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"GOD'S BOSOMS!"--MO       April 25, 1977       DO No.581

Copyrighted June 1977 by the Children of God

       We had gone over to breakfast late and come back and I wasn't feeling very well, so I lay down to rest and fell asleep and I dreamed this dream:

       1. WE WERE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE and some of the Family had been asked to move out of this little cottage to make a place for us, so they had moved out. But they had left the place in a terrible, terrible mess! I just couldn't believe what a mess they'd left it in just absolute chaos, confusion, trash all over the place and discarded things--just absolutely a pigpen!

       2. I WAS SO DISCOURAGED about what a horrible mess it was even worse to think that any of our kids could possibly have left any place in such a mess especially when they knew we were coming to occupy the place. I always believed in leaving a house cleaner than when you found it, and when I leave a hotel room I usually leave it so clean that the cleaning lady doesn't even have to clean it!

       3. I BELIEVE THAT CLEANLINESS IS PART OF GODLINESS and that it is a good testimony. Cleanliness is a good witness. Well, this was certainly no good witness to see them showing a great lack of love and consideration for us to have left the place for us in such a mess that, as tired as we were, we had to try to clean it all up before we could even move in.

       4. I ALSO LOST MY SUITCASE IN THE CONFUSION and was looking all around for it and found it sitting on a pile of junk. The people had thrown us and our stuff, carelessly sort of dumped it all in, in the middle of this muddle, and we were very busy trying to clean it up.

       5. THE LITTLE COTTAGE STOOD AT THE END OF A ROAD on a sort of a bluff or a river bank above this gorge or ravine, an old dry riverbed. It was an old riverbed that was dry and sandy just like a desert.

       6. SUDDENLY DOWN THROUGH THIS OLD SANDY DRY DESERT RIVERBED CAME THIS HOT BLACK STREAM! At first it looked to me like oil, hot oil or liquid tar pouring down toward us. Then I realised that it must have been lava because of what happened afterward. It kept coming towards us and coming towards us until we were afraid it was going to come right up and strike the house which we were trying to clean up.

       7. SO WE RAN DOWN THE ROAD away from the riverbed toward the intersection of another street about a block away, and there we found this little chapel on the corner facing the next street. We went in looking for somebody to tell about the lava flow coming behind us toward the people and we were trying to warn the people.

       8. WE WENT INTO THIS LITTLE CHAPEL and it turned out to be a swimming pool! It was an indoor swimming pool with just room enough to walk around it. There were a few people already in, playing in the pool. But there were three sort of bad boys who were antagonistic and didn't seem to like us.

       9. BUT THE MINUTE THEY SAW US COMING they either jumped or fell into the pool. So I thought, "Well, that's good!"--And then it seemed that I jumped in too after them and discovered to my pleasant surprise that the water was nice and warm, it was a heated pool! I thought, "Oh that's nice! It's a lovely place to swim!"

       10. BUT THEN I REMEMBERED we were supposed to warn the people about the coming lava flow that was following us. So we jumped out of the pool and ran outside, and oddly enough we found out that the lava flow had stopped right at the chapel door!

       11. IT HAD BEEN CREEPING UP THE PATH to our house without touching it, and had come right up to the door of the chapel and stopped. like a stream of hot liquid, only now it had cooled off. So I went out and looked at it closely and it was sort of a dark blackish-brown almost like resin or hardened paint because in cooling off it had completely hardened so it was just as hard as could be!

       12. I REMEMBER I TOOK MY KNUCKLES and rapped on it and it was now cooled off and just as hard as a rock! So we were thanking and praising the Lord that it hadn't come any further and hadn't done us any damage and hadn't hurt the little cottage or the chapel. It stopped right at the chapel door!

       13. SO WE WERE ENCOURAGED and things seemed to be looking up a little, a little brighter, as the Lord had miraculously taken care of us and protected us, and now we had this nice pool down the street to swim in. It also seemed like their fall or dive into the pool, of these bad boys who were bothering us, had cured them of their antagonism, at least they now left us alone.

       14. SO WE WALKED BACK to the little cottage and continued our cleanup. But oh, it was such an awful mess! It was really a mess the way those kids had left it who were there before us. I was getting so so tired I just couldn't see how I could go on any longer!

       15. IT WAS A TWO-STOREY COTTAGE and I had climbed up on the outside to throw stuff out of the windows, there was so much junk and mess and trash. I was really, really so upset and so discouraged to think that those kids would have left it in such a condition for us!

       16. I WAS CALLING AND CALLING and calling Maria to come, because I didn't know where she was and I was worried about her because of the lava flow. But I called and called and called but she still didn't come. That was the thing that finally really made me so discouraged and because of all the rest that happened and everything. Then on top of it all, to have lost Maria and not know where she was and worrying about her being out there where the lava had been flowing, it was just too much!

       17. SO I GUESS IT WAS A COMBINATION of the weariness and the overwork and the over-worrying and all the excitement about the lava flow and just plain exhaustion as well as disappointment in our kids that I went into the house on the lower floor into the middle of all the mess and I sat down in the livingroom on a chair and just began to cry!

       18. I JUST SAT DOWN IN THE HOUSE AND BURST INTO TEARS! I just broke down and wept! I really boo-hooed! Then dear Prissy walked up to me. She and Alfred and the rest of the Family had been busy cleaning the house, but she felt so sorry for me she walked up to me.

       19. FOR SOME REASON OR ANOTHER SHE WAS TOPLESS! I don't know whether she was so hot because they were working so hard or what, but Prissy walked up to me and stuck her nipple in my mouth! Immediately that seemed to calm me down and soothe my ruffled spirits and comfort me, just like a little crybaby, a crying baby!

       20. I THOUGHT, "HOW NICE! At least somebody loves me and comforts me amidst all this confusion and emergency and losing Maria and everything." Prissy walked up just like a mother and stroked my head and put her bosom in my mouth and I sucked on it and stopped crying just like a baby! I remember I also put my hand on her other bosom like it was a comfort to me.

       21. BUT THEN I LOOKED AND SHE HAD A WHOLE LOT OF BOSOMS! She had one on top of each shoulder and some on her arms and on her stomach and even some on her back! She had bosoms all over her! And I thought, "Wow! She could really comfort a lot of people!"

       22. BUT THEN I WAS THINKING AGAIN ABOUT MARIA BEING GONE and I felt so sad and it bothered me so that it woke me up! I woke up and, oh, I was so thankful to reach over and feel that she was still beside me! I was really thankful! It was almost as bad as a nightmare!

       23. I CAN'T THINK OF WHAT IT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE MEANT because it certainly couldn't have a literal meaning, so it had to be symbolic or figurative. But the fact that the kids had left this little cottage for us to be our home in such a terrible disorder, such a cluttered mess, must show that they certainly didn't have the consideration they should have had for us.

       24. CERTAINLY THOSE KIDS, whoever they were, hadn't been trained right and they didn't have good leadership or something or they certainly wouldn't have left things that way. They just left the house in total disorder!

       25. WELL, IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING SPIRITUAL, I presume. May be it simply means that I was thinking about the kids who were left behind, that maybe they're so leaderless and in such confusion. Maybe it symbolises that they aren't taking care of things like they should. They're not taking care of the place.

       26. THAT'S REALLY OUR HOUSE and they're going to sooner or later have to give it back to us, and we surely don't want to find it in a big mess like that! So maybe that was a warning to warn the kids to behave and take good care of things and let everything be done in decency and order as they should everywhere in the whole world.

       27. THE HOUSE ALSO COULD REPRESENT GOD'S HOUSE, GOD'S FAMILY. You'd better be taking good care of His Family too or you're going to be sorry and we'll be sorry too! The terrible lava flow that frightened us so and was flowing towards us, well, that black molten stream, all I can really think of is that

       28. THE LAVA FLOW MUST REPRESENT THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD and because we prayed so desperately it missed our house and it finally stopped right at the door of that little chapel, which is sort of symbolic of the mercy of God. When His judgements fall on the wicked they usually miss His children or His children are spared from them.

       29. THE LITTLE CHAPEL WHICH WAS A SWIMMING POOL seems to me would symbolise the cleansing of the Word by His Spirit, sort of like repentance, because those bad boys who fell or jumped in seemed to come out much better--they weren't bothering us anymore.

       30. AFTER DIVING IN AND SWIMMING IN THE POOL even I seemed to be refreshed and comforted! Well, then, that could mean the comfort of God's Word and His cleansing, which, in that hour of real trial about the house and about the lava, really was a great comfort to me.

       31. HIS WORD IS ALWAYS A COMFORT and the voice of His Spirit is always an encouragement in the hour of greatest trial, even when everything seems to have gone wrong and you're in danger of your enemies and so on.

       32. WHY DID THE LAVA STOP? It stopped to spare us without even touching us! Why is it that when I went out and felt it, it seemed so hard? I guess that symbolises that God's judgements can be pretty hard sometimes, and they're just absolutely invincible! Only God Himself can stop them and He stopped it just in time! But it still lay there and stayed there very hard as a reminder, a warning of the judgements of God on the misdeeds of the people.

       33. THE DISCOURAGEMENT THAT I FELT, the weariness and so on because of the mess the kids had left the house in after all of our hard work and everything, is certainly understandable! Maria was there part of the time, but why she wasn't there at the last moment when I got so discouraged and so tired, I don't know. I guess she was busy some where, but I was sure worried about her!--Maybe this was to show how much I need her!

       34. BUT PRISSY WAS SUCH A COMFORT! I guess that's just a simple little symbol God gave to show she was comforting--breasts all over, to show how comforting she could be--not only to me, but to a lot of big babies, as she has been many times before.

       35. SHE HAD TO COMFORT A WHOLE LOT OF MEN, so to have that many babies to comfort, you have to have a lot of bosoms to lean on, a lot of teats to suck! So I was using two of them and was very thankful for them, and she was very sweet and loving and comforting and understanding.

       36. SHE TREATED ME JUST LIKE SHE WOULD A LITTLE BABY--like, "There, there, now, don't cry! Everything's going to be all right!--and stuck her bosom right into my mouth and it helped me to shut up! But I was still worrying about where Maria was when I woke up. I told Maria I'd had a nightmare, because to me to be without her is a nightmare to me, whenever I think I might have to be without her. Well, praise the Lord!

       37. IT MUST BE A WARNING TO KEEP OUR HOUSE IN ORDER, for you never know when the judgements of God are going to fall! If you're not ready, everything happens at once and it gets to be almost too much for you.

       38. THANK GOD FOR THE COMFORT OF HIS CLEANSING WORD, that warm pool, the encouragement of His Word!--And then for the loving encouragement of the members of our Family on which we can lean when we need help, praise the Lord! It was sure a vivid dream, and though I had it several hours ago I still remember it very, very clearly.

       39. I GUESS YOU COULD CALL THE NAME OF THIS DREAM: "GOD'S BOSOMS!" Because the whole idea at the end of the dream was the comfort that we receive from each other and the Lord. So we need a lot of bosoms to comfort the many who need help, lots of love, and lots of the water of the Word! God give us lots of Your bosoms to comfort others in Jesus' name! Amen.--Are you one of "God's Bosoms"?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family