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THE JEANE MANSON PRAYER--MO       July 19, 1977       DFO NO.595

Copyrighted August 1977 by the Children of God

My Precious Daughter in Jesus! God bless you! I love you!
       --Thank you so much for your beautiful letter and testimony! I'm so sorry it has taken so long for me to answer, but I guess the Lord was waiting for me to get the following message for you.

       It reminds me of the experience you had with the Lord, so maybe it's already happened--or has it? Does it mean anything to you? Sometimes the Lord's words are so mysterious I don't understand them myself, but maybe you'll understand, as it was for you

       I received this while listening to your sweet agonising voice singing "Because Love is Leaving." It was like your prayer for His Love! I wept and wept for you, then suddenly this came! I hope it means something to you and will be a blessing and encouragement to you. It surely inspired me to pray for you! I love you!

       God bless and keep you close to Him, deep (or high!) in His love!--And make you a blessing to many more!--He can!--And He will!--If you let Him! He can even change the original meaning of your song and make it truly your prayer!--Love, MO. 20/8/77.
* * * * * * *

       (July 19, 1977, 5 A.M.: MO is listening to Jeane Manson's plaintive song, "Because Love Is Leaving."--Suddenly he begins speaking in tongues and weeping--and the Lord speaks!:)

       1. BEHOLD! DO YOU HEAR HER? SHE DESIRES AND BEGS TO BE WITH ME ON THE MOUNTAIN! (--Of intimate fellowship and utter sweet surrender!) Behold how her spirit seeks after Thee, for God her Father! "Why is there not more?" she cries. "There must be something more!" She seeks Me, she finds Me, she embraces Me on the mountain! Oh, she wants Me so much, to meet Me there with love for the first time!

       2. BUT SHE CRIES, "WHY IS THERE NOT MORE? Why is there not more?" Listen! She wants to be married to Me! See? See? To have such love, she can't find it. She wants help, she wants help, she needs help: "Why cannot I find Thee upon the mountain? Why cannot I embrace Thee upon the mountain? I want Thee!

       3. "MY SOUL DESIRETH TO MEET THEE FOR THE FIRST TIME! Why cannot this be? Why do we have to say goodbye? (--To come down to Earthly things.) Why cannot we meet and embrace forever here upon the mountain? Why must we part when my soul is toward Thee and I desire Thee now and forever!

       4. "I REFUSE TO SAY GOODBYE! Why is there not more? Why is there not more? I will not say goodbye! No, no, no, no, no! I will not say goodbye! I can't stand it!"

       5. HER SPIRIT CRIES FOR ME--LISTEN!: "Enfold me, embrace me here on the mountain! Desire me for I desire Thee, I need You! This is my First Love, I cannot say goodbye!

       6. "WHY IS THERE NOT MORE? Why cannot it be? I must have more! I must have more! I need You! Embrace me on the mountain! I need you! I want You! I want to be Yours! Please! For the first time in all my life I want You! (Totally!) I must not say goodbye! I will not say goodbye! No, no!

       7. "I MUST BE MARRIED TO YOU, You must be married to me, we must be married in the Spirit! This is my last chance, I have no more time! I want You, I need You!"

       8. SHE BEGS FOR ME ON THE MOUNTAIN! I want you to want Me! It's the first time, the first time! Why can it not be forever? Listen! Don't you understand that I love and I want you? I cannot say goodbye! Why cannot it be? I will not say goodbye! It has to be! Why cannot it be?

       9. (JEANE:) "NO, NO, I CANNOT, CANNOT! I CANNOT DEPART FROM THE MOUNTAIN AND NOT EVER, FOR I DESIRE THEE, I CANNOT SAY GOODBYE! There has to be more! Why isn't there more? There must be more! I know There's more? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen, amen, amen! I want You so much! I am yours I need You! For the first time I've found Love, I cannot say goodbye! I cannot say goodbye!"

       10. WHY? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? Why does she do this to Me? You say you could not be married to me, I cannot be married to you. Why not? Why?

       11. (JEANE:) "WHY CAN'T YOU HELP ME? Why aren't You able to help me? Oh God, help me! Oh God help me! (Tongues:) No, no, no! (Tongues:) Yes! I want what You want! I want what You want!" What do you want? "I don't know! I want what you want! In Jesus' name! What is to be! I want what is to be! I want what is to be! In Jesus name! ( She smiles, she rests, she finds peace! She lies down in His arms, the Lover of her soul, in complete surrender. They are wed! She is totally His forever!:) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!"

       12. (HIS ANSWER!:) BLESSED IS SHE, THE DAUGHTER OF PEACE, THAT HATH FOUND A PLACE WITHIN HIS KINGDOM, A SAFE HARBOUR--A SAFE HARBOUR WITHIN HIS ARMS! (MO:) My tears are all flowed, I cannot cry more for these things, for these things of Israel (God's Children). I have to go to sleep now Baby, in Jesus' name. They're boasting loudly (rejoicing?), they're boasting very loudly! (The angels?)

       13. (JEANE'S MUSIC BEGINS AGAIN:) SHE SEEKS AGAIN TO EMBRACE ME ON THE MOUNTAIN.--You heard it--I told you. She wants to take Me, to love Me, to be hers! She doesn't know why it cannot be--but it can be! It can be!

       14. (AMEN! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS! IT CAN BE AND IT IS, if you'll just yield utterly to Him and His will and His Love! I love you!--I'm yours too!--If there's anything we can do to help you, please let us know. We love and pray for you!--MO and His Family of Love!)

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family