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"LATE NEWS!"--MO       August 8, 1977       DFO NO.596

Copyrighted August 1977 by the Children of God


       1.THE U.S. IS DELIBERATELY ALLOWING THE DOLLAR TO GO DOWN a little in an attempt to correct its trade balance. They had a 42 billion dollar deficit so far this year. Which in simple terms means they're living beyond their income. It means they're buying more than they're selling, they're importing more than they're exporting, in value. So instead of a trade balance they have a trade deficit.

       2. COUNTRIES LIKE JAPAN AND GERMANY PRODUCE LIKE MAD AND SELL LIKE MAD and have huge trade balances, because they export more than they import. In other words they're selling more than they're buying. But the United States, they are such gluttons they guzzle down everything and consume everything and especially oil.

       3. THE OIL CONSUMPTION IN THE U.S. HAS NOT GONE DOWN THE SLIGHTEST BIT. They're not conserving a bit, in spite of all the lectures by Carter and everything else, instead they're actually using more! And he let the companies raise the prices, even put more tax on oil, and they still buy more! I told Maria,

       4. RAISING PRICES IS NOT GOING TO SLOW THOSE PEOPLE DOWN ONE IOTA form taking their Sunday afternoon drive or their vacation or their weekend trip, not a bit! They're just going to gripe and grumble and cuss and pay it!

       5. THE ONLY THING THAT'LL EVER STOP THEM IS RATIONING, and they're going to come to it one of these days. However, if you and I know the American driver I have an idea that rather than have their gasoline rationed and their vacations shortened and their big cars shortened, they would I'm sure much prefer to go to war and steal it, grab off a few countries that have oil, and they can do it under the excuse of saving Israel.


       6. I GUESS YOU HEARD ABOUT THE 5-DAY LIBYAN-EGYPTIAN WAR they had recently. Poor Godahfi, I was really praying for him, I thought that must have really been hard on him.

       7. GODAHFI'S ONLY GOT AN ARMY OF 20 TO 30,000 AND EGYPT HAS NEARLY A HALF-MILLION MEN in its army, and all that Russian and American equipment and everything. Egypt could just step out and squash him like a little bug if they wanted to! He's only got two million people in his country--Egypt's got 30 million!

       8. BUT THE TROUBLE IS GODAHFI'S GOT ALL THE MONEY, AND EGYPT'S POOR. Egypt's whole military is being financed and paid for by the Saudi Arabians. It used to be paid for by the Russians, now they're trying to get the U.S. to pay for it.

       9.THE U.S.'LL PROBABLY START ARMING EGYPT because the U.S. is run by [EDITED: "the ACs"] who want to make sure that if they want to they can incapacitate the Egyptians probably with faulty equipment or just refusing to supply them with ammunition: "So what, we give them all these guns and planes and tanks and everything, but if there comes a war we won't give them any bullets or bombs! And they can't use anybody else's because they're all made for ours."


       10. THE BRITISH HAVE SLOWED DOWN TO THE POINT IT'S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! The literal production-output-per-man which they rate country-by-country in Europe, considering the total gross national product that they produce and dividing it by the number of men, guess where the very lowest production is in all Europe?--Britain!

       11. OF COURSE AS USUAL, GERMANY'S AT THE TOP OF THE LIST BEING THE HARDEST WORKERS. Next was Belgium, and Holland was third I think. All those Northern Europeans, they worship work, it's their religion, like the Americans.

       12. BUT AT LAST ENGLAND HAS REACHED THE BOTTOM of the list and I think Italy is next up from the bottom along with something like Greece next, both in Southern Europe with kind of slow lazy climates. And Portugal was way at the bottom too. Since they turned the big ranches in Southern Portugal into little farms and communes and so on, they cut Portugal's agriculture output in half! So of all the Europeans, the British are loafing the most, the laziest of all, think of it!

       13. WHEN THEY RAN US OUT OF THAT COUNTRY, I KNEW GOD WAS GOING TO SOCK IT TO 'EM. Right away the Pound took a nosedive and lost nearly one full dollar, think of it! When we first went to England in 1970 the Pound was worth $2.65! It went down now to $1.70, nearly one dollar loss in just 7 years, think of it!

       14. THE FACT BRITAIN HAS SURVIVED AT ALL IS A MIRACLE, it's the most bankrupt country with the worst economy in all Europe outside of Portugal, think of it! And along with it goes Italy!

       15. IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE U.S. PAYING FOR THE ITALIAN ECONOMY ITALY WOULD BE FLAT BROKE! The U.S. supports Italy, pours billions into its economy to keep it going. Mostly just to try to keep it from going communist--you can see how much good it did! Most of Italy's going communist anyway! So how 'bout a toast!--To oil the wheels of progress!


       16. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW IN CYPRUS? Well, now that the old boy's out of the way they might be able to settle it, we hope. That's what Mr. Denktash of the Turks said--he said, well at last, maybe we can settle this thing!

       17. MAKARIOS WAS GETTING SO DAMN OBSTINATE AND BELLIGERENT, he's a stubborn old cuss, or was, maybe he still is! I'm sure the Lord's got some job for him!--If he made it, which I suppose he did. But he's the guy who was the main obstacle to settling it.

       18. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO DIVIDE IT UP because the minority Turks, one out of five, are never going to get their rights as long as the majority of the Greeks rule over them. They never did! They tried it for years and years and years and never did!

       19. WE WERE THERE, WE KNEW WHAT IT WAS LIKE, we heard their side of the story, heard both sides! I mean it was just horrible! They had massacre after massacre!--By the Greeks of the Turks. They were trying to wipe them out, get rid of them entirely. That invasion by Turkey was the best thing that ever happened to Cyprus!

       20. THE TURKS GOT REALLY THE BEST PART OF THE ISLAND AS FAR AS TOURISM is concerned, and the Greeks who are predominantly agricultural anyhow got the best part of the Island for agriculture, so it's a fair deal, fair split. The Turks got Kyrenia and Famagusta both, the main tourist cities, and Nicosia was divided between them, so that really it's a fair deal.

       21. IF THEY WANT A SQUARE DEAL THEY SHOULD KEEP IT JUST LIKE IT IS, really about one-third Turk and two-thirds Greek. Of course they were kind of mixed before somewhat, so naturally the Greeks who lost their homes in the Turkish section are griping and a lot of the Turks of course, who lost everything they had in the Greek sector, are griping.

       22. WHAT THEY ALL OUGHT TO BE DOING IS THANKING GOD THAT THEY'VE GOT ANYTHING AT ALL! Now they've got two separate states and the Greeks will get whatever they deserve and the Turks will get their rights and their own little country. So that's the only way it could ever have been solved.


       23. ISN'T THAT AMAZING HOW GOD GIVES ME A REVELATION like that one about Eritrea, sometimes I don't even know what they mean! Remember? The dead horse that was brought back to life?

       24. ERITREA IS WINNING ITS WAR AGAINST ETHIOPIA, and it has switched sides. It was being financed by the Reds, but now it's been taken over by the West and the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan and all are financing the Eritreans. The Ethiopians have switched sides from the West to Russia because of their revolution there, and the new military junta that took over was Red.

       25. BOTH FORCES HAVE SWITCHED SIDES, isn't that funny? Ethiopia who was on the Western side has switched to Russia. The Eritreans who were being financed by the Reds have switched to the West!

       26. AND NOW THE SOMALIS ARE ATTACKING ETHIOPIA ON THE OTHER SIDE. Ethiopia already has this big war on their hands with the Eritreans, who are winning, and now their neighbours on the other side, the Somalis, have decided it's a good nice opportune time for another vulture to attack while the body is dying. So they're attacking the East side of Ethiopia and snatching off a big hunk.

       27. LET ME TELL YOU, THESE WORLD POWERS ARE ABSOLUTELY UNSCRUPULOUS, without compunction and without any rules or anything. It's just whoever has the most guns can grab whatever they can grab! So as they see Christian Ethiopia's dying, they're grabbing off big hunks.


       28. THEY'RE PRETTY MUCH CONDUCTING A SHOOTING WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA. It's so ridiculous!: The British and the Americans, as Vorster said, are conducting a campaign to literally insist that Rhodesia and South Africa commit suicide! I mean it's ridiculous! And they are going to be sorry, because the powers fighting them are thoroughly communistic.

       29. I THINK THAT SMITH IS DOING A PRETTY SMART THING--he's conducting an election in Rhodesia. He's going to try to get the moderate blacks on his side, and turn the government over to the blacks who are inside the country--moderate, sensible, Christian blacks.

       30. THESE RED FANATIC GUERILLAS ATTACKING FROM THE OUTSIDE ARE NOTHING BUT GANGSTERS, criminal mobsters, that's all they are! All they know is the gun! Whereas this Bishop Muzorewa is on the inside with Sithole--if they could get those two guys together I think they could maybe arrange a nice share-the-power-share-the-wealth arrangement with the peaceful people inside. But the stupid idiotic thing is,

       31. THE U.S., BRITAIN AND THE ORGANISATION OF THE AFRICAN STATES HAVE PLEDGED TO SUPPORT THE GUERILLAS, the criminals, the gangsters, who are declared Reds being armed by Russia and Czechoslovakia. Oh, the U.S. is so confused!

       32. AND I'LL TELL YOU, THIS GUY ANDREW YOUNG, [DELETED] HE'S A NUT! He's supposed to be U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. but all he's concerned about is where the blacks are concerned. He doesn't pay a bit of attention to the rest of the world, all he's camping on is Africa, all the time just Africa!

       33. HE HAS PULLED SO MANY BONERS and said so many crazy things and made such a fool of himself he's almost embarrassed Carter and the whole administration, I mean it's ridiculous!

       34. I BELIEVE IN RIGHTS, BUT EVERYBODY'S GOT THEIR RIGHTS! The whites there have a right to survive too! Look what's happened now to all the rest of the colonies:

       35. THEY CHASED OUT THE WHITES AND WHAT HAVE THEY GOT LEFT?--No education! They don't know how to run their utilities, they don't know how to run the trains, the lights, the phones, the postal system, the industries, the farms. They don't know how to run anything!

       36. THEY HAVE NO EDUCATION, THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, and they're all going bankrupt! Nearly every one of these ex-colonies would fall flat on their faces if their mother country was not still supporting them!

       37. THE MOTHER COUNTRIES STILL SUPPORT THEM because they still need the raw materials, so they still have to have the friendship of the country. But nearly every one of them's got a military dictator whom they're paying out of pocket, keeping in power so he'll continue to sell them the raw material. So they are now economic colonies.

       38. BEFORE THEY WERE POLITICAL COLONIES, NOW THEY'RE ECONOMIC COLONIES, still dependent on the mother country financially. Although the mother country's turned the colony over to its own leadership and its own government and its own people to run it, they can't run it! Not one of them has proved they can run it. Every one of them has just gone into total chaos and bankruptcy, and if it wasn't for the mother country supporting them they'd all fall flat!

       39. BEFORE THE WHITE COLONIALISTS CAME, AGAINST WHOM EVERYBODY'S PREACHING, THERE WAS NOTHING but jungle and they had nothing! Now the whites have shown them their resources and raw materials and built industries and huge ranches and given them jobs and money. But you see it's the same old story, they weren't satisfied with sharing, they wanted the whole thing.

       40. "LOOK, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, WHAT ARE THESE WHITES DOING DOWN HERE? Look how rich they are and look at the homes they live in and look how they're making all the money, we want it all now!"

       41. SO LIKE A BUNCH OF GANGSTERS THEY GRABBED IT ALL--so now what are they going to do with it? They don't know how to run it! They lost everything! They lost their jobs, they lost the money, they lost the income that came from it all, and they've got nothing left.

       42. THE GRASS HAS GROWN UP IN THE STREETS AND THE MACHINERY'S GETTING RUSTY and the huge agricultural ranches have stopped production and the countries are going back to the jungle and so are the natives, and they're blaming it all on the colonial powers, "It's your fault!"

       43. THE RED NEIGHBOURS PERSUADED THE CHILDREN TO THROW THE PARENTS OUT of the house saying, "You don't need them, you can run it yourself!"--knowing that they couldn't run it. So once they got the parents thrown out, then the children don't know how to run the house and they complain to the parents that they're not continuing to support them after having thrown them out! Meanwhile, if the parents don't support them the Red neighbours move in and take it over, which they're doing.


       44. WHEN THE BRITISH WERE IN CHARGE OF PALESTINE, MENAHEM BEGIN WAS A JEWISH TERRORIST belonging to the Irgun Gang who shot British policemen in the back just because they had a uniform on. The same thing these madmen in Ireland are doing!--Terrorists who shoot police just because they represent authority, for no reason, in cold blood!--And Begin was one!

       45. THEY WENT AROUND BLOWING UP POLICE BARRACKS AND SHOOTING THE BRITISH as well as the Arabs, fighting a two prong war at the same time, and did some of the most dastardly deeds you could possibly ever imagine, I mean horrible atrocities!

       46. WE HAD A JEWISH FELLOW WHO CAME TO JOIN THE SOUL CLINIC, and he said, "Oh my God, I don't know how many men I killed!" He was going through hell after it. He said, "I had nightmares and everything, I was going crazy!" Then he got saved, thank the Lord! He said he did some horrible things, awful things, he belonged to the same outfit--Irgun--Jewish terrorists!

       47. NOW BEGIN IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE JEWISH TERRORISTS and yet they will have nothing to do with any peace settlements which involve those PLO "terrorists," and will not talk to them or sit at the same table with them.--The pot calling the kettle black!

       48. THE JEWS HAVE BEEN SO CLEVER IN THEIR PROPAGANDA they have sold the Christians on the idea that they are still special and God is specially partial to the Jews, the flesh and blood Jews, as His "chosen people"!

       49. SO THE WHOLE "CHRISTIAN" WORLD BACKS THEM, AND CARTER REALLY BELIEVES IT! He's sucked in and as deceived as can be, and he and this guy Begin just had a great time talking and reading Bible and everything together! They quote the Bible to each other! [DELETED]

       50. ONE THING AT LEAST FAIR ABOUT CARTER, he has put himself on international public record as being determined that the Palestinians shall have a home. That was pretty strong of him. I have to give him credit for that, but he's not going about it the right way because they're never going to get it the way he's doing it. Here's Begin the "angel" still stalling:

       51. "WE WANT TO TALK, WE WANT TO TALK, but the Arabs won't talk to us!" You know why they don't want to talk with him? They know that's all he's going to do is talk!--It's just a big waste of time, as war is inevitable.

       52. SECRETARY OF STATE VANCE'S TRIP TO THE MIDEAST HAS BEEN A TOTAL FAILURE because they all want the same things. They all want the same piece of property and the same city and that's it. So it looks like the war is getting closer all the time.

LEBANON: 22-8-77

       53. I WAS JUST HEARING ABOUT THEIR OUTBREAK OF VIOLENCE AGAIN IN LEBANON. I was wondering why they've always had so much trouble when I remembered the prophecy regarding its old capital which was to suffer total destruction and be completely wiped out.

       54. "BEHOLD, I AM AGAINST THEE, O SIDON, and I will be glorified in the midst of thee: and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall have executed judgments in her, and shall be sanctified in her.

       55. "FOR I WILL SEND INTO HER PESTILENCE, AND BLOOD INTO HER STREETS; and the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her by the sword upon her on every side; and they shall know that I am the Lord." (Ezek.28:22-23.)

       56. SIDON WAS THE ANCIENT ALTERNATIVE CAPITAL, not far south of Beirut, now called Saida, to which the Lord had promised perpetual desolations and wars and that the sword would not depart from her streets. (Maria: So that's the answer?) I guess that's it--they must have really sinned against the Lord, I'll tell you!

       57. ORIGINALLY IT WAS AN OLD HEATHEN PAGAN COUNTRY. But they went through many conquerors of course, mostly the Muslims, Turks and so on, and were only liberated from French domination just in the last few years.

       58. LEBANON WAS SET FREE FROM FRENCH RULE IN 1941, the year the United States got into World War II. So probably the French wanted to get their foot out of there before they became too involved. As I recall Lebanon was even under the Vichy French for awhile, that was Hitler's France.

       59. THE ARAB-ISRAELI DISPUTE ON LEBANON'S DOORSTEP ALIENATED THE MUSLIMS from the more moderate partly European Christian majority and split the country into a full-scale civil war.

       60. PRESIDENT FRANJIEH COULD NOT RELY ON AMERICAN SUPPORT as his predecessor President Chamoun had, a fanatical far-right extremist hard-nosed Christian, when he crushed the Muslim rebels in 1958 with the help of U.S. Marines!

       61. SO THE CIVIL WAR FINALLY BECAME A FULL-SCALE WAR when the U.S. kind of stepped out of the picture, well, ostensibly out of the picture. The United States has apparently turned the job over to the Israelis, their American Colony, to help the so-called Christians.

       62. AGAIN THEY NEARLY SUCCEEDED IN CRUSHING THE PALESTINIANS AND MUSLIMS. If it hadn't been for the intervention of Syria they probably would have wiped the Palestinians out--thank God for Syria!

       63. SO NOW THE COUNTRY'S PRETTY WELL RUN BY THE SO-CALLED ARAB PEACE FORCES headed by Syria. But fighting is still going on, breaking out every now and then.

       64. SO BIBLE PROPHECY PROMISED SIDON WOULD ALWAYS HAVE TROUBLE one of the ancient capitals of Lebanon. It's obviously because they didn't receive the Lord like they should have. So when I was sitting here thinking, why does Lebanon have so much trouble, that prophecy came back to me. Praise the Lord!

       65. SO NOW THE JEWS ARE VERY ACTIVELY SUPPORTING CHAMOUN, the so-called "Christian" leader of the hard extreme rightist forces. Israel is now openly confessing she supplied the arms, ammunition, vehicles, even support fire from the Israeli border, and sometimes would send technicians right over into Lebanon, spotters and so on to help organise their fight against the Palestinians, think of that! So poor Lebanon has really suffered.

       66. ORIGINALLY LEBANON WAS THE MIDDLEMAN OF THE ARAB WORLD who tried to protect its traditional commercial strength with political neutrality. They were half-Christian and half-Muslim so they acted as the mediators between the East and the West, the Arabs and the non-Arabs.

       67. JUST THINK, THAT WHOLE CIVIL WAR IN LEBANON WAS REALLY CAUSED BY ISRAEL, the Israel problem, because they won't let the Palestinians come home. So poor Lebanon has really suffered, it's so divided.

       68. IT ALWAYS SEEMS TO ME THAT WHEN TWO FACTIONS CAN'T GET ALONG TOGETHER IN ONE COUNTRY, particularly religions like that, or nationalities, they ought to divide it, especially if the one's in the minority, because they always get the worst of it. The majority, even if it's a democracy, will always vote against them so, they hardly ever get any rights.

       69. ABOUT THE ONLY FAIR WAY IS TO DIVIDE IT, LIKE THEY DID WITH CYPRUS and a lot of other places, just divide the country. There are many other divided countries now, North and South Korea, North and South Vietnam was, still is, East and West Germany and all that. Israel is divided, Cyprus is divided.

       70. I DON'T THINK THEY'LL EVER SETTLE THE LEBANON QUESTION TILL LEBANON'S DIVIDED and the Muslims are given a share of the land and the Christians theirs, and the same with Israel, unless the Anti-Christ has a better solution. We know the Lord has!

       71. DURING THE CIVIL WAR THE ARMY OF 14,000 COMPLETELY STAYED OUT OF THE WAR and let the two factions just fight it out, between the Christians and the Muslims, think of that! They said they were afraid to use the army, which is supposed to keep down such civil strife, because the army itself was so divided, they thought it would be better just to neutralise it and have them stay out of the Civil War. The army was used mainly just to protect certain foreign areas.

       72. LEBANON'S DIVISION BETWEEN CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS HAS KEPT IT OUT OF THE ARAB-ISRAEL WARS. You can't say between Christians and Arabs because most Lebanese are Arabs, but some are Christians (50%), some are Muslims (42%), but this has kept it as a neutral.

       73. AS I RECALL, DURING ONE OF THE RECENT ISRAELI WARS ISRAEL WARNED LEBANON TO STAY NEUTRAL or she'd march in and take it over! So Israel's got Lebanon pretty well intimidated, especially with far superior firepower and forces.

       74. SO POOR LEBANON IS STILL SUFFERING FOR HER SINS OF THE PAST, apparently, as well as the present, constant trouble exactly as the Bible predicted, but now mostly caused by Israel!


       75. I WAS JUST LOOKING OVER MY WORLD MAP the other day and counting the number of places where there's some kind of a war, big or little, going on. I was amazed to discover nearly 20 different places where there's something you could call a real all-out shooting war, or almost!

       76. I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED TO KNOW WHERE THESE WARS ARE going on right now, because war always makes news. Bad news is always the best news in the world's newspapers, or at least it's the most highly advertised.

       77. DID YOU KNOW THAT SINCE THE DAYS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE THERE HAS HARDLY BEEN A DAY OF PEACE ON EARTH when there was not some kind of a war going on somewhere in the world?--And sometimes several at the same time, such as right now!

       78. RIGHT NOW THERE ARE ALL-OUT SHOOTING WARS GOING ON between Ethiopia and the Eritreans and Ethiopia and Somalia, and between Rhodesia and white South Africa and the Red black guerillas of Zambia, Angola and Mozambique.

       79. THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL BORDER SKIRMISHES between Kenya and Uganda, and several shoot-outs between Libya and Chad as well as between Libya and Egypt; all of these are in Africa of course.

       80. THE TURKS AND GREEKS OF CYPRUS ARE STILL TECHNICALLY AT WAR, and the so-called Christian Arabs of Lebanon are still shooting it out with the Palestinians and Muslims. The Jews of Israel are helping the so-called Christians and the Syrians helping the Palestinians and Muslims.

       81. MEANWHILE IN PAKISTAN the supporters of the former Prime Minister Mr. Bhutto, after many of his empty promises were not fulfilled, have been virtually at war with the opposition there until a military coup took over and put the leaders of both sides all in jail or in detention in order to enforce peace. And the General who is now head of Pakistan is a staunch strict Muslim.

       82. MEANWHILE THE OPPOSITION HAS WON ITS WAR IN INDIA over Mrs. Ghandi and her followers who were in power for nearly 30 years, and as a result India will probably lapse back into the same confusion it was in before Mrs. Ghandi took power.

       83. ANOTHER SHOOTING WAR IS GOING ON BETWEEN THAILAND AND CAMBODIA on their border between the US-backed troops of Thailand and the communist-backed troops of Cambodia. Thailand is probably the next domino to fall to the communists after the fall of the rest of Southeast Asia, or Indochina as it used to be called.

       84. THE INDONESIANS HAVE GRABBED BY FORCE HALF OF THE ISLAND OF TIMOR known as Portuguese Timor. They snatched it away from the Portuguese who are too weak to defend anything, even themselves right now!

       85. WAY DOWN YONDER, DOWN UNDER, as they call it in Australia, the Queen's Governor as you recall grabbed the government away from our dear friend and liberal Labor leader Whitlam and turned it over to an ultraconservative, simply by decree! He later also won the election but is now in deep trouble, economic troubles, and it looks like Whitlam might make a comeback, praise God! The new ultraconservative government has been giving us a lot of trouble but the Lord has delivered us out of them all, thank the Lord!

       86. IN THE PHILIPPINES THERE'S STILL A SHOOTING WAR GOING ON between the Muslims and the Christians on the huge southernmost island of Mindanao. This is a country ruled by a fairly benevolent dictatorship and where our Faithy is at present visiting another legal conference on human rights with our dear friend Dr. Don Guillermo, to again stand up for freedom of religion and religious rights of faith, speech, press, etc.

       87. IN CHINA THE NEW CHINESE PRESIDENT HUA, the supposed legitimate son of one of Mao's former wives, seems to have won his battle with the Gang of Four radicals who conducted the famous Red Cultural Revolution of sometime ago in China. A whole new slate of new ministers and former ousted officials is being ushered back in again.

       88. IT SEEMS THAT CHINA IS TAKING A SWING AWAY FROM THE LEFT toward the right and capitalism and stronger friendship with the United States in its enmity toward Russia.

       89. ACROSS THE OCEAN IN CANADA THE POOR CANADIANS ARE STILL FIGHTING A BATTLE with the American capitalists who want to buy up Canada and all of its businesses and run it to suit themselves! But our dear friend Trudeau has managed to stay in power hanging on by his fingernails and has managed to hang on to his premiership even though he couldn't hang on to his wife, who seems to have departed from him.

       90. SHE, YOU KNOW, WAS SOMEWHAT OF A RADICAL little hippie herself and a very good friend of ours and a devotee of the MO Letters, which I suppose caused a good many people to think she was crazy!

       91. IN NEW YORK CITY A WAR HAS BEEN RAGING BETWEEN THE HAVE'S AND THE HAVE NOT'S! During a blackout there a nighttime battle began and continued into the day in which the poor wiped out quite a few both black and white businesses in their own areas as they helped themselves to goods on the shelves, having broken the windows and so on, and proclaimed it was Christmas in July!

       92. FURTHER SOUTH IN WASHINGTON OUR DEAR PRESIDENT CARTER IS FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE WITH THE JEWS to turn the U.S. over to Israel, so they can conquer the Arabs and grab all that oil, and solve their energy problems. The Americans need so much energy because of their very poor diet!

       93. A LITTLE FURTHER SOUTH [DELETED] CASTRO SEEMS TO BE WINNING HIS WAR with the United States by increasing friendly relations betwixt them and improving certain conditions which may yet lead to a better relationship between Cuba and the United States.

       94. THE PRESIDENT HAS REMOVED THE BAN ON THE TRAVEL OF U.S. CITIZENS TO CUBA so you can go there now whenever you want. There's just one little catch and that is you're not allowed to take any U.S. currency there which makes it a little hard for you to spend your vacation there if you haven't got any money to spend! So be sure you try to change your U.S. Dollars for Cuban money before you go.

       95. ON DOWN THE CHAIN OF THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS KNOWN AS THE WEST INDIES, the Reds seem to be hopping around vigorously from island to island winning the day down there against the conservative forces one by one.

       96. JUST ACROSS THE CARIBBEAN A LITTLE WAYS, GUATEMALA hasn't had enough earthquake so now she wants to take the people's minds off their own troubles by grabbing British Honduras just across the border for a little diversion. And a little further south in El Salvador the guerrillas are trying to grab the government. And Nicaragua still wants to grab our dear friend Costa Rica.

       97. THE MILITARY GENERAL RULER OF PANAMA, TORRIJOS, HAS JUST SUCCEEDED IN GRABBING THE PANAMA CANAL away from the United States, along with the rest of his country which has virtually been U.S. territory for a good many years since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.

       98. ROOSEVELT BELIEVED IN WALKING SOFTLY BUT CARRYING A BIG STICK, WHICH HE USED FREQUENTLY with the U.S. Marines to grab off South American and Latin American countries and banana republics and make them be good boys and behave and support the United States. Now those little worms are turning and are screaming loudly for justice and for reparation and for freedom which they haven't had for quite a while, including independence from U.S. domination.

       99. VENEZUELA HAS PRETTY WELL BROKEN LOOSE and is pretty much defying the U.S., now that she's got all that oil and is rich and has all those good friendly oil-producing OPEC brothers across the sea to support her, including most of the Arabs.

       100. A BIT FURTHER ON IN SOUTH AMERICA the formerly fanatically Catholic country of Colombia has recently, we understand thrown some of our dear American brothers out of there because of some bad publicity which originated in Europe.

       101. THROUGHOUT MOST OF SOUTH AMERICA NOW, A GOOD MANY COUNTRIES WHO HAVE BEEN CRITICISED and condemned for lack of human rights by the President of the United States, who has cut off their military aid, have decided to cut off their relations or former strong ties with the United States. They have found they can get more money from other sources like Europe and the Arabs and so on to pay for their arms and can buy their arms other places. So they're beginning to thumb their nose at the U.S. now and say, "Well, so what? Who needs the U.S.?--We'll go elsewhere!"

       102. BOTH BRASIL AND ARGENTINA HAVE RETURNED TO DICTATORIAL RULE after some brief but unsuccessful tries at democracy and more liberal governments. The dear hot-blooded Latins never seem to get along too well on their own without a very strong big daddy at the top to make everybody behave.

       103. WHICH BRINGS US NOW OVER TO SPAIN where they've recently lost their big daddy, Franco. They're trying another go at democracy and seem to be succeeding, thank God, under two of his younger more liberally minded and very strong political sons, President Suarez and King Carlos.

       104. ACROSS THE BORDER IN POOR OLD PORTUGAL another Soares a little more to the left, a socialist, has finally gained power and reestablished democracy and is heading a rather shakey government of a bankrupt old colonial power, but seems to be at the moment weathering the storm.

       105. PORTUGAL'S CENTURIES-OLD ALLY, BRITAIN, DOESN'T SEEM TO BE WEATHERING THE STORM too well, where again the poor are at war with the rich in both England and Ireland, with strikes galore and racial violence and so-called religious violence. Some of the world's worst and longest wars outside of the world wars were so-called religious wars.

       106. IN BOTH FRANCE AND ITALY THE CAPITALISTS SEEM TO BE FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE with the communists and socialists of the left. In Italy the communists are already the power in the balance, and in France it looks like in the next election the communists and the socialists combined will win.

       107. IN SWITZERLAND THE BANKS HAVE BEEN FIGHTING A BATTLE with some not-so-honest bank managers who want to run off with a little bit of all that money they've got there.

       108. IN GERMANY [EDITED: "THEY"] HAVE GOT SO MUCH MONEY THEY HARDLY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT ALL and they have been selling more than they've been buying, which has increased their balance of payments so greatly and so strengthened the German Mark that they've almost been priced out of the world market, so that there's a sort of an industrial slump and a labour problem.

       109. BUT THEY HAVEN'T QUIT FIGHTING THE NAZIS and they're still trying to track them down everywhere they are all over the world 30 years later. [DELETED] Those Jews, they never forget!

       110. THE HARDWORKING SCANDINAVIANS of course are all making lots of money and so rich that they pay some of the world's highest taxes and have some of the world's highest prices!

       111. JUST BELOW THEM ACROSS THE SO-CALLED IRON CURTAIN in the Russian-dominated little countries of Eastern Europe they're having lots of economic problems. They've always been poor and if it weren't for the Russians they'd probably be even worse off than they are now!

       112. RUSSIA NOW SEEMS TO BE GETTING SO PROSPEROUS IT'S HAVING GREEDY CAPITALISTIC THOUGHTS and covetous ideas of a higher standard of living and luxuries, with ideas of how much better life can be, like it is in the United States, they think! These two giants are still rivaling each other for domination of the world, but it appears that the United States is gradually retreating while Russia's making constant gains all over the world, particularly now in Southeast Asia and Africa and so on.

       113. SO NOW HAVING CIRCLED THE GLOBE WE'RE BACK WHERE ALL THE TROUBLE BEGAN, IN THE MIDEAST AND ISRAEL, where a stubborn guy by the name of Begin seems to want to end everything by grabbing off all the Palestinian territory and forgetting the Palestinians, forgetting world opinion, even forgetting United States support and thumbing its nose at Washington over establishing new Jewish colonies in former Palestinian territory and declaring they never intend to give it up, which of course is bound to bring down the ire of the Arabs upon them, and the inevitable war.

       114. THE SO-CALLED PEACE SETTLEMENT OF GENEVA SEEMS TO BE FURTHER AWAY NOW than ever and the situation more hopeless than before as Begin begins the End in his religious fanatical anti-Christ zeal!

       115. THAT ALSO BRINGS US UP AGAINST THE ARAB WALL which I have been outlining recently on my map and to my great interest discovered is even bigger than I thought it was, engulfing all of North Africa and nearly half of all Africa, the Mideast, the Arabian Peninsula and a good part of Asia.

       116. WE SHOULD CALL THIS REALLY THE MUSLIM WALL. They're not all Arabs, but are all united by the common religious bond of Islam. As I outlined all the countries which are Muslim or half Muslim I found the wall is nearly roughly a thousand miles wide most of the way and extends about 7,000 miles all the way from the West African coast to the border of China!

       117. IN FACT, IF YOU WOULD OUTLINE ALL THESE MUSLIM COUNTRIES as I did on my world map, you'd discover that they have a very strange shape. It looks like an angel flying in the direction of China, going toward the East with his feet at the West Coast of Africa and his head at the border of China, his left arm Turkey and his right arm Somalia and part of Ethiopia and Eastern Africa.

       118. THIS EASTWARD POINTING ANGEL IS SIGNIFICANT because that's the direction that Islam is moving, more and more toward the East, and it seems even toward friendship with China as one of the leaders of the Third World of which they are a part.

       119. AT THE SAME TIME THERE IS A LARGE OVAL AREA OF STRONG ISLAMIC DOMINATION IN THE EAST INDIES between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, comprised mostly of Indonesia, part of the Philippines and part of Malaysia. So if we skip across the seas from the main part of the Arab wall we find this other strange-shaped area of Muslim influence that I have outlined on my map around Indonesia, which looks a little like Casper the Ghost!--another angel!

       120. SO THE WIDE MUSLIM WALL IS INDEED VERY VERY LONG, about twice as long as the mainland African and Asian Muslim Wall! This extends the Muslim Wall to the astounding length of about 15,000 miles--three-fifths of the way around the world--dividing the bulk of Asia and Europe from the bulk of southern Africa and Australia.

       121. THEREFORE THE MUSLIM WALL IS COMPOSED BOTH OF THE KINGS OF THE SOUTH AND THE KINGS OF THE EAST which are eventually according to the Bible going to join with the King of the North as he comes down and virtually conquers them to fight with the Kings of the West in that final all-out war for the conquest of Israel. For as one great militarist once said,

       122. "HE WHO RULES ISRAEL, RULES THE WORLD!" And this had been always true throughout history. Whoever was the dominant power of the world was the one who ruled Israel.

       123. THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN RULING ISRAEL AND HAS BEEN THE DOMINANT POWER, but is now becoming a has-been because of a rather unruly Israel, which is going to eventually cost Israel its American friendship and domination and cause it to be taken over by Russia and the Kings of the East and the South. Maybe even with China's help, who knows? God does, praise the Lord, and the Bible tells us! So there you have it, that's the latest world news!

       124. SO, THE WORLD'S IN A HELL OF A MESS, but everything is beautiful for us! Everything is going our way! The worse it gets for the rest of the world the quicker it's going to get better! Thank You Lord!

       125. AS FAR AS THE NEW NATION NEWS OF THAT WORLDWIDE NEW NATION OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD around the world in nearly 80 countries with now over 8,000 missionaries in over 800 bases, praise God, it looks like we're well on our way to conquering the world ourselves for the Lord! Praise God! Amen?

       126. IN SPITE OF ALL THE ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY AND HIS KNAVISH TRICKS, the cursing has been turned by the Lord to blessing and He has caused the wrath of man to praise Him in spite of the very bad lying attacks of the Enemy in a number of [EDITED: "AC"]-controlled publications of Spain, Germany, Italy and elsewhere. The uproar caused by these lies of our enemies has resulted in only greater publicity for the Children of God, praise His Name!

       127. IN MOST CASES WE HAVE EVEN SUCCEEDED IN COMPELLING OR PERSUADING THEM TO PRINT OUR OWN REBUTTALS against their lies, our own answers, and in both Spain and in Italy they have been very kind to do so. We cannot say the same for the German [DELETED] Stern magazine who refuses to even talk to us! And it is rumoured that some of these magazines were paid tens of thousands of dollars by our enemies to print these lying diatribes against us!

       128. BUT THANK GOD, ALL OF THIS HUBBUB RESULTED IN EVEN TIME MAGAZINE finally recognising that we were international news, worthy of a page in their periodical, and important enough to put us right after the world news and even before the U.S. news on page 15 of Time of August 22nd! Whereas usually the religion page is buried somewhere in the back with the theatres and the books and all that junk! So we're still news, hallelujah!

       129. WHEN ALL THE GOOD NEWS IS OVER and all the lush gushing articles about us have kind of petered out, God has to arouse the public's interest in us somehow. So He raises up some bad news and controversy to make us news again, so that along with the bad news He can put in a whole lot more good news!

       130. THE RESULT HAS BEEN SEVERAL TIMES AS MANY PAGES OF GOOD NEWS AND REBUTTALS and testimonials and praises even by the reporters, several times as many as our attackers rated, and even a page in the international news magazine, the world's greatest, Time!

       131. TIME WAS VERY FAIR AND FACTUAL TO SAY THE LEAST, and almost in our defense. I would consider it a fairly favourable article really presenting our side very fairly, favourably and factually, thank God! Thank God there are some nice fair, honest Jews in the world too, like us and some of the news media, praise God!

       132. SO JUST SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE FF REVOLUTION and the FF Explosion which has caused all this uproar and given the newspapers something new to write about us, which they've got to have to make news and which the Lord uses to get us in the papers, using their evil to bring us good,

       133. WE HAVE SO FAR A TOTAL OF ABOUT 20 FULL PAGES OF FREE PUBLICITY in the three major newspapers of the Canary Islands, including about six full pages of our rebuttals, or MO Letters, word for word, plus another 13 pages in the very popular Spanish Magazine Interview, plus another ten pages in Stern magazine of Germany as well as a few pages in their second biggest magazine Quick, not to speak of other newspaper articles there. Three pages in London's News of the World, and I think it was about three pages in Stockholm's See and a full page in the Dutch Telegraph plus over 20 pages in 51 articles in Italy!

       134. SO THIS ROUGHLY MAKES A TOTAL FOR ABOUT THE PAST SIX MONTHS OR MORE OF ABOUT 75 FULL PAGES of free advertising in at least 75 different periodicals in at least six of the major countries of Europe, plus a page in the International issue of Time, and we understand there have been several pages down in South America.

       135. SO MY GUESS IS WE'RE GOING ON NEARLY 100 PAGES of those we either know of or have heard of in at least a dozen countries in eight dozen periodicals, not counting all the ones we haven't heard about in no telling how many more periodicals in how many more countries in how many more pages! Which would probably make a grand total of about 100 free full-page ads, advertising or publicity that we have had around the world in the past few months over FFing!

       136. OH, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE HALF-A-PAGE IN A CHINESE NEWSPAPER! Ha! Yes, two articles in two Chinese newspapers!

       137. AS YOU KNOW, MAGAZINE ADS REALLY RUN HIGH and big full-page newspaper ads even higher, that's where they make their money! But they have given us about a hundred full-page free ads in all these articles! So if you were to average it out at even $1,000 per page for advertising, which it probably costs at least if not more in most of those periodicals,

       138. WE HAVE RECEIVED THROUGH FFing ABOUT $100,000 WORTH OF FREE ADVERTISING in the past few months as a result of the great controversy our FFing has stirred up! So praise God, there it is!--Are you FFing?

       139. YOU BOYS AND GIRLS ARE MAKING WORLD NEWS, praise God! Hallelujah? And just all over a little love, think of that! Well, a lot of love, praise God! So love is still news, amen? Praise God!

       140. I THINK WE'RE THE NEWSIEST RELIGION ON EARTH as well as being the sexiest and the most controversial! We have stirred up a row that the churches will never be able to put down, praise God! Hallelujah! Glory hallelujah! His truth goes marching on!

       141. WE HAVE MADE GOD NEWS AGAIN, thank the Lord, when He hasn't been getting too much out of these Godless and anti-Christ periodicals for quite some time! For God is love and love is God and now He's news again, thank the Lord!

       142. SO THERE IT IS FOLKS, all the latest news from You-Know-Who, the real MO!--GBY! ILY!

       143. SO ALL YOU GOTTA DO FOR MORE SOULS AND MORE NEWS is "Let that Lovin' Man In!"--In fact, all those lovin' men!--Ha! GB'M!--And GBY! Love is news!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family