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OUR REPORT TO "TIME"--On the False and Forged "Goodbye" Leaflet       August 2, 1977       GP NO.593
--By the Real MO!

Copyrighted August 1977 by the Children of God

       1. THROUGH THE COURTESY OF TIME MAGAZINE a tiny and rather shoddy little leaflet has been brought to my attention bearing my name and entitled "Goodbye" and containing my purported confession of being a false prophet and my supposed resignation from the leadership of the Children of God.

       2. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! This little lying leaflet is nothing but a completely fraudulent and lying forgery rather shabbily concocted by some crackpot who is apparently partially demented and who quite obviously doesn't like me nor my Letters nor the truths that I stand for.

       3. I DOUBT IF EVEN ONE OF OUR 600 MILLION READERS COULD POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN DECEIVED by this very foolish little fabrication of total lies, which is totally unlike me--it's simply not my style to say the least--and I surely would never make such a public confession because it is simply not true!

       4. BUT IT IS OBVIOUSLY WRITTEN BY SOME VICIOUS ENEMY with the malicious intent of trying to deceive the public into thinking that I have made such a confession and so resigned.

       5. IT CERTAINLY NEVER COULD HAVE DECEIVED ONE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE, our own children, of our well-established and recognised religious movement with over two million converts and 8,000 missionaries working from over 800 bases in nearly 80 countries on all six continents and speaking over 50 languages and distributing over 600 million of our Letters yearly! As Jesus said,

       6. "MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE AND THEY FOLLOW ME, AND A STRANGER'S VOICE THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW." (Jn.10:27.) Anyone familiar with my writings would know at almost a glance that this "Goodbye" was not written by me! It is not my language, it is not my style, it is not our format--nor the truth!

       7. ENGLISH WAS NOT EVEN THE NATIVE TONGUE OF ITS AUTHOR, whoever he may be, as is obvious by his numerous grammatical structural errors, misspellings and Germanic phraseology, including the outright German spelling of the name Don Quixote as "Don Quichotte", a German or Germanic spelling which I have never used in any of my writings.

       8. SO IT WOULD BE WELL FOR THE GERMAN POLICE TO LOOK FOR THIS FORGER AND LIBELER, as there are laws in most civilised countries against such criminals forging the names of well-known authors and documents purportedly written by them.

       9. ALSO WE HAVE NO SUCH ARTIST AS A "NEMO RUBENS", who apparently designed the cover and didn't fail to give himself credit for it. It would be interesting perhaps for the police to also find out who this artist is who connived together with the forger in forging my name to the cover in this conspiracy against us.

       10. ALSO YOU WILL NOTE IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER of the cover a code is given and a number. Once again the code uses a German capital J with the letters JINA of which we have no such code for any of our letters at anytime anywhere!

       11. PERHAPS THE AUTHOR HIMSELF IS GIVING HIS INITIALS to try to give himself a little credit on the sly. Neither do we have any such "number 797" as I have thus far written fewer than 600 Letters, all of which are in print and bear our usual coding and numbering which you yourself can see by picking up a copy on almost any important street of the world.

       12. AGAIN THE CROSSED 7'S OF THIS NUMBER ARE OBVIOUSLY EUROPEAN because Americans never cross their 7's, so our own artist does not use this kind of 7, being himself an American.

       13. NEITHER DO WE EVER INTRODUCE OUR MATERIAL WITH THE TERM "FREE COPYRIGHT" as in the heading of page 1. Also our materials always bear the month of publication or copyright as required by the copyright laws. This has no month, only the year.

       14. NEITHER DO WE ANY LONGER HAVE THE ADDRESS, "BOX 31" in London, and have not had this address for at least 4 years! Apparently the forger got ahold of a very old piece of our office stationery in order to forge his letter as well as his own communication to the press.

       15. ALSO THIS IS NOT OUR TYPE-FACE as we use IBM Diplomat with 50 lines per page, whereas this is a mere standard typewriter elite with only 44 lines to the page. Our paragraph headlines are always in ALL CAPS underlined, whereas these headlines are in lower case letters.

       16. NEITHER DO WE EVER PRINT WITHIN OUR TEXT THE NAME "CHILDREN OF GOD" IN ALL CAPS as this author has. Neither is there such a verse in my Letters as a number "90:23". The Germanic expressions, grammatical structures, spellings and misspellings are entirely too numerous to enumerate here, but anyone reading this can easily pick them out for himself.

       17. THERE ARE SIMILAR GERMANIC EXPRESSIONS and misspellings and misconstructions in his open letter to the press with which he apparently accompanied this supposed "Goodbye" Letter purportedly by me, written on forged stationery, either forged by him or copied from our former stationery used in London four or five years ago.

       18. BESIDES, AS FAR AS I CAN REMEMBER, WE HAVE NEVER WRITTEN LETTERS TO THE PRESS IN THIS FASHION introducing our Letters of any kind to them with a press release, for the plain and simple reason that if they are interested in my Letters they are able to pick them up on almost any important street on the globe and we do not have to write them a special letter to introduce them.

       19. SO OBVIOUSLY THIS MALICIOUS FORGER was simply interested in getting as wide a coverage for his lying little letter as he could possibly get, with the malicious intention of trying to harm us or our work by so doing.

       20. I AM CERTAINLY GLAD THAT THE SERIOUS PRESS WAS NOT IMPRESSED NOR DECEIVED by this crude and obvious forgery and was kind enough to bring it to our attention, and we trust that the police will find the guilty culprit and give him a few days of meditation upon his own sins behind the bars he deserves!

       21. FRANKLY, WE WERE RATHER AMUSED BY HIS CLUMSY LITTLE FORGERY when we first saw it, recognising immediately that of course it was written by some crackpot enemy. We were immediately reminded of what the world famous American humourist, Mark Twain, had to say when he read in the newspapers of his own death: He wrote back, "Gentlemen, I fear that the news of my death has been very greatly exaggerated."

       22. I CAN ONLY SAY THAT THIS FALSE NEWS of my supposed confession and resignation is not only highly exaggerated but totally untrue, as I have no intention in this world or the next of making any such confession, as it would not be true!

       23. NEITHER HAVE I ANY INTENTION WHATSOEVER OF QUITTING the task that God has given me in leading His children around the world to a spiritual victory in the Name of Jesus Christ! Our mission is to bring light to the blind, freedom to the fettered, love to the lost, and a life of peace, joy, love and happiness, with purpose and helpfulness to others, that we ourselves have found in Jesus.

       24. ONLY THE DUMBEST OF DUPES could possibly have believed this ridiculous lying little libelous leaflet--or our enemies who would like to believe it!--And I can only suppose that its fiendish criminal crackpot author will go to hell where he belongs! He is surely going to be disappointed when he finds out that his demonic little prank did not do the trick and that nobody but fools believed it!

       25. WE CONTINUE TO BREAK ALL WORLD RECORDS FOR THE MOST EXPLOSIVE GROWTH OF A BRAND NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT IN HISTORY led by a man who has faced all kinds of persecution and even death for it, and who does not intend to give up even after he dies! We are also led by a God who is not dead and will never die, and by a Christ who was also crucified by His enemies but lives on in us.

       26. WE ARE FOLLOWED BY RADICAL, FANATICAL, TOTALLY DEDICATED DEVOTED AND INSPIRED YOUNG BELIEVERS who have followed me and their God to the ends of the Earth with their inconquerable message of God's love which no one will ever be able to stop!

       27. BUT THIS LITTLE LYING LIBELOUS LEAFLET, "GOODBYE", should serve at least one purpose: To show you to what slimy stinking depths our enemies do not hesitate to slither to try to stop us, including criminal acts of kidnapping, involuntary incarceration, mental and physical torture and even murder!

       28. BEWARE OF THESE ANTICHRIST ENEMIES OF THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST! They are not all as harmless as this one! Our former fiendish black enemy Ted Patrick and some of his cohorts are now in prison serving sentences for crimes which they have committed against us and others in the United States and Canada.

       29. SOME OF HIS CRIMINAL FOLLOWERS ESCAPED TO EUROPE AND ARE NOW OPERATING UNDER THE NAME "POWER" financed by our millionaire British enemy, Kenneth Frampton, from his supposed Charity Fund, "De Gloria Trust", and whom have been so reported in the Brussels magazine "Special" of June 1, 1977, under the title: "War on the Sects!--The New Exorcists."

       30. NOW OPERATING IN EUROPE, THESE BRUTAL CRIMINALS have recently had a secret convention in Brussels at which their crimes of criminal brutality and violence against youth were taught as a method of so-called "deprogramming", or torturing young people to the point of denying their faith--or dying for it!

       31. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR, those who do not hesitate to use brutality and violence when all else fails like this stupid little lying leaflet "Goodbye"!

       32. I WILL NEVER TELL YOU "GOODBYE" EVEN ON MY DEATH BED! I intend to haunt you forever along with my millions of followers! Hallelujah! Thank God! May God bless you with His truth and Love in Jesus' name, amen.--From the real Moses David, Founder and Father of the Children of God, Pioneers and Leaders of the Jesus Revolution!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family