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"INTERVIU'S 202 LIES!"--MO       June 12, 1977       GP NO.585

[EDITED: "Note: These paragraph numbers were not in the original version."]

Copyrighted June 1977 by the Children of God

       1. OUR ENEMIES HAVE LIED ABOUT US A GREAT DEAL during our brief eight-year history, both in the newspapers, magazines and so on. But these recent articles of May 26th and June 2nd are the worst we have ever seen!

       2. THROUGHOUT THESE EIGHT YEARS of our history various periodicals of the press have done everything from praise us to the skies to assign us to the depths of hell, depending usually upon which side of the political spectrum or religious fence they are on.

       3. THE COMMUNISTS ACCUSE US OF BEING FASCISTS, as in these articles, and the fascists accuse us of being communists in other articles. The atheists accuse us of being religious fanatics and the churches accuse us of not being religious enough.

       4. BUT THESE OUTRAGEOUS ARTICLES IN INTERVIU magazine have gone further than anything we have ever seen in accusing us of almost every crime in the book! Something is now going to have to be done to put a stop to these vicious and unlimited lies.

       5. WE ARE GOING TO BE COMPELLED TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION against this and other periodicals who repeat these totally unfounded charges. We are going to have to sue them for criminal libel, slander, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, criminal violation and infringement of copyright, and theft of privately owned copyrighted material and/or the receipt of stolen goods if they do not retract and apologise for these lies.

       6. INTERVIU HAS BROKEN THE LAW so many times in this article that it's almost incredible that any reputable magazine could have even thought of publishing such trash--which clearly shows that Interviu Magazine is not a reputable magazine, certainly not a reliable magazine if you want the truth!

       7. IF THEY WILL LIE AS MUCH AS THEY HAVE in these articles about us, an innocent and very small religious group who are only trying to help young people and others, what faith can you have in any of their other articles as to their veracity or reliability or the credibility of their statements on any subject or any person or persons whatsoever?

       8. WHEN THE COMMUNISTS CALL YOU FASCISTS and the fascists call you communists, it's quite obvious that the truth must lie somewhere in between. When the atheists call you religious fanatics and the churches call you sinners, it must also be true that the truth still lies somewhere nearer the middle.

       9. INTERVIU HAS GONE ENTIRELY TOO FAR this time with such ridiculous and ludicrous and horrible exaggerations and just plain outright lies that something is going to have to be done to put a stop to this criminal attack upon us.

       10. FROM OUR ONE MILLION DOLLAR COURT SUIT for libel and slander against our enemies in the United States they shut up and stopped telling and publishing such wild and ridiculous lies about us. But even they did not go as far as this absolutely vicious magazine, Interviu!

       11. INTERVIU HAS TOLD EXACTLY 202 OUTRIGHT LIES IN THESE TWO ARTICLES, not counting all of the subtle insinuations, horrible exaggerations, wrestings of the truth, twistings of quotes out of context, sinister innuendoes, false inferences and even more!

       12. WHY SUCH PEOPLE HATE US SO is not difficult to understand: Jesus said, "Ye shall be hated for My Name's sake"--simply because we are Christians! (Mat.10:22.) Why a magazine would go to so much trouble, expense and time to concoct such a fabrication of total untruths, is sometimes difficult for some people to understand.

       13. BUT REMEMBER WHAT HITLER SAID in his book "Mein Kampf" or "My Struggle"--in his attempts to deceive the people and the public and the world he said to his propagandists:

       14. "REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIE ABOUT OUR ENEMIES, TELL BIG ONES, because the bigger the lie the more the people are apt to believe it, because the public will think that you would not have dared to tell such a great lie unless it were actually true!"

       15. AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT INTERVIU HAS DONE! It has told such big lies and so many lies, 202 in these two articles alone, that some people are going to be tempted to actually believe them! Frankly, however, it's my opinion that any intelligent thinking fair-minded individual upon reading these too-awful articles is going to smell a rat somewhere.

       16. HONESTLY, IT'S A LITTLE DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE that any one man or any group of religious people could possibly be guilty of so many vices and crimes as we were accused of in the stinking sensationalism of this obviously filthy red rag!

       17. WHY DOES INTERVIU GO TO SUCH LENGTHS TO LIE ABOUT US? Why do they so obviously hate us with such vitriolic venom and vicious invective? Most people and most periodicals at least give us some credit for some good, even if they don't like some of our messages or methods.

       18. BUT INTERVIU IS SO BIASED and so prejudiced and so far out in left field that they have not one good thing to say about us in the entire series of articles except that they claim that the poor kids are merely innocent victims of the master monster at the head who is the horrible beast, and they certainly have nothing good to say about him!

       19. WHEN PEOPLE ARE FACE TO FACE WITH OUR FOLLOWERS themselves, they cannot help but admit that they are good kids trying to help the world, happy, living in cooperative homes joyfully together, sharing what they have with others, visiting hospitals, jails, schools, orphanages, old folks homes, singing on radio and television stations in order to share their joy with others and to encourage and cheer as many as they can.

       20. SO OUR CRITICS CANNOT DENY THAT OUR FRUIT IS GOOD, the young people themselves are good and doing good. It's just that old monster who leads them, he is the bad one!

       21. WELL, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF WAS ACCUSED BY HIS LYING ENEMIES of being a drunk and a glutton and blasphemer and demon-possessed and a companion of harlots and a friend of publicans and sinners! They claimed they were not blaming His disciples but they were accusing Him of being the big bad impostor.

       22. HE GAVE A VERY SIMPLE ILLUSTRATION TO SHOW HOW RIDICULOUS THIS WAS: He likened Himself to a tree and His disciples to the fruit of the tree and asked a simple question: If the tree be evil, then how can the fruit be good? "A corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit!" (Mat.7.)

       23. "A TREE IS KNOWN BY ITS FRUITS!" He turned it back upon their own heads, His critics and enemies, the Scribes and the Pharisees, the self-righteous religious hypocrites and religious leaders of His day, and said, "By their fruits ye shall know them!"--and their fruits were to finally murder Him because He had exposed their sins!

       24. WHY THEN DO THEY HATE US SO?--FOR THE VERY SAME REASON THAT THEY HATED JESUS! We have exposed the sins of both the left and the right, and we have hewed straight down the middle of God's narrow road to salvation through the narrow gate of the truth of Jesus Christ and the Bible!

       25. THAT'S WHY OUR ENEMIES HATE US, BECAUSE WE HAVE EXPOSED THEM and their sins and their lies, and we are now going to further expose this terrible magazine, Interviu, for all of its lies against us! We assume therefore that since they hate us so and are willing to tell so many and such great lies about us to try to prejudice the public against us, that they must be amongst one of the groups which we have exposed, either on the right or the left,

       26. FOR IT IS THE HIT DOG THAT HOWLS! And from the manner of this dog's howling it appears that they must be on the extreme left since they are accusing us of being on the extreme right! Some of our literature and writings must have hurt and stung them very sharply in exposing these antichrist enemies of God! We must have provoked them to jealousy to so turn upon us with such ferocity!

       27. OUR WRITINGS HAVE BEEN HITTING THE MARK AND THE MARK IS HOWLING LOUDLY AND PAINFULLY!--Or should I say the red Marxists, the extreme fanatical radical Red leftists which obviously this magazine represents? This is one good which comes out of the attacks of your enemies:

       28. THE ENEMIES USUALLY HAVE TO EXPOSE THEMSELVES and their own true nature in order to come out in the open and attack you, and this is exactly what Interviu has done! It has exposed its true nature and its true sympathies with the Red terrorists and those who are seeking to destroy Spain!

       29. THE GOOD THINGS THAT WE HAVE SAID ABOUT SPAIN AND ITS PEOPLE HAVE INFURIATED THESE RED RADICALS! Our writings have exposed them for what they are, and they are furious! By so viciously attacking us who love Spain and are loyal to its government they have proven themselves the enemies of Spain, the enemies of the Spanish and the enemies of a Godly society! But they have now gone entirely too far with all of these lies!

       30. THERE ARE A GRAND TOTAL IN THE TWO INTERVIU ARTICLES OF EXACTLY 202 OUTRIGHT LIES! There is not one iota or atom of truth in any one of the 202 lies contained in these two articles in this lying magazine by their lying reporters. Now, my dear public, it's up to you to decide who is lying and who are the liars! I suggest before you make your decision you:

       31. COME TO SEE US PERSONALLY OR READ SOME OF OUR WRITINGS FOR YOURSELF which are available on almost any street in Spain, distributed in Spain at the rate of over half-a-million copies a month! So some of you Spaniards must be reading them, God bless you! Thank you for your time and attention for this defense of ours against this heinous and horrible and totally unfair attack of our enemies.

       32. DON'T BELIEVE THE AWFUL LIES OF THE ENEMIES OF THE CROSS, THE ENEMIES OF CHRIST, THE ENEMIES OF GOD, the enemies of love, the enemies of the Church, the enemies of truth, the enemies of Christianity, the enemies of Spain!

       33. LONG LIVE SPAIN AND HER FRIENDS, HER TRUE FRIENDS, OF WHOM I AM ONE! May God cause her enemies to go down to total and utter defeat in the coming elections and democratisation of Spain in its new freedom! Thank God!

       34. GOD BLESS ALL YOU SPANISH OF GOOD WILL AND FAITH IN GOD and His love and His Word and His Son Jesus Christ!--And God help all of you who do not know the truth to find it. We love you and God loves you! I hope you will come to know that for sure.

       35. WHY NOT COME AND VISIT ONE OF OUR HOMES OR COLONIES and find out for yourself? Don't take the word of these liars who hate us because we are Christians and are therefore trying to defame us and smear us and attack us because they are very angry that we are having such a good Christ-centered impact upon Spanish youth!

       36. LET OUR HALF-A-MILLION READERS IN SPAIN EVERY MONTH TELL YOU! Let our nearly 7,000 Spanish converts every month and our 55 Spanish Colonies and 587 fulltime Spanish workers tell you the truth!

       37. OF ALL THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, SPAIN IS OUR THIRD HIGHEST in colonies, members, and literature distributed every month--over half-a-million pieces per month in Spain alone! So God bless Spain and long live Spain! It is also 7th highest in the world in the number of converts monthly and 8th highest in the number of children in our colonies! So with us Spain ranks near the top of the top ten of over 70 countries of the world which we are now in!

       38. NO WONDER THE DEVIL IS MAD! NO WONDER OUR ANTICHRIST ENEMIES IN SPAIN ARE TRYING TO HARM US! Who are these anti-Christ enemies? Well, I think you know. It's not hard to figure them out, especially from these two articles in this kind of a magazine!

       39. I WOULDN'T ADVISE YOU TO BUY A MAGAZINE WHICH HAS SO MANY LIES, BECAUSE INTERVIU LIES! So how are you going to trust anything that it has to say? What is true and what is all lies?--Such as their articles about us!

       40. IF YOU BUY IT FOR THE PRETTY PICTURES I suggest you cut those out and throw the rest of the crap away! Because who knows? Maybe it's all lies! After their lying articles about us I wouldn't believe or trust anything they had to say!--Would you?

       41. DOWN WITH THESE ANTICHRIST LIARS AND DESTROYERS OF SPAIN! Long live the love of God and country--our country, Spain! Hallelujah! Are you for Spain? Then don't buy the lies of her enemies who wish to see her dominated by some foreign anti-God power! Give to the truth!

       42. READ THE WORDS OF GOD RATHER THAN THE LIES OF SPAIN'S ENEMIES! LONG LIVE SPAIN!--And vote and pray that she may have sincere and Godly leaders who will deliver her from these liars, her enemies! God bless the truth! The lies of man shall come to nought, but the truth of God shall stand forever!--Amen? Praise God! Thank You Jesus! Amen!

       43. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU who read our little papers with good will! If you are one of our friends, you belong to a great loving Family that is now nearly two-million strong throughout the world with nearly 8,000 fulltime workers living in over 800 loving homes in over 70 countries speaking more than 50 languages! Surely some of us are near you!

       44. COME AND SEE US OR WRITE US! Learn the truth for yourself! If you can't find our letters or little papers on your streets, send for some to the postal address below.

       45. --THANKS!--AND GOD BLESS YOU! Help us if you can--We need it! We love you!--Long live Love!--Love never fails!--For God is Love! "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16.)

       46. DO YOU HAVE LOVE?--If not, we have lots for you!--Come and see and feel it!--We're waiting for you! Come today!

       47. P.S.--It will interest you to know that the government just impounded the last issue of "Interviu" and the magazine lost nearly a million dollars! We had just prayed that God would put them out of business! Hallelujah!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family