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"MORE TRUTH!"--MO       August 23, 1977       GP No.598
--Against the 437 Lies of Our Anti-Christ Enemies!--Particularly Germany's Stern Magazine and Amsterdam's De Telegraaf.

Copyright © August 1977 by The Children of God

       1. PRAISE THE LORD! AFTER 8 YEARS OF A RATHER STORMY CAREER THE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE STILL MAKING NEWS! Hallelujah!--Approximately 100 pages in about 75 different periodicals that we know of, and only God knows how many there were that we don't know of! That is quite a bit of publicity in just the past few months!

       2. THANK GOD MOST OF IT WAS GOOD, some of it very good with beautiful pictures of our Family and their glowing reports and testimonies and even some rather amazing compliments from some of the press! It was once said by an actor's agent,

       3. "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY!" Nearly all of these articles have carried our message as well as our methods despite some of the criticisms.--And that after all is our job as Christians: To "publish our glad tidings" and to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel unto every creature," thank God! (Isa.52:7 & Mk.16:15.)

       4. MOST OF THESE PERIODICALS HAVE BEEN AT LEAST FAIR AND FACTUAL IF NOT EVEN FAVOURABLE in their description of our Gospel and our way of life, such as a full page in Time magazine under "Religion" (page 15 of the August 22nd issue) well-edited by the Religion Editor of Time, Sara Medina.

       5. TIME AND OTHERS HAVE AT LEAST BEEN FAIR AND FACTUAL and given us a chance to tell our side of the story, thank God and these serious periodicals who are not just trying to sell papers with lurid sensationalism and lies!

       6. BUT I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT A FEW WERE REALLY PRETTY BAD, such as Quick and Stern magazines of Germany and De Telegraaf newspaper of Amsterdam, Interviu of Madrid and some in Italy and so on.

       7. IN FIVE OF THE WORST ONES WE HAVE COUNTED EXACTLY 437 OUTRIGHT LIES!--202 in Interviu, 62 in another, 51 in another, 86 in Stern and 36 in De Telegraaf! When a periodical attacks you viciously and violently with almost nothing but lies and smears and innuendoes, insinuations, distortions and slanderous and criminally libelous statements and has nothing good to say about you, or nearly nothing, presenting an entirely one-sided, lopsided and distorted view of you instead of being willing to present both sides of the story or to interview us or our people personally to get the truth as we see it on our side,

       8. THEN YOU BEGIN TO REALISE THAT SUCH PERIODICALS AS THESE ARE NOT SERIOUS BEARERS OF TRUTHFUL HONEST NEWS, but are mere bigoted prejudiced vicious outright enemies who are deliberately lying to the public to try to turn them against us.

       9. SOME WERE SUCH BIG BOLD AND BRAZEN LIES that some thought they must be the truth or these periodicals wouldn't have dared to tell such big lies!

       10. SUCH LIES ARE CRIMINALLY LIBELOUS AND PROSECUTABLE under the criminal laws of criminal courts which have recognised that criminal libel is injurious to people, persons, organisations and so on.

       11. THERE ARE THEREFORE ACTUAL CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR SUCH PEOPLE WHO TELL SUCH LIES! In some courts it is a misdemeanor punishable by no more than six months in jail and a fine. In others it is considered a felony with penalties up to one year in prison and a very heavy fine.

       12. THESE PERIODICALS CAN ALSO BE SUED IN CIVIL COURTS for slander, defamation of character, invasion of privacy and all sorts of things which the law considers punishable by heavy damages procurable through the civil courts for the injured parties, both personal and punitive.

       13. THEREFORE WE ARE PROCEEDING WITH OUR LEGAL FORCES AGAINST SOME of the very worst of these periodicals, particularly those who have been totally unwilling to either meet with our representatives or to publish our side of the story in the form of a rebuttal or reply.

       14. SOME CALL US ALL KINDS OF NAMES AND BRAND US AS ALL KINDS OF CRIMINALS and charge us with countless crimes and tell almost innumerable lies about us without hearing our side of the story, refusing to publish our explanation and refusing even to interview us or get our side of the story.--Such people are like the man who said,

       15. "DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH THE TRUTH--MY MIND IS MADE UP!" Such magazines and newspapers we are going to have to attack through the courts to get just and fair reparation. Meanwhile we are going to attack them on the streets through our own periodicals and publications in order that we might get the truth to the public, some of whom are being deceived by these liars!

       16. MOST OF THE SOUTHERN EUROPEAN PERIODICALS, PARTICULARLY OF SPAIN AND ITALY, HAVE BEEN VERY COMMENDABLE in being willing to publish our side of the story and even our word-for-word rebuttals and point-by-point refutations of some of the lies which they had repeated from the bad periodicals.

       17. SOME HAVE COME PERSONALLY TO SEE THE FACTS FOR THEMSELVES AND INTERVIEW US and to take our own personal testimonies and see us as we really are and visit our Homes as they actually are and not simply accepting the lies of our enemies!

       18. BUT THE NORTHERN EUROPEAN PERIODICALS HAVE BEEN MORE OFTEN VERY UNFAIR AND UNFACTUAL and very unwilling to publish the other side of the story, the true side, with a few exceptions.

       19. MOST OF THIS TOTALLY UNFAVOURABLE PUBLICITY ORIGINATED IN GERMANY WITH QUICK AND STERN MAGAZINES who told almost nothing but lies about us and refused to hear the truth or any of our explanations, whatever they may be. The largest preponderance of the other unfavourable articles in other countries were mere mimicries and exaggerations and distortions and repetitions of the lies of these two magazines.

       20. NOW WE ARE ACCUSTOMED TO RECEIVING OCCASIONALLY A LITTLE UNFAVOURABLE PUBLICITY INSPIRED BY SOME OF OUR JEALOUS RELIGIOUS ENEMIES and irate parents of these opposing religions because their children have become converted to ours. A few very misled parents have even resorted to criminal violence against us in some cases which some of you may have read about in the newspapers and our own publications, even going so far as to form organisations against us. But of course this is nothing new:

       21. HISTORY IS FULL OF VICIOUS ATTACKS, TORTURES AND SLAUGHTERS OF INNOCENT CHRISTIANS BY THEIR ENEMIES, COMPOSED USUALLY OF OPPOSING RELIGIONS. So when you are attacked in a concerted campaign by a number of these sensational and lurid magazines, all repeating virtually the same lies and all within a very short period of time, you begin to realise there must be some rat in the woodpile, someone or someones who are organising such attacks against you.

       22. ONE MAGAZINE WAS ACTUALLY PAID $17,000 TO PUBLISH THEIR BLISTERING, LYING ATTACK UPON US by someone or some party unknown. Therefore it is logical to assume that some others of these periodicals were also paid to attack us. The question is, by whom and what for?

       23. THEY ARE PROBABLY THE SAME ENEMIES WHO HAVE ATTACKED US BEFORE AND FOR THE SAME REASONS--RELIGIOUS REASONS! Because we have converted so many of their children to the Christian faith they are jealous of our success and determined to try to crush us by whatever means, illegal violence or total lies in the press, physical attacks upon our children, kidnappings, mental and physical torture and even death!

       24. JESUS HIMSELF WAS KILLED BY SOME OF THESE SAME PEOPLE AND WARNED HIS DISCIPLES: "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Beware of men: For they will deliver you up to the councils and they will scourge you in their synagogues, and ye shall be brought before governors and kings for My sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.

       25. "... AND THE BROTHER SHALL DELIVER UP THE BROTHER TO DEATH, AND THE FATHER THE CHILD. [DELETED] And ye shall be hated of all men for My name's sake, but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

       26. "BUT WHEN THEY PERSECUTE YOU IN THIS CITY, FLEE YE INTO ANOTHER. ... For the disciple is not above his Master, nor the servant above his Lord. ... If they have called the Master of the house Beelzebub (the Devil), how much more shall they call them of His household?

       27. "FEAR THEM NOT THEREFORE, for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed. ... And fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul. [DELETED] A man's foes shall be they of his own household. ... He that loveth father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me." (Mat.10:16-18,21-26,28,36,37.) Jesus also said unto them:

       28. "BLESSED ARE THEY WHICH ARE PERSECUTED for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in Heaven;

       29. "FOR SO PERSECUTED THEY THE PROPHETS which were before you." (Mat.5:10-12.) Who is He talking about? Who has always persecuted the children of God and slain their prophets? He was talking about those who had killed their own prophets, the great Jewish prophets of the Bible, and who eventually had Jesus Himself killed!

       30. SOME OF THESE SAME PEOPLE ARE NOW VICIOUSLY ATTACKING US in a concerted organised libel campaign and with actual physical violence! Several of these magazines have carried almost identical articles with very few minor changes, as though these articles had been presented to them for their publication by whoever these people are.

       31. THE TACTICS ARE THE SAME, THE LIES ARE IDENTICAL, the distortions, insinuations and slanderous statements are all very similar--too similar to be merely coincidental! So we cannot but assume that they all came from the same source, somewhere, somehow, by someone, or a group of someones who hate us and would like to destroy us!

       32. ONE CLUE AS TO WHOM THESE ENEMIES OF CHRIST MAY BE is found in the charge by some of these truthless periodicals, the common accusation that we are supposedly "anti-Semitic"! Nothing could be further from the truth!

       33. HOW COULD ONE SUCH AS I, OF JEWISH PARENTAGE, BE AGAINST MY OWN PEOPLE? The fact is that I love them very dearly, so dearly that I have spent much of my life trying to bring them love, show them love, God's love, and win them to belief in their own Messiah, Jesus Christ!

       34. AS A RESULT MANY OF OUR CHILDREN ARE OF FORMER JEWISH FAITH AND/OR PARENTAGE. In fact much of our leadership is from Jewish ancestry, including myself, who have become Christians through faith in their own Bible and the prophecies of their own prophets and the testimonial of the Jewish disciples of Jesus Christ, Himself being a Jew!

       35. WE HAVE A JEWISH BIBLE WRITTEN BY JEWS, AND WE HAVE A JEWISH MESSIAH, BORN A JEW, JESUS CHRIST! Many of our disciples are of Jewish parentage but who still have a very good relationship with those parents who are happy that their children are doing something worthwhile for God and helping other young people in trouble. I myself have said many very complimentary and good things about the Jews in my writings.

       36. WHY THEN DO SOME OF THEIR LEADERS AND PUBLICATIONS SAY THAT WE ARE "ANTI-SEMITIC"? Is it because we have preached the warnings of their own prophets to them? Is it because we have preached the words of their own Messiah, Jesus? Or is it because we have sympathised with the poor Palestinians, like most of the rest of the world!

       37. MOST OF THE NATIONS ON EARTH AND THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE WORLD SYMPATHISE WITH THE POOR PALESTINIANS! Both the United Nations and the European Counsel of Ministers have voted to condemn Israel's selfish stubborn and brutal unwillingness to return at least a small part of their former homeland to its original owners, the millions of poor homeless Palestinians!

       38. THEY WERE THRUST OUT OF THEIR HOMES AND THEIR LANDS and slaughtered and robbed of their goods and their fields and their incomes and have been denied a country of their own and are refused return to their homes and their lands and their families.

       39. ISRAEL HAS STUBBORNLY RESISTED THE EFFORTS OF THE ENTIRE WORLD TO PERSUADE THEM TO BE JUST AND FAIR TO THE POOR PALESTINIAN REFUGEES whom they thrust out of their own land by force and violence and death! Then they call the poor Palestinians "terrorists" because they try to get back into their own country and their own homes with their own families on their own lands!

       40. THE WHOLE WORLD HAS RECOGNISED ITS MORAL DUTY TO REPATRIATE THE POOR SUFFERING PALESTINIAN EXILES! BUT NO, NOT ISRAEL! The Israelis are not willing to share with them. It is not live and let live, but Israel must have it all and kill those who oppose them!

       41. AS OF OLD, SOME PROPHET OF GOD MUST TELL THE TRUTH!--And we are telling it, as the whole world is also telling them!--As God Himself through their own prophets tried to tell them time after time after time and time again throughout the entire Bible!

       42. THEIR OWN PROPHET EZEKIEL was a prophet of their last days during the decadence of Israel before their total judgement and dispersion into all the world. God said unto them through Ezekiel, this man of God: "Son of man, go, get thee unto the house of Israel and speak with My words unto them.

       43. "BUT THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL WILL NOT HEARKEN UNTO THEE FOR THEY WILL NOT HEARKEN UNTO ME, for all the house of Israel are impudent and hardhearted! But fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house. Speak unto them and tell them, Thus saith the Lord God, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear." (Ez.3:4,7,9,11.)

       44. ANOTHER OF THEIR GREATEST JEWISH PROPHETS JEREMIAH, PROPHESIED THEIR DOOM FOR THEIR SINS: "The Word of the Lord came to me saying, Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem...I brought you into a plentiful country ... but when ye entered ye defiled My land and made Mine heritage an abomination! Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods?

       45. "BUT MY PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED THEIR GLORY FOR THAT WHICH DOTH NOT PROFIT. THEY HAVE FORSAKEN ME and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water. Ye all have transgressed against Me, saith the Lord! In vain have I smitten your children, but they have received no correction!

       46. "YOUR OWN SWORD HATH DEVOURED YOUR PROPHETS! Can a maid forget her ornaments or a bride her attire? Yet My people have forgotten Me days without number!" (Jer.2:1-2,7,11,13,29-30,32.)

       47. WE OURSELVES HAVE TRIED TO LOVINGLY WARN ISRAEL to repent of her sins lest God once again destroy her as He did in the past. We have warned her of His own Bible predictions of her eventual invasion and destruction by a great foreign power to the North. (See our Letters: "The Real War Goes On!", "Israel Invaded!", "Que Será, Será!", etc.)

       48. BUT SHE WILL NOT LISTEN, certainly not to me if she will not even listen to the President of the United States, nor the councils of the World, the United Nations, nor the voices of the leaders of Europe, if she will not listen to God Himself and restore in fairness and justice at least a portion of their former homeland to the poor Palestinians!

       49. BUT THE STUBBORNNESS OF ISRAEL'S [DELETED] LEADERS IS GOING TO BRING THE WRATH OF GOD AND THE NATIONS DOWN UPON THEIR OWN HEADS as tiny Israel leads the world into the next world war for its two-thirds destruction, when only one-third, the Third World, will survive!--And all signs point in that direction: You don't have to be a prophet, you don't have to read my prophecies nor the prophecies of the Bible, just listen to the leaders of the world and read your own newspapers and magazines if you don't believe that we're headed for trouble, all because of the selfish stubbornness of Israel in refusing to restore a part of their land to the poor Palestinians, those from whom they stole it by force, then call them terrorists because they want it back and try to get it back!

       50. THE MIGHTY ARAB AND MUSLIM WORLD WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS INJUSTICE AND CRUELTY VERY MUCH LONGER! The great Arab and Muslim Wall comprises half of the Continent of Africa and a great portion of the Continent of Asia and hundreds of millions of people, compared to the pitiful three million of Israel!

       51. BUT THE [DELETED] UNITED STATES AND PERHAPS EVEN MORE OF THE WESTERN INDUSTRIALISED WORLD WILL RISE UP TO DEFEND ISRAEL under the pretext of also needing that Arab oil.--Or should we say they'll rise up to get the Arab oil under the pretext of defending Israel!

       52. BUT THE BIBLE TELLS US that the kings of the North (Russia, etc.) and the Kings of the East (Muslims) shall band together with the Kings of the South (Arabs) against the Kings of the West (U.S. & W. Europe) to destroy them and conquer Israel in one awful horrendous war which will destroy two-thirds of the Earth and leave only the Third World to pick up the pieces!

       53. NEITHER IS IT MOST OF THE JEWS OF THIS WORLD WHO ARE TO BLAME! Most are poor law-abiding peaceful people who have little or nothing to do with the decisions of their rich and powerful leaders and religious zealots! It is their [DELETED] leaders who are bringing this horrible catastrophe down upon our heads! [DELETED]

       54. COULD IT BE THAT THESE ARE THE SAME WHO ARE ATTACKING US AS "ANTI-SEMITIC" FOR TELLING THESE TRUTHS? It has become a crime to attack Israel, it has become a crime to even speak a word of warning against the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! [DELETED]

       55. BUT [DELETED] there are no such laws to forbid attacks upon Christians, and we wonder why?

       56. THE CHRISTIANS OF THIS WORLD HAD BETTER WAKE UP SOON OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE! The Christians of this world have even been hoodwinked into believing, [DELETED] that these [DELETED] forces are actually their friends and mean them no harm! [DELETED]

       57. BECAUSE WE ARE CHRISTIANS AND HE LIVES WITHIN US TODAY! THAT IS EXACTLY WHY [EDITED: "THE ACs"] ATTACK US SO VICIOUSLY and violently and unjustly and unfairly with all of this lying propaganda! I do not have to here go into all the sickening slimey garbage of these individual lies the way in which we shall have to do in our individual court cases against them.

       58. SUFFICE IT TO SAY, CHRISTIANS, AND PERHAPS OTHER RELIGIONS ALSO, YOU HAD BETTER WAKE UP AND BEGIN TO DEFEND YOURSELVES AND STOP THESE INJUSTICES AND LIES AND VILLAINOUS ATTACKS, OR YOU MAY BE NEXT! Just let me say this in defense in answer to some of their favourite and grossest of lies, that our girls are not prostitutes, neither have they ever asked anyone for a penny or more for sexual favours!

       59. THEY ARE FREE TO HAVE SEX with whom they please and whom it pleases, just like the rest of you--in fact the whole world! But if they do it, they do it only for love and never for money! [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): FFing was discontinued in 1987."]

       60. SO SINCE THERE IS NO SUCH MONEY EARNED BY THEM, HOW CAN IT ALL BE SENT TO ME BY THE "MILLIONS," AS THESE LIARS CLAIM? In fact I have no millions anywhere except millions of converts, thank God! In fact I have no great bank accounts anywhere, as my staff and my family and our leaders know.

       61. WE SIMPLY RECEIVE ENOUGH TO LIVE ON for our actual living expenses from their precious love gifts to us. The rest is used by them themselves for their own personal expenses from your love gifts to them.

       62. NEITHER ARE WE BEING SOUGHT BY THE POLICE ANYWHERE, for as the police themselves so well know, we have not committed any crimes whatsoever! Indeed our enemies have raised up and instituted investigations against us to annoy us and to try to cause us trouble, but in all of these we have been completely cleared by the authorities.

       63. AND THE NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL who is so often quoted as having accused us of so many crimes, only issued his slanderous and libelous report at the instigation of our enemies, because he could not find anything wherewith to actually legally charge us! [DELETED]

       64. WE ARE ALSO CONTEMPTUOUSLY ACCUSED OF BEGGING IN THE STREETS and all being beggars, which I certainly will not deny! Because when God called me to this mission He asked me bluntly, would I be willing to be the "King of the Beggars"? But, as everyone knows, we are not the only religious organisation in the world who beg!

       65. SOME OF THE GREATEST RELIGIONS AND CHARITIES SUBSIST THROUGH BEGGING, such as the Catholics, Buddhists, Hare Krishna and many others too numerous to name--including yours!

       66. BECAUSE EVERY RELIGION IN THE WORLD SUBSISTS ON BEGGING, mostly straight from the pulpit itself by your own priests, preachers and rabbis! Begging furthermore is not condemned by either the Bible or the law, and almsgiving is praised and blessed by nearly every religion.

       67. YOU COULD HARDLY GIVE TO A BETTER CAUSE THAN OURS, who are saving young people from moral, mental and physical destruction, including from drugs, vice, crime and worthless living! We do have minimum quotas for adults as to the number of pieces of literature to be distributed each month, but we have never had a monetary quota for any of our members anywhere!

       68. THESE FALSE MONETARY QUOTAS GIVEN IN THESE ARTICLES are even from ten to twenty-five times as much as the actual average which our young people usually receive in gifts on the streets! These are outright lies about the sums of our donations!

       69. AND SINCE WE DO NOT HAVE ANY SUCH MINIMUM MONETARY QUOTAS for any of our members to collect, therefore no one has ever been driven back out on the streets for not meeting such a false money quota, because it's a lie!

       70. AND IF ANY OF OUR YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE EVER BEEN WITHOUT MONEY OR ANY OF THEIR NEEDS or necessities, it has certainly been their own fault, not ours, because they are permitted to keep and to spend whatever they need for their own necessities, including food, clothing, transportation, housing and certainly stamps and newspapers, contrary to the lies of these magazines!

       71. I'VE ALREADY ANSWERED ELSEWHERE MOST OF THESE SAME SILLY CHARGES which are too numerous and ridiculous to deny here. We shall, however, enumerate them in our court cases against the publications who publish them!

       72. TO SAY ALSO THAT ALL THE CHURCHES ARE FIGHTING AGAINST US IS ALSO A LIE! There may be some or a few, but most of them have commended us for our good and beneficial work, including Catholics and Protestants, and we have even been blessed by the Pope himself! To show you how subtle some of these insinuations are,

       73. THE GERMAN STERN MAGAZINE, THE ONE WITH THE MODERNISTIC SIX-POINTED RED [DELETED] STAR ON THE FRONT COVER, says that although our statutes proclaim our purpose is "to distribute the Word of God and to rehabilitate young people who are addicted to drugs," now, to quote the magazine: "A person addicted to drugs has never been seen with the Children of God!"

       74. DO YOU NOTICE THE SUBTLE IMPLICATION is that we have never delivered any young people from drugs, which is as big a lie as they could possibly have told! In the first place, of course no person addicted to drugs has ever been seen within the Children of God, because we do not permit the illegal use or abuse of drugs in any form in our homes or amongst our members. We seldom even take an aspirin!


       76. NEITHER IS THERE ANYTHING "DECEPTIVE" about our "system," as this magazine charges, for all of our young people know exactly what's going on within our Family because we tell them!

       77. AND THE CONSTANTLY REPEATED LUDICROUS CHARGES that we prevent our new disciples from leaving the house or going to the toilet or taking a bath or sleeping, and all of that stinking tripe that our lying backsliders have told about us to excuse themselves for leaving, can easily be refuted by any of our present disciples if you'll just simply ask them if such a thing has ever been true in any part of their training!

       78. NOT ONE OF THEM HAS EVER SUFFERED SUCH INDIGNITIES, BECAUSE THEY'RE SIMPLY NOT TRUE!--These false charges are just the lying imaginations of our disgruntled ex-members! Neither do we ever have such a policy of "compelling disciples to move from Colony to Colony whether they like it or not!"

       79. OUR DISCIPLES ARE FREE TO GO WHEREVER THEY WISH to whatever Colony is willing to accept them, and to leave the Colony in which they're living any time they feel like it! They do move around a lot because they like to! They're young people and they like to travel, but that is not because we force them to!

       80. AND THESE ARE INSIDIOUS CHARGES COOKED UP BY OUR ENEMIES THAT WE USE "CHINESE TACTICS of psychic terror and brainwashing to change the personalities of our disciples"! Any and every single one of our disciples will be happy to deny this if you'll just ask them, because they know it was not the truth and was never the case!

       81. BUT THEY CAN TELL YOU SOME HORRIFYING STORIES OF THE VIOLENT TERRORISING TACTICS OF THEIR OWN PARENTS! Violent force, injury, physical brutality and torture have been used by their own relatives to try to compel them to give up their faith!

       82. NEITHER DO WE OWN A COMPUTER IN PARIS, unless you're speaking of a pocket computer, which you probably have one of your own! I didn't know there was any law against owning one. Of course all of these insinuations like this are meant to try to persuade the public with these lies that the poor kids, have to beg and have nothing, but they bring in "millions" which the leadership is supposed to get, and that we have so much money we don't know what to do with it!

       83. THESE ARE ALL LIES AS THE KIDS THEMSELVES KNOW, SINCE THEY KEEP MOST OF THE MONEY THEMSELVES and their leadership only receives their love gifts sufficient for our actual expenses. Neither did we "leave 14 houses and flats behind in Tenerife," as our family there so well knows, as they are now short of housing and live in only three or four locations, all full to the gills!

       84. IN THE LAST COUPLE OF PARAGRAPHS OF STERN'S 86 LIES YOU CAN SEE HOW SUBTLE IS OUR ENEMIES' PROPAGANDA [DELETED] when they say [DELETED] we have written that I, "Godahfi and Idi Amin are going to clean up and rule the world!" [DELETED]

       85. BUT I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE WRITTEN THAT THESE THREE MEN WERE GOING TO RULE THE WORLD, MUCH LESS CLEAN IT UP! It's too dirty with people like Stern and would certainly be entirely too much trouble, so I certainly never said it. I'm certainly sure that Godhfi, Idi Amin and I have all had a good laugh out of that one!


       87. IN THE AMSTERDAM NEWSPAPER I HAD TO LAUGH AT ONE OF THE CHARGES AMONGST THE MANY OTHER REPEATED LIES, and that was that one of our girls is supposed to have seven children because she supposedly has to go to bed with so many men! Well, I don't know of any of our girls who have seven children outside of my own daughter who was one of my first disciples!--Ha! Besides, I didn't know there was anything wrong with having children!

       88. IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE A HEINOUS ACCUSATION OF SOME VILE CRIME THAT WE HAVE CHILDREN? The troublemaking long-tongued woman making this accusation herself is supposed to have children, according to her own admission--at least one daughter who is one of our own members!

       89. AS FOR THE OTHER 36 LIES OF THIS AMSTERDAM SHITSHEET--how could you call it a "newspaper" if the "news is not true?--Amongst their total of 36 lies, as though the others might not be sufficient to convince the unsuspecting public of our sufficient criminality and villainy,

       90. THEY HAVE CHARGED US AS TEACHING "REVOLT AGAINST PARENTS AND THE OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT," TWO DASTARDLY LIES--as our own young people know! Our young people have not revolted against their parents, but some parents revolted against them when they joined us, because their parents had already revolted against God!--Or they wouldn't have opposed their children in joining this Christian group!

       91. THIS DUTCH SHITSHEET AGAIN ACCUSES US OF AN "ANTI-SEMITIC SPIRIT," [DELETED] for it is the hit dog that howls, simply because we have exposed the sins of Israel against the poor Palestinians!

       92. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT WE SYMPATHISE WITH THE POOR ISRAELIS ALSO!--Kicked around and cheated by their own leaders in a war-bankrupt economy that has to be supported by world Jewry to survive, they are held in slavish captivity by their own leaders and made cannon-fodder for their wars! So, very few Jews want to go there anymore!--We've lived there and know!

       93. THEIR PROBLEMS ARE MONUMENTAL! But their leaders have got what they want, the whole hog, having cruelly ousted the poor Palestinians from their own homes by horrible war after war!

       94. SO IT IS NOW WITH THE POOR PALESTINIANS THAT VIRTUALLY THE ENTIRE WORLD IS SYMPATHISING and getting pretty fed up with Israel's stubbornness and reluctance to share, which is endangering the whole world's peace and safety!

       95. SO IS IT A CRIME TO SYMPATHISE WITH THE POOR OUSTED PALESTINIANS AND CONDEMN ISRAEL FOR HER CRUEL AND UNJUST SELFISHNESS?--Then the President of the United States himself and most of the world are also guilty of this "crime" of sympathy for the suffering poor and condemnation of the selfish rich who are unwilling to share with them!

       96. SO WE HAVE WRITTEN THIS FOR THE SAKE OF YOU, THE POOR DEAR SUFFERING PUBLIC WHO ALSO GETS ABUSED ON EVERY HAND WITH ALL KINDS OF LIES ABOUT US, so someone needs to tell the truth! Thanks for listening! Now you know who our enemies are and why all this smear campaign against us!



       99. THEY WILL AGAIN REAP WHAT THEY ARE SOWING. [DELETED]"For no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper!" (Isa.54:17.) "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord, I will repay!" (Heb.10:30.)

       100. STERN, QUICK, DE TELEGRAAF, [EDITED: "the ACs"] AND ALL THE REST OF THEIR KIND WHO PERSECUTE CHRISTIANS ARE GOING TO SUFFER FOR THEIR SINS!--And are suffering! "God is not a man that He should lie"!--Like they do! (Num.23:19.) Read the Bible and see! It's full of their sad lamentable history of rebellion against Him and His Prophets!

       101. COME AND SEE US AND SEE THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELVES! Don't believe the lies of our anti-Christ enemies! If you too are an active zealous Bible-believing Christian who is spreading the loving Gospel of Jesus Christ, [DELETED] and winning [EDITED: "others"] to Jesus like we are, you too may be next on their list of lies!

       102. CHRISTIANS OF THE WORLD UNITE!--Before it is too late! Join with us in our campaign of love and truth for Jesus! We'd love to meet you!

       103. COME SEE US! WE ARE TWO MILLION IN OVER 100 COUNTRIES with 8,000 workers in 800 happy homes in nearly 80 countries on all six Continents speaking 50 languages and distributing over 60 million Gospel pamphlets a year to our 600 million readers and followers throughout the world! So we must be near you somewhere!

       104. YES, WE BEG YOU TO JOIN US AND HELP US unite with Jesus against the anti-Christ forces of this world who threaten to destroy us and the whole Earth!

       105. OUR ONLY LAW IS LOVE, OUR ONLY WEAPON THE TRUTH of God's Word, our only Way is Jesus and our only life the happy endless one we'll live with Him forever!--Despite all the lies of the anti-Christ enemy! Hallelujah! His truth is marching on!--Are you with us? If so, God bless and keep you in His Love, truth and peace forever!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family