around and there he was coming at me and trying to bite me!

       34. WELL, THAT'S LIKE WHAT WAS HAPPENING THERE Where we were: They were trying to get at me but the Lord didn't let them and I jerked away.--That's just what happened.--I got away! They were trying to bite me, but the Lord, the Old Farmer, rebuked them with His rod and didn't let them, and I jerked away! When you jerk, you do it quick, huh?--Let me tell you, I got away fast!

       35. NOW WHAT WAS THE FARMER'S EXPLANATION? What does that mean? He said that the horse thought that his master had been wronged. His master was the Devil, but he thought his master wasn't really guilty! Ah, ha! That's exactly what the System thinks about its master!

       36. THAT SYSTEM IS ACTUALLY SERVING THE DEVIL WHEN IT REALLY THINKS IT IS SERVING GOD! Jesus said, "The day will come when he that killeth you will think that he doeth God service!" (John 16:2.) Think of that! Isn't that something? So those people, that government there who are serving the false church, think they're serving God, but are actually serving God, but are actually serving the Devil!

       37. THE DEVIL'S THEIR FALSE GOD! A lot of people are already worshipping the Devil and don't know it--think of that! So I said to the Farmer--who was God of course--I said: "Well, we should explain to the horse, that his master was evil and that his master was guilty and he was wrong and he did do crime!" In other words,

       38. I WAS TRYING TO EXPOSE THE HORSE'S MASTER and show the horse that he was wrong! But he reappeared again and still tried to attack me! In other words they don't want to be shown, they didn't want all the facts, they wouldn't believe our explanations!

       39. NO MATTER HOW MANY EXPLANATIONS I GAVE THAT JUDGE, HE STILL WOULDN'T BELIEVE! He still thought there was some other ulterior motive, there was some other reason, some other thing. We couldn't just be simply religious, it couldn't just be for love!--Ahh!--They almost laughed in my face about that!

       40. --IT MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE! He said, "Are you sure you're not the head of a worldwide vice ring, the vice lord of the world?"--That funny little interpreter!--When he told me that I laughed in their faces! Well, I guess there are some people who think I'm the vice lord of the world--after all these newspaper articles!

       41. BUT I SAID WE SHOULD EXPLAIN TO THE HORSE, seeing as the horse is like a dumb beast--the governments are like dumb beasts, you know. That's the way the Lord pictures them in the Word. In Revelation and Daniel and several other places in the Bible the Lord pictures them as beasts under some kind of a master.

       42. IT SEEMS THE DEVIL IS USUALLY THEIR MASTER! Revelation speaks of them as having a woman as their master!--A beautiful woman, the Whore, the Church, the false religious System!

       43. BUT APPARENTLY THE HORSE JUST WOULDN'T BELIEVE THAT HIS MASTER WAS EVIL, and wouldn't receive it, and when I insisted we should explain to the horse that his master was evil, the horse materialised! Oh!...I wanted to see the ugly face of my accusers! How about that! I didn't really know, but I suspected who they were, whether I actually saw any particular individual or not! But I'll tell you,

       44. THAT JUDGE WAS LIKE A RAGING HORSE WHEN IT'S ANGRY! Did you ever see a horse when it's mad? He'll stomp and he'll paw the ground and he'll scream and he'll run around the corral and rear up on his hind legs and bat at you with his forefeet and try to bite and everything!--They could hear that Judge yelling in the next room!

       45. HORSES REALLY GET MAD! So he appeared, the face of my enemy, I wanted to see him. He appeared and really bit at me with his teeth! There are teeth in those laws! That was the Judge that day, that's for sure! That's what that was. You know, those judges are part of the government.

       46. SO THE HORSE APPEARED, and boy, was he gnashing at me with his teeth! Whew! He was attacking me with his mouth that day in his court!--And I just jerked away right away, thank the Lord!--I left town quickly before he could get ahold of me again!

       47. I REMEMBER THE LAST THING I SAW WAS THE FARMER WITH HIS ROD UP, like he was going to hit the horse.--Ah ha!--See? I bet if the dream had continued I would have seen the Farmer hit the horse, strike it!--Like the judgments of God that began to fall there after we left!

       48. HE HAD HIT THE HORSE BEFORE WHEN HE POSSESSED THAT ROPE AND MADE HIM LET ME GO! I mean it's just like both of them symbolised it, the rope and the horse both symbolised the Judge and the government! Isn't that strange?

       49. THEY NEVER DID ANYTHING BEFORE THAT TO STOP US. They hadn't done anything before that to make me powerless, had they? No, the whole thing just weaves together. See? ... The whole thing weaves together!

       50. PROBABLY IF I HAD STAYED THERE THEY REALLY WOULD HAVE BITTEN ME! I mean they really would have pawed and bit me! But I jerked out of the way. It seemed like I had a warning.

       51. THE HORSE WAS BEHIND MY BACK, and I, just like I used to with that horse we had on the Ranch--sometimes I'd just sense he was coming at me and I'd look around just in time to whack him with my cane!

       52. THAT MEAN OLD HORSE!--No wonder they gave it to us! Maybe that's why they wanted to give us that Old Red cow, too!--It was demon-possessed! Oh me!--What nice gifts some of those old Texas farmers gave to the Lord!--A demon-possessed! Oh me!--What nice gifts some of those old Texas farmers gave to the Lord!--A demon-possessed cow and an old worn-out demon-possessed horse!

       53. WELL ANYWAY, I MEAN THAT'S REALLY SYMBOLIC of what happened, after all! And those mountains looked a whole lot like when the clouds would settle down on top of the mountains there in the Valley, but it would still be real pretty. Sometimes near sunset the sun would come down low and shine right underneath them! That's sort of the way it was looking.

       54. I WAS SAYING TO YOU "HOW PRETTY! Isn't that pretty, though!"--It was like clouds of glory, God's blessings on us. And we were walking along, a group of us, isn't that something? We were just walking by and that rope started attacking me! Isn't that funny?

       55. NOW A LINE OR ROPE COULD ALSO SYMBOLISE THEIR LIES! When we talk about a guy that has a "line", it usually means a lot of lies! It grabbed my right hand with that wire spring, a steel coil spring. Had anything happened before the Judge attacked me? Of course,

       56. THEY WERE ATTACKING ME WITH THEIR LIES ALL THE TIME! They were attacking me with their lies, and maybe because of their lies they were partially hindering our work! They were negating some of the good we were doing by lying about us! Telling lies about us could have partly rendered our work ineffective when they told so many lies!

       57. BUT THE FARMER CAME OUT AND STRUCK THE ROPE WITH HIS ROD AND IT LET ME GOD! Well, we corrected the lies with the rod of His Word! We rebuked the lies with the rod of His Word, and corrected and straightened out all those things in the newspapers when we told them the truth! Hallelujah! Love never fails!

       58. THAT'S WHY THE LORD THEN CAME OUT IN THE OPEN with His rod of His Word and rebuked the line of the lies of the Devil that had grabbed my hand! In other words it was like I was having to fight handicapped because of those lies.

       59. THEN THE LORD CAME OUT IN THE OPEN AND REBUKED ALL THOSE LIES by the Truth of His Word in the newspapers, so they all got the messages that refuted the lies! But you see, it still didn't convince the System, the System still felt that its religious master had been wronged.

       60. OF COURSE THE SYSTEM'S MASTER IS USUALLY THE ESTABLISHED RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, the Devil's religious System. Isn't this exactly how you think of that spiritual System, like the church there, the old evil old owner of the horse?

       61. THEY CERTAINLY ARE THE OWNER OF THE HORSE THERE, that's for sure! And the System doesn't believe that its spiritual master is evil, so they felt that I was wronging their master, the Devil's religious System! That's exactly the way they felt!

       62. THEY FELT I WAS ATTACKING THE CHURCH, see, attacking their master, the church, the evil religious System, and that therefore I was wrong, we were wrong that their master was evil. They felt their master had been unjustly attacked, unjustly wronged.

       63. (MARIA: LOOK, THEIR MASTER WAS DEAD! Their churches are dead!) Their master had already been hung on that same rope, the same lies had already choked their master to death! (2Th.2:9-12)

       64. THE DEVIL'S RELIGIOUS SYSTEM IS ALREADY CHOKED TO DEATH ON ITS OWN LIES! Choked to death with its own lies!--Isn't that something! How about that? And yet the horse, the governmental system, still doesn't seem to know its master's dead, or even if it knows it's dead, it still feels it's being unjustly accused. It still believes that its master, the church, the evil religious system, is right, or was right.

       65. SO THEN WHEN I ASKED THAT I WANTED TO SEE MY ACCUSERS, THE HORSE MATERIALISED! Boy, he had a hard face, and he was coming at me with those teeth! I got to see him and I got to hear him and see him gnash his teeth and use his mouth and scream at me!

       66. BUT I JUMPED OUT OF THE WAY JUST IN TIME before he actually took a bite or stomped on me. And just as you woke me up, the last thing I remember I was jumping out of the way and the old Farmer was raising His rod ready to hit the horse--which He did after we left!

       67. HE WAS JUST GETTING READY TO BEAT THE HORSE with His rod when I jumped out of the way and you woke me up, or I probably would have seen Him beat him with His rod, which we're now seeing.

       68. THAT GOVERNMENT THERE IS NOW REALLY BEING PUNISHED for attacking us, punished with the world's greatest air crash in all history and all those floods and everything. They say they're going to have an earthquake and an eruption too, so, praise the Lord!

       69. SO THE DREAM DID MEAN SOMETHING AFTER ALL! Isn't that something I couldn't believe it could mean anything. But it was so clear, so vivid, and I thought since you wanted to hear it I might as well tell you.

       70. YOU HELPED SAVE ME FROM THE HORSE, HONEY. You shook me and woke me up.--That way I disappeared! You helped to shake me, wake me up that we had to leave, had to split. So praise the Lord, thank You Lord!

       71. WELL, THAT'S THE STORY OF THE CRAZY DEMON-POSSESSED HORSE! I don't know what you could call that dream about the rope and the horse, the demon-horse of the government of that Island. Isn't that amazing? What an analogy, illustration or parable or whatever you want to call it!

       72. THAT ROPE REPRESENTED THE LIES OF THE DEVIL by which he finally got himself hung! But the rod of the Farmer rebuked the rope with the Truth, the Word of God. Isn't that amazing?

       73. THEN I ASKED TO SEE MY ACCUSERS, AND THAT HORSE MATERIALISED and I saw him! He was screaming and rearing up to pounce on me, but I jumped out of the way just in time! Then God smote him with His rod, which He's doing right now with all those judgments He's pouring out on the Island and their government. Thank You Lord, praise the Lord, that's it! Amen.

       74. SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE MAYBE GOD'S A LITTLE TOO HARD ON PEOPLE and that a lot of people who seem not to have anything to do with it, the vast majority of the people, have to suffer, when there are so few of them that are actually open enemies.

       75. WHY IS IT THAT THE WHOLE ISLAND HAS TO SUFFER? Why do they all have to suffer?--Except for the ones that the Lord spares, the little few of His friends and His flock that He will spare somehow. The outright open enemies are usually in the minority, those who really lead the attack.

       76. BUT BECAUSE THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE PRETEND TO TAKE NO SIDES at all and are just indifferent, they are also your enemies, they are passive enemies. They are on the wrong side just because they didn't come out on the right side. These are those who claim not to take any sides, like the so called neutrals.

       77. BUT THERE ARE NO NEUTRALS! JESUS SAID "YOU'RE EITHER FOR ME OR YOU'RE AGAINST ME!" and He said, "He that is not for Me is against Me!" (Mt.12:30.) So if they didn't come out for us they were against us. The vast majority of the people there just acted indifferent, didn't take any sides at all, or were pretending not to.

       78. BUT IN THEIR HEARTS THEY HAD MADE THEIR CHOICE and decision regarding what they thought about us. And the fact they didn't come out for us and defend us shows they were against us.

       79. SO WHEN THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD FALL THERE, MOST OF THEM ARE GUILTY, because the vast majority are usually wrong. It's only the few who really choose the Lord and His Truth and His side: For "Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life eternal, and few there be that find it. But wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth unto destruction, and many there be that go in there at!" (Mat.7:13.)

       80. SO THE MAJORITY ARE USUALLY WRONG. In other words, the vast majority of the people right on that Island God is holding guilty now because they had the Truth--they had it right there in their newspapers!

       81. THEY HAD THE MESSAGE. Then, once they have rejected it, once the vast majority, most of them, which means most of them have rejected it, upon them now fall the judgments of God! In a way that hurts them all. So, praise the Lord. Thank You Jesus!

       82. (MARIA: THAT'S WHY IT'S REALLY A MIRACLE that that little group of people at the hotel and club that had to endure the most criticism and persecution kept so strong!) Yes, God must have really strengthened them.

       83. YOU KNOW THE LORD MUST HAVE GIVEN OUR FRIENDS THE WILL TO RESIST THE ENEMY and all the criticism and all the attacks they must have had at the hotel and the club. We prayed that the Lord would bless them and keep them, prosper them, because they did receive us.

       84. WHEN EVERYBODY ELSE WAS ATTACKING US, THEY STOOD UP FOR US, stuck up for us, defended us, received us and refused to throw us out, so praise the Lord! Amen. (Maria: Jesus said, "In whatsoever house they receive you there leave your blessing." (Mt.10:12,13.) And even though all the others and everything around them is losing financially, economically, God can spare them!)

       85. SO THERE WE LEAVE OUR BLESSING! The other hotels are all losing money. Because of the disasters, the Island's lost 40-percent of the tourists already--tourism is down 40-percent! And they've had floods that have destroyed bars, cafes and homes with huge mud and rock slides!

       86. THE EVIL HORSE DIDN'T GET US ANYWAY! How about that? Well, that's the second time I've dreamt about a horse representing a government! The other time was about Eritrea, remember? It was a horse, a black horse that represented Eritrea. Isn't that something? (No. 333B. )

       87. YOU KNOW, ERITREA IS REALLY WINNING NOW. It's really winning now, and it looks like it might even win its independence! It's just like it's come back to life again, just like that horse in that dream! Isn't that amazing? Thank You Lord!

       88. WELL, HOW ABOUT THAT?--"THE EVIL HORSE DREAM!" That sure is an evil old horse in Tenerife, that's for sure! Praise God! God bless and keep us!

       89. YES, THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD DO FALL ON THE VAST MAJORITY BECAUSE THE VAST MAJORITY ARE WRONG and the vast majority make the wrong decision, are on the wrong side! So obviously the vast majority of the people on the Island were not for us but were against us.

       90. SO THEREFORE, THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD WILL FALL ON THE VAST MAJORITY FOR THEIR UNBELIEF, for their rejection of His Word and their mistreatment of His prophets, "until the wrath of the Lord arose against them and there was no remedy!" (2Chron.36:16.) Amen? Praise the Lord! God bless you!

       91. P.S. 3/5/77--WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE NEWS about the new summonses for all you girls there, so the evil horse is at it again! I must've had this dream the very day they were preparing or delivering those summons to you, to warn us the enemy was attacking again!

       92. IT LOOKED LIKE IT WAS ALL OVER, but the Lord knew it wasn't!--I'm sorry I didn't get it to you sooner, but we didn't realise it was a warning of another attack! So sorry! Lord forgive me for failing to warn you!

       93. APPARENTLY THE LORD IS LETTING THEM ATTACK AGAIN so their cup of iniquity will be full and their wickedness exposed fully to the whole Island to show just how bad they are and how low they'll stoop to fight God's children--His poor little innocent girls!

       94. HOW RIDICULOUS! HOW LOW! HOW UTTERLY CONTEMPTIBLE! Surely God is going to judge them now even more harshly than before!--And now everyone will know why! This should infuriate our friends there!--That the evil horse should stoop so low as to attack you poor little girls! How evil is that System there!--I couldn't have believed it if they hadn't showed their ugly faces like this!

       95. IT SHOWS THAT GOVERNMENT THERE IS TOTALLY ANTICHRIST! No wonder God is going to judge them so severely with more judgments, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and whatnot! They surely deserve it!--And this latest attack should surely show everyone why!

       96. THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY INSPIRED OF THE DEVIL to try to stop God's wonderful work there--but they'll never do it! They can't stop God!--He's gonna stop them!--Wait and see! He's really gonna sock it to 'em now! God damn them!--And He will! They're hell-bent for destruction!

       97. BUT DON'T WORRY--GOD WILL SPARE YOU! Praise the Lord! He cannot fail! Love never fails! Jesus never fails!--And He'll see you through! God bless you! We love you and are praying earnestly for you! Makes me mad!--Love, Dad.

       98. PPS 21/5/77: WELL, THE GIRLS HAVE NOW ALL BEEN TO COURT and were asked the same silly questions, like: "Do you sell your babies?--Are you a worldwide vice ring? Do you go to bed with the men? Where is Father David? Where do you get your money? Is sex a religious rite with you?"--Etc.!--Ha!

       99. THE EVIL HORSE STILL WON'T BELIEVE WE DO IT ONLY FOR GOD'S LOVE!--It's gotta be CIA, Mafia, money or something worse! They just can't believe in love! Their evil old Master the Devil and the churches never taught 'em love! His line is only lies! (Jn.8:44.)

       100. SO SINCE THEY CAN'T BELIEVE IN LOVE, THEY CAN'T BELIEVE IN GOD, "FOR GOD IS LOVE"! (1Jn.4:8.) But "love never fails" (1Cor.13:8), so God is spanking them real hard for their unbelief and persecution, but God will reward and bless our friends!--Amen! God bless you!--Love, Dad.

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