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MY LOVE LETTER--TO YOU!--By Father David       GP NO.584

© June, 1977 By the Family of Love, Gold Lion Publishers, CWB P.O. Box 20854, Hong Kong

[EDITED: "Note: These paragraph numbers were not in the original version."]

My Dear One:
       1. Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Here is some information for you about God's Family of Love!

       2. WE WOULD LIKE TO GIVE YOU WITH THIS A SMALL COPY OF THE FOUR GOSPELS written by St. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and which are found in the New Testament of the Bible, God's own Holy Words and His Good News of His Salvation for you! But if we can't, buy yourself one, or a New Testament, and read it for yourself!

       3. WE WOULD LIKE TO MARK FOR YOU PERSONALLY SOME OF THE PASSAGES and verses which we believe would be most helpful to you. But if we can't, please read first the fourth Gospel, the Gospel of John, as it is one of the easiest to understand and contains the most actual Words of Jesus and His simple loving plan for the salvation of the world--including you!

       4. THE SIMPLE MESSAGE CONTAINED IN THESE GOSPELS IS: GOD IS LOVE AND HE LOVES YOU! He is your kind and loving Heavenly Father who personally loves you, His own dear child!

       5. HE WANTS TO HELP AND SAVE YOU AND MAKE YOU HAPPY with His love, and help you to make others happy, too--with both His Love and your love!

       6. GOD IS A GREAT, KIND AND LOVING FATHER. He has made this beautiful world as a home for you, His child, to live in and enjoy! He has lovingly given you a wonderful body, mind and heart with which to enjoy it and each other!

       7. HE WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY and make others happy with His love and your love and all His wonderful creations and provisions for your every need and good desire! (Phil.4:19.)

       8. BUT WE HAVE ALL BEEN NAUGHTY CHILDREN at some time or other and He has had to spank us sometimes for being selfish and mean and unloving and unkind to some of our brothers and sisters--and even to Him, our very own dear loving Heavenly Father:

       9. WE HAVE EVEN DESERVED TO BE PUT OUT OF THIS OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTHLY HOME for disobedience, wilfulness and rebellion against Him and His Holy Spirit, Who, like a mother, yearns over us and tenderly tries to care for us.

       10. BUT HIS GODLY SON, JESUS, OUR BIG BROTHER, WAS SO SORRY FOR US, HE TOOK OUR PUNISHMENT FOR US! But we must be sorry for our sins and try to stop doing evil and try to be good with His help, and receive His love and believe in Him and tell others what a wonderful Heavenly Father we have and Godly Brother, Jesus! (Jn.3:16; Lk.8:21.--These are Scripture references to show you the Books, Chapters and Verses where you can find these in the Bible!)

       11. THEN WE WILL NOT HAVE TO LEAVE OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTHLY HOME and this wonderful life with our Heavenly Family! But instead we can stay here and be happy while He is building us an even more beautiful and wonderful Heavenly home to which we can all move when we leave this one, and we will live there with Him and our happy Family of Love in eternal happiness forever! (Jn.14:2-3 & Rev.21 & 22.) We can even invite others to join our happy Family of Love and to live happily ever after with us!

       12. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY A MEMBER OF GOD'S LOVING FAMILY living in such happiness in millions of happy loving homes around the world, then all you have to do to join and live happily with us forever is to:

       13. (1) BELIEVE THE BIBLE, our loving Heavenly Father's Words of Love to us. (Rom.10:17.)

       14. (2) CONFESS TO HIM that you have sinned against Him and others, and be sorry that you have been bad, and want to be good. (Rom.3:23; 1Jn.1:9.)

       15. (3) BELIEVE IN JESUS and that He suffered for your sins. (Jn.3:16.)

       16. (4) RECEIVE JESUS personally into your own heart and life by simply asking Him to come in and fill you with His love, as you would ask a husband or a lover--and you will be married to Jesus! (Jn.1:12; Rev.3:20; Rom.7:4; Eph.5:22-23; Rev.21:9.)

       17. (5) CONFESS HIM openly to all that He is your lover now. (Rom.10:9-10; Isa.54:5.)

       18. THEN LET HIM BURY HIS SEEDS WITHIN YOU--the seeds of His Words--so that you may bear Him many more children of His love for His great and loving Family of ever-growing and forever-happy children of God! (Jn.15:4-5; Mt.13:23.)

       19. WHEN YOU HAVE DONE THIS YOUR WHOLE LIFE WILL BE CHANGED like a newborn baby born into a whole new world with a new spirit as a new child of God!

       20. DO NOT BE SURPRISED THAT YOU WILL ACTUALLY FEEL DIFFERENT and you will even think differently and be happier than you have ever been before!

       21. JESUS SAID IT IS LIKE BEING BORN AGAIN a new person, and the old "bad you" with all your old sins is gone forever and there is a whole "new you" much better and happier than ever before! (Jn.3:3; 2Cor.5:17.)

       22. BUT OF COURSE LIKE ALL NEW BABIES YOU HAVE A LOT TO LEARN and a lot of growing to do! (1Pet.2:2.) So don't expect to understand everything all at once about your new life and the whole new world in which you live and your great new Family. (1Cor.13:12.)

       23. YOU WON'T EVEN ALWAYS BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND your great and loving Heavenly Father and your tender and loving whispering Heavenly Mother, His Holy Spirit, nor even Jesus your older Brother--or others of your new Family of Love. (Isa.55:8-9.)

       24. BUT YOU WILL KNOW AND FEEL THEIR LOVE as They comfort and feed and protect and gently care for you and help to keep you clean and clothed, along with the help and love of your many other brothers and sisters of your great new Family of Love! (Jn.14:18; 1Pet.5:7.)

       25. JUST SUCK THE MILK OF HIS LIFE-GIVING WORDS from His breast of the Bible and cry to your Father and Family when you need something. (1Pet.2:2; Lk.12:32.) He and His mothering Holy Spirit will always hear you, and your Family of Love will always be ready to help you. (1Jn.5:14.)

       26. REST AND SLEEP PEACEFULLY IN HIS ARMS, the arms of this one who is Father, Mother, Brother and Husband to you! Make love to Him day and night and thank Him for all His goodness to you! (Phil.4:4-7.)

       27. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED HOW FAST YOU WILL GROW and be able to care for yourself and others, until you too will be able to bear children of your own, those to whom you yourself have given birth by introducing them into God's Family of Love, conceived by His Spirit and His Seed, as you yourself were!

       28. THIS PICTURE OF OUR SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND HIS FAMILY was given by God Himself in the Bible to help the simplest of His children to understand what it means to belong to Him and His Family of Love. (Eph.5:26; Mt.25:1-12; 2Cor.11:2; Rev.21:9.)

       29. BE SURE TO FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF HIS GREAT FAMILY, some of whom must live near you, as there are millions of other Christians in the World, both in and out of the churches! You need their companionship, love, encouragement, instruction and prayers to help feed, clothe and care for you both physically and spiritually. (Acts 2:42; 1Pet.2:2; 5:5; Mat.25:34-36.)

       30. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OUR PARTICULAR PART OF GOD'S FAMILY, now known as "The Family of Love" because of our message of love and our deeds of love, there are over one-and-one-half-million of us in over one hundred countries around the world!

       31. NEARLY 8,000 OF US ARE SERVING HIM FULLTIME and living in over 800 Homes in more than 70 countries throughout the Earth! So there are very likely some of us near you. If there is one of our homes near you, you will find its nearest address on this letter. If not,

       32. START A HEAVENLY HOME OF YOUR OWN IN YOUR OWN HOME AND CREATE A NEW LITTLE FAMILY OF LOVE in your own community by bringing your own family, loved ones and friends into the Family of God with His message of love through your own love, the same way that you yourself entered the Family of Love!

       33. IF YOU FEEL LONELY AND ALONE AND FIND NO ONE NEAR YOU with whom you feel you can fellowship and have companionship, try a little love!--God's sweet love! You will be amazed at what you yourself can do to love others and cause them to love you in return.

       34. THERE ARE MANY OTHERS AROUND YOU WHO ARE JUST AS LONELY and longing for love as you are, and just waiting for you to make the first move! Step out by faith and talk to someone today about love and try to make them happy!

       35. LOVE SOMEONE TODAY! Find out what wonders love can do! You'll find a whole new world of love you have only dreamed of! There are wonders of love that you yourself can enjoy along with some other lonely soul--if you will only try! If you give love, you'll get love!

       36. OUR OWN GREAT FAMILY OF LOVE WAS STARTED BY JUST TWO LOVING PEOPLE who nightly went dancing to find other lonely souls whom they could comfort and encourage with their companionship, a cup of good cheer, an affectionate dance, a little loving talk about love and the love of God--and a little love!

       37. FOR "GOD IS LOVE" AND "LOVE NEVER FAILS!"--Try it!--You'll love it! (1Jn.4:8; 1Cor.13:8.)

       38. WE HOPE THESE WORDS OF LOVE WILL HELP YOU FIND THE LOVE YOU NEED TO MAKE YOU HAPPY and that others will find happiness through your love too! God bless and keep you and make you a blessing with His Love!
       --With so much love!
       --The Family of Love!

       39. P.S. IF NONE OF US ARE NEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU TO VISIT PERSONALLY PLEASE WRITE to the nearest address on this letter and we will write to you and we will send you more of these letters of love, our love letters to you!


       --I love you!
       --Your Father David

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family