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"COMMUNICATE!"--MO       April 25, 1977       DFO No.580
--A Personal Letter to Some of the Family--But a Lesson for ALL!
--"Forget not to communicate!"--Heb.13:16.

Copyrighted June 1977 by the Children of God

       Dear Children: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Praise the Lord! God bless you all! I love you all!

       1. I WISH WE COULD BE THERE AGAIN with you and hope that we shall be again before long, God willing. I believe that we shall be as soon as God is finished judging our enemies there, removing them from power and placing an administration in charge that's more liberal and more favorable toward the Family and which would give us more liberty and freedom and will not be so hard against us.

       2. SO I'M STILL COUNTING ON YOU TO HOLD THE FORT until we return, as I told you in the message which I sent to you not long ago by our dear brother Timothy. We hope to have a few copies of that typed or printed up for you so you can each have a copy, so I won't repeat that here. As I already stated in some of the Letters,

       3. I BELIEVE THAT GOD'S JUDGEMENTS HAVE ALREADY BEGUN THERE, and that worst air crash in history was just the beginning, because that is going to hurt Tenerife almost more than an earthquake or volcanic explosion, if the people feel they can't trust the airport and the planes there!

       4. IT'S ALREADY REDUCED THE TOURIST BUSINESS THERE BY 40%, along with the floods and other things that God has been sending. And from that horrible air crash in which nearly 600 people were killed and the rest horribly injured and maimed, most of them badly burned, there will be court cases coming out of that crash for years now--suits and damage suits and insurance suits and so on.

       5. THE CRASH SUITS WILL GIVE THOSE JUDGES THERE ENOUGH BUSINESS TO KEEP THEM BUSY FOR QUITE A FEW YEARS! Since they wanted court cases, they are going to get them, but we hope not with us, thank God! As we told you in our message via Timothy, we felt it was impossible to fight the System on its own grounds with its own weapons when their mind was already made up.

       6. THEY DIDN'T WANT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE FACTS, and we had finished our part of the job there, accomplished what we set out to do really, in proving that FFing can be done almost anywhere, even in a very tight and closed country such as that has been.

       7. SO THAT HAVING PROVED THE POINT and spread the message, sowed the seeds and reaped the harvest, as usual then comes the time for the opposition of the enemy to sift the harvest that has been reaped, to thresh the harvest and winnow away the chaff and find out what is really good grain that is going to last. Praise God!

       8. AND THEN WHEN THAT TIME COMES of course, when the persecution begins, when it gets too rough to be able to carry on what you're doing, or whoever cannot carry on, as Jesus said it is time,

       9. "WHEN THEY PERSECUTE YOU IN ONE CITY, FLEE YE TO ANOTHER." (Mat.10:23.) So we regret that most of your leadership has had to depart, because from what we gathered of the attitude there of the Judge, they were really out to get us.

       10. I CANNOT TELL YOU THE DETAILS of my appearance in court because I was sworn to secrecy by the Judge under penalty of law, that if I reveal one thing that was said or what happened in that court that day, he would accuse me of contempt of court and slap me in jail immediately!

       11. I CAN TELL YOU ONE THING and that was that they were more interested in the religious angle than anything else! So obviously the church was behind it, as we suspected all along of course. And as usual throughout history, it's always the established religion which persecutes the true church and the true faith, the true religion.

       12. SO THAT TIME CAME and we saw we had accomplished what we came to do and we could not do anything further, and if we wanted to continue to minister to you through the Letters and to the rest of the world as well, it was time to go--so we did, praise the Lord!

       13. WE HAVE TRAVELED A LONG, LONG JOURNEY SINCE THEN of hundreds and hundreds of miles, and I can't tell you exactly how many or you might figure out where we are. But we're very comfortably and modestly settled again thank the Lord in a very quiet place.

       14. WE'VE BEEN GETTING A GREAT DEAL OF WORK DONE, as you will soon see by the Letters. We've been putting out almost one a day the past few days, many of which I'm sure you'll enjoy and will be a help and comfort to you. Thank the Lord!

       15. AMONGST THE LETTERS WHICH WE'VE DONE since leaving you and which you should have soon, Lord willing, is a real bomb called the "Nuns of Love!" Another shocker which I think you will enjoy and be receiving soon is "God's Witches!" In there you'll hear all about God's wizards and witches and enchantresses and enchantments and spells [DELETED] and all kinds of things, very, very interesting, about things in the spirit world! Praise the Lord!

       16. ANOTHER ONE WHICH I THINK YOU WILL FIND VERY INTERESTING IS THE "MOTHERS OF GOD." Some people seem to think that God only had one mother but we've discovered He had a lot of mothers, praise God!--Or still has a lot of mothers, may I say.


       18. YOU'RE ALSO GOING TO HEAR "THE TENERIFE STORY," God willing, just what happened and how it happened and how it ended.--Although it hasn't ended, thank God, because you're still there and you're supposed to be continuing to carry on and to take care of those who were left behind. Feed them, care for them, nurture them and bring them through. Praise God! God bless you!

       19. YOU'LL ALSO BE GETTING A THRILLING ACCOUNT OF FAITH'S AUDIENCE WITH THE KING OF SPAIN, King Juan Carlos! She talked to him about religious persecution in Spain and even told him that her own father had had to leave Spain because of it. It's a very exciting story in which she really risked a great deal to accomplish her purpose. She got her picture in the paper in the bargain and also had to leave Spain in a hurry as a result!

       20. ANOTHER ONE SHOULD BE THE "FF REVOLUTION!" The "FF Revolution!" Hallelujah! It's all about God's volunteers, God's elite corps, the FFers! God bless you all! And the next one after that should be the "FF Explosion!" It's really a great deal about the Tenerife Story.

       21. THEN THERE'S ANOTHER very interesting and very helpful one which I think you will find comforting and instructive called "Afflictions," the answer to some of your problems of why, why afflictions?

       22. ALSO IN ONE YOU WILL FIND SOME OF OUR COMMENTS ON THE CHRISTIANITY TODAY ARTICLE on us which they entitled "Disciples of Deceit," a very vicious attack on us, which shows we must still be getting a lot accomplished back there in the U.S.! Hallelujah!

       23. ON THE WORLD SITUATION AND CURRENT EVENTS is "The Battle for Katanga and Famagusta," along with some prayers against our enemies which are real hot bombs! A very sweet little letter called "Love Letter" I think is going to make a very good little salvation tract and to explain the Family to our friends and converts, one that we can carry with us and give to almost anyone. It explains God and His Love and the Family and so on.

       24. ANOTHER HOT ONE IS "THE BIG LIE," an anti-evolution Letter compiled from some of our tapes and writings and other sources by dear Apollos of the MO-Ed Department, which I think will be a big help to you in helping students who are having a battle with evolution.

       25. "THE WRATH OF GOD!" tells about the Tenerife situation, which I think you will find very interesting. You should have already received by this time {\ul \i Love Is News}--No.1, in which we presented to you the English translations of the first newspaper articles which we got in Tenerife.

       26. LOVE IS NEWS--NO.2 has already been approved, so you should be getting that before long also, a translation of more news articles which we received there, along with other interesting comments, cartoons and so on. Just remember,

       27. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE NEWSPAPERS! I didn't even say some of those things they blame me for, and which you know I would never have said, so praise the Lord anyway!

       28. ONE WE GOT JUST FRESH TODAY FROM THE LORD, a dream which I think we'll call "God's Bosoms!" Praise the Lord! I don't know why so many of the things the Lord gives me are so sexy, but we have a sexy God and we're a sexy people, praise God!--Amen? He's the One that made it and He made me your sexy leader, so I guess you'll just have to accept it that way, praise the Lord! So come on ma, burn your bra! God bless you!

       29. I ALSO HOPE you have been getting all of the other goodies which have been coming out of our Publications Department. You should all by this time have copies of the English version of the Quote Book, Thoughts from You Know Who, as well as various Childcare materials and Children's editions and illustrated comic books etc.--not so funny but serious and beautifully illustrated by our dear friend Eman.

       30. WE HAVE "GREEN DOOR", "MADAME M" AND QUITE A FEW OTHER COMICS NOW that are really terrific and very good for outsiders. They're excellent to reach the average comic-book mentality today with what they're used to reading.

       31. WE'RE ALSO GOING TO HAVE SOME COLOUR COMICS before long, not just coloured covers but the whole thing in colour! Because Ho claims that we can print in colour in Hong Kong and distribute from there as cheap as we're now printing and distributing from Rome in black and white! So praise the Lord! We've got some interesting wonderful new things coming! So hang on to your chairs! Here we go! Hallelujah! I love you!

       32. WE TRUST YOU FOREIGNERS ARE KEEPING AN ACCURATE CHECK ON YOUR VISA STATUS. The Americans and other foreigners have left, and most of you there are already Spanish citizens and don't have to worry about visas, thank God! That's why we left you there so you can carry on.

       33. THEY CAN'T VERY WELL THROW OUT THE NATIVES, but they would like to throw you in, I'm sure, so watch your step! Walk circumspectly and wisely and "be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves." (Eph.5:15; Mat.10:16.) Praise the Lord!

       34. BUT PLEASE KEEP FEEDING OUR SHEEP, amen? We love you! I'm so sorry we had to leave, but I trust the Lord is taking good care of you. Seven Kisses! God bless you! I love you! Seven more kisses! Praise God! We'd love to have a picture of each of you, of all my loves!

       35. IF YOU WANT TO WRITE US, just write the letter and enclose a picture and give it to your house-mother and they will know where to send it--to somebody who will also know where to send it to somebody who will also know where to send it to eventually find us. So praise the Lord! If you want to write us, you're certainly welcome and we would certainly love to hear from all of you.

       36. IN FACT, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM ALL OF YOU, since some of you are sometimes a little lax about reporting. So we are going to request that you all write us some kind of report on what you have been doing and what's been happening and how you see the situation personally since we left. Thanks for all the good reports we've already received. GBY!

       37. I THINK PERHAPS THIS DREAM which I had today was for some of you folks, part of it of least, about the house not being in order as it should be because some have not been communicating as you should. I suppose each of you thought somebody else was telling us, but if you knew the truth, it turns out that very few were telling us, so we didn't know what was happening.

       38. WE DON'T THINK IT'S VERY THOUGHTFUL or considerate or kind of you after all of our hard work and our concern for you that you're not concerned to report to us and let us know what you're doing or what has been done or what's going on.

       39. I HAVE BEEN VERY FAITHFULLY WRITING YOU LETTERS and you should have been getting them. They are my Letters that go to the whole world and are to you as well. I've even sent some of you personal special messages. But we have as yet to hear anything from some of you.

       40. WE'VE ALSO BEEN VERY FAITHFUL IN WRITING TO THE FISH WE LEFT BEHIND but we'd like to have some idea of what is going on or how they are reacting, so we surely wish you'd continue to let us know. We are very disappointed in the failure of some to report more fully and faithfully.

       41. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU and forgive you and inspire you to be more faithful in the future. We don't understand why some of you haven't written us, even the least of you. But we love you very much and we believe that you love us.

       42. PERHAPS SOME FEEL THAT WE DESERTED YOU. Maybe you are mad at us, we don't know. But we had to leave--we couldn't help that. To stay there would have killed us, and we couldn't have continued to minister to you and the rest of the world if we hadn't left. So you surely couldn't blame that on us. I think we accomplished a great deal there on our part and fulfilled our obligation and responsibility.

       43. THE AMERICANS AND FOREIGNERS WHO HAD TO LEAVE are all situated safely now and resuming production and getting along well. Everything went beautifully and it was miraculous how well the evacuation took place so smoothly and without any bad events, thank God!--Nearly 50 of us!

       44. EVERYBODY GOT OUT SAFELY, at least those that were important enough that we felt the enemies might try to attack. So praise God! Thank you for holding the fort in our absence.

       45. BUT BECAUSE SOME OF YOU CHILDREN HAVE NOT BEEN WRITING TO YOUR PARENTS, some parents are getting together and forming an association against us because of your failure and your neglect of your responsibility of honouring your fathers and mothers and writing home!

       46. NOW THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR THAT WHATSOEVER NOW--no, none whatsoever! You folks there are no longer really a Selah Colony. Our whole cover has been blown and I am gone and there is no excuse for you now, since you no longer have to hide our previous whereabouts or identity.

       47. ARTICLES HAVE EVEN BEEN PUBLISHED now giving the connection between us and you and You-Know-Who! So you've got nothing to hide anymore. You're now no different from any other Colony and you're in your own country, so there's no reason why you shouldn't operate just as the rest of them do.

       48. MAYBE THE THING THAT WOULD REALLY JOLT THAT ISLAND out of its lethargy would perhaps be to let you get out and litness like all the other Colonies do, until you've really saturated 'em with the Word!

       49. MAYBE YOU COULD SHOW THEM ONE LAST LITTLE BIT OF MERCY OF THE LORD THAT WAY, as God so often does, showing them an extra bit of love and time to repent by really socking' it to 'em with the straight unadulterated Word! But if God's mercy and our love and our extra goodness doesn't do it, He'll have to sock it to 'em with His judgements!

       50. BUT JUST REMEMBER, although you may be doing great, you may be doing wonderful things, marvelous things for all we know, if you don't tell us, we won't know, will we? We won't know what you're doing if you don't report.

       51. IF YOU DO NOT REPORT, then you won't receive the Letters any longer either, because how do we know you're even still there if you're not reporting? How do we know you even deserve to get the Letters if you're not reporting? We don't know what you're doing!

       52. SO PLEASE, CHILDREN, PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE to us! We're very grieved that some of you have failed in this way to communicate. It shows a great lack of consideration, just like the dream I had this morning.

       53. IT SHOWS A VERY GREAT LACK OF LOVE and consideration for us--and for your fathers and mothers too! After our loving care for you there for so long, for us to be suddenly torn out of your midst and away from our precious family there, makes us miss you a great deal, so please let us know what's happening.

       54. SO WHY DON'T YOU ALL GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES RIGHT NOW and cry out to God to forgive you and repent for your neglect and your failure to communicate and your lack of consideration for your fathers and mothers--including us!

       55. WE HOPE YOU'RE FOLLOWING UP ON OUR SHEEP and feeding them and caring for them, nursing them. We've just written you a Letter about it, "The Mothers of God," and hope that you are really taking care of them. Because if you don't, instead of the grand successful experiment there of the great original pioneer FFing push, it could turn out to be the grand failure and a testimony against FFing!

       56. IF YOU DON'T CARRY IT THROUGH AND FOLLOW THEM UP and feed them and take care of them, if we do not have fruit left there which really remains, that grows and also bears fruit itself, then all of our labours were in vain and it was all just a great neglect instead of a great success. If you are neglecting our sheep there, then God help us!

       57. GOD BLESS YOU! WE LOVE YOU ALL and hope you'll be doing even better, and our prayers are with you in Jesus' Name! Amen! Seven kisses! God bless and keep you everyone, in Jesus' Name! We love you! We hope you still love us and we do hope you'll write us. Well, praise the Lord!

       58. HERE'S A LITTLE P.S. TO ENCOURAGE YOU AFTER THAT SPANKING: Some of you may have already received the latest stats, and you'll find out that we are in the upper brackets, the highest we have ever been in our history!

       59. WE NOW HAVE 804 COLONIES WITH 7,676 MEMBERS! Praise God! Lit distribution is also still averaging nearly 6 million a month, with an overall total of lit distributed to-date of nearly a quarter-of-a-billion pieces in only 5 years! Think of that!--That's about 50 million yearly!

       60. WE ALSO HIT AN ALL-TIME HIGH RECENTLY OF AN 832-MILLION WITNESS IN ONLY ONE MONTH, a witness to the world of over 832 million people we reached in that month with the message! Praise God! Hallelujah! Amen? We also reached an all-time high of converts in one month of over 100,000 converts in one month praise God!--& a record 42 births!

       61. AND WE NOW HAVE A TOTAL OF 1,725,032 CONVERTS! Praise God! God bless you all! Is it worth it?--You bet it's worth it! There's nothing in this world worth any more!--Amen? Hallelujah! It's a worldwide witnessing explosion for Jesus!--Are you still with us?

       62. SO KEEP UP THAT FFing AND FEED THE SHEEP and we'll win the System too!--The early Christians did! They won the whole Roman Empire, until even the Emperor became a Christian!

       63. DON'T LET A LITTLE PERSECUTION STOP YOU! Just keep on moving until you've covered the Earth! That's what the first Christians did! They even tossed 'em to the lions and burned 'em at the stake, but they still kept going till they'd won the world! Read it! (Acts 17:6; 19:10; 24:5 and Romans 1:8!)

       64. EVEN THEIR WITNESS UNDER PERSECUTION AND MARTYRDOM SAVED MANY! It was not only the way they lived but also the way they died that convinced many that "Surely this was the Son of God!"--Mat.27:54.

       65. HE'LL GIVE YOU POWER FOR THE HOUR AND GRACE FOR THE CASE! He will never leave nor forsake thee, even unto the end of the world! Though Heaven and Earth pass away, His Word shall never pass away! Jesus never fails! Love never fails! (Heb.13:5; Mt.28:20; 5:18; 1Cor.13:8.)

       66. SO KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT, keep the faith, contend earnestly for the faith, be not disobedient to the Heavenly vision, be not weary in well-doing, for in due season ye shall reap a mighty harvest if ye faint not! (1Tim.6:12; 2Tim.4:7; Jude 3; Acts 26:19; Gal.6:9.)

       67. AMEN? GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU EVERY ONE and continue to make you a very great blessing there till you've finished your course. For henceforth there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness, for those that continue to the end, to them He will give a crown of life! Read all about it in Ac.20:24; 2Tim.4:8; Rev.2:10.

       68. WE LOVE YOU! And please "forget not to communicate!"--Thanks! (P.S.--These colonies did faithfully communicate, as we learned later, but their reports were held up for two months in the slow mails through some slow countries during some strikes and holiday seasons!--But now aren't you glad we got a good lesson out of it?--Amen!--I love you!--Dad.)

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family