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DFO NO.579†††††††23-3-77

Copyrighted June 1977 by the Children of God

†††††††1. DAD GAVE ME A MESSAGE TO GIVE TO ALL OF YOU. He had to split, and we remain. And he gave a little bit of a message for those of us who are staying. Unfortunately it's not quite...it's taken from my notes, and I can't take shorthand and was writing as fast as I can, but I'm not a very good secretary, and I just got down the notes that I could. Then later on I dictated into a tape recorder those things that I remembered.

†††††††2. DAD HAS A CERTAIN WAY ABOUT HIM that no one can imitate, so I am sure it's going to miss a lot of the pizzazz that he always seems to get into his messages. But I tried to get as many things as I could remember, and I am sure it will encourage you all here, like it encouraged me.

†††††††3. SO LORD, WE PRAY THAT YOU'LL REALLY BLESS THIS, Lord, and really help it get across the spirit it was given in. We pray that these feeble attempts at my notes, Lord, can convey the same message that You gave to Dad. Help it to be a blessing and for each one to really be in the spirit and receive it. So I pray that You'd really anoint it and really bind us together.

†††††††4. THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE HERE, LORD, FOR THEIR FAITHFULNESS. Help us to continue, Lord, with the vision that You've given us. Really bless Dad and Maria, protect them, Lord, lead and guide them to help lead and guide us. I ask this in Jesus' name. Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord!

†††††††5. SO THIS IS DAD'S MESSAGE TO THE INDIGENOUS CHURCH HE PIONEERED AND LEFT BEHIND IN TENERIFE: HE SAID, "GOD WILLING, I'LL BE BACK!" He said, "You kids left there are the Indigenous Church, and we're counting on you to carry on, to minister to the flocks and feed the sheep.

†††††††6. "YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO STAY ALMOST TOTALLY UNDERGROUND. You can't litness, and hardly even witness in public places for awhile. We're going to have to count on our followers. The sheep can follow, and they can beat a path to the shepherd. It's going to be a pioneer work!

†††††††7. "YOUR JOB WILL BE TO TAKE CARE OF THE SHEEP THAT WE HAVE LEFT. We have hundreds of friends and men whose lives have totally been changed. You remaining there are commissioned by the Lord to feed these sheep, and you had better not fail.

†††††††8. "FOR AWHILE YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO STAY PRETTY MUCH OUT OF THE BARS and the dance halls, as it seems that the government there considers it some form of prostitution, at least in their eyes. But we can probably keep going two by two until they finally prohibit us completely from doing it." So he said of course we continue, just low scale.

†††††††9. "IF THEY DO STOP US TOTALLY, we're going to have to keep tabs on the sheep which we have left, and reach the community through those sheep. They may be able to stop us, but they can't stop all the businessmen, lawyers, hotel directors, etc., that we have won to the Lord.

†††††††10. "IF THEY STOP US, FEED THE SHEEP. Make witnesses out of them. We need to put the lit in their hands, and let them learn how to use it. As long as there's still life, there's still hope, thank God! You should major on tapes and letters now. Give them as many tapes as they'll listen to."

†††††††11. GOD BLESS ALBERTO! ALBERTO IS TRANSLATING THESE LETTER TAPES INTO SPANISH. Alberto has laboured months and months on these Spanish tapes, so all those of you who have listened to the tapes, you can give some of the thanks to Alberto, who has laboured many long hours with what I'm sure was a lot of frustration, broken tape recorders and noise all around. He had to crawl into little corners so he could do those tapes! God bless him!

†††††††12. "SO USE 'EM! You can even give them to your friends to listen to!" (That's how it is in "Change the World"--from one to one to one to one.) "We need to keep after the sheep, don't let them get lost. We're counting on you there to carry on where we left off. What were Jesus' last words?

†††††††13. "'FEED MY SHEEP!' (John 21:17.)--And that's what we're depending on you to do!--To feed the sheep there. Jesus also said that He would send a Comforter. Well, we'll certainly send some comforters through the mail to you--my Letters!

†††††††14. "WE NEED TO GIVE THE SHEEP THE LETTERS to give to their friends." I mean, Miguel, if you had the Spanish Letters in your hands, you could sure use 'em, couldn't you? (Miguel: We have typed some.) Timothy: Yeah? God bless you! I mean you and those catacombers there in La Laguna are going to play a big role!

†††††††15. AND WE HERE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for a lot of those people there, even if Miguel and Pedro and Paco and all of those people have to leave. We're going to have to pick up where they left off. Dad says,

†††††††16. "FEED THE SHEEP. Let them fight on the front lines. Train the babies! Listen folks, this is just the beginning! I'm a pioneer! I always have to leave! I gotta split! That doesn't mean it's over.--It's just beginning! We recently received a prophecy about Davidito, and the Lord seemed to indicate that we're going to be back there!

†††††††17. "AFTER I LEFT TSC WE WENT FROM 3 TO 50 COLONIES IN JUST A LITTLE OVER A YEAR! Just because I had to run for my life doesn't mean it's over.--It's just the beginning! In the 3 years after we had to run for our lives from Britain, we went from a little over 1500 disciples to 7000!

†††††††18. "WHEN I HAVE TO LEAVE SOMEPLACE, IT'S NEVER THE END! IT'S USUALLY THE BEGINNING OF A BIGGER EXPLOSION! Then The kids themselves take hold and explode! That place there has a tremendous future! What has happened there and has yet to happen will influence the whole world!" And there was something he said that I didn't put down. What did they call the shot that the Serbian fired at Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

†††††††19. THE SHOT THAT WAS HEARD ROUND THE WORLD! That shot killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austrian Hungarian Empire, and that started the first World War!--One month later began the first World War. And they called that the shot that was heard round the world! That one shot ended up killing how many men? I know Russia itself lost 8 million soldiers--28 million total? So Dad said that that one shot was heard round the world!

†††††††20. THE THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED AND ARE YET TO HAPPEN HERE WILL INFLUENCE THE WHOLE WORLD!--And that's the truth! "We're anything but finished there. Even if they threw us out, then they'd have to throw out several hundred businessmen, etc., etc., etc., to stop what we have started.--And even if they threw all them out, they still couldn't stop us!

†††††††21 "I'M LEAVING THINGS IN YOUR HANDS TO CARRY ON. Like General MacArthur said when he had to leave Corregidor: Corregidor was a huge rock fortress in the Philippines like the Rock of Gibraltar, and the American forces had it completely fortified with tunnels, big guns, armaments, etc., but somehow the Japanese snuck around the back, through the jungles, and there was a huge battle fought and lost there.

†††††††22. "GENERAL MACARTHUR AND HIS TOP STAFF WERE BARELY ABLE TO ESCAPE from there with their lives, and they did, but they were forced to leave most of their troops behind. The Japanese finally won, and it was from Corregidor that the famous Bataan Death March started." That's the one Dad talks about in "The Health Revolution". That was where they forced the men to march even if they were wounded, and there were some that were even carrying their intestines in their hands from dysentery! Many of them made it, but it was when they stopped and sat down that many of them died.

†††††††23. AS LONG AS THEY KEPT MOVING, THERE WAS ALWAYS SOMETHING THAT JUST KEPT THEM GOING ON, kept them going on. But when they stopped they just couldn't get up. It's like us: As soon as you stop, forget it! It's so hard to get moving again. The law of inertia.

†††††††24. WHAT'S MOVING SEEMS TO CONTINUE TO MOVE. Who's the physics major?--Dave? What's the law of inertia? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and when things are moving--it's difficult to stop them. That's like us:

†††††††25. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP MOVING, KEEP GOING, YOU'LL EVENTUALLY WIN. But it's when you quit, you stop, sit down, you think you're just sitting down and stopping, but actually you're going backwards. I guess maybe there's no such thing as a plateau. There's always a slight grade. And when you stop, you don't just stop, you start rolling back down.

†††††††26. "SO IT WAS FROM CORREGIDOR THAT THE FAMOUS BATAAN DEATH MARCH STARTED. The Japanese were so incensed that they had lost so many of their troops in the Battle for Corregidor that they forced the American soldiers to walk hundreds of miles, which I think I told you about in one of my Letters. Many of the troops died on that march.

†††††††27. "BUT AS MACARTHUR LEFT CORREGIDOR HIS LAST WORDS WERE 'I'LL BE BACK!' Well, he did come back! It took two or three years, but when he finally did return, he had not only conquered the entire Pacific but also Japan!

†††††††28. SO LORD WILLING, I'LL BE BACK! God promised that He would take care of our enemies, and would see to their destruction, one way or another.--That's the Bible!" ("Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord..."--Rom.12:19.) "He promised in His Word. It's promised of God, Beloved!

†††††††29. "LAST SUMMER WAS THE HOTTEST SUMMER IN THE MEMORY OF LIVING MEN THERE on that Island, and there's been virtually no winter. So I wouldn't be surprised of they're going to have the worst drought they've ever had on that Island! What's the general pattern after persecution?" Okay, how does it go? Pioneering, Popularity, Persecution--then what comes next?--God's judgments on those that persecuted!

†††††††30. "USUALLY GOD WILL FIRST WITHDRAW HIS BLESSINGS, THEN HE'LL POUR ON THE JUDGEMENTS! Remember that huge dust storm that we had there? That happened right after they delivered the first summons! So remember to keep that pool full to the brim!--And keep it chemically suitable to drink!

†††††††31. "REMEMBER THE WATER RULES: No bathing, toilet flushing or clothes-washing while the water is off, and you had better reinforce those water rules!" So if we do have some water problems, like we have been having this past two weeks, that pool could be a life-saver! Our house over there doesn't get any water during the day--none!--Every day! We only get water at night. So, that pool would come in awful handy!

†††††††32. "WE HAVE NOT BEEN LICKED! THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN!--And the Enemy knows it! So be on your guard! They can't forget us! We made too deep a mark. God will take care of His children. When He has turned things upside down and removed our enemies and the powers that be there, God willing, we'll be back! Our friends will win the victory over our enemies.

†††††††33. "'IF GOD BE FOR US, NO MAN CAN STAND AGAINST US!' (Rom.8:31.) If this work be of man, it will come to nought. If this work is of men, it will come to nothing. But if it be of God, no man can stand against it!" (Acts 5:38,39.) Amen!! I remember when I very very first joined the Family, I read that in the Book of Acts.

†††††††34. GAMALIEL SAID IT. He was a big church lawyer, and the Pharisees were raising hell like always, and he came and he just said that, "If this work be of man, don't worry about it! It's going to fall apart anyway! But if it be of God, it doesn't matter what we do, because no man can stand against it.'

†††††††35. AND THAT ENCOURAGED ME SO MUCH! I read that and I could thank God! Now I don't have to worry anymore! Because I believe this is of God, so I must be in God's hands and in God's will, so I don't have any worries. Now it doesn't matter what happens to me. The worst they could do is kill me, and that wouldn't be so bad!

†††††††36. "THE CHURCH MADE MORE PROGRESS AFTER JESUS LEFT THAN DURING THE 3 1/2 YEARS HE WAS ON EARTH! After He left they made more disciples, more converts and more followers and over a bigger area than during the time Jesus was with them. During the 3-1/2 years that Jesus was with His disciples, they had about, as far as we know, a maximum of 70 real disciples." Think of that, 70 disciples, sound familiar?!

†††††††37. "THREE YEARS LATER THEY HAD THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF CONVERTS AND HAD COVERED MUCH OF THE KNOWN WORLD! Ten days after the Ascension, which was the Day of Pentecost 50 days after the Passover, they had at that time how many people in the Upper Room?--120! Plus the women! You can read it for yourself right there in Acts Chapter 1.--120 men plus the women, and God only knows how many children! If they're anything like us, they must have had hundreds of children, and I think they were a lot like us!

†††††††38. "ONLY TEN DAYS AFTER THE ASCENSION, the disciples were gathered together in the Upper Room praying for the Holy Spirit, and it descended, and that day 3,000 disciples were added!

†††††††39. "A FEW DAYS LATER PETER HEALED THE LAME MAN AND 5,000 MORE WERE ADDED!--5,000 more in one day!--That was only a couple weeks after Jesus left! And what happened?--'And all that believed were together and had all things common, and sold their possessions and goods and parted them unto all men as every man had need.' (Acts 2:44,45.) And they got together and they elected the deacons and that's when they started organising the Church, Acts Chapter 6.

†††††††40. "WHEN JESUS LEFT, THEY ONLY HAD ABOUT 70 FULLTIME WITNESSING DISCIPLE AND MAYBE A FEW HUNDRED SECRET ONES. BUT SOON AFTER HE LEFT, THEY HAD THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS! 'They can't stop our rain!' The seeds have been sown. Soon 'Change the World!' will be out in Spanish, and it should encourage everyone there. We need to keep that story going and keep up those stat reports, and you'll see what the Lord will do! Praise the Lord!

†††††††41. "IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING!" Timothy: There was a lot more I'm sorry I couldn't remember it all, but that's as much as I got, but I hope it encourages you--it sure encouraged me! Dad kept saying, "That's the Indigenous Church!

†††††††42. "THAT'S THE INDIGENOUS CHURCH THAT WE LEFT THERE!" And that's the way it always is. "Work while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work." (Jn.9:4.) We're still in the day, thank God. I believe there is a lot left to do.--A lot! And you all here are given a commission. What's the great commission? "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15.) Well, we've just been given a commission, too:

†††††††43. "FEED MY SHEEP!" "CHANGE THE WORLD!" It always happens like that. It's the little things, one person at a time. Just think! Let's take an example:

†††††††44. PEDRO AND MIGUEL met the Family only ten or eleven months ago. They received the Lord! They got filled with the Holy Spirit! They went back to La Laguna and started talking to some of their friends. Pedro and Miguel weren't friends before! They didn't even know each other! They both came from La Laguna. They talked to Paco and a few more people.

†††††††45. THEY GOT TURNED ON. "Hey, where can we see you again? Where can we get together tonight? Oh, this is far out! I want to read some more of this with you!" And a few more, and a few more, and a few more, until I'm sure there are even a few more this very day.

†††††††46. UNTIL THERE ARE OVER 200 OF THEM! And if you realise how much of a change happened in your life, what a complete universe happened in your own world...well, think of that happening in 200 lives in La Laguna! That's a big change! And there's no sign of the end! It doesn't look like it's stopping any! That's the wonderful thing about the Lord's Spirit.

†††††††47. IT NEVER SEEMS TO END! Sometimes I worry, and I think, "This is too good! I don't want to take it all, because I want to save some for later!" But you never have to worry about that with the Lord, because you know He's got more than you think He has. Don't be afraid to take all of the Lord's Spirit. There's a lot more where that came from!

†††††††48. SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED HERE IN LA LAGUNA. It was a little thing, that. I remember when I first met Pedro.--You sure have changed! And I remember when I first met you, Miguel! You sure have changed! And thank God!

†††††††49. SEE WHAT A LITTLE THING CAN DO? All you need is a little courage and conviction to preach the message.--And Chepe! How much had your life changed? (Chepe: Praise the Lord!) I think your life had changed quite a bit. (Chepe: I think so!) I think so!

†††††††50. AND BERNARDO! Well, when I first met you, Bernardo, you were already in the Family. When I finally got here, Bernardo was already in the Family. Just think, Bernardo, that was one wife and one baby ago! So...think how much your life has changed! And the same thing can happen to anybody that wants it.

†††††††51. WHAT A LIFE! But here we are! 120 of us gathered in the Upper Room. Well, not quite...But if we got everybody here it would be even more! But if we had 120 here I don't think I'd be here--I'd get outta here quick! So we got the commission. So how many want to accept the commission? (All raise their hands eagerly!)

†††††††52. JUST THINK OF ALL THE HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE THAT WE'VE WITNESSED TO AND THE THOUSANDS WE'VE CONTACTED! Real hungry people that really were hungering after the Spirit! I mean some have gotten a little discouraged, fallen away a little bit. But we've got to search 'em out! Jesus told the parable about the good shepherd and the 100 sheep. And the one got lost, so He went and left the ninety-and-nine and found the one lost sheep.

†††††††53. WELL, WE'VE GOT A FEW LOST SHEEP AND WE NEED TO CATCH 'EM! So always be on the lookout for those. So thank God for the faithful ones we have! The Spanish people that we have here are really going to be the key to the whole operation...We stupid foreigners! We never seem to quite make it! Ha! I don't know why I ever came to Southern Europe--I never seem to quite fit in! At least my looks don't quite fit in!

†††††††54. SO, WE'VE GOT A LOT OF WORK TO DO, Beloved, how to train others to be fishermen also. Jesus said, "Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." (Mt.4:19.) So we need to learn how to make fishers of men of others. What did Paul say, "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also." (2Tim.2:2.) So that's what we need to do.

†††††††55. ALL, EVERYONE HERE, IS IN A POSITION TO TEACH SOMEONE ELSE. Okay, fine, we all have a lot to learn that we need to learn and commit to other people. But you'll never get any more until you at least start giving out what you've got. What's that little saying?--

†††††††56. "AS YOU POUR OUT HE'LL POUR IN, and you can never outpour Him!" You've got to give out, or you'll get stale, you'll get old. If you don't keep moving, you get rusty. You need to keep moving, and that's giving out.

†††††††57. "GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU." (Lk.6:38.) That has never failed! That is a law of God, more than the law of gravity. What goes up must come down. Well, it's the same way with the Lord--"Give, and it shall be given unto you." That's a law!

†††††††58. BUT IF YOU DON'T GIVE YOU'RE NOT GOING TO RECEIVE, and that even means the things that you've learned. If you don't give out the things you've learned, you can't learn anything new. It's like it doesn't even fit because you don't even remember the things you learned at one time.

†††††††59. OKAY, TAKE FOR EXAMPLE, A LANGUAGE: I'm sure there are some of you here that at one time spoke a language fairly proficiently, and then you left and haven't used it in quite a while, and then you meet someone from that country...and you try...and you feel like a fool--it just doesn't come out! And it's the same thing with the things that you've learned.

†††††††60. IF YOU DON'T GIVE THEM OUT, YOU FORGET THEM, they get lost, confused, and you don't even know what you knew in the first place! Giving it out to others, believe me, is the surest way to even increase your own faith. Because there's something about giving to others that reinforces your own beliefs, because it all comes so clear. It's like a lawyer. The Lord always seems to give you the right things, and it all sort of fits together. It's really good for you.

†††††††61. I MEAN IT HELPS ME--WITNESSING AND TEACHING AND GIVING OUT TO OTHERS. So I'm sure it'll be the same to you. It's impossible to have faith unless you have the Word. It's impossible to have the Word unless you're exercising it. Don't let it get stale or old. Keep it always...So, that's our job.

†††††††62. WE'LL PROBABLY HAVE TO DO A LITTLE BIT OF REORGANISING. I don't know...we're going to lose this house after a short while, good old Ninos!! It's going! When I first arrived here there were only four of us living in this house! And I lived by myself in this room over here! Very strange! For two months! And then...!!

†††††††63. HOW MANY ARE LIVING HERE NOW? (ABOUT 20) WE'VE HAD MORE! You know the very first, when I joined the Family, I lived in a house that was smaller than this, and you know how many people lived in it?--85!! I tell you, you ought to thank God! It was quite an experience! I mean, thank God, it wasn't the rule!

†††††††64. IT WAS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, BELIEVE ME! It wasn't the norm. I don't want you to think that was the norm! For two weeks, that's how it was! I only remember the good things! It took you an hour to get to dinner, the line was so long! And by the time that you finally got your food! (Pant, pant!)

†††††††65. THERE WAS ALWAYS A LOT OF FOOD, THANK GOD! The Lord always supplied, by miracle after miracle! We had the strangest food you could ever believe! For breakfast! It was in Atlanta, Georgia--do you know what blueberries are!? They had around there a lot of blueberry farms, and for breakfast we had oatmeal with blueberries!

†††††††66. MOUNTAINS OF BLUEBERRIES! And when you finished eating, everything was purple blue--blue everything! OOeey! It was quite an experience! We always went through different periods. It depended on what was in harvest at the time! I better stop!

†††††††67. SO WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK? Are you ready for the commission? (Amen!) Thank You Lord! Well, I wouldn't be surprised if we might begin having a few problems with some visas. That's what seems to be the avenue of politely getting a few out.

†††††††68. BELIEVE ME, WE HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS, but we also have some enemies who don't really like what we're doing. Miguel could tell you that, as he's encountered a few of them! That's why we have to be very diligent in training up, in really giving out to others so that they can give to others. And each one needs to be grounded, those that really mean business, the real mountain men, the real pioneers, those who really want to lay down their life for something worth living for!

†††††††69. IT'S EACH ONE OF OUR RESPONSIBILITIES TO GROUND THEM IN THE WORD OF GOD, God's Word, because it's God's Word that'll change 'em. And it's gonna be that that will be the real church. Don't neglect the Word. And that way, the church stays pure, if you stick them in the Word.

†††††††70. IN THE BIBLE, finally, each one of us found a basis for our lives, right?--In the Word of God. Finally there is something that you can't argue against. It's something firm, as long as we keep our lives based on that, and we keep founding each one of our new converts on the Word of God, the church is going to continue as strong and true as it is now.

†††††††71. SO LORD HELP US TO STAY IN THE WORD OF GOD. Ground people in the Word of God, and each one of us must stress it in each one of those new people that we run into, to get them grounded in the Word. Because it's gonna be the Word that will increase their faith.

†††††††72. "FOR FAITH COMETH BY HEARING, AND HEARING BY THE WORD OF GOD." (Rom.10:17.)--That's the law of faith. If you feel like, "Oh, my God, I just don't have much faith!"--It's because you don't have the Word. Read "Faith and Healing". How many times does Dad say it in that--ten?: "It's impossible to have faith unless you have the Word." So, praise the Lord?

†††††††73. SO THERE MIGHT BE A FEW MORE PEOPLE THAT NEED TO LEAVE for one reason or another, but it's not going to change anything. I mean, I don't care if everyone except one left, they'd still have the same commission, right? Because it's a commission from Jesus. It's our duty, and Lord help us not to fail, amen? Some may need to go, not only for their own security, but for the security of the work.--Like Dad. He needed to split for awhile, but he'll be back, God willing! Amen?

†††††††74. YOU GUYS SHOULD KEEP A DIARY OF WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE. I do. Sometimes I even go back to 1974 and 1972. I look at what was happening in my life back then, and it inspires me. That is where histories have been written, from men's diaries. Just daily events to remind you of what is happening in your life, things you have learned. It helps me.

†††††††75. IT'LL HELP YOU, and probably a lot of others, too. We comfort others with the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. (2Cor.1:4.) So sometimes you might be going through a few bad experiences, right? Trials! But if you never went through 'em, how are you going to be able to encourage your brother?

†††††††76. MAYBE IT WON'T BE NEXT WEEK, maybe it's going to be two years from now, five years from now. But believe me, you're going to run into someone who's going through the same trial. How are you going to encourage them? How are you going to tell them how to keep going if you never went through it and came out to the sunshine again?

†††††††77. SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE IN A FOG--Lots of times. But up there the Sun is always shining, and we just need to make it through the fog. I've always come through the fog. Always. Sometimes, I went right back in, too.

†††††††78. BUT THE LORD ALWAYS GETS THE VICTORY! The light is always shining at the end of the tunnel, always. The darkest hour is just before dawn.

†††††††79. SO DON'T FRET, DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL MAKE IT! You've always made it before. You made it this far, the past three months, two years, three years, five years, eight years, whatever it may be, you've always made it before. And you know the Enemy always says, "But it was never like this!" But every time! Every single time! How can it be always, "But it was never like this!" Right? Yes it was, it was probably just like that! I tell you,

†††††††80. EVERY TIME YOU MAKE IT THROUGH ONE, IT MAKES YOU A LITTLE BIT STRONGER TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE NEXT ONE. of course, it probably wasn't exactly the same. It may be a trial that would kill someone younger in the faith than you. But the Lord will never give you anything more than you can bear. (1Cor.10:13)

†††††††81. YOU CAN ALWAYS BEAR IT. You can always bear it, always bear it, no matter how hard it gets, because "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!" (Phil.4:13.) You can always bear it. Does anybody have anything to say? Please? (Chepe: We love you!) Thank you!! God bless you!!

†††††††82. EVERYONE BE SURE AND GET ALL THESE FRIENDS' NAMES AND ADDRESSES, if you can. Because even if we do get thrown out, we'll at least be able to send them the Letters in the mail! And don't say, "Oh, that's ridiculous! They couldn't throw us out!" Well, I've seen it at least a dozen times! As a matter of fact, I just got a letter yesterday, saying a few people needed to leave a certain place.

†††††††83. SO THAT'S HOW GOD KEEPS HIS CHURCH MOVING, right? So let's prepare. If the Enemy's very angry with what we've done here, we'd better get prepared with some names and addresses of our friends! Gather them together. Keep them in your diary--hand them in, at least a copy. Hand them in to our Secretary.

†††††††84. ANY PICTURES YOU MAY HAVE OF FRIENDS, it really helps you to pray for them when you see their faces. And if you want to make a copy for yourself and give one to the Secretary, I'm sure Dad would like to see pictures of 'em, too, so he could pray for them all. So who knows?

†††††††85. DAD WAS DOING GREAT--really well rested, more well rested than I've seen him in a long time, and so this little trip has been really good for his health. So I think when he's strong enough and he has his health back to where it should be, I'm sure he'll be back. (God willing! When God's defeated our enemies!) And if people ask where he is, well tell 'em

†††††††86. "HE WENT ON A LITTLE TRIP FOR HIS HEALTH, a little vacation for his health", and that is sure what he did!--And when'll he be back? God only knows! Tomorrow? Next week? Who knows? Next month? Praise the Lord! So maybe a Spanish person could pray now, and then we could pray the Lord's Prayer. (Juan prays in Spanish, for the work and for Dad and Maria, then together they pray the Lord's Prayer.)

†††††††87. THE BIBLE SAYS TO "GREET ONE ANOTHER WITH A HOLY KISS"! (Rom.16:16) So that could also mean, say goodbye with a holy kiss! Right? Amen!--And remember Dad is counting on you to carry on.--It's only the beginning!

†††††††88. HE'LL BE BACK, God willing! God bless and keep you all and continue to make you a greater blessing than ever! Amen. We love and pray for you daily!--You're in His hands! Praise the Lord!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family