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"SAY NOT YE THERE ARE YET FOUR MONTHS!"       Maria #279       DO 2997       6/95
--Prophecy About Russian Speakers Needed in Russia!
--By Maria

              1. (Mama:) Recently some of our dear folks in the U.S. made the suggestion of bringing several of our Russian disciples from Russia to the U.S. in order to produce a number of Russian-language TV shows, which could then be used on Russian TV. While TV can be a wonderful medium for getting out the message, and we want to use all the means at our disposal that we possibly can, when we prayed about the idea of our Russian missionaries going to the U.S., we felt burdened that it was not in accordance with the direction the Lord was moving. Our European and Russian leadership also prayed about it, and came to the same conclusion.
       2. In the things the Lord has recently given us about the desperate need in Russia, published in the "Go Ye" GN (GN 631, ML #2990), He stressed how short our remaining time is, and that now is the time to get as many people as possible into Russia, and not out. The Lord had also made this point very clear in other things He had given us, such as "An Urgent Call to Our Latin American Family" (GN 624, ML #2982) and "Find Fertile Fields" (GN 620, ML #2973).--That there is an urgent need in Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union.
       3. With new folks arriving there who will not be able to speak a word of Russian, each Russian speaker that we have is going to be called upon to don a leadership role in helping these new teams! Especially with it being summer now in Russia and the most opportune harvest time, and the most practical time for hitting the road there, it just didn't seem the thing to do to be taking some of our few Russian speakers from this very needy field. Furthermore, I've been quite saddened to hear that many of the relatively few fluent Russian speakers that we have, have left the Russian field and are now scattered in different parts of the world. Some of them were called upon for other important jobs, and have been unable to return, and this has put an even greater burden on the few Russian speakers left behind.
       4. The Lord burdened Peter and me to pray desperately about this matter. Even though He had made it pretty clear that the time is very short and the summer would soon be past, and that laborers were desperately needed in Russia, we wanted to be open to this idea of some of our Russian nationals going to the U.S. for this project, and not dismiss it without really asking the Lord. We wanted to know if perhaps He was wanting to make an exception in this situation. The Lord spoke to us clearly and answered all of our questions, praise the Lord!

              5. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "Say not ye there are yet four months and then cometh harvest. Behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest. These harvest fields are ripe and ready, and I send forth My laborers into the harvest to reap the harvest. For My laborers have scattered seed throughout all the land. The seed has grown into the blade, and the blade has grown into the plant, and the plant has borne fruit, and so I send forth the harvesters into the harvest to reap and process the harvest.
       6. "The summer months of harvest are but short. The time when ye are free to move about is short. So send forth the harvesters! Send them out into the highways and the byways, go to the far places, for there are many to be reaped there!
       7. "For these of this land are tender in spirit, they are virgins in spirit, so why take ye them to the land where they will be raped in spirit by the worldliness and the affluence?" (Mama: The Lord is saying that our Russian and Eastern European disciples are pure in spirit and would be polluted by the worldly and materialistic spirit of the U.S.A.) "For these seek to reach their people. They have cried unto Me, saying, 'Let us go! Let us go to reach our people! Let us go to face them, to speak to them, to give them the Words of David!' For they sense in spirit that the time is short, and they know that there are many to be reaped." (Mama: Apparently our Russian speakers who are still in Russia feel in their hearts the desperate need to reach Russia now while there's time, and long to be out witnessing one-on-one, and not tied down in other ministries.)
       8. "And unto you that would do this (produce this TV show), I say unto you, what is that in your hand? For have I not brought these that speak this language unto you? (Several Family members who speak and sing in fluent Russian, who are on furlough in the U.S.) And would it not be wiser to plan and to prepare and to have full preparation so that any of My reapers who do come can do the things that only they could do? Why would ye pull away these reapers who within their own land can speak their own language and can minister to their own people face to face? For lo, there are many that can do the jobs that need to be done for this task (TV show in the U.S.), but there are so few who can face these people and speak with them heart to heart, flesh to flesh. So plan and prepare first, and let My reapers reap while the time of reaping is here.
       9. "For this (Russia) is a great nation that must be reached with My Gospel and My Words and with the Words of David, and I have poured forth My Words through many in many cities. But I have called My children to go forth to the far areas to take My message there--to take My Word, to take My pictures, to take My Spirit.
       10. "So let them go, and hold them not back! Let them go forth! Let those who speak the language go forth! Let those who speak not the language go forth together with those who do, that together they shall minister unto these that are so hungry and these that are dying and these that are thirsting for the waters of life that I would give." (Mama: The Lord is indicating that you don't need to speak Russian or any of the other local languages in order to witness in the Russian area, as long as someone on your team does.) "For the job of reaping that I send you forth to do must be done face to face and hand to hand.
       11. "So send them forth! Send them forth that they may take not only My message but My Spirit, that these they minister unto will know and will understand that which they must do. For when they see My children and they see their dedication, they shall say, 'Yea, we shall follow, and we too shall spread the Words of David.' So send them forth!" (End of first prophecy.)

* * *

              12. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "The harvest truly is plenteous in this land (Russia), this great land, this land that crieth out for Me, this land that crieth out for the Words of David. Do you remember when the Words of David first flooded into this land?--When the hands and hearts reached and grabbed and said, 'Give unto me these words! Give unto me these pictures! What is this that ye give, this truth, this light, this power, this water, this anointing? Pour it forth on us, pour it forth on us, for we thirst! We are parched, we are dying!' There are millions and millions and millions who still feel this way, who still hunger, who still thirst, and they are there and they are waiting and they are crying out, saying, 'Come unto us!' Their spirits cry out, saying, 'We thirst! We thirst!'
       13. "Who will go to them? Who will take My Words, the Words of David, to those that are so desperate and so thirsty for the things of the Spirit? For these will receive you gladly, these who care not what the politicians say or what the laws say, these who are far removed from the centers of power and who are hungering and thirsting for the truth." (Mama: The Lord again is emphasizing that our teams in Russia should go to the outlying cities and regions far removed from the main government centers, where the people are most hungry and thirsty for the truth.)
       14. "Take unto them the Words of David! For there are many that come to this land to bring the Gospel, and I am well pleased that they do this thing; and there are many who try to reach the masses, and I am pleased that they are preaching My Words. But there are few, yea, so few like the children of David who go forth and live and become one with the people, who go there and share their hardships and live their lives and help them face to face, day by day, who are there for them, who answer their questions and who feed them with the Words of David." (Mama: Although many Christian groups have sent missionaries to Russia, the majority of these minister only in the main cities of the country, primarily in Western Russia. The Lord is asking us if we, the children of David, will sacrifice even more and go to the furthermost regions, and live and become one with the people.)
       15. "Yea, I am calling, calling and calling, that those who hear My call will come unto this great land and will reach these millions and millions of people with My Words! So call them not away from the field, but encourage them to go, and do what ye can to help them to go and help them to stay. Raise support for these that are in need, these that are doing the job, these that are faithful to give their lives to reach this great people. Do all ye can to help, to strengthen the work, to support them, to advertise them, to supply their needs, but call them not away, for there are so few, yea, so few who minister unto so many!"
       16. (Mama: What great love the Lord has for these people! How His heart breaks for them! To what lengths He is willing to go to help us to see the need! Look how He so patiently explains why we cannot take people out of Russia, but we must send more in! Look how He pleads with us to help those who want to go, to support them, to supply their needs! He says there are so few that minister unto so many! He wants us to do all that we can to help. If we can't go ourselves [EDITED: "and it is a very difficult field with harsh conditions"], we are to pray for those who can go, and raise support for them by giving all we can and also appealing to those outside the Family for their help.)
       17. "If ye would help, then do those things which can survive and carry on without the help of the powers that be, for ye cannot depend on these powers. For these powers, though allowed by Me, do not My work. So trust not in these uncertain powers, but trust in Me and My Spirit. Trust in My children, trust in those who will carry on regardless of the powers that be." (Mama: We must not put our trust in the uncertain and unstable Russian government to allow us much more time to spread the Gospel in Russia. Neither can we be assured of an opportunity to get our message out via television, which is largely controlled by the government; neither can we be assured that our foreigners will be able to remain. Therefore we need to trust in the Lord and His Spirit to train and lead our national church to be able to carry on.)
       18. "If ye seek to help, then seek to pour forth the Words of David, seek to support those who feed and follow up on My sheep, for I am calling My children, My shepherds out to reach this people!" (Mama: Do you see how the Lord describes any of you who work to reach these people as "shepherds"? Maybe you never thought you were a shepherd, and maybe you weren't, but when you are in a situation where you are feeding the sheep, then you are a shepherd, and you have a great responsibility! No matter how incapable you feel, or how many problems you think you have, if you're willing to go and yield and become one with the nationals as you learn to pour out to these desperate, needy people, then He can mightily use you!) "Do what ye can do to assist them, but do not distract them. For I am well pleased with your willingness to help and your willingness to reach these people, but ye must do things in My way, that the fruit that I wish to be borne can be borne. So seek Me and I will show you ways that ye can help to spread the Words of David to help these that wish to go and to help those that are there, that the fruit of God can be borne through your labors." (End of prophecy.)
       19. (Mama: That's pretty clear counsel, isn't it?: Do everything you can to help those who want to go, to get there, and do everything you can to help those who are already there, to stay there. Support them with your prayers, support them with your money, support them by appealing for them! The Words of David must be printed and the laborers must have living expenses. Give what you can, and help to pray in what you can't! Thousands and thousands of dollars are needed, but where God guides, He provides. As you can see, this is a project very dear to His heart, so help Him to see it realized! Help Him to see much fruit won for His Kingdom and many spiritual babies born through the Words of David!
       20. (After hearing this moving plea by the Lord for His lost sheep in Russia, and knowing how very few laborers He has to reach them, I was convicted that we in our Home should do something to help. The Lord was speaking to my heart and saying, "Who can I send? Who will go for Me?" It would be an unprecedented step for us to take, and would be at great sacrifice, but our folks were willing to go if that was what the Lord wanted. We decided to ask Him, and got the Family together to pray.)

* * *

Prophecies for Russian Team!
       21. ({\ul \i Someone prays:)} Thank You for the priceless privilege of hearing from You, Jesus. We have to hear from You, since it's a tailor-made situation and we need tailor-made instructions and confirmations, one way or the other. We pray that we will hear clearly from You, and set aside any preconceived ideas. Anything that would hinder or distract, we ask You to block it out. Give us very clear, direct communication with You, Jesus, and may Your perfect will be done with this situation. You know what's best. You know the future. You know everything, and we know nothing. So we confess our inability to find Your will on our own, and we ask You to show us. Please make Your path very clear to us, and show us if You want some of us from this Home to go to Russia this summer to witness.

       22. "Are you pro-life, or pro-abortion?--Which will you be? Do we not look upon them which are pro-abortion in the flesh with contempt, and does not our heart break for the poor aborted babies? So does My heart break for My unborn spiritual children, and they which may be aborted by the neglect of those who will not put forth the effort of bearing them--conceiving them and bringing them forth. But I have also given the majesty of choice to each and every one, and may every man be fully convinced in his own mind, that what he believeth is My will.
       23. "I have many unborn spiritual children, many which cry unto Me, even now, for the answer. And I have laid this burden upon My queen, and she hath heard My voice. She hath passed the test of asking her children to go and minister to those poor lost souls, many of which would never be born into My glorious Kingdom if it were not for the will of My children.
       24. "Therefore, it is My will that My children heed the call and answer the need to conceive, bear and bring forth these eternal souls. For if My children are not willing to go, who will go? Who will go for Me to save that which is lost? Did not I delay thy period? (Speaking to one girl who would make the trip. Her period had been late and she thought she might be pregnant.)--And did it not have an effect on thy life? Was it not hard to think of what might be? I have allowed this to show thee how those unborn souls affect Me, how My heart goeth out to them. For I wish each and every one to be born into My Kingdom.
       25. "My queen hath heeded the call, and in her sacrificial love is willing to send forth them of her own household. She asketh not of others to do that which she herself is not willing to do, but asketh them that are by her side.
       26. "It is a sacrifice to go, but they that go forth weeping shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with them. Yea, it is a sacrifice, but with such a sacrifice, I am well pleased. For what is a day, what is a week, what is a month away from your own compared with eternity? And what is all of this compared to only one soul that is saved for eternity? Even for just one soul, it would be worth it all! For this is My school of love, and they that will go, will learn valuable lessons that they could not learn any other way."
       27. (Mama: Do you see what the Lord is saying here?--That one soul is worth any effort on our part, all the sacrifice--the leaving of loved ones, the hard work, even exhaustion, the loneliness, the very difficult living conditions, the heavy spiritual battles! Do you really think that the Lord means what He says? Is one soul really worth all this? Would the Lord say this if He didn't mean it? Can you believe this? If you really believe it, you'll do something about it!
       28. (If He went through all the agony, the pain, the suffering and the torture to die for that person, and He hasn't been able to reach them yet, the plan is not completely fulfilled and all His sacrifice has been in vain!--Unless you help Him to reach them and tell them what He did for them! Tell them how He has provided freedom for them, happiness for them, peace for them, eternal life for them!--And it's all there waiting for them if they'll just reach out and receive it.
       29. (But how can they know unless they hear? All that Jesus did to suffer for them and die for them is not enough unless they know about it, unless you tell them! You have to help Him fulfill His plan! Everything He did in dying on the cross is not enough unless you tell them. Jesus needs you--desperately! He made the sacrifice!--But you must also make the sacrifice to tell them about His great love for them!
       30. (Not only does He need you to reach those He died for at such cost, but He also wants to teach you!--To love!--In His "school of love" in which you can "learn valuable lessons that you could not learn any other way.")
       31. "This is a ripe and needy land, and this is My hour, for the time is short, and the night cometh when no man can work. Therefore do what ye can now, while it is yet day. Even as the warm sunshine cheereth up the hearts of men, so let the warmth of My love warm and woo the desperate, lonely and lost souls. I have said it before and I will say it again: The time is now, for the door will not remain open forever.
       32. "If ye shall go, proclaim it from the housetop! Do not keep it secret, but proclaim it! For the sample of My queen will speak very loudly, that she is willing to let her own people go for the sake of lost souls. This will touch the hearts of many, and this will cause others to stir themselves up, to forsake all in order to heed the call and obey My will and My bidding.
       33. "Therefore choose ye this day what ye will do. For if ye are willing to deny yourselves and your own desires and your own will, and lay it all on the altar in order to go forth and win that which is lost, I will mightily use you and exalt you and bless you beyond your wildest dreams. For you never lose by giving, and as you pour out, I will pour in more abundantly than I have ever done before. Love today while you can, and ye shall reap eternal dividends in Heaven! Multitudes will come unto you and thank you that ye were willing to sacrifice your time, your desires and your will in order to obey.
       34. "It will be worth it all, for I am recruiting today for the school of love. Will ye answer the call? Will ye be willing to come and learn from Me? The choice is up to you. Choose ye this day!"
       35. (Mama: Just to recap the points above, the Lord says that "the need is great, the time is short and the time is now," repeating what He has said so many times before. We are to announce that we're sending a team from our Home, that it may be an example for you to follow as you pray about what your Home can do: send missionaries, financial help, etc. If we're willing to make the sacrifices, the Lord will bless us abundantly, mightily using us and rewarding us beyond our wildest dreams. These promises are not only for those who go from our Home, but for each of you who make the sacrifices required. He'll bless you in a greater way than ever, and also give you great rewards in Heaven. He says that if you go, there is much that He will teach you, and that it will be worth it all!)
* * *

       36. "Say not ye there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest. Behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest. For the fruit is ripe and the time is now, and the need is great. I have opened the doors, and will open the doors, and will keep them open.--Yet only for a time, for a storm is brewing and the doors will be shut and the opportunity will be lost. Heed the call! Say not, 'Bless thee, be thou warmed and filled," and neglect to give what thou hast beside thee.
       37. "For I will do miracles, many signs and wonders which will be a sample to My Family, which will speak loudly. For many see the need, many know the need, many have heard of the need. Did I not say many are called, but few choose to heed the call? For it does come with great sacrifice, it does come with great death. He that saveth his life shall surely lose it, but he that loseth his life for My sake shall surely save it. For why are ye come?--Why did I come? I came to seek and to save that which was lost, that which was lonely, that which needed the truth. There are many that have heard My Words and have seen My light, and have been given the truth, but have rejected. But there are many also who have not seen My truth, have not heard My Words, and have not had the opportunity to make that choice.
       38. "Ye say, 'What can I do among so many?' One with Me is a majority, and two with Me can do mighty things, and a three-fold cord is not easily broken. Ye say, 'But who will do the dishes? Who will do the works that need to be done?' My work is to do the will of Him that sent Me, and to finish His work. For the dark days come, and the night cometh when no man can work.
       39. "The need is great, the opportunity is there, the gifts have been supplied and it takes a step of faith. For this is a new day, and I do things differently than the way ye have done them in the past. There are new ways, new changes ahead, and as ye obey what I show you to do, I will give you more truth. Heed the call, for the need is great and the time is now and the doors will open!
       40. "Say not, 'Here am I, I will send my brother.' For it shall be a sample to the whole Family of giving until it hurts. As David said, 'I will not give unto the Lord that which hath cost me nothing.' It will cost and it will be a sacrifice, but with such sacrifices I am well pleased. Be not afraid, fear not, worry not, only look to Me, for it is a step of faith. My Word that ye have been taught, that ye have learned, that ye have preached, shall be tested, but the trying of your faith is more precious than of gold that perisheth."
       41. (Mama: Again, the Lord repeats the urgent call: The time is short! If we don't go now, the opportunity will be lost, for the doors will soon be closed. We, from our household, are supposed to heed the call and be willing to make the great sacrifices involved, not only for those going, but also for those staying. He pleads with us to see the whole reason for our existence: "Why are ye come?--Why did I come?" He said, "I came to seek and save that which is lost" [EDITED: "Luk. 19:10"]. He says, "As My Father hath sent Me, so send I you" [EDITED: "Jn.20:21"].)
       42. "My desire is for someone from the top to go to the bottom, to be touched with their infirmities, to see the need firsthand, personally. And now is the time!--For the doors will not be open long. For the wicked one cometh, and the restrictions will become tighter and doors will be shut.
       43. "My servant Paul was faithful on his missionary journeys, to establish churches, to set up works, to plant seeds, and the seeds grew and they bore fruit. Have faith in the Words, have faith in the seeds. But they must be planted, they must be sown if they are to be reaped and bring forth fruit. Sow the seed, give the Word, and I will do the watering, and I will nurture the seed and bring it to fruition.
       44. "Only go forth and scatter, go forth and give, and be not afraid, for I will bless you and keep you and I will encamp My angels about you. For this is the love of your Father David, to reach this dying world in these last days, to reach this last generation. Give and it shall be given unto you. Be not afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you."
       45. (Mama: Sow the seeds and be not afraid and the Lord will bless and protect!--These promises are not only for those of our house, but for all of you! Then we see that Dad is working together with the Lord to lay the burden on our hearts!--"For this is the love of your Father David, to reach this dying world...")
* * *

       46. "Say not ye there are yet four months and then cometh harvest. Say not ye there are yet three months and then cometh harvest, nor two months, nor even one month! Behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest! The harvest is plenteous and the trees are laden with ripe fruit, but even now the fruit doth fall to the ground and perish for want of those to harvest the fruit. Lift up your eyes and look upon the fields! Be not secluded in your blessings, but let your heart be touched with the feelings of those without.--Those who know not the truth, and those who know not the Savior, those who are dying of starvation and who freeze in the cold for lack of the warmth of My Spirit and My love." (Mama: The need is urgent and people are dying--spiritually thirsting, starving and freezing to death--without knowing Jesus' love!)
       47. "There is such a vacuum and such a vast need that even one laborer who speaks the language is as a thousand. The hands do reach forth and the voices do call out, saying, 'Give unto us of the Words of David, feed us with the Words of Maria, for our hearts do hunger and we perish!' Therefore say not ye there are yet four months, but take up your bags and go and pour forth as good shepherds and shepherdesses. Pour forth of the Words and sow the seeds and reap the harvest, for time is short! It is I who have placed this vision before your queen. It is your David who hath whispered these whispers in her heart, and in the quiet she hath heeded My call, she has said 'yes.'
       48. "Will ye say 'yes'? Will ye say 'yes' to this call, to lay down your lives for those who know not? For have I not said that if any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me? If any man will come after Me, let him say 'yes' to Me and take up his cross and follow Me whithersoever I lead. I lead to the green pastures, and I lead to the ripe harvest fields, and I lead to the needy sheep and to those who have not heard.
       49. "Will ye say as Livingstone, 'Yea, I never made a sacrifice'? For as much as ye pour out, I will pour in. As much as ye give, I will give again and again. As much as ye pay, I will repay. Ye shall see that ye will not make a sacrifice--not of your time, nor of your strength--for I will repay again and again! The blessings I will give unto you will be without number. Ye will be so thankful you said 'yes' to Jesus when ye return to the fold, bringing your sheaves with you, victorious and shining as one that returns from the battle in victory."
       50. (Mama: The Lord says that this whole thing is His idea, and Dad is helping to engineer it by whispering these things in my ear, and I in turn pass them on to you. You heed the call and obey, and together--the Lord, Dad, me and all of you--make a wonderful team to accomplish His plan of winning these precious ones that He loves so much! So will you say "yes" to these sacrifices, which are really not sacrifices, because the Lord says He will more than repay and give you far over and above what you have given! The blessings that He will give you will be without number!)
       51. "Therefore be not fearful, and worry not, for I shall open the doors, and I shall lead and guide you. I shall put the words to speak in your mouths. Go in faith and in the power of My might! I send with you many counselors and warriors, fellow men and women of God who will strengthen you and speak unto you, and who will go ahead to prepare the way." (Mama: The Lord will send His spirit helpers with any of you who go in answer to His plea for laborers. Just call out for His help and He is more than willing to give it!)
       52. "And this young one, who is to arrive at thy doorstep, yea, even this very day, is he not also prepared to be your companion? Does he not speak the language and know the ways of the people and have a broken heart for these who are hungry, and the strength of youth and the wisdom of experience and many gifts?--Talents that when joined with yours shall make a team, yea, fitly joined?
       53. "Ye three shall be as a beautiful jewel that shall shine forth and reflect My light unto many!--Not only unto the lost sheep, but also unto the house of David, that they may look upon you. They will look upon you and they will draw strength from your strength, and faith from your faith. Ye shall renew those who are weary in battle, those who have labored long in the field, those whose hands are torn and bleeding from their labors and their harvesting, those who need someone to lean upon. They shall find this refreshment and this strength in you. They shall look upon you and they shall say, 'Behold these from the queen's house. Behold their love and their tenderness and their broken hearts. Behold their prayerfulness and their consideration. Behold their faith.' They shall draw strength and they shall be renewed when they look upon these little ones from the queen's house. For My laborers have labored long and they are weary with the battle, and yet they fight on because the need is so great, the hunger is vast, and the people reach out to them and call out to them, saying, 'Feed us of the Words of David!'
       54. "One that speaks the language is as a thousand. Two can put ten thousand to flight. And even three, as I have spoken, as a three-fold cord, they shall not be easily broken. Who will go with these missionaries of love? Who will take the stand? Who will pick up the cross? For with such sacrifices, I am well pleased."
       55. (Mama: Have you ever wished you could multiply yourself? When there's such a great need, don't you wish there were more of you to go around? Well, here's a land where the Lord says that if you speak the language, you can multiply yourself a thousand times over! If you want to be in a place where the Lord can accomplish great things through you, it sounds like this is the place to be! The need is so great, however, that even those of you who do not speak the language will be multiplied many times over. If all you can do is smile and give out the posters, the rewards for scattering the seed and planting it in hungry hearts will be very great. The fruit that will be borne will be tremendous! Don't ever underestimate the power of the printed Word! We can send folks from our Home, but the Lord is calling others also. Is He calling you?)
* * *

       56. "Great joy! Great joy! I say, great joy unto those who will yield to My Spirit and submit to My will and jump to do My bidding. Joy unspeakable and full of glory I have for those that follow closest.
       57. "The harvest is white, the harvest is ready, and I will send you as My ambassadors. For I have given you great love and there are many that are needy--not only of My unsaved children in Russia, but of My own dear Family, My faithful apostles and those that are esteemed in My Kingdom. For they indeed have forsaken all, but they need strengthening; they need encouragement; they need love. They need to know that your queen sees and understands and doth feel for them, that she doth appreciate them, and doth rejoice in their labors and their willingness to go and find the children of David. For this is a dark land, but I have many sheep, and many that would gladly eat the Words of David and rejoice in that day.
       58. "So go, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. And the things that ye have learned of Me, teach to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also. For the greatest gift you can give is encouragement, to encourage those on as they deny themselves and reach out to this poverty-stricken land."
       59. (Mama: The Lord loves you dear folks who are sacrificing so much in this dark land. He's so proud of you for being His mouth and His hands and His feet. He loves you for your denying yourself and taking up your cross. It's like you're dying on the cross again for them and receiving the wounds and the scars--being torn and bruised and bleeding. You're being a living sample of Jesus to them--of His great sacrifice of love on the cross, to die for them. They can't see Him, but they can see you and they can see your sacrifices, and they know you're doing it for Him!--And for them!)
       60. "So worry not or fear not, for I have much for you to do, and ye shall find great joy, and great, great reward and fulfillment in this task. I will go with you every step of the way, and I will give you every inch of ground that you set your foot upon. For I love you and I appreciate your yieldedness, your love, your willingness to do My bidding. This is why I have called you, and this is why I have chosen you, and this is why I have directed you through My queen. For her heart is soft and she knoweth the needs of My children and she wishes to minister her love, her strength, her wisdom, and her glory unto them. Ye have been by her side and ye do know her love, her care, and her feeling and her appreciation for these, and she doth wish for you to show this love unto many. So go in My Spirit, and I will be with you and I will keep you in all that ye do." (Mama: Amen!)
* * *

       61. ({\ul \i Dad speaking to David:)} "Saddle up your horses, we've got a job to do! So whaddaya say, son? Are you ready to saddle up your horse? Really, it won't be that bad. Once you get out there, you'll even enjoy it. It's just the 'before-battle' blues. It's just the forsake-all trials. It's not easy to leave the nest and go out into the battlefield. It's not easy to leave the comfort and security of home and loved ones and go to war. But I'm so proud of you for how you have grown and taken up the challenge and changed!--For your beautiful shining face and look of love, and for your yieldedness and your contentment in little things. But this is another grade, it's another door, it's another opportunity to say 'yes' to Jesus.
       62. "So whaddaya think? Are you willing to take up the challenge? Are you willing to saddle up your horse for Jesus? I know it's not easy and it's asking a lot, and I won't force you. No one will force you. I want it to be your choice, because you want to, because you see the need, and because you know it's God's will, because you're fully persuaded in your own mind--not because you feel like you have to or anybody is expecting it of you. I just want to put this opportunity and this choice before you. You can pray about it, and I know you'll make the right decision because I know you love Jesus and I know you love me and I know you want to do the right thing. It's just that it's such a big change; it's so unexpected. But this is a new day, there are going to be a lot of changes and a lot of unexpected things, a lot of revolutions. This is only the beginning! So hold on to your hats! Get out your new bottles, 'cause I'm pouring forth the new wine and I'm looking for new bottles, those that will be able to receive it and rejoice in it!
       63. "So don't worry, son, just look to Jesus and see what He wants you to do, and what you want to do, and what your choice is. I'll love you no matter what your choice is. I want to see you happy, I want to see you growing. I want to see you used of Jesus and fulfilled and challenged and taking those steps of faith and growing into your anointing. So don't be fearful. Don't say to yourself, 'What could I do in a vast country like that? I don't even speak the language.' Don't worry, there are lots of people who speak English, and you can even learn songs to play on the guitar to sing in Russian. Most of all, you can minister to the dear Family members there, those faithful fighters, those who have laid down their lives. They would be so happy to see you! They would feel honored. It would mean so much to them. They've heard so much about you, and to have you shoulder-to-shoulder fighting the battle with them would mean so much to them. The news of this would travel that vast land, and many would be encouraged.
       64. "What a testimony of the love of your mother, that she would send forth not only those of her household, but even her own son, that he might fight this war, hand-to-hand and face-to-face, and help to bring the victory! So ponder these things, son, think about them and pray about them and see if you will say 'yes' to Jesus."
       65. (Mama: If David makes the decision to go, this will be his first time on the field, as his ministry all these years has been behind the scenes. So it is indeed, as Dad points out, a very big change. Dad commends David for the wonderful progress he has made in his walk with the Lord. He has yielded time after time as the tests have come along, and he has become content to be a little person, ready to fill in wherever there is a need. But now Dad says there is another job being offered to him, which will be another step in his growth. But this is to be David's own decision, after weighing all the factors and seriously seeking the Lord about it.
       66. (Maybe you young people say, "Yes, I know what that's like. They tell me it's my own choice, but then they really put the pressure on!"--Just like Dad is doing with David! Well, don't forget that Dad says that no matter what choice David makes, he will still love him unconditionally. But can you blame the Lord and Dad for putting a little pressure on when they know what a wonderful thing this will be, not only for our dear Family, but for David himself? When the Lord or others know what wonderful results our making the right decision can produce, no wonder they push us a little bit, or put the pressure on.
       67. (There are many times when we can't see it or can't know, and when making the decision is very difficult and our present situation looks far safer, more secure and more rosy than the future. We don't know the rewards up ahead. But when the Lord knows what's ahead, can you blame Him for trying to do all He can to get us to do His will? Haven't you ever tried to get someone to do something and put the pressure on them because you knew what a wonderful surprise was going to await them if they did it, but for some reason you weren't able to tell them or to show them in advance? Well, this is often how the Lord operates with us. Dad says to David that he wants to see him happy, growing, used of Jesus, fulfilled, challenged, taking those steps of faith and growing into his anointing, and he knows that this is the way these things will be accomplished--by David making this choice.
       68. (Then the Lord seems to be saying again to the whole Family: This is a new day, there are a lot of changes coming, a lot of revolutions. This is only the beginning, you've got to be a new bottle!
       69. (Isn't that sweet how Dad even acknowledges some of David's fears and explains that even if he doesn't speak the language, it doesn't matter. The Lord just wants laborers, He doesn't care what they can do or what they can't do. He just wants available, wildly willing workers who are yielded to Him, and who, therefore, He can do great things through. Maybe what we do won't look very great to us or to others, but the Lord looks at things much differently than we do, and "little is much if He is in it." There will be many others there who also do not speak the Russian language, but you can all be used! Besides, the Lord tells David specifically that one of the main things He wants him to do is encourage you who are there, by becoming one with you and fighting "shoulder-to-shoulder" with you. Just by being there, he is being a testimony of our love and the Lord's love and Dad's love for you brave soldiers who are laying down your lives for Him and for those wonderful people.)

       (Visions and verses:)
       70. ({\ul \i Vision:)} The vision is of a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous YA girl. However, she's lost, she's not one of David's children. She's dirty, her clothes are torn, and she is homeless and desperate and needy. The vision is of her encounter with a YA boy, a Family boy who will minister unto her. In the spirit she is begging the boy, saying, "Please love me, please hold me. I want to be loved, I want to be held, I want to be kissed. For I have many that do these things in the flesh, but I am not satisfied. I remain lonely, I remain sad. Will you do this thing for me in the spirit? Will you love me and woo me and hold me and kiss me in the spirit?"
       71. Upon that request, the YA boy's heart was broken, and as the tears were running down the stained cheeks of the girl, so were the tears running down the face of the boy, and his heart was broken for that lost soul. So he proceeded to wash her and clean her up and clothe her with new shining garments, and she found love, joy and true happiness. Her countenance was lit, for she had been loved and wooed and held and kissed in the spirit with the Lord's love.
       72. And when the YA boy saw the effect of that love, he rejoiced, and was himself strengthened and enlightened to go forth and win more lost souls. In the vision, that YA boy was David.
* * *

       73. When you were getting your vision of the girl, I was thinking that not only did she represent the youth of Russia, but it seemed to me the Lord was indicating she was also the queen of Russia in the spirit, and that Dad had something to do with her coming.--That David represented not only the youth in the Family, but the spirit in the Family in general, going to help the Russian people. Her plea to them was to come and help.
* * *

       74. It's true, she did look very queenly, almost important, even though she had mud on her face and her clothes were torn.
* * *

       75. I also received a vision, and it was of the sister chosen for this team. She was dressed in queenly attire, and there were two men, one on either side of her, like the soldiers who came before the king and the queen after a victorious battle and saving the kingdom. People were applauding and cheering and they were coming before their king and queen with the mission accomplished.
       76. That was like the reward or the way the Lord sees it in the spirit, the way it happens in the spirit. They were like three musketeers going off to battle, putting on their uniforms and rallying the troops. Then came the prophecy about saddling up the horses. They were going into battle, the three of them, like the three musketeers.
       77. In the spirit that's how it is, that three can be victorious over a great army--although it doesn't seem that way in the physical. In the spirit there's great rejoicing, and there's great anticipation of going to battle, and we are going to win the battle. We are going to win the war, even though it may not look like it. It looks like, "What am I doing?" or "What am I accomplishing?" But in the spirit, there's real rejoicing and victory!
* * *

       78. I got the verse, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved" (Jer.8:20)--which I took to mean that the time to harvest is now!
* * *

       79. In the prophecy that talked about the fruit being over-ripe and rotting and falling down, I saw it as one and the same thing as the young girl in my vision, and I thought she represented the youth of Russia. It's like the fruit is a new harvest, people who have never heard the Word, have never seen the Gospel. With it came the verse about the Endtime that says, "And in that day seven women shall take hold on one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach" (Isa.4:1). That's how desperate they are.
* * *

       80. I got, "Did I not say that they which preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel? Yea, I say, they which live of the Gospel shall preach the Gospel."
* * *

       81. I also got, "You will learn much from your Family, and they will learn much from you." You will learn a lot from them about life on the Russian field, and they'll learn a lot from you about the love of Dad and Mama and the things we've been taught. I got the verse, "Whatsoever thou spendest, I will more than repay" (Luke 10:35).
* * *

       82. I also had the distinct impression that Dad was engineering this, that he was going to go on the road team too.--Like he's part of the team and it's something that he's excited about! (End of prophecies.)

       Confirming Prophecies on Proclaiming this News to the Family!
       83. (Mama:) What had started as an idea for some of our staff to go to Russia on a month's low-profile witnessing excursion, with a minimum of contact with Family Homes for security's sake, changed into a public mission! The Lord showed us in the above prophecies that He had much more in mind! Since we were still a little bit in awe and amazed at the things the Lord had said, we wanted to ask His confirmation about proclaiming this news to the Family, and about our little team also visiting different Homes in Russia. Did the Lord really want this to be a high-profile mission, rather than the low-key one that we had originally envisioned? It sounded like it from the above prophecies, but we wanted to have further confirmation, so, as always when we ask Him, the Lord spoke clearly and beautifully.

       84. "Have I not said that I will operate in a new way? I am pleased with your continued acknowledgment of Me. For how can ye know how to fight the battle unless ye ask Me, the General, the battle plans? For this has been a problem with the churches that are stuck in the past and who are not hearing My voice afresh. They are so bound by tradition that they don't hear from Me fresh--the new plans, the new tactics and new methods. For as ye acknowledge Me, I will direct; I will give you the answers. Some of the answers are not for you to know yet, for ye have to pray every day and hear from Me fresh every day to get continued direction. I am pleased with this! It is a new day and a new way of operating, and ye can no longer look to the way ye did it in the past or the way ye operated in the past."
       85. (Mama: Maybe we should have understood everything from the prophecies that the Lord gave so extensively above, but because we still had some questions, we asked, and He says that He is happy that we asked. He's glad we did, because now He is able to give us more information to further fill in the details! He says that He wants us to keep asking--therefore He's not going to tell us everything all at once. It's much easier for us if He leads us step by step, but in order for Him to do this, we have to keep coming to Him to get our next instructions. It's not a bother to Him; in fact, it's a pleasure and He desires it!)
       86. "Have I not said that all things have become new? All things are become new! So trust in Me and look to Me, and I will give you all that you need."
* * *

       87. "In this new day you will be able to hear My voice with a new, refreshed mind, free from your old mind-sets and your old ways of doing things, and the old ways of viewing situations. Such plans and instructions are what was needed in the past, but now you are being freed and renewed and given a new vision for a new future. Ye shall reach out to new sheep who have new needs and are waiting for your answers and for your fresh new methods." (Mama: The Lord really means it when He says this is a new day and we are to operate differently than we did in the past! This does not mean that His message has changed; it just means that the methods have changed!)
       88. "Be not restricted and encumbered with old faith. Cast off the old and adopt the new garment--My new garment of praise and prophecy, daily hearing from Me." (Mama: Again, the Lord is emphasizing that we must hear from Him fresh every day, not only through the written Word, but in prophecy. We're not to just have a "give me" attitude, however, but we're to constantly be praising Him for His answers and be greatly thankful for His blessings. When we praise Him for what He has already given us, then He feels like giving us more.)
       89. "Shout it from the housetops and proclaim it in this land! Let My love be known for this people. There is no fear in love. Proclaim My love, and ye shall not have to fear, for I will encompass you and guide you each step of the way. Serve Me and I will take care of you. Reach out to My children, and I will protect you!" (Mama: Amen!--He always does!)
* * *

       90. "Send forth My missionaries, these apostles, these ones with the message--a message of love, a message of support, a message of unity, a message of concern. Send forth these ones to carry with them the love of the queen, and to pour forth her tears of concern upon the weary souls of these who do labor. For I have put forth a light, I shine forth a beacon of light. Therefore put not this light under a bushel. Hide not this light, but set it on a candlestick and put it in a high place that all may see and that it may be a testimony unto all that look upon it.
       91. "I do not this great work in secret, I do not this great work in hiding, for it is My will that it be shouted abroad, that all may know and hear of this great love of the queen and the sacrifice that she is making in sending forth these ambassadors of her love.--These who go to lighten the loads of those they will see, and to dress their wounds and to nurse those who are sick, those who are malnourished, those who are weakening because of their long labors, because of their laying down their lives day and night." (Mama: The Lord is here confirming very definitely that He wants us to publish the good news that we're sending forth missionaries of love from our household to encourage and nurse and bind up the wounds of our weary, fainting loved ones in a far country.)
       92. "Let this be a testimony! Let this be an example of the love revolution, that ye love not in word, but in deed. Ye love not just in principle, in ideologies and pretty sermons, but ye love by giving until it hurts, by action, by example, by lightening the load, by lifting up those who are weak, by seeing the need and being moved to do something about it, in a concrete manner. It is for this reason that I send out these ambassadors of love, that they might pitch in and lighten the load, that they might become one with these warriors on the field, for each Home is in great need. Therefore send them forth!
       93. "Worry not for the expense, for the time invested, nor for the security, for I shall encamp both My missionaries and these who stay by the stuff 'round about with My angels, and no evil shall befall you. There shall be no breach of security. For I go before these ones as I have promised. When I put forth My sheep I go before them, and I shall pave the way and open the doors and supply the need.
       94. "Ye must put the needs of these warriors first--these fighters, these servants of Mine on the front lines. Consider their needs and move to supply their needs, and in doing this I shall give you supernatural protection. I shall give you protection that ye know not of. For My ways are not your ways. Something that may seem like a risk to you is not a risk to Me, because it is within My will; and if anything is within My will, how can it bring harm to you? How can it bring harm to your security?" (Mama: A very good point to remember about your security: If you're within the Lord's will in what you are doing, you don't have to fear that He isn't going to take care of you! Don't fear, but do pray!--And if you pray, you won't fear!)
       95. "Give and give and give again, and this shall be a testimony, and it shall inspire many to follow in your footsteps, and it shall inspire many new laborers. Many will see their sample and they will heed the call. This will be a testimony of the great importance that I have placed upon this harvesting and this reaping. This will be a confirmation of the shortness of time, and it will be a rallying call that will go out and will call many to come into the field to harvest and to reap.
       96. "For is it not fitting that I send forth two young people, two of the younger generation, that they might call to follow in their footsteps many of the young people who are discouraged and floundering and feel unfulfilled and feel unsatisfied? But they will hear this rallying call and they will answer, and will follow in your footsteps. They shall be a confirmation to them that if the queen will send her own son, it is important, it is the priority, it is a high and precious calling to go into this field and to reap and to harvest. Therefore let this move of My Spirit be known, that this rallying cry can go forth, that these laborers can hear the sound and they can hear the whispers and they can hear Me pulling on their heartstrings, and they will be able to hear these lost ones calling out!"
       97. (Mama: Apparently the Lord is trying to speak to the hearts of many of you young people about the great need on the mission field, where millions are dying in darkness without ever having seen the light of Jesus, and without ever having felt His love that you are so rich in, and with which you have been so abundantly blessed. Furthermore, apparently the Lord knows that your discouragement and despair would be lifted if you were to throw your lives wholeheartedly into letting Jesus do such a great job through you.)
       98. "And as they do visit and as they do strengthen the brethren, they too shall put their hands under the load and lighten the load through their witnessing, through their working in the Home, through their helping and inspiration, through the lessons and the testimonies they will pass on, through their sample of love and prayerfulness and consideration, through their example of just being one of the Family, just like these front-line fighters. They will see that these ambassadors of Mine, these missionaries of love are not coming from some high place of sanctimonious perfection, but they are just like they are, and they have the same needs and desires and wants, the same NWOs, the same problems, and yet they are able to be used as My ambassadors, as My visiting servants, as My missionaries of love, as My beacons of light, because of their love for the queen and their love for Me, and because of their yieldedness and their willingness to say 'yes' to Me."
       99. (Mama: These we're sending are just like you. You're not to expect them to be better than you, nor top leaders, but Family members just like you! You're not to expect them to have all the answers. You are to expect them to make some mistakes. No matter who they are, they will make mistakes, just as your top leaders make mistakes. But you can relax; the people we have with us in our Home are not big leaders, neither have most of them ever been. They are just little people, like you, who are faithful and loyal and yielded, and are willing to do whatever is necessary. They will not know as much as you do about your job or your ministry or your field, and you can teach them many things.
       100. (They wish very much to be good samples, but like all of us, sometimes they fall short. They want very much to be prayerful, but sometimes they may lack in this. They want to be understanding, but sometimes they may not quite hit the mark. They want to show you great love, but sometimes it may not be enough. After all, they're human, they're weak, they're just like you. They've had a lot of training, but do any of us ever live up to the standard we would like to attain?
       101. (The Lord said that He had chosen me as your queen, not because I was anything, but because I was weak. The same might be said about them. But when it comes right down to it, don't you feel more comfortable with people who make mistakes?--With people who fall short of the goals, with people who don't know what to do, with people who are unsure of themselves, with people who need you, with people who know they need the Lord. And if they know they need the Lord, and if they know that they don't have the answers, won't they be more motivated to ask Him what to do?--And to help you to do the same?)
       102. "This will be the greatest message that can be given to these who are on the front lines. This message of saying 'yes' to Jesus, this message of the new day, of hearing from Me fresh every day and not being stuck in ruts, but receiving My fresh new wine, the fresh clear waters of My Spirit daily, that ye might be reinspired and strengthened and rejuvenated for the battle.
       103. "For this is why My troops are so weary, because they have neglected hearing from Me fresh each day. They have tried to carry the load themselves. They have tried to do it in their own strength, because they look around and they see that the harvest is so plenteous and there is so much to do. They feel that they cannot afford the time to rest and to be reinspired and to be strengthened and hear from Me. They feel that they must work and work and work while it is day, because they know that the night cometh. Therefore these, My ambassadors, must go to show them the secret of being renewed in Me, and being strengthened in Me, and being rejuvenated and finding the strength that they know not of, so that their labors can be more fruitful and their yoke can be easy."
       104. (Mama: Did you think you were so battle-weary, so burnt out, so buffeted because of the difficult field, because of the deprivation, because of the terrific strain, because of so many demands on your time and energy? Did you think there was no way around this, that because the need is so great you just have to push on and push on until you drop from exhaustion? Do you really want to know why the battle has taken such a heavy toll on you? Will you believe what the Lord says? He says it's not because of the difficult field or the great work there is to do, but it's because you haven't taken advantage of the help He is begging to give you--the love and the strength and the anointing that He has right there for you if you'll just receive it--the spiritual helpers that He has just waiting to be called upon. How do you receive it? You say, "Well, if it's right there, I haven't seen it!" Have you taken the time to stop and listen and look for it?
       105. (Remember that story that Dad reminded us of repeatedly--the one about Luther and Melancthon, and how when Melancthon was complaining about all the work they had to do and asking how they could possibly take their scheduled time with the Lord that day, Luther told him that because there was so much to do they would have to take twice as long in prayer! Search your heart. Do you really believe that that's the answer? Did you believe Dad when he told you that story, or did you say in your heart, "It doesn't really work that way!" If you do take the time you need to rest and be reinspired and strengthened, and to hear from the Lord, all that work out there just waiting for you, all those souls so hungry to be won and fed, will be better taken care of! It could seem to some an impossibility! It's just not logical and it doesn't seem to work that way. Well, folks, that's the mystery, that's the secret--that the impossible is possible--with God!
       106. (Don't you remember hearing that it's not your work, it's His work, and He has a different way of getting it done than you do? But because it's His work, don't you think you should do it the way He wants it done, going according to His ways of operating? Why don't you try it and see if it works! You might have a rough start, because of course the Devil will fight you and tell you this isn't the way to do it, that it's sheer foolishness. Everything will probably stack up and roll in on you. You'll be inundated with more to do than you have ever imagined. Everything and everybody will be screaming for your help, and the Devil will be shouting in your ear that you've got to do it now!--And you'll have to fight oh so hard to hear the little still voice of Jesus telling you to stop, stay there and listen to His voice and shut the door for a little while on all those other things.
       107. (In that time of quiet when you can tell Him how much you love Him and how much you appreciate Him, and in that time of letting His Word speak to you and letting His voice reach you, you will learn a wonderful secret. You will be given a powerful weapon, you will be renewed and strengthened and empowered and refreshed. Miraculously, the load will be lighter, things will look brighter, the problems will be solved and things will be so different!)
* * *

       108. "I will say it yet again, thou doest well to consider that these go forth to strengthen the troops, for in doing so they will teach others to teach others to teach others. This small beginning will escalate into a mighty crescendo, a mighty harvest with souls innumerable, new children of David for eternity. But what will ye teach them? Ye shall teach them love, for the greatest of these is love. Therefore I wish that ye go forth in humility, in lowliness of mind, esteeming them better than yourself. For have I not said that this is a day for the weak and the humble and the meek? Therefore it is vital that ye do not come in on a high horse, but rather in lowliness, for your actions and your sample will speak so much louder than your words.
       109. "Even though I send you forth to strengthen and rally the troops, it is needful that ye come down to their level and participate in their activities and pushes and actions, that ye become one with them, and this will be the greatest sample of all. They will love you as one of their own. For they indeed are My front-line soldiers, highly esteemed in My mind and high on the honor list, those who sacrifice their all on the front lines, day in and day out. They need you. They need your love! Your presence will show them how much I love them and how much My queen Maria loves them. Therefore go in humble love, for this is what I desire."
       110. (Mama: Reflect on that for a moment!: How does the Lord describe you front-line soldiers? When you feel so small and you feel so nothing and you feel like you're facing an impossible situation, remember what He says about you, that "you're highly esteemed in His mind and high on the honor list"! What a marvelous commendation from the Lord! What a crown awaits you! How much He loves you! How much we love you!)
* * *

       111. "For I know that ye do feel weak and incapable and inexperienced, but I will be with you. So step out by faith. Fear not, only believe. For many of My children also feel weak and incapable and insufficient in themselves, but your sample of faith and stepping out will inspire their faith. Therefore look not at the waves, look not at yourselves, but look unto Me. Put your hand into My hand and I will lead you and guide you. Be ye an example of the things which ye have seen and heard and learned in the king and queen's household by their sample of love and humility and simplicity. For My children yearn to be close to their queen, as their queen is so close to them. By your going you will accomplish this. So fear not, but walk in faith and I will be with you always."
       112. (Mama: This is a very "scary" prospect for our dear folks on this end to be suddenly thrust out onto the field to minister to you folks when they feel so incapable and so weak and so inexperienced. But the Lord is encouraging them that if they will step out by faith, it will motivate all of you as well to take the steps of faith that are necessary in your own lives. You can't look at the waves, you can't look at yourself, you just have to look at Jesus and cling to His Word.
       113. (The Lord mentions three things that He considers the most important: Love, humility and simplicity. We all fall so short, but instead of being discouraged about our lacks, we can ask Him for more of all three. If we cry to Him with our whole hearts, He will answer us and give us what we need.)
* * *

       114. "In the heat of battle, risks are necessary, for even the king and the queen and the generals and princes must take risks in the heat of battle. The battles in this land and these lands are heated, and they are long and arduous. The battles are in the balance and the victories must be won; but risks must be taken for these victories to be won. My soldiers need strengthening, they need encouragement, they need love. They need to know that ye are with them and that ye understand their battle, their longsuffering, their deprivations, their sacrifices, the giving of themselves to minister to My needy children.
       115. "The seed has indeed been sown in great abundance in this land, but the harvesters are needed. Call forth My harvesters into this land, for the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few. Send forth laborers into My harvest! Send them now, for the time of harvest is now. Open the door wide and bring them in!
       116. "Fear not, for I am with you, and I will protect you and I will keep you and I will overshadow you with My protection and My love. For in this thing I am well pleased. Ye are indeed moving in the direction that I have chosen, for it is My will. These people of this land cry out to Me, for they have great need of My Spirit and of My love and of My encouragement and of My hope. The children of David must go and spread the happiness of the spirit of David, the happiness of My Kingdom, and the hope of My love and salvation. For I cherish each one of these, My children, in Russia and in these needy lands of Eastern Europe." (Mama: What great love Jesus has for each of His dear ones who are lost and in darkness, and how great is His desire to see you, His children, do the work that only you can do--spreading His happiness and His freedom.)
       117. "So hold not back, but send forth thy soldiers into this battle. I tell you that thy son shall be a great encouragement to many, and thy lady-in-waiting. They shall be a great blessing, for My soldiers will know that you love them so much to send forth these to minister unto them. They will do more than any words could do. Continue to trust Me in all that thou doest, for I am well pleased. Your Father David is well pleased and proud of you all."
* * *

       118. "This is a continuation of the Love Story. This is the continuation of the Story of Love.--My queen's love for the lost by sending forth her son; My queen's love for her Family by publishing it abroad, by putting her heart on paper, by explaining her feelings, explaining her desire, in expressing her love for the lost; her willingness to give and her obedience to My voice, and being willing to follow, to send forth her loved ones for the sake of reaching those that are in need, for encouraging those that need encouragement, giving love and help to those who cry out.
       119. "What more could she do than give the ones that are precious to her? This is the greatest sample of love and yieldedness and obedience. For it is not easy for her to send forth these ones. It is a sacrifice, but she does it out of love for Me and love for her children and love for her Family and love for the lost. She must publish this love, for this is her Love Story--most of all, her love for Me and desire to do My will and heed My call, do My bidding. What greater love can ye have?
       120. "So be not afraid to publish it! Her words will encourage many, for her words have power and they have faith, for they are pure words. They are My words. Let her love be put on paper. Share these words with the Family as an encouragement to them. For the Love Story will continue. This is only another chapter. There are many many chapters ahead, but ye cannot bear them yet. But she will follow Me, she will hear My voice, she will heed the calls, she will obey Me. She will send forth her loved ones to those who need them because of her love for Me, because of her willingness to lay down her life and her health and her strength for Me.
       121. "Oh, her love for Me is great! It is such a beautiful Love Story! Publish it, share it, withhold it not, for such love cannot be constrained. Such love cannot be confined, but it must be shared. It will go forth as the waters to refresh the people and give them renewed hope and renewed strength, to water their thirsty souls. For love is the greatest power in the universe, and it will be an encouragement of love to My Family. It will help them to be more loving--loving to each other and loving to the sheep. So share it, spread it, cast it as your bread upon the waters and it shall be returned unto you. Withhold it not." (End of prophecies.)

              122. (Mama: The Lord has given us so much!--We are so richly blessed! We have been given our hearts' desires and exceedingly abundantly above all that we've asked or thought! We have known every joy, every blessing, every good thing from the loving hand of our wonderful Savior. What He asks from us is nothing compared to what He has given us! How can we deny sharing the love He has given us with others!?)

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