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"OUR ANSWERS"--To {\b \i Interviu's} 202 Lies About the Children of God and Family of Love!--MO       June 12,1977       GP NO.589

Copyrighted July 1977 by the Children of God

       1. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE THESE ARTICLES APART for your benefit and pick them to pieces, word by word, phrase by phrase, item by item, and show you how they have lied about us and how many times they have lied about us and what great lies they have told! It will be upon these lies which they have told that our charges against them will be based.

       2. EVEN THEIR FRONT COVER WAS A LIE, the front cover of the issue which carried the first article of May 26, 1977. Because in the title for the cover story on us they call us "A Religion in Mortal Sin." It's odd, isn't it, that the Devil should talk about mortal sin when he's such a sinner himself!

       3. BUT IT IS QUITE COMMON FOR LIARS to accuse others of the same sins of which they themselves are the most guilty. But it seems somewhat contradictory as well as lie that the enemies of religion should call us a religion in mortal sin.

       4. THESE ENEMIES OF RELIGION DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE IN EITHER RELIGION OR SIN, and yet they do not hesitate hypocritically to practice either or both when it suits their purpose. We are not in mortal sin, but certainly the authors of this article and this magazine are, and they are going to pay for it!

       5. NEXT THEY ACCUSE US OF "WHITE SLAVE TRADE." We have never had any slaves of any colour! This is one of the most ridiculous of all their charges, and I challenge them and dare them to try to prove it! They can't prove it, because it just simply is not so, and it never has been and never will be!

       6. THIRD, THEY ACCUSE US OF "PROSTITUTION". We have denied this so many times we have become weary of it. Even our enemies have admitted that we "are not guilty of prostitution," and if we had been, it could have been easily proved long ago and we would have been in court for it before this.

       7. AFTER POLICE INVESTIGATION ALL OF THESE CHARGES HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY DISPROVED and we have been given a clean bill of health by one police organisation after another.

       8. NUMBER 4, "EXTORTION": We have never in this world ever extorted anything from anybody, and the police know it. If in our brief eight years of history any one of these charges had been in any way even the slightest bit true, sooner or later someone would have been able to furnish the proof. But no one has ever furnished the proof simply because these crimes do not exist amongst us.

       9. NUMBER 5, "BABY TRAFFIC": Now if that isn't the silliest thing I ever heard of, to accuse us of wanting to sell our own children! That is just about as low as you can get! We have never sold one baby yet, and we're not about to!

       10. WE HAVE OVER 1300 CHILDREN IN OUR FAMILY, but we keep every single one of them, love them, tenderly gently care for and educate them, and we still have every single one of them with us, praise God, and we can prove it by the records!

       11. NUMBER 6, "INCITING CORRUPTION": Now what they mean by that is difficult even to understand. What is corruption and what is inciting it? We don't even know what they're talking about, much less are trying to corrupt anybody or anything. Unless they mean exposing the corrupt lies of our enemies!

       12. NUMBER 7, "DOUBLE ASSASSINATION": This is one of the most ridiculous lies of all! We have had absolutely no connection with any murders anywhere by anybody ever! If anybody has been murdered, somebody else did it, not us. We certainly were not involved, for if we at all had been implicated, the police would have charged us long ago.

       13. IN FACT WE DON'T EVEN KNOW THE PEOPLE they're naming in their article, and had never even heard about them before they told this lie in their article!

       14. NUMBER 8, THIS LYING PUTRID PERIODICAL CALLS THE HEAD OF OUR GROUP A "CAPA MAFIOSA" meaning a Mafia head: Well, I'll tell you personally that I am not in the Mafia and never have been and I never expect to be, so that's an outright lie!

       15. NUMBER 9, "EXPLOITER": Whom have we exploited?

       16. AND ALSO NUMBER 10, "CORRUPTER," they call me: Whom have we corrupted? They say "an exploiter and corrupter of young idealists." Well, they truthfully call them young idealists, but why don't they ask them how they were exploited and corrupted? I dare them to find one of them who would say he has been either exploited or corrupted by us.

       17. THESE, LIARS OF INTERVIU SAY NUMBER 11, THAT THEY "HAVE PROOF": Well that's of course an outright lie because if they had the proof, I'm sure since they are our enemies such "proof" would now be in the hands of the police and we would be charged of these crimes. But of course they have absolutely no proofs because they don't exist!

       18. NUMBER 12, IT CALLS THESE "FACTS," WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE! They are not facts, they are lies!

       19. NUMBER 13, they call our young people "puppets" in the hands of,

       20. NUMBER 14, "an impostor." I challenge you to ask any of our young people if they feel like puppets or that I am an impostor.--How are we controlling them and what am I pretending to be that I am not?--Prove it!

       21. NUMBER 15, THEY ACCUSE US OF HAVING A "DOLLAR FACTORY": Are they trying to charge us with counterfeiting as well?

       22. NUMBER 16, THEY CHARGE US WITH BEING A "CRIMINAL ORGANISATION": What crimes have we committed? Which of these charges have been proved? We are breaking absolutely no laws that we know of.

       23. NUMBER 17, THEY SAY WE HAVE "ENORMOUS ECONOMIC POWER": Just tell me where we have this great economic power and who wields it? A visit to almost any of our homes and colonies would easily disprove this, as the vast majority are anything but rich and live even somewhat frugally just like normal people do, like most of you. --And a visit to our administrative bank accounts would show that we operate on amazingly low funds used mostly for our publications.

       24. NUMBER 18, THEY SAY WE ARE "REACTIONARY," inferring of course that we are on the far right, which is also not true because we are also attacked by them, the radical fascists!

       25. LIE NUMBER 19, THEY SAY WE "ENJOY FREE LOVE": We have condemned "free love" in any of our homes or colonies and have forbidden any kind of what is normally known as free love amongst certain communities, meaning total promiscuity, in which we do not believe.

       26. WE HAVE MARRIAGES, we have husbands, we have wives, we have children, just like any other normal families. And in most cases we believe in permanent mates without divorce.

       27. LIE NUMBER 20, CALLS US "HIRELINGS," or that the young people are hirelings of mine: I ask you to challenge any of our young people with this charge and see what they have to say, if they feel that they are hirelings in any way. I have not hired any one of them because they are all volunteers and we have no salaries, therefore there's no hire, so how can they be hirelings?

       28. WE ALL WORK AS SIMPLE VOLUNTEERS sharing everything in our religious and social service work for the good of mankind without pay. We only receive our actual living expenses and that's all.

       29. NUMBER 21, "BRUTAL BRAINWASHING": Well, I must say that the Bible does say we need brainwashing, and that we must have our minds washed, our formerly filthy minds "washed by the pure water of the Word of God." (Heb.10:22 & Rom.12:2.)

       30. IF YOU HAVE A DIRTY MIND IT CERTAINLY NEEDS WASHING with the truth and with God's Word. But to say that it was "brutal" brainwashing is another vicious lie!

       31. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN BRUTAL about anything. We do not even believe in violence. The insinuation is that there's something physically violent about our training, which is absolutely a lie! If you want to call reading the Bible and my Letters "brutal brainwashing," you have a distorted mind!

       32. LIE 22, ACCUSES US OF BEING GUILTY OF "CHARITY FRAUDS": We have never been charged with a charity fraud at any time anywhere, so this is an outright lie. Neither have we ever been guilty of such a thing. If we are a charity fraud, who is defrauding whom, and for what charity? We certainly commit acts of charity and love, that is for sure, but certainly not fraudulently. We have never defrauded anyone.

       33. AND IN LIE NUMBER 23, THEY ASSOCIATE US WITH THE EXTREME RIGHT, which is again the hot red pot calling the kettle black!

       34. LIE 24, "IN 1968...THE CHILDREN OF GOD APPEARED." Actually we were not called the Children of God until very late in 1969 and that by the press itself.

       35. LIE 25, THEY SAY I AM "NOW 57" WHICH IS ALSO UNTRUE, and I have a birth certificate to prove it!

       36. LIE 26, WAS THAT I "LIVED UP UNTIL 1968 IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA": This is absolutely untrue, as we did not even go to California as a Family until that year, except for previous visits and when I was quite young, as I was born there.

       37. LIE 27, SAYS THAT I WAS "A PASTOR OF THE CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE CHURCH...UNTIL 1968." This also is totally untrue, because my last pastorate with that organisation was in Arizona for two years during the years 1950 and '51, after which I left that denomination and I have never been with them since!

       38. DEAR FRIEND, IF A MAGAZINE COULD GET SO MANY FACTS TWISTED AND COME OUT WITH SO MANY LIES and obvious misrepresentations, how can you believe anything it has to say? So many of its statements are wrong and incorrect and totally untrue, even though not so important in some cases, how can you rely on any of the rest of it?

       39. HOW CAN YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'RE READING THE TRUTH AND WHEN YOU'RE READING A LIE IN THIS MAGAZINE? If I were you, except for the pretty pictures of the pretty girls, I would toss it in the nearest wastebasket just as they toss out the total testimony of any witness in any court who has proven to have perjured himself by lying about any single thing in his entire testimony. They then toss out all of his testimony as being unreliable, as he could have lied other places too. In other words he's tossed out as a liar, like this magazine should be!

       40. LIE 28, THEY ACCUSE "JORDAN, HALF IMPOSTOR": In what way was Fred Jordan, the prominent television pastor of Church in the Home of Los Angeles, California, an impostor? As far as I know he never pretended to be anything which he was not--and that's what an impostor is, one who pretends to be something he is not, a phoney, a fake.

       41. THOUGH I DO NOT NECESSARILY AGREE WITH HIM and all that he does, I would say for him he is not a phoney, he is not a fake. He is very real and he's very sincere in his preaching, and he never pretends to be anyone that he isn't, so that's a lie! You see, I even defend my enemies when people lie about them!

       42. LIE 29, CALLS US A "RELIGIOUS BUSINESS": Normally, religion is not called a business except by its enemies, so you can see where these anti-religious people stand, as the enemies of religion!

       43. LIE 30, SAYS THAT I "ADOPTED MOSES AS HIS FIRST NAME": I was not the one who called myself Moses in the first place, but I did accept this nickname from my children because I was their leader, like Moses with the children of Israel in the wilderness. They're the ones who nicknamed me "MO," and God has certainly confirmed it!

       44. LIE NUMBER 31, "70,000 CONVERTS...throughout the whole world" is a very sad and gross understatement! According to the very latest statistics of which we keep very careful records we now have exactly, as of May, 1977, in only eight short years won 1,949,230 souls to Christ! Hallelujah!

       45. SO THE NUMBER OF OUR CONVERTS IS NOW NEARLY TWO MILLION!--Not a paltry 70,000! Certainly Interviu's estimate was a gross understatement and very untrue, and therefore a lie!

       46. NUMBER 32, "7,000 ARE ACTUALLY IN SPAIN": This too is almost an insulting misstatement and underestimate. It's simply not true, because at last report we had nearly that many converts in Spain in one month alone! Since we have been in Spain now for several years, the actual number of converts must be phenomenal compared to this figure, and amounting into at least the hundreds of thousands, thank God!

       47. EVEN WHEN A CLOSED COUNTRY, THE SPANISH PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OPEN TO THE GOSPEL and very receptive and responsive to our message, God bless them! No wonder our enemies on both ends of the religious and political spectrum are angry! Neither the radical religionists nor the communists like our success!

       48. LIE 33 SAYS, "BRAINWASHED BY SEX," the headline of the next section: I'd like to know who is being brainwashed by sex?--And how is that done? We ourselves are brainwashing sex itself by insisting that it is the creation and gift of God given to us to enjoy, and not prohibited as by so many of the puritanical on both sides of the fence!

       49. MOST PEOPLE SEEM TO THINK THAT SEX IS SOMETHING DIRTY AND EVIL so how could we be brainwashing people with it? Actually we think it is very clean and good as God's own creation and we enjoy it--don't you? Maybe the writers of this article are frustrated sex maniacs. That may be one of the reasons they became so angry at us, because when visiting us in Tenerife they didn't get any!

       50. BUT HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU BRAINWASH ANYBODY WITH SEX, when sex is not a mental operation but a physical act? I would say that's a lie because it's impossible! How can you brainwash with sex when you brainwash with ideas, not with physical acts?

       51. LIE 34, IS A SMALL LIE, but a lie nevertheless, an inaccuracy which says "a colony...is the smallest nucleus of converts that exists." Well, I'm sorry to disappoint the writers but that is not the smallest in our organisation. The smallest units that we have are what are called roadteams, travelling roadteams which usually consist of only two or three or four of the brethren travelling together, often hitchhiking and walking while distributing the Word of God.

       52. LIE 35 IS MORE MISINFORMATION on Interviu's part, since it says "there are 47 (Colonies) of them in Spain," when at last count in our latest published statistics of May 1977, published every month for all to read, there are now 55 Colonies of us in Spain!

       53. NUMBER 36, LIKEWISE A RATHER SMALL variation of half truth and half inaccuracy, nevertheless untrue, therefore a lie, is: "catacombers, as they call underaged members." Some of our underaged members are catacombers, but they are not our only catacombers by any means!

       54. WE HAVE MANY WHO ARE IN THE ARMED SERVICES or in prison or in governmental jobs that they cannot leave, and so on, who are also called catacombers because they must be disciples wherever they are, even if dwelling in the catacombs of the system. So this is not a name for underaged members only.

       55. LIE 37, "PAMPHLETS, REALLY RUDE": Well, if I ever read anything rude it's this article in {\ul \i Interviu}! It's not only rude, it's downright lying, vicious, malicious and criminal!

       56. LIE 38, "THE DISCIPLES are those that already enjoy the complete confidence of the shepherd of the colony." This is certainly untrue, for the plain and simple reason that many new converts, new disciples, when they first come into our colonies or homes, are anything but reliable, therefore could hardly as new little spiritual babies enjoy the complete confidence of their shepherds anymore than a mother could trust her baby to take care of itself!

       57. LIE 39, "THE SHEPHERD OF THE COLONY IS THE ONE WHO DECIDES the moment that Jesus enters into them." That's an absolute lie, for the plain and simple reason that only the disciple himself can decide the moment that Jesus enters into him by himself praying for Christ to enter his heart. He is the one that makes the decision, not us!

       58. THIS WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE! If it were up to us to make the decisions, we would decide that for everybody and right now! With everybody we meet we'd want to insert Jesus into them if we could, but we can't! God has left that majesty of choice up to you as an individual, and nobody can ever force you to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

       59. YOU CAN ONLY MAKE THAT CHOICE IF YOU WANT TO--and when you want to, He certainly wants to be your Saviour and He will come in, right then when you ask Him. But you make the decision, not us, not even Jesus! He's left that choice up to you.

       60. IN NUMBER 40, IT IS SAID OF THIS BACKSLIDING TRAITOROUS JUDAS, VICTORIA, who has spoken against us in their article, that according to their article, they say "Jesus entered into her." I doubt that very seriously, since I don't think any disciple of Christ would have turned like Judas on her brothers and sisters as she has done!

       61. LIE 41, "ELDERS, ANOTHER CLASS within the group." We have no officials within our group which are called "elders" officially, so this is not true. We do dub some "older brothers" because they've been with us a long time or longer than others, but we do not have such a class within the group, although we could call them elders if we wished to, as it's fairly Biblical.

       62. IN LIE 42, IT'S INFERRED that all that David Hoyt achieved by joining the Children of God was "to lose his savings of $17,000." Well, it's too bad we didn't know he had $17,000 or he might have given it, but if he lost it, he didn't lose it to us! So that too is a lying insinuation.

       63. IN LIE 43 THE HEADLINE SAYS "THE BUSINESS OF GOOD FAITH." I am quite sure that most faiths would be insulted if you called them a business! But of course this is a common term amongst the anti-Christ, anti-God unbelievers of the far left, to call a faith a business, with the inference always being that it's just a money-making racket. Some faiths or religions or pseudo-religions may be money making rackets, but not ours, thank God! We're in the business of winning souls, not making money. God does pay the expenses, thank God for that!

       64. BUT WE HAVE NO GREAT SUMS OF MONEY PILED UP ANYWHERE. So here they're trying to infer in this next part of the article that we are extremely rich. Some of the newspapers have called us very rich, but it was their own idea, not ours. We have said that we had sufficient funds, which is what we usually do, thank God. God always takes care of His servants. As He says, "the labourer is worthy of his hire" and "muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn." (1Tim.5:18.) We've got a lot of "oxen" treading out my "corn," but they don't get too much for it from the little gifts on the street--just enough usually to live on and that's all. How much did you give them? If you remember, then that's about what most people give them, which probably wasn't very much!

       65. THEN COMES LIE NUMBER 44, which is one of the biggest lies and exaggerations of all! They must have multiplication fever and that's the name of the heinous games of the authors of this article, which says that the "expenditures of the Children of God in the United States is 126 million pesetas a month." This is absolutely and totally ridiculous, as the some 300 adult members still remaining there and distributing literature average an income of only from 100-150 Dollars per month each! This means that each is averaging only about 7,000 pesetas per month income to house, feed, clothe, give medical care, schooling and pay all their expenses for themselves and about 250 children. So we do not consider this income is by any means exorbitant. In fact, it is close to the minimum legal wage in Spain, about 7,000 pesetas per month, and amounts to a total income for the Children of God in the United States of closer to only two or three million pesetas per month total for all 621 of them, compared to the 126 million figure given by this false magazine! I would say there's quite a discrepancy there between two or three million and 126 million! So Interviu didn't find out the right figures, therefore it's a lie, and an enormously exaggerated lie as well, giving us credit for an income 50 or 60 times as much as the actual figure, or about a 5,000% exaggeration or lie! I'd say that's a pretty big lie!

       66. MOST PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES WOULD CONSIDER THAT BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL for that many people and children, an income of only $100 to $150 per month, and even in Spain that would be considered pretty close to the poverty level, an income of only 7,000 pesetas a month! So if we are rich and our children are rich, I'd like to know which ones!

       67. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS VISIT our average home or colony to disprove this, most of whom live in very humble circumstances and very frugally and work very hard out on the streets trying to distribute the Word of God for very little or almost nothing!

       68. THEREFORE LIE NUMBER 45 IS ALSO UNTRUE, that our disciples in Spain get "never less than five or ten pesetas" for each piece of literature. The actual final income on a per capita basis has proven to normally be a good deal less than this.--How much did you give?

       69. NUMBER 46 IS A LIE BY FALSE INSINUATION, because it makes it sound like we stood at Mr. Moon's door and earned money selling roses. Coming where it does immediately after these other false statements, you would assume of course that the writer is talking about us, as he says that "in the case of Sun Moon with just the sale of roses at the door of the church of Berkeley they obtained approximately half-a-million dollars!" It doesn't say who this "they" are, so of course the public's going to assume "they" were us, because he's supposedly writing about us, so therefore this is a lie! We have never worked with Mr. Moon and certainly not selling his roses!--From what I hear abut him, he wants his roses now!

       70. NOW NEXT BEGINS A CRIMINAL VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT by the magazine by quoting from the private letters circulated only to the Family. As any father would write to his children, these letters were not intended to be read in public much less published in a dirty magazine like Interviu with all the insinuations attached out of context!

       71. THIS IS NOT ONLY AN INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT PUNISHABLE BY LAW, BUT ALSO AN INVASION OF PRIVACY which should be punishable by law! It also involves a theft of forbidden materials which are never supposed to leave the colonies or the hands of the disciples themselves. Either this magazine stole them or they are the receivers of stolen property, having received them from some backsliding ex-disciple who stole them!

       72. SO THEREFORE THEY RECEIVED THIS STOLEN PROPERTY, and the magazine itself therefore is guilty of a number of crimes which we have outlined herein, including the reception of stolen goods, a crime in most countries, and I'm sure it must also be so in Spain.

       73. TO ALSO PUBLISH THESE STOLEN GOODS IS A VIOLATION OF THE COPYRIGHT LAWS, or copyright infringement, another crime, along with the invasion of privacy. So this magazine is obviously a criminal magazine engaged in criminal activities itself!

       74. LIE NUMBER 47, "THEY NEVER GO ALONE." This is a total lie, because quite often our disciples go various places by themselves. They are not in any kind of prison. But we usually do like to have them go two-by-two for safety's sake, because they obviously have quite a few enemies. But they do not always, so this is a lie, to say that they never go alone.

       75. SO LIE 48 IS ALSO FALSE, saying that "the fisherman never separates himself from them." That's not true! Our disciples frequently go to town or to the clubs without us or any overseer, although we would prefer that they had somebody with them to take care of them, when possible, as any shepherd would his sheep.

       76. THAT MAKES A LIE OF NUMBER 49 ALSO, that "only the shepherds have the privilege to go out alone." This is another absolute untruth! If this were so, then our disciples could not go out on the streets distributing literature without their shepherd, which they usually do, because the shepherds have the burden of the care of the whole flock and many other administrative duties.

       77. LIE 50, to say that "you only have to read a few paragraphs of the Bible before you move in," is totally untrue because normally our disciples are considerable tested before they're permitted to move in, and we actually only have a very few who actually move in to live with us in our homes or colonies.

       78. CERTAINLY NOT AS LIE 51 states, just "to make love" only.

       79. NEITHER DO WE DO AS LIE 52 SAYS, "open an investigation" on each person to whom we witness, unless you would call a normal conversation while dancing an investigation!

       80. AGAIN IN LIE 53 WE ARE ACCUSED OF "ECONOMIC EXTORTIONS," which of course is totally untrue! We're not in the extortion business! We're in the work of saving people's souls, not extorting their money!

       81. MANY MANY OF OUR DISCIPLES WHO HAVE MOVED IN WITH US HAD NOTHING AT ALL! They were poor, destitute, drug-ridden hippies who were delivered from their drugs by the power of Jesus Christ in prayer and had nothing to offer us but a hungry mouth that needed to be fed and a dirty body that needed to be washed and clothed and a heart that needed to be given to Christ!

       82. THEN I MUST SAY THIS MAGAZINE DID MAKE ONE RARE TRUE STATEMENT: "NEVERTHELESS NOTHING HAS BEEN PROVEN!" Wow! This is exactly contrary and the opposite of what they stated in the opening of the article, that they have "proofs" and these are "facts" and they have "documents" to support them! So here they are contradicting themselves!

       83. LIE 54 SAYS "TWO CRIMES COMMITTED" and describes two men who were supposedly found dead at separate times, of which we know absolutely nothing and I personally never heard of before! So this is of course just another absurd smear, but a very serious case of libel, to accuse us of murders which we did not commit!

       84. MURDER IS NOT OUR BUSINESS, BUT OBVIOUSLY CHARACTER ASSASSINATION IS THE BUSINESS OF THIS MAGAZINE! Lie 55 repeats this charge, "they were assassinated upon abandoning the sect." Well, they may have been assassinated, but not by us! We have no knowledge of it whatsoever, so it's utterly ridiculous! Anyone who knows us knows that we wouldn't do things like that!

       85. LIE 56, "CONTRACEPTIVES ARE FORBIDDEN or prohibited." This is absolutely not true! We do not "forbid" or "prohibit" any of our people from using contraceptives if they want to. We don't believe in using contraceptives, and we think that it's against the will of God and against the teachings of the Bible, and therefore that is our personal conviction. But we have never prohibited or forbidden any of our disciples from using contraceptives if they want to, if they don't have the faith to trust God.

       86. LIE 57, "THE NUMBER OF BIRTHS IS ENORMOUS!"--Implying that the girls have a lot of extra-marital births, which is not true. We do have a lot of babies amongst our own disciples, husbands and wives, permanent mates and marriages. We live as any normal mothers and fathers having children, and I see nothing wrong with this.

       87. LIE 58 IS REALLY A LOW ONE and so sickening that it makes me want to puke! "Children...it seems this could be a possible new formula of income," implying again that we sell our children, which of course is a blatant lie! We've never sold one child our whole existence, and we wouldn't even think of it! They're too precious to us!

       88. ADD LIE 59 TO THIS, saying that another source of our income is "sexual favours." If our girls make love with anybody they do it out of love and for nothing else, ever, and never have, and God helping us, never will! This is strictly forbidden by us for them ever to receive anything whatsoever for "sexual favours."

       89. LIE 60, WE HAVE A "FINANCIAL EMPIRE"! We'd like to know where it is, as more than 99% of the income from the literature distribution goes directly to the colonies and the young people themselves to pay for their own personal living expenses, with only a small fraction going to the administrative expenses of their overseers.

       90. LIE 61 SAYS THAT "THINGS BEGAN TO TAKE A TURN TOWARD BAD for the founders of the Children of God after a six months stay on the Canarian Archipelago." This is a bold-faced lie, for the plain and simple reason that we were there for 3 years, not 6 months!--And I would say that things turned out pretty good for us there, considering nearly 500 souls were won to the Lord through our witness there!

       91. SO NUMBER 62 IS ALSO A LIE, which says that we "arrived at Puerto de la Cruz at the end of last year," because we lived in Puerto for three full years, as the immigration authorities can attest. If this magazine gets the most simple and easily obtainable facts so twisted and so wrong, what can you trust them with? How can you trust anything they have to say?--Much less these outrageous horrible lies that they have been telling about us! Maybe they've told lies about you!--Have they?

       92. LIE 63 SAYS WE HAD 30-SOME WOMEN THERE and that they were "30 odd women" at that!--Ha! There were never that many with us there on the Island, and neither do I think they were odd by any means! They looked like normal girls to me, normal wives and mothers of children.

       93. LIE 64 SAYS OF US that we "in those early days flooded the streets with pamphlets." The fact of the matter is that we prohibited distribution of our pamphlets on the streets of Tenerife as a matter of security so as not to identify ourselves with the Children of God, as we were experimenting with a new type of witnessing and we did not want it to be confused with anything or anyone else. Also we didn't want to do anything which might offend anyone there, as we hoped to make it our home.

       94. {\b \ul NUMBER 65: "THE AMERICAN STYLE DÉCOLETÉ DRESSES}": Well, if these are American-style the Spanish must have copied it, because most of the dresses were made and bought either in Spain or Italy or somewhere in Europe and are sold right there in Tenerife to people in general and not only worn by us! Besides we're not all Americans.

       95. LIE 66, THEY SAY that these dresses and our conduct there "did not match the calm image and slightly ragged image of the catacombers and hookers of the Peninsula."--If so, we don't know why, because our catacombers, unless they are in prison or the military, usually wear whatever they please, as well as the girls who belong to the family anywhere in the world, virtually the same kind of evening wear which most women wear when they go out to a nightclub in the evening.

       96. 67 SAYS, "PRETEND TO CALL THEMSELVES." We never pretend to do anything. We're open and honest and do exactly what we say, we don't pretend to do it!

       97. LIE 68 SAYS that "five or six men always accompanied the girls and a child of young age." This is absolutely not so, so that's two more lies, because even at the club where most of our girls went for their evening's recreation, there were usually only one or two or three of our own men along, except for their acquaintances that they might meet there.--And as far as I know we never took any of the children to the nightclub.

       98. AND NUMBER 70, I DID NOT HIDE MY IDENTITY under the name which they mention in the magazine. In fact I did not even want that name known for reasons of my own personal security, as it's obvious that I have quite a few enemies. It was the newspapers themselves which published that name. I did endeavour to conceal my other identity, but under another name, but certainly only for personal reasons and for my own personal privacy and security.

       99. I AM A VERY WELL KNOWN MAN, as is obvious, and as every public character and figure knows, one of their most priceless possessions is anonymity and privacy, and so many of them even wear disguises in public, like the actors and so on, in order to disguise who they are so they won't be mobbed by their fans--or enemies!--Ha!

       100. AND AFTER THIS ARTICLE I CERTAINLY WOULD ENDEAVOUR TO HIDE not only my identity but myself, lest I be mobbed by some of these magazine enemies, who, if they can lie and try to assassinate our character the way this magazine does, would probably not stop at something much worse!

       101. LIE 71 SAYS THAT WE ARE A "PLOT of fanaticism, religion and sex." Well we are certainly not a plot at all, unless you want to call every religion a plot or every social organisation some kind of a plot! The word plot is usually used as a term to define some underhanded criminal activity that is planned or plotted, and we are not any kind of a criminal organisation and have committed no crimes that we know of, so therefore we are not plotting anything!

       102. THEN THEY AGAIN TURN RIGHT AROUND AND CONTRADICT THEMSELVES AGAIN as they say in the next statement that, "when Interviu arrived at Puerto de la Cruz and found that not one pamphlet had been distributed on the streets," they are certainly contradicting themselves again and their Lie Number 64! A short ways back they said "they flooded the streets with pamphlets!"

       103. SEE HOW TOTALLY UNRELIABLE THEIR SO-CALLED "EVIDENCE" IS and their so-called "facts"? They have twice totally contradicted themselves! They don't seem to know what the truth is!--One minute they say one thing and the next minute they say the exact opposite! So how can you rely on this magazine for truth? Pull out the pretty pictures, boys, and throw the rest away!

       104. LIE 72 SAYS THAT WE WERE "TRYING TO HIDE THE IDENTITY OF THE FAMILY OF LOVE." We never once tried to hide the identity of the Family of Love! The Family of Love was very well known in Tenerife, and no one tried to hide their identity. Everybody knew who we were, or nearly everybody it seems--certainly by the time they read the newspapers! And incidentally, we didn't originally call ourselves that. We were called the "Family" by our friends and we were always talking about love, so the name just eventually naturally evolved into the "Family of Love."

       105. LIE 73 SAYS that one of our pamphlets called "The Look of Love is signed by"--and there they put the name of my mother, which is not true! Because that pamphlet was written by me and was never signed by my mother!

       106. ALSO, LIE 74 CALLS HER "ONE OF THE DAUGHTERS."--Ha! My mother if living would perhaps be complimented to be called one of my daughters! But this is how ridiculous these statements are of this now ragged red rag!

       107. LIE 75 SAYS THAT I AM "AT THE ROOT OF SOME SCANDALS": Well, that depends on your definition of the word "scandal." If you mean some type of criminal or illegal scandal, that is certainly not so. But if you simply mean that because someone becomes famous because of a lot of long-tongued gossips and lies on the part of our enemies, well, this magazine is certainly scandalising us right now!

       108. LIE 76 SAYS that one of our disciples said that she didn't know anything about the Children of God. I don't believe any one of our Family would have ever said such a thing if they could possibly help it, and she herself has since denied that she ever said such a thing.

       109. BECAUSE OUR NORMAL REPLY when asked if we knew the Children of God was usually or should have been: "Yes, of course we know about the Children of God! The whole world has heard about the Children of God, and they're very good friends of ours and engaged in the same kind of work as we are, and we know them and love them very dearly!"

       110. WE COULD HAVE SAID, "WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD," as we are now happy to admit. But under the previous circumstances there, for the sake of my security and privacy, we could not and were not called the Children of God, but the Family of Love. We were there trying something entirely new to our experience in the field of witnessing.

       111. LIE 77 SAYS, "THESE THE LAST DAYS OF THE FAMILY OF LOVE in their refuge." These are certainly not our last days in our refuge there on Tenerife! In fact the Family is still living there and still very active, if not more active than ever, so that's a lie! But some of us, particularly the strangers and foreigners to Spain, have left because of the severe persecution which we were receiving there, and we did not want to aggravate the situation any further.

       112. MOST OF THOSE WHO ARE STILL THERE ARE SPANISH CITIZENS of their own country and have a perfect right to be there doing anything legal that they please to do, and we expect and intend for them to remain there as long as God sees fit!

       113. IF SPAIN IS REALLY GOING TO BE LIBERATED AND MADE FREE and democratic, then certainly they're going to have to have freedom of religion and freedom of speech to preach the Gospel, freedom of religion to practice our religion, and freedom of the press to publish the Gospel--so why shouldn't we stay there?

       114. THEIR LIE NUMBER 78 SAYS THAT WE ABANDONED THE ISLAND on the 5th of March. That's not so, because I personally left on the 8th because I was very ill and tired through the strain of the persecution which we were receiving there, and I needed a rest and vacation which I have gone elsewhere to enjoy.

       115. I HOPE TO GO BACK TO TENERIFE as soon as possible, as soon as this present persecution is over and there is a change of governmental administration there with more friendly leaders who are more liberally-minded and more interested in making Spain free, and that it should have freedom and its people have freedom and its religions have freedom.

       116. LIE 79 SAYS WE HAVE "GONE TO THE ARMS OF GODAHFI"--which is not true.--There are none of us in Libya that I know of.

       117. LIE 80 SAYS HE'S OUR NEW PROTECTOR, which is also a lie. He is only a long-time friend who has admired our work with youth for a number of years.

       118. LIE 81 AGAIN SAYS THAT WE LEFT ON THE 5TH, which was not so.

       119. LIE 82 AGAIN SAYS THAT OUR "DISCIPLES KNEELED DOWN IN FRONT OF THE COURT," which is also untrue. Some of them did wait in the park across the street from the court to find out what was going to happen to me as their spiritual father in the Lord, and they showed due concern. If any knelt it was surely in prayer!

       120. LIE 83 SAYS I "FILLED THE ISLAND WITH BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!" Well, if you know anything about Tenerife, the beautiful girls who fill the Island are mostly tourist and native women and not mine! I don't see how 20 women could fill that Island!

       121. AND LIE NUMBER 84 CALLS ME A "DELINQUENT": I'd like to know what I have been delinquent in! I always pay my bills on time!

       122. LIE 85 SAYS THERE WAS A "SECRET INDICTMENT." Well if so, it certainly is still a secret, because I've never heard about it!--And I doubt if anybody else has, either, especially this magazine!--Actually they've not issued any indictment because there's no evidence of any crime!

       123. LIE 86 SAYS "HE WAS INDICTED," which is an absolute lie! Some say they're only guessing. Well, they're sure doing a lot of guessing!-- In fact most of their stuff is guesswork and pretty poor guesswork! It's obvious why magazines like this exist and people buy them.

       124. THEY ENJOY FAIRY TALES, especially with such lovely pictures!--Except for the colour representation of me with which they began the article --which, thank God, looks nothing like me!

       125. IN LIE NUMBER 87 they say that this indictment was for "inciting corruption and public scandal," which is of course another lie or two, as we have never corrupted anyone as far as we know. And if anybody was guilty of public scandal it was our enemies and the press who spread lies about us, not us!

       126. WE WERE SITTING QUIETLY IN OUR LITTLE CORNER minding our own business and enjoying an evening's dancing and fellowship with our children and their friends, and it was not we who publicised our recreation, but mostly the press.

       127. LIE 88 GIVES US CREDIT FOR THE "SEXUAL CONQUEST OF THE ISLAND!"--That's the headline! If we did, that was quite an accomplishment for only a handful of little girls and one poor old man! If you ask me, the Island had already been pretty well sexually conquered by the tourist women who come to Tenerife every year to enjoy the tremendous virility of the Islanders and the highest birthrate in Spain! So if anybody conquered it sexually, it was those tourist women and the virile handsome strong young Islanders themselves, not us! We were only a drop in the bucket, if you know what I mean.

       128. LIE 89 AGAIN INDICATES THAT WE ARE GUILTY OF "CRIMES": We're not guilty, but certainly this magazine is guilty of a lot of crimes against us and God both, in this one article alone, not to speak of the next one! The pitiful part of it is, it's guilty of crimes against the Spanish public for publishing such lies as this to try to deceive them!

       129. LIE 90 TRIES TO INSINUATE that "the discotheques of Puerto de la Cruz were filled up to the brim" because of us! Well, in the first place I personally don't even like to go to discotheques and at that time we were going to very few which were filled to the brim before we got there, and our favourite clubs were the "Columbus" and "Los Caprichos" which were anything but discotheques, but rather very refined cultured middle-class nightclubs with beautiful music and an excellent clientele--including us!

       130. LIE 91 SAYS THAT THE "WHY NOT" AND "ALBERTOS" WERE THE MOST BENEFITED, when the fact of the matter was that we personally went very few times to one of them and we didn't go to the other one until recently.

       131. LIE 92 SAYS THAT EXTRA BUSES HAD TO BE SENT from Santa Cruz to be part of the catch for the girls of love! Well, it sounds like a great idea, but that's the first time I've heard about it actually having been done, if so.--A journalistic joke!

       132. LIE 93 SAYS that "shepherds that never left the side of the apostle group": Well, that certainly isn't true, because quite often our shepherds have had to leave the sides of their flocks to tend to other business.

       133. IN LIE 94 THEY TRY TO INSINUATE THAT WE MAKE "PROPOSITIONS," inferring that these propositions are sexual, and that therefore we're procuring or pandering, or whatever you call it, which we're not! Besides,

       134. LIE NUMBER 95 SAYS THERE WAS A "VIRGINIA" THERE, but there never was as far as I know. He must have gotten the wrong girl that time!--Maybe that's why the writer is so mad, because she wouldn't go to bed with him! Well, if so, it wasn't any of our girls, because we didn't have any called Virginia.

       135. AHA, BUT HERE NOW WE SEE A BIT OF THE POSSIBLE MOTIVE BEHIND THE HATRED OF THIS ARTICLE in his next statement: "In vain we ourselves wanted to be chosen"--but he wasn't! So what did he do? He went out and got mad and wrote this article against us, because he didn't get any--poor fellow!

       136. HE ALSO CRITICISES US FOR HAVING TAXIS going up and down daily and nightly from the clubs to our homes. Well, if you haven't got a car, a taxi is a pretty convenient way to travel, and thank God for the reasonable taxis of Tenerife! Otherwise we'd have had to walk two or three miles!

       137. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH TAKING TAXIS myself, but he seems to think there is something sinister about them! Personally I don't own an automobile or a house or any property except the clothes on my back and the few necessities that I have to have on my bedside table.

       138. I FOUND I CAN TRAVEL WITH ALL MY EARTHLY BELONGINGS IN ONE LITTLE BAG and a small briefcase and be perfectly happy, praise God!--And it's a good thing too, I guess, as I'm apparently going to have to travel quite a bit with evil magazines like this one around telling such lies about me! I already had to leave Tenerife for the sake of having a little peace and rest from all the reporters and the curious and governmental harassment.

       139. SO THANK GOD I DON'T OWN VERY MUCH AND I TRAVEL LIGHT. I'm what you might call a suitcase missionary--here today, gone tomorrow!--Like Saints Peter and Paul! Hallelujah! And it's probably a good thing, because with lying magazines like this around, if I hadn't been on the move they might have gotten me killed!

       140. LIE 96 HEADLINES IT ALL AS BEING "TOO BEAUTIFUL OF A DREAM!" Well, I don't think it was too beautiful. I think it was very beautiful there in Tenerife, but I don't think it was too beautiful. Neither was it a dream--it was very real. So that's not so either. Boy oh boy, you'd think we monopolised most of the clientele of every club on the Island when he says in

       141. LIE NUMBER 97 THAT "THE GIRLS HAVE FILLED THE CITY WITH FREE DRINKS AND GIFTS of all kinds!" Well, occasionally I would treat our guests with a friendly social cup on me, having invited someone to sit with us to enjoy their fellowship. But to have filled the whole city with free drinks and gifts is an exaggerated lie! Because outside of a few free drinks to our friends, about the only gifts we ever gave away were little tiny Bibles and Gospels! I wish we could have filled the city with them!

       142. LIE 98 SAYS "YOU COULDN'T CHOOSE THE GIRL": Well that's absolutely a lie, because you could come over to our group and choose any girl you wanted to dance with! But I wouldn't say she'd always be willing to dance with you, especially a guy like this magazine's reporter!

       143. LIE 99 SAYS THERE WERE "SOME GUYS WHO CONTROL THEIR MOVEMENTS AND DECIDED FOR THEM": --That is an absolute lie! We never control their movements and make decisions for them! They control their own movements and make their own decisions. But as any good father would, I frequently advised my lovely daughters against certain people which I didn't think would be good for them or didn't think were worthy of their attention. But the decisions and what movements they made personally in this regard were entirely voluntary and up to them, and there were times when they even went against my advice--and I didn't even advise them very often.

       144. LIE 100 AGAIN MENTIONS THE "SALE OF CHILDREN" AND LIE 101 SPEAKS OF "A MILLION PESETAS IN SWISS COIN" coming monthly to us there, when actually it was usually in dollars and simply sufficient for our necessities there in the way of living expenses--our housing, food, clothing, etc., for about 70 people--or less than 15,000 pesetas or about $200 each per month, which is a lot less than most tourists spend there!

       145. AND LIE 102 SAYS I'M A "MYTH"! Well, if I'm a myth, what's the magazine so mad about, anyhow? A myth is supposed to be a false story of some kind, or something which may or may not be true, and most likely isn't. Well, let me tell you right now, I'm quite true! I exist, I'm no myth!--He only wishes I were!

       146. LIE 103 SAYS "THEY SELL WHITE CHILDREN," not making it clear that it's not we who sell the white children, but a story he's heard from the United States of somebody else who does it. So that's only another lie to infer that we're the ones who do it.

       147. LIE 104 CALLS THIS A "FACT," which is of course ridiculous!

       148. AND LIE 105 SAYS WE'VE HAD ONLY SEVEN CHILDREN BORN IN TENERIFE, when actually the figure is closer to ten or twelve, as I recall--all born and duly registered legally in the name of the parent or parents, and born over a space of about three years and not only in six months, as Lie number 106 says!

       149. NEITHER DO WE REGISTER THEM IN THE NAME OF AN "UNKNOWN MOTHER," AS LIE 107 SAYS! But then the writer turns right around and contradicts himself and says that "in reality" Lie 108, as there's no reality to this charge, this "is the only thing known," Lie 109, as this is certainly not known, "they are all registered under the name of the same father," Lie 110, which is absolutely not true!--And Lie 111, only one child's father's name was who they say.

       150. ONE OF THE SILLIEST THINGS I EVER HEARD OF IS "CHILDREN OF AN UNKNOWN MOTHER!" I'd like to know how you could have an unknown mother? I've heard of unknown fathers, but I don't think I ever heard of an unknown mother! Our babies were born there at the hospitals and clinics of Puerto, they all had to have mothers, and all the mothers were quite well known and duly registered in the hospital or the clinic, and the babies duly registered at the registries.

       151. SO HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE AN UNKNOWN MOTHER? That just shows you how ridiculous this poor fellow is! Of course he's getting close to the end of a very long article and he's probably tired and weary and can't think straight--since he hasn't been thinking straight all the way through the article anyhow.

       152. IN LIE 112 HE CLAIMS WE DID THIS BY "ILLEGAL METHOD": It certainly would be "illegal" to attribute 12 children to one man in the space of only a little over two years!--Ha! This is about as silly as you can get!--And by one unknown mother?!

       153. AND IN LIE 113 he says we did this in order to "get the children out of the country," which of course is also ridiculous! We kept them right there with us. We didn't get them out until we were being so harassed that we left, and when they left they left with their parents or their guardians, and are all still with their own parents to this day as far as I know!

       154. IN LIE 114 HE REALLY IS GUILTY OF CONTEMPT OF COURT, and that Judge ought to accuse him of the same for saying "the judge in charge found possibly an exit of less commitment for himself!" He's trying to infer that the Judge was simply trying to get himself off the hook, and since this is a criticism of the court and a rather slurring remark about the Judge, I would say this writer is guilty of contempt of court and they ought to charge him for it!

       155. LIE 115 SAYS THAT THERE HAVE BEEN "CLEAR INDICATIONS OF CRIME," of course another lie, and these "crimes would carry a sentence," Lie 116, and this is why we left so quickly, Lie 117. I left out

       156. LIES 118 AND 119, where he accuses us again of "public scandal" and "corruption."

       157. LIE 120 HE ALSO ACCUSES US OF "A MATRIMONIA," in other words "a marriage or so broken" because of us, which is an outright lie! If we did anything we patched up a good many marriages and helped a good many which would otherwise have been broken homes. And men went back to their homes and their wives loving them more than ever because we had taught them to love God. We have a number of testimonies to prove this. People who sometimes said we were breaking up homes, I would challenge them with, "What homes? Name me one! Show me one!--Not one!"

       158. LIE 121 says that these "idealistic youth of good faith were manipulated." Well, if they are being manipulated I don't know by whom. Maybe you ought to ask them, because nobody's manipulating them--certainly not I. They're free moral agents to go and come as they please and do as they please. But if anybody's manipulating them it's the Lord, because they do usually what He pleases, and what pleases them is to please Him.

       159. LIE 122 says they were "Swedish girls": We didn't have one Swede amongst them that I know of!

       160. THEY HAVE, LIE 123, "stopped frequenting the discotheques of Puerto," which is not so! They're still going to the discotheques and the clubs more than ever!

       161. SO IF YOU WANT TO MEET THESE HORRIBLE MONSTERS, you ought to take yourself a little trip down to Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, and you can see them in almost any club there almost any night. But if the writer of this article thinks he's going to get anything, he's mistaken. All he's going to get is a court suit against his libelous, slanderous, defaming, illegal article--if anything!

       162. LIE NUMBER 124 shows a cartoon of a very fat ugly Jew lying with his naked women, supposedly representing me (thank God I don't look like that, neither me nor my girls!) and quotes me as saying, "Grow and multiply my current account"--which I have never said.

       163. THE WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE, CARLOS BOSCH, WAS CERTAINLY FITLY NAMED, A LOT OF BOSH!--Meaning tommyrot, bullshit, lies! He calls a house there "a fancy chalet," but you can't even see the house. He must have taken it over the fence and aimed wrong.

       164. BUT AT LEAST HE DID UNDER ONE CAPTION CALL ME "BRILLIANT," that's about the only complimentary thing he had to say about me in the whole article, although I'm quite sure it wasn't intended to be a compliment. There you have it,

       165. ABOUT 124 LIES IN JUST THE FIRST ARTICLE! In fact in some paragraphs nearly every single line was lie, and some times there were two or three lies on the same line! There was hardly a paragraph in the whole article that didn't contain some lie or lies.

       166. ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT INTERVIU IS THAT IT IS NOT RELIABLE in its information--unless you want to call reliable, relie-able, or able to tell the same lies over and over and over again--in other words, to re-lie quite a few times!--124 Lies in only one article!--Why buy it?--Unless you enjoy fictitious horror stories!

       167. ISN'T THIS ENOUGH?--Or do we have to stoop to their low level to dig around in their garbage to point out all their other ridiculous 78 lies in their second article of June 2, 1977--just more lying smears and smut of the same kind of filth so common to this magazine!

       168. WHY WASTE TIME READING ANOTHER 78 LIES IN ARTICLE TWO, making a sordid total of 202 lies in both articles!--It's just more of the same old lies! But if you want to know why they lie about us, why not read our own little reply that you can get from one of our own dear Children on almost any important street of Spain:

       169. "INTERVIU'S 202 LIES!"--Why the Red, anti-God enemies of Spain try to crucify the Children of God! Read it for yourself at any of our 55 Spanish Colonies!--We welcome you!--In Jesus' name and God's Love!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family